Title: A text dump on eco-extremism
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Notes: ITS have claimed more fake attacks than real ones as part of their attempt at 'psychological warfare'. Also, references to cells and groups will often be one person who they know through a messenger app like Telegram.

  Eco-Extremism; An Intro & A Critique

    Individualists Tending toward the Wild

    The group's origins broadly

    Kaczynski’s influence specifically

    On eco-extremism and anarchy

    There’s Nothing Anarchist about Eco-Fascism

    More non-news about the “Eco-Extremist Mafia”

  Arrests & Doxxings

    They Declare Guilty the "Individualist Tending to the Wild" for Explosive Attacks in the RM

      Bus stops, universities and public administration: the targets of the "lone wolf" obsessed with bombings

        After two years of investigation, the suspect is arrested

      They declare guilty the "individualist tending to the wild" for explosive attacks in the RM

        Gajardo was accused of the following facts:

      45 years in prison for subject who detonated bomb in Transantiago bus stop and who sent explosives

        These are the following episodes:

    Satanist ITS Members Communique and Arrest Report


      ‘Eco-terrorist’ who planted bomb in Edinburgh park jailed

    Who is [censored], a Paralegal or an Eco-Extremist Mafia?

  Primary Source Documents

    ‘Earth Liberation Front’ (2008-2011?)

      Mexico Government and New School of Tech. Targeted with Butane Gas Bomb

    ITS The First Go Round (2011-2014)

      Message One (27 April 2011)

      Message Two (22 May 2011)

      Message Three (9 August 2011)

      Message Four (21 September 2011)














      Message Five (18 December 2011)

      Message Six (28 January 2012)








      Message Seven (18 February 2013)








      A brief note (22 February 2013)

      Message Eight (March 2014)





    Wild Reaction (2014-2015)

      First Message (14 August 2014 — Cuernavaca, Morelos)






      Last Message (14 August 2015)

      Cursed Chronology


        Cursed Chronology

    ITS Again (2016-2020)

      Message #1 (Mexico)








      Message #2 (Mexico)

      Message #3 (Chile)

      Message #4 (Argentina)

      Message #5 (The Americas)






      Message #6 (Argentina)

      Message #7 (Mexico – Chile – Argentina)





      Message #8 (Argentina)

      Message #9 (Chile)

      Message #10 (Mexico)

      Message #11 (Brazil)

        The Olympic Games in our sights

      Message #12 (Chile)

        A frustrated bomb attack

        Bomb threats

      Message #13 (Argentina)

      Message #14 (Mexico)

        A) Concerning international matters

        B) Concerning the local

        C) On the international cover-up of the ITS mafia

      Message #15 (The Americas)







      Message #16 (Mexico)

      Message #17 – Joint ITS & Pagan Sect of the Mountain (Mexico)

      Message #18 – Joint ITS & Indiscriminate Faction (Mexico)

      Message #19 (Mexico)

      Message #20 (Brazil)

        Some words from the Secret Wilderness Society / ITS – Brazil

      Message #21 (Chile)

      Message #22 (Mexico)

      Message #23 (Chile)

        I. Reprehensible action, various reactions

        II. The hunt for the eco-extremists

        III. On conspiracies, false flags, and the ultra-right.

        IV. The revolutionary who head-butts the elderly

        V. In conclusion

      Message #24 (Mexico)

      Message #25 (Mexico)

      Message #26 (Mexico)

        I. Opening greeting

        II. Preliminary reflection: ITS and the FAI

        III. Anarchist hands with innocent blood on them

        IV. Speaking specifically of methodology

        V. Silenced for the moment…

      Message #27 (Mexico)

      Message #28 (Mexico)


      Message #30 (Chile)

      Message #31 (Mexico)








      Message #32 (Mexico)

      Message #33 (Mexico)

      Message #34 (Mexico)

      Message #35 (Mexico)

      Message #36 (Mexico)

      Message #37 (Chile)

      Message #38 (Chile)

        I. The dream

        II. Waking up.

        III. Epilogue

      Message #39 (Chile)

      Message #40 (Argentina)

      Message #41 (Mexico)

      Message #42 (Mexico)




      Message #43 (Chile)

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      Message #47 (Greece)

      Message #48 (Abyss)

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      Message #57 (Brazil)

      Message #58 (Mexico)

      Message #59 (Chile)

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      Message #61

      Message #62 – Joint Statement and Failed Attack (Argentina-chile)

        I. SRS

        II. HMB

      Message #63 – Silvestre Secret Society: About the Anarco-polices of 325 (Brazil)

      Message #64 – About the Internet Neighborhood Board (Chile)




      Message #65 – Arson Device on Behalf of Kevin (Chile)

      Message #66 – Bomb in Ecatepec Cathedral (Mexico)

      Message #67 – Silvestre Secret Society (Brazil)




      Brief Communication From the Silvestre Secret Society (Brazil)

      Message #68 – Bomb in a Shopping Center (Mexico)

      Message #69 – The Silvestre Secret Society Positions Itself (Brazil)





      Message #70 – Failed Arson Attack (Chile)

      Message #71 (Brazil)

      Message #72 – Indiscriminate Over-bombing (Chile)

      Silvestre Secret Society (Brazil)

      Message #73 – Wild Constellations Positions (Argentina)

        I. “Strange denomination”

        II. Our war and our contradictions

        III. the unseen threat

        IV. Proliferation of eco-extremism

      Message #74 – Two Injured in Detonation in Church (Greece)

      Message #75 (International)





      Message #76 (Mexico)

      Message #77 – On the Eco-fascist Macacre in New Zealand (Mexhico)

        I. Entrance

        II. History, race and economic power

        III. Eco-fascism vs eco-extremist misanthropy

        IV. Anarchism, breeder of “monsters”

        V. I close

      Message #78 – Delinquent Night (Chile)

      Message #79 – Destructive Attacks on Flona (Brazil)

      Message #80 – First of May Destroyer (Chile)

      Message #81 – Damares Walks in the Valley of Death (Brazil)

      Message #82 – Vindication of Failed Attack Against President of Metro. (Chile-argentina)

      Message #83 – Message From Its-sur (Chile, Video)

      Message #84 – Frustrated Massacre, on the Historic Shooting in the South (Chile)

      Message #85 – Deconstructing a Political Invention With Our Name (Brazil)

      Message #86 – Denying the Arrest of One of Our Own (Chile)

      Message #87 (Mexico)

      Message #88 (Chile)

      Message #89 (Chile)

      Message #90 (United States)

      Message #91 (Mexico)

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      Message #94 (International)

      Infected Misanthrope


      1st Interview (January 2014)

      2nd Interview (Autumn 2015)

      3rd Interview (July, 2016)

      4th Interview (May 2017)

      5th Interview

      6th interview

      7th interview

      8th interview

      9th Interview (Mexico)

      10th Interview (Chile)

Eco-Extremism; An Intro & A Critique

Individualists Tending toward the Wild

From the book The Politics of Attack.

[ITS] has explicitly rejected association with anarchism, and via a subsequent (i.e. second generation) moniker, rejected both the label of “leftist” and “insurrectionary”.

In a rare interview the group provided in 2014, it describes its purpose, stating:

[ITS] deemed it necessary to carry out the direct attack against the Technoindustrial System. We think that the struggle against this is not only a stance of wanting to abandon Civilization, regressing to Nature, or in refuting the system’s values, without also, attacking it.

ITS has received international attention after repeatedly targeting scientists and researchers with lethal force. ITS has stood out from other bombers due to its lengthy, academic-styled communiqués and direct attacks on individuals from outside the typical target set: heads of state and corporations, officials in law enforcement, jailing, etc. ITS is unique in at least two matters: its stated objective to kill, and its specific, tech-related target set. In the 2014 interview, cell members explain:

Our immediate objectives are very clear: injure or kill scientists and researchers (by the means of whatever violent act) who ensure the Technoindustrial System continues its course. As we have declared on various occasions, our concrete objective is not the destruction of the Technoindustrial system, it is the attack with all the necessary resources, lashing out at this system which threatens to close off all paths to the reaching of our Individual Freedom, putting into practice our defensive instinct

… ITS has from the beginning proposed the attack against the system as the objective, striving to make these kinds of ideas spread around the globe through extreme acts, in defense of Wild Nature, as we have done.

According to their own historical account, the group began experimenting in 2011 with “arson attacks on cars and construction machinery, companies and institutions … until we decided to focus on terrorism and not sabotage”. From 2011–2014, ITS deployed at least 13 mail bombs, two mailed threats accompanied by bullets, and assassinated Méndez Salinas, a biotechnologist with the Institute of Bio-Technology at the National Autonomous University of Mexico. Salinas was shot in the head, and according to ITS, killed by “the most violent cell of ITS in Morelos, being already familiar with the purchase and use of firearms.”

Through their various communiqués and interviews, ITS has claimed responsibility for a series of attacks, many of which were claimed under other monikers and later linked to the ITS network. For example, in August 2014, ITS declared the formation of Wild Reaction (RS):

After a little more than three years of criminal-terrorist activity, the group … [ITS] … begins a new phase in this open war against the Technoindustrial System … we want to explain that during all of 2012 and 2013, various groups of a terrorist and sabotage stripe were uniting themselves with the group ITS, so that now, after a long silence and for purely strategic reasons, we publicly claim [10 attacks from newly affiliated networks] … All of these have now fused with the ITS groups in Morelos, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Coahuila and Veracruz … Due to this union, the extravagant and little-practical pseudonym of ““Individualists Tending toward the Wild’ (ITS) ceases to exist, and from now on the attacks against technology and civilization will be signed with the new name of“Wild Reaction”(RS).

Prior to this announcement, in April 2014 a group calling itself Obsidian Point Circle of Analysis (OPCAn) activated a new clandestine cell (which would later be absorbed into RS) called Obsidian Point Circle of Attack (OPCA). The formation of OPCAn was preceded by three commentaries on ITS and the authors “becoming tired of simply writing.” In its opening declaration OPCA writes:

It has been some time since we started writing about some situations that had arisen in Mexico concerning the terrorist group ITS; we published a total of three analyses, in which we have publicly demonstrated our support of the group ITS, in their actions as much as their position. Until now we have decided to solely be those who comfortably spread and highlighted the group’s communiques and actions, but that is over. The violent advance of the techno-industrial system, the degradation that civilization leaves in its wake and the oblivion they are forcing us toward, ceasing to be natural humans to the point of turning into humanoids: there must be a convincing response.

We abandon words and analyses in order to begin with our war … We only seek confrontation with the system, the sharpening of the conflict against it. From this day we publicly put aside the word “analysis,” in order to become The Obsidian Point Circle of Attack.

Thus, according to its own narrative, ITS inspired public commentary and critique by OPCAn and, in September 2014, when ITS became RS, it was announced that RS included OPCA as well. In the first declaration by RS, the authors explain: “during this year … two more terroristic groups have united with us who have put the development of the Technoindustrial System in their sights … The ‘Obsidian Point Circle of Attack’ … [and] … The ‘Atlatl Group.’” Therefore, a complete history of ITS’s actions includes both attacks claimed under their name, those claimed under the OPCA and RS, as well as smaller groupings merged under the network’s banner. According to a chronology assembled from the networks’ communications, the network has claimed at least 27 distinct actions including 22 IED attacks (mostly mail and package/parcel bombs), three written threats, several arsons of property, one animal release, and one fatal shooting.

In early 2016, the ITS moniker saw its first usage outside of the borders of Mexico. In the second ITS communiqué of 2016, the “Uncivilized Southerners” cell “abandoned a homemade explosive charge” on a bus in Santiago, Chile writing:

The Eco-Extremist tendency spreads … We are accomplices to its ideas and acts, forming part of it. We are giving life to an international project against civilization.

Because we are bullets to the head, mail-bombs, indiscriminate bombings and incinerating fire, we are:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile.

A few days later, in the fourth ITS communiqué of 2016, an ITS cell in Argentina claimed responsibility for placing an IED in a Buenos Aires bus station. In the message accompanying the bomb, the attackers wrote: “ITS is in Argentina”. The emergence of new ITS cells appears to be an ongoing trend. Five days after the Argentina communiqué was posted to a Spanish-language insurrectionary hub, the same site featured a communiqué signed by five cells of ITS, three from Mexico, and one each from Argentina and Chile. The communiqué traces the origin and expansion of the ITS and RS monikers and announces “a new phase of the war against all that represents and sustains the advance of civilization and progress”.

In Mexico, ITS’s bombs have targeted civilian, seemingly ‘non-political’ scientists, professors, technical experts, researchers, and technocrats and within a politic most closely described as (Green) anarcho-primitivism. Famed “Unabomber” Theodore Kaczynski popularized this framework in the 1980s during a 17-year (1978–1995) bombing campaign involving 16 bombs, which killed three people and injured 23. Following the publication of “Industrial Society and its Future” – popularly known as the “Unabomber manifesto” and released five months after his final attack – Kaczynski’s spirit has been carried forth by ITS and a few similar networks.

The group's origins broadly

From the book The Ultimate Ted Kaczynski Research Document.

ITS Mexico were originally part of the green & insurrectionary anarchist milieus and likely grew up on earth first monkey-wrenching manuals from the 80s:[1]

The group draws its inspiration from anarcho-primitivism, an "anti-civilization anarchy" from which ITS is largely inspired. “I took the theories of the 'Earth Liberation Front' further, and gave them a different tone,” explains Xale. "I was interested in the issues facing the American continent, in the indigenous cultures that opposed civilization," assures the Mexican member of ITS in the video.

With anarchism, the relationship at the moment is one of rupture, although there is no dishonor in accepting that many eco-extremists and some members of ITS come from anarchism, mostly from insurrectionist and eco-anarchist tendencies. Although at the time there were some ties, today the vast majority of anarchists hate us.

Referring to the groups history, Xale, a member of ITS Mexico wrote this:[1]

This chronology could well be added to that of Individualities Tending to the Wild (2011-2013), or that of the anti civilization cells of the Earth Liberation Front (2008-2012), but we decided to focus on RS, for now.

Searching through the over 300 sabotage actions that occurred in Mexico between 2018 & 2012, and the at least 10 with ELF in the title of the post, there do appear to be a few attacks that fit ITS modus operandi and communiqués which fit their early idiolect:[1]

Early this morning, September 21, our cell placed a bomb made of butane gas at the gates of the headquarters of Nueva Escuela Tecnológica [New School of Technology] in the municipality of Coacalco, Mexico State.

The authorities in that municipality had previously implemented security systems that belong in the worst nightmares of Orwell.

Security cameras, artificial eyes guarding their damned social peace, throughout the major avenues in Coacalco.

In the commercial area, the police presence is evident, state police and the mediocre municipal police pass through the streets and on Lopez Portillo Avenue.

Guarding the centers of domination and domestication that are also protected by surveillance cameras and the idiot guardians of the imposed order.

Facing this situation of high surveillance, it seemed impossible to strike, but rebellious creativity is greater than the highest degree of 'security' that the state implements.

The Coacalco commercial area had been previously visited by eco-anarchist cells who conducted significant strikes right in front of the police, who were flabbergasted by an arson, a butane explosion, graffiti and paint spilled in anthropocentric business.

Our action was censured both by the directors of the Nueva Escuela Tecnológica and the Mexico State authorities. They hid the damage that we caused and concealed the evidence of our presence at night. This is not unusual; it happened after the 'celebrations' of the ephemeral bicentennial celebration which were held in 'total' peace.

The Agencia de Seguridad Estatal [state security agency] as well as detectives from the Mexico City police department are aware of our actions and our presence; they know that we were there and that we detonated our explosive charge as the lackeys on patrol passed by unable to stop us.

We chose to attack the NET because it represents the new era of these centers of domestication called schools, where they learn things that are useless for a free life, but necessary for a life of slavery and alienation. They create beings that depend on technology in order to live in these concrete nests called cities, but more closely resemble large prisons. They train malleable minds to be used for entrepreneurship and to expand civilization over wild nature. We will not permit this.

Once again we say: not with their cameras, nor their police officers, nor with their investigators, nor their prisons, will they be able to stop us; we once again skinned the rotten bastards, godammit!

This action is dedicated to the Chilean anarchist prisoners, captured after the wave of repression in that country on August 14; we send much strength, from mexico we remember them in every direct action.

We did not want to wait until the 24th to show our solidarity.

Support is not only for one day, it is in our everyday actions!

Direct solidarity for the eco prisoners Abraham López and Adrian Magdaleno, for the eco revolutionaries on hunger strike in Switzerland, for the animal liberation prisoner Walter Bond in the U.S., and the vegan warriors imprisoned in Italy!

Keep running Diego, you're fucking awesome!

Earth Liberation Front/Mexico

Upon reading translated Unabomber material they started along a road that began with committing arsons aimed at sabotaging evil companies and ended with them desiring to have the wider effect of terrorizing people through fear of injury or death out of a simple hatred for humanity:

… in 2011 the (newly formed) ITS was testing various modus operandi (from known and attempted arson attacks on cars and construction machinery, companies and institutions in Coahuila, Guanajuato, and Veracruz State of Mexico, until we decided to focus on terrorism and not sabotage).

Here are old members of the FAI / CCF in Mexico acknowledging former collaboration and ideological crossover:[2]

Exactly 5 years and seven months ago we signed a “joint statement” at the request of a comrade for whom we feel great affection and respect. That text was entitled “2nd Joint Statement of the Anarchist Insurrectional and Eco-Anarchist Groups”. …

Back then, we let it be known publicly and energetically that:

“With these ITS partners, we can have theoretical differences and discuss them (always arguing fraternally in a constant attempt to update ideas and by building a unitary criticism attuned to the reality of the anarchist struggle), but we have never disagreed with the methods used, understanding anti-authoritarian violence and propaganda for the facts as they are : valid practices consistent with our ethical principles.”

Although ITS were one of the few clusters with which we did not directly coordinate when undertaking joint actions, we were in solidarity with them, in the same way that some of the comrades that made up our affinity groups obtained monetary resources for them to solve specific difficulties when requested. That has been (and is) the basis of practical co-ordination between the new anarchic insurrectionalism and eco-anarchism.

In their early communiques they would express solidarity with anarchist prisoners:[1]

Total support with the Anti-civilization prisoners in Mexico, with the Chilean comrades and with the furious Italians and Swiss. …

One more time: Direct and total support with the anti-civilization prisoners of Mexico, with those eco-anarchists of Switzerland, to the affinities in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Chile and Russia.

Here is an answer members of ITS gave in a text interview in 2014 I think showing they were part of a leftist mileu, in that they only later rejected leftist mass movement building and so are not simply post-left-&-right:[1]

Individualists tending towards the wild formed at the beginning of 2011, and was motivated by the reasoning acquired during a slow process of getting to know, questioning, and the rejection of all that encompasses leftism and the civilized, and accordingly, employing all the above, we deemed it necessary to carry out the direct attack against the Technoindustrial System. We think that the struggle against this is not only a stance of wanting to abandon Civilization, regressing to Nature, or in refuting the system’s values, without also attacking it.

Finally, ITS also claimed that more ELF and Anarchist groups joined them later when they briefly took on the name Wild Reaction:[1]

First of all, we want to explain that during all of 2012 and 2013, various groups of a terrorist and sabotage stripe were uniting themselves with the group ITS, so that now, after a long silence and for purely strategic reasons, we publicly claim:

1) The “Informal Anti-civilization Group,” which on June 29, 2011, took responsibility for the explosion that severely damaged a Santander bank in the city of Tultitlan, Mexico.

2) “Uncivilized Autonomous,” who on October 16, 2011 set off a bomb inside the ATMs of a Banamex, located between the cities of Tultitlan and Coacalco in Mexico State.

4) “Wild Indomitables,” who on October 16, 2011 left a butane gas bomb that did not detonate in a Santander bank in the Álvaro Obregón district of Mexico City. The act was never claimed until now.

5) “Terrorist Cells for the Direct Attack – Anti-civilization Fraction,” which in 2010 and 2011 left a fake bomb in front of the IFaB (Pharmacological and Biopharmeceutical Research), and detonated an explosive outside the building of the National Ecology Institute (INE), both in the Tlalpan district of Mexico City.

6) “Luddites against the Domestication of Wild Nature,” who during 2009 to 2011 had taken part in various incendiary attacks in some cities in Mexico State and various districts of Mexico City, claimed or unclaimed.

8) “Earth Liberation Front – Bajío”, which on November 16, 2011 set off an explosive charge creating damages within the ATM area of a branch of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) in the city of Irapuato in Guanajuato.

All of these have now fused with the ITS groups in Morelos, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Coahuila and Veracruz.

Due to this union, the extravagant and little-practical pseudonym of “Individualists Tending toward the Wild” (ITS) ceases to exist, and from now on the attacks against technology and civilization will be signed with the new name of “Wild Reaction” (RS).

These were groups that other anarchists were relating to as anarchists also. As the joint declaration of the insurrectional anarchist and eco-anarchist groups of Mexico referred to earlier was signed by some of these groups who later merged with ITS or had a very similar ideology:[3]

Luddites against the Domestication of Wild Nature (LDNS)

Earth Liberation Front (FLT)

Free, Dangerous, Savage and Incendiary Individuals for the Black Plague(ILPSIPN)

Kaczynski’s influence specifically

Born out of various radical ideologies such as animal liberation, insurrectionary anarchism, anarcho-primitivism, and the neo-Luddism of Theodore Kaczynski, it has germinated and sprouted forth into something entirely other …[216]

* * *

We have never denied that the essay, “Industrial Society and Its Future” has been an important part of our formation into what we are now. For that reason, in the past we used such terms as “leftists,” “power process,” “feelings of inferiority,” “liberty and autonomy,” etc. that in the present we have omitted or changed for other words so that we distinguish ourselves from the “indomitistas” of Kaczynski. …[217]

* * *

[ITS] specifically address their relationship to Kaczynski in their fourth communiqué:[207]

Have ITS copied Ted Kaczynski? The million-dollar question.[207]

Without a doubt, we see this person as an individual who with his profound rational analysis contributed greatly to the advance of antitechnological ideas; his simple way of living in a manner strictly away from Civilization and the persecution of his Freedom in an optimal environment make him a worthy individual who due to a family betrayal is serving multiple life sentences in the United States … If we cite Stirner, Rand, Kaczynski, Nietzsche, Orwell, some scientists and other people in our communiques they are only for references, we do not have reason to be in agreement with all their lines and positions … It has been said that we imitate the Unabomber; perhaps we have seen as strategic the action of [Kaczynski’s moniker] the Freedom Club against scientific personalities in the United States in the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s, and we have adopted this, but let it be clear that we have not imitated all his discourse in its totality, since as we said above, there are points that are plainly contrary to the positions of the FC.[207]

In their sixth communiqué, ITS (2012) notes that their early writings (i.e. first and second communiqués) did in fact borrow from Kaczynski, but that after reflecting on their “poor interpretations” the group has “discarded [Kaczynski’s ideas] and now for us they have no validity.” Despite what many regard as similarities in critique, and despite ITS occasionally quoting Kaczynski directly, ITS subsequently denies ideological connections. In the first communiqué as “Wild Reaction, ‘Kill or Die’ Group” (2014) the group writes:[207]

We deny being followers of Ted Kaczynski … we have indeed learned many things from reading Industrial Society and Its Future, the texts after this and the letters before this text signed by ‘Freedom Club’ (FC), but that does not mean that we are his followers. In fact our position clashes with Kaczynski’s, FC’s … since we do not consider ourselves revolutionaries, we do not want to form an ‘anti-technological movement’ that encourages the ‘total overthrow of the system,’ we do not see it as viable, we do not want victory, we do not pretend to win or lose, this is an individual fight against the mega-machine; we don’t care about getting something positive from this, since we are simply guided by our instincts of defense and survival.[207]

Here one can witness RS’s declared revolutionary intent, to “bring it all crashing down” while avoiding the trapping of movement building and conceiving of the conflict in terms of winners and losers. In this communiqué, after the group changed its name, RS goes on to further declare their ideological independence from the prominent critics of technology (e.g. primitivists) as well as the global anarcho-insurrectional milieu through which their communications are circulated and consumed. In their proclamation of non-affiliation, RS states:[207]

Thus neither Kaczynski … or any other with the (supposed) “primitivist” stamp represents RS. Nor do the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF), Feral Faun, or any other with the “ecoanarchist” or “anti-civilization cell of …” stamp. RS and its groups only represent themselves. (Wild Reaction, “Kill or Die” Group 2014)[207]

Despite ITS/RS’s insistence to the contrary, prominent anarcho-primitivist thinker John Zerzen, often spoken of as the “founder” of the movement, notes that “ITS group is real slavish to Ted Kaczynski” (Morin 2014). Zerzen goes on to say that he does not believe ITS’s methods will prove successful and that he is “turn[ed] off” by their usage of mailed explosives and their cavalier dismissal of human causalities (Morin 2014).[207]

* * *

In thought and in action, Kaczynski is a lone wolf. His Manifesto articulates a theory or worldview that is peculiar to him and built from a unique combination of Ellul’s, Morris’s, and Seligman’s ideas. Terrorism scholars have recently questioned ‘whether it is time to put the “lone wolf” category to rest altogether’, since alleged lone wolves are rarely as independent as they appear: ‘ties to online and offline radical milieus are critical’Yet, as I have shown, Kaczynski is unusual in that most of his ideological formation took place in a library, outside of any radical milieu. His association with radical environmentalists, who shared his disdain for modern technology, was a consequence rather than a cause of his radicalization. The Unabomber case shows that terrorists can emerge from a relative ideological vacuum, even if this is rare, and that the concept of the lone wolf might therefore be worth retaining.[218]

Although Kaczynski began his anti-tech bombing campaign as a lone wolf, he has since become the leader of a pack. Just as he had hoped, his Manifesto has spawned an ideology – a public discourse of anti-tech – and inspired a cluster of anti-tech radical groups. Kaczynski is not just an extreme example of an anti-tech radical, but also the founder and lodestar of a new form of anti-tech radicalism. [218]

In the immediate aftermath of his arrest, many of Kaczynski’s followers came from the outer fringe of the green movement. One of his early correspondents and confidants was John Zerzan, a prominent anarcho-primitivist. Another was Derrick Jensen, cofounder of the radical environmentalist group Deep Green Resistance.Kaczynski’s alliances with green anarchists and radical environmentalists were tenuous and short-lived. He ultimately fell out with Zerzan, Jensen, and their respective movements for the same reason: they are committed to many ‘leftist’ causes that he considers to be dangerous distractions.Whereas Kaczynski’s opposition to technology is stubbornly single-minded, Zerzan and Jensen see technology as only one facet of ‘civilization’, alongside patriarchy, racism, and exploitation of animals. Only years later did Kaczynski begin to attract a following that was committed to his brand of anti-tech radicalism. As he notes in his 2016 book, ‘it is only since 2011 that I’ve had people who have been willing and able to spend substantial amounts of time and effort in doing research for me’.Coincidentally or not, 2011 is also the year that the Mexican terrorist group ITS emerged. [218]

John Jacobi, a follower of Kaczynski, distinguishes three clusters of Kaczynski-inspired anti-tech radicals.First are the ‘apostles’ of Kaczynski, the indomitistas, led by his pseudonymous Spanish correspondent Último Reducto. The indomitistas devote themselves mainly to translating and analysing Kaczynski’s writings. They comprise part of his ‘inner circle’, which also conducts research for him and operates the publisher, Fitch & Madison, which prints his books.The other two clusters are the ‘heretics’, who are inspired by Kaczynski’s writings but diverge from him and the indomitistas about the finer points of doctrine, strategy, and tactics. One is Jacobi’s own group, the wildists, which broke away from the more orthodox indomitistas to build a broader coalition of ‘anti-civilization’ radicals.The other cluster of heretics, which is my focus in this article, comprises ITS and its offshoots. Whereas the indomitistas and the wildists focus on developing and propagating anti-tech ideas, ITS is eager for dramatic and violent action. [218]

Journalists and terrorism scholars have labelled ITS ‘eco-terrorists’ and sometimes ‘eco-anarchists’, comparing the group to Deep Green Resistance and the Earth Liberation Front.ITS itself uses the term ‘eco-extremist’, which invites these comparisons.However, ITS is not just a more bellicose variant of radical environmentalism or green anarchism. An analysis of the group’s communiqués shows that its ideology is a distinctly Kaczynskian form of anti-tech radicalism. [218]

Although ITS was influenced by radical environmentalism, the ‘eco’ in ‘eco-extremism’ is misleading. It does not refer to ‘deep ecology’; ITS rejects the ‘sentimentalism, irrationalism and biocentrism’ that it sees in many radical environmentalist groups.Instead, the ‘eco’ refers to the group’s ideal of ‘wild nature’, which accords a central place to human nature. ITS’s central concern, like Kaczynski’s, is that ‘human beings are moving away more dangerously from their natural instincts’.Adopting Kaczynski’s ‘bioprimitivism’, as I have called it, ITS argues that ‘the human being is biologically programmed … through evolution’ for the life of a ‘hunter-gatherer-nomad’. [218]

Although it shares the hunter-gatherer ideal with green anarchists, ITS vehemently rejects any such label: ‘we are not “eco-anarchists” or “anarcho-environmentalists”’.The group describes as ‘delusional’ those who ‘romanticize Wild Nature’ and ‘believe that when Civilization falls everything will be rosy and a new world will flourish without social inequality, hunger, repression, etc’.This thinly-veiled attack on Zerzan’s anarcho-primitivism echoes Kaczynski’s essay, ‘The Truth About Primitive Life’, where he sets out to ‘debunk the anarcho-primitivist myth that portrays the life of hunter-gatherers as a kind of politically correct Garden of Eden’.ITS follows Kaczynski in condemning green anarchism as ‘leftist’. [218]

Kaczynski’s influence on ITS is difficult to miss. Many parts of the group’s communiqués are merely paraphrases of the Manifesto: ‘The essence of the power process has four parts: setting out of the goal, effort, attainment of the goal, and Autonomy’.But the depth of Kaczynski’s influence on ITS is difficult to appreciate without knowing the origins of his ideas. ITS cites Morris’s The Human Zoo in support of its claim that ‘the Wild Nature of the human being in general was perverted when it started to become civilized’. The same communiqué later echoes Morris without citing him: ‘it is totally abnormal to live together with hundreds of strangers around you’. [218]

ITS explicitly acknowledges some of its debts to Kaczynski. But this has not been enough to prevent misconceptions, because Kaczynski himself has also been lumped in with radical environmentalists and green anarchists. It is necessary to understand Kaczynski’s distinct constellation of concepts in order to appreciate the ideological distinctness of ITS. The group uses his signature vocabulary: the technological system, the power process, surrogate activities, leftism, feelings of inferiority, oversocialization, etc. This is not the vocabulary of radical environmentalism or green anarchism. With the exceptions of ‘civilization’ and ‘domination’, ITS explicitly rejects the ‘leftist’ vocabulary of anarchism: oppression, solidarity, mutual aid, class struggle, hierarchy, inequality, injustice, and imperialism. Further, as I have already shown, even the ‘green’ parts of ITS’s communiqués have been filtered through Kaczynski. ITS is not an eco-terrorist or green anarchist group, but a novel kind of anti-tech terrorist group. The group’s ideology is distinctly Kaczynskian, genealogically and morphologically. [218]

The modus operandi of ITS is not typical of radical environmentalists or green anarchists, who tend to be saboteurs or ‘monkeywrenchers’. Environmental radicals almost always target property rather than people. ITS, on the other hand, declares that it ‘is not a group of saboteurs (we do not share the strategy of sabotage or damage or destruction of property)’.Instead, as Kaczynski did, ITS aims to kill or maim people, such as scientists, whose surrogate activities propel the development of the technological system. [218]

Anti-tech radicals and environmental radicals have different attitudes towards violence in large part because they have different ideals. As Bron Taylor argues, environmental radicals share ‘general religious sentiments – that the earth and all life is sacred – that lessen the possibility that [environmental] movement activists will engage in terrorist violence’.As he correctly points out, there is ‘no indication that Kaczynski shared the sense, so prevalent in radical environmental subcultures, that life is worthy of reverence and the earth is sacred’.Kaczynski is instead committed to the ideal of wild nature, which serves to naturalize violence. He argues, and ITS concurs, that ‘a significant amount of violence is a natural part of human life’.Part of what it means to be a wild human being is to be a violent one, unencumbered by the fetters of civilized morality. [218]

The ideal of wild nature helps to explain anti-tech radicals’ target selection. For Kaczynski and ITS, living things have value only insofar as they are wild, and to be wild is to be ‘outside the power of the system’.When human beings become instruments of the system, they forfeit any value or dignity that they might have had. Scientists and technicians are permissible targets of violence because they have betrayed their wild nature, and they are desirable targets because they symbolize the technological system.Whereas environmental radicals’ reverence for life tends to steer them away from violence, towards destruction of property, anti-tech radicals’ ideal of wild nature serves to justify their violence. [218]

Yet ITS diverges from Kaczynski about the purpose of violence. For Kaczynski, violence is primarily a means to overthrow the technological system. ITS, on the other hand, argues that Kaczynski’s proposed revolution is ‘idealistic and irrational’.Not only is this revolution bound to fail; Kaczynski also falls into the trap of leftism when he models his revolution on the French and Russian revolutions.For members of ITS, violence is not a means to revolution, but a way to affirm or reclaim their own wildness: ‘the attack against the system … is a survival instinct, since the human is violent by nature’.Kaczynski condemns ITS and accuses the group of misappropriating his ideas. He hurls the charge of leftism right back at them, along with a diagnosis of learned helplessness: ‘The most important error that ITS commits is that they express, and therefore promote, an attitude of hopelessness about the possibility of eliminating the technological system’.This attitude of hopelessness gives ITS a more vengeful and nihilistic character than Kaczynski himself. [218]

On eco-extremism and anarchy

We really do not want to stand in firm defense of every soul that sets itself up as an enemy against the state and every form of government (over man, animals and nature). We believe that - and many anarchist and other prisoners agree with this - not everyone can be friends and that it is not possible to develop a relationship with everyone.

More specifically, we want to encourage discussion about direct action groups that reject anarchy as a political goal and as a daily struggle. These are the so-called eco-extremists who relentlessly shout "death to anarchy", rejecting their own origin and formation, an idea that nourished them through a fraternal relationship with the urban guerrilla fighters of today and the past, only to later move on to emphasize certain aspects that have always been part of anarchist milieu and its struggle for the liberation of man, our animal brothers and the earth.

Far from the constant tension that we who want and fight for a life of anarchy want to maintain, a certain trend that is considered eco-extremist throws in the trash the libertarian ideal that manifests itself through the insurgent struggle.

One small group, tied to a certain imaginary of "symbolic" peoples and to musical/alternative and university environments (they reject the university they still attend... and study what they hate so much), hates the human animal and therefore sees the enemy everywhere.

In that "wild fog", caused by their own smugness and messianism, they include the last worker, the victim of this crappy exploitative system, among their enemies. They talk about killing workers, farmers or any other person who, let's be honest, the discussion of our relatives over the years has not considered worthy interlocutors. Although we are accomplices, the enemy is someone else, and that is quite clear to any anarchist, libertarian, punk or nihilist. But for the eco-extremists, it is not so, in an attempt to be avant-garde and even trendy.

That is why we call on individuals and coordinated affinities who are fighting today to continue fighting for the liberation of all living beings and the earth, without losing sight of the political aspect of our actions, and the real enemies and targets.

Seven years since the death of Mauricio Morales, we salute the group "Manada de Choque Anarquico Nihilista" for its sober and insurgent action during the protests of May 1 and April 21, when they once again proved the success of coordination among affinities. In order to be clear and refute the "Maldicion Ecoextremista" page, which tried to present these acts as an act of irresponsible urban guerrillas, in order to appropriate libertarian activity!

We salute the fighters of the Paulino Scarfó Revolutionary Cell (FAI-FRI), who wrote in their statement of responsibility for the attack on the Santander Bank in La Cisterna: “ The attack has its ethics and is not indiscriminate; we have embraced the arson attack and we no longer support the ideas that are trying to spread ."

Pack of Saboteurs Heriberto Salazar (FAI-FRI)

There’s Nothing Anarchist about Eco-Fascism

“When horror knocks at your door, it’s difficult to hide from. All that can be done is to breathe, gather strength, and face it….I shared news of the woman found in University City. From the first moment, I was angered and protested the criminalization of the victim. The next morning I woke up to the horror and pain that she was my relative.”

– Statement from the family of Lesvy Rivera to Mexican society

“[W]e take responsibility for the homicide of another human in University City on May 3rd….Much has emerged about that damned thing leaning lifeless on a payphone… ‘that she suffered from alcoholism, that she wasn’t a student, this and that.’ But what does it matter? She’s just another mass, just another damned human who deserved death.”

– 29th Statement of Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS)

Some things shouldn’t have to be said, but as is too often the case in this disaster of a world, that which should be most obvious often gets subsumed to the exigencies of politics, ideologies, money, emotion, or internet clicks. The purpose of this piece is to condemn the recent acts of eco-extremists in Mexico and those who cheer them on from abroad.

This critique does not aspire to alter the behavior of Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS), Individualities Tending Toward the Wild (ITS), Wild Reaction (RS), Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild (GITS), Eco-extremist Mafia, or whatever they will change their name to tomorrow. Like any other deluded, sociopathic tyrant, these individuals have declared themselves above reproach, critique, reason, or accountability. They have appointed themselves judge, jury, and executioner; the guardians and enforcers of Truth using a romanticized past to justify their actions. As absolutist authoritarians, they have constructed a theoretical framework that, while ever-shifting and inconsistent, somehow always ends with a justification for why they get to hold a knife to the throats of all of humankind. In short, they think and act like the State.

There was a discussion about ITS on an IGD podcast from last December. For those unfamiliar, ITS and its spawn of affiliated acronyms publicly emerged in 2011 as an anti-civilization grouping that blew things up and tried to kill people they didn’t like, primarily university research scientists. In early statements, they spoke of favorably of anarchism and revolution. Over the course of just a few years and various groupings and splittings, they adopted a firm stance of rejection and reaction. They disavowed anarchism, revolution, leftism, or anything related to the social or human. They proudly adopted the mantle of eco-terrorism and proclaimed their disgust for the likes of John Zerzan or Ted Kaczynski, who they previously praised.

Unsurprisingly, through their increasing isolation and reactivity, ITS has turned into just plain murderers. (Or at least they’d like you to think so.) “The human being deserves extinction” and “We position ourselves against the human being, without caring about the use of civilization to carry out our acts” is now their creed. As such, in the State of Mexico, ITS claims it went out hunting for loggers to kill, but not finding any, they decided to ambush, shoot and murder a couple on a hike on April 30th, because, “We just want it to be clear that no human being will be safe in nature.” They suggest humans should instead stay in the cities, but then claim responsibility for the May 3rd femicide of Lesvy Rivera at the National Autonomous University of Mexico, stating, “Not even in your damned cities will you be safe.” The ITS phenomenon, while beginning in Mexico, has spread throughout much of Latin America, with groups using the ITS name claiming responsibility for attacks – including attempts at the mass murder of ordinary, working-class people – in multiple countries.

Understanding what led to the creation and evolution of groups such as ITS is a topic best addressed in a separate piece. As mentioned above and in the podcast, they find their roots in the insurrectionary and anti-civilization streams of anarchism. Mexico in particular has a vibrant clandestine, direct action insurrectionary movement. Mexico is also where 99 percent of all “crimes” go unpunished, where narcos, police, military and politicians either work hand in hand or kill one another and anyone else nearby in the tens of thousands. They also team up against aboveground social movements – repression being the only language the Mexican state speaks. It is not difficult to understand, in a country being gutted by neoliberalism, where appeals to the state are met with batons and bullets, where anarchists are already blowing things up, and where everyone else with an agenda seems to be killing people and getting away with it, why a group like ITS would emerge.

Yet at the same time in Mexico, aside from a few websites, ITS and its actions have not been praised or embraced by anarchists or anyone else. This likely also contributes to the escalating violence on ITS’s part – no one really pays attention to them except to dismiss or condemn. At least one anarchist group has publicly stated its belief that ITS is a state-run operation, designed to delegitimize the broader radical movement.

It seems more likely that ITS is a genuine group that believes what it says. Whether it has actually done what it says is another matter. Some attacks have certainly occurred, but a curiously large number of ITS attacks fail or go unmentioned anywhere except in their statements. They claim this is due to the police and media conspiring to not call attention to their acts. Yet the typical insurrectionary anarchist direct action is almost always reported with precise information, photos showing the damage caused, and can be verified in corporate media reports. How ITS is so much worse than other direct action groups at carrying out direct actions is an unanswered question. That ITS killed any of the three people they recently claimed to have killed is unlikely. The statement shares no details of the killings and only includes a photo taken from Facebook. Especially with regards to the femicide of Lesvy Rivera at UNAM, ITS is likely seeking to get a free ride on the coattails of a tragedy that has generated considerable action and coverage amongst the anarchists and radicals they hate so much yet whose attention they so desperately seek.

So do we anarchists give it to them? Admittedly, even the existence of this piece is a capitulation to their attention seeking. But worse are those that promote, even implicitly, the actions of ITS. Sites such as Anarchist News, Free Radical Radio, Atassa, and Little Black Cart. The “a retweet does not constitute endorsement” excuse doesn’t fly here. As ITS says, “We’ve been warning you since the beginning.” And now they are claiming to have killed three humans simply because they were human. Will ITS fans continue to distribute the propaganda of a group that by its own admission is not only not anarchist, but proudly terroristic, rejecting of all ethics, morals, or principles of liberation? They solely exist to kill people. It should not have to be explained why such a position does not merit support. Of a less pressing matter is the way in which ITS conceives of “nature” is itself a social and civilizational construct. Their (already constantly shifting) ideological basis for murder falls apart under any real scrutiny.

Some defend the publications and discussions (or trolling, as it were) they engender because while perhaps they don’t agree with killing people, the analysis ITS presents is intellectually stimulating and worthy of consideration. If ITS did kill her, Lesvy Rivera can surely appreciate that her brutal murder was found intellectually stimulating for some. It is the peak of colonial, racist arrogance that those from the safety of their U.S. or European homes feel comfortable debating the finer points of an ideology that amounts to brown people killing other brown people. We eagerly await the publishing on these sites of ISIS or al-Qaida communiques due to their intellectually stimulating critiques of U.S. imperialism in the Middle East.

The only support ITS should be receiving from anarchists is encouragement that they practice their dedication to human extinction on themselves. Just as the fascists of ISIS are meeting a true anarchist response, the fascists of ITS should be called to task, rather than coddled.

More non-news about the “Eco-Extremist Mafia”

Our last release [https://325.nostate.net/2018/09/15/who-is- [censored] -a-paralegal-or-an-eco-extremist-mafia-usa] of information about the so-called “Eco-Extremist Mafia” caused a commotion in the Church of ITS Mexico. Without giving them the oxygen they require in their parasitic nature on the international anarchist movement which they need to survive, we release a report and reply to the smears and idiocy of their position.

Within 12 hours of the doxxing of [censored] being released, the so-called ITS “Mafia”, who virtually live on the internet now, were so upset they had to describe the age and dryness of my Vagina! And take responsibility for the “massacre” beating of an anarcho-punk after a Zapatista rally last December! What is there left to say either to or about these misogynist, misanthropic, psychopathic high priests of the ITS death-cult?

Predictable smears from the post-truth ITS, who take responsibility for actions they have not done, imitating a tactic of IS/Daesh, and now, calling us “cops” who apparently emailed the UK police to inform them that the laughable ‘Archie the Robot’ “Archegonas” is responsible for the ‘Misanthropos Cacoguen’ ITS bomb that was indiscriminately left in a busy street in Edinburgh, Scotland where young people hang out and meet each other. Hilarious! And the basis for this? That a mainstream newspaper reported that cops received the communique (which reads more like a psychotic meltdown), from a Riseup.net mail server! It is more likely that the ‘Archegonas’ or another member of the “Eco-Extremist Mafia” did such a stupid act just to cause shit for Riseup, as they hate it so much, and now print lies against us as befits them. After years of shit from this idiot ‘Archegonas’, is this all that he and ITS can achieve? No, their words and texts reveal it all, and we are fucking laughing at the Church of the ITS Mexico and their choir-boys. That is the tactic of their silly smear, now repeated by some delusional idiot in Brazil. If that is the extent of their logic, it is no wonder that they have made the ideological and practical mistakes which have taken them to the abyss of shit, taking responsibility for minor homicides and planting bombs in public places with the sole intention of hurting as many people as possible. Eco-fascist scum.

After almost ten years of threats, smears and attacks, we are fighting back with some of the means we have, and we will continue to collect and publish information about the Eco-Extremists; the same as we do with the fascists. This is a known anti-fascist tactic proven to work, and we are not afraid of any reprisals. This tactic is an open source method to alert true comrades to the location and identity of their enemies: Our comrades who have been repeatedly smeared, threatened and harassed by this cringing little ITS gang. It has nothing to do with the police, we don’t give a fuck about the police, it is for us. Our comrades are using this tactic to great effect in UK, Germany, Spain, Australia, Canada, United States, Greece, Italy, Netherlands and everywhere that there are anarchists of action. Since ITS have always made it clear that they intend to kill us, that they are not anarchists and their actions and their ‘philosophy’ are not anarchic, we owe them nothing, nor do we owe their sheep-like supporters in America or Europe anything. The Church of ITS is nothing more than the murderous and mentally disturbed acting-out of any ordinary psychopath to whom we equally owe no allegiance whatsoever. We are not sure why they think they can demand any silence from us on the grounds of, what? Comradeship (or not even)? Criminalism? Don’t make us laugh, the ‘code of the streets’? ‘Moralism’ from those who don’t believe in anything? As one of our comrades in America wrote to us, “Funny how the nihilists turn into politicians as soon as another side draws a line in the sand and says enough is enough”.

The Church of ITS is an opportunistic authority of those that try to throw enough shit until some of it sticks, the classic tactic of fascists and bosses – “repeat a lie enough times and it becomes true”, propaganda at its best, written like the liars that they are. In the typical way of ITS, they try to use the words of other anarchists against us, in this case the CCF. We cannot and will not speak for our comrades of CCF, but in the quoted section by this minor ITS Brazil loser, CCF are describing their relationship to those they have worked with, not those who are already enemies and targets. Information regarding targets is to be circulated, and ITS are now Eco-fascist targets, having always eschewed any anarchist solidarity and comradeship. Maybe there was a time in the past there was some confusion as to the destination of the Church of ITS Mexico and their choir-boys, but now it is clear and has been for so long. Where are the original comrades of ITS? Where has the intelligent and articulate writing concerning technology and the direction of the techno-industrial-society gone? Disappeared in injuries, in arrests, not made public? Disappeared into hatred, fear and terror? Reduced to the garbage of blogs and social media? The international anarchist space is much more than this, and ITS needs conflict and division to feed their project, which has been given a platform by some of the most irresponsible shit-stirring post-modernist gamers and book-nerds in Europe and USA.

ITS and their sub-groups are simply vile, abusive performers in their own sick circus of hate and homicide. If we have the ability to fuck with them and make things difficult for them, even disrupt or attack them, then we will. Especially their “Eco-Extremist theorists” like [censored] and co. If it is possible for us to arrange for dozens and dozens of comrades to travel to Iraq and Syria to fight IS/Daesh, then we can send a few comrades to Mexico and Brazil. We are not scared, come and try to attack us, we will obliterate your wee dafties ‘Wildfire Cell’ and ‘Archegonas’. It’s not a problem for us, they know that they have never even emailed us to arrange a meeting in all this time. Same goes for the pathetically proud and thin-skinned ‘Maldicion Eco-Extremista’, what a joke. We have been emailing you, why won’t you meet our people in Mexico? Is it because your IP address is in Berkeley, San Francisco? The Church of ITS are nothing but cowards playing games, using the anarchist space for their own entertainment, just fucking scum who will get hurt and die soon.

[censored], ‘Abe Cabrera’. Now he has problems. Both himself and Guillory, his partner ,‘removed’ from the website of their employer, and here we publish his address, as a response to the smears of ITS. This is how your ‘indomitable’ translator and “theorist” [censored] ended up. A coward, and his “comrades” all betrayed him in public and left him for the dogs. That is the “Eco-Extremist Mafia”, the “theorists” who will go “forward”. The deafening silence from the “eco-extremist theorists” is really revealing after all the baiting, smears and threats taking place. And for each new provocation of the Church of ITS we will add the fire to the flames for the Americans and those we find in Europe. That each threat and attack will be answered.

Telephone: [censored]

[censored]’s house is a $250,000 family home, not in the Latin American “Jungle” nor the “Ghetto”, nor the “Favelas”. He’s just another poser and fake like the rest of the “Eco-Extremist Mafia”. As part of our doxxing campaign, let’s look now at the emails we received from [censored] via the Atassa email account as [censored] tried to formulate an exit-scam and mitigate the impact we had on his life. These emails reveal a lot about his character and state of mind, and that of an “Eco-Extremist theorist”…

From: Atassa
Date: Sunday, September 16, 2018, 4:21 am
Subject: You Win

While we only have a vague idea of who told you that paralegal guy is the master mind behind all this, it’s evident that you care about this stuff more than we do. So you win. We’ve disappeared and you will never hear from us again. We wish you well in your projects.

Yes, [censored] wishes us well. What a cowardly piece of shit. He immediately ceased his Atassa project and took down every online evidence that Atassa existed, helped by the pseudo-comrade Aragorn/LBC, who continues to distribute the Atassa book-journal; hell, everything helps sales, right? [censored], who was translating the ITS texts, helping ITS/MaldicionEE write texts, make threats and glorifying in the murders, buckled so quickly. He even sent this next email shortly after, just to beg us a little more to save his miserable life, here it is.

From: Atassa
Date: Sunday, September 16, 2018, 5:12 am
Subject: You Win

Also, in exchange for taking down the supposed doxxing post against Mr. [censored], we can offer a public retraction of the Atassa project which you can publish on your site. You can assess whether that retraction is enough to end this whole business. We are not entirely unsympathetic to your aims and regret any damage that our actions have caused.

A retraction to “regret any damage that our actions have caused”. I had to repeat that, because it is just so beautiful. The Church of ITS Mexico who gave a long pontification about my old ‘anarcho-cop’ Vagina, and who had so much faith in [censored], and in his Catholic vivisectionist wife [https://325.nostate.net/2018/09/16/ [censored] -wife-of-eco-extremist-mafia-is-a-vivisectionist-usa], and this is how he repaid them. Beautiful. [censored] has no idea how much danger he is in, maybe now he’s starting to understand. What did the so-called “comrades” of [censored] have to say about it? Nothing. They dumped him. All of them.

From: Ramon Elani
Date: Wednesday, September 19, 7:10 am
Subject: Re: 7

Thank you for sending this to me. I no longer have dealings with this person or his project.
for the wild

Thanks Ramon, for confirming [censored] was Abe Cabrera, you did the right thing and it’s good to see that kind of solidarity “eco-extremist theorists” show each other.

From: Ramon Elani
Date: Wednesday, September 19, 8:56 am
Subject: Re: Betrayal

yes, i’ve long since regretted my involvement. though i still feel that my essay was misunderstood.
for the wild

Poor Ramon, he’s so misunderstood. As a co-editor of the ‘Black Seed’ garbage journal distributed by Aragorn/LBC, which tries to mix green anarchism and eco-extremism, and insert this toxic poison into the international anarchist ‘movement’, you are not misunderstood. It was clear in the decision to print the text ‘To the World Builders’ and it’s inclusion in the ‘The Anarchist Library’ what the position is you all have taken. Post-modern crap theorising around rape culture and murder, fuck you and die.

Elani is so “misunderstood” that the shit eco-academic-activist philosophy and creative writing project ‘Dark Mountain’, has published his new text, where he takes the opportunity to fully renege; disavowing property destruction, sabotage and attacks. So much for the “indomitable” Eco-Extremist theorists, what cowards.

From: Armenio Lewis
Date: Sunday, September 22, 2018, 1:46 pm
Subject: Atassa

I dont even know how to really word this so im gonna make this simple.
ALL participants and friendlies around the atassa project have reached out to me hoping I can, for lack of a better term, alleviate any animosity over the atassaproject.
Abe went off the deep end. What started as theoretical exploration of violence with no one except abe actually declaring and supporting ITS
Nobody wants beef, I’m just a middle man relaying this.
You can email back, call @ +150********, or completely ignore.
Fuck with abe all you want, he deserves it, but everyone else doesnt.

There it is; there is “ALL the participants and friendlies around the Atassa project”, which we assume includes LBC/Aragorn totally throwing [censored] under the bus just to save themselves any bother. They must seriously underestimate us to write such ridiculous shit – Ah, just a “theoretical exploration of violence”. What a fucking collection of cretins. So much for the claims of the Pope of ITS Mexico about their “theorists”, these people couldn’t theorise themselves out of a paper bag.

“Eco-Extremism” is an opportunistic trend of parasitism, online fakes and sacred beliefs, recycling on facebook, twitter and the “altervista” or “wordpress”. Although they would like you to think that their groups are spreading, instead they are dwindling, with a few people traveling between countries (or staying put in Mexico!) and believing in their sacred misanthropic mission. A mission which is expressed as hatred of women, hatred of anarchy, and ‘humanity’.

What we did find out, was that a few months ago [censored] promoted on his summer reading list on Atassa Facebook, the book “Iron Gates,” which is a fascist written and published book that is set in a concentration camp. Part rape fantasy, part pro-Nazi propaganda. It’s also one of the ‘go-to’ texts promoted by Atomwaffen Divison in the USA, which is like the American version of National Action (Neo-Nazi group in UK). A lot of comrades have pointed to a potential cross over between the Eco-Extremist material and Satanic/Neo-Nazi crap like Atomwaffen who has killed about half a dozen people in the US.

Yeah, so much for all these “theorists” and ITS “cells” that like to philosophise about what is and what is not “fascism”, and how dare the ‘anarcho-cops’ call them fascists.

We specifically warn against this EE tendency because of the potential for cross-overs with the nationalist-autonomous & nationalist-anarchist, neo-nazi and indigenous pagan “white tribe” eco-fascists who target the dredge of the anarchist scene with their irrationalist, green authoritarian and runic occult bullshit.

In the last text-threat from ITS Brazil, where they blame the Hambach Forest defenders for the death of the comrade who fell from the trees, we find the jealousy, the resentment, the bitterness of those who understand nothing about what it is that we are fighting for. In all the texts from ITS these past years we find a gross lack of understanding of what the anarchist ideas are and what anarchist methods are. Instead we just find a perverse and fanatic pathology and a weakness, leading to their ongoing blatant failures and authoritarian outcomes.

The “Eco-Extremist Curse” remains a joke, and for all the lies and smears that come from their mouths, we will target those that come within our reach.

As one of our comrades remarked “keep on threatening me with the evil-eye, come on…”

From my vast, old, soul eating Vagina…


Arrests & Doxxings

They Declare Guilty the "Individualist Tending to the Wild" for Explosive Attacks in the RM

Bus stops, universities and public administration: the targets of the "lone wolf" obsessed with bombings

Friday 09 August 2019 | 11:45

By Valentina González
The information is from Felipe Cornejo

Sebastian Brogca | ONE Agency

The South Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office described Camilo Gajardo Escalona as a "lone wolf" , the 28-year-old who was arrested for his alleged participation in at least six attacks with explosive devices in the Metropolitan region.

According to the investigation, Gajardo would be behind the preparation, placement and shipment of at least five "package bombs" that reached, among others, less than the former president of Codelco, Óscar Landerretche and the president of the Metro board, Louis de Grange.

It was in January 2017 when, after 6:00 p.m., an alleged “gift” that had arrived at Landeretche’s home in La Reina ended up exploding , causing minor injuries to the then-president of the state mining company.

The following year, in April, the headquarters of the Raúl Silva Henríquez University had to be evacuated due to a bomb warning. Carabineros found a cardboard box with a battery with cables and a copper tube.

Meanwhile, in September 2018, a box with a bottle and gunpowder was found at a Transantiago bus stop on Santa Rosa Avenue, in front of the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Chile.

On January 4, 2019, the capital experienced a new explosion , when an explosive device detonated at a Transantiago bus stop, leaving five people injured.

A few months later, in May of this year, the police managed to deactivate a bomb package addressed to the chairman of the Metro board, Louis de Granje.

After two years of investigation, the suspect is arrested

It was in the commune of Puente Alto where the operation carried out by the Carabineros OS-9 to arrest the alleged perpetrator of the explosive attacks was concentrated, after the South Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office requested his arrest warrant in the 20th Second Guarantee Court of Santiago.

Christopher Escobar | ONE Agency

It was the result of months of investigation carried out by the prosecution, with expert reports that intensified after the latest attacks on the 54th police station in Huechuraba and the package bomb received by the former Minister of the Interior, Rodrigo Hinzpeter, in his office in the district of Huechuraba. The Counts.

And it is that despite the fact that a "group" of anarchists was always targeted behind these attacks, the investigation of the Public Ministry has revealed that it would be a 28-year-old man, the only author behind a series of attacks since 2017 To the date.

Although there were attacks that were attributed by the eco-terrorist group Individualists Tending to the Wild, for the Prosecutor's Office it was a "lone wolf" , identified as Camilo Eduardo Gajardo Escalona.

Carabineros General Esteban Díaz explained that the procedure consisted of the arrest of the main suspect behind these attacks, as well as a search of his home to seize items that would link him to these crimes.

The police raid was carried out in the town of Atenas de Mena. At the scene, the police seized various elements linked to the making of explosive devices, without confirming whether it was a bomb with a possible future recipient.

The prosecutor in these cases, Héctor Barros, ruled out that the defendant is part of an anarchist group and emphasized that, based on the investigation, he would be the person behind the making and placement of these bombs.

Even so, the national prosecutor Jorge Abbott referred to his alleged link with ITS, pointing out that "they are organizations in which the behaviors are displayed by individual people and belong to a larger group, but they are not attached to an organization, but rather an idea ”.

Camilo Gajardo Escalona has three previous arrests since 2012, all related to the crime of public disorder.

During this day, Gajardo will be transferred to the Justice Center for his detention control in the evening block. At the moment, the South Metropolitan Prosecutor's Office has not ruled out requesting an extension of the detention, in order to carry out expert reports on the elements seized yesterday from his home and present them at the next formalization hearing, where he will face charges for the preparation, placement and shipment of explosive devices.

They declare guilty the "individualist tending to the wild" for explosive attacks in the RM

Friday 02 September 2022 | 10:05

By Felipe Delgado
With information from Daniela Forero-Ortiz.

Camilo Gajardo was found guilty of planting and sending explosive devices in the capital, under the group "Individualists Tending to the Wild." Among them are the explosives sent to Óscar Landerretche and Louis De Grange, as well as the placement of a bomb in a Transantiago bus stop.

The South Prosecutor's Office managed to get Camilo Gajardo Escalona convicted , who perpetrated various explosive attacks in the Metropolitan region that were claimed by the group "Individualists Tending to the Wild" (ITS).

The individual was charged with the crimes of sending and placing explosive devices between 2017 and 2019 in different parts of the capital. This after an investigation carried out together with the Carabineros OS9.

Gajardo was accused of the following facts:

1.- The device that detonated in the house of the then president of Codelco, Óscar Landerretche , on January 13, 2017, where the charges of frustrated homicide, injuries and damages are added.

2.- An explosive that detonated on a public transport bus in La Reina, on September 28, 2017.

3.- The placement of a bomb on a bench in front of the Raúl Silva Henríquez Catholic University (UCSH), on April 13, 2018. Here he is accused of frustrated homicide.

4.- The installation of another explosive in a bus stop in front of the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Chile in La Pintana, on September 7, 2018.

5.- The explosion of a device at a Transantiago bus stop in Vicuña Mackenna with Bilbao, on January 4, 2019, also with the accusation of frustrated homicide.

6.- The sending of an explosive package to the president of Metro, Louis De Grange , on May 5, 2019, which was found abandoned and did not reach its destination.

In the trial, Gajardo was found guilty in facts 1, 3, 5 and 6 , but not in facts 2 and 4 in which he was acquitted. In addition, terrorism was ruled out.

In this regard, Louis De Grange told Radio Bío Bío that after what happened he experienced “a period of great anguish, and it was difficult to understand why this was happening to me. Fortunately, I received a lot of love and support from many people, both from Metro and from Carabineros and the Prosecutor's Office. Today is part of the past, of the difficulties that all of us have to face”.

Gajardo risks more than 100 years in prison for what happened. Prosecutor Alex Cortez highlighted that in the explosion that affected Landerretche, the conviction for qualified frustrated homicide was achieved , the same as for the explosion in the bus stop of Vicuña Mackenna.

Meanwhile, Alejandra Rubio, Gajardo's public criminal defender, highlighted the acquittal obtained in two of the accused crimes. Along with this, she indicated that the legal qualification for the device installed at UCSH and the one directed at Louis De Grange was finally lowered.

As he pointed out, this will lower the penalty he could obtain, which will be announced on October 19. Only then, Rubio pointed out, will the steps to be followed be decided.

45 years in prison for subject who detonated bomb in Transantiago bus stop and who sent explosives

Wednesday, October 19, 2022 | 14:31

Posted by Felipe Delgado
The information is from Daniela Forero-Ortiz

Sebastian Beltran | ONE Agency

Camilo Gajardo, guilty of sending explosive devices and detonating a bomb at a Transantiago bus stop, was sentenced to 45 years and one day in jail for various crimes, including attempted murder.

Camilo Gajardo Escalona was sentenced to 45 years and one day in jail , who perpetrated several explosive attacks in the Metropolitan region and who were claimed by the group "Individualists Tending to the Wild" (ITS).

Gajardo was found guilty of various shipments and installations of bombs , all this between 2017 and 2019 in different parts of the Metropolitan region.

They declare guilty the "individualist tending to the wild" for explosive attacks in the RM

These are the following episodes:

1.- The device that detonated in the house of the then president of Codelco, Óscar Landerretche , on January 13, 2017.

2.- The placement of a bomb on a bench in front of the Raúl Silva Henríquez Catholic University (UCSH), on April 13, 2018.

3.- The explosion of a device at a Transantiago bus stop in Vicuña Mackenna with Bilbao, on January 4, 2019.

4.- The sending of an explosive package to the president of Metro, Louis De Grange , on May 5, 2019, which did not reach its destination.

Meanwhile, he was acquitted of the accusation for an explosive that detonated on a public transport bus in La Reina, on September 28, 2017; and for the installation of another explosive in a bus stop in front of the Faculty of Agronomy of the University of Chile in La Pintana, on September 7, 2018.

The South Prosecutor's Office had requested more than 100 years in prison for Gajardo, given the various acts for which he was convicted, where charges of frustrated homicide were added.

Finally, the Sixth Oral Criminal Court of Santiago decreed 45 years and one day in jail for him. Prosecutor Alex Cortez pointed out that the conviction was achieved thanks to the large amount of evidence obtained together with OS9, Labocar and GOPE de Carabineros.

In the breakdown, he was given 20 years in prison in its maximum degree for all placements of explosive devices. Another 20 years more for the frustrated qualified homicides of the wounded in the home of Óscar Landerretche and in the bus stop of Vicuña Mackenna.

To this, another five years were added for the injuries in the last mentioned events.

Satanist ITS Members Communique and Arrest Report


My End is My Beginning.

Abyss rises. The sound of the tunnels is thumping to my ears. I walk in desolation into the fields of urban greyness. All that surrounds me, every ”normal” humanoid, is performing a litany towards crushing determinism. One more time I seize the opportunity to act and unleash My Hatred. I get ready not to stray from the mechanistic ”life-form”. I call upon Death and we enter in a maelstrom of the heartbeat of Chaos that transforms blood into a pumping engine in the libido of voidance that dissolves humanity attempting indiscriminate Destruction and Murder.

In extreme misanthropic skepticism and experimentation, beyond any human notion, I claim nichilistically the following attacks:

-The arson of 2 mini buses transporting elder people.

Why? Why don’t you ask the guys from the books you read to tell you why? Oh shit! They’re dead? I’ll tell you why then! Because I hate old people! Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahaha!!!

-A package bomb left totally indiscriminately at a central location selectively.

Why do I not think of the ”innocent” people one might think… I answer with a question… Did my birth giver’s pussy think when it was fucked to be fertilized with microscopic semen that creates the vessels that I hate? Did anybody ask me to be born? Did anyone know what I would become? Do you know that some see consciousness as a curse? Fuck you, pathetic pricks, you don’t know shit then! I do not seek justification for existence, neither do I seek someone to blame. I seek the amoral rape of existence through the injection of life passing from the Death Gate. Anti-human odium is my life’s blood, transforming my vessel into the Beast.

The joke of human consciousness and what it creates I confront with nihilistic laughter, unconscious cynicism and misanthropic passion! When I say ”fuck you all”, it might as well be the most sincere thing I have said my

whole life! I wish my scream could burn you all, but it can’t do fuckin shit! Hahahahahahahah! This is why I have to experiment with fire, poison, bombs, even if the attack fails. Next time it might not, until I satisfy my Egotistical Satanity.

I do not care at all to offer an ”alternative” to the cops’ rhetoric, I will let them have it their way, since this is not a conversation anyway! Though they broke my heart that they didn’t share my ”message” to the world! Hahahahahahaha! My acts and their claims are personalised and I will enjoy them in the way I want. In this only I make the rules. I learned what my mistakes were this time and I am not going to repeat them. But for me the experimentation is all that matters. Really beyond good and evil and not just in words.

All those who think they have theoretically banished morality make me laugh morbidly. To destroy morality one carries the knife and jabs it in the flesh till it reaches the bone. I blow myself amorally against the foundations of ethics to nihilistically recreate myself. Going beyond the normal nihilist and the tolerant attitude of internalized humanist emotional limit created by the evolutionary disease of the training epiphanies of modernity and the anthropocene.

Any judgement comes through thought. A world that for me doesn’t exist. All I hear is vomit coming out of a hole we named mouth. The correlation of thought with reality is for me as contemptible as is the human condition itself. I do not judge, I do not justify, I take the instance of Nihility and I transform it into an attack on Life and a flirt of Death. I obliterate any ethical question as a clutch of conscience that devours an organism. As a concept that conciliates its creation with the supposed ”reality”. If humans were to go extinct this instant nothing would happen except that there would be no consciousness to tell about it. What are ethics if not sophisticated human artificiality? What are ethics if not the soothing, illusory agreement of the valuer and what is valued? What are values if not a leap of faith in the continuation of ”human” existence? Values, either metaphysical or not are a branch for the human being to grasp in order not to fall into the Void of the Abyss, stare at itself, and see nothing.

In my descent there are no words to describe how I feel or who I am. Language is a useless mass of human sounds and holy scripts that limit my Ego. The foundationless Nihilism is concluded Anti-human, at least for me. If only we could be free of metaphysicality! But especially today where the image makes a host out of everyone and consolidates ideology nothing can be expected. Beyond good and evil means only one thing. Not even I am liable to re-establishing this concept. This human notion.

I am an enclosed circuit, but one that wouldn’t exist without the world that surrounds it. I am not a spirit. Nothing is ethically important. I have no important targets and others not so important. In my scorn for the human animal and its projection of existence I experiment with Total Nihilism into Unknown territory. I seek the dissolution of the limit, ”spiritual” or ”physical”, that had been imposed by man. I deny any injection of the spirit through the flesh opening the window to ideological compartmentalization. Flesh has its own life and the metaphysical gate is denied. I deny god without replacing it with anything and for this I am Satan. For every ethics and ideology I will always be Satan.

It takes one to have known the spirit in all its aspects to be able to negate it. The illusion of freedom of the ”untouched ones” by civilization, hahahahahahahahahaha, this is another form of slavery, a form of humanistic denial of reality. Misanthropy will either be real experimentation through Nihility or it will be the will of Christ. You choose. My Misanthropy is a bomb at the core of ”human existence”. I see the human condition and consequently the human being as an inherently artificial animal. Its cognition and the conciliation of the perception/ value/ judgement/ reality/ action with the world is an error. If human consciousness is a ”privilige” of ”being human”, I only see imbecility of the highest kind and I attack it nichilistically, embracing the Dead End.

Everything I write is blood, sweat, flesh and semen. This creates My Spirit that claims itself in the Moment of emanation out of the Abyss in direct contact with reality. Everything else is humanistic trash that will be eradicated through Nihilism. The human spirit runs rampant today and every word is diarrhoea blown backwards. Idealism is crushed in the same way humans are crushed like bugs by the cycles of nature. Knowing of course that every aspiration, passion and ego worshipping desire will never be the same in contact with reality. The correlation of the two is totally discarded. But this is not an impediment for me and My Will, only an admittance and realization.

I believe in uniqueness but not as an ideology which sees it as a value, but only as a reductive tool for analysing a neverending battle that can never be completed inside human nature. After Stirner became an ideology throughout the years, it was a clear example that ideology is part of human nature, and that freedom, whichever the approach, is a disease.

I ask all those who want to create an ideological consciousness, or let’s call it for what it is, conscience, where is the clear distinction between determinism and free choice? Where is the clear distinction between ”domination” and ”free relations”? I assume they have the answer in hand because all of them have lived these ”pure” relations in reality and know how to go about them. And how to synchronize their minds with others to learn how to do it! But it appears that some have taken it upon themselves to become the next relics taking their rightful and righteous place among the legacy of humanochristianism.

Just to make it clear I am not conducting an anti-anarchist war nor an anti-fascist war, these are concerns that I don’t give a fuck about. I have seen so much hypocrisy in people that I cannot forget. I have seen so much torment by ideas but also from habit, I have seen hidden but also crude moralism, I have met so many people that wasted my time, I have been betrayed indirectly and directly. My Hate has moved to other fields, I have become something else and I thank all of you for creating me!

Furthermore I claim myself as part of the international Terrorist Mafia known as ITS. Between egoist conspirators I accepted a criminal offering on the basis of common interest. This is no spiritual union like those of the anarchists. I am not an Eco-extremist, I am a Nihilist Misanthrope as I like to call myself. Of course words mean nothing and are used in a specific context and for my own benefit.

”ITS is no longer a merely eco-extremist group but is nourished by the strongest egos, the most isolated solitaires and the most resentful individuals with civilization / humanity, within ITS there are people who do

not share spirituality either, they do not have beliefs, they do not have deities or anything like that, and we respect that completely, for the purpose is destruction and not so much “creed affiliation” or any other affiliation to some rotten and decadent ideology. That is, we want to make ITS a unique group, primordial, that represents everything we think and do, that is a latent danger, constant and mobile to act anywhere, unstoppable and dangerous.”


We unite on the basis of egoistic respect, for concrete things that we share, for the materialization of our instincts against artificiality and not for the spiritualization of our desires, that dissolves the foundations of anarchochristianic solidarity and seeks to maximize power amongst interests for destruction of this humanistically pious world.

”The expansion of knowledge and egocentric experimentation are very important for individualists like us, climbing animalistic violence to more extreme degrees makes our personal war unique, so that we can experience and nurture our experiences, at the end of the day ITS is just a timeless meeting of individuals with a desire for destruction, where you can learn and teach with tangible facts, destroying the idea that a “terrorist group” “must be” a circle where only rotten ideologies are shared among the members. The passion above all!”


Misanthropos Cacogen is a lover of nihilist anti-political violence. Terror inside the pettiness of this world is fun! My attempts for ”unholy” pleasure and murder are not over yet. All aspects of humanism are dead! Long live Death! Who would have the power to face the intensity of Nihil and survive? Then the question that arises is, who would become a Nihilist instead of a christly ”contemplator”?

Nihilist aggressor, Misanthropos Cacogen – Individualists Tending towards the Wild

‘Eco-terrorist’ who planted bomb in Edinburgh park jailed

Nikolaos Karvounakis had placed improvised device at Princes Street Gardens in January 2018

Nikolaos Karvounakis, 35. Photograph: Police Scotland/PA

A self-styled eco-terrorist who planted a viable homemade bomb in a popular public park in central Edinburgh has been jailed for more than eight years.

Nikolaos Karvounakis, originally from the Greek island of Crete, had placed the improvised device packed with 58 nails and sections of metal pipe in a shelter at Princes Street Gardens in January 2018.

Written on the flap inside the box were the words “fuck you all”. The device included low grade explosive, and a primitive but disconnected fuse made from a light filament and a battery.

Army explosives experts believed that had it been made operational or accidentally detonated, it would have been capable of causing significant injuries, the high court in Edinburgh heard. Karvounakis later claimed to be linked to a fringe group accused of eco-terrorism which originated in Mexico.

It took nearly two years before Karvounakis, 35, a former Greek national serviceman, was arrested. In December 2020 Police Scotland counter-terrorism officers received intelligence from European counterparts linking him to the offence. DNA taken from tape used in the device was found to belong to him.

Six weeks after the device was found, the Edinburgh Evening News received an email headed “International Terrorist Group in UK”. It contained a link to an extremist website where Karvounakis had anonymously claimed responsibility with a picture of the device and signed “Misanthropos Cacogen”.

Speaking for the prosecution, Angela Gray, the advocate depute, said Karvounakis claimed to be a “lover of nihilist anti-political violence” and to support an anarchist terror group Individualidades Tendiendo a lo Salvaje. The group has been blamed for bombing a nano-technology lab in Mexico City in 2011 that seriously injured a robotics researcher.

Gray told the court: “This is known as ITS, an abbreviation of a Spanish phrase translating to ‘individualists tending to the wild’. This Mexican terrorist organisation was formed during 2011. The group focuses on eco-terrorism, which involves acts of violence committed against people and or property in support of environmental causes.”

John Scullion QC, Karvounakis’s defence counsel, said he had been struggling with anxiety and low self-esteem, and had spent increasing amounts of time online. There he had drifted into conversations with extremists, whose beliefs he now repudiated.

Scullion said his client, who pleaded guilty to an offence under the Terrorism Act, had intended to cause disruption but had not planned to injure people, so had left the detonator unconnected. “It is fair to say he now bitterly regrets what he did and will bitterly regret it for the rest of his life,” Scullion told the court.

Lord Braid jailed Karvounakis for eight years and four months, and said he would have been jailed for 10 years had he not admitted his guilt and had no previous convictions.

“The offence involved a high degree of culpability on your part as shown by the significant degree of planning,” the judge said. “Afterwards you appeared to exult in the commission in your claim of responsibility.”

Det Chief Supt Stuart Houston, Police Scotland’s head of counter-terrorism, said: “The ideological beliefs held by Karvounakis were unusual.

“His reckless actions showed utter disregard for the safety of anyone within Princes Street Gardens [and] there is no doubt his presence and engagement online after the event could have easily encouraged others to carry out similar acts, with potentially catastrophic consequences. Not just in Scotland.”

Who is [censored], a Paralegal or an Eco-Extremist Mafia?

Telephone: [censored]

ES: ¿Quién es [censored], un asistente legal o uno de la “Mafia Eco-Extremista”? - https://web.archive.org/web/20210302230609/https:/325.nostate.net/2018/09/19/ee-uu-quien-es- [censored] -un-asistente-legal-o-uno-de-la-mafia-eco-extremista/

BAHASA: Mengungkap Art Cabrera! (Mengungkap Gereja ITS bag i)

DE: Wer ist [censored]? Ein Anwaltsassistent oder ein Oeko-Extremist? - https://web.archive.org/web/20210302230609/https:/325.nostate.net/2018/10/07/wer-ist- [censored] -ein-anwaltsassistent-oder-ein-oeko-extremist/

Let’s help pull back the curtain on the so-called “Eco-Extremist Mafia” and expose them a bit more with the aid of our contacts. Tracking and collecting information on our authoritarian, fascist, reactionary and irrationalist enemies is part of our activities as anarchists. This “Mafia” have said they have been hiding in the shadows for a long time, but possibly this one has been hiding in the broom cupboard with the envelopes, papers, pens and computers.

“Art Cabrera” is [censored]. Who is “Art Cabrera”? That is the editor of the eco-fascist journal Atassa, which is the English language mouth-piece of the Church of ITS Mexico, ‘Individualists Tending Toward the Wild’.

[censored], a piece of trash who is responsible for translating and spreading so-called ‘Eco-Extremism’ from the United States, is trying to advance his reactionary doctrine whilst living a completely fake and inauthentic double-life. We are happy to publish his real name, photo and workplace contact details to cause him problems, minor or major. Since [censored] has always been very glad to serve the Church of Eco-Extremism, instigated death threats against our anarchist comrades and is believing he is untouchable, we take great delight in doxxing him. This is the company he works for in his real life, not the fantasy one where he is the boss of the “Eco-Extremist Mafia” in America:

https://www. [censored]

Maybe some of the anti-fascist and anarchist comrades in America would like to contact his workplace and his wife to warn her that he is a dangerous member of the “Eco-Extremist Mafia”, all their contact details are to be found there.

[censored] is a paralegal in his day job. If he isn’t fully lying, his day job is supposed to be legal work for migrants, but he claims he voted for Trump. Considering the infusion of corporate espionage these days, it’s just as probable that a troll like [censored] might just as well be a corporate spy, as a deluded fantasist authoritarian. According to the workplace website of his real life, [censored] graduated from the University of California, Berkeley with a Bachelor’s Degree in Latin American Studies, and he works primarily in the area of employment-based immigration law. It also mentions that [censored] spent considerable time in both Mexico and Argentina, and is fluent in Spanish, which certainly fits the picture of a Berkeley University graduate who travelled abroad and thinks himself rather clever.

That this simple-looking, ugly, bald, fat-necked Catholic asshole has convinced quite a few supposedly radical ‘anarchists’ and ‘nihilists’ to join the Choir of the ITS is hilarious, more fool them. This is who Aragorn and LBC is willing to get into bed with just to irresponsibly try to stir shit up. [censored] is a fucking loser and should be used as target practice. Shot, stabbed, beaten, burned, whatever. Come to Europe, [censored], on a speaking tour and promote your book, let’s see what will happen to you. May there be some willing anarchists of praxis near-by who will put you out of your misery, you misanthropic waste.

And, as what most of us suspected to be true, the editor of Atassa is a Catholic, ex-Liberation Theologist, with a Marxist back-story. [censored]’s wife works for the same Legal firm, her name is [censored]. Apparently, neither [censored] nor [censored]’s kids know about his online eco-fascist “Mafia“ life at all. [censored] studied Biomedical Engineering in Texas A&M University and has a doctorate in Neurobiology from the University of [censored]. Are they not similar studies to those ITS targeted in Mexico?

Maybe [censored] wants his wife dead, raped or maimed too in his secret life.

[censored], maybe it’s time to tell your wife [censored] and your kids that you believe in rape culture, femicide, and indiscriminate terror in the name of your newest religious concept, Wild Nature. Or does [censored] already know you had a ‘Wild Nature’, a Janus? Is there something else that also is as two-faced and inauthentic in [censored]’s inner life that expresses itself in a life lived in deceit? Let’s find out.


Thank you to our source.

Primary Source Documents

ITS have claimed more fake attacks than real ones as part of their attempt at 'psychological warfare'. Also, references to cells and groups will often be one person who they know through a messenger app like Telegram.

‘Earth Liberation Front’ (2008-2011?)

Mexico Government and New School of Tech. Targeted with Butane Gas Bomb

Early this morning, September 21, our cell placed a bomb made of butane gas at the gates of the headquarters of Nueva Escuela Tecnológica [New School of Technology] in the municipality of Coacalco, Mexico State. The authorities in that municipality had previously implemented security systems that belong in the worst nightmares of Orwell. Security cameras, artificial eyes guarding their damned social peace, throughout the major avenues in Coacalco.

In the commercial area, the police presence is evident, state police and the mediocre municipal police pass through the streets and on Lopez Portillo Avenue. Guarding the centers of domination and domestication that are also protected by surveillance cameras and the idiot guardians of the imposed order. Facing this situation of high surveillance, it seemed impossible to strike, but rebellious creativity is greater than the highest degree of ‘security’ that the state implements.

The Coacalco commercial area had been previously visited by eco-anarchist cells who conducted significant strikes right in front of the police, who were flabbergasted by an arson, a butane explosion, graffiti and paint spilled in anthropocentric business.

Our action was censured both by the directors of the Nueva Escuela Tecnológica and the Mexico State authorities. They hid the damage that we caused and concealed the evidence of our presence at night. This is not unusual; it happened after the ‘celebrations’ of the ephemeral bicentennial celebration which were held in ‘total’ peace.

The Agencia de Seguridad Estatal [state security agency] as well as detectives from the Mexico City police department are aware of our actions and our presence; they know that we were there and that we detonated our explosive charge as the lackeys on patrol passed by unable to stop us.

We chose to attack the NET because it represents the new era of these centers of domestication called schools, where they learn things that are useless for a free life, but necessary for a life of slavery and alienation. They create beings that depend on technology in order to live in these concrete nests called cities, but more closely resemble large prisons. They train malleable minds to be used for entrepreneurship and to expand civilization over wild nature. We will not permit this.

Once again we say: not with their cameras, nor their police officers, nor with their investigators, nor their prisons, will they be able to stop us; we once again skinned the rotten bastards, godammit!

This action is dedicated to the Chilean anarchist prisoners, captured after the wave of repression in that country on August 14; we send much strength, from mexico we remember them in every direct action.

We did not want to wait until the 24th to show our solidarity. Support is not only for one day, it is in our everyday actions!

Direct solidarity for the eco prisoners Abraham López and Adrian Magdaleno, for the eco revolutionaries on hunger strike in Switzerland, for the animal liberation prisoner Walter Bond in the U.S., and the vegan warriors imprisoned in Italy!

Keep running Diego, you’re fucking awesome!

Frente de Liberación de la Tierra/México

ITS The First Go Round (2011-2014)

Message One (27 April 2011)

If you think that I am a pessimist, then you have not understood anything

Nanotechnology is one of the many branches of the Domination System. In recent years there has been significant progress in American countries like the United States, Canada, Brazil and also Mexico, where there has been an accumulation of domestic and foreign capital for the creation of nano-scale technology.

Nanotechnology is the furthest advancement that may yet exist in the history of anthropocentric progress. It consists in the total study, the scrutiny into the manipulation and domination of all the smallest elements, invisible to human eyes. With this humans have managed to control everything, absolutely everything, from changes in the climate to the smallest atomic molecule. Civilization, aside from threatening our freedom as Individuals, the freedom of the Animals and of the Earth, now passes its threat even to the scale of less than a micrometer.

National institutions and corporations that conduct rigorous studies and research for the commercial development of Nano-bio-science are varied; they range from the Instituto Mexicano del Petroleo (IMP) with the help of Pemex and CFE, the Universidad Nacional Autonoma de Mexico (UNAM), Universidad Autonoma Metropolitana (UAM), Universidad Iberoamericana, the Instituto Potosino de Investigación Científica y Tecnológica (among others) with its Environmental Nanotechnology University Project; Glaxo SmithKline, Unilever, Syngenta, among others.

This type of technology is growing, the branches that it has encompassed can scarcely be counted (medicine, military, cosmetology, petrochemistry, nuclear, electro-informatics) but these are just the beginnings of what it can encompass. Before this growing “evolution,” there have been many grandiloquencies made to Nanotechnology, technologists have declared that it will be good for the environment, that it will solve the problem of contamination by means of nanocatalysts to clean the water and the air, they claim that it will bring an end to many diseases that for now are incurable or only treatable, they declare that there will be new applications that can be given to petroleum by-products to create new sources of energy, they declare that food will be more nutritious and infused with antibodies to make people stronger and healthier, in short, an innumerable list of “wonders” has been thought up by those who persist in nanometrically developing another “superior way of life.” Their promises resemble those they said at the beginnings of the industrial revolution. They said that we would live better, that they would solve the problems that were facing humanity in those years. What was the reality? This synthetic, dull, concrete and metal world. What can we expect from the new scientists who repeat the same promises?

But the side that the scientists do not show is that for now nanotechnology has tortured millions of animals kidnapped directly from the wilderness in their laboratories to test their new products, experiments so aberrant that we cannot imagine them.

World powers are getting ready for biochemical and nuclear wars. To finish completely with their politico-diplomatic enemies they have made available new technology with the ability to become intelligent and cause irreparable damage to the human body and the environment. Nanoparticles travel at a very high speed inside the body, they can invade the bloodstream and penetrate organs like the heart, liver, brain, spleen and lungs where they destroy cell membranes, where they can spray toxic material and create a reaction much more agonizing and lethal than nuclear contamination. These manipulated particles can be inhaled by humans, plants and animals alike, which would cause an ecological imbalance of large-scale concern, breathing will cause illness or death, there will be new allergies, outbreaks and plagues all with a diagnosis impossible to decipher, drug companies will make their grand entrance (creating accidents as they have done before) for the “welfare” of humanity, until all the available money they can take with their business runs out, and it is like this that the puzzle of Civilization is completed, it is in this way that the cycle never ends. Tomorrow we will live in a world already sick in itself because of technological advancement and the expansion of Civilization.

The nanomotors are now one of the newer developments, with these it is intended to give nanocyborgs life at low levels of energy consumption. With this, robotics and nanotechnology together have put on the table the creation of artificial intelligence (which many thought would be just science fiction), machines will be producing machines, self-repairing and self-replicating without a hitch. Total domination will have reached its peak when human clones are created, when they design through nanotechnology the totally manipulated model, without any Wild impulse or instinct, molded by repetition of daily submission, they will create this and more but the consequences will be high. The looming threat of an explosion of manufactured nanoparticle pollution blown into the air, water and land is very real if this technology continues. Chemical reactions will be serious tomorrow and the nanocatastrophe will be a daily reminder to humanity of what has been lost by trying to be more civilized and modern.

Undoubtedly, Civilization (a human invention) has taken over all aspects of non-life, has created this and more to the point that computerized biochemical weapons with intelligence-devices are already tested in the Middle East conflict, with an excellent pretext to seize the black gold (oil) from Arab nations.

Day by day, we see the eyes terrorized by the irresponsible attitude of humanity toward the wilderness, we realize that we live in a technological nightmare, birth-consumption-death is the torturous cycle within the cities, the last reserves of wild environment are converted into “protected ecological zones” and the destruction advances moment by moment, this can be seen in oil spills in the Amazon in South America and the Gulf of Mexico, in the radioactive water in the Sea of Japan, the devastation of entire forests in Russia, the super-exploitation of minerals in Africa, the large-scale production of cars in Europe, the extinction of thousands of animals per year, the construction of super-highways, subways and residential complexes through rough woodland, technological progress is bringing an end to the world in which we subsist for now, which is always decaying.

In Mexico, as mentioned, nanoscale technology continues to grow, the government of the Mexican State wants to keep abreast of progress and modernity (also by the morbid and mediocre goal of reaching the national presidency) and therefore has built the Universidad Politécnica del Valle de Mexico, where the Nanotechnology degree is one of several courses complicit in technological development. The reasons to attack all types of growth in nanoscience are quite strong and therefore we have sent a parcel bomb to that institution on April 14th of this year, specifically to the head of the Engineering Division in Nanotechnology, Prof. Oscar Alberto Camacho Olguin. We have no hesitation in attacking those people who are key to the climax that technology wants to achieve. We prefer to see them dead or mutilated rather than continuing to contribute with their scientific knowledge to all this shit, to continue feeding the Domination System.

We do not see through the lens of “humanity,” (that huge and twisted mass of the disposed swarming every which way), we see through Wild Nature, and reason has led us to radical action, to make it clear, we will not shake their hands but will attack with all our means this imposed reality and those who support and defend it.

With this action we conducted, we have not struck powerfully at the Megamachine and we are aware that with this we have not changed anything (maybe the state or federal police now protect the University community, maybe nanotechnologists will realize that we see them as enemies, perhaps the State of Mexico will begin more in-depth investigations, but nothing more), and we say this because we know that all the efforts we make against the Techno-Industrial System are useless, we have seen the immensity of this great mass of metal and concrete, and we realized that all we ever do at one time or another will not stop progress and less so if there are still false-radicals and leftist struggles that aim at the destruction of a target, but have not yet noticed, have not viewed beyond, that all this does not do anything; some think that this is pessimistic, think that we have fallen into defeatism — but no, if we had fallen into these traps of civilization would not be making explosives for technology staff — we say this rather because it is the reality and the reality we know that hurts. What is needed to hit hard (within a Unabomberist idea) at the System? To put nano-bio-technology, telecommunication industry, electricity, computers, oil in our sights? And if we beat them unanimously with others in different countries, all that, what would happen? Would we deter anything? Civilization is collapsing and a new world will be born, through the efforts of anti-civilization warriors? Please! Let us see the truth, plant our feet on the ground and let leftism and illusions fly from our minds. The revolution has never existed, nor have revolutionaries; those who view themselves as “potential revolutionaries” and seek a “radical anti-technology shift” are truly being idealistic and irrational because none of that exists, in this dying world only Individual Autonomy exists and it is for this that we fight. And although all this is useless and futile, we prefer to be defeated in a war against total domination than to remain inert, waiting, passive, or as part of all this. We prefer to position ourselves on the side of Wild Fauna and Flora that remain. We prefer to return to nature, respect her absolutely, and abandon the cities to maintain our claims as Anti-civilization Warriors. We prefer to continue the War that we have declared years ago, knowing that we will lose, but promising ourselves that we will give our greatest effort.

Because although some elements within Civilization tell us that we have been domesticated for years biologically, we nevertheless continue to have Wild Instincts that we hurl in defense of the whole of which we are a part — the Earth.

This does not end here…

Total support with the Anti-civilization prisoners in Mexico, with the Chilean comrades and with the furious Italians and Swiss.

…I have lived my life without ever giving up and I enter into the shadows without complaints nor regrets…

- Individualidades Tendiendo a lo Salvaje (Individualists Tending Toward Savagery)

Message Two (22 May 2011)

On May 25, 1978 a package bomb is left in the campus of Northwestern University in Illinois; a security guard opens it and is wounded. This was the first attempt of the Freedom Club against direct persons who contributed to technological development with their consciousness in this epoch.

By means of various newspaper reports, we have learned that our first explosive, which was directed to the head of the Division of Nanotechnology Engineering at UPVM in the month of April functioned but did not reach its initial objective. A curious individual who works for the university opened it, causing him to be wounded in the face and leaving his right eye seriously injured. The press has said that a curious person moved the package with a stick and it exploded, which is completely false, since the package was (obviously as the press said) inside a black bag, wrapped in white paper with various warnings and security stamps, so it was practically impossible that with a mere movement the electrical system would active. Faced with this occasion we want to declare that we do not have any kind of remorse, our objective was precisely for the security guards to take the package to the addressed professor, but due to the policing impulses of this person, and due to his inspecting the package, this person took the wounds that were for the head of the aforementioned division. We will see if the professor Camacho can carry in his conscience that an “innocent” was wounded in an attempt that was intended for him. Without a doubt, curiosity killed the human.

“This is not a joke: last month we made an attempt on the life of Oscar Camacho, today against the institution, tomorrow who knows? Fire to nano-technological development along with those who sustain it!!” – That was the message that we left written on a small sheet of paper with the explosive device left in the campus of the Polytechnic University of the Valle de Mexico on May 9th, the very day of the start of the new semester. This time the device detonated not by means of a timer system nor by ignition, but manually. The device appeared inoffensive from the outside (according to the police who know already), but inside was composed of a galvanized nipple tightly packed with black powder, various cables and a square battery. The device was activated upon turning the lid of the tin bottle (which only served as a container) since the negative and positive cables of the electrical circuit touched, producing a spark. The same day we sent various e-mails to IT directors (who are constantly on the computer and likewise their e-mail) and secretaries of the university, indicating the exact place where the black bag that contained the homemade bomb could be found, with this action we intended to cause physical harm to some police officers, who would come and try to open the container, leaving the university marked with two attacks; we wanted to make it clear that as we have said before, our hands do not tremble at carrying out our action, against the branches of the System of Domination and against those who sustain and protect it. However, it seems that with every passing day the system absorbs every trace of the free ecosystems that remain, a very clear example being the forest fires in the north of the country: enormous, majestic and almost virgin forests in which a great variety of flora and fauna develop without any direct human impediment have been reduced to ashes, greenhouse gases have made the land heat up to abnormal levels, which generate droughts and fires, like those that swept more than 200,000 acres in the Coahuila forest alone, animals such as whitetail deer, various birds such as eagles, hawks and wild turkeys, rabbits, wild cats, wild boar, black bears, cougars and other species were also affected in their environment, which causes these to migrate to other territories and cause ecological imbalance. These fires have spread over part of Zacatecas, San Luis Potosi, Quintana Roo, Veracruz, Oaxaca, Yucatan, and all this caused by the consumption of the sedentary masses (over-population) and the large-scale production of materials “necessary” for civilized life. We are condemning ourselves to our own extermination, if a person is dying in this moment in whatever part of the world, at the same time, hundreds of new beings are being born to extend this complex system of devastation and thus upset the balance of biodiversity.

The Earth feels the repercussions of this, another example was the earthquake in Spain, which left several dead and wounded, cities as fragile as Murcia will soon fall into pieces with any minor 6-point aftershock, leaving a devastating climate, but nothing, nothing comparable with what we have done to this world. In the United States the floods in Mississippi cover everything in their path, something never before seen in that part of the globe, even the specialists could not prevent this “environmental catastrophe” so called by the mindless fools who do not realize that we and only we are the ones responsible for all our (coming) misfortunes and thus, the polar glaciers melt imminently, global warming is becoming ever more aggressive, wild environments are occupied for urbanization displacing animal species into extinction or to occupy environments alien from their own or to live a stay-at-home-domesticated life, the cities expand without caring what they cut down, dig out, or destroy, the petroleum industries tunnel hundreds of kilometers under sea level and and impose their platforms, extracting the Earth and irreparably damaging the marine environment; birds fall from the sky and cover highways on the outskirts of the cities, likewise the hundreds of dead fish that cover the coasts of the sea, tomorrow the only green zones will be those protected by the State and industries in order to maintain their abject lie of “ecologically-responsible businesses,” soon there will not be (semi) wild environments; these will be consumed by progress. And in spite of all this we have not learned the lesson, we continue supporting the torturous hedonist path that civilization has taken towards total domestication, daily more new technology, more consumption, more ecological devastation, more animal species that only remain as references in science books, more people with gas masks and face masks walking in the streets and public transport, more machines constructing enormous skyscrapers and skybridges, metal and concrete, more biocidal projects on their way to construction (e.g. high-velocity trains in France and Spain, the HidroAysén project in Chile, etc.), more alienation toward this non-life, more children developing artificially, more nuclear missiles with nano-bacteriological cargo falling from the sky, more war that only causes damage and perverts the fragile natural cycle, and with all this comes nanotechnology, its use to subjugate everything that is not plainly visible is a reminder that the civilized human will not stop until having achieved the unthinkable. In Mexico alone, before 2009 the teaching of nano-science would only be imparted in a few private universities, now its field spans the public universities, and it is attractive to all the moldable minds that dream of a comfortable life of money that falls to them from the sky being specialists or key components in nano-progress. We have read in the newspapers and seen in the news this year that, according to UPVM’s reports the educational offering in the degree of Nanotechnology Engineering is widening. Such that, as one can see, more imbeciles who are fascinated with technological development are counted by the hundreds in various universities in this very moment, hundreds who go into this kind of degree in order to become like human machines for protecting and widening Techno-industrial progress. Hundreds who we know due to socio-economic possibilities (as is traditional in Mexico) will abandon those studies [1], but the minimal part who finish their degree will be the vanguard in nanoscience — and that, that is what we are putting in our sights. Nanotechnology is going to gain territory with this, not to put aside the wide economic support that it is receiving from the State and public industries, private industries (complicit in the same way in the System of Domination) and federal institutions such as CONACYT (National Counsel of Science and Technology), which has various branches and centers of investigation (biotechnology, nanotechnology, infrastructure, urbanization, among others) for the increase of the domination of the Earth and is the central responsible for elaborating the politics that allow the modification of the downed natural equilibrium. To tell the truth, UPVM within its dozen personnel has three professors who are accredited as members of the National System of Researchers and another three in the Conacyt Register of Accredited Evaluators, which are branches of the federal institution.

Throughout last year and for part of this one, the UPVM has signed agreements with General Electric, Ford Motors, and the business associations of Tlalnepantla and Tultitlan, thus making visible the vampiric circle of collaborators who drive the domination and destruction of everything potentially free.

And we, what can we do in the face of the devastation that the Earth suffers by the techno-industrial system? Nothing, it does not depend on us. Then are we going to remain immobile before all this? Never!

We make a clarification here: Perhaps it is time for the university authorities and police to put themselves to analyzing things very well, we have much information with respect to the attacked university. Do they think we don’t know there are a little over 70 students within the Nanotechnology course within the classrooms? (This number does not compare with the students of the other courses, who number more than 150.) We know about the other distinguished figures, the responsible professors, so it would be best for them to walk carefully within and outside of the university, that they take warning of every suspicious shape in rooms, buildings, parking areas and campus, because one of these days we are going to make them pay for everything that they want to do to the Earth with these kinds of nano-scale technologies. We will repeat, this is not a joke and we have made that quite clear.

One more time: Direct and total support with the anti-civilization prisoners of Mexico, with those eco-anarchists of Switzerland, to the affinities in Argentina, Spain, Italy, Chile and Russia. Remembering the savage individualist Mauricio Morales.

the majority of people move because they are ordered to do so, there is no will in their actions, they are all robots of flesh. The remainder live, sleep and die, nevertheless there are still some who dream and who laugh.

Taking advantage of this virtual space in which we disseminate our ideas/actions [2], we want to push a constant truly radical critique, it becomes important for us to analyze to the source some questions that are in the air and even can be or are in the habit of being untouchable for many. For some certain time there have been a quantity of groups of action and/or propaganda with ideas against Civilization and technology. Of these groups, one can detach various branches — there are those who believe that with actions of sabotage we can end the Techno-industrial System, others equally illusioned believe that when Civilization falls everything will be rosy and a new world will flourish without social inequality, hunger, repression, etc, etc, etc. Others tend to educate the masses so that they and their children will be more careful with nature. Others romanticize Wild Nature (calling it mother, home, etc) without realizing that to live in a wild environment is really hard and violent. Others still think that the collapse of Civilization has to be the work of “revolutionaries” and critique everything that is for them “deviant” and “pseudo-revolutionary” within their conceptions.

We do not mention ourselves within these branches because our ideas are far from the approaches put out. What we try to cover here are the old leftist terms that they continue to use even in some anti-civilization and anti-technology circles (which precisely critique leftism) at the international level and which must urgently be abandoned in order to give way to a radical critique and to go beyond in our positionings against the Mega-machine.

One of the first concepts is that of “revolution,” this concept so used by all the anti-civilization persons and primitivists who say they are the ones who have the absolute truth in their hands. The Unabomber, now known as Ted Kaczynski, started to use the term in various texts that (now) circulate in the Spanish language. In one of those he mentions an anti-technological “revolution” far from the values of the system, but isn’t the term “revolution” part of the values of the same system? We remember that all the revolts that ended in popular uprisings and later in “revolutions” throughout history have ended in domination. They have only reformed the system making it stronger, even though often having certain aspects antagonistic with the strategies of the prevailing market, it was and is the case with the socialist countries that although their financial structure was supported on an (according) economic-political-social-cultural basis different than that of the capitalist countries, they continued and continue being part of the system. Here we are not supporting what Kaczysnki said at one time [3] when he made the example of the so-called French or Russian “revolution,” in order to give space to the context which, according to his and many others’ belief, will give way to a supposed “anti-technology revolution.” Basing ourselves once again in Ted’s explanations, he has said in his other texts that now many people are questioning the use of technology, that that they are thinking seriously about abandoning it. We remember that Kaczynski is in a maximum security prison, isolated from the world that surrounds him since 1996; surely if he left the prison in this very moment, he would realize that everything is worse (much worse) than when he saw it last century, he would realize how much science and technology have advanced and how much they have devastated and perverted. He would realize that now people are alienated more with the use of technology and that they have even put it on an alter as their deity, their sustenance, their own life. As such, the concept of “revolution” is completely antiquated, sterile and outdated with the anti-civilization ideas that one would want to express. A word that itself has been used by different groups and individuals in history in order to arrive at power, in order to once again dominate and be the center of the universe. A word that has served as the longed-for dream for all the leftists who have faith that some day it will come to liberate them from their chains. Psychologically, in order to compensate their efforts with the “glorious day in which the revolution triumphs.” “Revolution” tends toward new arrangements, insurrection leads us to not let ourselves be arranged, but to organize ourselves and does not set its hopes on future arrangements — words of Max Stirner [4]. The meaning of “revolution” has always been the violent change of the economic, political and social structures of whatever system, a change that would be reached (we repeat) violently, a change for which men and women struggle (in mass society) for a determined time even years, the struggle that liberated them is in order to obtain “something better” than what the old regime has given them, and in order that after the “revolution” has ended they work to obtain what they longed for, in order to satisfy that ideal for which they sacrificed and even gave their lives.

These are the steps that for centuries the old “revolutionaries” have repeated, but now, we place in our minds a supposed anti-technology “revolution,” it is said that the collapse of Civilization will be the work of the “revolutionaries” themselves (a phrase with much similarity what the socialists and other sorts employ: “’the revolution’ will be the work of the people itself”). But how do they know this? How do they propose such a thing when now the system is inventing new forms to self-repair automatically within the hand of the human being? They also say that education should be an important point, the work for which that we should occupy ourselves with, those of us who have these kinds of ideas, but educate who? We would be falling into an error to make a case of what Kaczynski said, “educating” the people that technology will bring us to our destruction — that is obvious, no doubt, but to “educate” the people, the masses, a society that lives for the new video game and virtual music on their music players, their automobiles that they park alone and their portable computers, their cellular telephones with new and improved modalities and their social networks? We do not see possible a change of structures at a major scale without the masses, therefore neither do we see possible a whole sea of people sick of the consequences of a western life, of sedentarism and the advance of the Techno-industrial System destroying it violently, we do not believe it possible. They also say that a change of values must come from an education taught from now on; Kaczynski has based his ideas on the French “Revolution” in order to make the example of that during the Renaissance many values began to flourish in Europe in many people’s minds and just then the uprising in France arose. On plain sight the approach is acceptable, but at the bottom we can see that it has expired, the same conditions no longer exist, technological advance and alienation born from this are significant and have devastated in modernity any desire of liberating oneself from what keeps us tied. Moreover, to compare the ancient Russian and French “revolutions” with the fictitious anti-technology “revolution” is a serious error because these have tremendous, clearly marked antagonisms, also because we suppose that the “revolution” that Kaczynski proposes is radically different from any other, either one renames this concept (for those who believe in radical change by the “revolutionaries”) or we accept the reality that the “revolution” never existed nor will it ever exist. If a socialist “revolution” (situated in Mexico) has not been able to be seen, much less an anarchist “revolution” and even less an anti-technology one. This critique, precisely, in time and space, is for those who believe that the collapse of Civilization will be the work of the “revolutionaries.” Then, if they believe in a “revolution” should there automatically exist a possible anti-technology utopia?

A world without domestication, with a system stopped by the work of the “revolutionaries,” with Wild Nature born from the ashes of the old technological regime and the human species (what remains) returned to the wild, is completely illusory and dreamy. Even if by a coordinated action of sabotage by the “revolutionaries” (for example, the spreading of a fatal virus that would do away with half or a little more of the global population) the system would collapse, domestication would keep existing, the Techno-industrial System would remain latent although with very few people who would sustain it (if this is a future in which it is not self-sustaining by itself). Nature would flourish there is no doubt of that (within this example), but the thousands of survivors who are used to the comfort and artificial happiness of the old system would try to raise and reconstruct it [5]. But that is another topic.

By putting names on the war against civilization like those of “revolution,” “revolutionaries,” “pseudo-revolutionaries,” we are falling in the same thing that the Marxists preach when they brand some as counterrevolutionaries, furthermore we would be falling into a religious dogmatism like the leftists’ schemas.

In which the god is Wild Nature, the messiah is Ted Kaczynski, the bible is the Unabomber manifesto, the apostles are Zerzan, Feral Faun, Jesús Sepúlveda, and others, the longed-for paradise is the collapse of Civilization, the enlightened or the preachers are the “revolutionaries,” maintained by the faith which would be the blind confidence they have that someday the “revolution” will come, the disciples would be the “potential revolutionaries,” the crusades and missions would be carrying the word to the circles of people involved in green or anarchist struggles (where they would find the “potential revolutionaries”) and the atheists or sects are those who do not believe in their dogmas nor accept their ideas as being coherent with reality.

This is what they have fallen into, and what anti-civilization ideas can fall into, except that we began to analyze not only all that surrounds us (as we have done before) but also what is in our heads as well, a self-critique and a revalorization become indispensable in the face of the changes that the System of Domination presents.

The second concept, which is not only a concept but is a strategy, is that of the “new urban guerrilla,” this not right now within anti-civilization ideas, it is something a bit more general in the sphere of sabotage and direct action. Many groups have been seen to claim responsibility with these words, the term if we remember correctly began to be used with the most importance by the group of the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire in Greece a few years ago. The central argument of this concept resides in that the strategy continues to be that of an urban guerrilla but with new forms. That is to say, the actions continue to be the same, robberies for financing, falsification of documents, bombings with sophisticated explosives or lacking these with a large quantity of explosives, armaments, munitions, transport, safe houses and the rest. But what was considered as “new” was that it does not have leaders nor commands, the cells enjoy total autonomy in the attack, seeing their members as individuals and not as militiamen or subordinates of the general command or of the central nucleus. Even so, and although they say that there is a “new urban guerrilla,” they committed the same errors as the old urban guerrilla, we do not think to understand a judgement like the RAF guerrillas had in the 70s, repeating again but in the 2000s with the members of the CCF. It would not take us by surprise if some other group from whatever part of the world that will name itself as “new urban guerrilla” will fall in the hands of the State-capital for basing itself on these kinds of experiments that have only left prisoners. The best option to slip away from the system continues to be informal organization, meeting as individuals in affinity or alone, betting on insurrectionalist immediatism and the quality of sabotage, rejecting formal organization and indiscriminate recruiting.

The third aspect that we want to cover is the obscene handling that has been given to the name of Mauricio Morales lately, although clearly we never knew him, we have read what he left expressed with paper and ink; we find a very strong and sharp affinity with what he expressed and with what he did, if we did not feel it we would not even name him. Why? Because we are not participants in indiscriminate solidarity, we vindicate only our own, nothing more. Today marks two years from the death of an individualist who tended toward the wild, but it appears that many are the leftists who remember him as a “social fighter,” a “politically correct” person, all to the contrary of what he thought, deviating from what he truly was. Not only we say this, those who knew him to the bottom and who were with him will verify this, the Limited Group of Savage Individuals (as his compas signed) [6] showed their anger shortly after Mauricio had died. It is painful that his name has been converted into a slogan and that his name is simply attached to another text on the anniversary of his death. But although his name and his acts are almost completely deformed, there are some affinities who understand the real value that his words and actions had.

— Individualidades tendiendo a lo salvaje (Individualists Tending toward the Wild)

Message Three (9 August 2011)

The continual advancement of technology will worsen the situation. The more the system grows, the more disastrous will be the consequences of its failure.

Revenue directly attributable to nanotechnology has been growing at levels of 42% between 2006 and 2011, and by the end of 2011 is estimated to generate revenues of more than US$19 billion [7].

This is only one fact that demonstrates that they are prostrating themselves to the gaze of the devastating nanotechnological progress with more emphasis on Mexico.

As has been mentioned before, [8] [9] this country positions itself together with Brazil as one of the two most viable options for investing in nanoscience within Latin America. For this, they have put in the university engineering classes and courses whose end is the professional preparation of moldable minds that not only want to acquire a paper to accredit their studies, but also truly desire to contribute with their scientific studies to the development and rise of nanobiotechnology, to acquire what the system wants: The total Domination of all that is potentially free.

But let’s stop a little and think, What are the true motives that lead scientists to get involved in this new technological nanorevolution [10]?

Many of the scientists will say it has been to “help humanity.” But deeper within these simplistic excuses are hidden psychological needs that are called surrogate activities. Surrogate activities [11] refer to all those acts or tasks that aim to reach an artificial end and not a real one.

The scientists say that they create carbon nanotubes, for example, to make life more comfortable for humanity, but the true reason that most of them [12] do this is because they feel a strong emotional commitment to the branch in which they develop; that is, they do not do it so humanity lives “better” as they have always claimed, but rather for a vague personal and psychological realization, so that, with this, we arrive at a swift and irrefutable conclusion, most scientists base their research on their twisted psychological needs, on their surrogate activities.

Continuing with the theme, in Mexico there are 650 nanotechnologists and the figure rises [13], in addition to the the growing interest of young people to go into that area. Several factors (which we have explained in the above paragraph and in footnote f) drive more “new” minds to have the commitment to sustain this type of technology while today the fatal and desolate outcome that it will have in the future has not been publicly discerned.

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry Harold Kroto said that “The Governments of Europe and the United States devote large sums of money to nanotechnology to investigate, for example, how to make their planes invisible,” and, “If we could go back to 1910, we could avoid having researched chemistry in the twentieth century and could have avoided napalm or the atomic bomb” [14].

Here, Harold knows and clearly states that an environmental or human catastrophe will be presenting itself, as happened in the 1900′s after having researched chemistry.

And who knows what failures nanometric technology will have when it covers every corner of this artificialized life?

Some scientists have already realized the catastrophic consequences that could result from the aberrant fusion of nanotechnology, artificial intelligence, molecular electronics and robotics.

The ever-increasingly acceleration of Technology will lead to the creation of nanocyborgs that can self-replicate automatically without human intervention; this is obviously a worrying fact for these scientists who for years have given their entire life to the creation of human self-destruction.

One such scientist is the American Eric Drexler, one of the best molecular engineers in his country and promoter of nanotechnology in the international world.

He has mentioned, highly shaken, the possible spread of a gray plague (gray goo in English) [15] caused by billions of nanoparticles self-replicating themselves voluntarily and uncontrollably throughout the world, destroying the biosphere and completely eliminating all animal, plant, and human life on this planet. The conclusion of technological advancement will be pathetic, Earth and all those on it will have become a large gray mass, where intelligent nanomachines reign.

This realistic scenario was not invented by we who are opposed to technological progress, surprisingly, it has been raised by one of the best scientists in the history of the United States.

Let’s read from his own words:

“… [Nano] self-assembly based on early replicators (…) may out-compete plants, filling the biosphere inedible foliage. Omnivorous resistant [nano] “bacteria” could compete with the real bacteria: They could spread like blowing pollen, replicate swiftly, and reduce the biosphere to dust in a matter of days … ”

“… [Thus] the first [nano] replicator assembles a copy of itself in a thousand seconds, then both [nano] replicators assemble two more in the next thousand seconds (…) After ten hours, there are not 36 new [nano] replicators but more than 68,000 million. In less than a day, they would weigh a ton; in less than two days, they would exceed the weight of the Earth; in another four hours, would exceed the combined mass of the Sun and all the planets…” [16].

Another one of the scientists who has realized that he is an engineer of the destruction of Wild Nature (including human) promoting the Technology boom, is the computer scientist Bill Joy. He has said:

“…robotics, genetic engineering and nanotechnologies pose a different threat than previous technologies.

“Specifically, robots, genetically modified organisms and ‘nanorobots’ have in common a multiplicative factor: they can reproduce themselves. A bomb explodes only once; a robot, on the other hand, can proliferate and quickly escape all control…

“To end swallowed in a gray and viscous mass would be without a doubt a depressing end for our adventure on earth, much worse than simple fire or ice. Also, it could happen after a simple ‘oops!’ laboratory incident…” [17].

Intelligent readers will ask themselves, How is it that a scientist has realized what he is producing with his knowledge within the Technological-Industrial System to such a degree? What was it that drove him to thoroughly analyze these types of questions, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems and co-creator of Java and the JINI protocol?

The answer he himself has written:

“Theodore Kaczynski, alias Unabomber: In seventeen years of his terrorist campaign, his bombs killed three people and injured many others. One of the seriously injured was my friend David Gelenter, one of the brightest computer researchers of our time, a true visionary. Moreover, like many of my colleagues, I felt I could be the next victim.

Kaczynski’s actions are criminal and, in my eyes, the mark of a murderous madness. We are clearly in the presence of a “Luddite” [18]. However, this simple observation does not invalidate his argument. I find it hard, but I must admit, his reasoning is worthy of attention. ”

Whatever else may be said, Kaczynski, Unabomber, Freedom Club (or whatever you want to call it) is has Reason.

To continue, what Bill proposed to avoid (according to him) the planetary destruction and the extinction of human and animal species by techno-advance is “…to renounce them, restricting research in the technological domains that are too dangerous, putting limits on our research of certain knowledge.” But what is not analyzed is that Technology never stops, always tending toward the Domination on greater and smaller scales.

Perhaps there are some scientists who believe that continuation in the study of nanotechnology would be an immoral error, and therefore leave their work and academic positions, but there will be others continuing as couriers of civilized progress who do not stop for, nor at, anything.

Nanotechnology focuses on and situates itself in strategic areas for the continuation of Domination, which is why universities create and design nanomaterials and investigate nanosystems (nanobiotechnology). But all this not only has a medicinal goal or one of genomic modification, but one of its strong motives is to use this type of nanoknowledge, initially in the field of war. Hence, millions of sums of money are invested for those to take one step further into the nanomilitary field.

The creation of nanorobots or nanocyborgs is the order of the day. Not only to destroy their enemies–programmed so that when they are within the body of a human (or nonhuman) opponent they program and self-destruct within the brain (or any other organ)–but to prevent attacks with biological, explosive, chemical, nuclear and radioactive weapons, and also so that military equipment would be much lighter, and of course other reasons as well.

Many scientists are still working by trial and error, just morbidly awaiting the effects that millions of nanoparticles ingested aerobically could have for humanity, and also on the environment in which we intend to develop.

Genes and particles do not work in isolation but depend on and interact within an extremely complex system that is the result of millions of years of evolution.

To alter it and change it at the whim of Technology alone would bring new problems and the self-perpetuation of the system.

Companies such as those that have Mexican state in the hand of foreign investment are the ones who drive the domestication of Wild Human Nature and who push forward the destruction of Wild Nature as such, submissively obeying the sick idea of progress of Civilization.

Government institutions like CONACYT (National Council of Science and Technology) and SNI (National System of Researchers) are for now the two most important federal institutions with regard to the evolution of Technology in Mexico, their accreditors have been for a long time conducting lines of research agenda within university classrooms and pushing them on all, the techno-industrial non-life that they are pushing on us.

One of the major universities that has staked everything on the development of nanotechnology (and others) in this country is the Technological Institute of Higher Studies of Monterrey, colloquially known as Monterrey Tec.

Within its teaching staff is an incredible gamut of sick scientists who contributed to this breakthrough that Technology wants to achieve; as an example we have one Laura Palomares, an engineer in Biochemistry for this private university campus, she was honored in 2009 with an award from the Mexican Academy of Sciences for the development of nanomaterials based on virus proteins and metallic particles [19], that is, by means of Bionanotechnology, Palomares created artificial viruses that can fight diseases such as bovine rotavirus.

It has been said that this nanovaccine is one hundred percent safe, but of how many drugs have they not said the same thing and later it is proven that more sicknesses are created by reactions of these substances?

A vaccine injected into the human body that can instantly heal a broken for example (of course, this by means of modified particles), sounds very well, but what is it that will linger after they generate certain reactions in the organism (or perhaps the environment) for these new artificial viruses whose whole complex nanoscale structure can hardly be comprehended?

We make a parentheses here: many might say that Technology has helped medicine be more effective, and they dub us as inhumans for saying that we firmly oppose a vaccine that cures diabetes (for example), but there is falling in one of the many pitfalls of the system.

The Techno-industrial System has always led one to believe that they invent this kind of cure for mankind to live better by being effective and fast in the health field, but what many do not realize is that the system does this so that people are much more dependent on it, for everyone to be healthy [20] and continue greasing the screws of the Megamachine, to continue working, producing and consuming, in short, for the System of Domination to continue to stand.

And so, as the most ingenious trick of the system [21] is solidified, reaping (even more) the vision of those who cower against those who radically reject Technology [22].

The use of modified viruses is not new in nanotechnology, scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) together with others at Harvard have created cells that provide solar energy based on of the photosynthesis process of plants. Remember that for this process to be accomplished, several factors are needed such as the use of water, carbon dioxide and sunlight. With this, scientists have achieved through nanotechnology the separation of oxygen from water to produce hydrogen, and this in turn to be stored for later use to produce energy, modifying their genes by means of a virus so that they absorb it and generate the production of solar cells.

This is the dream of total-technology, but, in the end, the Reality.

But what’s wrong with creating solar energy through modified nanoparticles? some will say. ITS answer: When these modified viruses affect the way we develop as the result of a nanobacteriological war, by some laboratory error, or by the explosion of nanocontamination that compromises the air, food, transportation, water, in short, the entire world, then they will realize, all those who defend nanotechnology and cannot find an apparent threat, that it was a grave mistake to leave it to grow at their leisure.

Like this conscienceless researcher (Laura Palomares) are also others within Monterrey Tec.

We will mention some more:

  • Dr. Serguei Kanaoun of SNI with his project of composite material mechanics (nanotubes).

  • Dr. Alex Elías Zúñiga with his project of nanomaterials for medical devices.

  • Dr. Marcelo Fernando Videa Vargas with his chair in Synthesis of nanostructured materials.

  • Dr. Joaquín Esteban Oseguera Peña with his thermochemical Treatments assisted by plasma, etcétera, etcétera.

The degrees that this private and nationally prestigious university imparts and that undoubtedly are directly complicit in the destruction, manipulation and domestication of the Earth, are the following:

  • Biotechnology-nanotechnology engineering.

  • Mechatronics engineering.

  • Industrial physics engineering.

  • Electrical mechanical engineering.

  • Digital systems and robotics engineering.

  • Electronic technology engineering.

  • Master in Computer Science.

  • Engineering in information and communications technologies.

Among the projects at the mentioned university campus are the Center for Business Development and Transference of Technology, CEDETEC, which is part of a futuristic philosophy called Mission 2015, which is committed to developing research and technology relevant to nanobioindustrial progress for the country in different areas.

In order to accomplish this, the university authorities have created the Congress of Research and Development, which offers work for the alumni and professors of Tec in areas prioritized for this technological invasion, such as Biotechnology and Food, Mechatronics, Nanotechnology, Information and Communications Technology, Sustainable Development, Entrepreneurship, Social Development and Education, among others.

CEDETEC is a place where the efforts of companies, the State, and the university merge, and which aims to promote job creation, attraction of capital, and growth of technology companies and to increase value for the academy.

Tec belongs to another project, promoter of the nightmare technology, called Cluster. [23]

Cluster, which is located in Nuevo León, aims to develop human capital, financing and implementation of new business projects involving applications of nanotechnology. [24]

Among its partners are Cemex (Cementos Mexicanos), the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Sigma (a leading company in the production and distribution of animal products), CIQA (a major company specializing in the development of new materials), Viakable (strategic company serving major markets at the international level), VAGO Industries (company using carbon nanotubes made by Tec), Arizona State University (with its Arizona Institute for Nano Electrics), Nemak (global company in production of aluminum-technological components for the automotive industry), I2T2 (Institute for Innovation and Technological Transference), Whirlpool, Cimav (Conacyt Center for Research of Advanced Materials) and many others.

All of these institutions, universities and anexes, are still within a much more massive project. We are speaking of PIIT (Technological Research and Innovation Park) located in Apodaca, where a major part of the industrial zone of Monterrey is concentrated.

According to their data: PIIT facilities cover 70 hectares, where the projects of 11 research centers in seven universities converge: the Autonomous University of Nuevo León, Technological Institute of Higher Studies in Monterrey, the Autonomous National University of Mexico, University of Arizona, University of Monterrey, Texas A&M and the University of Texas. At the Park there converge centers of research, development and technology of private companies such as Motorola, Pepsico, Sigma Foods, Viakable, Qualita, Prolec-GE, Cydsa, Metalsa, Furniture Manufacturers Association, Association of Plastic and MTY IT ClusterLania [25].

As could be read above, Monterrey Tec is not only focused on the area of nano technology, but also has its sights on informatics.

That entire world behind the computer that are creating monstrous global corporations, is obviously another of the gears of the System of Domination.

Every day we realize that human beings are moving away more dangerously from their natural instincts, that they are immersed in a false reality constructed by social networks and the obsessive idea of online updating in virtual spaces.

We live in the digital age, the system is always in constant dynamism and not only have that everyone alienated themselves through television or the vices that civilized life contracts, but also, a giant computer network has been made for the daily superproduction of more automatons who serve it blindly to maintain the prevailing order.

The American neuroscientist Gary Small [26] has said that excessive Internet use causes damage to brain functioning, in addition to altering neuronal stimuli that causes people to reduce their ability to strike up a conversation face to face.

This means that information technology in large quantities is isolating the individual and he or she is becoming a humanoid who prefers to entire spend hours or days at a computer rather than live with his small circle of lovers and/or friends.

In addition this, the daily and/or excessive use of computers and internet causes to diminish the natural capacity we have to capture details in a direct exchange of words with others, for small or developing children, the consequences could be highly dangerous if this way of life of addiction to the computer continues, they could develop attention deficit hyperactivity disorder in an extreme form.

The lifestyle in which certain individuals develop within techno-industrial society does not help at all, but rather pushing them to live in a state of crisis, change and necessary integration into the technological medium, this medium being the social networks.

While more “friends” or visits taken into this Big Brother trap make them feel totally realized, they want to acquire more new contacts and continue contributing to consumerism, and thus, the destruction of Wild Nature (including that of humans).

But Gary Small has not mentioned the consequences of the use of computers to alert people, he has not said this to disapprove of Technology, he has said it so that such problems are resolved in order to achieve science fiction.

Gary and other scientists are already, by means of lasers, stimulating and monitoring neural circuits so that, in the future, many brain functions can be manipulated by means of a remote control. As if this were not enough, they are designing, even now, small implants in the head of a human being that they will be connecting to computers so that the machines understand better than medicine the complexity of the brain [27].

Continuing the theme of information technology, the famous social networks–especially Facebook–have become the center of attention of techno-industrial society, for in this the system sees an important ally for the total control of human behavior, which is itself, an extremely threatening factor to the established order within Civilization.

One of the three leaders of Facebook is Peter Thiel, an American businessman who has proposed the total elimination of the real or natural world and the imposition of the digital world, he has said this.

Analyzing this, we can see that Facebook is not just a harmless communication network, but a social experiment in mind control which the Technological Industrial System is using with great effectiveness to exclude the Naturalness of human contact, that is, to develop in grand form the total alienation of individuals to Technology.

But this perverted businessman has not stood still, in addition to being one of the main contributors to that mind-control tool, he has invested millions in profits into artificial intelligence research and new technologies to extend the life of man through science. In this he has as an ally the Singularity Institute for Artificial Intelligence and to the English biomedical gerontologist Aubrey de Grey, who is specifically in charge of developing, by means of a highly advanced technology, the indefinite lengthening of the lifetime of a human being, and like this, the man made machine has been created!

The huge popularity of Thiel’s virtual world is made possible because people get carried away by their peers, like sheep following the herd without thinking about why they do. They are being led blindly by the attractive world of technological progress and its small but important ramifications for exacerbated, useless, and unreal entertainment.

The characteristics that distinguish these people addicted to using the Internet to interact “socially” are their highly marked feelings of inferiority, plus, the insecurity they show living with others is visible, but having a person “connected” behind a computer makes them feel able to tell them things they did not dare to during a conversation.

This is how Technology is, little by little, finishing with social interaction that is a purely natural impulse; we are not talking here about building relationships of friendship indiscriminately with all people (ITS rejects hypocritical buddy-ism and oversocialization) but within small groups of loved ones or affinities; Technology is separating that natural interconnection, reducing it to emails and digital comments.

Seeing this, we would believe that we are reading a science fiction novel, but it is not so. This is what is happening in reality and to not confront it makes us cowards, softies and accomplices of the system.

There are more and more inventions that are created for the human being to be converted in the literal sense into a machine, an example of this are the microchips embedded under the skin that have been used in first world countries, the consequences of which already begin to show.

The scientist Mark Gasson, member of the School of Systems Engineering, University of Reading in England, has been the first case, which was only in 2010, of the failure of these microchips that had embedded in his body [28].

So we can read that Gasson is the first human infected with a computer virus, surprisingly we are not speaking of a machine is infected by a virus, but of a human being sick with a computer virus! and nevertheless, this idiot scientist feels flattered. Another one of his own already said it: human stupidity has no limits [29].

The push that this type of subject is giving to Technology is alarming, they are testing on themselves their techniques of control and manipulation and then, seeing their faults, improving and adapting them to the majority of the population, who will surely, however, look favorably upon such abjections.

As you can read in this criticism of nanotechnology, information technology, their effects and consequences, there are many truly strong reasons that we have to have carried out the attack on the Monterrey Tec – Mexico State Campus on Monday morning, August 8th of this year.

Individualists Tending toward the Wild (ITS) has left a package of simulated mail within the campus, which contained an explosive device filled with dynamite, ammonium sulfate (which acted as a poison), a galvanized nipple eight and three quarters inches long, red wires, a small bulb and a battery.

The device was intended for the coordinator of the aforementioned CEDETEC, Dr. Armando Herrera Corral, but it seems that this attack has affected two tecnonerds of one stone, namely the Director of the Doctorate of Engineering Sciences, and a specialist in the construction of robots, Alejandro Aceves López, was also injured by the explosion of our parcel bomb which also caused material damages in one of the buildings inside the Tec.

Indeed as mentioned by the press [30], within the small cardboard box (containing the explosive) we have left a message that the explosion will have fragmented, this message containing a threat signed by ITS. It is useless for experts to reconstruct since they already know what it contains and we are saying it by means of this text.

Certainly, an attack of this nature has not happened in previous years within the premises of this university, but this does not mean that the act is isolated. We have already struck at another university in the past, now at this one, which had a grand public commotion since the wounded are “respectable teachers” (for society), experts in their fields (in addition to that we carried out the attack on just the day the students go on vacation and the authorities inaugrated the Innovation and Technological Transference Park of Monterrey Tec, León Campus, Guanajuato), and so the first attack left one (for society) “insignificant” UPVM guard wounded [31] so there was no such reaction.

As we have already said before, ITS acts without compassion and without mercy, accepting our responsibilities in each act that transfers explosions against those immediately and intellectually responsible for the devastation of the Earth.

It is worth noting that ITS is not a group of saboteurs (we do not share the strategy of sabotage or damage or destruction of property).

Until we are satisfied, we have taken the firm decision to strike at those directly responsible for pressing the natural environment into artificial life, not at the institutions but at the actual individuals.

The condemnations have not done the expected [32], they call us terrorists, those useless members of industrial society, who know that we take this term as a compliment; we repeat, we are not some simple saboteurs placing bombs, we are more than that and if they categorize us as terrorists, they are right, because our goal is to mutilate and even kill these scientists, researchers, professors and other scum who are reducing the Earth to mere urbanized waste.

Within the investigation work is mentioned the participation of the Department of Defense, the PGR, the Interior Ministry (federal), PGJEM, ASE and other corporations engaged in security, from this communication we say: Search what they will, they’ll once again be a joke!

The leader of the design project of a humanoid robot (Alejandro Aceves López) and one of the two leaders of the Technology Park (Armando Herrera Corral) have tattoos on their bodies (with their wounds) starting from now, the symbols of the anti-industrial group ITS [Individualists Tending toward the Wild].

It is logical, we will continue with these acts, and other scientists and the rest of technoswillology [the original tecnobazofia more seamlessly combines two words meaning ‘technology’ and ‘pigswill’ or ‘hogwash’ — transl.] must pay the consequences of their actions, and better for it to be by some wild terrorists like ourselves.

Nature is good, Civilization is evil…

Individualists tending toward the wild.

Message Four (21 September 2011)

Violence is disapproved of by the system because it upsets its normal functioning.

As can be read in the previous communiques of Individualists Tending toward the Wild [33] it has been explained (although not very concretely, since the theme is too extensive and complex) that technological advance is growing by gigantic steps; those communiques dealt with its causes and its consequences in the near future or perhaps over the course of many generations, one also saw that progress does not give signs of stopping for anything or anyone but that it rather tends toward more artificialization, more domination and more domestication of all the living organisms and natural happenings in the terrestrial biosphere.

It is worth mentioning that ITS do not expect to destroy the Industrial-Technological System as such (although we would want to, it would be a very utopian vision and outside of reality), but rather to try to destabilize and discredit the advance of the technological nightmare as much as possible, an objective we believe to be achievable due to the conditions which Mexico is experiencing as a semi-industrial country in the process of development. Many ask themselves, “Why attack in a country with these characteristics? Why is it more likely that our objective will be reached due to these local particularities?” In this, ITS are aware that we are being reductionist in a certain aspect, but this is what it is, it’s more that we want to launch a campaign with others in affinity in the whole world who sever in a single stroke with violent actions the minds that create and modify nanoscience with their advanced research laboratories, but while this happens (although we have no certainty that it will) we will continue to directly attack the professionals who are experts in technological subjects.

To attack the Techno-industrial System is a natural instinct of survival (as is living an anti-industrial way of life in small community); as rational beings we understand that this reality that the system has created is contrary to Nature, and her savage defense is what moves us as uncivilized individuals, thus ITS make use of direct confrontation in order to pursue these ends; there is nothing more repugnant and reprehensible to society, the authorities and the same system than the use of violence.

The system is always the one that calls for dialogue, for the use of words, for fixing problems like “civilized people,” because it fears instability and the possible collapse of its social peace by the excessive use of confrontation on the part of awake individuals.

The human species is conflictual by nature and to reject this intrinsic value is an antagonism with what we really are, or (for modern civilized subjects) were.

Of course, ITS do not put violence on an altar, we see it simply as a means.

As we said above, in the past three communiques we have developed a critique of nanotechnology and information technology, of industrial society and have set forth an analysis of the ecological consequences of greater demands for contributions in the field of science and Technology; now we turn to break down the consequences of all this within the human mind, our approach as ITS, and the rejection of some terms that do not appear to identify us, simply in order to clarify our position.

Here it is worth noting that ITS do not publish this type of communique so that the people will “free” themselves or “become aware” of the situation that is affecting the Earth with technological development and will thus “change” their habits or their way of vegetating, certainly not (we would be very stupid if we thought that); we are not, we do not want to be, and we are not interested in being the “well-intentioned saviors,” we leave this to the leftist vanguards who vaguely think that with a violent action and a public communique they might change the putrefied mentality of civil society. This kind of message is directed solely and exclusively to those individuals or groups in affinity or in the process of ideas, so that they will decide to take the critique of the Industrial Technological System to a higher level, and then, with concrete bases and away from civilized signs, from their own means, separate, will try to be a sincere and important contribution to this qualitative struggle against Civilization and its pseudo-stability. But then if the message is directed to pure affinities, why is it made known in this highly visible way? These texts are a critique in action, within a dynamism against concrete targets. ITS understand that industrial society is part of the system; for that reason we publish this kind of text and vindication in this form, in order to critique also the people complicit in the devastation of Wild Nature.

Having said this, we begin with the analysis:


The exponential and large-scale growth of Technology within cultural, political, economic, psychological, social factors, around and within human behavior is reducing the sphere of Freedom to a minimum, which is why the majority of members of techno-industrial society feel frustrated and show various symptoms resulting from the frustration caused by the absence of Autonomy and the overvaluation of alienation in their everyday non-lives.

These symptoms are: Depression, boredom, excessive pleasure-seeking (hedonism), sexual deviations, eating and sleeping disorders, anger, defeatism, and feelings of inferiority, among others.

All these symptoms are also caused by the lack of activities that require serious effort (since Technology has made life in most of its aspects more comfortable and easy); that effort to achieve real goals is called the power process. [34]

The essence of the power process has four parts: setting out of the goal, effort, attainment of the goal, and Autonomy, although most only complete the first three points and only very few reach the fourth.

We take an example to better explain the term. A man who can have everything simply by demanding it will always be highly hedonistic and develop serious psychological problems since he does not have to apply himself for anything, as a result demoralization and boredom arise, so when this man tries to make some effort and does not attain it because it is obviously useless, this brings depressive frustration, defeatism, feelings of inferiority, etc. Here we are not only speaking of a man with a well-off economic stability but of any pusillanimous person who feeds the alienation of the system with their absurd existence.

Faced with this frustration they invent a huge quantity of the aforementioned (in the last communique) surrogate activities that aim at tasks that are artificial and not real in order to cover the emptiness that is generated by non-life within Civilization.

In life, a serious effort is certainly natural and highly necessary to be able to feel good about oneself and not fall into the traps of the System of Domination. Meeting physical and biological needs, such as the search and acquisition of food, the construction of shelter, the care between members of a community of affinities and the learning of survival are all foundational in Savage Human Nature, it is only in cities that such real activities are seen as unnecessary or are just not even considered.

In order to live within Civilization one only needs a small effort to cover the necessities that are demanded to obtain in one’s head that false idea of stability (in any of its aspects), the sole requirement that one must fulfill for the system is total obedience, which is the only thing that is needed to guard the established order that rules today.

Many are the automatons who say that with their surrogate activities such as science, physical activity, etc, they feel pleasure and they find in these autonomy and freedom while they develop; if they say these kinds of things it is because they have completely lost sense of what is good and what is bad; they are completely alienated and their thoughts are already produced by artificialization and over-socialization. [35]

Thus, ITS do not find it strange that the reaction of the submissive Mexican industrial society was, like that of the authorities, so condemnatory when we carried out the attack against those two despicable technophiles of Monterrey Tec. Why? Because we knew that many of these people with visible psychological disorders would read our communique and that we would earn a whole list of words that were not taken into account upon seeing that they lacked a critical, analytic and rational validation. But this will we discuss later on.

Continuing with the theme: The deduction of all this shows us that within Civilization we are exposed to these kinds of symptoms if we are not strong enough to discard them and overcome them, removing ourselves from Technology, rejecting Domination as much as possible and drawing near to the natural and wild environment to which we belong as part of a whole, as one more wild species.

As one Germany philosopher said: <em>“We suffer the sickness of modernism, of that insane peace, of that cowardly transaction of all that virtuous garbage of the modern yes and no.” [36]


Technology makes it so that at every turn more individuals become dependent on the system, the control to which they are rooted makes them accept the social norms of subsistence, and this results in the disappearance of the individual’s identity and the artificial-cultural need for integration within the masses or large social groups.

So, an immense majority of people tie themselves to social movements due to the frustration of not feeling able to achieve Autonomy and/or Freedom by their own means, and they seek in large organizations what they cannot do by their own hands.

Their feelings of inferiority are highly marked, since within collectivist movements they feel strong, but alone they feel vulnerable. They identify with movements of masses for their psychological needs, since they think that they are losers and they believe that alone they cannot achieve anything.

As a consequence of this, persons emerge who feel so empty that they go to the extreme to give their own life for a social cause, a sub-struggle that only causes the physical and mental exhaustion of those people due to striving illusorily, for example, for a new world to live. They are already calling themselves anarchists, communists, feminists, citizenists, environmentalists, vegans and so much similar messianic chatter [37].

The worst of all this is when these people “radicalize” and start to take arms to defend their supposed struggles that in the eyes of some members of society are “good” (like the struggles for constitutional justice, dignified life, better wages, improved services, etc), the result is expected by all, murders, kidnappings, forced disappearances, dirty war and the same story that we have become accustomed to and that the victims complain about so much the same who perhaps hoped for flowers after a declaration (or act) of war against the government. [38]

In this way, the majority of people who say they have “radical” positions divert themselves from the true problem (the Industrial Technological System) and base their struggles on reductionist aspects that only make the system perfect itself and become stronger.

Example: One can see with the movements for the rights of African Americans who demanded that they not be discriminated against by their race, these concluded (although not completely) and now one can see people with black skin running businesses, working with the same salary as a white man or woman, black scientists, (etc) or whatever, they were given the opportunity of not being discriminated so that they could contribute to the development and sustenance of the system and this is what they are doing. Of course this is not a racial commentary, ITS have simply taken it as an example.

The same has happened with indigenous people, women, homosexuals, environmentalists, and the rest. The system has accommodated them after these have led struggles for “humanitarian” improvements, that is to say, they have made the system become more “just” and more acceptable to plain sight.

So, the hypothesis that the system has to adjust to humanity is eliminated since on the contrary, individuals, the people or the society (however one wants to say it) have to mold themselves to the needs of that very system. That is all.

“The ideal set up by [Civilization] was something huge, terrible, and glittering – a world of steel and concrete, of monstrous machines and terrifying weapons – a nation of warriors and fanatics, marching forward in perfect unity, all thinking the same thoughts and shouting the same slogans, perpetually working, fighting, triumphing, persecuting – three hundred million people all with the same face.” [39]


Only one word can categorize all these people and ideological tendencies that portion out and expend their life within struggles for the “unprotected,” the “vulnerable,” the “oppressed,” the “victims,” defending them and demanding “social justice,” “world peace,” “reforms,” and the rest of their bullshit that simply is making them the biggest chain and that as we have said over and over again, only-helps-the-system-become-better. These individuals are called: leftists. [40]

The pseudo-philosophy of the leftists is what we have already mentioned above, the feelings of inferiority, collectivism and surrogate activities with artificial ends.

But in addition to this, the leftists take on a role of “protectors” and “saviors” of the rest (generally of supposed victims of the system, workers, women, homosexuals, in general of the “exploited people” or going further throwing themselves in defense of the rights of the animals and demanding clauses within the constitution for the care of the environment).

If one analyzes all that and goes to the source, we can consider that not only are the victimist organizations or some concrete individual leftists, but that the whole industrial society is leftist.

The modern society in which we live indicates to us that we should be “friendly,” “passive,” “highly sociable,” “solidarious,” “egalitarian,” “reformist,” etc, all that because the system’s values are highly deep-rooted in it. Values which it reproduces in the massive media of communication, marketing, schooling, governmental support programs and the rest, which in transmitting these kinds of twisted ideas automatically becomes leftism.

One of the factors that identify leftism or leftists is that they always tend to want to have power, like for example the communists, they still want the “dictatorship of the proletariat” to have the power that it identified in their golden age with the socialist bloc in Europe and Asia; the feminists who want women to have power in various aspects of life; the environmentalists who want the power to have control over the laws in order to not damage nature or animals.

All these (and more) ideological aspects have as a common denominator the appropriation of Technology for collectivization, we are not surprised by the commentaries that these grupuscules of persons with serious psychological disequilibrium have made when they hear of the threat against technological entities that we carried out in August.

According to them, Technology is “good when seen from a different point of view;” here is something that has been called relativism, that philosophical posture that proclaims that nothing is good nor bad when seen from some “different” point of reference, or that Reality does not exist or that there are many realities, a completely invalid and irrational argument, since when one says this one does not have the certainty to defend anything, because after all everything is relative (according to the leftists). [41]

Without leaving the theme. The rejection of Technology is contrary to the values of the leftists, since they need it for the collective power that they want to achieve; they say that if all the people control the industries and Technology in the space of some time that they are in power, everything would be different–something truly erroneous, it would only be like changing the dog’s leash, the climatological consequences and the environmental impact of large-scale production will keep damaging the Earth and therefore Domination would keep existing. In reality nothing would change. What these people want to do when they have power is to reform the system so that they complete their psychological necessities of well-being and progress, or perhaps so that they satiate their surrogate activities impregnated with urges of power and totalitarianism exacerbating it even though they deny it.

In this sense, the modern human with leftist tendencies is different also for his high grade of rejection of individualism, for pseudo-moral reasons he is always on the defensive against this term, considering it improper and alien to his over-socialized mentality.

They think that they are in this world in order to serve others, which is something extremely abnormal, no individual should think that their only purpose for being alive is to serve society, that others are over him or her. The individual is an end (within that respect) in itself and not a means for the rest.

Many of these people confound individualism with the anti-social, the human being is sociable by nature, but with this, one does not want to say that to be collectivist in all aspects of one’s stay on Earth, the social becomes something abnormal when the sense of affect and real solidarity is perverted beyond the small limited group of close friends. For this reason one can say that collectivism is a sentiment created by the artificiality that leftism has hooked people on in order to attract more automatons to its gigantic social circles.


Leftists, taking their altruism incarnated by the values of the Techno-industrial System only make visible their alienation and the perversion of their natural instincts through it.

One of those mutated instincts is promiscuous solidarity. Which is very far from reality, since we can observe that when a small group of people live together daily or have a truly close bonds, solidarity is present, as is defense (of itself), appreciation and support, since the members of said group know each other well and share a vision that is related (in whatever aspect), it is there where true instinctive and natural solidarity develops, far away from the compromise with the force, sentimentalism and hypocrisy of leftist society.

This is real solidarity—what individuals share within a natural and immediate group of intimates, and which is not modified with victimist ideologies and practices with unknown persons due to psycho-cultural philosophies.

Likewise, ITS has not misspoken in past communiques in sending out a direct support with affinities (incarcerated or not) in some countries (including Mexico) such as Italy, Chile, Switzerland, Argentina, Russia, Spain and the United States. Although there are also some differences (which we will discuss on some other occasion) between the discourse of the individuals incarcerated for wanting to attack a center of nanotechnology development belonging to IBM in Switzerland or with the individuals who burn machinery in the forests of Moscow (to offer some examples) we always share that vision of affinity (or in the process of it) beyond the words that drove them to attack the System and the Techno-industrial society.

Identification and compassion with unknown persons has its closest historical roots in philanthropy, the love of the neighbor that the first Christian sects reinforced and leftism perpetuates now in the era of technological modernity. With this it’s shown that promiscuous solidarity is completely contrary to the natural development of the human being and that to defend and to be within our natural circle of loved ones is the only thing that should matter to us, but due to the variations that human behavior has had within Civilization, that has deeply changed in many people’s minds.

“Self-sacrifice is the precept that man needs to serve others, in order to justify his existence.” [42]

Here surely the not-very-intelligent readers will label ITS as a group of “misanthropic egoists,” which we do not share, individualism should not be confused with egocentrism nor the rejection of industrial society with misanthropy. [43]

As one can see, promiscuous solidarity enters into the irrational, unnaturalness and the defense of strangers with whom one shares a supposed psycho-emotional bond just for being a person who is in a condition of suffering or pain far from our own.


In the same way, within this society of alienated masses, suffering and pain are seen as something “bad” and people try to avoid them by all means, always putting aside all that is natural and from which we can learn, although it may be uncomfortable or undesirable.

Pain itself is not a “bad” thing, rather it is quite necessary to be able to survive and to not lose the wild instincts and impulses that still remain with us. Giving oneself completely to hedonism is what the system wants us to do in order to be able to thus keep contributing to the multiplication of its values.

What’s the point of life without pain? What’s the point in everything we want being quick and easy to achieve without making any serious effort to satisfy it? It makes no sense to live like that, that would already not be life, it would just be milling around and vegetating.

When we take on the theme of pain and suffering here we are not justifying sadism or extreme sensibility, which are more of the mental deviations of civilized life.

Science is what contributes to this dream of progress being made real, stimulating cerebral neurons to inhibit pain and to come to being only some simple humanoids incapable of feeling something like pain, a consequence of being alive.

The same goes for death—there is a special fear of the end of life in this cowardly and lowly society. One does not think that death is a natural process which everyone has to go through some day. The technophiles, businessmen and the rest now spend huge sums of money in the quest for means of scientific and technological development for the life of a human being to be indefinitely prolonged; we have already declared before that although it appears to be science fiction this is what is taking place in the real world, not in the world that all the simplistic critics see differently because of their relativist and weak complexes of not wanting to observe and be attentive to what the system is robbing us of as individuals and as members of a species.

The uncivilized human when he or she develops in a wild state is aware that their life can end in one moment or another, since life in Wild Nature is violent and hard, thus the life expectancy in some wild tribes was of very few years, but the point here is not the quantity of years lived, one can live more than a hundred years and have done absolutely nothing to achieve the desired Autonomy, and on the other hand one can live few years in Freedom and that is already a great profit.

Death, great effort, suffering and pain are not “bad” things in themselves, but rather they are intrinsic in the life of each one of those who inhabit this planet. What is bad and is worth mentioning is Domination and the loss of Autonomy and human dignity.


Nature is the good, Civilization is the bad. This is how we ended the last communique, and one could immediately appreciate that these words hit hard in the minds and analysis of communicators, researchers, police and even some university intellectualoid who deployed an inexact critique that was pseudo-philosophical, supposedly historical and going into the terrain of physics, clothed in technicalities not very usual in the poor common Mexican lexicon before our communique of a little more than five thousand four hundred words. [44]

The members of ITS have a morality which allows us to recognize what is good and what is bad, with respect to that reasoning we could end the last text with that phrase. We are not an amoral group, since that terminology represents the weak minds that are not able of separating the good from the bad.

Obviously we say that Nature is good since for millions of years we developed and evolved together with it, only there was a deviation of habits, values, customs and behaviors aligned to Domination, that is, to the bad, that came to be Civilization and everything it brings with it.

Someone who defends Civilization, Technology, the values of the system, science, civilized Culture, Progress (and other topics not very different to the point of debate) is a person who is highly alienated by a cognitive bias (a distortion that affects one’s way of seeing Reality [psychology]), who has suffered a brainwashing so serious that they do not realize that they pathetically defend their own destruction with semi-reasoned positions.

For millions of years Nature was an absolute principle, a unique thing, absolutely everything was ruled by natural laws, but in the course of the centuries, when the first signs of agriculture began to appear, a counterpart was born—Domination; this counterpart was growing until reaching the development and modernity, which gives way to Civilization and with this, to all the resultant complexes cited here or not.

Now, summarizing it in a rapid and simplistic conclusion, one could say that with this one is speaking of a duality, of two inherently antagonistic principles: Nature and Civilization.

But, going deeper, we see that within the duality exist many branches off of this doctrine, one of these which has had great notoriety is the theological, which would be the good and the evil, god and demon. Its other important aspect is metaphysical duality, the soul and the body, reason and faith, spirit and material.

One cannot position the Nature-Civilization dichotomy within these two aspects, because Nature as much as Civilization have an existent place in Reality. For example, we are certain that the spirit does not exist but that the material does, thus we cannot conclude that Nature-Civilization are concepts that have credibility in time and space. The metaphysical and the theological lack in argumentation, and are other mental positions deviant from what things truly are (cognitive predispositions); we as individuals are physical entities, with physical necessities and ends, within an irrefutably physical world, the metaphysical as we said is only a mental reproduction resulting from the sick psycho-cultural schemes that the system has imposed on us.

The best duality would center itself in morality (not in religion or in the supernatural), what is good and what is bad. ITS explanations do not have anything of magic, fantasy or mysticism, because Wild Nature like Technological Dominating Civilization are two aspects with great prominence today, although they daily enclose Nature, reducing it to nothing and to uncertainty.

For ITS, Nature is not a goddess, it is not our mother, nor anything like this, Nature is what it is, it is an objective and pointed absolute; to qualify it, adore it or idealize it would be to fall into irrational sacredness, which we are completely against.


It has been said that the catastrophic visions that we have dealt with in previous communiques are symptoms of our paranoid, unreal and hyperbolic vision of the actual world. As always, the pseudo-skeptics go out in defense of nervous breakdowns, pacifying the scene; the boat is sinking and they peacefully fill the boat with suave words with lazy critiques.

They take the threat of nanotechnology lightly, as did their European counterparts some decades ago who said that nothing would go wrong with nuclear energy, that the critiques and the warnings of ecologists were highly exaggerated, that they were crazy and that the expansion of that Technology would not bring major problems. What was the reality? Nuclear accidents since 1957 to the beginning of this year, in Russia, England, the United States, Ukraine, Brazil, Spain, Japan and others that that surely been hidden; wide forested regions with great variety of flora and fauna severely devastated, made infertile, and mutated; genetic deformations, new incurable cancers; here is the nuclear holocaust, the historic catastrophe caused by the sick idea of the progress of Civilization, science, and Technology. If nuclear energy brought us to this, where will nanotechnology bring us in the future?

They underestimate economic power, the power of co-efficiency and that of the bad intentions of the transhumanists [45] when they say that what these despicable beings propose to do with human nature and with Wild Nature will not happen.

The “so it goes” ideology remains highly exposed in the empty critiques of those who separate us into technophobes who arm joy and technophiles who dream of utopias.

For decades the scientists dreamed of the experimentation, modification and manipulation at a nanoscale of genes and particles for any particular end; now with nanotechnology, [46] they have fulfilled that dream. Just like those who dreamed that one day their computer the size of a house would be reduced in scale and that it would fit in a pocket and that moreover it would have hundreds of applications, as we see, that is already fulfilled, the dream was made reality. It would not strike us as strange that in a distant future we would be threatened and affected by explosions of nano-contamination, or that the lifespan would be scientifically prolonged of a human being who lets chips be implanted in their body or in their cerebral cortex… but wait! That is already happening.

An endless number of inventions that have developed since there were prefabricated machines and that now rely on modalities never before seen, clearly, consumed in their great measure by the industrial society.

But what is bad about the invention of the telephone, for example, and why do ITS oppose any development of Technology? The telephone in itself, brings many advantages and (apparently) almost no problem, but one must not only see the invention and development of the telephone, but also each one of the modern inventions which all together have woven a false reality (which many find it difficult to realize) in which we are immersed, trapped and in which there are appear serious psychological problems from not developing in a natural way (see section I).


To a certain extent, technologists are a latent danger and they must resign or disappear, if necessary in a violent way; some people with ideas that are seriously reductionist and far from the root of the problem say that the true problem in Mexico is the narco-traffickers, those bloodthirsty paid persons who only care about the “vida loca” (drugs, money, women) and the “live fast, die young,” they are the direct product of the supposed war (as well as the economic instability and other factors) that supposedly the federal government fights and no one else–are they a danger for individual freedom? No, they are only a secondary problem with which we do not occupy ourselves, we are not interested in the least in the casualties that one cartel can cause to another, to the army and the navy or to some “defenseless” civilian who walked through the street, so many dead also are product of overpopulation, and overpopulation impedes the free development of the individual, in addition to which it is completely abnormal that so many millions of people intend to accommodate themselves in geographical regions large or not. When that population growth reaches considerably high levels and they establish themselves in a place (sedentarism), all tends toward development, the expansion of Civilization and as a result the destruction of Nature, that is what impedes the Freedom of the individual. As one will see, the central problem is the Industrial and Technological System, it is not the politicians, the police, the narcos, the judges and other subjects that, when all is said and done, are all the same. Whoever says that these are the true enemies is practicing reductionism and does not see farther than what they are allowed to see by their own civilized values; furthermore, they are falling into the system’s trap, that of wanting to “rebel” against these secondary problems and not against what is truly damaging the physical and psychological environment in which we intend to develop.

Science, technology, genetic modification, transgenics, global consortia, economics, progress, law, surveillance apparatuses, artificial intelligence, capitalism, globalization, repressive apparatuses, states, dictatorships, armies, nuclear centers, industries, consumerism, businesses, demand, finances, and everything, absolutely everything, depends on the Techno-industrial System and for that reason one should be attacking at the root and not losing time trying to cut the leaves.

On agreement over the methods to attack the system: Is the attempt against the life of a scientist, professor, or researcher an instrument of domination against freedom? Some unbalanced persons energetically affirm this, even brand us (and they did in fact do so) as fascists or something similar. Their unadvanced reasoning proposes that since the scientists who we attack dedicate their lives to the well-being of humanity [47], to attack them would be to intend to dominate and restrict the supposed collective freedom. We regret to inform them that that supposed collective freedom of which they speak is nonexistent, there cannot be collective freedom within the society of masses, the true Freedom is only and exclusively within the Individual and not within the repulsive techno-industrial society. This is confirmed in the human anatomy:

“We can divide food between many men. We cannot digest it in a collective stomach. No man can use his lungs to breathe for another man. No man can use his brain to think for another. All the functions of the body are private, they cannot be transferred.” [48]

The same goes for Freedom, it is always individual, one reaches it personally and it can only be shared with the small group of reference.

When one thinks that freedom is found in the masses or in the totality of people, one falls into leftism, into the impotence of not believing it possible to achieve Freedom and Autonomy for oneself, but believing that it must be reached by or that it must be in everyone.

Furthermore, with this affirmation that ITS intend to dominate the supposed collective freedom with attempts on scientists’ lives, of what kind of freedom does one speak? Surely they speak of the false idea of being free by means of technological development, by means of nano-vaccines or nano-materials that would make life more comfortable or “secure.” If one thinks this, then one’s conceptualization of Freedom is mediocre, invalid, perverted and sinister.

With the acts that we carry out, ITS do not want to improve Civilization, we do not want to live on a happy planet all taking each other by the hands like a disgusting hippie commune, we do not see a utopia or a paradise, we see Reality, we have our feet planted on the earth, we do not share the vision that many social fighters or “antisocial” fighters have that at the end of a struggle they expect a possible “victory” because that is highly illusory, we are mature and not some idealistic infantiles.

Reality is hard and leaves one to see a very pessimist scene of things, but it is what exists, and better to accept the truth if we do not want to position ourselves within the “radical” and optimistic leftism, which falls into faith and into the confidence of the blind in saying that with these acts we collapse the system and that thus we “return” to a savage state.

Clearly, there is some possibility that within millions of years Civilization would be destroyed whether by its own Technology or by some natural event with great consequences (or it could be that in its flaw, the system constructs apparatuses of self-regulation and perpetuates itself indefinitely), but we do not believe it to be possible by the “proliferation” of “revolutionary” actions, as we mentioned in the second ITS communique.

As individuals who are in constant contact with Reality through sensory perception, we acquire cognitive knowledge, that being processed we utilize Reason to tear apart the false artificial reality with a radical critique, this is why ITS reject these kinds of supposedly “real” values that, while only an idealization, are weak and on the trajectory toward making the war against the system sacred (we refer to the concept of “revolution-revolutionary” proposed by Ted Kaczynski).


Have ITS copied Ted Kaczynski? The million-dollar question.

Without a doubt, we see this person an individual who with his profound rational analysis contributed greatly to the advance of anti-technological ideas; his simple way of living in a manner strictly away from Civilization and the persecution of his Freedom in an optimal environment make him a worthy individual who due to a family betrayal is serving multiple life sentences in the United States.

Although there are notable discrepancies with his discourse, ITS do not consider it as very distant from what motivates us to keep attacking those intellectually responsible for the imposition of artificial life.

If we cite Stirner, Rand, Kaczynski, Nietzsche, Orwell, some scientists and other people in our communiques they are only for references, we do not have reason to be in agreement with all their lines and positions.

It has been said that we imitate the Unabomber; perhaps we have seen as strategic the action of the Freedom Club against scientific personalities in the United States in the 70′s, 80′s and 90′s, and we have adopted this, but let it be clear that we have not imitated all his discourse in its totality, since as we said above, there are points that are plainly contrary to the positions of the FC.

Within society they have always, since we were small, told us not to copy others and to be original, but what they have not analyzed is the existence of neuronal activities intrinsic in all of us who reject this mandate.

Within the human brain there are things called mirror neurons, which require one to copy in order to get to be original [49], as we have seen throughout history with painters, musicians, sculptors, philosophers, etc; even in primitive tribes these could also be largely observed with the appearance of fire and with the development of some hunting tools, where tribes learned these kinds of things by copying those who knew them.

These neurons offer the capacity of perception with other beings with individual capacities, a simple example of the mirror neurons is the yawn, which is contagious due to the self-image which one person generates and which another immediately copies.

With this, it remains firmly supported that we all imitate sometimes due to mere neuronal impulses, naturally all human beings tend to copy in order to get to achieve originality (in whatever way), but here also arise psychological problems derived from inhabiting the imposed reality—wanting to copy completely or “come to be” like some person(s) without wanting to be original, losing completely the individual identity, giving in to alienation and sheepishness, remaining stuck in mediocrity and longing—this is another of the psychic deviations that result from Civilization.

Entering into the complex terrain of neuroscience, Volpi mentions that we evolve not only because the brain becomes larger or by the capacity we have to learn faster or from imitating each other, but also by the capacity to imagine. [50]

Certainly the affirmation appears reasonable, since the human being is the only species that up to now has proven its ability to create fictions, to have imagination.

Deepening argumentations, like generating fiction, makes us explore our own self; due to a meticulous observation that we make of other human beings we can learn from their errors or not commit them in daily life or in the future.

Imagination and creativity play a highly important role within aspects of our species that are not only recreational, but in survival. The construction of a shelter that resists rain or icy climates, for example, is an activity which, besides reasoning, requires imagination and creativity, i.e. fiction.

Fiction does not necessarily enter into the category of the unreal as one usually thinks, rather it is has a place within the cerebral functions that are necessary for the development of skills, thought and emotions.

Just because fiction exists does not mean that Reality is discarded.

But there is a problem in all this, since likewise there again emerge civilized psycho-perversions in realizing that the human being occupies most of their time in fiction, imagining and putting themselves in lives other than their own, likewise, instead of using most of one’s time achieving and satisfying real necessities, all one’s attention (unconscious or not) is focused on producing fictions.

Volpi has said as much: “We are all day wanting to confront fictions, we watch television, we play videogames, we go to the theater, we write,” which shows a severe deviation from the obtaining of biological necessities which we naturally have to satisfy by means of a serious effort (power process).

The deformed human species is constantly creating more surrogate activities and letting its mind be clouded with an “overdose” of fictions, putting aside what matters, falling into one of the traps of the System of Domination: distraction.

Distraction has greatly served the system in order to divert the gaze from the central problem, certainly the savage tribes thousands of years ago like the few that remain today also carried out activities like painting, dance, decoration of clothing and creation of charms, but one could not consider that as a surrogate activity, since due to the conditions in which they unfold or unfolded, they satisfied or satisfy their power process, that is, their biological and physical necessities were satisfied and thus they had spare time which they dedicated to doing these kinds of things.

“The word Civilization designates the state of a race departed from purely natural conditions and where the system of existence called society is based on the creation of the artificial.”[51]


Is ITS an anarchist group? Another one of the most notorious questions.

We declare that the members of ITS are not anarchists, let it be clear. It is one thing that we have sent our communiques to sites of anarchic tendencies, and another very different matter is what we are.

Why do we not consider ourselves anarchists? Precisely because we do not share the anarchists’ vision about the “destruction” of this world to create a “new,” “self-managed” one within the clichés of mutual aid (to strangers) and (promiscuous) solidarity, which as we stated before is not natural.

And it’s also because over time there have emerged a great variety of anarchist terms and sub-currents so to touch upon its unique and original value becomes extremely complicated and to mention each one of them would take us too much space.

The misrepresentation of the term ‘anarchist’ comes mutated with endless adjectives so that the term in our era lacks validity. This is why ITS does not consider itself an anarchist group, properly speaking.

With that said, we believe in the only true and chaotic concept of Anarchy (which is not the same as anarchism), we believe in illegality for pursuing our ends, and not going around supporting or kissing the feet of the members and leaders of the techno-industrial society. To destabilize the imposed artificial order is one of the objectives; another is to individually achieve absolute respect to natural laws and to reject as much as possible every form of Domination.

We do not consider ourselves a primitivist group, since the same thing happens with this as with the term ‘anarchist.’ This categorization is totally invalid due to the misrepresentation and the handling that people outside of the original ideas have given it.

ITS is an anti-industrial, anti-technological, and anti-civilization group formed by radical environmentalists.


On the sixth day of September, Individualists Tending toward the Wild left a package full of dynamite inside of the School of Higher Studies (of the Autonomous National University of Mexico [UNAM]), Cuautitlán campus (FES-C).

This time, the charge was incendiary, it was inside of a yellow package, that on opening and taking out the contents inside produced a large flame created by the completion of an electrical circuit activating the dynamite and which burned everything within a little less than one and a half meters above.

The package was addressed to Doctor Flora Adriana Ganem Rondero, who is the Head of the Section of Pharmaceutical Technology in the Chemistry laboratory of FES-C, which has its eyes set on the advancement of nanoscale technologies.

The fields in which Dr. Adriana develops her areas of investigation pertain to Pharmaceutical Technology and Nanotechnology. She is a member of the National System of Researchers (SNI) level 1. She has financing from CONACYT (National Counsel of Science and Technology) in the Study of Physical Methods for the administration of substances of therapeutic interest with regard to the skin. She has studied in Mexico, Switzerland, and France.

Graduate of the Faculty of Chemistry at UNAM with a 9.5 average, she is another of the minds of such technonerds who contribute to the domestication of biodiversity and the creation of new techniques for civilizing and therefore domination.

Similarly we have left a package with explosive charge (half-galvanized steel nipple half full of dynamite, red cables, a battery, a small light bulb and a note) around the middle of this month in the National Institute of Forestry, Agricultural and Fishery Research (INIFAP, which is adjunct to the SAGARPA [Secretary of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishery and Food]) in the Coyoacán neighborhood of Mexico City.

The package was addressed to Pedro Brajcich Gallegos, general director of said institution, graduate with masters and doctorate from the State University of Oregon in plant engineering, he is also a member of the Directive Counsel of CIMMYT, the International Center for the Improvement of Corn and Wheat, responsible for genetic manipulation and the creation of transgenic foods.

Born in 1943, the CMMYT (also allied with Monsanto) is one of the principle organizations that is dedicated to the theme of the production of transgenics, promoter together with the INIFAP of the National Center of Genetic Resources (CNRG) where a great variety of supplies of germinal matter of forest and aquatic species are housed for their experimentation and artificialization—these are seeds, tissues, amniotic and seminal fluids, embryos, somatic cells, and cultures, among others—keeping them in suspension chambers with liquid nitrogen.

For all these reasons and more we decided to make attempts against the life and physical integrity, now, of these two sick technophiles in different parts of the Mexican republic, that is, to the north of the State of Mexico and to the south of Mexico City.

What we have declared in the previous communiques were not mere threats and intimidations without any foundation in deeds, we have made it very clear and we are serious, the attacks will continue, they can deactivate our explosives, censor the information, implement security measures in their staff, alert the disgusting scientific community, the threat will be latent until (before and after) we are flying through the air without the lives of researchers and scientists dedicating themselves to constructing an artificial reality, devastating the natural and perverting the savage.


After what we have done, surely there will be people who classify ITS as a group that vents its frustration in attempts against scientists. We do not share this view, the attack against the system (as we have said) is a survival instinct, since the human is violent by nature and faced with threats to its life and its Freedom it goes on the defensive and defends itself. To renounce this instinct is to fall into one of the traps of the System of Domination, which advises everyone to fight with legal, pacific and inoffensive methods because in this way one does not alter the established artificial order at all. We do not act by sentiments nor by emotionalism (those we locate in other aspects of life), but rather by Reason and instincts.

Every action has a reaction [52], this is elemental, each act that the minds who serve the system carry out will have reactions not only in Nature and in the human species but in uncivilized persons like ourselves, we will not give up this war that we are willing to wage even to the hardest consequences.


It remains evident that this text and claim of responsibility remain short with all that we would like to lay out, to make known postures and ideas like these is highly difficult to express in some several pages given the extensive complexities of the expounded themes. For which we leave to the reasoning of the few intelligent readers to analyze and (why not?) critique this text (and the others), in order to be able to make really strong conclusions with true sense, critical of what is happening in Reality and not letting oneself be carried by the tide of civilized conformism.

Having said all this, we make public that this is the last communique that we will make known, our attacks will tend to the hallmark characteristic of ITS on which the authorities are right now hanging.

As we said, this is the last public communique, but if the occasion demands it and we have something more to say in the future, we will take these means again to expound ideas, critiques, contributions and vindications.

We hope that the diffusion that we have given to these ideas with the attacks we carried out, grows and diffuses in a future that perhaps we will live to see, or perhaps will not.

Individualidades tendiendo a lo salvaje

(Individualists tending toward the wild.)

PS. In a report from the periodical El Universal at the beginning of this month they have published a supposed interview with a supposed member of ITS, before which we want to declare that that information is completely false. Th e true members of ITS do not lend ourselves to the games of the defamatory and prostituted press.

Strength to the individualist tending toward the wild Luciano Pitronello and fire to the techno-industrial society that feasts on his disgrace; accepting the responsibility of our acts we keep advancing!

Message Five (18 December 2011)

Since the last public communique from ITS (21 September 2011) many things have happened, we have continued with the attacks that characterize us, but within this short text we will not claim responsibility for them (only one). Since the purpose of sitting down to write this and placing our fingers on a machine again is to deny all the mediocre information and disqualification that is emerging from a minority of leftist cells.

While it is certain that ITS is alien to everything that happens in the virtual world, that is, we are not aware of what happens in the full spectrum from anarchists of action to those who defend passive anarchism, the case is simply that some time ago this information has come to us.

We have heard of a commotion that is forming with respect to our ideas and actions within those circles; they accuse us of being a fabrication of the “repressive state” (phrase that the wretched leftists so love to mention), they say that we are the work of a Machiavellian supernatural evil force that controls the minds of the entire world, they call into question our critical words against all the system’s values because they do not appreciate that someone who has Reason to make them see the Truth.

To begin with, on hearing so many atrocities we decided to remain silence, but seeing that the racket continues we decided to write these lines.

ITS may be everything that “important” (and not so “important”) members of the techno-industrial society have repeatedly said we are, but never accomplices of the System of Domination.

We categorically reject all those labels that they have put on us, we are not “eco-anarchists” or “anarcho-environmentalists” as we have made quite clear in our September 21st communique, if anyone has not understood it, they may read it again.

It is logical that before a discourse and actions like ours there must be reactions from all parties and it seems that the “indignant” wing of anarchism has responded, although not very intelligently. We are against the values that they preach left and right, we are against various concepts that they consider sacred, we are against their strategies because everything that they defend is deposited in the system. Idiots who do not tack the ship and will soon sink, irremediably. Thus they find something (or a lot) “strange” about ITS, they find themselves to be like civilized people within a forest of sylvan vegetation when they read our communiques, they do not know where they are. Confused leftists who perhaps some day will learn or else will remain stopped in the quicksand, immobile and passive, waiting for their environmental conditions to consume them. But that in reality does not concern us in the least.

ITS has seen an analyzed that the leftists are a real threat who only seek to reform the system and create alternatives in order to “fight” against it, but (although they don’t realize it) they are useless, since this only feeds it. The war against academics and technologists is declared (that is more than clear and we have shown it) but also the war against leftism, thus we have sent a package with incendiary cargo to the offices of Greenpeace Mexico (which arrived [according to the authorities] on 25 November of this year).

The package was sent to the activist Alejandro Olivera, who insists on carrying out hypocritical campaigns in “favor” of the environment in order to gain public notoriety, his psychological necessities make his activism a pathetic surrogate activity that sugarcoats artificial necessities like self-realization that he acts like it is his “moral duty” to do the “right thing” in the face of the devastation that ecosystems are undergoing.

Surely Olivera will not realize this (since his reasoning does not allow for more) because of this action, he will not realize that Greenpeace is one of so many highly reformist organizations, that they only want to change the laws for other ones in order to illusorily achieve a supposed rescue of the Earth, and here comes the threat–the change of economic, political, social and cultural aspects so that the system continues on its path. (On this point we will not say more, it will have its time when we write a long communique that brings all the rational explanations to such attacks.)

Before this kind of leftist organization we respond with direct attempts, all those who seek a world that is “more just,” “more humane” and “more green” are on our list, ITS have finished with consideration, have fininished with what they will say, we do not pretend to be “well-intentioned activists” with a moderate and good image, we are a group of radical environmentalists, anti-industrialists of a terrorist stripe (towards society and its defenders).

ITS shows its true face, we go to the central point, the fierce defense of Wild Nature (including human); we do not negotiate, we carry out our task with the necessary materials, without compassion and accepting the responsibility of the act. Our instincts make us do it, since (as we have said before) we are in favor of natural violence against civilized destruction.

All leftists be warned (and by leftists we refer as much to those of the left as to those of the right): ITS does not hesitate to make an attempt on the physical integrity of any one of you, you are our enemies and thus our threats will materialize in bullets and dynamite.

With this said, we declare that we will not make further mention about the attacks of the leftist eunichs for the moment; they do not merit any consideration, since these mediocre people (with much lack of attention) act toward the impossible (and go to ridiculous extremes) in order to gain notoriety within some movement (a completely pathetic deed); as they say: the fish dies by its own mouth.[53]

To the humiliating leftist mythomaniacs who seek to destroy our discourse and attacks with false arguments founded not in Reason but instead in speculation, irrationality and animism, do not expect our attacks to stop, do not expect dialogue with ITS, do not expect any answer to questions you may have; from ITS, only expect the worst…

Individualidades tendiendo a lo salvaje

(Individualists tending toward the wild)

Message Six (28 January 2012)

The following text is intended to be a self-critique, in addition to accepting publicly the mistakes that we made in past communiques and in claiming responsibility for some attempts against the Techno-industrial System.

Certainly, ITS will always accept critiques that are based in reason, those that are not founded upon strong and well-cemented criteria will be rejected as has been done before.


ITS considers it to have been an error in past communiques to substitute the letters that denote gender with an “x” since we do not focus on things like this, nor do we want to denote a certain inclination to the linguistic postures of the politically correct. And we say that we do not focus on these kinds of grammatical currents because the attack on the system is our view, and no other struggle. Generally, those people who write with these kinds of corrections have roots in their postulated senseless struggles like “equality,” “solidarity,” “egalitarianism” (etc), that is, they defend the ideology of leftism and reductionism, which we do not share. It is for this reason that we reject this kind of “grammatical subculture” (as it is called).


Many of the things that we have written in the first as well as the second communique–such as the supposed liberation of animals and the earth, which are based in sentimentalism, insurrectionalism, which in many cases justifies itself with emotions of vengeance, the poor choice that we had with the thing about the earthquakes, the critique that one must see with respect to the poor interpretations of some ideas of Ted Kaczynski (truthfully speaking, very few)–we have discarded and now for us they have no validity. The lack of more printed material that correctly explains, or at least has a certain closeness to, Kaczynski’s ideas does not make the task of understanding them with clarity easy for many.

Obviously, we continue to defend the critique against the terminology “revolution-revolutionary,” without a doubt.


  • The so-called “revolution” that so many bet on perverts the nature of the human being because it always tends to reform the system.

  • “Revolution” is a blind hope (faith) that many want to see achieved, if they do not achieve their task (which has never been done) their efforts will be in vain, and everything, absolutely everything for which they fought will sell them short, making such efforts useless.

  • “Revolution” is a leftist concept.

  • Many leftists want to make from their puposes and/or approaches something so profound that they exaggerate themselves, digress and come to limits outside of reality. There are many examples: “the destruction of capitalism,” “a world without states or borders,” “a planet without animal exploitation,” “world peace,” and among others the so-called “anti-technology revolution.”

The struggle against the Techno-industrial System is not a game which we should win or lose, defeat or be defeated, that is what many have still not understood and it seems that many are still expecting to be “recompensated” in the future for the current actions of “revolutionaries.” One must accept that many things in life are not recompensated, that many tasks and/or ends are never achieved (including Autonomy) and the destruction of the techno-system by the work of the “revolutionaries” is one of them. Now there is not time to wait for the imminent collapse, for those who want to take their time as if technological progress is not growing by leaps and bounds and devouring our sphere of individual Freedom little by little. We are the generation that has seen technological progress grow before our eyes, the specialization of nano-bio-technology in various fields of civilized non-life, the creation and marketing of graphene [54], nuclear disasters such as in Fukushima, accelerated environmental deterioration, the growth of biometrics [55], the qualitative and quantitative expansion of artificial intelligence, bioinformatics, neuroeconomics, etc. That is why ITS sees in terms of what is tangible, palpable and immediate, and that immediate is the attack with all necessary resources, time and intelligence against this system. We are individualities in the process of achieving our Freedom and Autonomy, within an optimal environment, and together with it we attack the system that quite clearly wants us in cages, obeying our wild human instincts. With this we apply ourselves as individuals in affinity to try to keep ourselves as distant as possible from leftist and civilized concepts, practices and ideologizing.

That is our real purpose, what we seek, and not an unreal dream with irrational tintings and full of speculations.

For now there is no movement that positions itself radically against Technology, neither organized nor solid, if some day there is (if it triumphs and we are alive) then we will accept our mistake, in the meantime we will not accept futurist speculations that bet on a movement that helps to destabilize the system in its totality. Those who believe in the uprising of such an anti-technology movement can keep hoping or can put all their strength into that task. It seems that some have not realized that in speaking of a “sufficiently strong and organized anti-technology movement” they are also entering into the language of leftism.


Now, we have become aware of an increase of discourse against Civilization in claims of responsibility for actions that are poorly directed and useless with respect to the point of reference (against the Techno-industrial System). One must take into account that the critique in a communique against Civilization or against Technology does not do anything if the action is not effective and well-aimed against these.

This “fashion” (to call it such) has been expanding year after year, we believe because the ideas against civilized progress have spread greatly through the internet and other media.

If we turn to look at history, we would realize that the same thing has happened before and after the arrest of the Unabomber in 1996, we remember the pathetic campaign that was initiated in those years called “Unabomber for president” [56], and the emergence of the Earth Liberation Front in the United States [57], and while the individuals coming together in that group were for years the strongest domestic terrorism threat in that country, nevertheless the majority of their discourses were carried on the path of sentimentalism, irrationalism and biocentrism. In other words the “radical environmentalist” fashion was popular those years, as the “anti-civilization fashion” is now. But it is worth remembering with this that every wave or fashion ends some day, and only those who have well established the critique against the Techno-industrial System will keep the same path, over the years what has to happen will happen, and the things that have to occur will occur.

We are aware that ITS has been responsibile in large part for this “fashion” having grown in great proportion, we accept this mistake, and what we want to do (for now) is only to wait for those individuals who have copied our discourse and have mutated it, to stop doing so, or for them to recognize, accept and take on the critique with these kinds of texts not only because we have made it but also because it is absolutely necessary to reject the deceptive leftism and attack the Techno-industrial System in a congruent and radical manner (if that is what the intended objective is, of course).


We have analyzed these questions to the source and it seems that for the moment there are two important parts within the struggle against the Techno-industrial System.

To summarize we will put it thusly: there are those who question and critique the system and others who not only do this but also attack, like ITS[58].

Faced with this, the critical and not active part (that is to say the part that doesn’t place in its sights the attack against the system by means of violence) will always say that what the ideas against Technology and Civilization need least is to be related with those tactics. Which we do not share. The majority of these people (anti-civilization, primitivists, salon “anti-technology revolutionaries,” etc) speak of destroying the system but feel an apparent fear in seeing that the ideas are related to the attacks on the same system that they want to destroy.

Sooner or later, through ourselves and through others, the ideas against the Techno-industrial System and/or Society will relate themselves with attempts and acts of violence, undoubtedly.


With respect to our position that has to do with the war against leftism. We have reevaluated what we said before and we have analyzed that leftism is just a factor that deseves only rejection, critique, and the distancing of those of us who fight against the Industrial Technological System, nothing more. We made the effort to send an incendiary package to Greenpeace Mexico[59], another package of similar characteristics to the leftist director the the Milenio paper in Mexico City in November 2011 (Francisco D. Gonzales), and an explosive package to the leftist director of the same paper in its office in the city of León, Guanajuato in December 2011 (Pablo Cesar Carrillo). But in seeing our mistake, we have ceased these attacks and now focus all our efforts for the frontal attack against the Techno-industrial System.

The leftists can kill one another, or can be “victims” of the state and its apparatuses of control (as has traditionally happened), but not by us anymore. We will not stain our hands with their dirty blood, nor will we persist in attempting against their lives since there are more important and certain targets than their dispicable lives.

We know our tactics, to speak of leftists is one of them, we know what we do and that is all.


ITS’ actions and its discourses are an attack in every sense of the word, and that is why we utilize offensive language against those who make the system keep functioning.

Technologists, leftists and the Techno-industrial Society in general do not deserve flowers nor good treatment, they deserve hard critique; which will be uncomfortable for some (and in truth, we do not consider our language exaggerated, we have never written with high-sounding or highly vulgar words since by our criteria if we utilize them then we discredit our ideas).

We are a group of radical environmentalists who carry out attempts against the physical integrity of persons specializing in developing, maintaining and improving the system that reduces us to artificialization; we are not a group of critics of the cafe who hold themselves solely in theorizations, if we were then we would watch our language a little.

We decided to publish this in order to dispel all doubt with respect to what motivates us to carry out acts of violence against the technologists, since one will surely say that the way we refer to these people shows a supposed lack of self-control in our emotions, or that we are motivated by psychological necessities based in feelings of hostility. Which we do not share in the least. ITS bases its attacks (as we have already stated before[60]) on reason and on instincts.

We critique by reason and we act by instinct, the two go hand-in-hand, one serves us for deeply analyzing and critiquing what is presently happening and the other serves us to attack in a frontal way without any compassion and rejecting any consideration of Civilization’s pseudo-morality.

We said it in our first communique and we repeat it again:

“Because although some elements within Civilization tell us that we have been domesticated for years biologically, we nevertheless continue to have Wild Instincts that we hurl in defense of the whole of which we are a part — the Earth.”

Unlike many others, ITS does not hate this system, nor do we base our actions and discourses on sentiments like vengeance, frustration, hate and/or desperation (even though some want us to accept that), as we have already said, what moves us is reason and instinct, the defense of Wild Nature (including human) and consequently Freedom and Autonomy. Do not dig deeper, because you will not find more than that, since those are our real motivations.


With all that said, ITS makes itself responsible for the following attempts against the Techno-industrial System:

  • August 28, 2011: Attempt on CINVESTAV (Center of Research and Advanced Studies [of the National Polytechnic Institute]) in the municipality of Irapuato in Guanajuato. The objective was all of the researchers-biotechnologists who were working and studying in that place, but because the Mexican army intervened, the attempt was frustrated.

  • November 2011: Package with incendiary charge addressed to Dr. Pedro Luis Grasa Soler, general director of Monterrey Tec campus in Mexico State.

  • November 2011: Threat on Dr. Manuel Torres Labansat director of the Institute of Physics of UNAM (Autonomous National University of Mexico) and on the director of scientific research Carlos Aramburo of HOZ in Mexico City. The package contained a .380 caliber bullet along with a threat from ITS, part of which read:

“[...] As we have shown in our previous communiques, the system would not be the same without mathematicians, physicists, researchers and other technoswill like YOU (and by YOU we refer to you, to the researcher Carlos Aramburo of HOZ and to those who work in the Institute of Physics), that is why when YOU are determined to create nanoscience and carry out technological projects that attempt against Wild Nature (including the human), we place ourselves in its defense and we attack.

“Without any doubt, YOU are a key component for the system, those who have the technical and intellectual knowledge for perverting the ecosystems on this Earth where we try to develop. YOU modify matter for the creation of a life totally dependent on Technology, which will lead us and is leading us to self-destruction. The Reality is this, the more animal and human species that are domesticated, the more disastrous will be the consequences of using all possible means to keep that modern “stability” on its feet.

Planet Earth already has enough with urbanization, deforestation, contamination, wars that affect the natural equilibrium, ecological epidemics, oil spills (and more) for YOU to come and hypocritically try to help it, as if to undo the damage that we have done depends on the pathetic altruistic scientists, as if something is helped by saying that YOU develop nanoscience and advanced technologies for the “well-being” of humanity and of the Earth.

In no way do we pretend to change the way of thinking of a civilized person, an alienated person, one who graduated from the Faculty of Sciences at UNAM and who received a doctorate at the University of Oxford some years ago. Something brought your studies to the maximum point, there is some reason you are where you are, but we have news for you, what you have lived is nothing more than a life absorbed by the system, which will pay you very little.

This is a direct threat against your person and all the researchers and department heads who hide themselves between four walls tending toward the Domination of all that is potentially free. This is only a warning, it will cost us nothing to leave an explosive package in your facilities [...]

As you must have realized, Mr. Manuel, this package carries with it a bullet, which can symbolize many things: detonation, explosion, wounds, terror, force, gunpowder, death. But now we use it to symbolize the material that we will use to puncture your head and/or those of your colleagues [...]”

— December 8, 2011: Package with incendiary charge for the director of research Marcela Villafaña of the Polytechnic University of Pachuca in the municipality of Zempoala in Hidalgo. In the attempt an academic who opened the package was wounded, a story similar to our first attack in April 2011 at the UPVM (Polytechnic University of the Valley of Mexico) in the State of Mexico.

For the moment that is all that we have to say…

— Individualidades tendiendo a lo salvaje (Individualists tending toward the wild)

Message Seven (18 February 2013)

<em>“When the blood of your veins returns to the sea

and the dust of your bones returns to the ground,

maybe then you will remember that this Earth does not belong to you,

you belong to this Earth.”</em>

– Native American saying

Before beginning this new text signed by ITS, we want to express our enormous gratitude to the anarchist portal “Liberación Total,” since over the years they have disseminated our communiques despite the many uncomfortable circumstances that have presented themselves; in a note attached to a November 27, 2011 text by the “Animal and Earth Liberation Front of Mexico” titled “Conspiracy Theories and the Ridiculous Saboteurs[Spanish link*] which we quote, they said, “we will keep disseminating the information which has to do with the ITS” and that is what they have done.

Likewise we thank all the persons and groups (from Mexico as well as Canada, the United States, Chile, Spain, Indonesia, Costa Rica, Italy, Russia, Germany, etc) who have at their own times recognized our work and/or have spread our words in one way or another. These displays of acceptance will always be taken into account as ITS did in our fourth communique (September 21, 2011) in note E; but it is worth mentioning that the displays of rejection do not go unnoticed either, when they have solid foundations that merit the effort of a response.

The aim of this text is to make our stance clear, continuing the work of spreading our ideas, clearing up some apparent doubts and misinterpretations, as well as accepting mistakes and/or errors. In no way do we want to start an endless discussion that only takes up time and energy, nor do we want this text to turn into something other than what it is. Anyone who reads it will be able to interpret correctly (or incorrectly) what they are aiming to read; the intelligent reader will know to reflect and consequently do what seems right to them.

ITS is not going to cover every person or group’s forms of thought, but the ones we respect, that we tolerate, is something else; the ideas, doctrines, stances (etc) that deserve critiques (because we are in disagreement with them [being that they cover discourses that are leftist, progressivist, irrational, religious, etc]) will be mentioned in this way; the ones that don’t, we will let pass or agree with.

All the texts that ITS has made public are not for society to “wake up and decide to attack the system,” they are not to forcibly change what the others think, nothing like this is intended; the lines we write are for the intelligent, strong individuals who decide to see reality in all its rawness, for those few who form, think and carry out the sensible critique of the highest expression of domination–the Techno-industrial System [61].

And so that our words, critiques, clarifications and statements are made known as they have been spread up to now, we have decided (until now) to take the next step, which has been to attack and try to kill the key persons who make the system improve itself.

This is the only viable way for radical critiques to emerge in the public light, making pressure so this discourse comes to the surface. We are extremists and we act as such, without compassion, without remorse, taking any means to reach our objectives.

What’s said is said.


The internationally-distributed review Nature, which focuses on scientific and technological topics, has given a global following to the attacks against technologists and institutions that deal with nanotechnology, information technology, biotechnology, nuclear business, etc.

Some weeks after ITS let loose an explosive against Herrera and Aceves (the Monterrey Tec technonerds) the aforementioned review published a short text titled “Stand Up Against the Anti-Technology Terrorists” [62] signed by the brother of one of our aforementioned victims, the physicist Gerardo Herrera Corral.

In the final paragraph of his text Gerardo wrote: “it is not technology that is the problem, but how we use it,” something which ITS considers completely erroneous.

Complex technology is the problem that has afflicted us as a species since the expansion of Civilization. Here it is necessary to say that there are two kinds of technology–complex and simple technology; an example of the latter were (or are) the utensils and tools employed by primitive man during the paleolithic and part of the neolithic, which helped him survive and which some cultures undoubtedly still use to hunter, gather, shelter and defend themselves.

ITS have always positioned ourselves against modern Technology, complex technology, which drives the destruction of Wild (human) Nature.

To return to Herrera’s text, if complex Technology were used for “good” things, what results would it have? The same as always: deforestation to create wind energy fields, large-scale pollution for the manufacture of “vegetarian and ecological” products, destruction of entire ecosystems for the construction of new “renewable energy” plants, the perversion of Wild Human Nature and its artificialization through information technological and social networks of “friendship,” the perversion of Animal Nature with the cloning of species that went extinct thousands of years ago [63] damaging the self-regulating ecological equilibrium, new diseases, supposed nano-cures that mutate into other more infectious and resistant viruses, etc. The absurdity that complex Technology could serve something “good” has already expired and it has been shown that it will always tend to destroy Wild Nature even while absurdly dressed up in philanthropy.

  • To continue with the articles from Nature: the writer Leigh Phillips of that periodical wrote an analysis titled “Anarchists Attack Science” [64] which details the attack suffered by the Italian Roberto Adinolfi (executive director of Ansaldo Nuclear) on May 7, 2012 in Genoa by an anarchist group. Phillips, with supposed information from the European police, says the Italian group, as well as one from Switzerland, has ties with us. We belie this. Although we must admit the shots to Adinolfi’s legs were well aimed, the people who carried out the attack had their reasons for not ending Adinolfi’s life and only leaving him wounded ...

Another mistake this text’s author made was to name us as anarchists from the same network as the Italians; as we have mentioned before (and as point IV of this text will explain), ITS is not anarchist, nor do we belong to any network of or with anarchists; our work is separate and the only thing that could relate us (and only in a few cases) would be the targets and materials that are usually wielded.

  • In September of last year the same writer referred to us again in another (even more extensive) article titled “Nanotechnology: Armed Resistance” [65]; in the article he makes reference to the repercussions that have been shown more than a year since the August 8, 2011 attack at the Atizapán Campu of Monterrey Tec.

Phillips interviewed Silvia Ribeiro, the head of the Latin American wing of the leftist group ETC (Group of Action on Erosion, Technology and Concentration) who were criticized in our fourth communique in note M. Silvia said, “These kinds of attacks are benefiting the development of nanotechnology,” a view that we do not share.

It was obvious that the more the Techno-industrial System grew, these kinds of branches (such as nanotechnology) would have a greater impact in society, and that, seeing that it is one of the sciences of the “future,” it would adapt, study and improve it. We are sure that if we had not done what we have, nanotechnology would have kept its course and that now (like today) it would be one of the most demanded sciences at the global level.

Mrs. Silvia suffers from naivety to say such things, to say that merely because ITS has struck at nanotechnologists, this science has seen benefits to its development. Perhaps she should ask all the researchers who now live in fear of being ITS next target if they work better scared and hidden as they do now.

In reference to these kinds of questions (about whether the system benefits from these kinds of attacks), ITS has responded to a brief interview dated April 28, 2012 in which that question is addressed (specifically in the sixth question); it is worth mentioning that this is the only interview that we have really given and it was a foreign anarchist editorial which you can read on your own time.

  • Concretely and to end this point, Mexican scientists, like scientists of other countries, will continue with their research, they will continue doing studies so the Techno-industrial System becomes stronger and the results of their failure are more obvious and catastrophic–for us that is clear. But what has to also been made clear is that there will be more attacks on these scientists, there will be more attacks on their laboratories and institutions, they must pay for what they are doing to the Earth, they must accept and take responsibility for their actions, and, moments after a bomb explodes in their face (if they survive), they must say “I earned it…”


The response will be expedited, without any compassion.

Because if Technology does not stop, neither will ITS


We do not at all say that the system benefits from our attacks, we have evidence and we have belied it with actions. Although many armed groups do make the system improve and make it stronger.

There are two kinds of leftists of the extremist kind who we can immediately classify by their bad intentions to employ violence against established regimes.

We will divide them into two groups:

A) The ones that make use of armed struggle in order to rise to power:

These groups are the ones that want to come to power with armed actions in order to then have the possibility of implementing a new regime of “peace,” “solidarity,” “equality,” “humanism,” (etc). But over the years they become more oppressive than the previous regime. It doesn’t matter to them if they do the worst damage in achieving power. Examples are aplenty:

  • “Sendero Luminoso,” a Marxist-Maoist group of Peruvian origin

  • Guerrillas lead by Ernesto “Che” Guevara de la Serna.

  • “ETA” Basque independence movement

  • “Combat 18″ right-wing guerrilla

  • The Taliban Movement in the Arab countries

  • The Marxist-Leninist organization “Red Brigades” in Italy

In reality there are many organizations of this kind that can be considered extremist leftists since their militants and/or leaders do not want the destruction of the entire system, they always seek to end up in power. To substitute one thing for another, which ITS classifies as reformist. And although their actions have very strong repercussions and they destroy monuments, buildings, kidnap officials, assassinate presidents, and so on, these attacks do strengthen the system at the root their discourses.

Moving on to the next group:

B) The groups that employ violence so that the government will in turn resolve their demands:

These groups’ struggle is in reality a “serious” call to the attention of the authorities so that they make them protect their “rights”; weary of not being heard or the legal avenues having run out, they use violence so that their demands are fulfilled. As in the above point, there are plenty of examples, we will only mention three in order to not make this point longer:

  • The “Cristero” Movement in Guanajuanto

  • The “Animal Rights Militia” in the 80′s

  • The revolt led by the supposed “Ned Ludd” in England at the beginning of the industrial revolution

The bottom line is that the two mentioned groups, both A and B, are reformists and leftists because they always tend to want to improve the system; their slogans were (and are) “end inequality,” “stop the war,” “halt imperialism,” “rights” for animals, “improvements in public services,” “teaching of religion” in schools, the “destruction of the machines” for the return to manual labor, “economic independence,” the “implementation of communism,” the “implementation of national socialism,” etc.


Some of the slogans (mentioned above), the system agrees to use (or not), since it sees if it is implemented in the daily life of society everything will be at “peace.” For example, it did not agree to halt “globalization” because in this it locates the possibility of having a “free market,” that is, finding a way to over-exploit nature in order to be able to take resources in any part of the world. It did not agree to end the wars (save for calculated exceptions) because that is how they put new technologies in practice so that in the future they can be launched to the market, as happened with the internet, armored vehicles, cell phones, robotics, and more.

Previously in the history of humanity (very similar to the modern era) it was like this:

“War contributes to slavery–slavery fores agriculture, and this in turn contributes and determines sedentary life and ‘peace’” (quote marks added by ITS) [66].

But for example the system does agree that animals have rights, so a more “humane” civilization can give way to new ways of thinking in society, and in this way one of the system’s many most ingenious tricks is plotted. It also agrees to apparently put an end “inequality,” with this it can have the majority without fighting and anyone who discriminates is seen as an inhumane criminal.

It is worth mentioning that for ITS discrimination is not always bad; we will make one simple example for the reader: suppose that you are the head of a tribe who falls sick and someone else has to urgently go for the berries of a shrub that will cure you, and it is far from where the clan finds itself. Who would you send if you know that the forest is full of hungry wild animals that only a group of hunters is able to cross, carrying the berries? You wouldn’t send the women gatherers or the little children, would you? Obviously you would send a group of the most valiant hunters for your remedy. Remember that hunters are also wont to be gatherers and women are very rarely hunters (or occupy themselves with minor hunts) in any tribe.

Then in this example discrimination is not so bad.

Let’s make another example for those political correct people who may feel offended, accusing us of being “machistas” (for the previous example). What person would you make responsible for a work of masonry, if you had a painter of surrealist art and a salesman of good roots?

Obviously you would discriminate against both because neither is suitable, you would have to call a mason to complete the desired work.

As one can read in this point, discrimination is not always bad, it is just that many have accepted it as such due to adaptation to the psychic-cultural schemes established in Civilization, something we call oversocialization. [67]


In this point we will try to distinguish between our stance and anarchist stances.

Since many keep labeling ITS as an anarchist group, we see the need to write what comes, perhaps in this way one will manage to understand (or not) that ITS is something else and cease calling us that. We clarify that we are not offended that they call us anarchists (in case someone might think so), it is simply that things ought to be called by their name.

We will begin by writing something about the old anarchists and only then address topics that have to do with anarcho-nihilism. We put forth that, although within anarchist ideas there are infinite currents, it seems that the majority of individuals with anarchist ideas have ideological schemes and principles that go against “authority,” “property,” “discrimination,” the “law,” the “order,” the “family.” These concepts will be the motive for analysis and comparison with respect to what we think.

What follows does not in any way intend to question anybody, nor to make it seem that ITS has a “secret formula,” it is simply a publicly launched opinion. Everyone acts in consequence with what they live, think and feel.

That said, we begin:

  • Within the extremist leftists of point II there are some old anarchists, even though they did not (or do not) want power to build a directive government. They wanted (or still want) a “social revolution,” they want to achieve a “new society” based on “new values,” like “mutual aid,” “solidarity,” “equal rights,” and other utopias. Such values are the representative values of the system, the ones it wants at all costs to manage to–and that it more or less has managed to–consolidate so that Civilization could be “perfect” and there could not be any dissidence.

These old anarchists of Saint-Simon’s kind of “utopian socialism” wanted to eliminate states, basing themselves on the values that the system would impose softly, without one realizing they were falling into its game. Now in the present anyone who speaks of the “emancipation of the proletariat,” of the “class struggle,” “social revolution” and other two-odd-century-old slogans carries a corpse in their mouth, because those arguments are expired and it is useless to try to propel them now because they no longer have any solid validity.

The old anarchists oppose all authority, and some were really consistent with their ideals until death (there is no doubt of this), but the problem here is in those who wanted to build a “new society,” wanted Civilization to remain, production to be self-managed, Technology to be used for something “good,” goals that we completely reject, since Civilization deserves only destruction and/or rejection–trying to exchange society for a “new” one is not viable now, perhaps it would be viable for anarchists to live in a small community but at the general social level it would even be impossible.

ITS thinks that society must not be exchanged for another or convinced that it is heading to the precipice; (techno-industrial) society (as we said of Civilization above) only deserves to be destroyed, messed up, and rejected, just like this whole filthy system.

Clearly on this point we are only referring to the old anarchists (and a few “new” ones with old ideas), since for some time now anarchist ideas have changed. So-called neo-anarchism or anarcho-nihilism has spread at least through Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania (if it doesn’t already have a presence in Africa too).

  • From what we have read regarding the anarcho-nihilists, some of them do not want to build a new society like their political predecessors, they want its destruction in order to fulfill their commitment which would be the “elimination of all bondage and authority” (in their own terms, of course).

But ITS thinks that authority is not always bad–it is bad when it restricts Freedom, when it limits your capacities to be able to reach your ends. But it is not bad when an authority figure teaches you not to falter, to pick yourself up from some emotional or physical decline, when he gives you wise counsel and when he leads you by good paths.

We think that an example of this non-harmful authority would be the parents and grandparents of primitive man [68] (today, there are very few people remaining who represent non-harmful authority).

On the same topic of authority, the family is related with this thematic. We do not believe that the family would be a problem because it represents a “hierarchical framework” (as some anarchists say); to the contrary, the human being is biologically programmed by nature for being born in community and living together in family. Or perhaps being with family was bad for our hunter-gatherer-nomad ancestors? Not at all. For millions of years primitive man lived happy along with his family, [69] when the tribe grew too large, some consanguineous groups would separate in order to begin a new life, to create a new tribe. When the human being was nomadic, he had respect for the head of the clan, or for parents and authority; how can children now keep respect for parents who are neglectful, paternalistic and bad-intentioned? The family and the Wild Nature of the human being in general was perverted when it started to become civilized. An example of this is the following:

“Crowds become denser, elites became more select, technologies acquired a more technical character. The frustrations and tensions of city life increased in intensity. Inter-tribal clashes became bloodier. There were more people which meant there were more surplus people, people who could be squandered. As human relations, lost in the multitude, became more impersonal, man’s inhumanity increased until reaching horrible proportions.” [70]

This is why ITS says that authority is not always bad, because the rate of familial deterioration (starting with parents and ending with children) depends on various cultural and social facets. Today’s family is oversocialized, it is stuck on hard moralist guidelines, it overprotects children, or, to the contrary, it creates frustrations disregarding or accelerating their development.

For better understanding we transcribe these lines:

“Filicidal [71] hostility manifests itself under the two extreme categories of indulgence [72] and of irrational frustration (in the children). It would seem, moreover, that it obeys basic motivations. On one hand treating them as children even when they are adults, protecting them from mistakes and from “bad steps,” or cynically leaving them to fail in order to thus test their inferiority and impotence and the paternalist sees his perversions realized, confirming his hostile prejudices. On the other hand, [...], a paternalistic attitude is that of “machismo” in which the father, in order to make his son a “man,” humiliates him, stimulates his aggression, wants him to be a premature man, prohibits him from being and recognizing himself as a child. In the first case one perpetuates infantilism in the children, in the second case one mutilates the child from his infancy and inculcates in him a facade of artificial masculinity. In both cases there is hostility with the child, a pathological distortion is perpetuated in him which, like a new link, lengthens the chain of perhaps several generations.” [73]

It is for these reasons that ITS does not defend the slogan “against all authority” that many anarchists express, since this would also include innocuous authority; ITS only rejects the authority that the Techno-industrial System exercises with all its values and civilized pseudomoral schemes.

Family (on the other hand) is not the problem in itself, it is the Civilization that has degraded this natural nucleus, that has contaminated the strong branches of the genealogical tree to turn it into something very different from what it was in a beginning.

  • Many anarchists also position themselves against law and order. But, (again) are order and law always bad? ITS (again) thinks not.

In Wild Nature everything has an order, everything is self-regulated, there is a circle that repeats infinite times so that the natural equilibrium keeps its course and is not lost.

An example: The tree grows, the rain gives it strength, the moon makes it so there is humidity in the environment and new plants may germinate; the tree drops fruits that in turn are eaten by the herbivorous animals and their young so they grow in a future, these herbivorous animals are hunted by carnivorous and omnivorous (human) animals, the meat is for them and their young, the surplus is devoured by scavenging animals and brought to their young, the earth is nourished with what is finally left. A bird comes to the aforementioned tree and brings what it needs for its nest, while the bird flies, a seed falls where the earth is fertile and everything begins again.

From the beginning of time everything has been ruled by the natural order, until Civilization came and changed everything. Everything turned into disorder, chaos.

From this idea that everything in Wild Nature has an order, and because we say that we obey this order and these natural laws, those who disobey these natural statutes are confined to obeying the system [74] and denying their human nature [75].

ITS categorically rejects the chaos of Civilization and ferociously defends the order of Wild Nature.

  • We also differ with anarchists on the term property. We do not believe that private or personal property are bad in all aspects; Stirner in his book The Ego and Its Own [literally Property — transl.] has made this clear.

Our Freedom is ours alone, our individual property, our individual body, like those material (or non-material) things that we have obtained through a really serious effort and we are not ready to share them with any stranger. [76]

We defend egoism but not egocentrismo (which are very different things) since the human being from his beginnings has always had to see for himself and then for the others. Even the term individualidades, used in our pseudonym, emphasizes more firmly what we are. The idea of sharing everything with everyone, as some anarchists (not all) dream, comes across as abnormal and mistaken to us.

  • Perhaps with agree with the anarcho-nihilists on the matter of egoism, since some (few in reality) have openly declared themselves as such, perhaps, also with their discourse about the destruction (and not the reform) of society and of the system; although we don’t know how it is that they want to achieve that… perhaps it would be through an immediate and symbolic destruction of the “established order” (as we have read in their communiques).

ITS has from a beginning said that it does not believe that the destruction of the Techno-industrial System (or Civilization’s collapse) can be propitiated or accelerated by a group of “revolutionaries” or a movement. ITS thinks that this destruction will come from nature or from the system itself. Although we would prefer that it was Wild Nature that drove the system to fall at its feet. Perhaps by means of a global cataclysm, a meteorite from space, a new glacial age, a great solar storm, etc. We would prefer that over the system collapsing under its own weight, because then its fall would be so violent and disastrous that the planet Earth would be left changed, totally polluted and without any remedy to bring itself back and regenerate (or perhaps so, but in millions of years). Whatever will happen will happen, for us it is not too late, we still have instincts (organic impulses or however one wants to call these similarities we still share with wild animals), the human being has lived longer in caves than in great buildings, they have not been able to eradicate our wildness, we are still not machines; we still are and represent nature, and therefore we will defend ourselves from the stranger who comes trying to artificialize us and reduce our sphere of Freedom in the least.

The system is so naive to think that it will eliminate and subjugate every trace of Wild Nature that remains, without thinking that it is not just this planet that represents the Wild Nature it wants to dominate. Other planets with (maybe) subatomic life, other galaxies, star dust, black holes, asteroids, supernovas, suns, stars, natural satellites, dark matter, in sum the entire universe also represents Wild Nature, that infinite proportion that it will never be able to dominate, even though the futuristic visions of some astrophysicists say the contrary.

  • Continuing with the themes of an anarchist nature, we publicly admit that we made a mistake in past communiques (specifically in the first, second and fourth) when we mention persons who we do not know personally, but who at that time we considered “afines” [people we have affinity with — transl.] At that time ITS was rather influenced by liberationist currents (animal and earth liberation) [77] and insurrectionalists, now things have changed, we do not deny that these currents were, in a beginning, an integral part of our ideological development, but we have left them behind, and as one can read above, we have turned into something different.

Today, things have changed.

We will not send out “greetings of support and solidarity” with people who are or are not related with our immediate circle of afines, whether they are incarcerated or have died, we do not see it as strategic in any way.

On the other hand, anarchists of the nihilist-insurrectionalist stripe have for some time called through the internet, written propaganda, etc, that they give “direct support” to their compañeros who have fallen into prison, wounded or even dead. This is how these anarchists’ network has become stronger year after year. Although this has repercussions for some anarchists who have prison records or who only disseminate their communiques on blogs (as happened in Italy), it seems they will not stop for anything. ITS thinks that in these anarchist cells there are sincere people who do not feel the need to construct a new society, but rather to destroy the existent, a mission that for us is not leftist. States really are worried by the rise of anarchist sabotages, which show that they have become a threat for the economic-political system of some countries, something that is worthy of recognition.

  • To end with this topic and all the subtopics, we hope that it has been made clear that although ITS has a few agreements with the anarchists, we are different things.


Perhaps from our first communiques and due to our poor wording in the past, some are confusing our stance with the absurd ideas of the “eco-fascists” who are very popular in Europe.

On this point, we will also differentiate our stance with what these pseudo-ecologists defend, so that no doubt remains that we could ever be the same.

  • Pentti Linkola, a philosopher from Finland, is one of the principle ideologues who promote eco-fascism in his country. Among his principle proposals are:

  • The implementation of a dictatorship headed by intellectuals in ecological topics.

  • Forced sterilizations.

  • A lifestyle similar to the middle ages.

  • He defends the extinction of foreign animals which according to him “destroy the environment.”

  • His perfect society is that people abandon technology and progress but that, on the other hand, leaders have highly technological weapons for their defense.

Although this seems to be a joke, we are forced to ask, do these ideas have similarities with the ones that ITS defends? It is obvious they do not.

  • Our stance positions itself against the Techno-industrial System, we defend Wild Nature at all costs trying to achieve true Freedom [78], rejecting the values of the system that are progressivist and leftist. Like the nature that we still are, we defend ourselves against all Civilized aggression, resisting, confronting, criticizing and attacking the researchers who try to push us toward the bottomless hole of artificialization with their advanced sciences.

We do not want a new “alternative” or “greener” regime lead by intellectuals, military officials, or politicians; we want all the regimes that Civilization [79] encompasses to be destroyed. And as we do not want new states, nor do we believe in forced sterilization, since that would entail believing in politics, in rights, in the laws of Civilization, which we reject. It is obvious that overpopulation is a real problem for the free development of the human being, of animals and the Earth; it is totally abnormal to live together with hundreds of strangers around you. But at least ITS does not answer by reducing the global population, positioning ourselves in favor of human sterilization or collective genocide. ITS only answers by rejecting it and hurling radical critique at the Techno-industrial Society and not falling into its game, only this.

  • We do not believe that the kind of life of the middle ages would be appropriate to live. And neither do we believe that people in general would want and/or can return to living in that way. The form of life that ITS defends (and the one that the human being is biologically programmed for through evolution) is that of hunter-gatherer-nomad; in many parts of the world people still live in this way (with all of the limitations), which shows that it is still viable to live in this way; we emphasize that this form of life can be carried out only by those few who are decided to break with everything civilized; we are not insinuating that all people should adopt it.

Remember that in past times, “… [The people who formed Civilization] were the discontent, the weak and the disparaged who separated themselves from their more fortunate and dominant companions and made the first attempts to settle and break ground for a way of life” [80] (brackets are from ITS).

Now, in modern times it is for the few strong and decided individuals to abandon Civilization and return to the Nature we are part of.[81]

  • The extinction of species in many cases is even natural and is tied to their evolution (even Darwin called it “natural selection” [82]).

Nature knows when and at what moment the time has arrived in which some animal will cease to exist. Extinction forms part of the ecological equilibrium and one must accept this.

Everything is fine until the human being comes with its anthropocentrism and wants to “save” or preserve these kinds of species whose own environment and physiology have brought them to disappearance.

The natural equilibrium is also violated when the anthropocentric human being massively hunts various animals to remove some “prime material” or simply for sport, creating a “civilized extinction” (to call it that).

ITS positions itself against this artificial and irrational extinction. In fact, Nature does not need the civilized human to take charge of intentionally extinguishing species (as Linkola declares), and it remains clear that these kinds of acts are in themselves an attack against Wild Nature [83].

Mr. Pentti Linkola is against “foreign” animals bringing an environment to “imbalance,” but what Linkola hasn’t thought (or seen) is that the same Civilization is what drives those animals to “invade” other foreign environments in the face of that Civilization’s demographic growth. So the problem is not the foreign animals, but the Civilization, it is the true problem.

  • The positions of ITS and the positions of the so-called “eco-fascists” are vastly different and completely antagonistic. While they want to regulate overpopulation, the ecological damage of industrialization, and they say they are concerned for the Earth, their pseudo-positions are nothing more than leftist, reductionist and irrational ideologizations. Many of them exalt Nordic and/or Germanic paganism, are vegetarians in the style of Hitler, study botany and biology, live in forests in a rural manner, but they do not have a real critique of the Techno-industrial System and they adopt recycled and useless ideologies (such as national socialism, fascism, monarchical totalitarianism, etc). In brief, “eco-fascism” is the result of minds of little intelligence, adapted to aberrant and reformist political-social-military theories that only want the system to become stronger.


We hope that we have (at least) have made ourselves understood in the majority of the points written so far in this seventh communique.**

ITS thinks that in order to plot an effective struggle against the Techno-industrial System, these kinds of texts have to be made public, as well as analysis and (self) criticism that lead to reflection, rejection and confrontation; it takes experiences, lived experiences, mistakes and failures have to be committed, it also takes time. What is not needed is immobilism, useless confrontation, lack of analysis and/or lack of radicalism. We said in point IV, we do not have the “secret formula,” we act under trial and error, we accept our faults and with this we keep on going.


To end this text, we claim responsibility for sending a letter with explosive-incendiary material to the nanotechnology researcher Sergio Andrés Águila of the Institute of Biotechnology of UNAM in the city of Cuernavaca, Morelos.

ITS wants to emphasize that this action is not a “reaction from organized crime to the implementation of the single police command” as was said by that state’s jumpy governor Graco Ramírez [84].

Our attacks are directed to more concrete targets, the authorities and the press are always the ones who want to gloss over the information and/or make it seen differently.

ITS is not interested in the police’s “single commands,” what’s more we are not interested in politics (we consider ourselves apolitical) since our motivations go beyond the simple politicking that we are accustomed to.

It is worth mentioning that the Institute of Biotechnology of UNAM in Cuernavaca has already been hit before. On November 8, 2011, the biotechnology researcher Ernesto Méndez Salinas was assassinated by a shot to the head on Teopanzaolco Avenue; months later the police reported that they had arrested those responsible [85], which is a lie.

It is not an accident that the same institute has been hit now, in order to make the truth known: the biotechnologist Méndez Salinas, on November 8 (only three months after the explosion in Monterrey Tec) became the first mortal victim of ITS

We have said it before, we act without any compassion in the feral defense of Wild Nature. Did those who modify and destroy the Earth think their actions wouldn’t have repercussions? That they wouldn’t pay a price? If they thought so, they are mistaken.

For the moment we only claim these actions, the Mexican government along with the scientific community know very well what attacks we have not made public, and although they hide the information, there is always space to again read something about the people who oppose in action the progress of the Techno-industrial System [86].

For now, that is all there is to say…

Individualists Tending toward the Wild

A brief note (22 February 2013)

By means of this short message, ITS claims responsibility for the envelope with incendiary contents which detonated on a curious worker of a business linked with the Mexican Postal Service (Sepomex) on the afternoon of February 21 of this year.

The authorities have declared that the parcel was addressed to a woman named Lilia Botello, which is a lie.

As one can see in the photograph from the press, the label that carried the address was burned when the dynamite was activated. This only left the supposed return address, which carried the name of Lilia Botello Ramos, with a residence in the San André Tetepilco neighborhood of the Iztapalapa sector of the Mexican capital.

ITS usually chooses some name and address at random to fill in the return address. Obviously we are not going to put our names in!

For the time being we are not publicizing the name of the real intended recipient, we will keep it secret in order to hinder the police investigations.

We are aware that these kinds of “accidents” may happen to reoccur, but this is only one of the consequences that the war against the Techno-industrial System brings.

As we have said in our seventh communique: If Technology does not stop, neither will ITS

Individualists Tending toward the Wild

Message Eight (March 2014)

After a short period of silence due to recent events (public and not so public), the terrorist group ITS has something to declare:

“What is needed is not to seek negotiations with the system, but a life and death struggle against it” [87] – Theodore John Kaczynski


The popular science journal “Nature” published an article (October 2013) criticizing our third statement [88], which we wrote after bursting the meat of technonerds at Monterrey Tech in August 2011. In this text the “nano-anthropologist” Chris Toumey (University of South Carolina) made a very poor attempt to “break” our primary motivation in which we have to attack.

In the article, Mr. Toumey states that our attacks against nanotechnology are basically founded on the supposition of the Grey Goo scenario [89]. Which is a lie.

The Grey Goo is a theory that first began to be popular in scientific environments and then caught the attention of the general public. The Nano-technologist Eric Drexler was the first person to use the term in his book “Engines of Creation” in 1986. In the year 2000, the co-founder of Sun Microsystems, Bill Joy wrote the famous article “Why the future does not need us”, (which we mentioned in our third communiqué), which set forth an apocalyptic vision of the Gray Goo, an article that caught the attention of some pseudo-critics of civilization, like John Zerzan, etc..

Since 2004 (when nanotechnology was more than a reality) the issue became so outrageous that Drexler publicly stated that the Grey Goo was only an illusory idea, and technological conditions were not suitable (at the time) for a catastrophe, as predicted years ago, to arise.

Given this, ITS want to state the following:

  1. The hypothetical threat of Grey Goo has NEVER been our main motivation to begin the attack on nanotechnology in Mexico.

2. Since our third statement was published until now, some ideas of members of ITS have CHANGED (as evidenced from the sixth statement to this), and one of them is all that has to do with the alleged Grey Goo.

3. Now, we consider this theory as a simple catastrophic assumption, from a twisted mind hungry for public attention (Drexler).

With this statement we do not intend, in the least, that technologists give us their academic acceptance by rejecting the Grey Goo scenario (because obviously that will never happen, as they will never accept terrorism against them).

We employed direct attacks to damage both physically and psychologically, NOT ONLY experts in nanotechnology, but also scholars in biotechnology, physics, neuroscience, genetic engineering, communication science, computing, robotics, etc.. because we reject technology and civilization, we reject the reality that they are imposing with ALL their advanced science. We deny a life imposed on us by the system that dictates that we must walk mindlessly, obligatorily obeying orders from large organizations (industrial giants that tell you what to eat, what not to do, to say, to wear, where to go, etc..) and people outside our inner circle. We negate the artificiality and we cling to our past as Warriors of the Earth who cling to our darkest instincts of survival, and although we know we are civilized humans, we are awake and we claim ourselves as fierce individualists in TOTAL WAR against all that threatens our nature and Wild Naturethat is left.

“(…) On the altar of technological development, we are sacrificing all areas of our individual freedom and the possibility of living a life really worth living. Now it’s up to each of us to choose to be obedient subjects, or to try to live, here and now, and reject the existent (…)” [90] – Nicola Gai

  • We chose to attack from the outset, because nanotechnology is a science that is having a significant growth in the future and will exponentially advance global economic and power OVER all Wild Nature.

Nanotechnology pushes a hyper-technological process and a hyper-artificiality of imposed reality, which in itself is already too absurd for scientists, so they try to make it more miserable and mechanical.

Already Albert Einstein once said: “All our supposed technological advances are like an axe in the hands of a madman.”

  • Toumey in his article in “Nature”, has also said that we know nothing about nanotechnology and that it is absurd to attack, knowing so little. ITS members are not going to discuss with experts the pros and cons of nanotechnology, so if we say that we UNDERSTAND loudly, that science (and other things) are a danger to our individuality, and to the natural environment in which we evolved, there is no need to be a genius or have high academic and labour studies, to shred all this garbage of technological progress.

  • Taking issue with the arrogant criticism of Toumey, ITS has realized (as FC realized years ago) [91] that scholars, professors, researchers and academics are not always as smart as they claim to be, because if so, Herrera and Aceves of Monterrey Tech would not have been injured by the explosion of a letterbomb (which you could tell was from the apocryphal leagues), the morning of August 8, 2011; if it was like this, the professor of the Polytechnic University of Pachuca would not have suffered various burns after opening a package that was NOT addressed to him, but a nano-technologist, the afternoon of December 8, 2011; if he was smart, the biotechnologist Méndez Salinas of the Institute of Bio-Technology (IBT) of UNAM would have noticed that someone was watching for him for weeks in his footsteps, and he would not have received that shot that killed him instantly, the night of November 8, 2011 [92].

If all these technonerds had had any brains, they would know in advance that there are people who are bitterly opposed to the way they are domesticated, mutating and ending life and wild environments, and would not have committed so much to their daily routines.

Along with these three real examples, we could list other objectives (such as attacks on Olivera, activist of Greenpeace, and the nanotechnologists Galem Rondero and Sergio A. Águila [93] of the UNAM, in 2011 and 2013) that although not injured, left much to be desired regarding their supposed intelligence, being university professors.

At the same time, view the decision of scholars in state, district and / or national security, criminology, ballistics, law, etc.., Hiding our attacks, is not worthy of smart people with advanced degrees, because these people know very well that hiding them while more and more of our attacks happen will mean that we will claim at the same time a list of acts, (as we have done so far), to create a greater impact, and/or highlight the lies and cover-ups by the authorities, making them look like ridiculous idiots.

Anyway, with this ITS wants to make it clear once again that the flaccid reviews of smart academic experts will not stop us, their darkest fears will come true sooner or later.


As we continue along the same path of artificial growth, the mentality and conduct of the Technoindustrial Society will be gradually manipulated further. There will come a time in which the Leftist masses will miss attacks on technology, civilization and progress, and blindly believe what is killing them slowly now is good, and all those who dare to contradict their values are crazy or dysfunctional. And while this may be applicable, ITS would like to emphasize that although the official (and unofficial) media disqualify and silence our attacks, these are things that do not interest us, to speak ill of ITS or suspiciously hide information indicates that we have become a latent threat [94] [95] [96] and will continue to be (of course), unless the Technoindustrial system collapses (sarcasm), or before we are caught, although the latter option seems to be far from realization.


From the beginning we have claimed our attacks, whether they have worked or not, whether they have come to public light or not, why? Because as individualists we are responsible for our own actions; our packages explode or not; our bullets hit the target or not; this will continue to be included in future adjudications. At this point ITS claim the following acts:

  • August 2012: We sent a packet with explosive payload to neurologists of the Autonomous Technological Institute of Mexico (ITAM) in Mexico City, which no public notice was learned of; how the package was found or deactivated etc.; a typical act when it comes to direct attack to physically injure the wealthy technonerds of such an institute.

  • September 2013: Parcel bomb addressed to Alejandra Lagunes Soto, former director of Google Mexico and current head of the National Digital Strategy Coordination of the Presidency of the Republic.

  • September 2013: Explosive package to the Director of modernization and administration of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) Guillermo Turrent Schnas.

In the latter two cases no public news broke, since then, the DF government was busy enough to contain the demonstrations of teachers and anarchist riots caused by them, leaving aside such acts. The crisis had been made more than obvious, as the authorities had decided to not publish in their media the news of the attacks. However, it is known that these packages are ours.


Finally, as we had already mentioned in past releases, with these attacks we have executed we are not trying to win or lose (because who thinks they will win, since that time, has already lost). Our attacks address the system and that which sustain it, our acts demonstrate that we have NOT submitted, we have NOT accepted their values, we remain human rather than robots, that we have NOT fully domesticated our behaviour, that we are reluctant to join their lies and their negotiations, covenants that we do not want. We do not want something more beneficial or less harmful. We want confrontation, war to the death against this dirty system.


Maybe it will call the attention of observers that ITS cite these two anarchists, and we stress that clearly their words and actions coincides with ours even though we don’t entirely agree with all their ideas. We quote them anyway, as we would have done if anarchists Mario Buda, Galliani, Di Giovani, Roscigna, Ravachol, among others, were alive.

Here, we mention that in 2011 the (newly formed) ITS was testing various modus operandi (from known and attempted arson attacks on cars and construction machinery, companies and institutions in Coahuila, Guanajuato, and Veracruz State of Mexico, until we decided to focus on terrorism and not sabotage), some were successful and some not, the most violent cell of ITS in Morelos, being already familiar with the purchase and use of firearms, decided to implement the act by then. It would be the strongest (the murder of Méndez), and in fact was claimed in an indirect and/or symbolic form to achieve on the 8th November, (as an equal to the day of the attack on Monterrey Tech 8th August). We also mentioned this in a letter sent to a pair of physicists from the UNAM (read our sixth communiqué) in November of that year (for this, you can read a little more in an interview for an anarchist project ITS answered in April 2012, but published in late January of this year 2014), the act was not the impact we wanted in that year, because there was no DIRECT logical reasons, so waited until 2013 to reorganize another blow at the same institute [letter bomb to Andres Aguila, researcher of UNAM Institute of Biotechnology].

It was like this the ITS cell in Morelos chose Chilean Nanotechnologist Sergio Andrés Águila. It was directed precisely to a Chilean, because we decided to symbolically thank the blog in Chile Liberación Total for spreading our texts (this we already spoke of in our seventh release). The information (full name, address, and other data) of Mr Águila was sent to ingenious cells of ITS in DF [Mexico City Federal District], they are familiar with the manufacture of homemade explosives, sent package bombs, but by a failure of the electrical mechanism, the device did not explode, but because the package was opened by the same Andrés Águila, at least had not missed it’s target. The researcher would have received the same degree of injuries (if not more) that was sustained by a curious man who opened one of our packages in DF (21 February 2013), a few days after what had happened in Morelos (11 February 2013) [the letterbomb attempt against Aguila]. Although this attack did not reach the expected result, it served to know the TRUTH about removing Mendez by ITS group members.

Curiously, a month after the fact we acted, the main suspect who was in jail accused of the murder of the technologist and other charges was acquitted for lack of evidence

“Acquittal of alleged murderer of UNAM researcher.” Milenio Diario. March 19, 2013.

With this we break the silence, saying that we destroy any questions about our responsibility in the attack; as we said above, as individualists we become responsible for our own actions; and to the authorities and objectives struck, to give them no doubt that our words are NO joke, they are NOT a game, our words are only the consequences of our actions.

“Alarm in Europe of Mexican anarchists” Process Magazine 1903, April 21, 2013.

“Government identifies anarchist groups” Reforma, 11 October 2013.

Wild Reaction (2014-2015)

First Message (14 August 2014 — Cuernavaca, Morelos)

“The people who are pushing all this garbage of development and technological progress should be severely punished.”

After a little more than three years of criminal-terrorist activity, the group “Individualists Tending toward the Wild” (ITS), begins a new phase in this open war against the Technoindustrial System, which we explain below:


First of all, we want to explain that during all of 2012 and 2013, various groups of a terrorist and sabotage stripe were uniting themselves with the group ITS, so that now, after a long silence and for purely strategic reasons, we publicly claim:

  1. The “Informal Anti-civilization Group,” which on June 29, 2011, took responsibility for the explosion that severely damaged a Santander bank in the city of Tultitlan, Mexico.

  2. “Uncivilized Autonomous,” who on October 16, 2011 set off a bomb inside the ATMs of a Banamex, located between the cities of Tultitlan and Coacalco in Mexico State.

  3. “Informal Circle of Antagonistic Individualists,” who in September 2009 set several wild horses free from a farm in Aguascalientes.

  4. “Wild Indomitables,” who on October 16, 2011 left a butane gas bomb that did not detonate in a Santander bank in the Álvaro Obregón district of Mexico City. The act was never claimed until now.

  5. “Terrorist Cells for the Direct Attack – Anti-civilization Fraction,” which in 2010 and 2011 left a fake bomb in front of the IFaB (Pharmacological and Biopharmeceutical Research), and detonated an explosive outside the building of the National Ecology Institute (INE), both in the Tlalpan district of Mexico City.

  6. “Luddites against the Domestication of Wild Nature,” who during 2009 to 2011 had taken part in various incendiary attacks in some cities in Mexico State and various districts of Mexico City, claimed or unclaimed.

  7. “NS – Fera – Kamala y Amala” which on December 9, 2011, left an explosive package addressed to the director of the National Institute of Psychiatry “Ramón de la Fuente” in the Tlalpan district, Mexico City. It was deactivated by the police bomb squad. On the 15th of this month, the same group warned through email of the presence of a car bomb in the institution’s parking lot, which, although it was a false warning, created terror among the officials of that center of mental alienation.

  8. “Earth Liberation Front – Bajío”, which on November 16, 2011 set off an explosive charge creating damages within the ATM area of a branch of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) in the city of Irapuato in Guanajuato.

Likewise, during this year, 2014, two more terroristic groups have united with us who have put the development of the Technoindustrial System in their sights, we refer to:

  1. The “Obsidian Point Circle of Attack,” which at the end of March of this year sent a letter-bomb via express mail to the Rector of UNAM in Mexico City.

  2. The “Atlatl Group,” which in April of this year claimed responsibility for bomb threats and intimidating messages to academic institutions in Michoacán, Mexico State, Mexico City, Puebla and Zacatecas.

All of these have now fused with the ITS groups in Morelos, Mexico City, Guanajuato, Hidalgo, Coahuila and Veracruz.

Due to this union, the extravagant and little-practical pseudonym of “Individualists Tending toward the Wild” (ITS) ceases to exist, and from now on the attacks against technology and civilization will be signed with the new name of “Wild Reaction” (RS).


RS will take the initiative of attacking human targets as it was with ITS, but we will also charge against public and private property. The research centers will be burned along with their scientists, the businesses that promote artificiality along with their employees and executives will suffer attacks; in sum, everything that involves civilization, technology and progress will be fiercely attacked.

And if for that reason, during an attack, some citizen is wounded or killed, we won’t care, we will be indifferent and indiscriminating. The population, the mass, the people, the community, the sheep, the society does not merit our consideration, neither warnings, nor calls to attention, nor anything at all, because they are all part of the system; let it be clear, if they cross our path they are going to regret it… and we already showed this in the past with ITS. [2]

“Anything based on the masses, the herd, carries in itself the seeds of slavery. This crowd, which does not self-determine its values, is incapable of defining its own life.”

- A.


The groups that form RS will have their own names, this is just for inter-group decision.

These groups will enjoy autonomy, will be able to carry out acts of sabotage as well as terrorist ones, (if they want to), when they want, breaking with the “formalities of attack” and predestined group dates. That is, in any moment and any place, the latent threat of aggression will be present.


We deny being followers of Ted Kaczynski [3]; we have indeed learned many things from reading Industrial Society and Its Future, the texts after this and the letters before this text signed by “Freedom Club” (FC), but that does not mean that we are his followers. In fact our position clashes with Kaczynski’s, FC’s, his disciple Último Reducto and others, since we do not consider ourselves revolutionaries, we do not want to form an “anti-technological movement” that encourages the “total overthrow of the system,” we do not see it as viable, we do no want victory, we do not pretend to win or lose, this is an individual fight against the mega-machine; we don’t care about getting something positive from this, since we are simply guided by our instincts of defense and survival.

We are for the rejection of artificiality and of modern reality. We deny the values of the system such as “equality,” “promiscuous solidarity,” “peace,” “progress,” “plurality,” “humanism,” etc.

We defend our identity as “modern” humans clinging to our primitive past.

We cast our labels like “anti-civilization,” “primitivist,” “anarchist,” “anti-technology,” “luddite,” because RS is a unique tendency that does not need these tired and twisted labels for defining ourselves.

Thus neither Kaczynski, Último Reducto, Zerzan, Derrick Jensen, or any other with the (supposed) “primitivist” stamp represents RS.

Nor do the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI), the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire (CCF), Feral Faun, or any other with the “eco-anarchist” or “anti-civilization cell of…” stamp.

RS and its groups only represent themselves.

“[This] is a way of expressing our ‘ego.’ An ‘ego’ that wants to differentiate itself from the herd of slaves, an ‘ego’ that does not bow its head, an ‘ego’ that does not wait for the masses to rebel, an ‘ego’ that vindicates its own name, its own ‘acronym’ and does not hide behind anonymity.”

- C.


Previously some (but not all) of the groups that have united as RS were exclusively formed by “eco-anarchists” and “radical ecologists,” now RS is formed by nihilist saboteurs, incendiary nomads, individualist delinquents, terrorist anarchists, politically and morally incorrect critics, that is, RS is a group of affinities who are ready for everything that is necessary, for achieving what we want… and what we want is the destabilization of the system, the direct punishment of those immediately responsible for the subjugation of wild nature (including human nature).

We are a considerable group of wild ones who are conscious that our ancestors were warriors and we vindicate ourselves in the same way. We are the minority of the minority, we have decided to undertake a war against everything that is taking away our essence as natural humans, and is fixing us to turn us into humiliated humanoids.

This essence that we cling to has been transmitted to us by our wild ancestors, it pushes us to follow the path of confrontation and resistance, against alienation, against what wants to domesticate us and keep us alienated from our true home: the forests, the deserts, the hills, the mountains, the jungles, the coasts.

The Technoindustrial System and its unimpeded advance snatched from us the way of living free that our great-great-grandfathers enjoyed; civilization with its agriculture and its sedentarism covered the environment in gray and deprived us of memory; modernity stunned our primitive instincts and senses; the animals we hunted died from the plague of technology; the places where wandered and rested were devastated by infrastructure and overpopulation; progress sunk us in ignorance; natural wisdom was lost in the passing of generations.

Day by day we drive ourselves to extinction, we are at the edge of the abyss, since we do not intend to adapt ourselves to the system nor to its submissive society, nor to its moral values.

But we have awoken! That primitive essence continues with us, it is not domesticated, it feels uncomfortable in the cities and it whispers constantly to us: “You do not belong here, destroy your cage.”

This is why during these years we have intensified the conflict against artificiality, this is why we have burned machines, set off explosives, created terror, torn living flesh, punctured heads, just as the ancients did in the wars against civilization, in defense of their way of life; that way of life still exists though it may be very minimal, and we will defend it to the end.

For those who think that the war against civilized ended with the extermination of the ethnic groups, hunter-gatherer nomads, original people of these lands in the war of the wild ones (chichimeca), after more than 400 years, allow us to tell you that you thought wrong.

We are the warrior legacy!

Those who sustain this dirty system will not live peacefully…

Wild Reaction / Reacción Salvaje (RS)

“Kill or Die” Group / Grupúsculo “Matar o Morir”

First photo of RS

Second photo of RS

For those who may think that the individuals from the photograph are “our leaders,” let us say this is a lie. RS does NOT have leaders or a fixed and absolute leader, we are NOT an army or Marxist guerrilla group, RS is composed of groups of individuals responsible for our own actions, who act according to their possibilities.

The photograph was a proposal from one of the groups, to show its individual capacity to inflict damage by means of firearms, and to visually express the extreme defense of wild nature. While the image is full of symbolism and meanings, we only explain one: The feather in the hat of one of them represents that they have taken a life, this subject is sitting under the letter “s,” the first letter of the name Salinas, of Ernesto Méndez Salinas, the biotechnologist assassinated in Cuernavaca in 2011, the first mortal victim of ITS.

Enemies, observe well! This is not a game, it is not a joke, it is real!

We have the weapons, the explosives and the warrior legacy in our blood, we are coming for you!

Last Message (14 August 2015)

This past Full Moon, somewhere in the Old Northern Mesoamerica, was held the general meeting of Wild Reaction [RS] and it's affinity groups, in which the following points were concluded:

1.- It is necessary to continue separately with the individual and group initiatives of those who came together in RS a Gregorian year ago (1). Wild Reaction more than a formal group was a meeting of thoughts and practices relating to the extreme defense of wild nature and against the artificiality imposed by the modern technological system, which selectively reunited valuable individualists breaking off from groups and cells active in sabotage and terrorism since 2007. Those who got involved in it take with them learnings and wisdom, strategies, operativity, and some other things.

2.- It could be said that some individuals within RS, did not entirely agree with what was stated by the communiques or with what was being done from the beginning. Points of view were always respected, of course, provided when criticism had a valid basis. This is another reason why RS ceases to exist to begin a NEW phase of struggle and extremist resistance against the scientific and technological system, against the artificiality of human progress and against civilization. After fruitful internal discussions, the cycle ends for Wild Reaction, and another begins.

3.- RS was nourished by the propaganda work of its direct dissemination bodies such as "Ediciones Aborigen" from Hidalgo in charge of the "Carbon Ink Groupuscule", the "Regresión" publication of Michoacan in charge of the "Coyote-skin Cloak Groupuscule", and the website "El Tlatol" from Guanajuato by the "Council of Uehuetlatolli Groupuscule". Each of these bodies served at the time with a work of analysis, study, statement, and the spreading of eco-extremism both in the territory called Mexico and outside of it. After separation of RS, "Ediciones Aborigen" and "El Tlatol" have dissolved to start other projects of dissemination or not.

The only project of its kind that remains is the "Regresión" publication, the editors will continue to be on the lookout for what happens during the "Post Mortem" of RS.

4.- Wild Reaction has divided into four groups:

A) Anonymous groups or individuals unwilling to claim their acts of terrorism or sabotage, with no interest in a fixed name or standing by initials.

B) Groups or individuals with no direct claim by Internet of the attacks carried out, but they WILL be leaving small claims of action with the detonating explosives, and graffiti in places where they act, etc.

C) Groups with distinctive names and claims on the internet and/or at the location of the attacks, these may be terrorist or sabotage. We wont mention names now, these groups will be revealed in their own time and guidelines.

D) Individualists Tending to the Wild will continue executing acts of terrorism, as it did before RS.

The cycle ends but the war is ongoing, remaining in the history of RS are the propaganda strategies, the detonation of explosive devices, the rhetoric put into action, the activation of incendiary devices, the mockery of the authorities, the sending of parcel bombs, the damage, the injuries, the psychosis, the bomb threats, the exaltation of paganism, the use of firearms, the participation in riots to create tension and provoke the idiotic masses, the sadistic romanticism, the answered criticism by joint communiques, the propaganda of terror, the armed robberies at convenience stores and banks which were never claimed, the symbolism in images and pictures, the construction of eco-extremist discourse based on the resistance of the native hunter-gatherer and nomadic warriors, the international conspiracies, etc. Although it is certain that all this will continue with the groups that have broken off from RS, each will create their own history.

Without further explanation, long speeches or unnecessary analysis:

Wild Reaction
Kill or Die
Night Hunter
Coyote-skin Cloak
Carbon Ink
Rain of Arrows
Until your death or mine!
Uaxixil Spirit
Mixtón Thunder
Lord of the Green Fire
Of the Occult
Council of Uehuetlatolli
Lurking Wildcats

Death to Wild Reaction!
Life to the new eco-extremist Groups!
In extreme defense of wild nature!
Against the technological system EVERYTHING goes!


1) About the "anniversary" of RS, an American site dedicated to the fight against terrorism published on its Twitter account, the 12th of this month, "Anti-Technology Group Claims Attempts to Fire-Bomb Three Locations in Mexico" the text is the communique of the RS Groupuscules "Mixtón Thunder" and "Lord of the Green Fire", on the packages with incendiary devices left at the Human Rights Commission, the Federal Electricity Commission and the Lucerna University on July 2 of this year.

On the 13th the Mexican media made a whole fuss about this information, one of these tabloid articles by the Milenio Diario where it was declared "Terrorism site alert of possible attacks in Mexico." Its lines full of paranoid lies and bad handling of the English language reveal all the media who followed suit as ignorant, what they come to do to sell. ALL our deepest scorn to them.



Cursed Chronology

The history of Reaction Wild.


"But when one I know transform in individual, is alone, and must face the fear in everybody their subjugates Y dangerous



Wild Reaction was a cluster of united groups that acted under their own means according to their possibilities, executing sabotage and attacks against the technological system, against those who support it, improve and spread it. RS had as its objective everything that is and represents artificiality, progressivism, technology, modernity, civilization, humanism, Y the rest. they put in tall, in the Unknown name of Wild Nature, to our warrior ancestors who fought to the end against that which tried to subjugate them, that tried to take away their primitive ways of life, and that pushed them to forced extinction, dying in that fight.

In the short history of RS, the group has given much to talk about, due to its unique, unknown and persistent nature, being harshly criticized by certain left-wing circles or agreeing with certain aspects of the trend they defended, be it What be, RS followed in active wearing carrying out attacks, exposing theoretical statements, creating debates, marking conspiracies, publishing editorial works, etc.

It that follow it is the chronology damn of the group, a punctual recount that covers from the beginning of the project, its culmination, and its consequences.

The fight against artificiality is marked by certain stages, and although the groups that defend the position of individualistic and nihilistic eco-extremism begin Projects by separate, the war is continuous, the individualists who have given life to the conflict follow in war, the groups will follow proliferating, example of this it is the appearance of the " Pagan Sect of the Mountain", which after the closing of this edition, they had taken responsibility of an attack against one of the leading companies in the branch of the infrastructure industry in Mexico: OHL, assuming its responsibility and expressing a certain continuity after the dissolution of RS It is evident that extremist acts will continue.

Is chronology right that it could Add a that of individualities tending a the wild (2011-2013), oa the of the cells anti-civilization of the earth liberation front (2008-2012), but we decided to focus on RS, for now.

By the growing and threatening trend in defending Extremist of the nature Wild!

Against the technological System, the civilization and the artificiality!

axkan kama, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!

Cursed Chronology
  • August 14, 2014: A dozen groups, both eco-anarchists (at the time) and terrorist critics, unite with the Its group, and issue the first release announcing its adherence against the only target to hit: the techno- industrial system.

Wild Reaction they call themselves, they are divided into small groups of individuals who, under individual initiative, may take part both in attacks on target persons, What attacks against public and private property.

According to the statement, where two individuals can be seen hooded armed with pistols short guns, a machine gun and an altar to nature, Wild Reaction has a presence in DF, State of Mexico, Hidalgo, Morelos, Guanajuato, Aguascalientes, Zacatecas, Veracruz, Coahuila, Puebla and Michoacán.

  • 19 of August: Arises organ of diffusion electronics Wild Reaction, the project is called "El Tlatol " and brings together all the texts, analysis, news and claims of both Its and the groups that make up RS. “El Tlatol ”, name allusive to the demon that according to the friars, during the Mixtón War (1541) seized the minds of the savage Chichimecs to commit terrorist barbarities against the Spanish, indigenous allies and slaves of the Westerners themselves, who they arrived a encroach its territory, called "Great Chichimeca".

  • September 12: The first Wild Reaction release taking the attention of the press who starts to speculate on the possible targets of the terrorist group, after the attack in the Chilean subway, national security analyzes the threat of RS, for which it foresees two dates in which the group may be able to act, either in the parade military of 16 of that same month or in the march on October 2. The alarms in the federal government are on.

  • September 16: During the “Independence Day” military parade, the federal surveillance bodies Y military keep a siege of surveillance

extreme, so much it is So that until the kids are frisked. The government was not only nervous about RS's threats, but even more powerful ones.

  • October 1: The night of September 30, a group of hooded men throw stones and Molotov cocktails at one of the entrances to the National Autonomous University of Mexico, several cars parked Y a motorcycle are damaged by fire, during the attack several of the managers of surveillance of Instead they try to catch the hooded men, so they drive them away with the detonation of a firearm. The claimed action is posted on the blog “Wild Instinct”, so the media begin to draw erroneous conclusions and publish in newspapers and electronic media that Wild Reaction had been responsible for this fact. In view of this, the organ of diffusion and study of SR, the journal Regression (adherence not yet made public), in its second number Y in its text introductory denies the accusation of the media and, unmarks the group in question from the falsehood spread by the mass media.

  • October 2: In the annual demonstration there are slight clashes between hooded men and grenadiers, but any that indicate presence of RS. The tabloid media are left wanting to write rubbish.

  • October 2: The new organ archival of diffusion of Wild Reaction, the magazine Harmful Words Number 6 of Ediciones Aborigen, which under the name of Group ink of coal yes it continues editing

  • October 5: The Small Group "Night Hunter" RS detonates an explosive device made up of butane gas cans in the Secretary of the Environment in the municipality of Tlalnepantla, Condition of Mexico. East it would be RS's first attack since its first statement in August of that year.

  • October 16: The Small Group "Rain of Arrows" of RS, a threat is assigned of bomb in the IPN National Biotechnology Meeting, held in the city of Tlaxcala. In the statement the small group writes that the organizers ignored the warning, evidencing that No them matter for nothing the physical integrity of the participants and that if in the future the threat turned out to be real, the injured or dead (if that were the case) would not be the responsibility of RS. The claim is signed from Puebla.

  • 1 of november 2014: It is published the first Uncivilized Conduct statement signed from Buenos Aires, Argentina, a group related to the trend extremist in defending of the nature Y in war against technology, in the text they are awarded:

  • Threat of bomb a the Offices LAN

  • Threat of bomb a the Faculty of Engineering

  • Threat for Hannibal Cofone, secretary of Science and Technician from the University of Buenos Aires

  • Threat of bomb a the University National Technological

  • Bomb threat at Ezeiza airport, specifically a a flight of LAN with destiny to Santiago de Chile

  • Attempt with artifact incendiary frustrated against an electrical substation.

promise plus attacks, the seed of the confrontation grows in the south.

  • November 13 : The small groups of RS, "Kill or Die", "Manto de Piel - Coyote" and "Tinta de Carbón", publish an extensive statement entitled "Some answers about the present and NOT the future", in where they respond a the criticism of “ Isumatag Editions ” (Spain). In this text RS makes clear its position on against the strategy of the "anti-tech revolution " and moves away from Ksczynskian concepts. The statement containing the group's logo is signed from Pachuca, Hidalgo. In this text it is also evident , the public adherence of "Ediciones Aborigen" and "Revista Regression" to Recepción Salvaje, and although they do not mention it directly, in future editorial works both groups will identify themselves with the names of "Tinta de Carbón" and "Manto de Piel - Coyote” respectively.

  • November 14: "Night Hunter" small group of RS, detonates by the night a artifact explosive a base of butane gas in the Fundación Teletón México in the municipality of Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico.

  • November 15: The Small Group "Until your death or mine!" of RS, claims an attack incendiary that damaged the electrical power cables of the Cemex company, this in the Municipality of Tlalnepantla, Condition from Mexico.

  • November 18: The “ Institute for Economist and Peace ” (IEP), a research center that measures conflicts world, publish its plus recent index, in it, he places Mexico on a list of 13 countries at risk of terrorist attacks, mentions how group central a “individualities tending a the wild", who is formally accused of having committed the attempt in against one of the administrative buildings of Pemex in January 2013, the explosion (which has not been clarified by the government federal) let to the less 37 dead Y plus of 100 wounded.

  • November 25: It is published in the blog "El Tlatol ", a text from the "Analysis Circle - Punta de Obsidiana", entitled "The snoop, the press and the terrorists” in where he gives an account of the attack that the IEP mentions, where he totally rejects such an accusation and gives reasons that lead one to think that the false attribution to Its is nothing more than a ruse by the government.

  • 18 of november: It is published the work number 7 of Harmful Words, a compilation magazine of Ediciones Aborigen.

  • twenty-one of November: The Small groups “Blood and Fire” and “Dance of War” of RS, claim their act during the disturbances unleashed in front of the Palace National. in the statement make watch its attitude terrorist saying they don't care social demands of the demonstrations, as long as I know can infiltrate Y general destabilization as well declare that they will use firearms if necessary.

    In the fray, the which could be scenery perfect For the taking of the Palace and the deepening of the social conflict, more than a dozen people were arrested and several wounded. The statement is signed from DF Y with East the media begin a speak again from RS.

  • November 22: “At the moment news” publishes “Reiterates RS that No respect a the masses Y that They will use firearms. Most of the national media publish part of RS' statement about his actions in the National Palace riots, his actions and his old references to Its are publicly disclosed.

  • 23 of november: “Veracruzanos.info” , post your column "Reason - is of Condition", in the which analyze the Actions of RS, arriving a compare with the cluster terrorist "Condition Islamic".

  • 26: “ UniRadio Informa” publishes in its journalistic note “Shock groups or anarchists”: “A deep investigation of Wild Reaction is necessary Y others groups that I know assume What anarchists to visualize their connections inside and outside the country (in the world there are networks of groups of said ideology).”

  • November 25: Public process in a note that the Attorney General's Office (PGR) tries to relate those arrested in the disturbances of the National Palace, with "terrorists and anarchists." This is an obvious new try, (desperate would fit say it) of the PGR to find someone directly or indirectly related to Reacción Salvaje or some other group.

  • 25 of november: It is published the worked joint editorial between “Ediciones Aborigen” and “Revista Regresión”, entitled “El lugar de las seis Cuevas”, a work of symbolic and ritualistic importance within of the that share the trend extremist in defense of wild nature.

  • December 1: Milenio Diario publishes “The anarchists according to the Cenapi ”, based on a report obtained from the “National Center for Planning, Analysis and information for the fight to la Delincuencia”, the document rather than dealing with the issue of anarchist groups active a few years ago, focuses on the actions of Its/RS, considering that their Actions they have taken the road of the warfare urban after his participation in the disturbances of Palacio National: “They privilege the generation of terror, capsizes the scientific community by sending explosive devices against researchers and academics specializing in nanotechnology, robotics in engineering genetics, who its perspective seek the domestication of nature.

"Currently, of agreement with its mode operating, They do not attack institutions but specific individuals who work on the development of technologies, emphasizing that their objective is to mutilate and even kill those who, in their view, have reduced the earth to urban waste,” indicates the document that is part of the preliminary investigation . PGR/SEIDO/UEITA/194/2014, related to the detainees in the Zócalo after the disturbances of November 20.

  • 4 of december: After the controversy vindication of RS, the pronouncements of insurrectionary anarchist groups and the troubled situation in the country, a stagnant strategy is beginning to take shape on the part of the governmental spheres. Thus, the day would publish “Anti-Castro deportee of country, ideologue of anarchists”.

Note in which he points to the theoretician Gustavo Rodríguez as the main promoter of the violent actions perpetrated lately by RS Y groups anarchists. Rodríguez, who was the compiler of the interviews conducted with various action groups (including Its ) in the book “Let the night light up: Genesis, development and rise of the Informal Trend Anarchist”, was deported after the culmination of the Informal Anarchist Conference/ International Anarchist Symposium, held in the “Che Guevara” Auditorium in Ciudad Universitaria in December 2013.

The journalistic note dictated: “ Of agree with sources of national security, the theories of Gustavo Rodríguez Romero have been welcomed by members of the anarchist movement and they are the ones who have participated in Actions violent What the registered on November 20 in the Zócalo.”

  • December 6: “A Sangre y Fuego”, “Dance of War” and “Infamous Aborigines”, all groups of Wild Reaction issue a statement entitled Wild Reaction and the anarchists"" in which they make a very precise differentiation between the group and the anarchists, Already that the press keep going labeling them as such. The statement also intends to disassociate his actions from Gustavo Rodríguez and the already well-known anarchist groups known by the press."

In the release also, make the mention that other groups have recently joined a RS, the which they respond a the names of:

  • “Anonymous” participants of riots in the Mexican capital , RS mentions only one case, the riots unleashed in front of the United States embassy in 2007, after Bush's visit.

  • Various cells of "Front of Release Animal", Y of Front of Release of the Land

  • “Command of individuals free, dangerous, wild and arsonists by the plague black”, From this statement signed from Mexico City, the press begins a speak of new of RS.

  • December 19: The work of Aborigine Editions, Noxious Words number 8 , is published on the blog "El Tlatol " .

  • 24 of december: Comes out a the light public the communiqué of the group “Terrorist behaviors - savages”, signed since Santiago of Chili, other cluster related a the extreme defense of wild nature and in war against the civilization. Though No vindicate no act, his determination is evident.

  • January 11: The newspaper 24 Horas , publishes “Mexico Stops a 324 by terrorism in 8 years", basing in a report on terrorism international issued by the “ Institute for Economist and Peace ” (IEP), in December of last year, points to Its as a threat real after their several claims in against people.

  • 14: Milenio Diario publishes, “Anarcos operate in plus of the half of country", in East Article based In a report from the Sedena (Secretary of National Defense), it mentions Its/RS as one of the most active “anarchist” groups, according to military information there is no fixed place where they are can locate the operations of cluster in question.

  • February 25: “Little message to distant tribes" is a text in where Reaction Wild does a call for international complicity with various public groups or not. The text is signed by the groups “Manto de Piel - Coyote” (Regression Magazine), “Kill or Die” and “Infamous Aborigines”, from Guanajuato.

  • February 26: " Uaxixil Spirit ", "War Dance", "Kill or Die", "Rain of Arrows" and "Hunter Nocturno” all small groups of RS, publish a text entitled “They had already been late: Wild Reaction in response to Destroy the prisons” in which they respond to the criticism published by the anti-prison group, in an interview made by the anarchist Rodolfo Montes de Oca, without that the cluster anarchist answer prior to RS criticism. In such a text the current position of the small groups involved becomes evident. The document is signed from Coahuila.

  • 18 of March: The themselves small groups emit other text entitled: "We had already been late: Brief contemplations on the comments professors of Heliogeogos Caro. The document is another response and a clarification of concepts to a public criticism issued by HC. The text is signed from Hidalgo.

  • March 24: The blog El Tlatol publishes the editorial work “ Nomen Omen ” published by “ Nechayevchchina ed ”, which exposes the thought of the group “ Setta Nichilista della Libera Morte ”. The SNLM is an Italian nihilist-individualist group with marked terrorist tendencies, at work apart from exposing their motivations, they claim several attacks arsonists "against moving targets” in Rome, as well as sending a letter - bomb to an “infamous lawyer” in the same city.

They write: "Y here, me you taught to the Superman: the It is this sea, and in it your great contempt can sink.

  • March 27: An anarchist group without a signatory name claims an explosion at the headquarters of the National Electoral Institute (INE) in the city of Puebla. In the statement publicly launch the beginning of the called “Black June”, campaign to boycott the elections of 7 of June, of the which the press No it will take point falsely a RS of supposed initiator by his constant action.

  • 9 of April: A artifact explosive a base of gas butane is detonated in a Ford car dealership in the municipality of Tlalnepantla, State of Mexico, very close of palace municipal crammed of cops. The act is claimed by the "Night Hunter Group" of RS.

  • April 13: It is published in the blog "El Tlatol ", the "Hidden Communication of Individualities tending to the wild”, where some car fires in the city of Saltillo, Coahuila during the year 2011 are awarded, are also responsible for a coordinated arson attack in the city of Xalapa, Veracruz in 2011, where six trucks and three machinery were were affected at different points from the city. They also mention the explosive devices detonated in dealerships, banks and other targets during that same year in different municipalities of the State of Mexico, as well as mention of two attacks in Irapuato and León, both cities of Guanajuato in 2010 and 2011. The protest text it is signed by the small groups "To kill or Die” and “Thunder of the Mixtón ”.

  • April 15: The vindication of the placement of a book-bomb at the Universidad del Valle is made public of Mexico (UVM) in its campus Coacalco State of Mexico, the book was aimed at the Bachelor's area in Sciences of the Communication. The act It is claimed by the small groups of RS “Thunder of the Mixtón ” and “Señor de Fuego Verde”.

  • 17 of April: "Until your death either the mine!", RS group claims responsibility for an arson attack against a Telmex telephone tower, the group cut off the lighting that protected the objective and left an incendiary device on the power cables causing a fire that seriously affected the communication antenna.

  • 22 April: A attack armed runs against a of the luminaries of Tunnel Transmitter East (TEO), an architectural mega-project designed to avoid floods Y to improve the system of sewer system of the cities. The attack is carried out between the municipalities of Nextlalpan and Tonanitla, State of Mexico, on the Circuito Exterior Mexiquense highway. The claim is signed by the “Group of the Occult” of RS.

  • April 23: The statement from the Kapibara Group (anarchist group opposed to to the system technological), who I know blamed for an arson attack (April 7), against the construction of the new line 6 of the Santiago subway in Chile, the damage is considerable. In its statement it declared: “The disastrous consequences of techno-industrial expansion will not be tolerated without its necessary response, we are attentive to its warehouses, supermarkets, urban expansion zones, depredation of wild nature in its most extensive forms, we attack, we will attack in the fields and its cities we will defend with claws and teeth what it can to defend and ourselves .”

  • 25 of April: A artifact explosive compound by butane gas cans are detonated in the Palace of Justice of Atizapán, State of Mexico. The objective is located a few minutes from Tec de Monterrey, and it is vindicated by the small group "Until your death or mine!” of RS.

  • April 25: The Stampede Action Group (anarchist group critical of civilization), claims the fire that He destroyed totally a Transantiago bus (April 7) in the commune of central station, in Santiago de Chile. That day, after a police search, carabineros detained a man and a woman, one of them shouted "Down with the anthropocentric society !" The previous claim reads: "Because we act in consequence with the contempt that we feel towards civilization and all its machinery.

  • 27 of april: The constants attacks of RS taking the attention of the press, Animal Political publish an article titled "Anarchist Offensive," in where mentions that, according to information of the ministerial police, the authority is aware of all these facts, but nevertheless they have hidden everybody. In the Article it is remarkable the concern of the authorities on the attacks in Serie made in the state of Mexico.

Another information medium E-consultation publishes another article in where I know you accuses falsely a RS of having placed an explosive device at the INE headquarters in Puebla, an act that was claimed by an unnamed anarchist group that was mentioned above.

  • 3 May: It's published in the portal “ Counter info ”, the two last works of “Ediciones Aborigen” (Grupúsculo Tinta de Carbón de RS), “Feral part 2” and “Palabras Nocivas N ° X”, with this that organ of diffusion archival Y of propaganda remains finished, having published 19 works both in physical and computer format since November 2012.

  • May 7: Grupo Kapibara claims responsibility for the arson attack against the electrical substation (Chilectrica) in the Las Condes commune, the attack (according to the press), caused court of electricity in three more communes, some 18 one thousand users I know saw affected. Kapibara Group writes:

The city it is a element a sabotage, of minimum charge something" all the that us they have Stolen, by the sadness of know that before in these same land a Valley fertile bathed a all of you them daughters of Gaia, No we forgot so easily, No will be able stand up easily!”

  • May 11: The computerized body for the dissemination of Wild Reaction ends its function. The blog "El Tlatol " is updated for the last time, leaving a message titled "The seed he has germinated, growing towards the sky”, where he makes a call to continue with the war in against of the civilization, the progress and the technological system.

In its text I know read it Next:

“The seed is within you, that seed that clings a the Earth, a it ancient Y primal, I know clings a nature. There are several factors for that seed to germinate, for example humidity, sun, wind, minerals from the earth, rain, etc., environmental conditions that is it so closely linked Y related so that a small wild seed ends up being a leafy tree.”

For the extremists individualists, for the warriors who hear the call of the wild this short film is directed parable, they they will understand very right a it that we mean…

That their seeds Already germinated I know get up towards the heavens

Strength for everybody the small groups of " Wild Reaction "!

Ahead, groups anonymous that attack the technology, civilization and progress!

May the explosives of "Uncivilized Behavior" and "Savage Terrorist Behavior" reverberate like the earthquakes in Argentina and Chile!

waving a the braves arsonists of "Cluster

kapibara ” Y of "Cluster of Action Stampede"!

That the snarl of the beasts wild accompany to the fierce individualist “Chaos Falcon” from Scotland!

Let the “Free Death Nihilist Sect” dance on the corpse of the techno-moral society!

That the cars- bomb to style of “Conducts diverted for the dispersion of the Terror" of Greece, tear down your structures!

Poison mortal of "Project Nemesis Green" for the products processed of the civilization!

Bullets direct to the Body of the bastards What The Italians Cospito and Gai did it!

Bullets that go through their skulls directed a the damned progressives like they did "Individuality Tending Toward the Wild"!

May the saboteur ghost of “New Horizons of the Rage Incendiary” of England, I am back a continue with his work of attack straight a the telecommunications!

Let the minds of the young be perverted by the actions extreme of the old Warriors anti-nuclear!

detonations uncontrollable against the nanotechnology as Costa, Billy and Silvia wanted to do!

That I know untie the large fires What it ELF members from the United States did in the nineties and arriving the year two thousand!

That the machineries Y symbols of progress continue to burn for the echoes of the forests in Russia, Sweden, Turkey, Indonesia, Italy, Spain, Australia and Costa Rica!

By the Return of the War Chichimeca!

By it Wild, it hidden and it Unknown!

Against all it unaffiliated, Y by it that we have been losing!!!

axkan kama, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!!!

Reaction Wild

Small group: Advice of Uehuetlatolli ”

  • May 14: An explosive device made up of a fire extinguisher filled with dynamite and hunting black powder is abandoned outside the Faculty of Studies Cuautitlán Campus Superiores (FES-C), State of Mexico, according to the statement, a few meters from the device, a artifact fake, designed to generate more tension after of that

the extinguisher will detonate The vindication I know position in against of the science Y the innovations technological that are taught in said campus, also mentions several names of the outstanding researchers who work on the campus, making a specific threat in against hers. The text it is signed by the small groups “Of the Occult” and “Tueno del mixton ” of RS.

  • June 1: The press falsely attributes coordinated attacks perpetrated by anarchists at dawn, against the Institute National Electoral (INE), against the Secretary of Economy (SE) and against a metrobus station (RUTA), all targets in the city of Puebla.

  • June 1: The vast majority of RS groups publish a text entitled "Wild Reaction on the attacks in Puebla and others...", in which they deny that they were responsible for the attacks in Puebla, reject also to form part of the campaign of "Black June" organized by insurrectionary anarchist groups, also disassociates itself from an attack perpetrated against the UNAM in September of last year, in which the press had also pointed out RS as responsible.

  • June 4: The Pueblan press publishes “ Reaction Group Wild denies authorship of attacks with Molotovs."

  • June 6: The political magazine "Ritual" is published, in its number 0 an essay on Its/RS appears entitled " Toward savagery: Recent Developments in Eco- Extremist thought in Mexico ”, in which they make an entire analysis of the thought of this group that goes from its ideological development, to its recent clarifications about its new tendency forged after the study of the ancestral indigenous wars against civilization in the “Mexican” territory.

  • June 21: The " Kapibara Group " of Chile claims fire against business provider of supplies of the chemical industry “ Proquimsa ”. In the statement they salute RS "Grupúsculo Concejo del Uehuetlatolli ".

  • 26 of June: The published in the blog " Contrainfo ", the magazine " Fenrir " in Spanish, publication Italian eco-anarchist dedicates one of their articles to Individualities Tending to the Wild, the text it is a translation a the time of an article that was published in a zines French of court radical anarcho-ecologist called “La Mauvaise Herbe ” in June 2014. The analysis exposes the first statements of Its, and its development before becoming RS.

  • June 30: It is posted on the website Academia.edu”, the translation of the essay published in the Revista Ritual, entitled "Towards Savagery: Recent Developments in Eco-extremism Thought in Mexico."

  • July 2: Milenio Diario publishes, “Package explodes - bomb in Edomex's DH visit ", in the note it is reported that a on of Messenger service it was abandoned in The garage of a of the headquarters of the Commission of Human Rights in the municipality of Ecatepec, State of Mexico; which brought the caption “Anonymous complaint to the CHR”, one of the officials public managers of the complaints anonymous it picked up, according to the note, after seeing that it was not a normal envelope and that it had a suspicious appearance, he was taken to the outskirts of the building, where the subject opened it, resulting in injuries caused by the bursting of the package. The outrage over the attack is great, the president of the National Human Rights Commission, Luis Raúl González, in conference of press declared: “Urgent to give with Edomex visitaduría attackers ”.

While the army guarded these offices, another package with similar characteristics was found at one of the entrances to the electrical substation of the Federal Electricity Commission (CFE) in the same municipality. The special group on deactivation of artifacts explosives of the policeman state, it picked up Y he was transferred to his barracks to be inspected, with no injuries reported.

  • July 3: "Thunder of the Mixtón " and "Señor del Fuego Verde" both groups of RS, claim the incendiary packages in the Human Rights Commission, in the CFE of Ecatepec and another more abandoned in the University Lucerne in Coacalco, State of Mexico.

The balance of the attacks it is of a injured, indignation of the humanists, mobilizations of the security forces and tension caused by the attacks. The statement is accompanied by two photos of the press Y a plus of prototype of package incendiary, is signed from the Chicomoztok (mythical place unknown in the history of the groups hunter-gatherers of northern Mesoamerica.

  • July 4: A statement is published on the web portal " Contrainfo ", in which a group called "LOBOS" claims responsibility for an arson attack that affected backhoes, cargo vehicles and industrial pipes owned by the West Plaza construction site. Park in Zapopan, Jalisco. Said construction is located in the vicinity of the Bosque de la Primavera, "an ecosystem in great danger due to the building of subdivisions Y Projects infrastructure," the statement said . WOLVES promise more attacks and even take the lives of those who destroy nature.

  • July 5: The group "Until your death or mine!", claims the placement of an explosive device composed of butane gas cans under of a luxurious car at the Mercedes Benz “ Autosat Satellite” dealership, located almost in front of the prestigious center commercial "Mundo E", in the municipality of Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

  • July 7: El Universal publishes “About causes explosion of short magnitude in Tlalnepantla, Condition of Mexico". According to the report, a package of Messenger service letter size would have reached the mailbox of the offices of the Cuevas Group (conglomerate of engineers) located in the Tepetlacalco colony, a of the secretaries what picked up Y it wear within, when she opened it, the package exploded, generating a nervous breakdown in those who were inside of the company. After the event, police mobilization is generated, though the package No explodes completely, the that they work for saying consortium I know fill of terror.

  • July 8: The small groups "Thunder of the Mixtón " and "Night Hunter" of RS, vindicate the abandonment of package-bomb in offices of

Grupo Cuevas (a consortium of engineers linked to the number one company in Mexico dedicated to infrastructure: ICA). point that by a failure in the mechanism, the artifact failed to detonate completely and they promise to work for that the next No have none failed. The statement is accompanied by a photo of the package-bomb in the process of being closed.

-July 10: During a rally against development-energy projects, exercise that formed part of the "Meetings of anarchists against all forms of confinement and the destruction of the biosphere by domination" , in the center of Athens Greece, several pints were made and several banners were hung, one of them said "From Greece to Mexico, death to the technological system . Forward Neo-Luddites !”. Show of obvious complicity for everything that is happening in Mexico, both with RS and with other groups.

  • 22 of July: A cluster anarchist without Name signatory and that stands against civilization, claims responsibility for an arson attack on a Toyota dealership in Veracruz (June 25). In their message they sentence “Progress, technology and civilization force us to wage war here and now against all domination and its tentacles that gag us”

  • 12 of August: The place Web dedicated a to give tracing a threats terrorists, the IF YOU Intelligent Group , posts the tweet “Anti -Technology Group Claims Attempts to Fire-Bomb Three Locations in Mexico ”, which is the English translation (translated by “ War on Society ”) of the communication of the RS groups “Trueno del Mixtón ” and “Lord of the Green Fire” about the incendiary packages abandoned on July 2 at the Visitation of the Human Rights Commission, the Federal Electricity Commission and Lucerna University.

-August 13: Milenio Diario publishes “ Alert antiterrorist site possible attacks in Mexico ”, the Mexican media misrepresents the information from the SITE, and they invent that such a site would have alerted of three attacks, two against institutions and one more against a university. Which had already happened since July 2, revealing its sensationalism and its ridiculousness.

  • August 14: It is published in the portals "For Anarchy" and " Abisso Nichilista ", the last communication of RS titled "Reaction Wild DEATH”, in the which, the totality of the small groups consider finished the project that unified them for a Gregorian year. Now RS is divided into four parts:

1- groups and individuals anonymous that No They will vindicate their acts.

2- groups and individuals that No they will claim their acts in Internet, but Yes in the place that actions with notes, pints, etc.

3- groups concrete that I know will adjudicate acts over the internet and other media.

4- individualities tending a it wild, Come back to resurface and will continue to act as before RS.

In the statement they realize that after internal discussions, the phase is concluded, not to stop but to continue with the war against the civilization, Y that those who participated in the group take experiences, wisdom, operability and others.

A fact curious it is that the signatories mention that, within the forms of attack, there were also armed robberies of convenience stores and bank branches that were never claimed.

The cycle I know close, but other plus I know Come back a open, nothing ends for the moment, everything continues!

  • August 15: The Israeli newspaper " Haaretz " publishes the note "Terrorism against science raises its head: Nature is Good, Civilization is Evil". where _ give bill of the activities by its Y the subsequent RS project.

  • 26 of August: It is published in the Blog abyss Nichilist the latest release of RS translated to the idiom English.

  • August 26: The Kapibara Group, together with another anarchist group, carry out coordinated arson attacks, one in the cabling Underground of the net of fiber optics of Entel (the main telecommunications company in Chili), Y one plus in a antenna of telephony cell phone, both attacks in the capital of Santiago.

  • September 1: The Incendiary Cell for Liberation of the Land of the IAF, claims a sabotage of an ATM inside the Tec de Monterrey in the northern city of Torreón in Coahuila. They declare, “Still we rabidly carry out our act, an act that demonstrates our hatred towards their money, their economy, their social order... towards their civilization. This act was not to protest some "improvement" for the village". For us , the “people” do not care about anything, this action was carried out by anarchic anti-social individuals”

  • 1 of September: Contrainfo is uploaded on the blog the editorial work titled “ Vita e Morte! – Wild Reaction ”, the publication is a compilation of all communications RS in its year of activity. The work is signed by “Tierra Dark”.

  • September 4: Members of the Popular Student Revolutionary Bloc (BREP), issue a video statement blaming idiotically to the Already Wild Reaction group dissolved from the attacks in Puebla on June 1.

  • 9 of September: The video-release of BREP takes the attention of the press, La Jornada publishes “Reclaim the BREP that Reaction Wild No had claimed responsibility before the attacks”.

  • September 24: “Some hidden former members of RS” issue a sarcastic and mocking statement titled "Answers of a dead", What response to the calumnies and misrepresentations of the BREP against the already buried group RS.

  • September 26: New eco-extremist group emerges, calling itself "Pagan Sect of the Mountain", in its statement published in counter info declares the war on civilization and its frantic advance, beginning with the abandonment of a package-bomb in the business OHL in Naucalpan, State of Mexico.

The MPS declares:

"The "Pagan sect of the Mountain" it's a small group of individualists belonging to the tendency of the eco-

extremism (inherited from the dissolved “Wild Reaction” group), that perform acts in against of the civilization and its frenetic advance.

we attack indiscriminately Y in degree variable, Yes If the objective merits an attack against individuals, we will do it without any consideration. If the objective merits only material-symbolic destruction, we will not hesitate to act.

Until now the responsible direct of put in foot civilization had remained without receiving any response, until now that we have settled.

Continuing the conflict inherited by our ancestors plus fierce in against of the civilization Y modernization .

The shade of Teotlapan Tlacochcalco Mictlampa us has covered, with it we advance towards the unknown, assuming our condition as civilized humans, but at the same time clinging to our most primitive roots.

A) Yes, is war persist …”

ITS Again (2016-2020)

Message #1 (Mexico)

We love tranquility, we let the mouse play; when the forests whisper, we are unafraid”

  • J.N.


Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS, before “Individualities”), is the continuation of the eco-terrorist Project begun in the year 2011. After the death of “Wild Reaction” in 2015, we have decided to continue this project…


To refresh the memories of those who may have forgotten:

We continue this declared war against the Technological System, and against those who aim to improve and sustain it. We attack those who physically and emotionally insist on destroying and altering the wild and untamed places that are left.

Our acts aim to terrorize, wound, mutilate, and kill these intended targets. We use threats, explosives, and firearms to accomplish our immediate objectives.

Those who work toward the destruction of Wild Nature deserve punishment, so that their acts will not continue with impunity. ITS is not a peaceful organization that petitions governments to “punish those responsible”, collecting signatures, and playing the absurd legal-juridical game. We aren’t an NGO. We don’t need intermediaries to clarify things. For those who threaten Nature there are no courts; and even if there were, we will still take the law into our own hands as our fierce ancestors did. As we are not interested in being a “vanguard” or being in the front lines o this war, we attack accepting the final consequences.


Those who have opposed us and our defense of Wild Nature have given us many names in the past:

  • The civilized Aztecs before the arrival of the Spanish in Mesoamerica disdainfully called us “Chichimecas”.

  • The Spanish after their invasion, more out of fear than condemnation, called us, “savage pagans”.

  • The English whites after their arrival classified us as “hostile peoples”.

  • Today, the hyper-civilized call us “terrorists”.

Even though we prefer to classify ourselves as an Eco-Extremist group, let there be no doubt that ITS is and continues to be a terrorist group. We identify with the Chichimeca Wars because we find valuable lessons in those bloody battles that our ancestors waged until their final deadly consequences.


We have tossed in the waste bin the rationalism and scientism of our first communiques. Now we rejoice in our pagan roots and we create gods from our personal dwellings in nature and from its cyclical processes.

Though we are not a tribe, we are individuals who have turned against modern progress, artificiality, and everything that attempts to mechanize and automate us.

To summarize, ITS is an eco-extremist group, formed by individualists opposed to modern values such as equality, humanism, and progresivism., as well as the moral foundations of the Techno- industrial system and its constant Progress.

ITS is the violent active response against those who aggressively cause imbalance in the Wild and Unknown, and look to domesticate them one way or the other.

ITS is a reaction, it is the logical consequence, a group of modern humans possessed by the primitive warriors of the past. We have decided to kill and meet out punishment to those who are directly responsible for the offenses against the Earth and those who dwell on it.


We are the same people who are responsible for leaving a UPVM worker maimed in Tiltitlan in our first attack. The same who left two techno-nerds gravely wounded at the Tec of Monterrey in Atizapán. The same who broke into the Cinvestav of Irapuato, the same who put a bullet in the head of a biotechnologist in Cuernavaca. The same who sent explosives to those hypocrites at Greenpeace, the same who wounded a professor of the UPP of Hidalgo with a car bomb. All that and more in 2011 alone.

We are the same people who sent a mail-bomb to the neurologists of the ITAM in Mexico City, which the authorities tried to keep quiet (among other acts) in 2012. We’re the people who terrorized the researchers of the IBT in Cuernavaca with a bomb destined to arrive at an institute belonging to the UNAM. We are responsible for the worker who was wounded stealing our package bomb from a mail box in Tlalpan in 2013.

Those who joined together from among a dozen groups to give life to “Wild Reaction” in 2014 are the same who decided to kill the project in 2015.

And we are the same people who now, in this year of 2016 according to the Gregorian calendar, continue the Extremist War dedicated to returning the blows that have landed on our wild places, and their flora and fauna.


We do not wish, nor do we seek, nor do we find it necessary, nor does it interest us to work for a “revolution”. We despise that term and deem it a non-existent goal. We attack in the present because that is all that there is. The attack in the here and now is what terrifies our selected targets.

We are not “revolutionaries”, nor anarchists, nor do we represent the radical left.

We are not primitivists; that deluded romanticist Zerzan does not represent us, nor does that deluded radical Kaczynski, nor does any gringo, Spanish, or Italian theorist. No one.

ITS represents only itself. We have created our own discourse-tendency. We have created our own concrete objectives and have formulated plans of attack in accordance with our positions.


We don’t distinguish between “good” or “bad” attacks in this war. We salute acts by groups who burn cars, those who detonate bombs in institutions that assist in destroying the Earth, as well as those who send mail bombs to blow up important people in populist and humanist organizations.

We salute those who attack indiscriminately this compromised society, just as we rejoice in the arrows that pierce the bodies of loggers in the Amazon and surrounding places. It fills us with joy when tornadoes destroy urban areas, as well as when storms flood and endanger defenseless citizens. The same is the case when we see those who freeze to death in the cold winter, or when we see people wounded in earthquakes, for these are responses and reactions as well to the Technological System and civilization. We learn from nature and its violent reactions. Nature doesn’t stop when faced with subways, or rural or urban buildings. It doesn’t respect the common citizen or the scientific specialist. It is relentless, it destroys everything in its path without consideration for morality. With this, we are personifying in animist style Wild Nature, because in our pagan belief, nature is the Unknown Force of the first hunter with the same color skin as the earth, who with the first gatherer woman with braids of feathers, dances over the corpse of modernity and shakes the minds of those who feel in their gut the moribund beating of the Earth.

They are dark beings with the characteristics of the Coyote and the Deer, with the scent of Moss and Mesquite, with eyes of Flame and Voice of Thunder; those that begot free man and woman, both wild, the same who have possessed our minds to continue on the war of our ancestors.

Our war is extremist and violent, in connection with the natural and joined to the spirits of the exterminated native tribes.

Those who we wound and kill are a blood offering to Wild Nature.

ITS has this warrior inheritance and we know others have it, so that: Forward with the War against the Technological System and Civilization! If they don’t respect the Earth, we won’t respect their lives either!

Death to Progress, Scientific Advances, and Modernity, the cancer that threatens our lives and wild surroundings!

Axkan Kema Tehuatl, Nehuatl!

[Until your death or mine!] Chikomoztok

First Full Moon of January

Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje Individualists Tending Towards the Wild / ITS

Message #2 (Mexico)


Crescent Moon of February

“Individualists Tending Toward the Wild” (ITS) claims responsibility forthe following:

January 28th, 2016 -A timer-activated explosive device against the “National Water Commission” (Conagua) located on Avenida Insurgentes Sur, Delegación Tlalpan, Mexico City. This device led to police mobilization.

  • Homemade explosive detonated at the “Secretariat of Agriculture, Livestock, Rural Development, Fishing, and Nutrition” (Sagarpa) on Avenida Presidente Juárez de Tlalnepantla de Baz, Mexico State.

The explosive was left in front of the Secretariat in the city center of Tlalnepantla, around 9 o’clock in the evening. The device exploded successfully leaving two people wounded. The blast and shrapnel damaged several nearby cars and generated substantial police and military mobilization.

February 3rd, 2016 -We detonated an explosive package in front of the conglomerate of the apartments known as “Tec Siuts” where students of the Tec of Monterrey inhabit, located on the highway Lago de Guadalupe in Atizapán, Mexico State.

– A homemade explosive device was detonated at one of the entrances of the Tec of Monterrey in similar manner on the Lago de Guadalupe highway in the same municipality.

With these two acts we remind those associated with that academic institution that we continue the War against all who promote and develop Scientific and Technological Progress, and who hide behind the walls of that abhorrent university (as well as others).

February 8th, 2016

  • A fuze-activated package-bomb composed of dynamite was abandoned at the central offices of the Sagarpa in the Tabachines neighborhood in the municipality of Zapopan, Jalisco. The package was destined for the head of that federal institution.

  • Another fuze-activated package bomb composed this time of a hard cardboard tube filled with gunpowder was abandoned at the “National Science and Technology Council” (Conacyt), destined for the head of that institution, in the Vallarta San Jorge neighborhood in Guadalajara, Jalisco.

Even though both explosives did not reach their respective targets (according to the press), and failed to wound or kill them, they caused great police and military mobilization in both municipalities. The press stated the following concerning this matter: “a police explosives specialist commented that even if the devices did not contain a large amount of explosives, they could have caused fatal harm to those who were within a close radius of their explosion.”

Let it be known that ITS is also in Jalisco. This was only a test, and we continue to be committed to terrorizing, wounding, mutilating, and even killing those cynical people who, while hiding behind an institution that claims to be “concerned” about nature, are nevertheless directly responsible for its devastation and domestication.

This isn’t over. The War continues! Axkan Kema, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild:

-Feral-Criminal Band (Jalisco)

-Clandestine Group “Fury of the Lynx” (Mexico City)

-Ouroboros Silvestre (Mexico State)

Postscript for federal security forces:

Are you nervous because the groups that attack and commit terrorism against civilization are multiplying?

Are you nervous that the abhorrent and sickening visit of the Pope is just around the corner, because we are still out on the street, and you haven’t caught us yet?

You have lots of reasons to be nervous.

Message #3 (Chile)

Incendiary attack on a bus by ITS – Chile

We are the poisonous arrows that the ancients used against their prey and their enemies. We are the flame of the bonfire that warms in the cold. We are the pagan dances and cries in the name of the Unknown. We are the snow on the mountain tops. We are the virgin soil, free of civilization. We are the lava flowing from the volcano. We are the warning calls of the birds.

We are the quiet of the wolf stalking its prey. We are the strength of the ants. We are the wave that wipes cities from face of the Earth. We are the killer earthquake that brings down buildings. We are the wind become hurricane. WE ARE UNKNOWN WILD NATURE!

We came out of our hiding place, like the rabbit comes out of its hole in the darkness and silence of night. This time we came out in plain daylight.

We frolic in the mountains, rivers, and meadows. But we wander in the city in search of its defects and imperfections, seeking all that is of civilization and human progress. We know its times, its hours and moments, the daily grind of civilization hides us.

This is a Declaration of War.

War against the Technological system, science, and the modern hyper-civilized man. We detest and spit on all of that. We cling to our most primitive and wild instincts; instincts which all the civilization and technology in the world could never erase from our being.

Guile, patience, determination, and daring are the ingredients of this war. It was in this manner that on Tuesday, February 16th, we abandoned a homemade explosive charge on the 210 Bus of the Trans-Santiago Route. We achieved the successful result of completely burning that machine of civilization. And it would not have mattered to us in the least if some bystander was hurt in the process. Our acts are beyond that foolish classism. We look down on masses, the people, or whatever you want to call them. We only care about ourselves, our people, and wild nature.

Our fire / attack was in the name of all that is wild and natural. We contaminate their cities with smoke and disturb the civilized air. We do this in the name of all of the rivers, oceans, the poles, the fields, and forests poisoned by human progress. In the name of every animal species made extinct by techno-civilized progress. The moonlight of the night before filled us with the wild force of the universe. In its name, the name of the stars, planets, and galaxies, IT WAS AS WELL.

We are a sect of pagans, southerners and uncivilized. With our fire we will seek to attack the infrastructure of civilization, accepting the final consequences of our actions. With every attack we defend our instincts since we refuse to form part of the robotic mass that only cares about money or sex.

The Eco-Extremist tendency spreads from north to south, from east to west. We are accomplices to its ideas and acts, forming part of it. We are giving life to an international project against civilization.

Because we are the bullets to the head, the mail-bombs, the indiscriminate bombings and the incinerating fire, we are:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile

With this we publicly declare that a campaign of attack is underway, with the complicity and coordination of ITS in Mexico and Chile, and other countries…

A conspiratorial greeting from the eco-extremists and each group of ITS of Mexico. Let it be known that there is also war in the south. To the “Terrorist-Savage Behaviors” and “Uncivilized Conducts”. To the eco-anarchists of the “Karr-kai Cell” and “Kapibara Group.”

If technology and progress are international, why not the acts of resistance against them as well?

Individualist Tending Toward the Wild: – Uncivilized Southerners.

Message #4 (Argentina)

“ITS is in Argentina” That was part of the message that we left along with an envelope full of blasting powder in the bus station of Retiro this past Monday, February 22nd. This act was silenced by the press, as has been the case with many others (1). In fact, for some days we have been warning the press as well as scientists of the presence of eco-extremism in this region. We would like to state that the more you silence our actions, the more focused they will become. You know that we have arms and explosives, as well as the addresses, phone numbers, schedules, and places of work, not just of all of you but also your families…

ITS does not yield before the accepted morality, and knows that you are either with Technology, or you are at war against it. The former will die as well as those on the fence.

We are the wild stars that have yet to be discovered, we are:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina Wild Constellations

Forward, uncivilized internationalism!


http://tn.com.ar/tnylagente/noticias/artefacto-explosivo-en-las-cercanias-de-la-fundacion- http://tn.com.ar/tnylagente/noticias/artefacto-explosivo-en-las-cercanias-de-la-fundacion-argentina-de-nanotecnologia_654946


Message #5 (The Americas)

“Fungi, algae, and ferns produce spores that can travel many miles until they find a viable environment in which to reproduce themselves.



Since 2011, what is now called eco-extremism has passed through various phases. Most of these have been on Mexican soil, and in these phases its followers have confronted many problems, threats, investigations, criticisms, defamations, discussions, disputes, and splits. These have affected our ideological foundations as well as our initial praxis.

In that year ITS was born. Our first attack was against a nanotechnologist of the Polytechnic University of the Valley of Mexico. At first we thought of spontaneously claiming responsibility for the act in a manner indistinguishable from the rest of the anti-civilization groups in Mexico.

However, we decided to continue to distinguish ourselves.

For three years we branched out with our attacks into seven states in the central and north-central regions of the country. We learned, we consolidated ourselves, we self-criticized, we deepened our understanding, and we prepared. After an extraordinary effort we gave ourselves the task of uniting related groups that had acted with similar principles in years past. In a non-sectarian manner, we brought forth the project known as “Wild Reaction” (Reacción Salvaje – RS). When the right moment came, it was decided to dissolve this project so that individualists who formed part of the factions of RS could continue to wage war on their own. Nevertheless, these groups continued to have the same vision against civilization and the technological system. From the dissolution of RS came the “Pagan Sect of the Mountain,” “the Eco-Extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage,” “The Indiscriminate Faction,” “Ouroboros Nihilista,” and the other groups that do not claim responsibility for their attacks but remain active. Those groups have been doing their own thing since the dissolution of RS, which fills us with great pride and is evidence that eco-extremism is expanding on Mexican soil.


It seems like these spores have traveled many distant miles, and we have encountered enthusiastic complicity in South America. Having found fertile soil, brave individualities have sprouted forth; with these we share the desire for attack, and fraternally join with them in word and act.

Individualists commit themselves to strike firmly against the technological mega-machine. We will use any means necessary and at hand to attack structures and our human targets. We shall carry out these acts with arson, bombs, threats, and firearms.

We have birthed this international project of attack in the shadows. We are committed to coordinating and perfecting our complicity against the techno-industrial system. With pride we report that fellow individualists in the south have branched out with the terrorist initials of ITS. They have also adopted their own names and initials to identify their attacks, since we are savage individualists.


We have thus declared a new phase of the war against all that represents and sustains the advance of civilization and progress. This war was begun thousands of years ago by our ancestors who savagely defended their austere lives. They pointed their ancient arrows against Christian flesh,

opposing civilization and waging war to the death. With pagan pride we recover this

spirit in the present, as well as all of the wisdom, tenacity, and commitment of those primitive and anonymous lives. We revive them in the present attack against civilization.


Our actions are our own. We do not want nor will we permit them to be portrayed as “normal criminal acts”, nor that they be presented as some sort of “conspiracy”. Here is where the importance of claiming responsibility for our acts comes in. It is in this manner that they will encourage more eco-extremist groups to grow in other parts of the world that will also strike heavy blows against civilization.


“Before self-interested and candid ethics, I prefer sabotage, I prefer terrorism with its clear, nefarious logic. Before sober rhetoric, and the serene obstinacy of sabotage, I prefer the uncalculated and unthinking human violence of one who fires without taking into consideration the legal ramifications.”


We consider as enemies all those who contribute to the systematic process of domestication and alienation: the scientists, the engineers, the investigators, the physicists, the executives, the humanists, and (why not?), affirming the principle of indiscriminate attack, society itself and all that it entails. Why society? Because it tends toward progress, technological and industrial. It contributes to the consolidation and advance of civilization. We can think of all who form part of society as being mere sheep who do what they are told and that’s it, but for us it’s not that simple.

People obey because they want to. If they had a choice and, if it were up to them, they would love to live like those accursed millionaires, but they rot in their poverty as the perennially faithful servants of the system that enslaves us as domestic animals.

“… we invite them to look under their seat to see if there’s anything under it once they sit down in whatever vehicle they are traveling in. Whenever there are wounded or dead civilians in attacks against civilization carried out by radical individuals or groups, or even if this occurs in the context of a natural disaster, it will be beautiful in our eyes.


For some time now we have refused to be bound by the pedestrian morality of revolutionary action. We will give no quarter to anyone or anything, our acts will not be accompanied by warnings nor do we delegate responsibility. We assume the consequences of our actions, ALL OF THEM.

We are against the decency and Christian scruples of some who don’t want any collateral damage. To them we say, “before any bystander (ANY), a thousand times us.” The masses deserve no consideration. He who insists on looking out for his own well-being should be vigilant of the fact that a bombing could happen at any time.

Nothing, absolutely nothing guarantees that bystanders will not get hurt. In fact, our attacks are designed to cause the greatest amount of harm possible. And if more lives are taken in these attacks than we anticipated beforehand, so much the better. We can say this without hesitation or guilt because we are totally convinced of what we think and the life we have chosen, and we have shown this with concrete actions. Before any obstacle we know how to act. All possible “collateral damage” is not a “calculation error” and it is not “the price of the struggle”. It is a choice: a conscious and desired CHOICE.

“For the Indiscriminate Terrorist, moral and ethical fault does not exist. All of that is contained in the rational calculation of the act, one which says “no” in threatening a victim or mutilating him, but perhaps without intending to harm the person who suffered the attack with an explosive device.”


We have already said in our first communiqué that we are Wild Nature. We learn from her since her reactions are violent. Nature doesn’t halt before urban or rural buildings. She does not stop for bystanders or scientific specialists. She doesn’t let up, she destroys everything in her path without consideration of Christian morality, rolling over the tantrums and discomfort of the usual suspects…

The discomfort of SOME at the expansión of eco-extremism is tangible, as is the discomfort at the spreading of our words and acts from north to south. Let them talk, come what may, they will get angry first and then they will start praying. We will continue EVER FORWARD!

“You may think these acts are ineffective; you may think them the obsessions of crazy sociopaths, or what have you. We’re not trying to change the world, we would rather see it all go up in flames.

And if you don’t see that the destruction of the Earth, of the rivers and mountains, of the forests and oceans, is the real insanity, then we cannot help you, nor would we care to. Just duck when you see us coming.”


With the devastating force of wild nature on our side: Let the war continue!

Before the silence, our bombs!

Against all that is artificial and for all that we have been losing! For the increase of politically incorrect terrorist criminality!

Down with revolutionary morality, death to equality, death to humanism! In extreme defense of wild nature!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico

-Ouroboros Silvestre (formerly Ouroboros Nihilista”) / Mexico State

-Clandestine Group, “The Fury of the Lynx” / Mexico City

-Regresion Editorial Group / Michoacán

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile

- Uncivilized Southerners / Santiago

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina

-Wild Constellations – Buenos Aires

Message #6 (Argentina)

Message of ITS-Argentina for the Antisocial (?) Writers of Black Dagger

How do we manifest our hate? One would think that it wouldn’t be through love of the hated thing. But this seems to be the case with some who love that which they claim to hate, for the noteworthy thing here is that hate isn’t Christian, whereas love is. This seems to be how the anarchists of the publication, “Black Dagger,” think, since they claim to be “antisocial” because they hate, “this society and its defenders, no matter what their particular positions are,” but on the other hand believe things like, “the chance or random actions that kill a greater number of bystanders are on par with the actions of the very State itself and of its lackeys.”

Before this statement in the text entitled, “Amoral (?) Attack Objectives,” they indicate that they only agree with the idea of “the more people who are killed the better,” if the casualties are part of the “forces of law and order, WE DON’T CARE WHAT HAPPENS TO THEM, it’s all the same to us.” (Our emphasis.) Thus we have to ask them: if you’re so antisocial, do you care about those people who aren’t necessarily police but who still defend them? What relationship should an antisocial person have with a bystander or a worker? NONE!

Since none of this makes sense to us, and we can’t understand how someone can say one thing yet mean another, we think that perhaps the reason behind the text is not to “host a debate on indiscriminate attack,” as the text states. We think, rather, that it is a preemptive measure to cover their ass so that tomorrow they can say something along the lines of, “Don’t look at me! I’m not the one you’re looking for! I’ve always stated that I am opposed to terrorism. Here’s my magazine, officer, the irrefutable proof. I’m antisocial but I abide by the rules of society!”

We have already stated that, “*We are against the decency and Christian scruples of some who don’t want any collateral damage. To them we say, ‘before any bystander (ANY), a thousand times us.’ All possible ‘collateral damage’ is not a ‘calculation error’ and it is not ‘the price of the struggle’. It is a choice: a conscious and desired CHOICE.”

To conclude we clarify that we will not respond to the chicanery of “the call of the sacred of the forest” nor to the accusations of being prideful, fascists, or authoritarians. This type of debate bores us. We will let our actions speak for themselves.

ITS: unapologetic terrorists and the true enemies of society!

-ITS – Argentina

Wild Constellations

Message #7 (Mexico – Chile – Argentina)

“When we hunt, it is not our arrow that kills the moose, no matter how powerful it is. It is Nature that kills it.”

-Big Thunder


Universities, educational centers, academic institutions, etc. are the places where they prepare present and future progressivists (that is, those who believe in progress). Thus, they are an immovable target for eco-extremist attacks.

The incubators of progress (high schools, universities, trade schools, etc.) are the keystone to the development of the technological, scientific, and industrial system. They are the academies where they prepare young minds that have been blinded by modernity. They are complicit in the destruction of Wild Nature.

Today we live in a society consumed by technology, one that reproduces the moral values most conducive to the unrestrained development of the system. This society trains and guides its children to lead a life that clings to values such as “humanism,” “progress,” “indiscriminate solidarity”, “collectivism,” “equality,” etc.

Teachers never tire of saying, “study, prepare yourself to be someone in life,” and the children pay attention to them. Some make it to be professionals or prominent people within social circles. These are the progressivists par excellence. The others have less education, and constitute the great mass of wage earners who swarm all over the place, progressivists of all forms. These two parts, one way or the other, maintain the normal functioning of civilization. Some are the executioners and others are the slaves, but all are made from the same mold, that’s for certain.

The majority of people in the universities (though not all) have a superiority complex due to all of their degrees, their erudition, or their “knowledge” accumulated over their time in the classroom. They aspire to progress. Those who study to be engineers, for example, whether they study systems, robotics, mechanical or computer engineering, etc., are a prime example of this. They are always coming up with new technological fixes to “improve nature,” or “to save water,” or “to solve climate change,” to increase production, etc. That is to say, they study and put into practice the necessary methods to help overcome the crisis that the system now faces.

The other example are science students (physics, biology, chemistry, biotechnology, medicine, neurology, mathematics, etc.), most of whom (though, again, not all) equally create methods to improve science and help it to become the absolute truth. This new truth supposedly replaces the simple ancestral beliefs left to us by the ancients. This ancient wisdom is everyday more devalued by modern knowledge. They propose instead brilliant theories that try to explain the mysteries of the world around us.

Artificial and complex intelligence is what the system aims to make a “belief” in this century, this to the exclusion of the beliefs based on the forces of nature. These latter beliefs are judged to be irrational, primitive, and doubtful.

That which the sciences and those who study them (though not all) aim to do is explain every process, action, etc. that is observed, thus taking humanity to a higher level, thus carrying the banner of arrogant anthropocentrism. They forget that human knowing is nothing compared to the Great Wisdom of Wild Nature (or whatever you want to call it.) They have also proposed alternatives to “help” nature. This is a hidden hypocritical attitude that hides its real motive of obtaining notoriety and fame among their fellow investigators. They seek to increase their alienated

knowledge which is totally foreign to the idea of “helping nature,” which is what they claim to be working towards.

The last example are the science and social studies students (law, communications, philosophy, anthropology, psychology, sociology, art, economics, literature, architecture, etc.) which form part of the alternative and progressive wave that is now back in style.

Those who have more theoretical than practical knowledge place themselves in a new era of inclusive youth who are immersed in the moral values of the system, allowing its continuity: “feminism,” “anti-classism,” “communism,” “civil anarchism,” “ecologism,” “anti-racism,” “legalism,” “humanism,” “anti-fascism,” “pacifism,” “primitivism,” “Marxism,” “passive nihilism,” “veganism,” in other words, PROGRESSIVISM.

We clarify that not all of these students have moralism deeply ingrained, though the great majority do.

Indeed, these types of students can be found in the universities, vegan restaurants, in cafes and bars, talking about Nietzsche, Bukowski, or Dalí. They live in co-ops, in squats, and can be found at demonstrations where they are working for “a better tomorrow.” They try to change this society for the better by giving to it thinkers, critics, and saviors, without noticing that in their demands, even though they talk a good radical game, they are only proposing that which the system needs to keep going.

It is thus that these university or high school students continue with the previously-mentioned attitudes, that is, on the path of modern progress. And it is for that reason as well that we see the universities as symbols of harmful human progress, and the professor / teacher masses as directly responsible for the degradation, domestication, and destruction of the Earth.

As is to be expected, eco-extremists refuse all of this. They refuse to accept these values and they subvert them whenever they can. For this reason, ITS has no consideration for these sheep as is evident in the attacks for which we now take responsibility below:

April 12th.

An extinguisher filled with dynamite was abandoned in front of the University of Ecatepec in Mexico State. This campus is located on the Avenida Insurgentes in downtown San Cristóbal, two blocks from the Municipal Palace which is filled with police, and only a block and a half from the central command of the State Security Commission, which we mocked with our attack without any problem.

The device was planned to go off once the students came onto campus for morning classes at that semi-private university. But a system error took place and it exploded beforehand. A great explosion was heard around 6 am, without wounding anyone. This still caused a significant police mobilization at the site of the blast. As was to be expected, the act was covered up by the demoralized municipal authorities.

The progressivist students are safe for now. Next time we won’t fail…

  • On the same morning an explosive device with an electromechanical trigger was abandoned in front of the Hispanoamerican Educational Community, located in the same municipality.

The device was contained in what appeared to be a black briefcase. It was activated by pulling on a fake handle, and was composed of galvanized nipples filled with dynamite. According to the press, the device exploded without leaving anyone injured. This for sure is false reporting, as the device could not have exploded without someone having pulled on the handle. We are certain that it injured one of the campus guards, a student or a teacher who may have picked it up, as we left it in at the entrance of that private educational center.

The authorities of the institute sounded the alarm to the police at 7:30 am after the “suitcase-bomb” exploded, which mobilized a police and military operation in the area, which prevented the students from entering the campus.

The press stated that there were two explosive devices, which is also false. Our hypothesis is that one of the nipples exploded blasting the other nipple some meters away toward the exit of the campus. When the state police and soldiers arrived at the place, they found the remnants of the cheap suitcase that was the product of the explosion of one of the nipples, while the found the other next to the exit.

April 19th

A homemade explosive device inside of a plastic container filled with shrapnel was detonated at one of the entrances of the Technological Institute of Advanced Studies of Monterrey (Tec de Monterrey) at its Mexico City campus, in Tlalpan Delegation. The device exploded successfully, without our being able to verify the damage done. The act was silenced by the Mexico City authorities.

April 25th

An explosive with an electromechanical trigger was abandoned in the parking lot of the Architectural Faculty of the UNAM in the Ciudad Universitaria, on Avenida Insurgentes, south of Mexico City. The device abandoned between two cars resembled the one detonated at the Hispanoamericana Educational Community in Ecatepec: in a briefcase (see image below) and composed of two galvanized nipples activated by pulling on a fake handle. Although we weren’t able to verify the result of the explosion, we are certain that the explosive went off, only that the university authorities once again covered up the act.

  • On the same day, another explosive was abandoned at the entrance of A Building at the Faculty of Engineering at the same university in the Ciudad Universitaria. This explosive was contained in what appeared to be a shoebox. The mechanism works when the box is picked up, which makes the negative pole attached to a rod hit the positive pole stuck to the ground, generating an explosion.

The consequences of this explosion were also covered up by the authorities at the UNAM.


Frustrated attack against the FCFM, Santiago, Chile

I prefer the saddle to the streetcar, the starry sky to the ceiling, the difficult and dark path leading to the unknown to the highway paved withasphalt, and the profound peace of nature to the discontent that the cities offer.


We penetrated the cradle of science and progress in Chile. The Faculty of Physical Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Chile (FCFM) was the target of our will turned into attack. The FCFM with its technological innovation and its latest scientific advances contributes daily to the perpetuation and improvement of the techno-system.

Those techno-nerds applaud all that is technology, science, and progress. Their departments of sciences, physics, and engineering. Their humanoid robots constructed in the robotics labs. Their great observatory constructed on the Calan Hill. Their innovations in mining along with their studies in machinery, all the same. With all that, the educated and studious scientists seem like the saviors of the planet before the masses of citizen-students who rush to graduate endorsing and sustaining all that is progress and science.

In this way, all of the FCFM represents without a doubt progress and civilization in its highest expression. From there we decided to leave a present abandoned by the second active group of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild in Chile. While we occupied ourselves creating a distraction to divert attention, two of our people entered stealthily into the installations of the faculty at eleven in the morning to leave the explosive device, which would then explode at the given time.

This was a frustrated attack that has been covered up by the press. And from here comes the importance of taking responsibility for it. If the attack was foiled, that doesn’t mean that we will not take responsibility for it and make it public, as otherwise it would have never been brought to light. We would not permit this to happen since it is ours, from our EGO, in the name of the WILD, and against civilization.

The reason that it was foiled was because it was discovered, as its doublé system of timers was designed not to fail (see image). The structures of the FCFM, dedicated in 2014, deserved to burn into ashes. Our attack was not preceded by a warning call or anything of the sort. We were hoping that the flames burned the enclosure as well as a researcher or student. We don’t have consideration for anyone.

The renowned professors along with their researchers abroad and the poor students all take part in the subjugation of wild nature and thus deserve the worst. This is a warning that we are getting closer, improving our aim. We will take care of it: Dr. Javier Ruiz del Solar, Dr. Paulo Araya, Dr. María Elena Lienqueo, Dr. Guido Garay, or the student Luz Martínez. We know your daily routine, your monotonous lives. Dare to continue to support progress, beware of the consequences…

“And when my hour came I found the must rugged, solitary and desolate place that exists.” E.

The wild can wait no longer. Civilization expands indiscriminately at the cost of all that is natural. We won’t stay twiddling our thumbs, looking on passively as modern man rips the Earth apart in search of minerals, burying her under tons of concrete, or piercing through entire hills to construct tunnels. We are at war with civilization and progress, as well as those who improve or support it with their passivity. Whoever!


The Universe, with all of its galaxies, stars, and planets, with its immense unknown, also forms part of Wild Nature.

Because the Universe is abused by man through his rockets, satellites, and invasive projects aimed at other planets when this one collapses.

Because a satellite is a television cable floating in space, it is the same as a highway going through a forest.

It is for all of this that we act violently and indiscriminately, in defense of the Wild and in self- defense. We see ourselves under siege by Civilization and Progress, and we find satisfaction in the harmonious movement of the stars.

From there our name comes, since it is our identity, the one that we picked. It is what we really are and not what they want us to be.

With Nature at our side, this past April 22nd, we abandoned a package-bomb at the National Technological University (UTN), that is located at Calle Medrano in Buenos Aires, Argentina. The action was covered up by the press as has been the case with many others. We are almost certain that the package was found as it was abandoned in a common area well within sight of all of the techno-nerds.

We know that they do not tolerate the presence of ITS in other regions outside of Mexico and they find that unsettling. They’re right! ITS does not forgive. But by silencing our actions they don’t achieve anything more than increasing our desire to watch the world burn.


Experience is gained with time. Knowledge is gained through theory and practice. This is how this war will continue, come what may.

This international coordination by groups of ITS against primordial targets is only a test of our level of operative capabilities. And also of our desire to see all that tends toward artificiality burn and collapse. These attacks that planned to hurt, destroy, and terrorize university objectives and educational centers are the beginning of something larger. Today it was the universities, tomorrow who knows what we will choose to jointly target.

It doesn’t matter if they censor and cover up our acts. We will push forward, and to the authorities and specific targets in the three countries where we are active we say:

Heed the consequences of covering up our attacks, for you know that the seed of eco-extremism has developed in fertile soil, and has sprouted!

To those who develop, work on, or find new and effective ways to domestícate and destroy the last vestiges of wildness that remain, we say:

“Take heart, relax, pretend like we don’t exist, but don’t complain when you see our arrows pointed at you.”

For selective and indiscriminate attacks and eco-extremism! In defense of the Wild Universe!

Let the mystics and arrogant people keep talking!

Neither “revolutionaries” nor dreamers nor optimists, nor cowards, Indiscriminate Ones! Death to humanist progressivism!

Continuing the war inherited from our primitive ancestors! Death to the Moral of Attack!

In complicity with allied eco-extremist and nihilist terrorist groups!

Let the explosives keep detonating, may civilization keep burning, may violent resistance against the Alien spread!

Let us be dangerous:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Argentina)

-Wild Constellations

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Chile):

-Mystical Horde of the Forest

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico):

-Ouroboros Silvestre (Mexico State)

-Grupo Oculto “Fury of the Lynx” (Mexico City)

Message #8 (Argentina)

“It’s better to keep your mouth shut and appear stupid than open it and remove all doubt.”


To the undoubtedly stupid:

By this brief message ITS claims responsibility for:

  • The repeated bomb threats on schools in Buenos Aires which have generated denunciations, “a hug for the school” (?), and even a page on Facebook. “We’ve made this page in order to stop the repeated bomb threats that our beloved establishment has suffered”. (1)

– The bomb threat against National Quilmes University. (2)

– The bomb threat against the Northern Diagonal C line of the Buenos Aires subway made this past June 15th. (3)

To the press we say: The bomb threat on the Northern Diagonal was strategically planned and carried out. We knew of the strike on the B line and of the union conflicts on other lines. Also we know that it is a station where transfers are made and thus a threat would cause delays on other lines. But let it be clear that this was a mere strategic move. We aren’t interested in union conflicts, working class struggle, nor the firing of any given worker. ITS can also be a scavenger animal, take that into account…

The bomb threat against the Northern Diagonal was a warning and they know it well. When they got everything running normally again we decided to follow up as they didn’t seem to get the message the first time. Thus, on Saturday evening we went over there and left an explosive device directed to the President of the Buenos Aires Subway, Juan Pablo Piccardo, which unfortunately didn’t explode. That will be for next time.

Our threats are the lightening strike that announces the storm. We threatened the subway and then we went for its president. Tomorrow, who knows…

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina Wild Constellations

Message #9 (Chile)

The hyper-civilized along with their structures of social life deserve fire and explosives. We are not sympathetic at all with disgusting “class struggle” and we spit on humanist precautions of some for the common citizenry. Those masses would not hesitate to snitch to the police (refer to the “citizen’s arrest”), so that’s why they will only get Uncivilized Fire.

We are un-ideological individuals. We thus piss on all ideologies. Our motivations for attack are the Rivers, Volcanoes, the Ocean, the Forests, the Puma, the Meadowlark, and all that is Wild.

We have shown as a faction that attack against civilization is possible with minimum resources. We have brought to it Chaos, destabilization, and why not, Terror.

We detest civilized life, its rights and processes, its values and progress. Thus, its recreational areas are and will be targets for eco-extremists. Malls, movie theaters, clubs, restaurants, etc. are civilization itself and thus are targets.

It’s for that reason and many more that we attacked and take responsibility for the fire in the food court and rooftop of the Mall in the center of the capital this past May 24th. For all until now the act was an accident. Well, not anymore!

Let it be known that this was arson, an Egoist and Savage Fire. With these words we, the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild, declare that we were the authors of this attack; we who again lurked about your disgusting city like a content Patagonian Puma.

The backpack hid the material and, surrounded by citizens, we got off the bus and headed to the chosen spot. In those moments, your heart tells your mind that there’s no turning back, that you have no doubts on this chosen path. With each step we walked with the spirits of the native peoples of the past, with the stars and the wind. We got there and it was only a matter of getting to the agreed upon place. Our “disguise” gave us the capability of getting into places where others can’t. With our hearts racing and our hands trembling we abandoned our explosive device hidden experimentally within a carton of milk. The escape was doubly tense, but once outside we laughed with pleasure (and not silently). People looked at us like, “What’s wrong with these guys?” And we disappeared….

In hiding and far away, today almost a month later, this is our moment!

In the frozen Southern lands, we remain among those who resist all that is artificial. This resistance is not passive, but violent and Wild. It does not fear the consequences of these acts, facing off against the techno-system. Our Fiery Terror comes from our most primitive instincts, those which artificiality has not been able to eradicate within us.

Accomplice greetings to ITS in the North, to eco-extremists everywhere, to the Italian Sect and the Mystical Horde of the Forest!

Let it be known that there is War in the South! Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile – Uncivilized Southerners

Message #10 (Mexico)

We were on the hunt, and last night we turned into wolves. Our thirst for blood was satisfied for a moment, while the demons of our ancestors took possession of our minds and bodies.

We lurked about the University City, one of the cradles of human progress. This is a place that forms smug professional minds who are devoted to the disgusting purpose of “building a better tomorrow.” This “better tomorrow” is stained by the destruction of the Earth, by the destruction of the instincts of the individual and by the domestication of the species.

We don’t believe in a “better tomorrow”. We aren’t “revolutionaries” nor do we identify with their recycled ideologies. We are individualist-terrorists with egoist purpose. We are politically incorrect, immoral, and indiscriminate.

The University City is the place where most recently the “Fury of the Lynx Clandestine Group” and the “Guamera Eco-Extremist Group” have attacked (April 25th and April 8th, respectively). The authorities silenced these attacks and pretended they didn’t happen. Well, you’re not going to be able to keep this one quiet.

Yesterday we stabbed the Chief of Chemical Services in the Department of Chemistry at the UNAM. Our knife pierced his flesh, his muscles, and veins, bleeding him and leaving him for dead. It’s a pity we couldn’t scalp him (as was the practice of our ancestors in war), but that’ll be for next time…

We already said in our first communiqué in January of this year that, “the wounded and dead that we inflict will be as a blood offering to Wild Nature,” and we weren’t joking. We executed this man to show that we don’t have any respect for the lives of the hyper-civilized of the university or anywhere else. We despise their routines, their norms and morality. We reject equality, human progress, tolerance, science, collectivism, Christianity, pacifism, modernity, and all of the other shit that reeks of civilized domestication.

No one within this putrid civilization deserves any consideration, least of all the disgusting progressivists and humanists who hide behind the walls of this and other universities.

This civilization wants to eliminate our most wild instincts to impose on us its values that run roughshod over the individual; its work and study; its law and religious beliefs; and its monotonous rules and hypocrisy. In this case, it wants us to consider this murder “evil”, even though it is a result of a war without morality. But they haven’t succeeded, and the proof is in this “painful homicide” that we were able to pull off without a hitch.

Be more careful, students, instructors, and researchers of the UNAM and other universities, since we won’t hesitate to mortally attack again.In continuity with the “Nihilist Funeral” started by the Individualities Tending Toward the Wild (ITS) in 2011, when they shot dead the biotechnologist Ernesto Mendez Salinas in Cuernavaca; and in continuity with the annihilation of the life of a computer science student of the IPN carried out by the Indiscriminate Faction in Iztacalco in March of this year.

May Eco-extremism and Terrorist Nihilism increase in Mexico, Chile, Argentina, Italy, and other places.

With Wild Nature on our side!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City Eco-Extremist / Nihilist Mafia

Message #11 (Brazil)

“I only want to see the cities leveled, the jungles taking over amidst the burnt-out factories. We are savages and we will be savages. Between life and death we will dance… If death comes we will keep destroying things in hell; disgusting world, I will laugh as I see you falling, in this eternal confrontation…”

  • N.D. Stalking Death

Pindorama* – The untamed forest beings of the deepest jungle sing and invite us to join them in an immoral savage war at their side. In the darkest alleys of the putrid city we hear the uncivilized echo of those who do not speak human and who do not hesitate to accept the loud call from our ancestors who lived at the bottom of the curse, and who cry out for the total destruction of the civilized world.

In a band like barbarians we join together to sharpen our daggers, to load the clips into our guns and prepare the bombs to defend with tooth and nail the eco-extremist conspiracy against civilization and human progress as it spreads to these lands and which we are ferociously beginning.

The Secret Forest Society (Sociedade Secreta Silverstre – SSS) is a hidden materialization of eco- extremism, the adherent group of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild in the Amazon region.

The Brazilian authorities have prepared the best they can against the potential attacks of ISIS and they even detained some of its cells here in Brazil. But they weren’t expecting the eco-extremists.

We have strategically waited until just days before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to attack and declare WAR against the hyper-civilized and their dead world of steel and concrete, as well as its foundations and technological devices.

We aren’t lone wolves as the authorities and Brazilian media would have it. We are an entire pack that growls against all that is civilized!

We proudly heed the call of hurricanes, earthquakes, lightening storms, volcanic eruptions, tsunamis, avalanches, heat waves, floods, and other natural disasters. FOR THE EXTREMIST DEFENSE OF WILD NATURE!

Like an incurable plague we emerge and like violent gusts that sweep away all in front of them, we will sweep down provoking terror and devastating all in our path. Our target? Civilization in its totality and human progress! This WITHOUT ANY GUARANTEE that “innocent bystanders” won’t be killed during our terrorist attacks.

We are wild uncivilized animals: criminals, terrorists, amoral, and a mafia comprised of enemies of all that is civilized. We publicly DECLARE WAR at this time against those who support civilization and their accomplices. We also take aim at any structure that enables and sustains the expansion of the civilized world.

The Olympic Games in our sights

It is not a coincidence that SSS/ITS-Brazil is presenting itself now, in these days before the Rio 2016 Olympic Games, an event of great mobilization of the citizenry nationally and internationally, a show with lots of glamorous hype to keep the minds of this dead society filled with garbage. On

the 5th of this month, the world’s attention will be turned again to the international celebration with the failed slogan, “A new world.”

Dear citizens, we have the great pleasure of informing you that if hell exists, it’s a lot like the reality of the current world. We state as well that better days will never come, no matter how many doses of hope you take. This is the moment of disaster!

The slogan of the Olympic Games mentions a “search” for something different from the hell that humans hands has made. In a hilarious manner, the “revolutionary” movements also look for a “new world”. This phrase is the same absurd rallying cry to change the world that various leftists movements uphold. All are searching for a “new world,” “the promised land,” including most anarchists. They are following different paths, but they are all looking for a “solution” or “remedy”, but all paths lead over the same cliff.

We affirm that there is NO way out from the civic abyss that reeks of death, and we eco-extremists know this all too well.

It’s a matter of taking one step forward and two steps back. There is nothing that can be changed in this world, and everything to destroy. SSS/ITS-Brazil along with ITS-Mexico, Chile, and Argentina also will fix its amoral and indiscriminate gaze on the Rio 2016 Olympics. We are and will be the eternal enemies of all of the citizenry and all of civil society. This event will not escape our attention. The savage spirit of the dead Jaguar killed after being USED and THROWN AWAY during an event of the passing of the Olympic torch in the state of Amazonas is incarnate in us and clamors for violent attacks.

We will inflict the maximum amount of terror on this event against the hypocritical citizenry that simulates a ridiculous peace; a reunion of the whole world as if everything around us was okay.

While Wild Nature dies and civilization continues to celebrate within its artificial world that consumes all that is natural, to this worldwide celebration we will leave our bombs!

Our bands of allies in Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo are prepared just like the tens of thousands of mobilized cowards who are there to provide security to the Games. We guarantee that in the states where events will be held, they will not pass unscathed without being severely attacked. We know that there are breeches in security and we will utilize them accordingly. Not only will the imperial Olympic installations be targets, but the mobile and stationary targets around them can also be attacked. We don’t care about the “innocent bystanders” who might be killed or mutilated, in the end the accomplices of civilization should fall right along with it.

Thus, citizenry, if you don’t want to be within a blast zone, lock yourselves in your basements and stay there.

Tourists, if you don’t want to share the same end, go back to your rotting cities. You are not welcome nor will you ever be welcome here, except by our explosives…

We see the Olympic structures as a profound manifestation of urbanism and modernity, just like the very expansion of civilization. Wild Nature has once again been stabbed viciously, this time to make way for installations for the Olympic Games. The example we saw was the civilized blow against the little that is left of the Atlantic Forest for the construction of a golf course in the Barra de Tijuca for the 2016 Rio Olympics.

They had no mercy when they did that and without mercy we will attack the Games. This event is not neutral and will be hit with multiple blows in a savage manner.

Those who collaborate or have collaborated with it, even “innocent bystanders,” will fall! The sick Olympic torch carries with it a cynical symbolism which makes us spit at its very mention. In that symbolism is seen the Sky, the Mountains, the Sea, those same things that are indiscriminately pushed into the abyss by the progress of civilization, all of which this society supports! The hypocrites who participate in this event spew forth cynicism before the world saying that they “defend” something of nature with that ridiculous affirmation. From now on we will show what a real defense of Wild Nature looks like!

We have declared war on this destructive international event of this dead society that consumes Wild Nature. Social peace will be proudly broken and mutilated.

In order to begin this savage attack, SSS/ITS-Brazil assumes responsibility for the attack in front of the shopping center Conjunto Nacional, carried out in the city center of the capital of Brazil, an occupied sector and only a few meters from one of the installations that will be used in the 2016 Rio Olympic Games. Yesterday evening we planted there an explosive consisting of three kilograms of blasting powder in a pressure cooker and we then disappeared into the shadows. The device caused a large explosion which stirred great fright in the citizenry and security guards who were nearby.

From afar, under darkness we observed the silence, the wind that blew and confronted the urban cacaphony… the lights of the city could not conquer the starry night sky accompanied by the expressive moon… and in the middle of what was a powerful explosion and a ball of fire, all of this caused us to laugh. We attacked in a militarized zone, and right under the noses of “security forces.” Even though the explosion didn’t produce the results that we hoped for, we will continue to perfect our techniques to cause the maximum amount of destruction in each new action.

Oh, the Conjunto Nacional is an emblematic building in the commercial district, one of the symbols of the destruction of Wild Nature… shopping centers are stands of civilization that sell artificial items to this dead hypocritical society. They are a conglomerate of distributors that offer scraps to this rotten civilized society and its citizenry. All this is at the cost of the frantic destruction of Wild Nature.

Yesterday CN continued on with its killer business and today its building has been hit with an earthquake of maximum magnitude. This time around the attack took place outside the building, tomorrow it could be on the inside…

We declare that this is only the start of the eco-extremist war against civilization and its “human progress” in “Brazil”. All of the structures and individuals who maintain and sustain the expansion of techno-industrial society and its consequent destruction of Wild Nature will now be considered targets.

Civilized structures will be blown into the air like wild birds and the flames will burn until there are only ashes left. Those who drive the destruction of Nature will pay with blood for their actions, blood ritualistically offered to the same untamed Nature just as ITS-Mexico has greatly done when it killed a worker at the UNAM, an institution that is an incubator of progressivists.

The only laws that we recognize are the laws of Wild Nature. This is a war of life or death that we will wage until the final consequences. We will inflict acts of terror and destruction while we are still standing, and it will be until our death or the death of our enemies.

We are the most repugnant products that this rotten civilization has ever created. We live in the shadows, angry at the citizenry, we spit on civil society and we vandalize wherever we pass. We look down on work, we hate the schools and we set fire to the universities. We are iconoclast

heretics, supreme enemies of Christ and adorers of paganism. We are those who burn churches with their priests, pastors, and faithful still in them. We are amoral nihilists, apologists for violence and crime. We are those who opted to apply the laws of chemistry backwards in order to be able to build explosives that tear apart bodies and destroy buildings. We are disgusting delinquents uncommitted to civilized life and who are against the future and all that is human progress. We are those who don’t fear tomorrow, and who have chosen today and this moment to deliver blows… This we have chosen, there is no turning back and that’s it…

We end this first communique of the Secret Forest Society (the eleventh of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild) with the following sentences from the eco-extremist publication, “Ishi and the War Against Civilization,” which has been translated into Portuguese:

“Eco-extremism will have no end because it is the savage attack, the ‘natural disaster’, the desire to let the fire burn and to dance around it. The anarchist recoils and the leftist fears, because they know that they can’t defeat it. It will continue, and consume everything. It will burn up utopias and the dreams of civilized futures and leave only Nature in its place..”

Let us be dangerous…

With ITS-Mexico, Chile, and Argentina, and other parts of the world, forward the eco- extremist mafia!

In complicity with the Nihilist Terrorist Groups in Italy that attack social peace! Forward “Cenaze” Terrorist Nihilist Clan, “Memento Mori” Nihilist Sect, and allies!

Greetings to the convicts of the CCF who set fire to Greece! Forward eco-anarchist and nihilist groups spreading terror in Chile!

Greetings to the Hostility Group Against Domination which is also at war in these lands!



Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Brazil

-Secret Forest Society

* – An name used by some indigenous groups for “Brazil”

Message #12 (Chile)

“… And this is only the consequence of my own action and position before those who I despise. The action for which I was arrested on April 7th, 2015 was to light a commuter bus on fire since it was a target and a machine meant to advance civilization. It is a symbol and utility of the city…

  • N.C.

A frustrated bomb attack

The Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile and Uncivilized Southerners continue the war against civilization. In this manner, we abandoned our hiding places, places from which we conspire concerning each attack. We walk through the mountains and the cities. The former we love, adore, and defend; the latter we hate, attack, and burn.

Their cities only cause us disgust, but from them we get all that is needed for attack, and from out standpoint, we don’t have any problem taking advantage of these “resources.” Even so, we attack and destroy with our Untamed Fire.

The city, its buildings, and cars are in our sights. In this case, the last of these were our targets. We are enemies of civilization, and its disgusting transport machines of human goods will not be safe.

Thus on Monday, July 25th we abandoned an explosive device with a homemade detonator (identical to the one that destroyed a Transantiago bus in February) in a line of cars parked on a street to the north of the capital.

Unfortunately this time the fire chose not to “speak”. This time we did not have the pleasure of seeing the heap of Progress burn. This is the pleasure we had in seeing the bus burn in February, one that was repeated later when we set fire to a food court of a mall.

Bomb threats

For its part the Mystical Horde of the Forest has also adhered to the internationalist project of ITS continuing to operate in the shadows, waiting and analyzing in order to fall upon all that is alien. With wise patience of the Ancient inhabitants, untamed patience that is not passive, but is rather like the stalking of a Jaguar.

Thus in the last week we have taken upon ourselves to realize a series of bomb threats against educational institutions, shopping centers, and Metro stations. These threats have been dismissed, which does not surprise us. All you various hyper-civilized people, be aware that sooner rather than later our threats will become real.

Our failed bomb abandoned at the FCFM in April bothers us; the urge to burn it to the ground is still very much alive in us.

With ferocious spirit we salute the friends from the Secret Forest Society of ITS-Brazil, and their terrorist attack against a shopping center and their declaration of war against the Olympic Games. We also send an accomplice embrace to the terrorists of the Eco-extremist / Nihilist Mafia, and their mortal attack against a worker of the UNAM.

We also salute the Wild Constellations who continue the war on the other side of the Andes.

In the North, South, and center: Forward Eco-extremists! Because we love all that is wild and natural: War!

Because we hate all that is civilized and artificial: War!

“We do not want large noisy cars here. We don’t want them in the lands where our ancestors hunted. If the civilized keep advancing, their brothers’ scalps will hang in our tents.”

– Roman Nose

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile Uncivilized Southerners

Mystical Horde of the Forest

Message #13 (Argentina)

The trajectory of the history of humanity is quite obvious. Every wild nook (the few that are left) is to be lost forever within this most disgusting and rotten civilization. Today’s hyper-civilized will perhaps one day regret the terrible decline of Nature, or maybe not. But we live in the present and we are attuned to today’s reality: now, in this precise moment. And what we see shocks us, and fills us with rage.

Society, far from trying to change the course of things, does all that it can to annihilate Wild Nature. And when we speak of “changing the course of things,” we are not speaking of “revolution” or “class consciousness.” We are speaking merely of the simple exercise of pausing a moment and thinking, “what should I do with my life,” “what do I really choose and what is foisted upon me,” “this is what I really am, and I will it.” This is not an exercise in “meditation,” “liberation,” or “self- help.” It’s merely listening to our ancestors, and our own instinct. To listen to what the winds say, the rain, the silence. To let oneself be touched by the rays of the sun or lose oneself in the night with the stars.

Thus, last July 12th, in an act of antisocial savagery, we poisoned dozens of 600 ml bottles of Coca Cola with hydrochloric acid and we left them in the refrigerators of two large supermarkets. So now you know, hyper-civilized, if you bought Coca-Cola in the Coto in Recoleta (French around the 2400 block) or in the Carrefour in Caballito (Av. Donato Alvarez on the 1300 block) and you felt a bit ill, you can think of the initials: ITS…

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina Wild Constellations

Message #14 (Mexico)

“And she said that the dead Indians will resurrect and she would turn the old into young men, and if that we didn’t want to go [to the rebellion against the invaders] that she would make the Earth open up and swallow all of them.”

– Andrés’s testimony against a Guachichil witch. 1599

A) Concerning international matters

“The seed is within you. That seed that binds itself to the Earth, to the ancient and the primordial. It binds itself to nature. There are many factors so that allow this seed to germinate, for example, moisture, sun, wind, the minerals of the Earth, rain, etc. Environmental conditions strongly determine whether a small seed ends up being a leafy tree.”

For the individualist extremists, for the warriors who listen to the call of the wild, it goes out to that small section of people, they will understand what we are referring to…

May their already germinated seeds rise toward the heavens…”

We wrote that on May 15th under the name, “Council of Uehuetlatolli” of Wild Reaction, and from then on the seed of confrontation has germinated not only in Mexico but also in other countries.

From not too many moons ago, eco-extremism has violently positioned itself in this war unleashed by fierce individualists in various places. They listen to the call of the wild, attending to the voices of their ancestors in war against the Alien. They sharpen their knives, plan arson, set explosives, expand their criminal activities, conspire in the darkness and with the Ineffable, employ politically incorrect rhetoric, exalting the deities by what we do, and so on.

We are an invisible menace, the owl stalking its prey in the night, the mosquito that bites quietly, the clamoring tsunami that emerges out of nowhere, the alligator that comes up from the depths of the swamp without warning. We are the invisible menace, and this was completely evident after that indiscriminate attack carried out some weeks ago by the “Wild Wilderness Society” of Brazil, which surprised many as another group of ITS emerging in the southern region of the continent. The pressure cooker explosion was the threatening roar of the Amazon jaguar, it was the range of sounds of wild animals during a night in the Amazon. It was the cry in unison of the uncontacted tribes that fiercely attack the oil installations; it was the thunder of our ancestors driving us to the war against all that is civilized. It was the call of complicity, the call that echoes in the heads of the individualists ready to attack like the animals we are. The deafening explosion that terrorized many on August 1st of this year in Brasilia was a reminder that we can attack when least expected and in any place thousands of miles from where ITS started. It is a reminder that the internationalization started by this group some months ago marches forward, it is still afoot and threatens with more…

B) Concerning the local

We are an invisible menace. While the Mexican authorities continue to rot in their own corruption and stir in their own incompetence and filth, we continue our war. We continue still with impunity, laughing at their attempts to catch us.

The great national scandal that was a man left panting on the ground gasping for life and slowly wasting away at the University City was only one of our attacks on civilized life which we accomplished with ease, this time using only a knife. Before committing this act we knew that the press would go crazy. After five years of carrying out terrorist acts, the downpour of reactions is to be expected, and we are accustomed to the PGR opening up investigations on our attacks and then

denying our existence by stating that it is reserving “information” for 12 years. That’s why we took responsibility for the attack the very next day, though it is true that ITS doesn’t care about the cackling of the drooling pathetic members of this society. Of course, they singled us out as “crazy people,” “criminals,” “sociopaths,” “murderers,” etc. We aren’t going to use this space to argue about whether we’re crazy or not, since we don’t give a shit about those labels. We aren’t scandalized when faced with the supposed insults that instead of making us upset cause us to chuckle a bit and confirm our disgust towards the all of the moral values defended by idiotic humanists. They can go fuck themselves!

After our attack the reactions kept pouring in. The Chief of Government of Mexico City, Miguel Ángel Mancera, denied that ITS was the author of the crime. Sure, they needed the highest government authority to state the “official story” about this crime to stop the hysteria that overshadowed (and overshadows) the University City. It’s not in the interest of these authorities that people keep thinking that a group (or various groups) are planting bombs and carrying out assassinations without having been caught and, aside from that, the same group has branched out its tendency into other countries in only a few months.

We repeat, after five years of carrying out attacks we are all too familiar with the tricks that the authorities play to “diffuse” these situations. We know what dodges the Chief of Government Mancera uses and we have proof. In 2011, the man who was not yet the Chief of Government but rather the head of the General Procurator of Justice (PGJ) was “looking into” the wave of attacks by anarchists and the “old” ITS of those years. But he was just lying so that the citizenry and the corporate leadership (who demanded that those responsible be caught) would believe the so-called experts who stated that the intentional arsons that these anarchist groups took responsibility for were “short circuits,” and the explosions at various targets were due to “gas leaks.” To cite another example along the path of his professional career, now as Chief of Government, Mancera vehemently denies that the cartels exist in Mexico City, in spite of the decapitated bodies, the bodies hung from bridges, the narco-messages, and the other acts that indicate that there are cartels in the city, and they are constantly at war over turf in the capital.

To top it all off and to mention his most recent lies, only a little while ago, a group performing banda music, one which is known to have relationships with narcotrafficking, was attacked in an exclusive area of Mexico City. The vocalist was shot and wounded by unarmed gunmen.

Afterwards, the “investigations” of the PGJ of the capital discounted that this was a direct attack and they denied that it was the result of the musical group’s ties with the narco-traffickers, since as the Chief already stated, “no cartels are operating in the city.” Surprisingly, many gobbled up the version of Mancera’s interns in the PGJ. It seems like, not only do the authorities discount the obvious, but they also have recourse to the absurd in denying the great number of crimes, passing them off as “insignificant things.” These attitudes only affirm their incompetence and their idiocy in which they deny everything. This is convincing proof to not believe anything that the Mexico City authorities say about “solving a crime”. In the end, they have to keep the peace even though it only exists in their demented minds for a few moments.

How does one believe in a person who has lied so much over and over again, first as Procurator and then as Chief of Government? What truthfulness would the declarations of a person like Mancera have, who doesn’t miss the opportunity to cover up a large quantity of bad situations in this city under such upheaval, all to keep the peace?

The ways of the “Chief” do not go unnoticed among the groups in ITS – Mexico City. That’s why in an interview with Radio Fórmula we chose to respond first concerning the attack at the University City (and on the subject, the stuttering of the one who read it was quite amusing), by writing the following:

“We know that the capital authorities are preparing their inept investigations lacking in credibility, as they always do, to indicate that we weren’t the ones who did it in order to not alarm the university community.”

Some weeks after our attack, the press published the “official version” (for idiots), in which they discounted the possibility of it having been an attack and instead posited a version in which the death of the Chief of Chemical Services was the result of a fight between employees that took place while they were drinking on campus.

With this version in hand, a handful of modernist intellectual dunces believed what the “irreproachable,” “expert,” and “efficient” capital authorities cooked up, as one can read in the extensive “analysis” of the alternative “male feminist” Víctor Santana, published in the magazine, “Horizontal,”, entitled, “Journey to the bottom of the extremist brain.” Here he expresses his (partial, as he states) relief that the authorities have “resolved” the attack at the University City stating that ITS was not responsible. Be that as it may, you can’t expect much from a junkie writer who reeks of gender equality and useless taste for literature, which is, as someone once stated somewhere, “like a tie, it doesn’t really serve a purpose.”

A week later in order to fortify the “official” version, the organs of public opinion published another note where it was said that three suspects were captured on security cameras fleeing from the scene where they found the corpse of the victim. They said that these persons were the same mentioned by the authorities a week beforehand. This information contradicted what was reported initially that there were no cameras at the scene that captured footage of the crime nor the perpetrators who committed it.

Taking all this into account, it is clear that the authorities were forced to invent their version to cover up the truth, which was stated in that communiqué: ITS was responsible for the killing, and, in spite of wide press coverage and the desperate month-long investigations, they simply couldn’t catch us. But even then they couldn’t admit that we were responsible, and that’s why they had to create an elaborate cover-up. But don’t worry, we’ll keep attacking.

C) On the international cover-up of the ITS mafia

The Mexican intelligence services have taken a different tact. In Chile, for example, they have stupidly lumped us in with anarchist groups, looking for us in their midst. In this regard, cybernetic police have signed comments on anarchist blogs as “ITS” in order to get a rise out of people, seeing that ITS never comments on blogs. On this, all we have to say is: Keep trying to defame us, and keep looking for us, your search will be in vain!

The government strategy to cover-up information is easy to discern here, even though it doesn’t just happen in Mexico, but also in other countries. The same is going on with ITS-Chile. After its arson attack on the Transantiago bus in February of this year, the press in that country reported the incident, but they didn’t report who was responsible in order to not alarm the populace.

The same situation occurred with ITS-Argentina. After so many attacks that they have carried out since February, in spite of all of the threats that they have made to the press and the bomb threats that have affected hundreds, in spite of their poisoning of dozens of soft drinks this month, the authorities have covered-up that another ITS group is active in Buenos Aires.

In Brazil, the same occurred when after the explosion of the impressive pressure-cooker bomb, the press went crazy saying that it was an act “that indicated a terrorist attack.” ITS took responsibility and the media received this news which indicated the continuing internationalization of the group. This was only a few days before the opening of the 2016 Rio Olympic Games, and only shortly after the press praised military intelligence for arresting various people who had a relationship with ISIS (thus “foiling” a possible attack.) The authorities with the cooperation of the press classified

ITS-Brazil’s attack as an “act of vandalism,” thus trying to hide the expansion of eco-extremism into those lands from the view of the international audience, though not with much success.

All of this just indicates one thing: that ITS is an invisible menace. The authorities in the countries in which we operate know this all too well, so they continue with the same strategy of silencing us, but we will keep at it.

“My people are few, they seem like dispersed trees in a plain swept by the storm… There was a time when our people covered this land like waves, like the tumultuous sea covers the floor covered in shells. But those times have passed, as have the glory of the tribes that today remain, only a funerary remembrance…”

  • JS

d) Concerning taking responsibility for attacks.

All that being said, we claim responsibility for the following recent acts:

-August 4th: We became nocturnal animals and under the thick darkness of the morning, we abandoned a briefcase-bomb near the station of the Lechería Suburban Train in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico State.

August 4th: While the rain protected us and the sky thundered like a leafy tree had been knocked over by the wind, we abandoned a package-bomb in the office of the renowned physician and scientist Gerardo Jiménez Sánchez in the San Ángel neighborhood, Delegación Álvaro Obregón in Mexico City. Jiménez is the President of Genomics and Bioeconomics A.C. and Founder-Director of the National Genomic Medicine Institute in Latin America.

The explosives were signed by ITS but were covered-up by the press. But it doesn’t matter, we will strike again. We were there with the demons of our ancestors. We will return to attack when they least expect it…

We learn from Wild Nature, her violent and indiscriminate action, just like Tropical Storm Earl, which struck some states in the south as well as the southern coast, leaving “desolation,” chaos, destruction of infrastructure, and a little less than fifty dead in its wake. May every hyper-civilized person killed in “natural disasters” carry with them our joy, the same with every mortal and non- mortal victim of the eco-extremists and nihilist-terrorists.

“Accursed be the race that has invaded our country and made women of our warriors! Our fathers from their graves upbraid us for being slaves and cowards. I hear them now in the lament of the wind. Their tears fall from the crying sky. May the [civilized] race vanish, may they die! They have taken over our land, corrupted our women, profaned the ashes of our dead! This race must be thrown out, in a bloody trail, and sent back from which they came.”


Terror and death to the hyper-civilized!

For the continued internationalization of ITS! Death to the moral of attack!

Forward eco-extremists of Mexico, Chile, Argentina, and Brazil! Forward nihilist-terrorists of Europe, Asia, and America!

¡Axcan Kema Tehuatl Nehuatl! (Until your death or mine!)

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico Individualistas Tendiendo a lo Salvaje-México

-Ouroboros Silvestre (Mexico State)

-Clandestine Group “Fury of the Lynx” (Mexico City) Notes:

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11) https://maldicionecoextremista.noblogs.org/post/2016/05/26/chile-grupos-reivindican- ataques-en-la-capital/

12)http://www.correiobraziliense.com.br/app/noticia/cidades/2016/08/02/interna_cidadesdf,54 2737/pf-investiga-explosao-com-indicios-de-atentado-terrorista-no-centro.shtml

13) http://www.vice.com/pt_br/read/grupo-eco-extremista-assume-atentado

14) http://radios.ebc.com.br/revista-brasil/edicao/2016-08/especialista-acredita-que-explosao- em-brasilia-foi-ato-de-vandalismo

15) https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/1577179/eco-terrorists-who-detonated-pressure-cooker- bomb-last-week-declare-war-on-the-olympics-in-revenge-for-bulldozing-wildlife/

Message #15 (The Americas)

“We have already exposed the criteria by which we anarchists judge that anonymous irresponsible terrorism: it is odious as its victims are random and because it can never carry with it a heightened spirit and clear revolutionary consciousness…”

How is this the work of a conscious man, of a revolutionary, this act of cowardice which hurt innocent victims which was not the political motive of what they set out to do? It is moral cowardice that inspires these types of vengeance. It is these actions which lead us to put salt in the wound of the provocative terrorism that has made its appearance in the capital of the republic. [A terrorism carried out] by a cell of imbeciles or insane people.”

Anarchist newspaper, “La Protesta” Buenos Aires, Argentina. May 25th, 1928

This is part of an article by old anarchists that is almost 90 years old, one which at the time condemned the terrorist and indiscriminate acts of Severino Di Giovanni and his crew. These terrible acts left many dead and wounded, and caused a polemic between advocates of violent anarchist terrorism and the preachers of “Franciscan” violence in Argentina. Today after many decades, this debate is being repeated. The same words, the same condemnations, the same indignant tone are being uttered again by some anarchists and radicals who condemn the eco- extremist tendency. And even though the “beef” is not between anarchists of different schools of thought as in that time (since ITS isn’t anarchist), these accusations have emerged again from beyond the grave.


We repeat that this tendency is expanding like a plague. The virus of Savagery is infecting the minds and bodies of individualists. These have decided to egoistically come under one acronym and individual name. They attack in defense of themselves and all that is Wild, with mysticism, courage, and firm will. We have shown convincingly the violent expansion of savage extremism, but with this expansion come discomfort and the complete rejection of our ideas from some quarters.

The discomfort showed itself this time in opposition to one of the most important means by which eco-extremist action makes itself known. We refer specifically to the blog, “Maldición Eco- extremista” (ME). This site has not been blocked by the cyber-police, or by humanist hackers, but by the administrators of “Noblogs” themselves!

On this we have to ask: To what do we owe such sneakiness? What is the cause of this campaign to silence us? How uncomfortable must our words and acts be to damage both the most conservative and most radical sensibilities?

Before this situation ITS could not stand on the sidelines as a mere spectator, and less when it involves one of the websites so sympathetic to our project; a blog that has charged itself with making our words known without weighing the cost.

That is why ALL OF THE GROUPS of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild have something to say on the matter:

First, we are not at all pleased by this and we send a greeting of fervent complicity to those in charge of publishing the ME blog. We know that they have suffered adversities for being the

“visible face” of Eco-extremism. We know that, while our communiqués were not published on other sites, you have never hesitated for a moment to publish them. On the contrary, your motivational and fiery intros to our communiqués put much appreciated emphasis on the texts.

We are thankful for the commitment that has continued to this day in the immediate creation of a replacement blog (one another site) to move the project forward.

We hope that you continue to publish our words / acts with your heads held high.


Continuing on this theme, we have already experienced the discomfort towards our actions on the part of some insurrectionary anarchist groups that have been horrified by our indiscriminate attacks.

We have also experienced the same discomfort and eventual unanimous rejection from anarchist blogs that at first gave space to our words only to later censor and label us as “irresponsible,” “psychopaths,” “anti-anarchists,” “not our comrades,” etc. We mention this only so that the discomfort that we generated in some radicals remains evident, as well as the fact that ME responded harshly against these sentiments.

This was the irrefutable proof that our praxis was not compatible (we believe that it never was) with the discourse of certain anarchos.

The only thing missing then was the “icing on the cake” which materialized in the elimination of the ME blog. Here it is important to clarify that we’re not saying any of this to play the victim. We take responsibility for being eco-extremists and we confront the consequences as they come. We don’t see ourselves as poor eco-extremists expelled from the churches of anarchism. Nothing of the sort, the history of ITS clearly shows that the victims have been others…

This “icing on the cake” only reminds us how uncomfortable and DANGEROUS our actions and words have become, disturbing the comfort of certain anarchists (with apologies to real anarchists)!

Clearly we have become a serious problem for even the most “radical of radicals”. There is no doubt that this danger of which we speak is so serious that they had to take our blog ME away. We put the whole “noblogs” platform at risk. Look at the shit storm that those irresponsible Eco- extremists have caused!


You can come up with numerous excuses why the eco-extremist blog ME was putting the stability of Noblogs at risk. But we know that those cowards at Noblogs have decided to censor our words since they considered them “uncomfortable” and incompatible with the type of discourse they deal in.

Why didn’t they do the same with the “Culmine” blog in 2012, when it was considered by the EU judges to be a “publication platform” for the FAI in Europe and after the administrator was jailed? When there was a blog (or several) that were considered by the European Union authorities to be “terrorist platforms” during the most active years of the FAI? But that didn’t put the stability of the server at risk? Of course it did. They didn’t block “Culmine” since its content was compatible with the agenda of the administrators of Noblogs. We know that there are preferences, we aren’t surprised by that. But, aren’t anarchists supposed to have an open mind? Aren’t they not supposed to censor people? Aren’t they not supposed to play the role of the conventional press in blocking content? Aren’t they supposed to be super-liberal about all that? This act only demonstrates the

hypocrisy of their discourse, their moralism similar to that of a European Franciscan of the sixteenth century.

The Noblogs administrators should have just declared us as “personae non gratae” and closed our blog definitively. That would have been less hypocritical, to tell the truth.

In the end, things happen for a reason, understandable in the moment or not, as a wise man said.

In any case, the terrorist groups of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS) around the world thank Noblogs for having given us space on their server, and for being a valuable instrument for our expanding like a plague of locusts devouring entire harvests. You should remember that you are also part of the international conspiracy, even if to a diminished degree. Keep being paranoid about the future legal consequences for having at one time hosted a space for us on the Web, because you’re not getting away with that…


We continue here discussing the strategic campaign of defamation by authorities and partisans of civil anarchism which ITS-Mexico spoke of in its last communiqué. Added to this we can mention the venomous commentaries left by the Chilean anarchist newspaper, “La Boina” which has come to our attention, the brief introduction in Earth First! Journal supporting the Chilean cop-anarcho- Franciscans , and the consistent griping on the part of Zerzanites on the U.S. radio program, Anarchy Radio, etc. It would seem that all of these people have come together in a united front to vent their frustration from their respective corners of the media. Let them keep talking shit, we’re going to keep it up in spite of their foul-smelling brain rot.

The anarchist “counter-information” blogs, alternative servers, and the authorities of the countries where we are active can defame and silence us on the Web, they can censor and ignore our actions and communiqués, and they can do the near-impossible to make people forget we exist. They’re well within their right to do all of that, but when they learn of a large and indiscriminate arson in Chile, or an attack on the populace in Argentina, or when the rumor of a terrorist explosion reaches them in Brazil, or when they see people murdered and scalped in Mexico, let them have no doubt that ITS did it.

“… I only feel disgust for those who do nothing, and are content with only blaspheming and cursing those who act.”



In spite of the censorship on the part of alternative anarchist blogs, eco-extremism continues on its course. The appearance of ITS groups throughout the hemisphere is proof of this. Anarchists (though not all) condemn eco-extremist actions since they consider them irresponsible, psychopaths, and even counter-revolutionaries. This discourse that they deal in reeks of progressivism and leftism. What’s next? That they call us infiltrators or provocateurs? Because we are those things. ITS is vile, opportunistic, provocative, and everything else that is uncomfortable for the “cautious” and “responsible revolutionaries.” We will keep attacking and taking responsibility for what follows. We will continue to be on the side of Wild Nature, proud of the path that we have taken: eco-extremism. Bullets will keep entering into the bodies of the hyper-civilized. The knives will keep piercing their flesh. More false and real bombs will appear at night clubs, in

suitcases, in packet or letter bombs. Storms, earthquakes, tsunamis, and other “natural disasters” will spread, taking the lives of many indiscriminately. Wild Nature will have its vengeance.


To conclude this communique, we would like to respond to the cover-ups, the infamy, and the attacks that have emerged recently with the same words of Severino, reviving his memory, words, and curses from 90 years ago against his declared enemies:

“The anarchist newspapers disapprove, repudiate, deny, and condemn. The cloistered friars of Unionist anarchism denounce the ‘infamous tragedy’ that was on par with something done by the fascists… They are inspired by sheepish Christianity, they gesticulate like Jesus crucified when in reality they’re just a bunch of vile Peters of Galilee (“Truly I say unto thee that before the cock crows thrice, Peter will deny me.”) I have seen denial and condemnation come from the lips of many frightened cowards. They obfuscate like so many vile canons and Jesuits… they compete with each other to be the most ignoble and vile.”

“Seminatore” , Severino di Giovanni. June 1928

(An excerpt from the text written after detonating an explosive at the Italian consulate in Buenos Aires, which left 9 dead and 34 wounded, on May 7th, 1928)

“…vicious and repugnant like whore’s vomit, stinking like a dirty latrine, cowardly and vile, neither a kiss from Judas nor one of Maramaldo’s clubs was absent. ‘La Protesta’ [the Zerzanites, Earth First!, Noblogs, social anarchists, etc.], eternal shame of the anarchist movement of Argentina and the universe, den of infamies and cowardice, spittle coming from the marriage of the informer and police, they have added to their acts a new shame. But not until today has their nakedness been revealed to the light of day.”

“Suspicious violence and Franciscan violence. Echoes, commentaries, and decrees concerning the attacks on the U.S. banks.”

Severino Di Giovanni, in Culmine. June 15th, 1928

For the extreme defense of Wild Nature! For attack and death for our enemies!

Nothing will silence the voice of our warrior ancestors! Let the war continue

¡Axkan Kema Tehuatl Nehuatl!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Brazil

-Secret Wilderness Society

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina

-Wild Constellations

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile

-Uncivilized Southerners

-Mystical Horde of the Forest

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild -Mexico City

-“Fury of the Lynx Clandestine Group

-Eco-extremist / Nihilist Mafia

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild -Torreón

– Cachiripa* Fury Faction

– Coyote Pack Faction

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild -Mexico State

-Ouroboros Silvestre

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild -Jalisco

-Criminal Feral Band

* Cachiripa, was a god of the Irritilas, ancient natives of Coahuila. This god manifested himself by appearing in whirlwinds that appear frequently in that region, especially during dust storms.

Message #16 (Mexico)

The spider web expands. The eco-extremist spider continues on its accursed path. Now it finds itself in the lands to the north, in the middle of the desert where the savage Irritilas once walked. Possessed by the spirits of our ancestors, through the thunder clap that announces the coming of a storm, here we continue the war. Wild Nature has been destroyed, the ideal future is so grey and inert. We attack from this reality. We are individualists waging a war of revenge. We do so in the name of the mountain that was destroyed to make a super-highway, for the flora and fauna destroyed in the name of progress. In our being we hold the essence of the river that disappeared when they built the great dam.

Without any hope for a better world, nor waiting for the coming of revolution, we throw ourselves into the egoist and immoral abyss that is so uncomfortable to the great majority of people. We don’t represent anyone. We aren’t leftists, nor communists, nor anarchists. Their “struggles” don’t represent us. We don’t care about their “demands in the name of the people.” We only feel affinity to those anarchic individualities who wage an egoist war without hoping for a “better tomorrow”. We feel affinity to those who have abandoned utopian ambitions and have confronted civilization with all of the means at hand in the present. We only represent ourselves, our accursed initials represent us. We do not struggle for a collectivist world. That world based on solidarity, mutual aid, and justice will never come. Too bad.

We would be deluded to believe that our war will achieve the fall of civilization. We are not deluded, however, since we are realists. We know full well that civilization reproduces itself day after day. It keeps creating better instruments of domination. One only needs to see one night in the city to notice the reality, the night invaded by artificial lights. The mountains are corrupted by “vacation cabins” which destabilize the ecosystems (as happens in the mountains of Durango), as well as by the numerous “human activities” that destroy the beauty of the Earth.

Moons and suns passed. We have ended our silence. Guided by our savage instincts, we have been made aware of like-minded individualists who wage war in various lands, protected by Wild Nature. In the name of the ancients, we claim responsibility for the following:

–An explosive device placed in a Catholic church in Torreón, Coahuila. Yes, this was the device that was mentioned by the municipal police of Torreón in their declaration after an explosive device was activated at the seat of the PRI in the same municipality. This act was supposedly carried out by the “Rebel Torreón Insurgent Group.” We clarify however that we had nothing to do with the attack on the PRI, nor with that group, nor with anyone with any affinity to them.

  • Burning a phone booth of the TELMEX Corporation. In 2015 we did this in broad daylight and some blocks from where marathon runners passed in Torreón, Coahuila.

  • A bomb threat against the INE located in front of the Alameda Zaragoza de Torreón in 2015.

  • Graffiti against the UAC at the Office of the Autonomous University of Coahuila. We renounce scholarship that seeks to foster the continuance of techno-industrial civilization. This was carried out in the summer of 2015 in Torreón Coahuila

  • November 20th, 2014: We infiltrated the demonstration for the finding of the 43 students of Ayotzinapa and committed acts of vandalism outside the municipal presidency of Torreón. The cause of the people didn’t interest us. We weren’t demonstrating solidarity or anything of the sort. We only used the large crowd that day to carry out our actions and generate tension. What a coincidence! Various factions of the now-extinct Wild Reaction did the same on that day in front of the grill of the Zocalo.

A new moon has commenced. Inside of us resounds the call of the coyote. We come closer to it, we put to death a cycle that has given us experience and taught us valuable lessons. We put it to death to begin a new cycle. The war against civilization continues: the desert, the deities of our ancestors, and the accursed initials have possessed our being. With the next action we give life to a new cycle:

  • On September 8th, we sent perfume to the engineer Priscila Galván Nevárez, Director of Admissions of the ITESM Laguna Campus. One small detail was that the perfume was filled with acid. This was done to make clear that we have everyone at the Monterrey Institute of Technology Laguna Campus in our sights: students, instructors, and workers are hereby warned.

Some discomforting words

Some weeks back torrential rains fell upon the city of Torreón, Coahuila, creating an emergency situation among the citizens and the authorities. Fears were heightened as the flooding increased and with it the possibility of the overflowing of the Francisco Zarco Dam and the Nazas River. We laughed and celebrated how Nature caused panic among the citizenry. We looked with ridicule on those frightened citizens who helped the forces of order erect barricades so that the river wouldn’t flow into houses. It didn’t take much time for Wild Nature to take its first casualty, a taxi driver caught in the flood. The citizenry’s indignation didn’t wait to make itself felt. But Wild Nature would take two more lives. But remember, “for every action there is a reaction.” Sometimes this reaction is savage. Torreón and its citizens deserve it, those who in practice collaborated with the spread of techno-industrial civilization. You look to the horizon and you see the black artificial hill created by the “socially responsible” Peñoles Corporation, as well as poisoned water, contaminated air, and flora and fauna annihilated by the ceaseless expansion of the city. For all of that… three dead seems very little.

For the extreme defense of Wild Nature! For indiscriminate and selective attack! Let “natural disasters” continue!

¡Axkan Kema, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!

For the expansion of the Nihilist / Eco-extremist Mafia! Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Torreón Coyote Pack Faction

Message #17 – Joint ITS & Pagan Sect of the Mountain (Mexico)

“We attack indiscriminately and at various levels. If the target merits an attack against actual persons, we will carry it out without consideration for that collateral damage. If the target only merits material-symbolic destruction, we will not hesitate to act.”

September 2015 (1)

Many winters have passed since we have started to stalk and attack the Alien, always covered in the protection of the Hidden. Our word even if relatively silent was patient and now we take it up again.

Under criminal eco-extremist complicity, this time we are accompanied by the fierce members of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS) for the purpose of unleashing indiscriminate attacks and experiences. These have strengthened our individuality in terrorist matters, so we hereby claim responsibility for past and present acts:

  • March 23rd, 2016: We are surprised by the “thoroughness” of the press in mentioning us in its notes when a pair of Federal henchmen foiled our attack against the infrastructure of civilization (as well as those who pass over it). Namely, we speak of the overpass at the 22nd kilometer + 500 of the External Circuit of Mexico State, between the municipalities of Tultepec and Zumpango (2).

On that occasion, the press published:

“… when members of that specialized corps of the CESC arrived in the area and did a preliminary examination, they informed that the plastic bags contained various highly dangerous explosives…”

“Member of the tactical group stated that the above-cited explosive devices are similar to those that exploded and caused severe damages to various Mexibus buses in Ecatepec this past October of 2015 (3). Thus it is suspected that those responsible for this most current illicit act are the same criminals. This situation they stated has meant the start of a series of investigations to identify, locate, and arrest these delinquents. It is evident that they were trying to carry out another one of their crimes.”

Well, the reporters and the police took the words right out of our mouths. In any event, we the delinquents take responsibility for this act. Of course, due to the delicate nature of this matter and since they (again) failed to catch us, the authorities had to deny ALL of what they had declared to the press that day (4).

  • October 13th, 2016: The Metro Hidalgo Station in Mexico City during rush hour was the scene of dozens of automaton commuters inhaling the smoke of their disgusting capital city (5). According to the press, three people required medical attention due to smoke poisoning. We caused the smoke using a simple incandescent device that we turned on some stations back and this had the intended effect in this station, as this was one of the stations most densely occupied by the masses we wanted to terrorize. With this we state three things:

  • One, that this action WAS NOT A TECHNICAL MALFUNCTION as the press stated (6) employing the same old excuse when they try to cover up ATTACKS.

  • Two, the docile attitude of the modern human being was quite surprising. Many of those affected had no reaction to the situation, not even when they saw smoke coming out of the platform, even when they were in an enclosed area. Many preferred to stay and wait to be evacuated without any concern for their physical well-being. The modern human (of any society) has become so useless that he is accustomed to someone coming and telling him what to do. In all aspects of their miserable lives, and in this case as well, the metro authorities had to come to tell them to evacuate the station. If they hadn’t done that, more people would have been poisoned by the smoke.

  • Three, it is not unexpected that we could cause such chaos on the metro using such a simple device. We have already experimented with this back on May 25th, 2015 (along with other individualities) in the same station, and it worked in the exact same way (7).

The shadow of Teotlapan Tlacochcalco Mictlampa (the land of want and death -tr.) has hidden us once again. With this we advance toward the Ineffable, assuming our condition of civilized humans, but at the same time binding ourselves to our most primitive roots. Complicity with the TRUE eco-extremist groups in Mexico in the Laguna (Coahuila) and the Trails of the Teochichimecas (Jalisco)!

Power to Nihilist Terrorist groups! Death to the hyper-civilized!

Greetings to the fierce eco-extremist groups in Chile, Brazil, and Argentina! Long live the Eco-extremist Mafia!

Pagan Sect of the Mountain – Mexico State Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City

-Popocatzin Clan


1) Primer comunicado de la Secta Pagana de la Montaña.


3) http://www.animalpolitico.com/2015/10/detonan-explosivos-en-mexibus-hay-danos-en-tres-unidades/ 4)http://www.sdpnoticias.com/local/edomex/2016/03/23/dejan-presunto-explosivo-casero-en-el-circuito-exterior-mexiquense

5) http://www.excelsior.com.mx/comunidad/2016/10/13/1122187

6) https://elsemanario.com/157410/humo-metro-hidalgo-sea-evacuado/

7) http://archivo.eluniversal.com.mx/ciudad-metropoli/2015/objeto-en-vias-provoca-fallas-en-estacion-hidalgo-del-metro- 1087396.html

Message #18 – Joint ITS & Indiscriminate Faction (Mexico)

“I chase you, you look for prestige, that’s why now we talk about explosives.” In the shadows there emerge figures that stalk your back and stab you to death, or with bombs. It is winter, the snow wipes away my footprints… you provoke, they will kill you by

mouth.” Mr. Grey

The Indiscriminate Faction in coordination with the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild take responsibility for the following attacks:

  1. Wednesday, October 19th: We abandoned an explosive device in the transport bus “COPESA”, on the Cuemanco Canal corridor of Chalco-metro Barranca del Muerto. We do not know what became of that device.

2.Thursday, November 19th: We abandoned an envelope with an explosive charge in the Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM. The envelope wasn’t addressed to anyone, it was only labeled, “Winner of the iPhone Award.” This was for any person who would take it and find a nice explosive present when they opened it.

3. Wednesday, November 23rd: We abandoned an explosive device in the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters of the UNAM. Let this be a warning to all of those worthless leftist humanities students who talk shit about us. Let it be known that we have eyes and ears in places they wouldn’t expect…

4. Thursday, November 24th: We left another explosive device in the same bus as we did in October.

Communique of the Indiscriminate Faction

You’re attacking public transportation that is used by the poor citizenry, those hard working folks! A “sympathizer” might be riding on it. Yes! And we will keep doing it, we don’t care who is riding mass transit, and that’s why we attack it. We want to harm passengers as well as infrastructure which every day erase more of the little nature that still exists. If we attack persons it’s because they’re just as responsible for urban sprawl, for cutting down trees to build their miserable concrete houses, more highways, and thus, bringing more cars with them to get back to their comfortable houses.

Since human beings have become sedentary, they have condemned themselves to extinction. This world doesn’t need more humans. It doesn’t need for the human being to keep living in it. To see a more beautiful world, the human being must go extinct. We know that this is far off, even though it is still possible. We know that we personally will not get rid of the human masses, but as long as we’re walking the Earth, we’ll try to kill off the greater part of the human masses that we can. That’s why we attack the most affluent neighborhoods.

Another idiot has said, “If you are so radical and nihilist, why don’t you just strap a bomb to yourselves?” Oh, brainless and dumb kids, you haven’t understood a thing. In the end, “he who likes to eat shit will keep eating shit.”

“I go from the mountains towards the buildings. You’re not doing honor to this, cousin. I left my life behind, I don’t need it. The crows make the scarecrow sweat. I am a wolf, not a baby goat.”

Once again with the UNAM… blah blah blah the same drivel that one would expect. There the “computer geeks” are formed (a slang term that makes us laugh quite a bit). It pisses us off to repeat the same thing as always, the same “sound bite”, so once again: Yes, once more, the UNAM. If it’s simple to attack mass transit which is so full of people, imagine how easy it must be to attack a university. Piece of cake! We don’t have to disguise ourselves to pass unperceived, or put on a fake moustache or wig. We don’t even have to invent a movie script, though I suppose we could say something along the lines of:

“We put on a fake mustache; we even disguised our gender so that no one would notice and we entered the UNAM to leave an explosive package… While we were leaving, we aimed a nine millimeter pistol at the students and personnel. When we go to the exit we robbed a bus with forty people on it to plant our explosive device. Then the police followed us and a firefight broke out in which we wounded five police and killed three more.”

Wow, not even ISIS does that! But no, we only went in and left some bombs and that’s it. We did it in plain sight. In the Faculty of Sciences we left an explosive package in the hallway of pp Building. In the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters we left a bomb while the same old leftists were hawking their wares, or rather, their “self-managed works.” It’s that easy to attack the citizenry, without any complications or without much of a spectacle.

But why attack the good and popular left anarchists? These beings, these “anarchists” don’t merit our respect. These anarchists only know how to complain and cry about being victimized. That’s all they know how to do… oh, and march, sure. Mexican anarchism is dead, it’s in death agony. This pack of kids only knows how to get drunk, snort drugs, and believe themselves to be super- insurrectionaries of direct action. You don’t think so? Then ask yourself the question: why support a “comrade” (as anarchists like to call them) when he’s detained for just being a little druggie faggot? We say let them die like dogs. Why support those little cliques of “support for anarchist prisoners” when they fuck up the donations for the prisoners? Rascals! Do they really think that people don’t know? Ugh. Of course people will come out of the woodwork and scream that it isn’t true. “Those are lies!” “A group full of

infiltrators says that to tarnish the anarchist movement!” “They’re part of the government!” [Sob] What “anarchist movement”? That’s a wrap, dudes! You guys are just a bunch of conformists and reformists. Since the real anarchists of old have went extinct, the “new anarchists” aren’t worthy of any respect.

Lastly, to finish our sermon, we have seen the growth of a number of individuals who feel a fleeting empathy with the “eco-extremist tendency”. To them we would like to state the following:

It makes us sick to our stomach that more and more individuals are attracted in a superficial manner to this. We despise that there are more people out there who are flaky, those who feel themselves to be “free and wild” with lines crossing their face. They are the ones who like to hike in the woods, the desert, and the jungle. They feel like they’re shamans and pagans (we’d love to see them sacrifice or kill something, to see how much of the “shaman” they still feel then). We hate these people who hold their little “re-wilding skills” events. We’re sick of these people. For this reason, hypocritical fake groups emerge like the Whore Eco-Extremist War… Oh, excuse us, Guamera Eco-extremist War and Shadow of the Forests (who are either people with a short attention span or police who we are dealing with in these lands.) We’d like to state to all those people who attracted by “natural beauty” that you too are in our sights. Just like the list of scientists, the list of “forest lovers” who we will attack is quite long. Don’t be surprised if one day while you’re out camping the “Devil” shows up. This time you won’t be offered as a sacrifice, you’ll just be fertilizer for the trees. “The coyotes descended from the mountain, now they return to them.”

Without further ado we end this entry. The next time we’ll just take responsibility for our attacks and that’s it. That’s in order to keep the tendency “pure” since, as in the Mafia, we believe in hierarchies and no one can enter unless we give the order.

-Indiscriminate Faction (GI)

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS) “Fury of the Lynx Occult Group”

-Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild (GITS)

Message #19 (Mexico)

“If civilization wishes to survive, it will have to dispose of civilization and return to barbarism.”


Mexico is in a convulsionary situation. The crisis has hit like a wave against the coast. The price of gasoline has made the hordes of slaves leap over the thin line between legality and illegality. The last three days have seen looting, thefts, robberies, and numerous acts of criminality. These acts have occurred not only in Mexico State and Mexico City, but also in Veracruz, Hidalgo, Cancún, Michoacán, among other places.

Organizations of civil society have denounced the looting as the work of “provocateurs” employed by the political parties. They are “infiltrators” who have embedded themselves in the demonstrations to “delegitimize” social protest. They accuse the looters of being common criminals, etc. In any case, eco-extremist groups can’t just stand around in this sudden tremendous national crisis.

Those who are not prepared for these situations are scared and cry themselves to the point of desperation. Those of us who are prepared for what is happening have entered the fed-up bands of the hyper-civilized. We infiltrated them while camouflaged and hooded, and we sought to push the crisis from bad to worse.

That is why for some days now members of ITS have infiltrated the ranks of the looters and, along with criminal accomplices from poorer neighborhoods, we have committed various criminal acts. These have been quite satisfying to our uncivilized tastes, namely, seeing the decline of civilization and the fall of social values into the abyss of common vice.

Robbing foodstuffs, robbing the registers of abandoned banks, participating in several acts of looting, breaking pharmacy windows, breaking the windows of convenience stores, lighting gas stations on fire, vandalizing buildings and vehicles, throwing stones at police and soldiers, breaking the chains and metal barriers off of large stores, shooting into the air to make the police flee, leveling executive offices, etc. We’ve done all of these things day and night in Mexico State, in the municipalities of Coacalco, Ecatepec, Tultitlan, and Tlalnepantla; in Mexico City as well as Iztacalco, Iztapalapa, and Venustiano Carranza. The list of acts that we could claim responsibility for would be quite long, for it is clear that we aren’t the only ones responsible for them. Anonymous people and common criminals also deserve a lot of the credit, so we will keep things rather general.

To take advantage of the chaotic situation that rules in the streets and to value the conditions of rupture at this precise moment are aspects of our modus operandi. It doesn’t matter to us that we appear to be within contingents of social organizations that we hate as long as the End is destabilization and the deepening of the social and economic crisis that we are living presently. For that reason, we exhort all of the eco-extremist groups within and outside of Mexico to go out into the street and to make sure the crisis only gets worse. They should join up with common criminals, take out their arms in broad daylight, and break whatever occurs to them. Let them commit arson and detonate explosives. Let them claim the streets, commit crimes, join along with the mobs, and enjoy social decline.

Carrying out the War against Civilization WITHIN Civilization itself

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico State

– Ourobosos Silvestre

– Pagan Sect of the Mountain

– Popocaliztli Clan

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City

– Eco-extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage

– Fury of the Lynx Clandestine Group

– Indiscriminate Faction

– Eco-extremist / Nihilist Mafia

– Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild

Message #20 (Brazil)

“If they don’t respect the Earth neither will we respect their lives.”

“I shit and piss on all of those judges without gavels. I expect for the common citizenry that an infinite number of bombs explode among them, since ‘filthy citizen life is not only found in the barracks.’ I am against civilization and in the citizenry / humanity I find the most civilized target (myself included). These are the ones clinging to progress and who devote themselves to destroying the untamed,” Kevin Garrido

In the first week of 2017, on Saturday the 7th: we abandoned a backpack that contained two liters of gasoline and a container with one kg of blasting powder full of shrapnel in a crowd in the Plano Piloto bus station in Brasilia. The incendiary explosive device with a mechanical detonator was directed toward as many people as could be reached by the blast. We do not know what happened with the explosive, but it is likely that its presence was covered up by the Secretariat of Public Safety in the Federal District. This is due to not wanting to generate panic in the populace due to the supposed existence of cells of the Islamic State in Brazil. It would be rather embarrassing for the defenders of the citizenry to admit that an explosive was left in a place where around 600,000 civilians circulate per day.

In any case, we assume this and all of the other possible consequences, including the death and mutilation of the common working citizenry.

Some words from the Secret Wilderness Society / ITS – Brazil

The situation is decadent, it rumbles like an earthquake in this tropical country. “Brazil” is going through the most intense crisis in over 30 years, one of the most severe in history. Twelve million are unemployed, some states have failed and have required federal intervention. Criminality is on the rise and the prisons are overflowing, leading to bloody rebellions that kill hundreds. Generalized corruption of the ruling and opposition parties siphons off billions. The “three powers” are in intense political conflict. The drought leaves numberless cities without water. Inflation is rising and the cost of public transportation increases. Austerity measures break in two the infinite hope of the miserable citizenry. Bitter droughts destroy entire crops like plagues. These and many other social, economic, and ecological crises would make for a very long list. The “Brazilian” portion of global civilization is sinking into one of the most severe crises in history. The news announces that better days will not come. This brings desperation that dominates the accursed life of the human mass. This makes us laugh heartily.

Just as ITS has done in Mexico, we of the Secret Wilderness Society will contribute to the course of things and we will push this crisis from bad to worse. We want to push this decadent society over the edge. We will attack indiscriminately all sorts of human and non- human targets in order to create terror and instability. And if it is convenient, we will infiltrate social protests to cause Chaos as was the case with the terrifying march against PEC 55 on the Explanada de Ministerios that surprised many due to its quick transformation. The result was a sea of overturned burnt cars, Ministries that had been overrun and destroyed, graffitied and overturned signs, vandalized monuments and many wounded and arrested. We don’t sympathize with the disgusting social demands of the civil organizations that were present. We merely take advantage of the momentary revolt of the hyper-civilized to generate abysmal situations where the goal is the weakening of the structures of the Techno-industrial System.

The Indiscriminate Faction has affirmed in the eighteenth communiqué and we repeat it here: the human species is condemned to extinction which has been imposed on it by the form of life that it has chosen. In order to see a more beautiful life where the wild can flow, the human race should go extinct. Nothing will be spared in this War. The principle problem is not “political” or “governmental” or involving the State. It isn’t about capitalism, fascism, or communism. It isn’t about authoritarianism, militarism, or hierarchies. It isn’t even about the Techo-Industrial System itself, for even if it is somehow eliminated, Westernized modern humans would work to re-establish progress and maintain the structures of civilization intact. The problem is civilized humanity itself. Even Ted Kaczynski, the “God” of the most radical “anarcho-primitivists,” recognized that even with the end of the Techno-industrial System, civilization would still be left standing. Maybe this would only be in a fragmented form in separate regions. Thus, in order for civilization to be effectively eliminated, the struggle must focus on combating the human race as it is known today. Either way, we eco-extremists don’t believe that our actions will eliminate civilization, and we think that it will succumb to the untamed within itself within some years. While we walk the Earth, however, we will attack until the final consequences to inflict the maximum amount of harm to hasten the demise. The style of life that the modern civilized human adopted has become a cancerous culture. In the past, under the cross and the sword, it colonized a large part of the world. By technology, it has imposed itself on the rest in modern times. One has to accept that NOTHING is free of it. The few native peoples who still exist will be swallowed up by human progress in a few years, and the little Wild Nature that is left will be buried under urban sprawl a short time from now. The War has thus become against ALL that exists, for even shooting in the air has become an attack against civilization, since the human being has aimed to dominate everything, even the skies. Progressivism will continue and this domination will continue to take control of the human mind through nanotechnology that eradicates our animal instincts completely. The attempt to control all things will end in the human being becoming a robot, resulting in transhumanism similar to what they are constructing in the “Internet of things.” In this all is virtualized, measured, observed, connected, controlled, and contained. Wild Nature and our individual liberty will be completely eradicated. The artificial will prevail within this “cyber-world”. This is the direction in which the world is headed.

We want to make it clear that the decadent masses (the citizenry) are our mortal enemy. The same goes for the scientists, engineers, business people, etc. The common citizen is also responsible for the destruction of Wild Nature, as well as for the advance of human progress. To come to that conclusion, one only has to have recourse to that simple anarchist premise: “All power comes from the people.” And if power comes from the people, is not destruction also from their hands? Yes! “But those people are alienated and distracted, we need to wake them up! They are disorganized, they need grass-roots organizations.” This is what the anarchist superheroes say who can’t even bring together ten people (with allies) on the block. How are they going to do this? Do they have a magic wand? Idiots! The masses don’t care about what they say and they are too busy slaving away at work. They just want to get more money to buy an infinite number of goods that cost thousands of miles of destroyed forests and mountains, numerous contaminated rives, lakes, and oceans, as well as contaminated air and extinct animal species. He knows full well that he lives in an abject state, but he still defends his condition of modern slavery with arms in hand. He’ll even kill to make sure that progress continues on permanently and that the structures of Techno-industrial Civilization keep standing. That is why we get angry when ecologists and anarcho-utopians believe that a revolution of an “organization of the people” can bring about a better and more just world. Real change in our situation is completely impossible and any attempt at it would only reinforce civilization itself. In fact, any “revolution” would keep intact the principle structures for the continuance of human civilization. So for the foolish people who believe this, we say the following: your “classist comrades” at the demonstration in the city of Fortaleza were not beaten enough. Next time they should be killed! They aren’t but a band of drug addicts anyway who talk about how they’re the most radical and angry on social media. But that’s the only place they say that, because they lead a shitty life and they don’t do anything more than drink, take drugs, and complain about this and that according to their disgusting leftist principles.

Nature in this tropical country is also in decline in the Amazon region. In only a few years nothing will be left there, starting from the marvelous Cerrado that is on the brink of extinction. It’s no coincidence that the capital and other states are facing the most severe water crisis in national history. All of this is a reflection of the destruction caused by human hands. The ignorant among the hyper- civilized talk of the lack of investment in infrastructure when the problem is really ecological and is the result of their own activities. Even a person deformed by Down’s Syndrome can use a little piece of their brain to realize that, but the human masses continue to ignore all of it. In the meantime, all beauty fades away and this parasitic place known as the Federal District expands, flattening forests and rivers as was the case at the Pajés Sanctuary.

The accursed mass of civilized humans is accomplice to this decadence, to civilization, it adores the structures of the techno-industrial system and defends them in good faith. This is like a universal religion, maybe the most successful universal religion. The hyper- civilized human being does not deserve mercy, he is only a plague upon the Earth. He is like a cloud of locusts devouring entire landscapes so that nothing remains. Human beings only care about themselves and ignore the wild world. They hate it, they will never leave it alone or return to it. They will simply try to dominate it to feed human progress and expand artificiality. This is the inarguable goal of the civilized human, but it is also his greatest error. Human beings can sweep all of that is wild off the face of the Earth and affirm that they won the war, but sooner or later, sudden disasters will bring all of it down. Wild Nature will return to finish off the human race as it did the civilizations and empires of the past. We have decided to remain on the side of the untamed and wage war from there.

Indiscriminate like Wild Nature reacting, we will go about massively killing and attacking. We will attack humans and non-humans. We will alternate our attacks with natural disasters, declaring that the civilized human will always be our enemy.

We have a savage inheritance from our warrior ancestors. We affirm that we will continue the War against out principle targets, the Techno-industrial System and its intellectual mentors; as well as against those who finance its structures. We speak specifically of scientists, engineers, humanist philosophers, mathematicians, chemists, physicists, educators, architects, business people, technologists, etc. Now more than ever, we will continue to harm and kill common citizens indiscriminately. Any technophile should equally succumb to the vice of their own decadence.

To conclude, since we have gone on long enough in this communiqué, we hope that the head is torn off from the false eco-extremists who have been exposed by the communiqués of ITS-Mexico. For those who do not know, we refer to the false groups, “Shadows of the Forest” and “Guamera Eco-extremist War”. May the blood of those deceivers flow!

For indiscriminate terrorism against the Techno-Industrial System and the Citizenry! Death to the moral of attack!

Watch out common citizens, scientists, educators, business people, investigators, engineers, physicists, mathematicians, programmers, technicians, chemists, architects, farmers, public officials, students, humanists, leftists, and any other techno-geek, any technophile, any progressivist, because we will be wading in civilized blood in this new Gregorian year!

Terrorizing and killing like the Caetês y los Tupinambás!

Violent like the Ka’apor defending their ancestral lands

“Chaos is a precipice, it is a ladder. Many who try to climb it fail and never try again. They fall in defeat. And some have an opportunity to climb it, but they refuse. They remain in the kingdom, in the gods, in love. Illusions. Only the ladder is real, the ascent is all that exists.”

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Brazil

-Secret Wilderness Society

Center-east Pindorama, overcast sky. January 2017.

Message #21 (Chile)

In my opinion the human race should be annihilated… Given that I think that the human being is the greatest enemy of nature… and

for that reason we deserve our own extinction.”

Mauricio Morales

Ha! You thought that the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile disappeared? Um, no! We were only stalking with the wise patience of the old ones, hatching plans in the shadows. We were whole as we wandered in the mountains and rivers, but sad in the cities, in order to come back with an “unprecedented” attack.

As we stated in our fifth communiqué:

“Take heart, remain calm, go about as if we don’t exist. Just don’t complain when you see our arrows pointed at you.”

Take heart progressive innovators of the technological system, workers, executives and scientists. ITS-Chile has left the common “revolutionary” morality behind. We aren’t worried if people come out dead or injured during an attack. That’s more than clear.

Our attack is one in the name of the wild and unknown. It is an eco-extremist attack, feverously egoist and against civilization in its highest expression. It is also an act of terror against the hyper-civilized who represent the devastation of the Earth. Their giant open air mines are evidence of the taunts of human progress against Wild Nature.

For decades now, Codelco, the largest mining company in the world, has been charged with the devastation of the Earth. It is assigned to rob its minerals in pursuit of the absolute perfection of civilization. Maybe they thought that the cries of the mountain abused by its machinery would go unheeded by us? Maybe they thought that we would not listen to the fearful cries of the trees? No. Our ears have heard the call of the Wild, that is why our hands attacked.

We are the cry of vengeance of the mountains that encircle Codelco’s tombs. The fallen snow there curses all of the wretched people who work on those structures. And we mean all of them. For from the old woman who cleans the floors to the truck drivers to the most highest rungs of managers and owners, they are all part of the subjugation of the Wild.

Our explosive gift was for the devastation that Codelco has been carrying out in the southern lands. That is how our aim focused on the president of the board, Óscar Landerretche. The famed economist is at the head of the major project of devastation of all that is beautiful on Earth. With great pleasure we learned that the device exploded and wounded the economist. This past year he announced the creation of “CodelcoTec”, a subsidiary that uses the highest level of technology, including robotic; technologies that enable them to get to places they had heretofore not imagined they could reach.

Codelco is the human civilized project squared, a pioneer in technologies that spearheads economic cooperation between countries. One of these collaborations is the company BioSigma, which is a conglomerate with JX Nippon Mining and Metals Co. Ltd. (a Japanese company) that pursues the implementation of biotechnology in a plant that produces “lixiviant biomass,” Mining Industry Robotic Solutions (MIRS), and a long list of other projects. This just causes us even more disgust and was one of the primary motivations for our attack.

We had thought of sending the package to one of his happy colleagues, but knowing that he was president of the board, we were encouraged and we pinned down his location. This guy, this one who is the representative of all that we have described above, what did he expect? That we were going to leave his most important position alone as if nthing was happening? No, no. no. His scars and his fright will always remind him of the initials: ITS.

For that reason, what are wounds on his arms and stomach compared to the wounds that Codelco has inflicted on the Earth? Nothing! Without doubt, this is only little of what these bastards actually deserve. It also seems that the maid was also wounded, and the little daughter suffered ear trauma. It’s still very little.

Of course these modern humans are super-predictable. It only took us two days to figure out where he lived, which we found on Codelco’s own webpage, wow (it looks pretty in the photo). Our accomplices arrived with the information and more, and we went to work. And yes, we were able to come right into the neighborhood without problems.

The package bomb was made of a homemade galvanized tube. It was filled with match head powder to make it detonate (you’d be surprised how powerful that stuff is). Inside were a dozen screws, and by this we obviously wanted to inflict the greatest harm to the target possible. (We hoped that he would open it at head level and that a screw would get embedded in his skull thus killing him.) And in that manner, we were not taken aback by death nor did we see it as a “bad” thing. We distinguish ourselves significantly from the humanists who see these sort of things as “evil.” Among these people are some crybaby anarchist radicals who condemn all death as fascism, animal cruelty, whatever!

This clarification is a bit repetitive but that’s appropriate. We are not an anarchist group, that ideological motivation does not move us, nor does any other. We are pleased by the attacks of some eco-anarchists. We are a Horde of eco-extremist savages, nihilists and egoists. We are for total chaos in civilization and the proliferation of criminality.

This attack was not a political act. Politics do not interest us. We are rabidly anti-political individuals. We don’t give a shit about social struggles and their leaders. We shit on the citizenry and the people who are accomplices to the techno-industrial system. We don’t aim to denounce Codelco with this attack. We don’t want them to start using electric trucks or solar panels. We don’t want them to dump slightly less toxic waste. We don’t want them to be socially responsible with regards to the environment. None of that. This attack was not the product of mentally unbalanced people. We are in full control of our faculties when we act. We are ready to accept the final consequences of our actions. For you humanists, maybe we are crazy. If being sane is to act like you and passively accept all of this civilized garbage, there is no doubt then: we’re the craziest people in all history. This was an attack of Wild vengeance, in the name of the Earth that dies because of human progress.

Friday the 13th of January in the era of the crucified, at 10 in the morning, we entered one of the offices of the Chilean post office (we would tell you which one, but we won’t so that the surveillance devices do their job, and the workers can masturbate while they review dozens of offices. By that time we will be in the land of the Selk’nam.) After a short wait, there as a “Hello, I’d like to send this package.” From there the only thing we said afterward was “Thank you.” This stuff is so cool that if you pay more they’ll deliver the package the same day. Sure, we took out three bills more and, yep, it could be delivered that afternoon. And well, after the wounds of that bastard and the chaos in the media, in the end.

We are not a new group. We carried out a frustrated incendiary attack against the geeks of the FCFM which made us anxious. This time it wasn’t fire and it didn’t fail. The Horde threatens and attacks, let that be clear. Today we copied one of the package bombs sent by ITS-Mexico. Be aware that sooner rather than later we will copy their stabbings and shootings!

With all of this, our plan B if he didn’t receive the package was to re-send it to a distinguished professor at the already mentioned department since we had already used his name as the sender. This guy ended up being Landerretche’s buddy since he taught in the mining engineering department.

We return to our hiding places like rabbits to their warrens. We are silent like the bird searching for food, and ferocious like the fangs of the fox on its prey.

Our thoughts in the attack were with the spirits of the Savages of Tierra del Fuego: with the Selk’nam, the Yamana, the Kawesqar, the Haush. Possessed by the pagan deities, we have attacked once more. The accursed Patagonian demons covered us with their blessing. In the name of all of those Savages, their deities and rites, their mountains and lakes: WE WOUNDED THE PROGRESSIVIST OF CODELCO!

The dances of the young Klóketen in the Hain initiation ritual have given us the untamed power of the oceans. Now we dance like you, brothers! We remembered you in the attack and in every instant of our lives.

We send a warm complicit embrace to the killers in Chicomoztoc, to the indiscriminate ones in the Amazonian jungle, to the poisoners across the Andes, to the demonic egoists on the old continent and the indiscriminate arsonists of those lands.

All you progressivists, geeks, and executives, watch you backs, the eco-extremist hand is close by.

May the fog of the accursed lands of the south erase our tracks! Death to civilization, science, and mining!

Death to their representatives and accomplices!

Long live indiscriminate Wild Nature and every attack against civilization! Long live our ancestors, their gods, and their pagan mysticism!

For eco-extremist terrorism, for the ITS mafia, be strong individualists! For the heightening of the war against human progress!

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile: Mystical Horde of the Forest

Message #22 (Mexico)

Let whoever waits die”


And let those who wait and wait for the “perfect” moment to attack die…We break anew the silence and tranquility that the citizenry enjoys. We move about and conspire like the invisible menace that we are, and yes, ITS is effectively in Torreón.

Civilization marches on and its faithful lackeys march in step, spreading and perfecting it. We no longer have hope that modern humanity will become hostile to techno-industrial civilization, as it seems now more than ever that they applaud every technological advance that brings them closer to the future they imagined when they were children: yes, that one with flying cars and robot servants. The only thing is that now there has been a slight change – now humans serve the machines, their bodies find themselves enslaved to them.Their minds are now unable to separate themselves from their electronic devices that allow them to plan their day on social networks. “The human,” that being who for many is the most intelligent, the superior being among all of the profane species, is now the slave of its own inventions. And in their anthropocentric vision, the destruction of other species and Nature itself is no big deal, as long as future technological development continues to occur.

In spite of tremendous technological advances and the artificial present that aims to reinforce and perfect it in the near future, there are those of us who have decided to declare war on that human progress that tends toward total artificiality. We oppose it as it seeks to live in a world where gray techno-industry destroys every trace of Wild Nature. We have decided to reject the life that civilization has prepared for us. From birth the human being is formed under those values which techno-industrial civilization considers “good”. We reject these concepts of good and evil. We abide by neither the idea nor practice of morality. That is why when we see human beings striving to destroy nature and building the artificial in its place, we don’t feel any scruples in attacking them. This war isn’t for the human species, and neither do we seek the restructuring of social relations. We don’t want humans to love nature. This is a war against the human and its many concepts, representations, and institutions. That is to say, it is a war against civilization in its entirety.

Through a multiplicity of tools, techno-industrial civilization has overridden the capacity for criticism in the minds of the hyper- civilized. It’s second-nature for them to wake up, drive to work or school, work, drive back home, sleep, each and every single day without questioning anything whatsoever. There is no question as to what modern humans have turned into. Maybe they feel very much alive and full of joy. We only see them as automatons. They are only waiting for the next tendency that civilization imposes on them without questioning or opposing it. And of course they don’t notice that, in carrying out what civilization commands by various means, they are destroying the Earth and all that lives on it. But the hyper-civilized only care if they have their beer and virtual reality. What are the devastation of the forests and jungles to them if they are riding around in cars and admiring their myriad of cell phones. They don’t care at all about any of it. So then, why should we care at all about their pathetic lives?

To echo what our blood brothers of the “Indiscriminate Faction” and the “Fury of the Lynx Clandestine Group” (who are also members of ITS) said in their Eighteenth Communique:

Since human beings have become sedentary, they have condemned themselves to extinction. This world doesn’t need more humans. It doesn’t need for the human being to keep living in it. To see a more beautiful world, the human being must go extinct. We know that this is far off, even though it is still possible. We know that we personally will not get rid of the human masses, but as long as we’re walking the Earth, we’ll try to kill off the greater part of the human masses that we can. That’s why we attack the most affluent neighborhoods.”

The world does not need people. No person working in environmental issues will be its savior. The human being is not the savior of the Earth, he is its destroyer. The modern human so insists on playing God that he will use any means necessary to do so. Now his innovative sciences are positioning the modern human closer to becoming “God”, so much so that he feels that he is becoming one or already feels divine. For this he employs nanotechnology and biotechnology, the new sciences that appear with their humanist banner to “save” humans from chronic illnesses and to achieve better quality of life through technological innovation. But the modern human is so programmed that he doesn’t even try to question science. It is not by any means innocent, special interest is behind it. One look and we can reflect on how that “more comfortable” life that science promises is in reality artificiality in all that exists. Communication in this modern society has become “easier” with the emergence of social networks but what has been the result of this? Numerous hyper-civilized people who can’t walk two steps without looking at their cell phone’s screen. So in exchange for a “convenience” there comes an activity that tends toward the artificial. We thus ask: How real are these communications with another person on social networks? Is this “convenience” that these Smartphones offer addictive? In exchange for the “convenience” there is a dependency on the object that offers it.

As we wrote previously, civilization has the life that the modern human will live already planned out. All of the structures of civilization work so that human beings are totally docile and obedient. One of the most important structures, at least in Mexico, that allows civilization to follow its course is the Church. The Church contributes to civilization as a tool of submission through the spread of morality and fear of God. For over five hundred years, it has told people what is good and evil. For over five hundred years it has stepped on the deities of the ancient natives and has placed the Western God in the beliefs of the people. Their Western God doesn’t scare us, we seek to keep the beliefs of the ancient natives alive. These beliefs will not be understood in the minds of the Westernized modern humans. As our ancestors did, we infiltrated their churches and we left something that will remind them that we mock their God:

  • On December 20th and 30th, 2016, we left two incendiary devices in a church located in downtown Torreón, one with a homemade fuse and other other activated by a timer. We don’t know what happened to these. It’s more than likely that the attacks were frustrated, and the presence of both devices was silenced by the press and the authorities.

We hate the “entrepreneurial” discourse that many modern humans adopt with the end of achieving their banal desires that drive civilization forward. These include such goals as buying a nice car, a nice house, getting the biggest and most expensive watch, and last but not least, achieving economic success. On this occasion we decided to attack a little-known company in Mexico, though it is growing by the day. Namely, we speak of the Sanki Corporation, a business that pushes consumption and the perfecting of nanotechnology and biotechnology through its “miraculous” products which will assist the hyper-civilized person to improve their “quality of life.” It seems that the company leaders can’t be more nausea-inducing with the entrepreneurial discourse that they employ. This makes it evident that that only thing that matters to them is to generate more and more profit through the incredulity and idiocy of others. What is the harm that nanotechnological progress causes to Wild Nature to Fabián Meléndez, Jaime Ortega, Gerardo del Castillo and María Cassasa? It’s more than clear that they don’t care. What respect can we have for the life of someone who proclaims to love their iPad Tablet? Yes, we’re talking about you, Castillo and Cassasa. You members of Sanki better watch out. Hopefully no eco-extremists have already attended the “Summits” you organized and you didn’t even notice.

  • On February 1st, 2017, many units of the police were mobilized in Torreón Coahuila. The motive: there is an alert of a bomb in a commercial plaza. By means of this communique we take responsibility for placing the package-bomb that generated this mobilization.The press lies as usual when an attack against the daily order of society is involved. The “Siglo de Torreón” mentions that it was a fake bomb. We are here to refute that version. The package was directed to explode upon its opening by the director of Sanki in Torreón: Fabián Meléndez. It was for that reason that the device was abandoned outside the Sanki offices. Unfortunately the package was found by someone who advised the security forces and it is more than likely that they deactivated it. This had nothing to do with a fake bomb, this one was real. Why did the municipal police not wait for the arrival of the SEDENA (Secretariat of National Defense) and opted instead to leave the place with the package? Clearly the version about the fake bomb is a more convenient story as the elections approach. Meléndez deserved an exploding package with the rusty nails inside piercing his body. This time it didn’t work, but let it be remembered by those who attack the Earth in the name of progress and success that this isn’t over.We will continue to conspire and attack. Eco-extremism is expanding. Hidden in the cities and all the way to the furthest mountains we feel the roar of the wild within us. To the final consequences, until they kill the last eco-extremist, but keep this in mind: Wild Nature will avenge itself!

For the extreme and indiscriminate defense of Wild Nature!

Let the package-bombs multiply!

For the terror and death of the hyper-civilized!

For the expansion of eco-extremism and true nihilist terrorism!

Complicity and an embrace to the members of ITS Chile, Jalisco, Mexico City, Mexico State, Brazil, and Argentina! Complicity of blood with the nihilist terrorists in Italy!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild Torreón Flint Blade Clandestine Clan

Torreón, February 2017

Message #23 (Chile)

A little more than a month has passed since our explosive present detonated and wounded that scoundrel Oscar Landerretche. The distinguished economist, progressive, and leftist (since it turns out he is a member of the Socialist Party), with a degree from that incubator of progress par excellence, the University of Chile, was deserving of all of our Savage Vengeance.

And even though his wounds on this occasion were minor physically (due to the chance circumstances upon opening the package), we know, of course, that emotionally the consequences have been tremendous for him as well as his family.

At the root of our unprecedented, original, and certain attack (which interested the press at the national and international level), many things have been said. Some of these have been quite funny, others not so much. Some have said that our package was a “false flag” attack. They’ve defamed us, belittled us, erased us, they’ve been horrified, offended, etc. etc. etc.

Due to all of these lies and criticisms, we have decided to issue a public statement. The Individualists Tending Toward the Wild takes advantage and will take advantage of any instance to spread and make its presence noticeable. We have no problems with this. So here we go:

I. Reprehensible action, various reactions
  • Obviously we didn’t expect less from the political class and general population. We knew that they would be frightened by this Savage attack. That is why the President Michelle Bachelet said, “it was an extremely reprehensible act.” Even her disciples and non- disciples were making declarations energetically condemning the act. All of that was very much to be expected.

  • One of the reactions that made us laugh a lot was that of the “green ecologist party”. These hippy drug addicts have the gall to dictate the “ecological” norms on how to act. No matter how hard they try, their “ecology” has nothing to do with our Ecology, they’ll never come close. For we are indeed Ecologists, but of the extremist variety: the type immersed in a war to the death for Wild Nature. We couldn’t care less about their “ecological movement” and rules: we piss and shit on them.

In this way, they keep marching, their demonstrations, holding signs, and shouting through megaphones. On our part we will continue with this War…

If our attacks help to lead to the criminalization of all of that social ecological garbage, perfect, we would have killed two birds with one stone.

You don’t know who did it? Then why do you say that the bomb was child’s play? If it was child’s play, then can you do something bigger? Are you sure that those responsible aren’t in your ranks? LOL!

Along the same lines (perhaps a bit more disgusting) is a communique signed by a dozen social environmental groups, appearing on an equally disgusting blog, which is only worth mentioning in passing. We will only say that we curse their pacifist social struggles in “defense of the earth.” We hope that their movement is also criminalized to the maximum extent of the law, and that the repression of the state (a common concept among them) keeps on their tail.

  • Others crossed themselves praying that it was only an isolated incident. They don’t have a clue. They can’t imagine the eagerness that fills us from head to toe to deal another blow. This will happen when they least expect it, against the person they least expect. It won’t be tomorrow, but it will happen. The positive and negative cables are patient, waiting for the moment of the next contact…

  • The President of the Supreme Court has stated the following concerning our attack: that is was a, “a tremendously grave act that can change the criminal and political history of Chile.” Ok judge. We have shown how, with some basic materials, you can put a whole country in check (and we aren’t exaggerating). The miserable sentence above confirms this.

It is at this point that we animate ourselves as individualists of action to satisfy our profoundest desires, that don’t cease because we don’t have access to more sophisticated means. Cheer up, friends of action, no one is stopping this war!

  • A bunch of self-styled wonks in the counterculture belittled us, alleging that our spelling errors indicated a lack of “professional language of the urban guerilla,” that we were not within the “line to defend the people,” and to “fight injustice,” among other things.

Firstly, it’s likely that one of them is a sociologist who is trying his hand at writing. He or she states that they’ve never heard of us. We don’t care if they know about us or not.

We aren’t going to apologize for our spelling errors. We try our best. We’re sure they get what we are trying to say, but most importantly it’s important that our accomplices and some allies also understand. We hope that this text will lack any such errors, so y’all stop trippin’.

We repeat and reiterate that, in our taking of responsibility for the attack of January 13th, we are not crazy, that we attacked with 100% of our faculties intact. Many call us “crazy” or “demented,” and even he does it, but this two-bit writer didn’t notice our own lucidity in this matter.

To say that we want to “gain the esteem of ITS-Mexico” is a stupidity that reflects his cluelessness. Well, you can’t really expect much of value from one who believes that the attack was one of the “ultra-right,” (which we will get to below). He clearly has an atrophied mind with all that class struggle and progressivist shit. And yes, we use the same technology to attack it and to publicize our thought. We don’t have moral qualms about that. How do you think our native ancestors waged a tremendous war on the invaders? Using the same modern weapons surely!

It seems like your professional diagnosis of our clan is mistaken (just as the selling of your books is a mistake, but of course, you owe us commission for the publicity we’ve given you). Namely, the idea that we have networks of stockpiles and hiding places. We have bad news for you: we’re still around. I would be careful leaving that building on Marchant Pereira 1925, Providencia if I were you. You looked pretty bald motherfucker!

They say that we are an adolescent group because of our colloquial language. Shitty experts don’t have a clue.

To these two we recommend that they leave their expertise aside when talking about ITS since we aren’t going to conform to any of their parameters or predisposed rules. We are a complex and hermetic horde of counter-revolutionary misanthropic, Nihilist, and criminal Savages… Oh, and adolescents too, ya feel?

  • A political scientist speaks in the name of anarchism (without being an actual anarchist), and spewed some declarations befitting his rank, that is they were dumb. He begins by openly lying, saying that anarchists aren’t part of a violent movement. It seems that this one has only read Leo Tolstoy and the anarcho-Christians. And the funniest thing is that he pretends to insult us by cataloguing us as a Satanic sect. He believes that to paint us as mystics would be insulting to us. On the contrary, look at our name, idiot. In addition to this he calls us a “Al Qaeda of ecology,” Ok now we are more than flattered.

II. The hunt for the eco-extremists

The day after the explosion of the package-bomb, a last minute meeting was held of the highest ranks of the Chilean police and intelligence forces. In this meeting those responsible for state security wracked their brains concerning how a group with an international reputation could commit such an unprecedented attack? The answer is simple and as our accomplices have said: we are an INVISIBLE MENACE. We are always stalking, waiting for the right moment to pounce and unleash our fangs. We are conspiring in the shadows, among the sound of the crickets and basking in the moonlight.

And as is to be expected, they make their sterile threats, saying that they will “quickly trap us,” exhorting that “the citizenry should trust its institutions.”

The officials charged with the investigation of explosive attacks begins its intense labor of gathering information, from gathering DNA evidence to reviewing security camera footage. The investigators’ declarations indicate the difficulty they have in tracking us, that the action was well planned out and sophisticated. From this platform we state, of course, keep looking for DNA evidence. Keep looking at security camera footage. Keep reviewing hundreds of names, keep on doing what you do, you won’t find anything of value.

III. On conspiracies, false flags, and the ultra-right.

In this way we enter fully the last phase that occurs after such a public attack. Due to the inefficient investigation going nowhere and not finding those responsible for the attack, it was obvious that a campaign to discredit it would begin. There were accusations that we are “a decoy of the state,” among other conspiracy theories. It should be stated that, yes, from the beginning some imbeciles have accused us of being a “ruse of power.”

One of the main conspiracy theorists was the same son of a bitch we wounded. In one of his declarations for a mining magazine, he was boosting what the usual suspects of idiots have been murmuring.

That poor skeptic who doubts our existence. He doesn’t believe that we are the same ones who take responsibility for wounding him. Pushing the same funny theories that the attack was some kind of “facade”. Of what? He never says.

And yes, in reality you made people like us angry, people who aren’t ones to just let the harm to the Earth that your company caused go unanswered. That’s why we write this and rejoice in your wounds. And yes, you know full well to what you owe those scabs on your body. You know it all too well…

This one, who on the same night of the attack came out with his best victim face, showing his bandages (which should have been covering his head or eye, no doubt). He had a wicked face on and was making “strong” statements. Our present didn’t have a pinch of cowardice, but of a pinch of violence, of course. And yes we were able to change your shitty family routine and emotional state. And you were lucky (really lucky). The test blasts before the attack with much less match head powder packed a hell of a punch! Not even our hidden message in the note with the package could set off any alarms with you. You were obviously eager to open the “gift” and read the book on mining that your colleague at FCFM sent you. LOL, poor dummy.

Many have downplayed the force of the explosive, saying that the container was “really small,” that “there was very little powder,” that “that powder doesn’t cause fires,” (????) and that we were “only looking for publicity.” This last accusation is true. We don’t deny that we wanted everyone to talk about ITS. Obviously we wanted to spread our message, that’s why we took responsibility for it almost immediately. But the primary thing was to inflict as much harm as possible on the target.

The supposed low destructive potential of the explosive charge is refuted by our own previous tests of the explosive, including the same prosecutor in charge of the investigation recognized that, “the package could have had much more serious consequences.” Those photos that the cops took of the holes in the wall of the kitchen and of the broken windows were evidence of all this.

Some politicians in the government (and non-politicians), always in the role of hypocritical victim, put forth the theory that our attack was carried out by ultra-right wing groups. These poor folks have some sort of trauma concerning exploding bombs. Every explosion probably reminds them of the bombing of the Moneda in 1973, and their number one enemy, a certain Pinochet. They should understand that we couldn’t care less about a “Copper Law,” a “Gold Law,” or whatever other law. The only thing we care about is striking back a little for all the harm that companies like Codelco and others have done to the Earth.

Others have emphatically questioned our “true motives,” stating without beating around the bush that we are a “conspiracy of who knows what”. Again they never say. In one television report, they parade this explanation around. Even if this report is rather complete otherwise, with a summary of much of the history of ITS since 2011 until now, all of that is overshadowed by the conspiracy theory it expounds. It’s noticeable that they read the accurate journalistic report that one radio station made of our work, in some places they plagiarize it wholecloth. Another newspaper story also has doubts about our attack, even excluding our participation from it. It’s based on how the gift was sent from Chilexpress and not Correos de Chile. Who cares where the package was sent from or if it was an entire day in storage before it was sent? Are the images attached to our communique not enough?

All of the accusations and defamations of the press really don’t surprise us. We know how the media works, we’re not surprised by that. We aren’t going to play the victims accusing the media of lying. We write these words to show that we are still on the Egoist path of the extreme defense of Wild Nature. That we continue to shit on police intelligence, their prosecutors are a JOKE!

For the moment we will keep going, we will reappear when least expected, let that be clear. Let’s see when we return if the usual idiotic suspects call us a “decoy.”

IV. The revolutionary who head-butts the elderly

As to be expected, not all of the reactions came from the press, nor from the social collectives or the politicians. No, the only thing missing was the revolutionary anarchists who are offended and attack what we are and what we defend. This time around, the revolutionary prisoner Joaquín García mentioned us and referred to our attack in an entry put on various blogs of the counter- informative, anti-authoritarian etc. variety.

We said once that we don’t minds when people critique or attacks us. At this point we’re used to it. What’s more, we even like to read their criticisms (we’re a bit masochistic, sure). But if people want to talk shit, they should know that we will return the favor, and our shit will be nastier.

Really, this prisoner doesn’t say anything new, more of the same: the morality of attack, revolutionary consciousness, the same old shit. When are they going to understand that we aren’t “revolutionaries” and that revolution doesn’t interest us? This is a completely obsolete concept, and it has no validity in the present. Whoever believes in “revolution” and aspires to one should seriously question their principles. They should place themselves in the here and now, and realize that we aren’t in the 19th century anymore and do a blood test to make sure they don’t suffer from some sort of neurological disease.

Our attacks don’t have rules, nor morality nor nothing that yours have Joaquín. Why do you keep questioning our methods if we have between us “an irreconcilable difference between our distinct systems of thought” (as you say)? Enough, wouldn’t you say?

This crazy person “detests to the point of rancor” our discourse but applauds, admires, and salutes our attack. What??! This declaration only reflects his complete complacency. Why don’t you also hail the actions of the Nazis that you are bound to hate so much? You also hate their discourse but you don’t hail their attacks? Odd… He distances himself from our mysticism, and from our beliefs that he calls absurd. Sorry, we forgot that this person defends what is most “focused”, “logical” and “coherent” on the earth. Please, let’s not start with the absurdities again lest you come out surely losing, dear ex-fugitive prisoner.

Just so you know, we wear our pagan beliefs on our sleeves, we make the mysticism of our ancestors ours and we happily revive it. We exalt all that is Wild and Hidden. We declare without hesitation that Wild Nature is our authority, since it is rules over us and all the Earth. She is the one who determines our steps and will say when our hour has come.

We don’t know why our mysticism bothers the anarchists so much… or in reality we do know. It’s because of their suffocating and disgusting Western atheism that they defend like the golden rule of those “without rules”: as the prostitute clings to the cock of her john, these anarchists don’t separate from their Enlightenment roots even a little bit.

Just so you know, better to keep head-butting the elderly. On that note, it’s good that you head-butted that old man. At that moment you seem to have forgotten the boring “revolutionary morality,” that’s been shoved down your throat. Sending a bomb to someone’s house without regard for their family, oh now, how “awful”! But don’t even think about hitting frail old people. People should clap for you.

We now understand why those who talk shit about us now praised your aggression then. That open sore of disgusting leftists praised your “revolutionary moral head-butt” since it was done in the spirit of a “not absurd” ideology that you defend. Whatever.

V. In conclusion

At the end of this communique, we only want to say one more thing:

The Eco-extremist menace in the South is more hidden than it has ever been. Our attack was only a spark from the bonfire that we will set. Even if our enemies are vigilant and entrenched, are hidden or even if they forget about this, we will still be there, observing and stalking in order to keep wounding, terrorizing, and causing chaos. In the best case scenario, we will make ITS-Chile’s first mortal casualty a reality.

With Wild Nature at our side!

Long live our ancestors and pagan spirits!

May the fog of the Accursed Lands of the South keep erasing out tracks! Forward ITS International Mafia!

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild Chile Mystical Horde of the Forest.

Message #24 (Mexico)

Let all of them burn. All of them. All the miserable members of civilization. All of the infrastructure that is on this beautiful earth.

Let all of them burn equally, men and women, students and the unemployed, housewives and businessmen, the well-off and the poor, without regard to the color of their skin, social class, and gender. At the end of the day, they are hyper-civilized, empty beings, sad sacks of flesh and bone who walk about without trouble or glory; all carrying the painful weight of their ephemeral and absurd existence.

We will burn all who we can, we will burn all that we want. Pernicious passion for arson, uncivilized nightmares made reality under the dark sky. Individualists at war, a-moral eco-extremists, nihilists thirsty for vengeance, those with affinity for blood, let us burn it all.

The morning of February 14th we abandoned an incendiary device in a bus on the route to the Rosario metro. The device went off around the municipality of Tlalnepantla in Mexico State.

If not for some people playing the hero who intervened, our fire would have consumed that entire accursed machine. For now only minor damages were suffered. No matter, our gaze will continue to be on civilization and the disgusting citizenry.

Complicity with the Mafia of ITS, forward Hidden Clan of the Flint Blade, Indiscriminate Faction, Pagan Sect of the Mountain, forward Secret Wilderness Society, power to the eco-extremists of the Mystical Horde of the Forest after destroying the flesh of their egoic target.

Complicity with the vengeful Wild Fire Cell.

May the fire spread through the disgusting city!

May the fire spread in the countryside, to divide the traces of civilization!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico State

Message #25 (Mexico)

The Technological Institute of Advanced Studies in Monterrey, better known as Tec de Monterrey, is in mourning. This past Sunday in a robbery attempt, the Vice-Rector of that house of study, Luis Arturo Torres García was murdered in the city of Chihuahua.

The northern state of Chihuahua is in itself a place of extreme violence, where murders with all sorts of motives are counted by the dozens. In fact, this past weekend, the whole state alone recorded up to 20 murders.

Northern society is corroded by violence, criminality is looked upon as just another job, it’s ridiculously easy to acquire a gun on the street, death roams about in the public plazas and in places least expected.

We are a reflection of that society. We are the perverse face of all civilization. Urban and rural darkness in its most realist expression has birthed us. We have grown up on the battle field where blood coagulates on the asphalt, and where shells are festooned all around with little notice.

We are the cruel reality of the modern era. But we are also a reflection of our nomadic ancestors who roamed on these paths barefoot under the burning sun of the desert. We are the disobedience toward the colonizers and the violent response to them. We are the coyote and the deer, the buzzard and the thorns of the mesquite, the biznaga flower and the marble mountains, the cold that burns in winter and the oppressive sun of summer. We are the windstorms, we are Wild Nature and we act like her.

We have no desire to collaborate with this system. We don’t want to be one more alienated person in this farce civilization. We express our disgust toward the alien, the artificial, and if we use technology, it is only to claim responsibility for our actions. Only that, we do not belong to any “movement” nor do we want to be “coherent” with certain political doctrines.

The extreme defense of Wild Nature demands blood, wounds, terror, and death. It is for this reason that by this letter we claim full responsibility for the murder of Luis Arturo Torres García last Sunday, February 26 th. This man so devoted to his disgusting Catholic belief was leaving Santa Fe Church when we intercepted and killed him. We had to take his wife’s purse so she would not call the police. The act was interpreted as a robbery, but we clarify its real intention by this letter.

Torres, a professional par excellence, Vice-Rector of Tec de Monterrey, with a degree in computer systems and candidate for a doctorate from the University of Cantabria in Spain, no longer lives. We killed him with one shot from a high caliber pistol.

With this attack, we the Desert Band make our presence known in Chihuahua as one more group of the Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (ITS).

You thought that the Eco-Extremist Mafia was going to stop expanding? We’ve already managed to extend our net to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Within Mexico, we are in Mexico City, Mexico State, Jalisco, and Coahuila. The rest of the states were not the exception, don’t be surprised if an ITS group comes to a place near or far from you…

We are certain that this society and the Chihuahuan authorities don’t have a clue that this international terrorist group is now in its capital. We encourage them to read up a bit on us so that they know what they’re facing.

A police van has been sent, they are seeking suspects for the attack among the adjacent neighborhoods, harassing people, looking for a snitch they can pay off. By this letter we state that we know that you’re out to get us, the attack that we carried out was a severe hit to public opinion and to the wealthy people of Tec. But fuck you if you think you’ll find us. You’re gonna have to snatch the biggest dumbass you can find, because we’re far away already, fucking assholes.

Maybe to the police of Mexico, who are on the ITS case, this can sound really familiar. Only one shot to the head against a recognized professional? Sounds like the attack on Méndez Salinas in 2011 in Morelos, don’t you think?

Look and keep looking bitches, you know that all who work in the incubators of progress, in this case Tec, are a potential target.

In addition, ITS has already struck this house of studies; on April 19th, 2016, when a bomb exploded on the Tec de Monterrey Campus in Mexico City. On February 3rd of the same year explosives were detonated in the Atizapán campus and in the so-called “Tec Suits.” The most notable attack was on August 8th, 2011 when a package bomb wounded Armando Herrera Corral and Alejandro Aceves Lopez. You should know that this nightmare is not over, and even five years after that act, you’re still in our sights, even outside the center of the country.

Another death for the annals of ITS. We’ve already said that there will be more murders and we are following through with this!

With the pavement still stained with blood. Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Chihuahua

-Desert Band

Message #26 (Mexico)

Nature works wisely and without thinking… It does not recognize political borders, it situates new beings on the globe and contemplates the free play of forces that work upon them. At that point it overcomes by its push and character. It concedes the supreme “right” to existence… Eternal Nature inexorably takes vengeance on the sin of its enemies.


I. Opening greeting

We have seen the horrors of civilization, and each one of us felt in our hearts that liberation by itself would never be sufficient.” WC

All of their symbols will fall. Their prayers, their idols, they will fall, for the imminent catastrophe of civilization, by the revenge in the name of our ancestors, and in the name of all the wild that inhabits and has inhabited the earth. No prayer will save them from the attack undertaken by animist heretics.”


Our hearts fill with joy every time we read words of complicity from those who have shaken off disgusting complacent humanism filled with the old political ideologies. These accomplices have decided to ferociously confront civilization in all of its disturbing expressions: cars, communications towers, trains, churches, etc. often with cold hearts and without concern for legal consequences. They have used bullets and knives against the flesh of the hyper-civilized.

This War is Extremist, without hesitation, without quarter, without aspiring to “social change.” It rejects the demand for “revolution” in this era, a practice buried by the corpses of its defenders and propagandists.

Forward individualists!

II. Preliminary reflection: ITS and the FAI

“The only thing that should be at the forefront of this war are sincere acts of persons who truly appreciate and decide to act unto the ultimate consequences in the extremist defense of wild nature. Only that, no group is either in the vanguard, or rearguard.” (1)

That’s what we stated during our Wild Reaction stage, and we continue to hold this position. ITS is only an expression of a complex war, carried out by valued individualists who have united in this international project, to generate the greatest amount of damage that we can to all of this shit.

ITS is not a vanguard, it’s not a “front,” it’s not the leader of groups or individuals. Since 2011, the only thing ITS has done is extend its network, spreading the hate that we feel for the artificial with words and actions to unsettled minds , as well as that profound love for Wild Nature to all those who have felt our stated words to be their own.

ITS is not a “confederation” of “primitivists” of “direct action.” We do not defend “informality,” nor do we posit a “new form of organization.” ITS is a Mafia, a Secret Society, a Clan of select individuals chosen to form part of an international group that aims at destabilization, destruction, the execution of attacks and indiscriminate and selective murders against the Other.

For this reason ITS has not made “open calls” so that others take up its initials as they see fit. From the beginning we have NOT hoped that this “takes off” in a direction that does not satisfy us. In other words, we aren’t the Informal Anarchist Federation (FAI). Even if in the past we took some examples from this organization to sharpen our own, we do not base ourselves entirely on the FAI, and this is more than clear. To be more concrete, we think that this Federation is now obsolete, its time has passed, and all that is left of it are crumbs of what it was in its prime, even if some attempt to take it out of the tomb of history.

It’s regrettable what the FAI has become: from being one of the most impotent organizations (mainly in Italy, Greece, Mexico, and Chile), it gave life to anarchist projects that reverberated in the social-political-economic sphere from 2010 to 2014. Today, the FAI is only a pretext for some to raise the most putrid, sterile, and aberrant flags of the social anarchists, and the perfect pretext to cover up poisonous police strategies of “criticisms of tension.”

[…] Here in the road, the harpies, disguise hypocrisy in courtesy F.

The “nature” of the FAI was antisocial individualism and the criticism against the sleeping masses. It was not an organization of “defense of the oppressed people,” as some try to disguise it now. And we would dare to say that the FAI (in Italy and elsewhere) was in many cases (above all in the package-bombs) indiscriminate and selective.

One only need to look back and notice that what we are saying is not totally off-base.

How can we erase from our heads that recognizable simultaneous package-bomb attack against various targets in Switzerland, Greece, and Italy in March 2011? Here two employees of the Swissnuclear company in Olten, Switzerland were wounded upon opening the package. Even though the wounds were minor, they drew blood nonetheless (2). A more selective attack was the package bomb that gravely wounded a lieutenant colonel in the Ruspoli military barracks in Livorno, Italy, which resulted in five amputated fingers and bloody wounds on the face and legs. (3)

In this case, some would argue that the FAI could have placed more explosive material in the package sent to the officer than that which was sent to the nuclear facility, where it was certain that a certain “inoffensive” secretary would open it and not the executive. In any case, the attack in itself does not lose its terrorist face, it does not lack the seal of the wounds it caused, and its nature does not cease being indiscriminate and selective.

The same could be said concerning its package-bomb attack in December 2010 against the embassies of Chile and Switzerland in Rome, Italy, for which the FAI also took responsibility (4). Here the wounded were consular employees and not the chief representatives of the embassies. Did the FAI apologize for the wounds of the “poor” secretaries? NO. Why would they, if these acts developed into an open war against consular targets and against what they represented for their solidarity strategy with aligned prisoners in those countries?

Here is where we start to make things uncomfortable, and it is because in order to place our eco-extremist gaze upon these PAST events, it is necessary to try to understand the hypocrisy of some in the PRESENT. For there were some at that moment who supported those actions, since they were being carried out by anarchists, sure. They supported the letter-bombs that arrived at the embassies and that wounded employees, but they now are scandalized when they hear about US, the eco-extremists, wounding bystanders or employees in the same way that the FAI did some summers back. What’s that all about then? With all of those who are firmly two-faced about this, do they not remember that the CCF also wounded an employee of an express courier service in Athens in 2010? (5) This even though they were “careful” to always advise the police before detonating an explosive so that the targets could be evacuated. That’s because any attack with explosives or fire, even an armed attack, is always a roll of a dice. You can never guarantee the security of bystanders and even if the target to be attacked has been thoroughly studied, the unexpected can never be anticipated.

III. Anarchist hands with innocent blood on them

After reading that, maybe some will say that modern anarchists are lacking “unnecessary” casualties when compared to us. They will say that we are defaming them. But if one gets over historical amnesia one will see that modern anarchists (like us) have “innocent” blood on their hands. (“Innocent” as this hated civilized society calls it.) But they have dead and wounded also on their conscience (or maybe not anymore). For all those who talk shit about the dead and wounded we have caused in Mexico, maybe they don’t remember the mailman wounded by the package-bomb sent to the Sub-Secretariat of the Penitentiary System in 2012 (6)? No one claimed responsibility for this attack, but it was also a clear example of “propaganda of the deed.” Or the 12 workers burned during a fire in a store in Iztapalapa that CCF-Mexico took responsibility for the same year? (7) Only in the second case did CCF in Mexico state that their intention was not to harm civilians, but the burned skin of the workers of that personal hygiene product store is permanent (8). We don’t condemn these attacks with their respective collateral damage (on the contrary, they pleased us at that moment). We only use these examples to quiet the arguments of the “new school” in Mexico which today criticizes our methods thinking that modern anarchist groups are the embodiment of “nobility” and “cleanliness” of action. These people are profoundly mistaken.

The same can be said of certain anarchos who are talking shit about us in Chile. These anarchos think they are morally superior, (some) presuming that in their contemporary history there have never been “unnecessary” dead or wounded. In believing this they consider themselves so “revolutionary,” and classify us as “counter-revolutionary,” as if that term scared us. They slam our brother clan ITS-Chile as “irresponsible” when they found out about the attack against Landerretche, his little daughter afflicted with audial trauma. What disgusting double morality! Maybe they don’t remember the amputated and wounded victims from CCF-Chile’s 2014 attack on the Santiago Metro? (9) Or maybe they forgot about the poor dead victim from the detonation of a fire extinguisher the same year, where they even found pamphlets with anarchist “demands” on them? (10) Or will they say that the wounded and dead are just a ruse?

Yes, this goes for you too, Joaquín García. A little while ago you decided to have a go at our accomplices who are making a name for themselves in the Southern continent (11). You spewed your bile and talked your leftist-revolutionary shit, how disgusting. Keep in mind that not even 200 “insurrecto” bombs in Chile could cause the same impact as only one package-bomb of the Proud “Mystical Horde of the Forest.” You think that the eco-extremist menace will be stopped by your sterile calls to the “anarchist community” to exclude us for their circles? Ha! Not even the best prosecutors, nor the most capable police, nor the intelligence officials, nor the experts, nor the security cameras, nor the media broadcasting lies, nor the new laws against “individual terrorism,” nor faulting the imprisoned for the bombings during their visits, much less the “revolutionaries,” no one will stop this because the seed has sprouted. You can cut the tree down but the roots remain. Let that be clear! So come up with another strategy Joaquín because writing your little letters from your cell isn’t getting you results against us “counter-revolutionaries.” Oh, I know, why don’t you try punching more old people, which is what you do best. We all know you can’t flee very well. When you get out of the clink maybe we can contract you out to hit that senile hippy Zerzan. It should be a piece of cake to hit him and you’re sure to find him riding his bike in the parks in Oregon…

Getting back to our main topic, we conclude that the only big problem here and the only reason people criticize our actions is because we, the eco-extremists, rejoice in the indiscriminate wounds that we cause. We don’t ask forgiveness from anyone for what we do since we don’t answer to anyone. Not to a larger organization (as in the case of the FAI when some member does something against the “general values” and is severely criticized). We aren’t slaves to humanist values and morality, nor to a politically correct position that dictates to us “how things should be done.” We formulate the attacking for pleasure. We rejoice that our package-bomb, our

explosive, or fire wound or put more than one in danger. A smile crosses our faces when digging our blade into our target or hearing the deafening mortal shot. This is a WAR against civilization, this is not a game for children.

ITS will stop at nothing. We don’t make warning calls after planting an explosive as CCF does in Greece. We detonate it and that’s it. We have no consideration for society, we forget about the noble standards of not “wounding innocents.” We are proud that our method has spread and that others have taken it as their own. At the end of the day, this is all for the annihilation of moral progress, so that we can dance over the disgusting corpse of repulsive humanism,

IV. Speaking specifically of methodology

This is, what is the sending of a package-bomb if not an indiscriminate and selective method of attack?

There are an abundance of examples of this. The die is cast in each attack. It would seem that the method of the parcel-bomb is more indiscriminate than selective. This is because the terrorist cannot be absolutely sure that the intended target will open it, or if the intended person or someone else will cross its path.

The method was indiscriminate when a university worker opened the first parcel-bomb in April 2011. The worker, instead of giving it to the nanotechnologist for whom the package was intended, decided to open it himself and lost an eye. (12)

It was selective when two technological scientists of Tec de Monterrey opened it in the comfort of their office. It detonated and left them gravely wounded in August 2011. (13)

Another selective attack occurred when a representative of the Human Rights Investigative Unit opened the parcel and was wounded in July 2015. (14)

Another attack in November 2015 was at the same time indiscriminate and selective when a rancher of the National Council of Agriculture opened a package next to his secretary and the two were wounded in the incident. (15)

It was tremendously indiscriminate and selective when Landerretche opened his present in his own house and it wounded him, his daughter, and the maid just this past January 2017. (16)

And what about all of those other parcel-bombs that weren’t ours? Certainly they had the same intentions. They have either wounded their target or they haven’t. They have also struck “innocent” people, “defenseless workers,” and “civilians” who had nothing to do with the intended target. We can cite the example of the FAI in Italy in 2003, but to not go that far back into the past, the secretary of the IMF wounded in Paris some days ago (17) is a prime example of this.

We conclude this point affirming that it is inevitable to plan to leave civilians unharmed while employing this method. The humanist anarchists who criticize indiscriminate and selective attacks of the eco-extremists will have to think this one through and not just talk for the sake of talking.

V. Silenced for the moment…

It’s clear that after it was made known that ITS was responsible for the fabulous attack against the head of Codelco, many things would change. This is above all the case once people realized that ITS originated in Mexico but had rapidly spread to Chile, Argentina, and Brazil. Interpol has already collected all the information that it could from the Internet about our Mafia. Perhaps they are on our tail and they’ve already scolded the Mexican government for letting things get this far. In the Chilean media a sociologist with expertise in security stated, “if there has been an escalation of violence from this group (ITS), there is a serious problem with the intelligence system.” How funny, she gets it…

For that reason there is a concerted effort by the media to cover up what we’ve done and what we take responsibility for. And that’s just not us being paranoid. Why did they cover up the attack against the Plano Piloto bus station that ITS-Brazil took responsibility for in January? (18) Was it because it was near the location where its brother clan detonated a pressure cooker bomb in the Conjunto Nacional Shopping Center in August of last year? (19) Why did the Chilean media say nothing about what the “Mystical Horde of the Forest” declared in the 21st communique published a little more than a month after the terrorist attack? (20) Why did the media not hold its typical macabre feast with the news of the assassinated Vice-Rector of the Tec de Monterrey, for which a new ITS group in northern Mexico took responsibility in March? (21) Maybe those three cases are just coincidence? We doubt it.

Be that as it may, ITS will not stop. We will keep waging war against civilization, its sickening artificiality, and its asphyxiating technology. We will keep mocking it boring moral values and violating the imposed legal norms as we have done for some time now. For, “the warrior is, in essence, condemned to keep going.”

Our ancestors have taught us to become stalking animals. They have passed down to us the glory of taking a life and wounding our enemies. Confrontation drives us on and the land of the dead awaits us proud that we have continued the ancestral war, for having exacted revenge for the Earth.

“For people like you, people like me exist.

For persons like me, people like you get put in the ground, asshole.”


Power and complicity for the arsonists in Finland and Germany, for the criminal nihilists in Italy, for the chaotic people of Argentina, for the transgressors in Brazil, and for the indiscriminate ones in Chile. Know that your acts and words animate the power of the warrior spirit.

With Wild Nature at our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chihuahua

-Desert Band

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico State

-Ouroboros Silvestre

-Pagan Sect of the Mountain

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Torreón

-Flint Blade Clandestine Clan

-Fury of Cachiripa Faction

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City

-Eco-extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage

-Eco-extremist / Nihilist Mafia

-Circulo Eco-extremista de Terrorismo y Sabotaje – Popocaliztli Clan

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Jalisco

-Federal Criminal Band


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P.S. The Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild (GITS) has a few days ago declared a new project apart from ITS – Mexico. We are happy to know that as its own group it has decided to go its separate way. We recognize and endorse their war. However, we do not agree with what they have said concerning leaving behind certain terms merely because “ the leftists use them.” Certainly it’s disturbing when radical progressives (or not) appropriate the terms that we defend. But the solution for us at least is not to cease using them merely because “other people have taken them up as their own.” On the contrary, we choose to make these terms so menacing that only their mention fills the hyper-civilized with terror. So much so that the leftists think twice about appropriating these terms for themselves.

Otherwise, let each take up what they find most accommodating to them, and let everyone draw their own conclusions.

Message #27 (Mexico)

“… all that progress did not respect cries out for vengeance. Our ancestors possessed our minds, now the fire of war belongs to us.”


We prepared in darkness, the presence of our ancestors encouraged us. The smoke of salvia from the mountain enshrouded our bullets. We filled the chamber calmly, we cocked our pistol, and we went toward our target on March 24th. This time, it was a construction property of the large infrastructure company Carso in Zumpango Municipality in Mexico State. It is next to a disgusting highway which passes through the wide plains that cover the area. At this time it was embraced by dense fog and populated by animals that ran without worrying about the machines that frequently cross from one side to the other.

We stalked the construction like coyotes. In truth the construction project itself didn’t interest us, for us every civilized thing is a motive for extremist attack. We frowned at the pathetic panorama that progress was aiming to construct. We hate its cement, its concrete, its putrid smell of exhaust, its disgusting gray color, its sickening noise. We detest the people who work on construction there: the workers, engineers, guards, they’re all the same to us. They all work to build the civilized dream of human progress. That is why each and every one deserves the fury of the Unknowable speaking through us. It strikes them light lightning falling from the sky. In a decisive manner, we crossed the highway. The speeding lights from oncoming traffic did not blind us, though the vehicles passed only centimeters from our bodies. We ran and came to the place. We hid behind some still standing overgrown pine trees. Like them, we were before our target, armed and decided.

We pointed and fired our bullets without mercy against both the great machine that was before us as well as at the security booth and trailer where the workers sleep.

Here is it appropriate to take up again the words of RS in its armed attack against a tunnel of the same company on April 22nd, 2015 in Nextlalpan, Mexico State.

“…with the thunder of the detonating bullets were the sounds of the animals killed for the construction, the violent rush of the wind that moved the leaves of the trees now fallen, and the imperceptible song of the water of the river turned black by the artificial, and were also the war cries of our ancestors: Axcan Kema Tehuatl Nehuatl!”

Our war against civilization is extremist or it is nothing. Wounds, lacerations, and death to the hyper-civilized! With Wild Nature at our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico State

-Ouroboros Silvestre

Message #28 (Mexico)

We continue to break bonds, I don’t care about family.”


We attack, we attack all that has to do with the human being. We don’t care about hurting some “innocent” person or “poor Christian” who found himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Our hate doesn’t care about rich or poor, man or woman, old or young. Our hate is the same for all humans.

For us there are no good or evil people. The concept of “class struggle” does not move us in the least, and we are not under the spell of Red sentimentalism. We reject the “duty” to be on the side of the people. We will never fight for anyone, all we see is a crowd of hyper-civilized automatons, repulsive automatons…

We continue on without a motive to “love our neighbor.” We only appreciate those who have affinity with us, our blood brothers who form part of the Tendency. How can we love those who are continuing to propagate civilization, those who believe themselves free when the roar of their chains is so deafening? How can we love them?

How can we love them? We asked ourselves this wandering the central streets of this city. The section full of bars was unusually empty. The target… this time indiscriminate, we think. We didn’t much care who the poor curious bastard would be this time around.The Alameda Zaragoza was right in front of us, full of hyper-civilized, enjoying their vacations, laughing. Couples kissed, and we continued to be very awake. We abandoned it, a gift to some curious person.

This time, it was a woman… On Thursday, April 13th, 2017, an apparently innocent love letter detonated in front of a 16 year old girl who was walking around the Alameda. The girl found the envelope, and found the explosive gift. The press states that the explosion did not wound her. It seems like the bench where the envelope was abandoned served as a barrier between her body and the blast.

Through this communique we take responsibility for the abandonment of this exploding envelope. On the envelope was written a message that would surely awaken the curiosity of the hyper-civilized passing by on the Alameda. On the envelope was written, ‘Happy anniversary, my love.” We weren’t mistaken, a curious girl took the bait. The envelope was addressed to no one, and whether it was opened by a young girl or an old man, it would have all been the same to us.

At taking the misanthropic course, we have plunged ourselves into the abyss of the indiscriminate, toward chance in an uncomfortable manifestation. May explosives appear in all the busy streets. With consideration only toward our own, with only hate for humanity. We will kill our inner humanism.

For indiscriminate attack!

May explosive love letters proliferate! Greetings to those with affinity of blood!

May eco-extremism and terrorist nihilism expand!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild Torreón.

-Flint Blade Clandestine Clan

P.S. This time around our communique was short in contrast with the last two communiques coming out of Torreón. The next one may be longer.


We’ve been warning you from the beginning… we take responsibility for the following actions:

-Sunday, April 30th: The murder of two individuals at the foot of Tlaloc Mountain.

-Thursday, May 4th: Abandoning an incendiary device in Room 104 of the Faculty of Sciences of the UNAM

With these actions we make it clear that this isn’t a game. Our words are serious.

Every human being merits extinction and we will make sure that they lose hope. When our name is merely mentioned they will tremble since we do not respect the integrity nor the life of the human being. At this stage of the game it is stupid to believe in a better life or a better world. At this stage there’s no hope that something “better” will happen in the future. We see seas contaminated with oil and chemical products. We see rivers full of trash, we see forests burned due to the presence of human beings. We see skies turned gray due to the slag of heavy metals, soil made infertile by chemical products, alterations in biological systems, unnatural species mutations, and we see the human being turned into a mass that only subsists like a virus (1) on planet Earth. Why do we say this? The human being is not necessary in the natural biological systems of planet Earth, the only thing that it does is modify it in a negative manner. To put it more simply: The modern human being is a virus that invades the Earth (cell), it take advantage of all of the systems that exist in it, and afterwards destroys the cell (a joke of the paranoid, and of course they’ll say we’re conspiracy-mongers. Why else do you think that they are looking for other habitable planets? So that the human virus after replicating itself can invade another cell LOL). That’s what the modern human being represents to us: only a virus that has infected planet Earth and that is why it should cease to exist.

That is why we no longer take the position of being “defenders” of wild nature, nor that of “anticivilization,” “primitivists,” nor any of the other terms that you have heard applied to us. We have positioned ourselves as the enemy of the human being, without concerning ourselves about using civilization to carry out our actions. This is more than clear since we ourselves are utilizing civilization. We’re not going to use a chisel and stone to write our texts or grind charcoal to use in our incendiary devices. Or do you think we throw the bullets that pierce our victims with our own hands?

All of this being said and clarifying that we don’t care that we’re using “civilized objects” in these actions, we got hold of a gun in a bad neighborhood full of “common” criminals with “the rat.” You may know well that in the dangerous neighborhoods or the “red dots” of Mexico City and Mexico State guns move without any problems and if you hang with the “heavy crew” there is no problem in getting a hold of a gun and the next day moving the “hot” gun again. Nor is it difficult to “blend in” with those types of people in hold-ups, murders, etc.

To finish up with this, it is clear that our hand doesn’t tremble when taking the life of an individual (we have done it before). We thought previously to kill some of the illegal loggers on Mount Tlaloc since they think they can just cut down a tree without any consequences. Well, they’re wrong about that, we will fuck up all of those modern humans who devastate the Earth. But that will have to wait a bit, because no truck was seen coming up to log. But a nature-loving couple passed by where we were stalking and finally the devil appeared. While we were looking on them with the eyes of death, only a detonation was heard, and in seeing the detonation and the individual falling, their cowardly companion tried to flee, which was useless. They only got four steps before the other bullet struck them in the head. And without further ado we left that place leaving no trace, without witnesses, without any shells left there. And even so, the police and media are trying to say that the homicide was the result of a mugging (2). If this were so, why were the backpacks and all of their belongings found on the “victims”? Why was no evidence found? Well we know how much trouble they go through to hide everything. Well why bother!? We just want it to be clear that no human being will feel safe in nature. We don’t believe in coyotes, wolves, beings, nor anything like that. But we are those who will not hesitate to take aim and fire on any human being who steps on the little semi-virgin nature that still exists. So from here on out we warn that no little event like those organized by the “Ghost Mountain,” visits to the “Bat Forest,” hikes, humanist events, and stupid “primitivist skills” training will be tolerated. No person is welcome in nature, it would be best if they don’t just don’t bother coming and stay in their accursed cities. But wouldn’t you know? They’re not even safe in their accursed cities. Not even in their accursed schools can they feel safe in spite of their hundreds of cameras. For that reason we take responsibility for the death of another human in the University City on May 3rd (3). It’s not a coincidence that the next day they found an incendiary device at the UC (although no one said anything about it). Much has surfaced about that accursed being found without life near a public telephone, that “she suffered from alcoholism, that she wasn’t a student, this and that.” (4) What does it matter to us? Only another mass of flesh more, only another accursed human who deserved to die. What does it matter that it was female this time (here the feminists will be triggered). Stop complaining and realize (not just women but also men) that anyone can be next. In August of last year it was the Chief of Services of the Chemistry Department (5), in February it was the Vice Rector of the Tec of Monterrey in Chihuahua (6). This time around it was simply a confused female drug addict. Now all will tremble and go in panic to their classrooms without noticing that we are watching their every step to find another victim.

No accursed corner of the Earth will be safe for the human being, neither in the city nor in nature.

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild –Texcoco, Mexico State – Wild Serial Killers

Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild (GITS)


1) Different authors classify a virus as a living thing, others classify them as non-living things since they don’t carry out the process of a living thing (birth, growth, reproduction, death.)These depend on the system of the host to replicate themselves. For us, this is one of the best definitions: “biological beings in place of like organisms; they are intracellular parasites that can grow only by invading cells.”

2) http://www.milenio.com/policia/texoco-tlalnepantla-muertos-circuito_exterior-monte_tlaloc-milenio-noticias- edomex_0_948505425.html

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P.S. GITS has decided to not belong to ITS. Nevertheless, with these acts it is clear that we still participate in the “Eco-Extremist Mafia” and that we collaborate with ITS.

On the other hand, GITS did not separate from ITS due to the language that it uses, and is in agreement with the thought that all should tremble at the mention of our names as ITS stated in its Twenty-Sixth Communique from last month:


Message #30 (Chile)

Let it be known, we have invoked the accursed spirit of the Kawesqar, Ajajema. We have invoked and awakened it. It awoke furious and full of hate for what the modern human has done to the Earth. At each moment it curses the disgusting concrete, its wicked buildings that prevent the view of the horizon, its abundant wheeled machines, but above all it curses with much force that which the human animal has become. It has whispered in our ear that humans deserve death for offending the wild with every breath. We respond that we feel the same way. We have made a blood oath with the spirit and we have promised to act in its name. We seek to revive the pagan spirit of the Fuegians in each of our uncivilized fires. May disaster fall upon civilization and human progress!

In the Southern lands rain falls and its sound whispers vengance to us. It wets us, but we don’t try to shield ourselves and we are soaked by it just like our ancestors. The water fell, overflowing rivers, leaving civilization in chaos.

The rain wets the Earth… the Earth, the trees, the plants, and all of the other beings demand rain. They wish for it, they desire it, but the human hates it, he curses it, he considers it evil for harming the “poor” people. Each onslaught from wild nature inflicts the hyper- civilized mass and saddens it. On the other hand, we rejoice and celebrate it.

Earthquakes in the previous days announced our steps. They announced our attack. The movement of the earth shook our being, accelerated our heartbeat, and sent us the unmistakable message from the unknowable. Few are capable of listening to this message and responding. This message called us to action, cried out for us to risk our lives, and sunk us into the chaotic abyss of action. Above all, it cried out for a war against civilization.

The hyper-civilized human race is beyond help, it cannot be saved. Joy bursts our hearts each time wild nature manifests itself against civilization with ferocious natural disasters. Each massacre makes us jump up and down with excitement. And if tomorrow we are the ones who are destroyed because of the wild, know that we will succumb with great satisfaction.

Our bodies could not avoid that ancestral call. This call will not remain unheeded by us. It was in this way that on May 15 th of the present year, we selected one of the Transantiago buses on the 208 route. This time the fire didn’t start, but our egoist wills made the attempt. Don’t worry, without a doubt we will persist in the attack. The fire will be for next time…

Their system of mass passenger vehicles is needed for civilization to function, and it has been in our sights for some time. The burning scrap is and will be our offering to the Earth. Transport vehicles don’t present any obstacle to us, it’s really a “simple” operation. We abandon a homemade incendiary device lit by an incense stick. We don’t know why the fire didn’t start, they surely saw it and called the cops to look at it. Maybe the device failed and it was there all afternoon, who knows…

We speak, and speak, and do. We carry in our bodies the exquisite ecstasy of natural adrenaline: “Our hearts beat rapidly and we go to the back of the bus… shit, there are two losers sitting in the back. At our side is an adult woman, and behind us is a young man. There is no turning back. We rest on our recently sharpened kitchen knives (which have been prepared surely for the body of the next citizen-hero). We take out the bottle taking care to hide it from view. We light the incense, look around, light it again. The bus moves so much that the flame cannot center itself. We continue lighting. All lit, with smoke and the smell of chocolate, ok, the route ends right here… We get off last after everyone else. The bus turns around and we wait for the fire…”

  • An egoist speaks of an action for those who those stirring with desire and will

Our only motivation was revenge: revenge for the earth that is polluted by the wicked modern human being. The human along with his cities deserves the worst. They deserve the earthquake that splits the concrete, the rain that overflows the rivers, the fire that burns towns, the volcanic eruption the fills the environment with ash… and without a doubt they deserve our attacks.

Fire, beautiful fire, this time they owe us…

An embrace of complicity to the eco-extremists of Mexico, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile. To the egoist terrorists of Italy and the eco- anarchists.

Brothers of the Mystical Horde of the Forest, your terrorist attack stirred our spirit. We know that you are preparing your next attack. Let’s see if this time you kill your target(s).

For the murders of the northern mafia!

Death to the hyper-civilized and their progress!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Uncivilized Southerners

*This time it wasn’t manifested it flames, but we will persist…

Message #31 (Mexico)

“You will be dead very soon, little man, and the world will continue without you. You will be nothing. Everyone will forget your name!

No, in that you are wrong, old woman. We will leave a brand in the city, we are going to spread it like a virus.” JV.

We have learned somewhere that the Europeans of the “anarcho-insurrectionary” blog 325 were going to publish a text criticizing us. But honestly we got tired of waiting for it since they’ve dragged their feet quite a bit in publishing it. Maybe they have not yet left the assembly where they formulate their ideas, or maybe they are preparing to go on their anti-globalist vacation at the G20 summit in Germany that is happening soon. In the end, only Saint Bakunin knows, so what follows is what we feel has to be said in response to the referenced anarchists. We take up this medium again to do so, though to be honest, we don’t expect much from them or anything positive about us. To be sure they’ll come up with the usual shit: that we’re “fascists,” that we “turned our back on anarchy,” maybe they’ll have a call-out to condemn us like the good judges they are (though they deny it); the same boring things that today’s anarchists do against us. So then the following:


What great fright was caused by the three murders that we took credit for last May! Right? And we speak not of the fright that Mexican society had to “suffer”, a society that is quite accustomed to seeing dead people in their cities and suburban spaces (since for the majority of people in Mexico, three murders in such a short time is nothing.) No, we speak of the fright that foreign anarcho-humanists had observing from afar, as well as their great worry at the expansion of this Tendency in Mexico and the southern part of the continent. They squeal like pigs getting their throat slit crying, “if you have an anarchist project, don’t support them,” “they didn’t commit those murders, it’s a false flag,” “ITS are CIA agents out to justify repression,” “they kill people indiscriminately, don’t sympathize with them,” “ITS doesn’t even exist,” “they’re only doing those things to get attention,” “ITS are most like the Islamic State, Hitler, and the Cookie-Monster,” and other funny things.

And yes, we are referring specifically to the filthy progressivist Scott Campbell of It’s Going Down and the clowns at Horizontal Hostility in the United States, who recently made a whole drama out of our mischief.

So let’s see, if the attacks we took responsibility for are false like you people are saying, why go to such lengths to defame us? If what we are taking responsibility for supposedly isn’t real, you should breathe easy, right? If

you believed your own words, when you find out about something that we have done, you would just shrug us off as a bunch of crazies and that’s it, right? Why are you mad then? Is one of our members screwing one of your Anglo mothers? Shit, sorry that came out, it was supposed to be a secret…

Mr. Campbell, you should value your life more. You’re addressing some dangerous people who have killed people indiscriminately for over six years. We are still free, and they have not been able to catch us. How are you so sure that we don’t know the place in Mexico where you “vacation” and we won’t show up as we tend to do? You should chill out because in a country where killing journalists is very common, it’s not a good idea that you go about everywhere with your camera, or you’ll end up like your colleague Bradley Will. Remember him? Only this time the bullets won’t be coming from PRI goons.

What these gringo leftists don’t understand is that the only thing their words published on blogs or said on the radio, or their articles from any influential thinker (like the shit Zerzan or his mules write), cause in us is laughter.

They speak of ITS as if we committed an unpardonable offense to them personally, since, of course, we’re going against humanity! Their promiscuous altruism shows itself backed by the Christian values they claim to reject as anarchists. You modern anarchists disgust us! You lefty gringos are always trying to “fix” things. If the Kurdish minorities are in conflict, you go to Turkey. If there are unprotected immigrants in Oakland, you’re there. If there are children dying in Africa, you go to Africa. If there’s a Black Bloc about to happen, you go to “defend” the people repressed by the state. If there’s a terrorist group close to your country, you go there to attack it (at least via Internet). Don’t you get tired of all that stupid interventionism? The same thing happens with the U.S. army, the CIA, the DEA, etc. If there is armed conflict in Afghanistan, they go; if human rights are being violated in Venezuela, they’re there. If there’s a shipment of drugs in Mexico, they’re about. If there’s a dangerous war in Paraguay, they’re there. You’re always sticking your long noses in stuff that’s none of your business.

And in the background of that drama there is, if I am not mistaken, that president of yours, that pink creature with the hair like a head of corn. Yes, since he’s arrived on the scene lefties see fascism even in the toilet bowl after they take a dump. That’s why they call us “eco-fascists,” what a joke.

In the end, if you’re so hurt by the sight of the families of those we have wounded or killed, if you are so upset by the words that we have put out in our communiqués, and if you are so deeply upset by ITS itself, why not come down and try to find us? Stop hiding behind your fucking monitors and come and face us. Let’s see if you have the balls since you go around bitching so much. Come on down and stop fucking around.

We are well aware that people like you feel really secure in the United States talking shit on the Internet. You walk around in safe neighborhoods with your stable lives and far away from the dangers of the “Third World.” We’d like to see you down here at dawn in Tepito, in the red light district of Tijuana, in the ranches full of assassins in Chihuahua, in the side streets of Acapulco, in the slums of Mexico State. We would like to meet you face to face so you can tell us all of those idiocies in person. Surely you’d shit yourselves.

One recommendation: if you do come, bring lots of people with sufficient firepower. We know that the United States has a lot of it to go around (and it’s not too hard to smuggle it in, we notice). That way you can really fuck us up, since ITS is always packing (Shit, now I feel like Pancho Villa when he challenged the gringo army after the Columbus massacre, fuck yeah!)

We’ve thrown down the gauntlet!


Mexico, as is well known, has one of the highest crime rates in the world. It is one of the most violent countries. Here we have the most powerful drug cartels on Earth: the Sinaloa Cartel, the Jalisco Cartel New Generation,

the Gulf Cartel, the Zetas, and that’s only mentioning a few. These have been the authors of brutal massacres, car bombings, well-known attacks, and scandalous kidnappings. Among their members are the lethal assassins, the cooks (who are in charge of making bodies disappear in acid), the “conectes,” etc. In other words, a whole network of sociopaths within the drug trade and related businesses. In Mexico there are robberies every day, so many that people are so tired of the criminals that they surround and lynch them, or they die while committing their crimes. Home burglaries, shootings, etc. are the highest they have been in decades.

People are looking for any excuse to go out and loot, to get out of their miserable routine, and it is here that we note that Mexico is a shitty country, up to its neck in its own vomit, about to drown in its internal problems.

There are also some very particular serial killers, ones that the Mexican government would rather ignore.

There are also Islamic terrorist groups here which of course the authorities choose to ignore. We have the example of the Hindu who shot a consular worker in the U.S. embassy in Guadalajara this year. Or the Frenchman who tried to slit the throat of a priest in the middle of Mass in the Metropolitan Cathedral this past May who they wanted to pass off as another mentally ill person. This is a lie, the arrest of three Yemeni terrorists in the middle of the Historic District on the same month more than shows this.

The refusal of the authorities to recognize that terrorists and serial killers etc. actually exist and their pretending all is well, are things that benefits us as criminals.

And that’s because the authorities are so swamped with their own “business” that we, the common criminals, enjoy absolute impunity. We have complete freedom to do whatever we want.

Why is it that ex-members of ETA hide out here, and have lived many years unnoticed until Interpol recognized them? How is it that Comandante Emilio of FPMR went about kidnapping people for years in Guanajuato without being detected until a frightened taxi driver called the police. Emilio was then caught and recognized as one of the most important Chilean guerrillas of his time. Why is it that the most wanted Italian mafiosi in Europe come to live in Mexico?

Thus, in a country of indiscriminate assassins, powerful cartels, armed groups, serial killers, military kidnappers, international terrorists, bloody criminals, mass gangs, foreign Mafiosi, corrupt politically powerful groups, , and the rest; in the midst of this spectrum of criminality there is also ITS. And if we’re not at the level of organization as the armed narcotraffickers (for example), we still have our thing going on.

And for that reason, since the conditions are right to wage our ancestral war as we would like, we do so with great pleasure.

And that is why many foreign lefties hear of us from afar and are skeptical. It is hard for them to accept that we have killed three people in such a short period of time, and we understand. But if a group of assassins with enough bullets are sent by their Boss to kill dozens of people in cold blood as the Zetas did in San Fernando, Tamaulipas in 2011, what could a small group of motivated individuals do with a loaded gun and commanded by anti-humanist rage? The answer is obvious…


“The silent wolf gets more done than the barking dog.”

Is ITS truly a priority for the anarchist agenda? Are we truly on the side of the riot police, the Neonazis, and the State according to their concepts? We feel so flattered by that, boys!

We forgot that thousands of white supremacists share the same country as the gringo anarchists. Why not kill one of those fat Neonazis if you want (which seems easier) and then afterwards come get us? It would be good

training at least. Or maybe you’ll send mercenaries trained in Rojava? Wait a minute, white anarchists coming to a country full of brown people to hunt eco-extremists? That story sounds familiar!

But no, they only look ridiculous as we saw in California, where various anarchists were beaten by white supremacists in a street fight. We had a good laugh at that. You can see they aren’t used to violence. Scenes like that, but multiplied by a hundred in terms of blood and fury, are seen on street corners here daily. So, lesson 1: if you know the reputation of Neonazis, why are you showing up to fight them with only your fists, sticks, and rocks? A true anarchist would have taken a bomb, a dagger, and a gun. That is why modern anarchists are trampled on, and always will be. They are completely clueless. Did you think the Neonazis who showed up that day would only toss accusations at you and throw water in your face? For fuck’s sake!


And so the altruism of these gringo anarchists makes us laugh so much. They talk about the tragedies that we have caused as if we killed a family member of theirs. They get so mad that they cry out for someone to please come and arrest us for this crazy murder in the Name of the Wild, oh the agony!

Why not settle old scores that haven’t been settled on the Mexican left? Why not try to get the man responsible for the massacre of students in Tlatelolclo in 1968, ex-president Diaz Ordaz? Wait, he’s dead, never mind, that’s taken care of.

But ex-President Luis Echeverria is still alive, the one responsible for the disappearance of hundreds of guerrillas in the 1970’s. He knew about the activities of the torturer Nazar Haro (chief of the now defunct Federal Directory of Security) responsible for the White Brigade that participated in the massacre on Corpus Christi in 1971. This person is still alive, he has never paid for having participated in these deaths, forced disappearances, torture and harassment of social movements in those years. Are you going to let them get away with it? Think of the tears, pain, suffering, and poverty that those family members suffered because of the massacres of the PRI government. Almighty gringos, please help the debts, the victims of the party dictatorship, the poor innocent souls who wander without rest!

You know who is still alive and kicking? Ulises Ruiz, ex-governor of Oaxaca. He’s now a senator and goes cavorting about in Mexico City and Oaxaca itself. Just to jog your memory, he’s the one responsible for the “repression” that the teachers’ movement suffered in 2006. This movement led to a popular uprising that took the Oaxacan capital. Oh, what times those were! He is responsible for the tortures, disappearances, deaths, and numerous other things that people’s organizations had to suffer in those years and after his tenure as governor. Isn’t he a priority? Maybe you would trade his head for that of ITS? LOL!

The thing is that you, modern anarchists, are mad, and it’s not healthy to talk when you’re angry. That’s what fucks you up.

We also remind you that those responsible for the Acteal massacre are still on the loose (Emilio Chuayffet and Ernesto Zedillo), as well as those responsible for the rapes of women and men in Atenco (Wilfredo Robledo and Peña Nieto); the members of the “Olympia Battalion” who are now old men; the predecessors of the Cristeros “Cut out the tongues of communists”, the Sinarchists, etc. who are now called the “Nationalist Front of Mexico,” who are businessmen, soldiers, and politicians in the governing elite. All these guilty people who are responsible for a ton of injustice against the “defenseless Mexican people” are still on the loose. You should focus on resolving all of those issues before saying that you are going to come down here to look for us, fucking faggots.


We don’t know the real motive that these modern lefties have to cling to the rotting corpse of revolution. It’s obvious that the utopian end is obsolete (obtained either by armed or political means). Even the most veteran and mature revolutionary know this.

The era in which we find ourselves has no escape. The alternatives that the designers of the system propose only serve to perpetuate it all the more. For that reason it is shameful to think that people exist who still uphold this vague concept.

This is made evident by the example of ETA. This group’s indiscriminate attacks, spectacular kidnappings, and terrorist trappings have long fascinated us. Recently the organization has ceased the armed struggle. Many of its members are now on the run and dedicated to trying to survive. They did what they had to do at the moment. They made the effort, and their dedication remained firm. They had hope that one day they would see the independence of Euskal Herria and, in the end, the “revolution” failed.

The same has occurred with RAF: its bombs detonated with a deafening force damaging gringo property in the 1970’s in Germany, its kidnappings were featured in the media in those years, and its alliances with radical Palestinian groups like the PLO, though quite scandalous, were effective for their time. The murders they carried out were inspiring, but their hope to see a “different” world was chucked in the garbage. With the coming of the third generation, the group dissolved in 1998, and now they have passed from being historical revolutionaries to being common criminals who the police suspect of participating in various armored car robberies.

The same thing happened to the FARC in a different part of the world. The FARC have also given up their arms (and the ELN is on the same path). Even though some groups are determined to continue in the jungle as they have for decades, the organization itself has signed a peace accord with the Colombian government. This has generated different reactions. Some members of the paramilitary groups (that fought to the death against the FARC) have dedicated themselves to hunting down ex-guerrillas, now disarmed and mere vulnerable civilians.

On the other side are the ex-guerrillas who refuse to give up their arms. They don’t want to be easy prey, and even though they know the “revolution” failed, they can’t really return to civilian life after so many years of war. So they contract themselves out as mercenaries for strong criminal groups like the PCC (Primeiro Comando da Capital, a criminal organization with its origin in Brazil but with strong presence in Paraguay and Argentina, which is dedicated to drug and arms trafficking.) This was seen in the “Robbery of the Century” in Paraguay in April of this year, where different decentralized groups lit various cars on fire to serve as a distraction for the main mission. At the same time, the principal body of heavily-armed commandos detonated a large explosive that blew apart one of the walls of a transport company, and after a firefight the bandits entered the company and robbed ten million dollars. On top of this, they had the nerve to escape on a boat that passed through the Itaipu Reserve in Brazil. This act, totally different from the usual methods of the PCC, could not be realized without military expertise, and without the technical and strategic help of the ex-guerrillas of the FARC now working for the PCC.

For some time these types of criminal actions have pleased us more than the acts of political guerrillas. This is sufficient to allow us to say with pleasure that the era of “revolution” has passed and the only thing left is to commit oneself to the individualist struggle for survival, leaving behind weak and disgusting humanist values.

Though we should mention all of those Europeans and gringos who have went over to the Kurds recently, be they anarchists, Marxists, feminists, antifascists (in a word, lefties). Upon coming back to their countries of origin, they will inevitably form new armed groups that they raise anew, the old banners of “revolution” by the armed path, and surely they’ll do that for some years. If they survive jail, the anti-terrorist agencies, and their

own errors, they will see that ITS was always right in saying that revolutionaries eventually become common bandits and/or mercenaries capable of any work that requires firepower, battle tactics, and collateral damage. In other words, the same vicious circle we have been talking about. But guess what? It’s not only those on the left fighting side by side with the Kurdish minority against the Islamic State, but also those who belong to the far right. They too are learning, observing, and thinking of the future. And it may be the case that they too return to their homes after the war and just like the lefties, form armed groups that will mortally oppose each other. We don’t want to be killjoys about it, but we’ve seen how this movie ends.


For some time we have been saying that the media has tried to hide all trace of evidence that, in different countries in the Americas, there exists a “discrete” presence of a terrorist group totally different from what we are accustomed to. Various analysts and columnists have exposed the cover-up.

It’s not coincidence that in the countries where ITS has a presence, the authorities have tried to deny our existence or divert attention to something else since they have not been able to catch us. This happened here in Mexico, when we stabbed the UNAM worker in June 2016. The Attorney General of Mexico City denied that we had any presence in Mexico City, when in February 2013, the same office investigated us and publicly recognized our package bomb that had wounded a postal worker. Afterwards in October of that year, the Cisen recognized us as a terrorist group, but in May of this year, a reporter’s source at the PGR said that they don’t consider us a terrorist group but only common criminals. Please make up your minds, playing with our emotions like that is not funny LOL! We in ITS really don’t care if we are considered common criminals, terrorists, mentally ill, or whatever by the authorities. What is important to us is action with which we enjoy our egoic spirit, either with “good” or “bad” propaganda. In any case, the message continues, it expands, and is concretized.

The same situation occurred in Chile, with the ITS group, “Mystical Horde of the Forest” which executed with full wisdom the first eco-extremist package-bomb attack on the Southern continent in January of this year. Until now the police investigations have not brought forth successful results that have led to the capture of the proud individualists of ITS. For this reason even that bastard mining company executive Landerretche has helped the authorities to divert attention concerning the authorship of that attack, saying that ITS is a false front.

Due to the useless investigations of the Chilean intelligence services, the only thing left to do is say that ITS wasn’t responsible or come up with excuses so that the audience swallows them whole.

In contrary manner, on more than one occasion people have thought that ITS has been responsible for an attack or murder or other action. An example of this occurred this past June with the death of an Odontology student in one of the buildings of the Philosophy Department in the University City. And this is due to the fact that the conditions under which the guy died have not been very clear, and the university as well as the authorities have not revealed any discoveries from the investigation of this death. Maybe it was one of us, maybe it wasn’t. In the meantime, fear reigns in one of the most important centers of human progress here.

The same thing happened by in 2013, when various bombs were set off in one old and worn-down building called the Pemex Executive Tower. The explosives and the shoddy construction of the Tower were an explosive combination that had a deadly effect. In the explosion and partial collapse of the building, 37 died and 120 were wounded. Sure, the PGR shelved the work of foreign experts and published their own official version of the story, which stated that the explosion was “accidentally caused” by a methane gas leak. How convenient.

In this case some foreign and national media stated that ITS was responsible for the attack. From 2010 onward, we have been stating that we do NOT take responsibility for every attack that we carry out, and there are more

acts that we have participated in than the ones that we have taken responsibility for through the years. We stated that for a reason…


And well, as we have been saying since the beginning of this communique, the defamation of gringo anarchists (discussed above), of the Chileans (here we refer to the Perkin pussy motherfucker sons of Contrainfo and others), and of the Europeans against our Mafia have remained in the void as they have not refuted the ACTS in question. While they bark the usual things like bitches in heat, we’ll be laughing our asses off at their poisonous intentions. But let it be clear that everything has its limit, and our patience isn’t forever.

We anxiously hope that they come to confront us at some point, so that the demon of Di Giovanni returns to fill the bodies of defaming anarchists with scandalous lead as it did in its time the body of Lopez Arango.

It is clear that they won’t be able to stop us with their populist verbiage unleashed from the alternative media, nor can it be done by the social anarchists, nor the insurrectionists (including those Spanish kids from “Voz con Arma” or “Rebelion de las Palabras,” those well-intentioned lefty nuns who disgust us so much). They can’t stop it because this Tendency has expanded past the point of being able to be eradicated, contained, or “neutralized”. The more they eliminate the blogs that publish the actions and words of the Tendency, while they try to “denounce” content on the Internet and organize entire events just to talk shit about us, the more disillusioned anarchists are passing from the same old tired anarchism to the Eco-Extremist and Nihilist Terrorist Mafia. This is a fact.

Oh, and if you’re thinking about a group devoted to hunting eco-extremists and nihilist terrorists, maybe you can open up a dialogue with the members of the old “Anti-terrorist Liberation Groups” (that hunted members of ETA in Spain, France, and beyond in the 1980’s) or the “Pursuers of Pablo Escobar” (the “Pepes,” who hunted members of the legendary Medellin Cartel in the 1990’s in Colombia). We just need to remind you that when they decided to hunt the ETA or Pablo Escobar’s folks, the violence escalated instead of diminishing, just as Murphy’s Law predicts in those circumstances. So in that case think it over first…

Surviving just another weekend (with 65 recorded murders throughout the country), and celebrating the murders that we ourselves committed, and with the Wild on our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico City)

-Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild

-Eco-extremist / Nihilist Mafia

-Eco-extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage

-Popocalitzli Clan

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)

-Ouroboros Silvestre

-Pagan Sect of the Mountain

-Wild Serial Killers

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Chihuahua)

-Desert Band

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Coahuila)

-Flint Point Hidden Clan

-Coyote Pack Faction

-Fury of Cachiripa Faction

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Jalisco)

-Feral Criminal Band

Message #32 (Mexico)

“Curiosity killed the cat.”

We’ve gotten to the point that wounding people not associated with the target is all the same to us, and more because it takes away the joy of striking at those who we choose. In any case the joy at having caused human suffering and bloody wounds persists.

This time we didn’t go out to strangle, stab, or shoot anyone. We didn’t go out to burn, but we did go out with a package-bomb that was tremendously effective when we abandoned it at one of the institutions most detested by us and our ancestors always thirsty for vengeance.

This time, as a target we picked an abject Catholic church located on Avenida de los Insurgentes Norte, in Colonia Lindavista, Delegación Gustavo A. Madero, north of Mexico City.

That’s how it went when in the early evening of July 13th, we abandoned our bomb in the gardens of that church. It was in a black box which contained a galvanized nipple full of nails and marbles. The package had an electromechanical switch, that is, it exploded when the top was opened. On the package was written, “A gift for the House of the Lord, with love.” We did this thinking that the bomb would be taken into the church and it would explode in the “house” of the Western god imposed for centuries.

But, as the press knows, our package-bomb did not explode in the church, but a curious and dumb man was passing by, saw the package, and seeing the word, “gift,” put aside his “Christian honesty,” (which of course only happens in Mexico, son of a bitch!), and, upon opening it at a bus stop, an infernal detonation tore through his old and disgusting flesh. His fingers were blown off, his hands were severely burned, his guts were hanging out, and surely his eardrums were punctured, all that for being a dumbass. They say that you get what you deserve, and it seems in this case, the saying is true…

Let it be known that the attack was directed at the church, but in any case, a meddling Good Samaritan “sacrificed” himself without realizing it, and received wounds that were intended for the religious of that vomit- inducing place. Let it be known as well that if the church and its faithful came out safe and sound in this eco- extremist attack, we aren’t going to rest until we see their churches burned, and we slit the throats of its priests and nuns, and indiscriminately wound religious society as a whole, Amen.

Let’s see if with this the PGJ continues to deny our existence as they have been doing for some time. Maybe they’ll invent some stupid excuse to cover the sun with a finger as they are wont to do at this point. Maybe now the authorities, after reading of our taking responsibility for this action, will retract what they have said previously and deny that the man was wounded by a bomb, but rather was wounded by an accumulation of gas that came out of the ground or some other stupidity of that type, HA!

The investigative police, the agents of the Attorney General’s Office, and the useless people in the Task Force already know who is responsible for this attack. You and we know that the galvanized nipple had the initials “ITS” written on it. But for some reason you said nothing about it to the press, naughty kids!

The “demons” of the natives massacred by the invading Christians are on the loose, no one and nothing will detain their fury.

The attacks continue in the form of murders, arson, package-bombs, and in general, in the deformed “form” of CHAOS!

Courage to the individualist egoists, the eco-extremists, the nihilist terrorists who have shaken off the sickness of humanism and strike without any regrets!

Wounds, blood, suffering, and death to the hyper-civilized!

With the Unknowable at our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City

-Popocatzin Clan

Message #33 (Mexico)

a) On professorial insults and blah blah blah

It seems like our 31st communique has hit rather hard, and even the most distant individuals who want our heads have noticed it. They have thus become the same authoritarian monster they want to “eliminate.”

For years we have chosen to not put our finger in the wound and tried to contain ourselves in order to maintain some prudence concerning the lived situation over here. But now it’s time for us to say something about it.

Some hours ago on a stupid friendly anarchist blog a text appeared called, “ITS or the rhetoric of decadence.” This is a “new” communique signed by various former anarchists groups from some time ago and ones most tied to their guild, to wit: Anonymous Anarchist Action, the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, the Mariano Sanchez Anon Insurrectional Cell, and others. They have squandered their beautiful harsh yapping against us calling us “disheveled madmen,” (noting the use of the gender neutral noun now used by the politically correct), with a “delirious fascistic rhetoric,” “misogynist,” “authoritarians,” “protofascists,” and the other qualifications that ITS members know from memory since the beginning of our efforts in 2011.

The hour has come for these anarchists to raise their voice so that they can be heard, and what better way to return to the ring than with a text criticizing us. They let go of their disgusting words like explosive diarrhea. To what aim? To scare us? To stop us? To intend to continue this miserable fever of “let’s all attack ITS”? Cool.

Their resentment unfolds for all to see. They can’t believe that that group that they once had “solidarity” with has left the pen and has separated itself from the flock of black sheep that they once were part of some suns ago.

And in one part of their text they even try to pass as expert university professors of psychoanalysis in the style of Ultimo Reducto and say:

“Their roots are nothing but the disgusting shit of social dysfunctionality. After a sad childhood and frustrated adolescence, having been bullied from the cradle and traumatized from their ancestors, they begin to channel their frustrations and all of their hate to themselves and once accumulated they project without ethical mediation.”

What do you know? In the same manner, we can say that you channel all of your frustration and hate against authority, against the cops you have killed, or against the Wal-Mart you set on fire. Thus that premise refutes itself. We members of ITS don’t deny that we are frustrated, that it has frustrated us to live in cities from our birth, to tolerate the imposed rules from academic institutions and faggoty jobs, to stand all of these alienating technological innovations, to live together abnormally with people we don’t know, and smile while gritting our teeth when it has been necessary to do so. Invasive religious teachings, as well civic and juridical moral rules have also frustrated us, as well as seeing that any hope for the future is a vile lie. This frustration has turned into resentment, a resentment and sick hatred against society, technology, science, religion, civilization in its totality in a word. It’s frustrating for us to deal with this artificial reality, and we don’t deny it. And yes, ITS is filled with frustrated individuals, the socially resentful, potential misanthropes, suicidal rejects, serial killers, and a bunch of other disgusting things this civilized society can produce. It’s true, and we’re not ashamed to say it since that is what we have become in the process of interpersonal and group interaction with this asphyxiating reality. Our will to destroy and sow Chaos in the most poisonous form has manifested itself. The darkest instincts have returned to us, and irremediably this civilization returns to primitive barbarism, and here in this discussion, we are the prime example.

Oh, and that whole thing they say about “bullying”, that made us laugh. Well from the time we were kids we had that pesky habit of making fun of ugly people and lift up girls’ skirts!

Then they say:

“[ITS is] the axiomatic fruit of this fucking civilization that they say they want to destroy. Only in the deepest bowels of this rot can such decadent conduct manifest itself..”

Ladies and gentleman, you’ve lived this many years without knowing how to read? The goal of ITS is not the destruction of civilization, you ignorant little shits! When are you going to get that?

What’s that you say? We are the axiomatic fruit of civilization? LOL! And you aren’t? Let’s just say that both of us are the fruit of this civilization, look in the mirror and you’ll see us.

b) Revisiting old hat

We clarify and affirm the following points:

One. In that collective pronouncement that the indignant mention, it was not a total defense of ITS, that pronouncement was what it was because of what it stated at the moment. “Saboteamos.info,” “Noticias de Rebelion, “La Haine,” “La Mama de Mummia,” etc. in opposition to ALL the framework of individual groups of eco-anarchist and anarcho-insurrectionary action which in their moment committed arsons and busted up banks left and right; it’s not true that, as they stated, it was published only “in defense of the Individualities Tending Toward the Wild (ITS).”

Two. We sincerely thank you (not at all sarcastically) for the money that you sent us in 2012. If not for that, our brother would not have been able to escape from the police who were chasing him, and a shoot-out resulted in which the warrior responded with bullets but came out unscathed and was able to escape with expenses covered, all because of the economic help you gave us. We’re never going to deny that. When we were anarchists, the solidarity between us was not just in the written word.

Three. Yeah, yeah, we accept that we like to come out on the news, to give interviews, and to be famous up to a point. And that’s bad why? It’s part of the egoic pleasure that stirs in us as politically incorrect individualists. The more propaganda that the mass media gives us, the more the message spreads. We have no moral qualms about using the “press of power,” as you call it.

We’re in the northern and southern parts of the continent. We have accomplices in Europe, and ever more propaganda projects. Videos are published, there are individualists writing provocative texts and translating them into languages we would not have imagined that they would be translated into. This sick message against the humanistic values of civilization is becoming more and more uncontrollable. That’s what we want, that ITS and the groups that emerge as a consequence are unleashed like bloodthirsty beasts that REALLY generate chaos; that they are never ashamed of being the monsters that they have become; that they express themselves through indiscriminate murder and explicit violence. We want for all of this “gets out of hand” so that it becomes a tangible indicator of the rotten artificial reality to which they have condemned us and in which we are developing with pleasure. And that annoys more than one anarchist, but they can eat a dick!

c) Crucify him! The Jews said. Burn them! Said the Inquisition. Let us eliminate them! Screamed the anarchists.

“All that we can identify as negative elements within our ‘space’ is also a responsibility of each one of us to contribute to eliminate.”

This is the “intimidating” sentence that the people in question replicated, but it is really strange. We ask ourselves, are not the people who the federal government sent to infiltrate your anarchist spaces more important than ITS, who aren’t in those spaces? And speaking of, did you know that one of our groups placed a bomb at the “Che Squat”? That was done mainly because they were defaming us and we shit on those anarcho-rock star ex-con politicians and drug addicts who hang out there, because the auditorium is supposedly so legendary: a symbol of “autonomy” and the “combative” student movement of the ‘90’s. Now it’s just a den of slimy journalists, a place where the Cisen and Mexico City Investigative Police plant their informers to gather information no matter how irrelevant. From there the press has gathered names, nicknames, photos, addresses, etc. of “comrades” in 2014 after various “slaps,” from there you get the Pegasus malware that infected the personal cellphones of anarchists that year and at that site. Let it be noted that we are not saying this to portray ourselves as “defenders of anarchists,” of course not, that ITS group placed the bomb at that squat because inside was a person who was trying to pass himself off as one of us. He foolishly deceived a bunch of young anarchists and dazzled them with his guns, with his threats, his made-up stories, and supposed connections with us to gain popularity and be “that guy”. With that bomb we got him out of the scene and we started to hunt him. Only with the help of anarchists that he had deceived (who you should try to “eliminate” instead of posturing as the “new people who will deal with ITS,” which is apparently now in style). That person returned to his police barracks and we lost track of him. This isn’t a lie, you can investigate it with your sources and you will see that its not part of our “pathological lying.” Ha!

You have your contacts, ITS has its own…

Of course, and we repeat, instead of asking for searchlights so that you turn around again to see, and instead of threatening to “eliminate” us, you should fuck up all those snitches who are in anarchist circles, that bald Tony who for years has been a police informant (and more than one person knows that), and that faggot is still around as if nothing happened in his library near La Raza Metro. He’s not a priority? We could mention more than one who after years in the anti-authoritarian scene, really have turned their backs on the whole idea and the praxis that they once defended, and they have turned informant, or even cops. There have even been people with a record of being rapists in the squats. Where are all of the anarcho-superheros in those cases?

And what about the Neonazis who destroyed the “crew”? Some years ago skinhead nationalist organizations were walking about La Lagunilla with t-shirts with swastikas on them, selling books on Mexicanism, and recruiting young people into their disgusting ethnocentrist movements. They beat up more than one anarchist and punk, and killed an indigenous person in the Escuadron 201 Metro. These people are now members of the

Mexican military, or are important members of Sinarchist circles. When did you “eliminate” them? You knew where they were, but they’re still alive and kicking today.

What about that ex-anarchist snitch who was talking about you and other groups, and now is with the reds? Does he merit “elimination” or no because he’s not a member of ITS? How that’s persecution that you are suffering at the hands of the Marxists going?

But well, if the purpose of your text that condemns us as good judges you are with your pompous words and your academic language is to respond to the call of the international anarchist movement to denigrate us, you did well. Truly, more than one anarcho will applaud your words, but you best put your cards on the table and see reality. The reality that you try to avoid is that the anarchist scene in Mexico is complete shit. There’s hypocrisy everywhere and collaboration like you wouldn’t believe, hierarchies that are not hierarchical, black bureaucracy, clear betrayals, etc. If you are seeking to “eliminate negative elements in its spaces,” good luck, you’ll even up eliminating 99% of the anarchist scene in Mexico.

d) On hypocrisy, murder, and authority

These anarchist superheroes have called us “misogynist”. Surely, we’re so misogynist that entire ITS groups exist made up entirely of women. Guess who were designated to kill our female victims? Imagine that, right? What would you call a woman who kills another woman? “A misogynist” as well? “A machista woman”? “A feminicide daughter of the patriarchy?” Here we have noticed the feminist trend with its suffocating humanism has corroded even the most radical anarchist thinking which we sympathized with some years back.

But what hypocrites they are, they condemned us for killing or hurting women? And you haven’t done that? The workers you burned in 2012 after an arson attack of the CCF in Iztapalapa, there were no women there? And the people you wounded when you left grenades in the banks of Ciudad Victoria in Tamaulipas in 2012, there weren’t any women there either? We’re certain that in one of your “irreducible attacks against power” which you haven’t made public, you’ve left some women dead or injured. If we were radical lefties like you, surely we’d be indignantly yelling, “fascists,” “machistas,” “authoritarians”.

You anarchists, always with your moral Golden Rule coming out of the Enlightenment, always with your abject humanist gaze, always preaching your ideas against authoritarianism. Let’s be realists here, we like you know how it feels to take a life, either of a policeman or a common civilian. It’s all the same, in the end it’s a life for fuck’s sake. We, like you, know that to kill a person is to impose irremediably our authority on that being, no matter how anarchist you are, no matter how much you try to justify it as “self-defense,” and no matter how much you oppose authority. When you take a life, you are imposing yourself on your target.

So if you call us authoritarian, you aren’t excluded from it either. We would expect these moral judgments from the social anarchists, but from you? Get the fuck out!

e) To conclude

We suspect that these anarchists are angry with us not only because we have left the anarchist struggle, or because we reject their values, but also because we give a bad reputation to their anarchist project. They worry too much about the gossip that people outside the movement murmur. They worry so much about “what they’ll say” so they decided to come out with their communique to leave behind their dark past with us. Perish the thought that they would be tied to those “fascists,” “authoritarians,” “sons of Satan”!

Either way, already some time ago they excommunicated us from the churches of international anarchism, let them throw us out of the temples of local anarchism as well, it’s not a tragedy.

Let the Individualist War continue against the Alien! For the international chaotic homicidal conspiracy!

No witch hunt will stop this witchcraft! With the Unknowable at our side:

IIndividualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico City)

-Indiscriminate Group Tending Toward the Wild

-Eco-extremist / Nihilist Mafia

-Eco-extremist Circle of Terrorism and Sabotage

-Popocalitzli Clan

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)

-Ouroboros Silvestre

-Pagan Sect of the Mountain

-Wild Serial Killers

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Chihuahua)

-Desert Band

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Coahuila)

-Flint Point Hidden Clan

-Coyote Pack Faction

-Fury of Cachiripa Faction

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Jalisco)

-Feral Criminal Band

Message #34 (Mexico)

“I prefer nothing to be true before any of you being right, before your truth is right.”

  • F. Nietzsche

Our path has become uncomfortable, nauseating, despicable, and the other pejoratives that the humanists never tire of hurling at us. The acts of ITS as well as its words don’t stop offending the great horde of anarchist sons of leftism. It seems that they can’t confront the terrifying fact of the Death of Anarchism. They can’t let go of the rotting corpse, they weep without any consolation, just as the crowd of women cried in their great sorority for the staggering body of Lesvy Osorio who was killed by our sisters and brothers who lurk about the horrible streets of Mexico City. This murder provoked such indignation that even the most radical leftists vowed to “kill the eco-extremists,” while a tear streamed down their cheek provoked by the death of some woman they didn’t know. What a beautiful and altruistic world!

Why weep for the hyper-civilized world and its humans?! How many tears do we humans deserve, who in our condition of homo sapiens have done nothing but drive the Earth into this debacle. We don’t deserve any tears, we deserve extinction. But the human drinks, eats, breathes, fucks, sleeps, consumes, lives… feeling himself God, the most luminous and indispensable thing in existence. Those anarchists with noble hearts who claim to be anti-anthropocentric but deny and fuss over indiscriminate attack that harms “innocents” are nothing but hypocrites. Does not the hyper-civilized feel like God? Or is that only a habitus of the powerful? It’s as if the young man of the poorest neighborhood didn’t dream of driving a Lamborghini, or of wearing gold chains and having ten women in his bed. That’s unfortunate for those who believe that: there are NO innocents. Civilization in this techno-industrial epoch has molded the human, educating him and making him docile when he is believed to be violent. He becomes a servant who smiles because it says he’s free, that is, it has made him hyper-civilized.

We eco-extremists don’t see innocents at the moment we attack. It should be pointed out that the attacks have become more indiscriminate each time. We have become blind men who have abandoned hope and have opted for the misanthropic. Supporting this Tendency that walks on the road of misanthropy we claim responsibility for: Some days ago we abandoned another explosive envelope with even more black powder in it than the one that exploded on that young girl Michelle on the Alameda Zaragoza last April. This time again we abandoned it in ANOTHER public place: in the Venustiano Carranza Forest in the city of Torreón. We don’t know what happened to the envelope. We think that it was found by the police who patrol the area, or it could be that one of these days the badly intentioned device explodes on another curious girl like Michelle. How misogynist are all of those eco-extremists who place bombs that detonate on women! Poor people, if they only knew…

For indiscriminate attack!

Let us take the road of misanthropy! All hope is dead!

We do not see men or women, only a mass of hyper-civilized!

An accomplice embrace to ITS groups in the south and the new groups that share our words!

Strength to the sharp theoreticians in the United States who respond and silence all of the “big talking anarchists,” strength to our brothers in Central Mexico who have made the anarchists of that part of the world tremble!

Nothing ends!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Torreón

Flint Point Hidden Clan

From the hell of 42 degrees centigrade, Torreón, July 2017

Message #35 (Mexico)

“Do not wait for everyone to like you, but to get tired of hating you”

We continue the attacks against religious places undertaken by the brothers of Popocatzin Clan on July 14 with their thunderous package-bomb that left a serious injured in Mexico City, egoistically we claim the responsability for the following actions during this week:

Leaving a package-bomb inside the Great Temple of Jehova Witnesses located on the avenue Lopez Portillo, in front of the mexibus station De la Cruz-San Mateo, in the town of Coacalco, Mexico State.

Incendiary Device composed of gasoline, napalm and other flamable materials detonated on the door of a catholic church located on the Avenue Lago de Guadalupe, in Atizapan, Mexico State.

Brother accomplices, let the acts speak instead of words!

Let the anti-humanistic threat of the ITS groups, of the Terrorist Nihilists groups and antisocial individuals continue despite any obstacle!

Fire, bombs, bullets, threats and knives against the representatives of EVERY religion, including the “elite” bureaucrats from the satanist churches!

The steps of war and confrontation of our ancestors accompany us in the ambush! Death to the moral of the attack!

¡Axkan kema, tehuatl, nehuatl!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State)

-Ouroboros Silvestre

Message #36 (Mexico)

The fire “spoke”, the mania to light vehicles has not left us, nor will it ever.

In the early morning of the first day of August, we lit a trailer on fire in the alternate avenue of the Via Lopez Portillo, around Fovissste, in Ecatepec, Mexico State.

Our device consumed the entire accursed machine. The flames were unleashed and expanded threatening the surrounding houses that also deserve to burn. It would not have mattered to us if the slumbering citizens came out hurt, intoxicated, or whatever, since all in this repugnant society deserves to lie in smoldering ashes.

With this first act we declare to the authorities that we’re back. We are going to unleash a wave of indiscriminate / selective arsons sooner or later. So don’t be surprised if this picks up…

Our devices are designed to burn and some minutes afterwards to detónate. So we recommend that heroic citizens should be aware of the consequences should they try to put out the Great Consumer.

Because we hate the loud, disruptive, and harmful machines, symbol of despicable human progress:

Fire and explosives against civilization With the Wild at our side!

Courage to criminality!

-Individualists Tending Toward the Wild (Mexico State) Pagan Sect of the Mountain

Message #37 (Chile)

Stealthy like the puma, on Monday August 7th we boarded a bus transporting masses and herds. We look at the faces of the passengers: there are 8 or 9 of them, and they all have the same face. They are all dominated by dirty society, worn down from the work that gives them artificial progress and false comfort. We don’t feel sorry for them, they’re all the same. They disgust us, their very existence perpetuates the same hyper-civilized society that enslaves them, the one that destroyed the natural state. This society annihilated our ancestors who did know how to live in the wild.

We carried a contraption with us. We had tested it before, leaving nothing to chance. It’s simple: two bottles filled with gasoline, a boiling mixture, a bulb, a clock with modifications that gave us time, and a switch as the safety. We left it under a seat and we sat in the back. We calculated the time and got off before it went off. Even though people were not burned, the damage we caused was more than what was expected. This time luck with on our side: the fire reached the electrical wires and lit a business on fire that turned out to be a hardware store!! Three birds with one stone: the Transantiago bus, the power line, and the store where more machines and chemical products were sold! Attention, the next ones could be those who use them!

This time the place we attacked was planned so that it coincided with an avenue where they are building a new corridor of the Transantiago and new metro lines, where more vehicles that carry imbeciles will occupy spaces that once were wild. This time it was the north of the city, before it was in Providencia, tomorrow it could be in any part of this dirty capital that we choose.

And lastly… No press, it was not a malfunction of the bus, don’t be stupid… this time more direct in the eye! No police-prosecutors-judges-government-whatever, don’t use the cliché statement, “causes that are still being investigated”. You were no match for the dudes from ITS-HMB, nor for the S.I…. now you don’t want to open more cases that you won’t be able to solve. This was our work and we take responsibility for it. Come at us from wherever, you won’t find us. Look for us on you security cameras, you won’t find us there because there were none. We planned this well and we aren’t prepared to transform ourselves into symbols, we would rather die first. We are already in hiding, stalking other prey.

Vengeance! The wekufes accomany us, and the darkness keeps us.

War against human progress!

Sincere complicity! Long live the Mafia of Extremist Individualists!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

-Vengeful Inquisitory Band

Message #38 (Chile)

I. The dream

I had a dream where anarchism had the appearance of a human being.

Yes, it was precisely like a normal person with a head, legs, arms… All that is needed. In the dream that I had anarchism died.

Suddenly, an accursed silent illness took hold of him, without symptoms. One day it knocked on his door and took him away.

Just like that.

Without time to act, understand, try… Without escape.

Without warning. No call beforehand.

Death did its job, turned around, and kept going down its path. Not even a word, a gesture, a glance weighed with meaning.


II. Waking up.

Upon waking up, I realized it was a dream and I began to think. Strange connections, reflections, cerebral impulses…

And afterwards I laughed.

My laughter became uncontainable, profound, full. Almost inconvenient. It was a laughter so strong that tears filled my eyes and my sides moved. You will ask why this reaction. That’s understandable.

Well, in my dream, Death treated anarchism (with the appropriate small “a”), exactly like all things and people. Death acted and afterward continued to carry out its affairs.

Without conceding any privileges.

And while anarchism was dying without a burial, it continued the effort concerning its why and its debates, the comparisons, the propositions, morality, objective, resources, times, the interminable assembly, forms, and the whole catalogue of idiocies that, effectively, were not anything more than the same disease that was killing it.

Indignant, anarchism asked for solidarity from all places.

Anarchism, unsettled, was not able to resign itself: it was dying without anyone telling it, not even a sign or an indication, nothing.

And all the while all of this occurred. And no one cared. Or better put, no one was interested.

So many years of history, so many battles, an honorable militancy on the global scene only to die under such banal circumstances, in the midst of general indifference.

And this guy who in my dream represented anarchism, he was livid. And you won’t believe why.

In that extreme moment he had to get livid due to his unforeseen disappearance, for the manner in which his death was manifested: nothing epic, nothing heroic, no police frame-up or life sentence, nothing- or why no one was noticing its death.

Anarchism was dying anonymously, angry, amidst general indifference.

III. Epilogue

In these times, to dream with the anarchism, truly one has to overdo it at the bar or have ingested some natural or synthetic herb.

In any case when the mind has been freed and savagely separates itself from the civilizing control of reason, this makes the masks fall away and reveals, behind the dreams, the more inconfessable realities.

Friends, anarchy has died. In general indifference.

It died from an excess of morality.

I know this now, it makes one laugh to the point of tears. No one misses it.


Prowling Port Changos (ITS-Chile)

Message #39 (Chile)

Following the latest criticisms and responses that the anarchic nuns have spit out to people to defend their anarchist “comrades” who live in Chile along with us, we want to express some irrefutable points to situate the debate a bit.

We would like to speak of an “insurrectionary anarchist affinity group of tension,” or whatever they call themselves, that made amoral indiscriminate attack their own. FINALLY THEY ENTERED INTO OUR MADNESS! Or rather, they did so some time ago, and now they want to resurface.

It was 2014 and their target was what seemed to be the office of Chilean prison officials (conveniently without anyone present). That’s what they thought, since it was not clear what they thought they were burning. What is known is that they left a backpack with an explosive device in the street. They didn’t set up the famous anarchist guard of morality that makes sure innocents aren’t hurt.

And they shit the bed on this one by their standards since they became the first indiscriminate anarchists. A young drug addict named Sergio Landskron picked up the backpack and died due to the explosion. Finding this out probably made the anarchists fall off their bike, vomit up their vegan burgers, and start praying to St. Bonnano or Sister Bakunin asking for forgiveness for their sins.

Under the moral parameters of these crybabies, ITS was already in Chile in 2014. This couldn’t possibly have been anarchists. “It’s a set-up!” they should have cried.

But we know this isn’t the case, since the Mafia isn’t anti-prison, and at most eco-anarchist groups were already conspiring who share our hatred. But they don’t focus on prisons, as is well known. Landskron’s murderers never took responsibility for the attack, so much was their shame at violating their standards of the moral of attack.

This indiscriminate attack – let’s call it what it is – was a great SIN of the action group in question. Gallons of ink and saliva of anarchist morality burned that marginal youngster, who we recognize as one of the worst results of this rotten civilization, and, we could even call him a “victim”.

The anarchists kept quiet! They didn’t utter a peep about his death, there was no communique asking for forgiveness or explaining why they didn’t hit they intended target, as was the case with the prisoners of war Juan, Nataly, and Guillermo, to justify why they indiscriminately attacked a bus station.

Even less likely was the existence of a communiqué saying, “yes, we did it, it was an accident.” They hid their snouts out of fear of the cops. They were afraid to end up like savages without anarchist morality. Look at them killing the last victim of the system!

So now that it is all the style to threaten an anarchist war against the Eco-extremist Mafia, snitching included, we gave some clues about these nuns to the friends and family (some of them criminals) of Sergio Landskron, so that they’ll know who to shoot and stab to get even. They’re looking in freed squats around site of the indiscriminate attack and they’ll know who took their son-uncle-brother from them. They’re squats full of shitheads who have gotten out of the explosives game because of this anarcho-Christian sin, but we know that they have this hidden sin on their chest and it won’t be forgotten anytime soon.

Do the moralists consider this snitching too? It’s all the same to us, it’s not for nothing that we are egoists, criminals, and amoral. But let it be known, what we have just stated is just one demonstration that we know quite well those behind certain things, we know where the campaign in Chile against eco-extremism comes from. We thus state that if they continue with this pathetic campaign they shouldn’t be surprised when we respond.

In their anarcho-civilized morality, killing that Landskron kid was a sin so great that the Chilean anarchist movement kept quiet out of shame. They shouldn’t criticize the Tendency with their moral standards, since we aren’t up for being judged by their crooked scales. More than that, people will see that the emperor has no clothes.

Prowling Port Changos (ITS-Chile)

Message #40 (Argentina)

“Vengeful spirits will hack the sky to pieces with their machetes, the forest behind the sky will fall upon us. So swift will be the end that we will not have time to scream. The spirits, untethered from the earth, will smash the sun, moon, and stars. And there shall be nothing but darkness..”


The natural cycles continue on their course, the continuous movement of life and death…in that form we make our return, like the sprouting shoots of spring made strong by the cruelty of winter. “All has its moment. There are moments to speak and moments to keep silent. Moments of stillness and moments to act. Patience was and will be the greatest attribute of the savages.”

We recommended ourselves to the sky, the moon, the stars, and abandoned a package-bomb at the entrance of the Physics and Astronomy Space in the University City, addressed to Dr. Gloria Dubner, director of the establishment, who was awarded recently for her progressive efforts in support of the techno-industrial system. It seems that the person in charge of the place perceived that something was amiss and decided to call the police. We remark here that this won’t stop us. On the contrary, it compels us to do more. The next time we won’t fail. The package was aimed to wound physically and emotionally all of the techno-geeks who were nearby; not only Gloria herself but any student or simple worker. We don’t make distinctions in this war that we wage against our own species. We chose this establishment in particular because of the disgust it causes us seeing the human insisting on controlling everything. We see the sciences (specifically space sciences) as the clear expression of that sick wish to reduce all phenomena to simple numbers and calculations, domesticating all that is wild, to place at the forefront the ideologies and infrastructures that cement today’s hyper- technological world. In this view it is common to think about inhabiting other planets and traveling through space, daydreaming about ways to make life “easier” and more “comfortable”. All the while they ignore what’s below our feet, in our environment, and principally inside ourselve.

We know that we are not going to stop techno-industrial progress with attacks such as these, but at least the great minds of our time will have to walk around more cautiously. We lurk about their houses and work places. With the return of ITS activity in this region, death will prowl about the universities and bars, parks and malls, and in any place where the human masses move about. We have the determination to carry out this war until the last consequences. Being an international terrorist group responsible for six murders, many wounds, and property destruction, they will know that the threats are very real… Speaking with actions more than with empty words, the chaotic dance of the wild constellations continues on its course.

With Wild Nature at our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Argentina Wild Constellations


https://www.eldiario24.com/nota/tucuman/406851/amenaza-fuerte-bomba-fue-desactivada-ciudad- universitaria.html

https://www.argnoticias.com/sociedad/Encontraron-un-explosivo-en-Ciudad-Universitaria-la-policia-logro- desactivarlo-antes-de-que-ocurriera-una-tragedia-20170922-0014.html

Message #41 (Mexico)

The Catholic creed is constantly threatened in Mexico, both by common crime, and by anonymous hands as a retaliation from personal sexual abuse, as well as by organized crime and by some groups that leave them bombs hoping that the result will be bloodshed with no consideration for the collateral damage, thus breaking with the boring humanist discourse from progressive radicals that still emanates from their rotten civilized minds.

With the beginning of this year, aggressions against the Catholic Church and its representatives have been increasing, from Coahuila to Nayarit, there have been reported stabbings and murders of fathers, theft of religious images, scams, and even assaults with fires and explosives. It is a pride that the ITS groups are contributing to these, because they make visible the weakness of this religion, demoralize the authorities every time they mock them trough the concretion of a new attack, and this way the reveal the criminal steps of the individualists who throw themselves into the abyss of constant attack against one of the most hated objectives by the inhumanists.

To remember, on July 14 we left a package-bomb in the parish of “Señor de la Misericordia” in Lindavista, Gustavo A. Madero, Mexico City, the press mentioned that the package had been opened by a gardener who was detonated and that the explosion "almost ripped his hand", ten days later and after another explosive was detonated by a group that has nothing to do with ITS, the representatives of the Catholic Church converged at the Conference of the Mexican Bishops announced our attack (obviously without mentioning our acronyms) (Note), ACCEPTING that the seriously wounded man was a sacristan of that parish, for whom does not know what a sacristan is, he is the person in charge of the cleaning of the church and who sometimes helps the father in Masses, that is, with our abandoned bomb in that place, we finally wounded one of the members of the Catholic Church, just as we had hoped.

To celebrate this, we waited patiently to strike again, it was so on October 20 that we abandoned another package-bomb very close to the parish that was attacked last July, in the same colony and in the same delegation, but now in front of the National Sanctuary of San Juan Diego, the result of the attack is unknown to us, but perhaps the representatives of the church are aware of this new aggression against "the house of the Lord".

Let it be clear that we are not going to stop facing their priests, sacristans, altar servers, nuns, pilgrims and those faithful, all will be violated by the infernal detonation of our explosives!

Its temples, parishes, shrines, cathedrals and chapels will burn by the flames used by the Inquisition to burn pagan codices, native apostates and heretic shamans!

Axcan kema, Tehuatl, Nehuatl!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild -Mexico City

-Clan of Popocatzin

Note: http://yucatan.com.mx/mexico/breves-de-la-republica/diez-dias-hubo-otra-detonacion-cerca-chlesia

Message #42 (Mexico)

You are from [your] father the devil and you want to do the wishes of your father. He was a murderer from the beginning, and he has not stayed in the truth because there is no truth in him. ”

-John 8:44


We reject to death the truth imposed by Western culture, the one that shows that the “sacred writings” are above men and women free of moralistic and religious ties.

We are not sorry for anything, there is not a single drop of remorse or regret that accompanies us in the life we choose to live, we face life and death and we will continue like this, crossing the limits of what is allowed, advancing beyond the point of no return.

We are a sect of incorrect individualists who travel through roads, cities and towns in search of our next victims, so we let them see when we killed the couple of hikers at the foot of Mount Tlatoc last May, now we reaffirm it.

We choose to be declared enemies of any trace of modern humanity that hypocritically declares itself concerned with nature, we are bitter enemies of scientific reason, we antagonize with any religious creed that imposes an anthropomorphic figure at the center of everything and nothing.

We hate their buildings called “temples”, their immaculate images, their priests and fathers, bishops and nuns, but we also hate their faithful and pilgrims …


“In the first place, we must set fire to their synagogues or schools, and bury and cover with dirt everything that does not ignite …”

-Martin Luther

As a result, we take responsibility for the armed aggression against a couple of pilgrims that occurred on October 28 at the height of the community of Miranda in the municipality of El Marqués, Querétaro. We observe these two beings walking along the road with a ridiculous image of Saint Judas Tadeo and at a short distance we aim them and shoot them leaving them badly wounded.

From what little the media covered, we learned that one of them died, while the other is still in critical condition, so we want his death to be painful and agonizing.

[image not archived]

We know very well that the believers of St. Jude Thaddeus, who usually make pilgrimages to their temples every 28th of every month, are delinquents and drug addicts, but that does not matter to us, to our egoic eyes we only see idiots followers of Western beliefs, and that’s why they deserve death.

It is clear that our hatred is not only in curses, but transcends the physical.


We have no responsibility to anyone, think what you want, we do not care, we know very well what we did, and that is why we claim it before the media gives it another face as they usually do.

We are going to continue murdering, all those who think that our silence is a sign of withdrawal, are wrong, we are just waiting for the perfect moment.

What is the best response to the shits expressed by the modern anarchists, than to continue with what is ours? Let’s be dangerous:

Individualists Tending towards the Wild-Querétaro

-Savage Serial Murderers


http://adninformativo.mx/balean-peregrinos-san-judas-tadeo/ https://queretaro.quadratin.com.mx/heridos-a-balazos-dos-peregrinos/ https://queretaro.quadratin.com.mx/muere-uno-los-peregrinos-agredidos-balazos/

Message #43 (Chile)

“(…) I have had plenty of time to think, I decided to use bombs (…) My days on earth are numbered (…) my only consolation is that I can counterattack, even from my grave (…)”

  • G

In times of great inaugurations we see how the hyper-civilized mass euphorically celebrates the progress of humanity. These contemptible humans like fucking demented run and fill the structures of the newly inaugurated line 6 of the Santiago subway (cataloged as the most advanced and technological in all of Latin America), with their harmful cellular devices recorded a historical fact for the progress of the country. In the same way, the news media and the press have celebrated with this new civilized construction, a construction that promises to save time in travel, decongest cities and many other amenities for the city life.

Then we ask ourselves; How are we going to feel the slightest consideration for these humanoid imbeciles? But with what gall do the revolutionaries question our methods? Does not seeing such a scene of progress and human idiocy, makes them want to explode or burn their bodies? Well, we do feel like that and much more, we feel the greatest of disgust seeing how civilized progress is celebrated. This new metro with camera systems in its interior promises the greatest security, but we know that it is not, we know that their systems are vulnerable, we have shown this, and we are sure that these infrastructures are also. In fact, just hours after the inauguration of the new facilities, some anonymous vandal scratched one of its windows! (1) This is the irrefutable proof that their systems are vulnerable and it only depends on our monstrous spirits to create Chaos once more…

We, the Mystical Horde of the Forest, egoistically and misanthropically claim two attempted incendiary attacks, the first, on September 28, at around 11 in the morning, we abandoned an incendiary charge hidden inside a shoe box, on the 216th route of the transantiago . With this attack we tried to set fire to the bus, but also and most importantly, we wanted to burn human beings, we were hoping that Chaotic Fire would burn some hyper- civilized body, we wanted to fill the air with the smell of “September 18”. We are completely sure that if activated, it would have seriously injured more than one. Why do we say this? Because when leaving the load the bus was full, children, young and old, it does not matter. We cautiously hid the contraption in the space between the last two seats, we got off and we expected Chaos … that never happened.

It was in this way and in view of our frustrated first attack that our minds immediately devised a new plan, this plan and this second attempt took place on November 2, we again slipped away on one of their public transport buses, this time we chose route 204. (2) With this second attempt we tried in the same way to burn human skin, this time the bus was not so full, but the gasoline was ignited and expanded like hell, that’s what we witnessed. We chose precisely this day November 02 as a symbolic act, because that day was the opening of the new subway line 6. We did not want to remain on the sidelines watching the advance of human progress continue frantically, with these frustrated fires we welcome the ugly fucking metro.

[image not archived]

We wanted to write these cheerful words for having burned a fucking machine with its fucking occupants inside, we wanted with this second attack to claim the failed fire of September. But the truth is that we are sad to see our wills didn’t create Chaos, but we are also calm in that our courage, our trip to the abyss of the Unknown prevails, comforts us and enriches our lifeblood, and well, as they say : “The intention is the one that counts”. That is known and the precedent remains that we seek to indiscriminately hurt any human being, so that later they won’t say that we didn’t warn them, haha.

That sadness for not having been able to ignite the fcfm was settled when we hurt the despicable miner. Today we are just as sad as on that occasion, only time and our wills will say when we celebrate a new attack, with the wounds of who knows who we will rejoice, of that there is no doubt. Know that our hearts are saddened but our spirits are intact, our minds are already thinking about what to do next! Only the spirit of the ancient Lola Kiepja, the majesty of Hidabuan, or the vengeful soul of Tuwuch know where, when and whom …

Pretend that we do not exist, think we are asleep, we have gone off, but when they find out and see an indiscriminate fire or an explosive package, no doubt … it will have been us or the other brothers and sisters who share territory.

Attack for all the Unknown and Savage of the Earth, for our primal ancestors and for ourselves. The threatening presence of the Yosi protects us in each of our steps, she takes care of us for several moons.

We are the Mystical Forest Horde, the one that fails attacks, but also the one that concretes them! We continue free roaming the Wild Southern Lands, lurking around the disgusting cities. With dark intentions in our minds and bodies, we are still in the shadows of the forests and mountains, conspiring to return when you least expect…

Long live the eco-extremist Mafia, the misanthropic Nihilists and the Chaotic individualists! Long live the war against progress and the modern human!

… Thanks to the spirits of the ancients, for taking care of our steps, for erasing our tracks, for encouraging us every day. With the Occult and the Unknown we continue till we die…

Individualists Tending towards the Wild

-Mystical Horde of the Forest

(1) http://www.24horas.cl/nacional/rayan-vagon-a-solo-horas-de-la-inauguracion-de-la-linea-6-del-metro 2551565


(2) http://www.cooperativa.cl/noticias/pais/policial/indagan-posible-artefacto-explosivo-al-interior-de-bus-del- transantiago/2017-11-02/172313.html


Message #44 (Mexico)

“I do not arrive late or early, I arrive at the moment I have to arrive” G.

Time has been in charge of finding us again, after the path of confrontation that we have chosen to follow despite the experiential complications we are here. We choose a path in which there is no regard for the enemy, nor are there warm contemplations, pull the trigger or they catch you and condemn you, and so it has been until now.

It was like that since that night in 2006 that we burned a KFC in the State of Mexico, It was like this when we faced grenadiers and undertook serious damages during that wild mobilization on October 2, 2008 in Mexico City, It was growing when we committed our first armed assault in a Xochimilco winery in 2011, and continued when we joined Wild Reaction in 2014, when we shot an ATM that protected the money of a Banbajio company in León, Guanajuato in 2015 and when we committed our first murder in 2016. The violence has been increasing in our individualities and we are proud to say that we do not feel any remorse, we sleep comfortably without any trace of unnecessary regret, and we succeed because everything we have done we have done with pleasure, because only people who commit atrocities against society and are not convinced of what they do, they feel remorse of conscience, in our case it is not like that.

We believe in the strength of the Wild, she has protected us, and our testimony from the anonymity has shown us, on more than one occasion it has crossed our minds that in this or that act we should have died, or that we should have been caught and condemned, but no, We remain here and it is for a reason, the Ancestral War continues and we are a small part that carries the fire of confrontation towards the hyper-civilized objectives.

We must say that since we separated from RS we have continued to commit attacks, although without any vindication, from our perspective we did not consider it necessary to say what we were related to, but we have changed this for the moment, given the conditions that concern us in the present we have seen with disgust, all the accusations and defamations that the humanists have spread about our brothers and sisters of ITS where they have a public presence, we learned about the witch hunt that exists in the north country with the eco- extremist theorists and we want to say the following:

  1. Given these situations of pointing and lynching, we see it essential to position ourselves in total support for the whole international eco-extremist / nihilist mafia for the practitioners, and for the theorists. Let them know that they are not alone in this, there exist individuals who continue committing crimes in the shadows, who encourage them to continue with theirs, you and we know that the Wild is on our side and that will never change.

2. All those humanist anarchists who masturbate with the idea of human progress are as despicable as the civilians who want to “advance”, their anthropocentric utopia generates a gigantic repulsion and even more when they dare to squander their hypocritical verbiage condemning the acts of ITS and anti-humanistic terrorist groups .

To those kids, have you forgotten where the explosives that have anarchist groups detonated in Mexico since 2015 come from? If they forgot, we remind them that in many cases, these explosives have been provided by the aforementioned eco-extremists, with the idea of generating more destruction regardless of the political affiliation that divides us. We are not going to name those “anti-authoritarian” court groups that have bought explosives from our contacts so as not to risk their asses, they know very well who they are, why is it then that (with the exception of the old insurrectional groups? ) none of the “new” anarcho groups do not say shit against the eco-extremists?

Someone had already said it, we are a Mafia, we are in the places least thought by our enemies, beware that any of us may be listening to the shits that you say against us, so face the consequences of being beaten like the panochon in CU a few days ago …

3. As we have been saying, we are an anonymous group that since the death of the Wild Reaction has been unleashing chaos here and there, but for this unique occasion we adhere to the ITS project momentarily to continue our war to the death against civilization and human progress, so, generate the impact that our actions deserve.

4. With this statement we are putting aside our old decision not to vindicate acts, and as it is being seen we have already taken responsibility for some above, so we announced that it is our joy to make public our adjudication of the sabotage to an energy tower last August in Pesquería, Nuevo León. The sabotage consisted of loosening the screws of the angles with a key 1-3 / 8, and that was it, the sabotage that was not carried out that month but before, had an unexpected result, time passed and we honestly thought that the sabotage did not have any results. The rains and the wind arrived until the Wild had the strength for a tower to fall and thus pull others and knocked down another 2. But what beautiful chaos was unleashed at that moment! We together with the Wild had thrown those towers, the authorities and the press were filled with versions unable to give a conclusive explanation, some said that the air had been so strong that it had thrown them away, others said that a trailer had accidentally taken the wiring of one of them and that’s why it fell, others said that organized crime had stolen the cornerstones of the towers and these were weakened when they were demolished. None of these versions is the truth, the real thing is that we, a group of individualists sabotaged the angular and the Wild took care of everything.

We must say that this act was not random, it was thought and executed objectively, because if it succeeded, it would be able to leave hundreds of people without light and would affect the hated Research and Technological Innovation Park (PIIT) (which by the way, the sabotaged tower fell on one of its fences), and the detestable International Airport of Monterrey, which we finally achieved with the help of the force of Wild Nature.

We announce that we have done the same thing to other energy towers in other places, so as not to be strange that the same conclusions are repeated when the Wild manifests itself.

Great strength for the brothers and sisters of ITS in Chile, Argentina, Brazil and Mexico, for the anonymous people who, without wanting to vindicate their actions, go out to commit crimes that satisfy their thirst for revenge and are filled with personal satisfaction, strength for the other Eco-extremist and Nihilist Terrorist groups in the world.


Individualists Tending towards the Wild-Nuevo León


Message #45 (Argentina)

It seems that the satisfaction was decided to make us wait, or simply is the awkwardness of some people and the cunning of others that stands between us and our goal. This was evidenced in September, when the University City guard suspected our bomb pack abandoned at the IAFE and rightly so, because it appeared at an unusual and strange time. We take note of our last failure and this time we tried with the mail system, it seems that we still did not hit the objective. We are responsible for the package-bomb that exploded in the headquarters of Monte Grande del Correo Argentino, it is clear that we had addressed a person and our intention was not to explode on the way, but the careless hands of an employee had other plans. The fact that we left two affected workers (one with wounds in the shoulder and the other in a daze) tells us one thing: they ran with luck. The bomb had high amounts of explosive material at a very high pressure, and had enough shrapnel to generate injuries and even the death of our target, whose identity we will not reveal, we are only going to say that it was an important techno-nerd of the kind that we usually attack.

With this we demonstrate that the war against human progress continues and does not stop, we aim at the direct attack against civilization in the present, both its senior representatives and the infrastructure and ordinary people. We are against everything civilized and wherever we see it, we attack. We do not fall into any incoherence with our discourse since we do not intend to return to a savage state or anything like that, we are not interested in telling the masses what they have to do, for we are individualists.

Individualists Tending towards the Wild – Argentina Wild Constellations

[image not archived]


http://maldicionecoextremista.altervista.org/argentina-cuadragesimo-comunicado-its-reivindicacion-paquete- bomba-en-ciudad-universitaria/

http://maldicionecoextremista.altervista.org/es-en-it-octavo-comunicado-de-individualistas-tendiendo-lo- salvaje-argentina/

http://maldicionecoextremista.altervista.org/mexico-chile-argentina-septimo-comunicado-de-individualistas- tendiendo-lo-salvaje-its/


https://infocielo.com/nota/86383/encomienda_peligrosa_asi_quedo_el_correo_argentino_despues_de_que_exp lotara_una_bomba_casera/



Message #46 (Mexico)

The vandalism demons reappeared on the nights of January 3 and 4. After the pretext of the rise in the prices of gasoline and the cost of the weekly basics, hordes of armed delinquents went out to implement chaos again, only to steal what they could from the departmental and self-service stores, but others (like us) to contribute to the destabilization of the fragile status of civilized life, and to dance happily in the rotten corpse of human civility.

A year ago after the “gasolinazo” we participated in various looting that shook the State of Mexico and Mexico City, now we did it again, that is why we take responsibility for our participation in this new wave of robbery registered in Ecatepec, Tecamac, and Tlalnepantla in the State of Mexico and in the Iztapalapa delegation in Mexico City respectively.

In full criminal enjoyment we stole various products for our ego benefit, we had a confrontation with the civilians who protected the big commercial chains as alienated as if they were their property, fucking pathetic! We opened metallic curtains side by side with common criminals, we unlocked ATMs, we set up barricades and unleashed terror in the streets, passing through the ass of authority as usual.

With grace we saw how the police in the distance admired the stage and laughed, we saw how taxi drivers armed themselves with pipes and sticks guarding shops and laughed, we saw criminals help other looters without knowing each other to take things together and we laughed again, society as such is a damn joke, their supposed moral judgments do not matter shit when they have the opportunity to benefit at the expense of a situation like this.

That is why we do not care that the people who were involved in the looting have been “hauled” from this or that political party, or that they have been marginal that offered them something in return to join the crowd, or that they have been “conscious” people acting under certain ideological statutes, we infiltrate the mass because we want chaos, we long for the development of individualist criminal activities, we see in these situations a valid way to express with acts all the disgust we feel for civilization, its values, its rules and its morality. That is why from this claim we rejoice in the act of the arsonists who burned a shopping center in Zumpango, State of Mexico, we are glad of the looting in the Venustiano Carranza, Mexico City, and in Veracruz because each one contributes to the destabilization of this fucking system. Some of our accomplices noticed that in places like Tultitlán, Coacalco and Neza the police were nervous, they deployed an operation to prevent looting from happening again like last year, even civilian policemen in civilian clothes roamed the streets on scooters, as if their looks were not recognizable and more with that square 9 mm that they carry in the waist, HA! As if the neighborhood were not aware of the presence of strangers …

[image not archived]

This Gregorian year is just beginning, the Eco-extremist Mafia is more than ready to unleash chaos, to detonate deadly bombs, start indiscriminate fires and take human lives. Cheer up, strength and total complicity with the other ITS groups in the southern continent, with Misanthropos Cacogen, Wildfire Cell, the Terrorist-Nihilist Sects, and those warriors who are out there denying with savage violence the artificial reality.

Individualists Tending towards the Wild-State of Mexico Individualists Tending towards the Wild-Mexico City

Message #47 (Greece)

“we are those evil, devilish and atrocious monsters that are seen and looming on the horizon, among the chiaroscuro of the days we are approaching with the chaos in the hands”

7 years have passed since a group of individualists began to lay the foundations of what is now known as the Eco-extremist Tendency. Have been 7 years of selective and indiscriminate attacks, arson, murders and bombs, but also of criticism and self-criticism, of reflexive texts and theoretical exchanges who contributed to forge the Tendency far away from humanism and their values. Have been 7 years of terror and blood, of asymmetrical warfare against the civilization, human progress and everything it represents. Since a time ago, the Tendency has begun to expand to different places and as it was expected soon or later, now it crosses the Atlantic to settle down in the old continent. The criminal and terrorist group ITS is now also operating in Europe.

It is said that Greece is the cradle of the western civilization, and is here, where the civilization had their origins where becomes more clear its decay.

It is only necessary to walk around in the overcrowded center of the “magnificent” metropolis of Athens to observe the decadence in all its splendor: Armies of junkies, bums and addicts to any vice dragging theirselves to get a dose or some coins, hostility and tension in the enviroment, misery everywhere, shit and filthyness, conflicts here and there, corruption in all levels, hiper-civilized citizens with a tired and disgust face, exausted from the routine that is killing them but of wich they are dependent and unable to detach themselves from, addicted to technologies, drugs or any other stupidity that makes them evade from their shitty pathetic existence, unable to walk 5 meters without checking their facebook account or stop looking the screen of their damned “smartphones”, humans who get stray from their nature, who rejected a real life and sacrifice their own existence in the altar of artificiality, modernity and progress.

And we are in the midst of this civilized disaster to contribute the destabilization, we are aware that with our actions we will never push this damned world to the bottom of the abyss of chaos, at least we will cause as much damage as we can.

We are aware that a bunch of individualists can do little against the dark reality in front of us, but this does not mean we will stay quiet and live like living-dead, what is still wild inside us pushes towards the attack against the extrange and the noxious, to unleash our most barbaric and brutal instincts even if it is clear that everything is lost.

The world in front of our eyes is the direct result of the unstopable advance of the human progress and their civilization, the inevitable disaster to wich the planet and everything on it is doomed is the product of the anthropocentrism of the modern human and his craving for feeling god in the Earth, it is too late to fix whatever that must be fixed, there is no solution or place for hopes. Humans, with our lack of consciousness and arrogance sentence ourselves to our own extinction and we will not stop untill we make sure that the rest of the planet come with us in this suicidal delirium.

The modern human in general tends towards the progress and artificiality, and this progress comes along – inevitably due to their mentality – with the destruction of the enviroment and the submission, domestication or extermination of the wild life (human and animal).

This is why we have in our aims persons and structures for their responsibility in the developement and mantainance of the civilized order as well as their society of smiling slaves. This is why ITS attacks selective and indiscriminately against everyone and everything who represents civilization and progress.

Because we are aware that is an specific group of people those who develop the technological and scientific advances who lead us to the abyss, but also are the hyper-civilized masses who fall in love with these technologies and consume them without stop.

We want to clarify since now – because on this places, many do not know us – what we are and what we are NOT.

First to mention is that we are not anti-civilization, nor primitivist and we do not organise ourselves in tribes who live in the mountain. The members of ITS are here, living like any other else, between the masses of civilized citizens, we are that one who sit next to you in the bus or that one who smile at you and say “good morning!” hiding our true malicious intentions to the rest of the world.

We are modern and civilized humans, born and raised in the civilization and its humanist and progressive values, but because of some individual and collective experiences and developements we decided not to accept a pacifict and passive coexistence with a system who is hostile and extrange to us, we arrive to the conclusion that even accepting our inconsistencies in the reality we live as civilized humans, who use the technologies and products of the techno-industrial civilization, we decide to let what remains wild and uncivilized break free, instead of self-repress our instincts and feel ashamed of them as the majority of civilized ones do.

And well, if we are about to talk about “purity” and coherence, then we can talk about all those who criticise us and call theirselves “anti-capitalists” while still working, consuming, using money and in general contributing, as everyone else, to the mantainance of capitalism. Also we can have a word or two about the big amount of individuals or groups who call theirselves as “revolutionaries” but the absolute lack of “revolutionary” acts or “revolutions” itself… Anyway, we will not say anything else on this matter, each one draw their own conclusions and each one look first themselves in the mirror before open the mouth.

We are NOT a political group nor we have political ends. We throw to the garbage and shake off the dust of the old ideologies and humanist dogma. We do not have demands or ask for nothing, we do not want to improve the society or we are interested in the struggles for social justice, equalty or the “rights” of the “oppressed people”, the working class and the upper class can go straight to hell, regarding this mass of conformist and snitches we just wish them the worst. The political ideologies want to convince the others that they have the absolute truth and reason and must join their cause to archieve or improve this or that, they want the political power to lead and do as they wish. We do not want to convince anyone and do not want followers, we are not interested in revolutions or reforms. Neither we expect to overthrow or destroy the techno-industrial system because we are aware that this is something that we will never be able to archieve, we are realists. There is no place for hopes and dreams of a better tomorrow. Is everything lost? Yes, but even knowing that we already lost, we do not conceive our life in a different way. We are warriors and our instinct makes us act in this way. The only sense that this life makes to us is attack our enemies, make damage, spread our poison as much as we can, fight until the bitter end.We do not believe in any coming paradise, either holy in the heaven or anarchist in the earth. We do not want a better of more fair world, we just want to see everything burn.

ITS is the negation of the values and pillars on wich civilization is sustained, is the proof of the lies of the progress and the fail of the civilization as well is the living evidence showing that even being subjected to a swarm of legal-moral codes and norms still individualists who refuse to adapt to a sick society. We are not tied to the authority of men, neither to any law or morals extrange to us who try to impose over our egoist will. The only authority we recognise is the one of the natural law, the one of the wild, the one that wisely has been determining and regulating life and death in the planet since the begining of the times.

We are a group of Individualist criminals and Nihilist Terrorists devoted to the attack in all the possible ways in revenge and extremist defense of the Wild Nature and in rejection of the Techno-industrial system, its society, the artificialization of life, in definitive, the civilization itself, their values and morals.

“We consider as enemies all those who contribute to the systematic process of domestication and alienation: the scientists, the engineers, the investigators, the physicists, the executives, the humanists, and (why not?), affirming the principle of indiscriminate attack, society itself and all that it entails. Why society? Because it

tends toward progress, technological and industrial. It contributes to the consolidation and advance of civilization. We can think of all who form part of society as being mere sheep who do what they are told and that’s it, but for us it’s not that simple. People obey because they want to. If they had a choice and, if it were up to them, they would love to live like those accursed millionaires, but they rot in their poverty as the perennially faithful servants of the system that enslaves us as domestic animals.”

-Fifth Communique of Individualists Tending towards the Wild.

We can not stand the characterictics of the modern human behaviour: Lies and falsehood, cowardice, hypocrysy, servitude, the lack of courage at the time of confront realities and problems, the modern human being is a sad and hatefull caricature in wich there is no place for the honesty and the real , but only for the virtual and artificial, has decay untill the point of being a pathetic automaton and a obedient producer/cosumer who drowns in his own misery.

We feel disgusted from being forced to coexist abnormally with a multitude of beings who we do not know and with wich we have absolutely nothing in common.

And now, we arrive to the part that everyone enjoy.

On 3 of January while the useless masses still celebrating the arrival of the new year, a telecomunication tower was torched in the town of Barkiza, in the periferical area of Athens.

On 6 of January we carried out a double hit with explosive-incendiary devices in Athens. The first target was the church of Agios Xaralabos, some time later while we were already far enough, the negative and positive cables make contact again, creating a new blast this time against some random parked cars in the neighborhood of Kaisariani, giving a as final result 4 vehicles torched.

Let’s make it clear: these are not the only attacks in wich we are involved. During the past year we carried out several attacks but because of different reasons we will not talk about them now, as we consider is not the appropiate time.

This time we executed a sabotage against structures and private property but we also aim to hit human targets.

We salute and send our criminal complicity and strenght to the brothers and sisters of ITS/GITS in Mexico, Chile, Argentina and Brasil,to the Wildfire Cell, as well as wherever there are eco-extremists and nihilist conspirers.

Strenght to those who attack, with or without claims, against the human progress, the civilization and the society, wherever you are. The war still going on!

This is all we have to say for now. We will be back soon.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild Factions:

-Nocturnal Hunters

-Iconoclastic Sect



Message #48 (Abyss)

My End is My Beginning.

Abyss rises. The sound of the tunnels is thumping to my ears. I walk in desolation into the fields of urban greyness. All that surrounds me, every ”normal” humanoid, is performing a litany towards crushing determinism. One more time I seize the opportunity to act and unleash My Hatred. I get ready not to stray from the mechanistic ”life-form”. I call upon Death and we enter in a maelstrom of the heartbeat of Chaos that transforms blood into a pumping engine in the libido of voidance that dissolves humanity attempting indiscriminate Destruction and Murder.

In extreme misanthropic skepticism and experimentation, beyond any human notion, I claim nichilistically the following attacks:

  • The arson of 2 mini buses transporting elder people.

Why? Why don’t you ask the guys from the books you read to tell you why? Oh shit! They’re dead? I’ll tell you why then! Because I hate old people! Hahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahhahahahahhahahahahahahaha!!!

  • A package bomb left totally indiscriminately at a central location selectively.

Why do I not think of the ”innocent” people one might think… I answer with a question… Did my birth giver’s pussy think when it was fucked to be fertilized with microscopic semen that creates the vessels that I hate? Did anybody ask me to be born? Did anyone know what I would become? Do you know that some see consciousness as a curse? Fuck you, pathetic pricks, you don’t know shit then! I do not seek justification for existence, neither do I seek someone to blame. I seek the amoral rape of existence through the injection of life passing from the Death Gate. Anti-human odium is my life’s blood, transforming my vessel into the Beast.

The joke of human consciousness and what it creates I confront with nihilistic laughter, unconscious cynicism and misanthropic passion! When I say ”fuck you all”, it might as well be the most sincere thing I have said my

whole life! I wish my scream could burn you all, but it can’t do fuckin shit! Hahahahahahahah! This is why I have to experiment with fire, poison, bombs, even if the attack fails. Next time it might not, until I satisfy my Egotistical Satanity.

I do not care at all to offer an ”alternative” to the cops’ rhetoric, I will let them have it their way, since this is not a conversation anyway! Though they broke my heart that they didn’t share my ”message” to the world! Hahahahahahaha! My acts and their claims are personalised and I will enjoy them in the way I want. In this only I make the rules. I learned what my mistakes were this time and I am not going to repeat them. But for me the experimentation is all that matters. Really beyond good and evil and not just in words.

All those who think they have theoretically banished morality make me laugh morbidly. To destroy morality one carries the knife and jabs it in the flesh till it reaches the bone. I blow myself amorally against the foundations of ethics to nihilistically recreate myself. Going beyond the normal nihilist and the tolerant attitude of internalized humanist emotional limit created by the evolutionary disease of the training epiphanies of modernity and the anthropocene.

Any judgement comes through thought. A world that for me doesn’t exist. All I hear is vomit coming out of a hole we named mouth. The correlation of thought with reality is for me as contemptible as is the human condition itself. I do not judge, I do not justify, I take the instance of Nihility and I transform it into an attack on Life and a flirt of Death. I obliterate any ethical question as a clutch of conscience that devours an organism. As a concept that conciliates its creation with the supposed ”reality”. If humans were to go extinct this instant nothing would happen except that there would be no consciousness to tell about it. What are ethics if not sophisticated human artificiality? What are ethics if not the soothing, illusory agreement of the valuer and what is valued? What are values if not a leap of faith in the continuation of ”human” existence? Values, either metaphysical or not are a branch for the human being to grasp in order not to fall into the Void of the Abyss, stare at itself, and see nothing.

In my descent there are no words to describe how I feel or who I am. Language is a useless mass of human sounds and holy scripts that limit my Ego. The foundationless Nihilism is concluded Anti-human, at least for me. If only we could be free of metaphysicality! But especially today where the image makes a host out of everyone and consolidates ideology nothing can be expected. Beyond good and evil means only one thing. Not even I am liable to re-establishing this concept. This human notion.

I am an enclosed circuit, but one that wouldn’t exist without the world that surrounds it. I am not a spirit. Nothing is ethically important. I have no important targets and others not so important. In my scorn for the human animal and its projection of existence I experiment with Total Nihilism into Unknown territory. I seek the dissolution of the limit, ”spiritual” or ”physical”, that had been imposed by man. I deny any injection of the spirit through the flesh opening the window to ideological compartmentalization. Flesh has its own life and the metaphysical gate is denied. I deny god without replacing it with anything and for this I am Satan. For every ethics and ideology I will always be Satan.

It takes one to have known the spirit in all its aspects to be able to negate it. The illusion of freedom of the ”untouched ones” by civilization, hahahahahahahahahaha, this is another form of slavery, a form of humanistic denial of reality. Misanthropy will either be real experimentation through Nihility or it will be the will of Christ. You choose. My Misanthropy is a bomb at the core of ”human existence”. I see the human condition and consequently the human being as an inherently artificial animal. Its cognition and the conciliation of the perception/ value/ judgement/ reality/ action with the world is an error. If human consciousness is a ”privilige” of ”being human”, I only see imbecility of the highest kind and I attack it nichilistically, embracing the Dead End.

Everything I write is blood, sweat, flesh and semen. This creates My Spirit that claims itself in the Moment of emanation out of the Abyss in direct contact with reality. Everything else is humanistic trash that will be eradicated through Nihilism. The human spirit runs rampant today and every word is diarrhoea blown backwards. Idealism is crushed in the same way humans are crushed like bugs by the cycles of nature. Knowing of course that every aspiration, passion and ego worshipping desire will never be the same in contact with reality. The correlation of the two is totally discarded. But this is not an impediment for me and My Will, only an admittance and realization.

I believe in uniqueness but not as an ideology which sees it as a value, but only as a reductive tool for analysing a neverending battle that can never be completed inside human nature. After Stirner became an ideology throughout the years, it was a clear example that ideology is part of human nature, and that freedom, whichever the approach, is a disease.

I ask all those who want to create an ideological consciousness, or let’s call it for what it is, conscience, where is the clear distinction between determinism and free choice? Where is the clear distinction between ”domination” and ”free relations”? I assume they have the answer in hand because all of them have lived these ”pure” relations in reality and know how to go about them. And how to synchronize their minds with others to learn how to do it! But it appears that some have taken it upon themselves to become the next relics taking their rightful and righteous place among the legacy of humanochristianism.

Just to make it clear I am not conducting an anti-anarchist war nor an anti-fascist war, these are concerns that I don’t give a fuck about. I have seen so much hypocrisy in people that I cannot forget. I have seen so much torment by ideas but also from habit, I have seen hidden but also crude moralism, I have met so many people that wasted my time, I have been betrayed indirectly and directly. My Hate has moved to other fields, I have become something else and I thank all of you for creating me!

Furthermore I claim myself as part of the international Terrorist Mafia known as ITS. Between egoist conspirators I accepted a criminal offering on the basis of common interest. This is no spiritual union like those of the anarchists. I am not an Eco-extremist, I am a Nihilist Misanthrope as I like to call myself. Of course words mean nothing and are used in a specific context and for my own benefit.

”ITS is no longer a merely eco-extremist group but is nourished by the strongest egos, the most isolated solitaires and the most resentful individuals with civilization / humanity, within ITS there are people who do

not share spirituality either, they do not have beliefs, they do not have deities or anything like that, and we respect that completely, for the purpose is destruction and not so much “creed affiliation” or any other affiliation to some rotten and decadent ideology. That is, we want to make ITS a unique group, primordial, that represents everything we think and do, that is a latent danger, constant and mobile to act anywhere, unstoppable and dangerous.”


We unite on the basis of egoistic respect, for concrete things that we share, for the materialization of our instincts against artificiality and not for the spiritualization of our desires, that dissolves the foundations of anarchochristianic solidarity and seeks to maximize power amongst interests for destruction of this humanistically pious world.

”The expansion of knowledge and egocentric experimentation are very important for individualists like us, climbing animalistic violence to more extreme degrees makes our personal war unique, so that we can experience and nurture our experiences, at the end of the day ITS is just a timeless meeting of individuals with a desire for destruction, where you can learn and teach with tangible facts, destroying the idea that a “terrorist group” “must be” a circle where only rotten ideologies are shared among the members. The passion above all!”


Misanthropos Cacogen is a lover of nihilist anti-political violence. Terror inside the pettiness of this world is fun! My attempts for ”unholy” pleasure and murder are not over yet. All aspects of humanism are dead! Long live Death! Who would have the power to face the intensity of Nihil and survive? Then the question that arises is, who would become a Nihilist instead of a christly ”contemplator”?

Nihilist aggressor, Misanthropos Cacogen – Individualists Tending towards the Wild

Message #49 (Mexico)

“If civilization wants to live in its own shit, we’ll be happy to oblige it.” X.


Complicity grows by the day. Individualists who were once dispersed now join up in a Union of Egoists to bring about an individual and collective project that has only one end: Chaotic destruction, destabilization, and satisfying the homicidal instinct.

There is no distinction across borders because we don’t recognize them. We are rejected nomads who are guided only by the sun and the moon, the variability of ecosystems and climates. It is for this reason that the Mafia has crossed the wide ocean and set foot in other lands. This is the cause of our criminal joy.

The Invisible Menace continues its course and shows no signs of letting up.


Without any hope whatsoever we visualize our target and with the goal of filling our lives with powerful experiences nurtured by our individual War, we have “awakened” the Great Consumer. That is what we have chosen from the beginning. Our pyromaniac values are more than the living image of our anti-humanist individualities. This is where our hatred of all that is civilized is reflected, for modern humanity, the desire to see everything burn consumes us. That is why for some time now we go out into the street with a few in complicity, in order to again materialize our sick disdain for everything.

March 21st, 2017: Using an incendiary device made from gasoline, napalm, and thermite, we lit a heap of tires on fire on the side of various large polymer pipes used for the drinking water system in Ecatepec. It was March, the gust was blowing strongly and made the flames reach the tubes which were burned completely. The property loss was in the millions. The authorities said that it was an act of vandalism, which is correct. The sky was blackened, and we repeated the phrase above: shitty hyper-civilized faggots, if you want to live in your own shit, we will be happy to oblige.

May 25th, 2017: An incendiary device placed in the Modatelas store in Ecapetec. The small device successfully activated and burned the store to the ground. This was easily achieved if, say, the store didn’t have surveillance cameras and sells highly flammable products (cloth). The fire reached other businesses. Beautiful fire, so uncontrollable and impertinent!

We carried out these attacks some time ago, and we take responsibility for them now for reasons of strategy and for the convenience of our accomplices, and also to celebrate the expansion of the Mafia into Europe.


Cycles end and others begin. Strategies are hatched and we go learning along the way. Let the dogs bark, the wolves continue on the prowl.

“The world showed the little love it has for the Earth, and that taught me the saying that people too can go to Hell.”

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico State

-Pagan Sect of the Mountain

-Anonymous Chaotics

Message #50 (Chile)

Once again we left our refuges to enter the abyss of the eco-extremist and misanthropic action. We plunge ourselves to its depths and talk with its inhabitant spirits, they advise us, they are glad and applaud us. Yes, they applaud us because they know that not everyone has the determination and the amount of blood in the veins to go visit them. A few have achieved to see their faces of Chaos and beauty, their action bodies that still inspire those who continue in the surface. We know that sooner than later our spirits will unite in the abysmal eternity. And when we dwell there, we will advise and applaud those who dare to plunge themselves and return.

We went out with our spirits commended to the Unknown, the Invisible, the Nameless. With the blessing from the Earth, we walked through the city carrying the explosive charge on our backs, with the device that desires the combustion and the enemy blood. Walking among deads with Chaos in the hands, we move cautiously, we rest in our accomplices and kept weapons.

We misanthropically claim the abandonment of a package-bomb on the outside of the Universidad Católica Silva Henríquez (General Jofré 462), on Friday, April 13th. Our explosive package without message was aimed against any imbecile student, but it was also aimed against any curious passer-by. We yearned for the bloody and mortal explosion to any human, we don’t care if he is rich or poor, woman or man, young or old. With this we affirm that any inept and unpleasant student, of any branch of knowledge, of any political current, is and will be a target to the action of the ITS Mafia.

Our steel niple filled with black powder apparently hasn’t exploded (yet), perhaps it ended up in the trash and someday it blews the fingers of some garbage man or who knows. The important thing is that the eco-extremist intentions still intact. The set of ITS attempts in the south don’t stop at nothing, neither at the investigations of the chilean intelligence nor at the last sentences of terrorism. We the HMB-ITS, the truly terrorist, are free, wild and unpunished, we don’t care a fuck about their new counter-terrorist laws. We are the invisible menace, cautious and patient, we are the Mafia ITS…

We pretended with this explosion to fill the south with Chaos again, I don’t know why but the south is calm lately, it seems that some have got scared with the sentence of Flores, well we don’t, and this indiscriminate attempt to hurt people demonstrate it.

Our attempt goes in the name of all the Wild of the Earth, in the name of its cycles and terrific manifestations for civilization. The Unknown called us a few days before, its appeal went unnoticed to everyone but not to our bodies, we listened that message of the Wild, that movement of the Earth woke us and whispered in our ears: “now, for my spirit, attempt”. And that’s it… in its name we plunged ourselves…

Our attempt also goes to the spirit of Mark Conditt, yes, in your name goes our try, for you indiscriminate warrior, for your glorious death and life. Your bombs and your courage are an example for individualists like us. Warrior Mark, we will see you in the abyss! ¡We extor your spirit and try to revive it with every explosion!

In your name we plunge ourselves…

“(…) Honestly I would prefer to be surrounded by a dense forest than by so much disgusting and filthy human being (…)”

– Mauricio Morales

That’s all for now, we will return when they least expect it, we continue through the indiscriminate path against the civilized world. Giving life to ITS for more than two years we are still free and unpunished avoiding all their intelligence equipment. They are no longer artisanal nipples, it is no longer match powder, they are no longer only knives, no! Our bodies are upright for what is coming, may the Occult says when it comes…

War on civilization, human race and progress!

For the Earth and our Egos, forward brothers of the mafia in America and Europe! Eternal glory to Warrior Mark Conditt!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild

-Mystical Horde of the Forest

Message #51 (Mexico)

We went out again with the conviction that characterize us and with the Wild on our side, we prepared our improvised explosive devices in the dark and surrounded by the ancient copal smoke that our ancestors used to “clean” the close environment.

This time we went to two objectives in the periphery of the disgusting Mexico State, the first one a Toks restaurant on López Portillo avenue (between Tultitlán and Coacalco), there we abandoned, today April 18, before sunrise a bomb composed of butane gas cans and an artisan detonator, all tied with annealed wire.

We waited just a few seconds and a ball of fire of approximately three meters, appeared with an infernal noise that rumbled various meters around, the large windows of the restaurant ended up ground because of our attempt, we executed this attack directly opposite the municipal video surveillance control center, proving that neither their fucking cameras, nor their model citizens, nor their shitty police officers can prevent or stop our terrorist desires of destruction.

The second device was abandoned inside an ATM of the Azteca Bank on the same avenue (between Coacalco and Ecatepec) when it had dawned, evading again the security controls and the public and private video surveillance cameras.

We attacked this bank because we wanted, there aren’t boring political discourses in our motivations, or economic pseudo-critiques, we just attacked it because the objective was within our grasp, to mock the civilized slavery and to satisfy our egoistical instincts of attack. It doesn’t matter that they had silenced our bombs, in any case we have more materials to detonate and cause destruction and wounds!

In this detonations were the cursed memory of the solitary terrorist Mark Conditt. Force for the ITS groups in America and Europe!

Courage for the misanthropes and incorrect terrorists! With the Wild on our side:

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Mexico State

-Ouroboros Silvestre

Message #52 (Spain)

It can be heared the fierce thunders hitting the cities of the “Old Continent”, where a deformed and artificial mass don’t live but vegetate. It can be heared the tempestuous wind, that one which predicts the advent of something tragic. The first drops begin to fall from inhumane black clouds that cover the sky with their unknown darkness…

The storm is here! Everybody knew that sooner or later it would arrive! Hyper-civilized look surprised the sky, they don’t know what is coming yet… But when they look at the eyes of the destruction, the chaos, the death, the terror will seize them and they will run to hide. A few, however, listen the call of the storm, the roar of the thunder, the shout of the wind and the rain, and attend it with the knives freshly sharpened, full of hate for the despicable shitty humanity… Because we are those egoistical savages who enjoy the death, who take delight with human misery!

That storm is the ITS Mafia. That group of eco-extremist criminals and nihilist terrorists which in January of this year crossed the Atlantic to Greece and that today, only a few months later, is operative in another two european countries.

We attack misanthropically the techno-moral society in a indiscriminate way because the humanity disgusts us, this ridiculous thing that decays in the cities full of smoke, that crawls from work to home and from home to work, like machines without life, insulting everything sacred for us every second of its existence; we sicklily hate its customs, its routines, its aspirations, its no-lifes… we want to see all of them dead! We live among you, weak human trash, we live without raising any suspiction, being just a few more sheeps, smiling in the needed moment to go unnoticed, we are those nice creatures who give you the seat in the public transport… behind this smiles are occulted our homicidal intentions!

We deliver a mortal blow to the moral of attack, how are we going to feel empathy with this stupid domesticated animal who lives distant from its natural essence? Are there innocent humans in the humiliation of the Wild Nature? Anyone who believes this is naive, a humanist or a fool (or the three). We attack, yes, foreign to the dualism of the humanist assessments, we don’t care if rich or poor, if man or woman, if white or black, modern human is our enemy and we don’t make boring humanist distinctions. Does Wild Nature make distinctions when it manifests with its characteristic brutality? ¿Did the ancient barbarian warriors of this continent make distinctions? You can make this question to the entire populations massacred by those vikings “northen beasts”.

There isn’t any political objective to reach in our acting, we don’t look for any revolution, we don’t have demands of any type, we don’t want to go back in time either. We attempt because that Unknown Force hidden in the mountains, forests, rivers, wild animals, in the Moon… carried by tsunamis, earthquakes, volcanoes… that force is within ourselves too, in the form of dark, violent and primitive instincts. We are civilized humans, but we know that all the centuries of civilized life haven’t achieved to eliminate this instincts. Modern human represses them, keeps them dissatisfied, chains them with its goddess Reason… we wait with ancient patience the moments when we liberate them, when we momentarily satiate them embracing chaos!

As can be seen, we don’t make the secular and modern distinction between us as subjects and Nature as object. We are pagan warriors in extreme defense of the Wild, but we don’t understand the Wild as something alien to us. To the contrary, for us the alien is the civilized life at all levels, and because of this we attack it without more regard than the strategical one.

We lack hope in a better tomorrow, we know the end that awaits us in this unequal war. And despite this we attack, like the ancient did.

Therefore, we claim that the night of April 18th we went out in the city of Valencia with a trash bag, in it there wasn’t food waste but an incendiary device of approximately 5 liters, with a small explosive adhered and designed to detonate moments after the activation of the device, this to expand the fire and in case some noble citizen thought of extinguish it. We walked determined and with the ancients in our mind, in our pockets we carried pagan war amulets given by the spirits of the Unknown. We abandoned the device indiscriminately in the street, near a line of cars, we ignited the fuse with tranquility and disappeared from that place stealthily. Although we couldn’t know the damage caused because we didn’t read anything about the arson in the local press, we know that the device was activated because when we were far from the place we listened the explosion, so the artisanal fuse ignited correctly and the fire came to our call. There goes our gift for the normality and stability of the peaceful civilized night…

This time the fire consumed material objectives because our egos desired it, but it was also an attempt in which we carbonized the humanist values that govern the civilized life, imposing authoritatively our will above the properties of the anonymous citizens and destroying the good-evil binomial raising over its ruins our egoistical interests. Who knows when and where are we going to appear again, who knows what device or weapon will we hide then and if our objective will be material or human… may the spirits guide us in this war!

Force for the terrorists brothers and sisters of the Mafia in America and Europe!

Force for the Wildfire cell and for all those that attempt anonymously! And we remember the terrorist of the 7 bombs, Mark Conditt, with special respect!

The Mafia expands… we have chaos in our hands!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Spain

-Animist Criminals

Message #53 (Mexico)

It has been executed another sign of ancestral revenge, our knife filled with blood again, the frenzy of the situation focused our angry and lurking look toward the flesh of the objective, the dark forces of the Wild accompained and pushed us to the homicidal action. The Nameless is prowling like a vulture hungry for dirty meat of dead humans, we are the heretics which they couldn’t massacre hundreds of years ago, our ancestors were the ones who died rejecting their humanist creed, the ones who were burned in the inquisitor fire, their bones turned into dust covered the land uniting with it and taking part of the everything and the nothing, their cursed spirits, which curse over and over the extermination of millenary cultures away from any civilization, are still with us.

Miclantehcutli, the ancient God of the underworld, representation of the death, the Occult and the Unknown entered into a catholic church this April 18th, with the desire to take someone with him, anyone, he, led us to the priest Ruben Díaz Acántara, highest representative of the church “Nuestra Señora del Carmen”, in Cuautitlán Izcalli, Mexico State.

We came to the filthy priest and before stabbing him we said some words in nahuatl, including the ancestral curse:


The media have said that we argued with him, but that is false, because the last words that this priest listened in his devout life were in the language which they tried to eradicate with their evangelization and colonization centuries ago.

We didn’t mind that the town was still hit by the murder of two police officers by the organized crime the last week, which is why the army, the navy and the federal police made an entire operation to capture the responsible, thus, we executed one more murder showing that we can do it without any problem and be here, writing calmly this claim letter ridiculing their pompous useless operations. Effectively, our act is rather the prolongation of other more aimed to hit -the heinous religion- that have been developing before, between package-bombs, explosives, incendiary attacks against temples and churchs, and armed attacks against pilgrims.

So we will continue, because our words and threats aren’t in vain, because the Wild is still with us… And it is evident that acts like this one, in which it can be clearly seen a pagan invocation and an ancestral motivation have answer of the Occult, this materialized in a pair of murders of religious in Jalisco and Puebla days after our blood offering. From our act, the forces of Chaos that possessed the minds of the criminals who violently took the pathetic lifes of that flesh and blood sacks were detached.

To finish, we remember that the same day 18 -but in the morning- our brothers of “Ouroboros Silvestre” (OS) detonated a pair of bombs in Tultitlán and Ecatepec, joining in a complicit coordination executed neatly, by the way, that Special Operations Group of the local police that has been wandering around the streets in which OS supposedly was, is a damn prank, a fucking joke!!

For the propagation of the antihumanist homicide!

May the ancestral curses return from the underworld and fill our hands with human blood!

Fire and explosives, bullets and knives against the objective wherever there are mafia individualists! For the Egoist Union!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild-Mexico State

-Savage Serial Murderers

*The translation (although never literal) is, “may the furious force fill your face with pestilence” Note:


Message #54 (Greece)

Without needing to write whole pages with a pompous content we claim the responsablity for placing an timed explosive device made of a small metal pipe filled with black powder, two gas cannisters of 500g each and a plastic bottle containing 2 liters of gasoline in the School of Civil Engeeniering in the early hours of 7 of April. This time the device was discover by the snitch security guard of the place who call the cops, then the device was collected and transfered to the forensic laboratories for investigation*.

We do not know if the device was neutralized or did not explode by a fail in its mecanism.

It is really necessary to explain why a group of this Tendency choose to attack a engeeniering school or any other university premises? There is no need to explain the reasons we had to carry out this or any other attack, those who know us already do not need explanations, even if they agree or not with us.

For those who do not know us yet, in our previous communique we set up clear many of our positions and who is really interested can check any of the texts of communiques released by the several cells of ITS as well as other people who, even without being part of ITS, are part of the Tendency and they can contribute with words and actions.

The fact that this time we did not had what we expect do not means nothing, we assume all the scenarios that can may happen when doing this kind of actions, including this and others even worst, and we are ready to face it. It is an obvious truth that we would like that our device exploded, but if there are anyone who thinks that because of this we dont have anymore the will to continue placing bombs, that we give up or we are defeated YOU ARE WRONG. We keep going forward, with pacient and cautious steps, developing new methods, more efficent and destructive, to spread chaos and terror among the society. You can be sure attacks will continue happening.

What is done is done.

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Athens Nocturnal Hunters**

*As we said, we already had in mind the chance of this scenario and we are aware that the antiterrorist department and the forensic investigators like to roleplay the scientists collecting DNA and other evidences from the places where attacks have been done, well, you better know that all our devices are build taking the best cautions and also they had been “contaminated” on purpose with traces from other people (like hair) carefully and “randomly” collected. For example, among other things, we erased the barcodes and serial numbers of the gas cannisters, making them impossible to be tracked, and we use wire instead of tape to attach the components of the device as we are aware that tape can easily catch DNA and other traces. On the other hand we left some componentes without cleaning or we just directly contaminated them on purpouse like the cartoon box that we use as base to build the device, wich was collected “radomnly” and carefully without

touching nothing and without being filmed by cameras or spotted by witnesses in one of the thousands of streets of the Athens metropolis. So try to find something, you will not find nothing.

** We choose our name as a tribute to one of the most active groups from Wild Reaction (RS), the Faction Nocturnal Hunter.

http://www.cnn.gr/news/ellada/story/124892/empristikos-mixanismos-entopistike-stin-polytexneioypoli-sto- goydi

Message #55 (Brazil)

“Drowning in seas of misanthropy, like the suffocation of seeing cars on the avenue, my breath will also be baited by the desire to see that this species sees its last days.”

Terror again is seen in ancient Pindorama. Yes, we’re back. The Erebo thing didn’t work, sicking their hunting dogs to look for us. We dissipated like fog before their eyes and we let the wind carry us away. They carried out useless investigations with all of their counterintelligence techniques and of course, during their failed attempts at investigation we were stalking in the deepest darkness. We were observing them, not the other way around.

Being the fierce animals that we are, did you really think it was going to be easy? Of course you did. Because your minds are only accustomed to old style terrorism and its motivations. Eco-extremism never was like that. It stayed in the shadows looking upon civilized progress and the destruction of the Earth.It submerged itself in the seas of misanthropic hate and pledged by the Wild a great revenge. Reviving the wisdom of the ancients, we were patient in waiting for the appropriate moment to return. Distant from the civilized cacophony we spoke with the Moon for many nights, calmly meditating on the sounds that the Inhuman emitted. Observing the stars, we asked her with her enchantment that together with all the Untamed, she would be at our side in what was to come. In this way it came to pass and it will remain thus, of this we are completely certain. The moment came, we returned.

A year of partial silence passed in these lands, but there were many developments beyond them. Of course, the echo reached to our band and with great joy we egoistically salute every act of terror against the modern human and progress. In the south, in the north, and most recently, in Europe. Explosions, incendiary attacks, frontal attacks, armed attacks, much blood, almost a dozen dead, burnt flesh, open wounds, and much, much terror. We are spreading like weeds throughout this gray world, stomping underfoot dumb dead utopias and impoverished humanism, in our own name and for the Wild.

Remember that silence is what comes before the earthquake, catastrophic and sudden. We break the silence, the epicenter is the heart of techno-industrial society and its values. The target is civilization in itself. We will attack indiscriminately in an amoral form. It structures, any of its inhabitants. Those who construct this world or those who just live in it. There are no innocents. Devastating like a tornado.

There is no way out for the civilized and modern man other than his own extinction. He is a total failure in the phenomenon of existence. He will never bend before the immensity and force of Wild Nature in all of its beauty, splendor, wisdom, and richness. He will always seek to manipulate and dominate the Unknowable, name the Unnameable, and challenge its fury. He will dare to stick his dirty hands in all that is beautiful and living to yank out the entrails of the Earth and impose his gray world, loud and full of smoke. He will never be able to understand the beauty of the constellations, the taste of natural waters, the serenity of forests, the quietness of night, the mystery that is unknown, the song of the animal deep in the forest, the heaving of wind, the courses of rivers, the anger of storms, the infinity of the heavens, never. While he walks the Earth he will eternally cause shame to the Spirits of the Earth, paving over all that is vital until nothing else is left but his sick and dry metropolises . It is this aberration that we misanthropically attack. In contrast to other idiots out there, we are the real species traitors.

Now, getting to what is most interesting, we claim responsibility for the indiscriminate abandoning of an incendiary package (specifically, a wrapped gift) in Brasilia, last Saturday the 5th, at a bus stop in front of the Barracks of the Military Police. The device was designed to go off by nylon trip wire, and intended for any citizen passerby and for the citizenry in general. Inside the device was a bottle with 700 ml of highly flammable liquid. Up until now we have had no news of the device that we ourselves constructed which would not fail easily after the many successful tests we carried out. Reported or covered up, we are the ones who haphazardly abandoned it. Just like the Nocturnal Hunters, an Eco-extremist Mafia group in Greece, we contaminated this

and other devices with prints of random people. It doesn’t matter to us who gets blamed for it. Let it be known that we directed our recent homemade explosive devices and bombs against the center of the Federal District. That changes from now on. We have a long list of targets in various cities that for months we have been scoping out and one by one we will hit all of them (including human targets), starting with the attack that we just carried out. Yesterday’s explosive was only a “Hi, we’re back.” More are coming down the pipeline.

We don’t fear their investigations that until now have been a joke. We are conscious of the possible consequences to ourselves of our actions. Death embraces us and at any moment we can be pulled down into the abyss that inevitably awaits us. We have dodged their cages, they missed their shot. The personification of darkness does not depart from us, since we live within it. In any event, nothing intimidates us. Our war continues everywhere and at any cost. Revenge is turning out to be terrible, and will continue to be so.

Well then, in the middle of this great cosmos perhaps we are are the only animist spirits who seek revenge following that which the Ancients whisper in our ears.

May the fury of Anhanga fall upon you, for ours is certain. For the chaotic spread of misanthropic terrorism!

Go forth to attack, kill, and commit crime!

A warm embrace to all Mafiosos in the south, north, and Europe!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Brazil Secret Wilderness Society


*Operation Erebo was a large scale investigative police operation at the federal level that was exposed last year, but had been underway for some time. The targets were individualist anarchists, nihilists, and eco- extremist ecologists and those not so extreme. All of these groups were mixed in together and the results were obtained, Erebo. The investigations ended in all places but we and those in affinity with us are still on the street conspiring. They didn’t detect us.

**An unheard of response to the name of the operation. In Greek mythology Erebus was the personification of darkness.

Message #56 (Mexico)

With egoist enthusiasm we take complete responsibility for the fire that totally destroyed a lumberyard in Iztapalapa Delegation this past June 2nd.

That morning we abandoned a 7 liter incendiary device in the middle of a large wood pile which caused a fierce fire that not only consumed the business but also seven vehicles, while affecting as well ten nearby houses.

Chaos was reborn at sunrise, and like shadows we disappeared without a trace.

This is only a small demonstration that practice nurtures criminal extremist activity, transforming any activity of egoic pleasure in individualist potential.

The darkness that covers us like an ancestral cloak of animal skin also anoints us with impunity. The terror that we cause to our victims is nothing else than final in a series of offerings to the forces of the Unknowable, for though we walk in the valley of death we will fear not, for we know that the Hidden is with us.

The Lord of Fire was reborn in our attack and was uncontrollable.

For invocation and Chaos!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City

-Popocatzin Clan


https://www.sdpnoticias.com/local/ciudad-de-mexico/2018/06/02/video-fuerte-incendio-consume-madereria- en-iztapalapa

Video: https://twitter.com/VulcanoJCortes/status/1002899349154811904/video/1

Message #57 (Brazil)

“Thine hand shall find out all thine enemies: thy right hand shall find out those that hate thee. Thou shalt make them as a fiery oven in the time of thine anger: the Lord shall swallow them up in his wrath, and the fire shall devour them.” Psalm 21: 8-9

The house of god burned. We the Secret Wilderness Society claim responsibility for the criminal fire set in San Geraldo Chapel of the Muncipal Park of Paranoa this past Saturday, the 16th. We know that the fire was started since we set it with our own hands. We threw gasoline in the back of the church we set fire to that shit, and we disappeared into the cold dark night. The next day from afar we could observe the place and unfortunately we discovered that the structure was still standing. There were damages in the back of the church where the fire reached. It saddens us that the gasoline was not enough to burn the church down. No problem, next time we will bring more gasoline to soak the place in flammable liquid and create a blazing inferno. We will have again the unique joy of it burning right before our eyes.

Those believers spread their gospel to our ancestors and cursed our pagan beliefs. They profaned and destroyed our sacred lands and in their place they erected Christian statues and established the temples of their religions. They also financed progress and brought civilization with its foreign values. With their actions they catechized and destroyed our savage ancestors. They made them forget their Spirits who inhabited the cosmos and taught them to not respect the Earth. By the Cross and the sword they imposed the civic mentality and aided the expansion of this shame, for that reason they deserve our egoic ancestral vengeance.

Remember that Pero Fernandes Sardinha, the first accursed bishop who wanted to impose Christ in these lands, ended up being eaten by the savage Caete tribe. We inherit the war that our ancestors waged, and thus you should expect dead Christians, however many we are able to exterminate, just like our friends of the Wild Serial Killers are doing. Chaos will overtake evangelization and destroy the Inquistorial faith.

Aside from being the disgusting enemy of paganism, Christianity was and continues to be the great ally of civilization. Let it burn then. Let it burn until nothing else is left on the path, until Christianity is totally annihilated. They should know that we will not just use arson, but also stabbings, shootings, explosives, poison, and curses. Wait and see… You can expect everything and more from us. Watch out, little flock. The eco- extremist comes to rob, kill, and destroy. We are a figure of the Antichrist.

Let the believers fall into despair. Your god will not stop us. We will burn and kill with impunity. While you kneel and pray in vain to a sky empty of your divinity, we eco-extremists look to the heavens and we see storms, lightning, gusts of wind, torrential rains, the stars, the sun, the moon, and we believe in all of this and we violently defend it, immeasurable Wild Nature. On earth as it is in heaven, these are the real Gods: volcanoes, mountains, rivers, seas, deserts, forests, rock formations, fog, and many other untamed manifestations. Your god is dysfunctional and against all of this greatness. That is why we will obliterate him.

For the rest, it is because of our egoist hatred that wishes to see Christ profaned. Bring out your leader and we will spit in his face. If your god comes, let him come armed.

All churches will be burned to the ground! May Anhangá’s fury fall upon you!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Brazil Secret Wilderness Society


Era of the Crucified

Message #58 (Mexico)

The Great Consumer rose up again threatening the air of the great city, in the middle of one of the areas under the greatest surveillance and on one of the most used means of public transport in the Metropolitan area. We left there our terrorist footprint. On Saturday July 14th late at night we boarded the Number 10 Metrobus around Insugentes Sur, and we abandoned an incendiary device around the motor. We got off and without a problem waited for our gift to do its thing. Some meters away we saw that the device exploded and began a fire and everything started to burn. The few passengers on the bus were evacuated at Durango station while the arrival of firefighters ended our Saturday night party. No matter, the bus was damaged and we obtained new experiences for future attacks on public transport.

The lies of the press and the authorities were of course forthcoming and they were quick to state that our attack was the result of a short circuit. How funny, without a problem we could do the same on another bus line, even on a Mexibus in any given municipality of Mexico State. They’ll shut up when that happens. Let them be warned, they won’t be able to sweep it under the rug. This type of incendiary attack is not new, many accomplices of ITS in Chile have put it into practice. For example, they did so in January 2016 when they destroyed a Transantiago bus, following it up with another such attack in August 2017. Here in Mexico, the Pagan Sect of the Mountain, now affiliated with ITS, planted bombs in various Mexibus buses in October 2015.

Disgusting faggot citizens, they won’t be safe even on their accursed buses! Fire and more fire to the cities!

With the force and guile of the Wild!

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Mexico City Popocatzin Clan

Message #59 (Chile)

Once more we came out of our hiding places towards the shadows with our dark intentions, carrying with us chaos. We left commending ourselves to ancestral souls, praying to the spirits of the ancients the “pagan ritual of the attacker.” We touched the earth and connected with its spirit. We spoke to it and asked that it protect our bodies, that it bless our steps while we headed toward the abyss. We asked it to erase our tracks and that not a trace be left of the brethren.

Our fourth attack has not reached the level of the media, probably because our package was found by the cops and neutralized. This time the target we focused on again was university students and the University of Chile. We won’t rest until one of those faggots opens one of our presents.

We will continue down the path of terror. Our drive and will not be kept in silence. For that reason, even if our explosives don’t detonate or even of the GOPE neutralizes them we will keep claiming responsibility for our devices that carry wounds and death.

With this message we proudly claim responsibility for the abandoning of a new package bomb at the Agronomy Faculty of the University of Chile on Santa Rosa Avenue 11315. There in the middle of the southern zone, amidst that terrible population are found the idiotic “agriculturalists”. They will see that our accomplices recently found a nice stop of the Transantiago bus that is used only by these university students and faculty. We saw this as the perfect opportunity to realize our attack.

On Friday September 7th, blessed by the spirits of the earth and in the middle of the eastern bus stop we left the shoe box with a message for the curious person who would pick it up. The device consisted of a thermos filled with water and three hundred grams of black powder and a dozen box cutters, promising the worst…

We abandoned it and left. Once more we came out safe and sound from our terrorist outing. Once more we continue with impunity, conspiring for more attacks, our accomplices ready for whatever comes.

We returned to the shadows. We continue wild and free. Blessed by the cloak of the Unknowable. Guided by the sun we were able to flee and now we thank the spirits of the earth, we kiss the branches of the trees in a spiritual act. We feel the essence of the earth on our lips.

We will keep attacking in the name of the authority of the earth and its violent processes against civilization. Little cops of “police intelligence”, not with all of your modern technology will you find any clues from our packages. Search and search but you won’t find anything. We are just ghosts, we have made fools of you for more than two years and we’re still here. We’ll be back shortly.

For the ancient inhabitants of this land. For the war against the human and progress. Long live the efforts of ITS in the south, north, and Europe!

Brethren, the war in the south continues until death! Misanthropy, Wild Nature, and Chaos, hail!

Mystical Horde of the Forest

Individualists Tending Toward the Wild – Chile

Message #60 (Mexico)


“There will be a bloodbath; we will not fudge; There will be someone who has to die: We will kill them because it is necessary: there will be a lot of destruction”

Galleanist Propaganda 1919

The european friars of anarchism have spoken, the pronounce themselves against us and our people from long time ago, they release funny pseudo-critics and they publish them for their adepts with enough free time to write about us full pages filled with pure leftist ridiculousness. It was funny to se how this anarcho-friars throw up their bile from their holes while reading our incorrect communiques and/or learn about our controversial attacks. But arrive the moment in wich they bother us too much and we decided to attack them, physically and psychologically. There is not turning back, those humanists are our enemies and we will not show mercy to them.

The “NGO 325” has been messing around in the last times, from some days ago they had been publishing posts denouncing and “exposing” alleged members of the Eco-extremist Mafia, their inquisitory crusade to affect us or those who dont have direct relationship with ITS continues their course. It seems that miss “L” is the one behind all this and the one that instigates others to keep this vile game. Miss L, you are already old, we know that your vagina is dry and abandoned, we are not to blame about that, find someone to provide you sexual satisfaction so you can stop mess with us, dont you think?

This time the “NGO 325” boast of “expose” the eco-extremist theorist Abe Cabrera from U.S, publishing his, supossed, photo, curriculum vitae and e-mail adress in order to brainless puppet-minions send their mails and try to make him have a bad time.(1) First, ITS dont know if the exposed person is really Abe Cabrera, so we DO NOT have relation with him and for that reason we do not know who he is, what educational studies he have or anything else,the only thing we know about him is the texts that he write and release and thats all. Relate him with the international terrorist group ITS is impossible, FBI will corroborate this information at the time, for sure they and the Interpol will thank the anarchists for this ignominius delation by the “NGO 325”, who would said that in the current times the anarchists do the job of the cops!

Anyway all this is nothing new, the same thing happened with the same people from the “NGO 325” in the early stages of 2018, when they send an e-mail to the police in UK (2) exposing that the explosive bobby-trap found in a public place somewhere in Europe was respondability of Misanthropos Cacoguen (MC) who joined the international ITS project in February. Who else but them can be so stupid to use riseup mail provider (as the media said) to send an email to the police denouncing MC? And now they come with this about Abe Cabrera, as we can see, snitching is totally justified when is about “fascists”, they crap in the supossed anarchist ethics, let the cops do their job as the “NGO 325” point their finger against someone as alleged culprit, you disgust us vile cowards, you are the most putrid and rotten scum from all.


“If you disrespect me, I dont care if is she or he,if is man or woman, if you disrespect me I will disrespect you 10 times more, they are all defaming me because I have the power, admit that I am your motivation, dont you see?”


Really this kind of black sheep tried to affect ITS by “exposing” an eco-extremists theorist, but this have really any impact on our international group? NO, because Abe is not a memeber of ITS and because we know that the anti-humanist propaganda will continue even with the obstacles that the anarcho-friars has put in and out that country. In the worst case scenario they affect irreparably the life of Abe Cabrera (if is really the exposed

person), but we are sure that Abe is enough smart and strong to overcome this new challenge that hinders his life. The amoralistic individualists that defend the eco-extremist theory have a compromise with their positions, their firmness and the beuty of their words that develope their thoughs distiguishes them , we admire their integrity and their solid character by being defending an anti-humanist tendency in humanist enviroments, you are like the naked hunter in the forests, constantly stalked by wild animals walk on hostile ground without hesitate, with trust in the unknowable that guards and protect him. On the other hand what the “NGO 325” has done is an absolute shit, if Abe is really the person you claim to expose. You think you are untouchable, right? We know the snitch who hides behind “L”, we know the Greek behind the english proyect 325-Act for Freedom, we will not travel from Mexico to UK to attack you and your spaces, so the growing presence of ITS in Europe is not mere coincidence….


Concerning the anarcho-friars in Mexico, be aware that your victimhood will not save you, as long as your are throwing shit against ITS and reproducing the difamations from 325 or miss Campbell (wich by the way, close her mouth when we learn where she is and death threat her). We will find out everything and we will act in consequence, like tha last december when we beat into a pulp that anarcho-punk and left him like an useless bulk in front of the Facultad the Filosofía y Letras of the UNAM, yes, it was us with together with our criminal accomplices. This infamous character talk a lot of shit about us a couple of days before in the zapatista rally, and he end up literally like a shit. (4) Let it be known that we can act like the organised crime or like a gang, and we proved that several times.

We dont give a fuck if the anarcho-super star, defender of the indefensible will get mad reading this and say again “this is how you payback me? I borrowed you money!”, The credibility of the anarchist movement is on the floor,and this is verified in the writings of that fierce individualist:

(…) In the current days I dont give a shit about what they have to say about me, for the simple reason of that from long time ago I do not conceive myself inside the anarchist movement,or the plataformist movement, or the reformist, leftist and much less (and above all) the anarcho-insurrectionary spectrum-lie-falsehood (in all their variants). I end up disgusted of all that, of all that people that just talk and dont act, because when is about being collectivists everyone is collectivist, when is about being individualists everyone is individualist. I am fed up with the ideological lie of the insurrectionalism and I end up realising the truth behind the myth.” (5)


“Women. elder and children, all must be drown in blood” Paolo Schicchi, Italian anarchist 1892

There is an irreconcilable conflict between the anarcho-friars of the kind of 325 and the minority sect that we belong to, we will not deny that, we will not engage in this boring game of answering critics because we realise that their intellectual skills are not enough to understand what are we talking about, we only want to set clear

that everything have consequences, and that soon or later, ready or not, someone from us will fall on you like the eagle fall on the fish.

Forward the selective and indiscriminate attacks! Forward eco-extremists theorists!

Forward members of ITS in America and Europe! Forward criminal accomplices!

Individualists Tending Towards the WIld – Mexico


1. https://325.nostate.net/2018/09/15/who-is-arturo-vasquez-a-paralegal-or-an-eco-extremist-mafia-usa/

2. http://maldicionecoextremista.altervista.org/europa-de-e-mails-enviados-a-la-policia/

3.https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/news/2321310/anti-terror-cops-email-named-group-behind-bomb-scare- edinburgh-princes-street-gardens/

4. http://www.elgrafico.mx/la-roja/04-12-2017/fracturan-con-golpiza-joven-en-ciudad-universitaria

5. http://maldicionecoextremista.altervista.org/es-en-delaciones-en-cadena-si-claro-en-mexico-city

6. http://maldicionecoextremista.altervista.org/mexico-60-comunicado-de-its-sobre-la-delacion-de-la-ong-325/

Message #61

[image not archived]

“For me, the human race should be annihilated, actually including us, since I consider that the human being is the greatest enemy of nature. As a destructive agent, it is the most harmful to the planet and for this reason we deserve our own extermination.”
-Mauricio Morales

Through this text we claim responsibility for the arson attack carried out on 7/17 against a telecommunications tower in Kamateró. The act has been silenced by the media but we know that the attack was successful because from far away at a safe distance we saw how the flames engulfed the structure, the cables and the electrical transformers.

We have once again attacked telecommunications infrastructure not only because of its vital role in the development of normal life in cities, but also because we see in this type of technology and its derivatives one of the most damaging facets of techno-industrial civilization. Telecommunications technology is one of the agents that has most influenced and contributed to human progress and the artificialization and domestication of life.

Did they think their actions would have no consequences? the recent heat waves, the increasingly unstable and hostile climate, the fires that have devastated part of Greece, California and other parts of the world, earthquakes, floods... all these so-called "disasters" are manifestations of nature's revenge wild. If you think this was too much, you haven't seen anything yet... the revenge of the wild nature will be relentlessly unleashed and ITS is one more part of that revenge, this is only the beginning.

Neither police investigations nor some cowardly informers hiding behind a computer are going to stop us.

We make clear our complicity with Kevin Garrido, recently sentenced to 17 years in prison in Chile, but also sentenced by the priests of the convent of anarcho-Christian morality.

Forward ITS of America and Europe!
The war continues!

Individualists Tending to the Wild – Athens
-Night Hunters

Message #62 – Joint Statement and Failed Attack (Argentina-chile)

October 13, 2018

From southern lands, a network is uncovered between eco-extremist accomplices. Irrefutable proof that the Mafia grows and persists in its black intentions. We salute the wachos of the Red Blood Sect, a new ITS group, who made their presentation with an indiscriminate arson attack that was silenced.

Forward individualists!

[image not archived]


A single road brought us here, there are no other possibilities. We find our truth, the only and final manifestation of the power of our ego. Far from the lies and deceptions of fools.

We are going to open a portal to the other side, are we going to ascend? Nope! Let's be part of something else.

We are going to make the rest of humanity our slaves, subordinated to the highest authority of gunpowder, fire, knives and bullets. Death claims its prey, we are the emissaries.

The Dark Gods want to send a message. They send us to war. The bomb, the weapon of rogues and scoundrels, is our tool of choice.

For the Chilean State we had been sharpening the daggers together with our affinities in recent years. Between conspiracies and complicities we came across ITS, in action the truth of the potential materializes and we were able to corroborate it, after almost two years we concluded a stage full of nourishing experiences for the extremist ego, with all confidence we can say that criminal interactions among Mafiosi have borne fruit and today we officially uncover this trans-Andean conspiracy, within the framework of the international and transcontinental conspiracy against human progress. Today we detach ourselves from the large Mystic Horde of the Forest to claim our own identity, we are ITS-Argentina, Red Blood Sect (SRS) .

We can affirm with our chests inflated with pride that the efforts of the cops to keep track of us since that summer of 2017 are still useless, neither we nor the Horde have been able to step on our heels. Your repetitive and humiliating attempts have not even come close to us, and do not think that we will come across each other again fleeing from you. We are moved by a passionate call, it keeps our blood running and our teeth clenched, so it is better to follow its flow and obey its orders, it is what we have to do. The constant movement also nourishes us and protects us from stagnation. Saying more is unnecessary.

Today we only seek blood as a means to transcend the human, each wound we generate detaches us from this plane. Each step brings us closer to our desired goal, blood and death. We seek to deny humanity through amoral attack, but not just any attack. We throw the symbolisms of praxis into the corridors of oblivion, we see the individual human being, each one, as the concrete materialization of the Human ideal that dictates that it is precisely this species, our species, that dominates on earth, the end and also the beginning. Surrounded by the world of the ephemeral, the human specimen only manages to see himself wherever he turns. The material extension of the den filling the earth's surface, thus the illusion is sustained.

We begin the manhunt that between dreams and vigils will take us to our prey, leaving an incendiary bomb at the door of any house in the Villa Devoto neighborhood, we would have wanted the fire to penetrate the structure, and that its magnitude had engulfed to the inhabitants but without news, we think that it was not like that.

[image not archived]

[image not archived]

To death we offer our courage, but not blood this time, the blade will wait patiently.

Does a terrorist union like ours need to account for its attacks? We could not in ideological terms explain what drives us, and the albeit single words fly from our rotten mouths. It is not the mouth, it will not be, it will be the hands and feet, brain, heart, meat, guts and what we can specify. That will realize what we are.

War, blood and decay, there will be nothing left.


We are the seeds of eco-extremism that germinated in the fertile southern lands, lands that for several years have been witnessing the rise of fierce individualists. We do not forget how years ago we experimented with fire and managed to burn down structures. That path is left behind but we revive it with pride.

Today, from the shadows we have conspired to generate deaths and injuries, with our blood brothers we have scored resounding blows. Unprecedented attacks have ridiculed the entire government and some have only been left with terrible intentions. We continue on the path of chaos and terror that we started with the uncontrollable fire. We keep testing and planning, ratifying scenarios and calculating escape routes, making connections and inventing containers…

Our path to here as ITS-HMB has been full of wonderful experiences, accompanied and surrounded by invaluable complicities. The time has come to recognize the importance that the "original" ITS of Mexico had (and have had) in our path, because we accept it with pride, those brothers seduced us from the beginning with their sharp words and their forceful attacks. From the southern distance we thank you for forging part of our path, for shaking our souls with each new Wild Reaction release and for making us fly with those wonderful editions of Regression Magazine, full of all those vital theoretical contributions that nourish us to this day. from today. Brothers, rest assured that your thoughts traveled and spread to the end of the world, here they took root and are still persevering in the war. We have made their motivations ours in this war against human progress and the civilized world, their ideas have become embedded in our minds and we have decided to proudly hoist these mythical acronyms. Incorrect and perverse acronyms that have marked the difference between the anti-systemic rebellion and the extremist war against humanity.

With everything against us, we have managed to continue the expansion of like-minded extremists throughout the different parts of the south. And so, after we were the ones infected by the extremist germ, the moment and the opportunity arrived to carry our virus beyond the borders above the icy mountains of the Andes. But this time it was not only through the word, it was not only by embedding ideas in like minds, no. This time we went one step further and carried the infection in flesh and blood. That is why in this way and through this joint statement we make public the network of eco-extremists that is woven in the south. Thus, once and for all we officially uncover the operation consisting in the propagation of the eco-extremist trend.

Just as they hear it, on the other side of the mountain range a few ex-members of the Mystic Horde of the Forest are already hidden, this is how the goats return to their "motherland". There, now in the middle of the putrid Argentine civilization, some of our brothers are ready for whatever comes, with the same intentions they had here, with the same knowledge, skills and materials.

To you blood brothers, who have bravely decided to undertake this escapade back to your distant homelands to continue the ancient war. All our strength goes to you in your new criminal project, we hope to see you again to laugh satanicly as we did when we entered the FCFM of the U of Chile. That other laugh in the microphone after leaving the artifact will never be forgotten. We will also not forget that thanks to his distraction on campus that day we managed to get out safe and sound.

No less important were those moonless nights that we lit only with the campfire. The stars of those nights are the same ones that we continue to see now and there we see you. Sleeping with the chorus of crickets and the sound of the river takes us back to those moments. Here we will not back down, we continue to persist with the attacks.

So we say goodbye, with a heart swollen with sadness and teary eyes we wish you the best on your way there brothers, we hope to delight ourselves with your attacks on Argentine lands. May the spirits of the ancients continue to protect you there. See you in the moonlight and in the glare of the sun. From here we continue to hear their howls, we are spiritually connected and nothing and no one can break that connection. May the energy of the mountain range nourish our bond. From ocean to ocean, twinned and united until the day of our extinction.

Little brothers, we continue from this side of the mountain range, our explosions will be our accomplice greeting.

For the propagation of the eco-extremist and misanthropic nihilist trend!

Forward with the war ITS and related groups!

Individualists Tending to the Wild (Argentina)

-Blood Red Sect

Individualists Tending to the Wild (Chile)

-Mystic Forest Horde

Message #63 – Silvestre Secret Society: About the Anarco-polices of 325 (Brazil)

October 25, 2018

"I shot a bullet in his mouth for the lies he told, and another in his hand for the dirty things he wrote." – Jacques Mesrine, on the kidnapping of a French journalist.

For the last time the anarcho-friars spoke out against us eco-extremists with the intention of harming us in some way. You from NGO 325 and your consorts will pay dearly for the denunciations against the alleged person behind the eco-extremist theoretician Abe Cabrera who is not even part of ITS and for defaming and trying to deliver information about Misanthropos Cacoguen to the UK police. Eye by eye, tooth by tooth.

Each of you behind this plot has the spirit of Jacob Ferguson (1) embodied in your bodies. They are humanists of the worst type, of those that even their own "compas" should distrust since they tend to betray, of the treacherous guy who collaborates affectively with the police in the case of an investigation, of the lunatic type who exposes and defames whoever is dare to criticize or overcome the failed theory and "praxis" of the corpse of anarchy. Let them know that here in Brazil the first of the laws that prevails in the favelas and in the roguery of the streets is that of "never snitching." There will never be forgiveness, cagueta pays with life. Betrayal and snitching are repugnant behavior anywhere, even among anarchs, and what they did will come at a price. There are those among you who condemn denunciation in any hypothesis, even when it involves enemies or dissidents. Who does not remember what happened during the dismantled escape plan of the CCF terrorists when a guy like you named Christodopoulos Xiros spoke against members of said guerrilla? They positioned themselves against the cagueta attitude (2) :

“At least we, with our “practices like those of the mafia” have never betrayed our ideas and our partners. But even those who were arrested and accused of being members of our group, having nothing to do with it, even if we do not consider some of them partners, or if we even consider some of them as our personal enemies, the only sure thing is that there was not an informer or a traitor among them.”

We have no doubt that among their own peers they found little support for what they did.
And how are the studies going to enter the police, anarchists? Who knew, the abolitionist and anti-prison revolutionaries trying to send dissidents to prison. They remember the Stalinists sending the Divergent to the Gulag. You would shame the true anarchists who blew up several military men in the 19th and 20th centuries. Old Bakunin already said that 'if I gave you power, you would be worse off than the Tsar himself'. We resolve our differences among ourselves without involving police authorities, in conversations or with violence. But you "anarcops" chose the dirtiest path. They will then have to deal with us in the worst way. The most recent eco-terrorist caught in jail by the FBI was Joseph Mahmoud Dibee (3) , now the parastatal patrol of anarchops is striving to send some of our own behind bars. This symbiosis between police and anarchists is something that only modern anarchism is capable of providing.

Sure, it's not just you who know secrets. If we choose to denounce anarchists, certainly some of your comrades would fall in these lands. We have in our hands the power to respond with the same currency, but we will not do it because we are not miserable like you.
And don't be idiots, ITS-Mexico took a hard line against Scott Campbell and John Zerzan because they asked for it, they filled their mouths to talk shit. Now you guys are trying to hurt us with what you did. Since you want to send our people to jail, we will send yours to the world of the dead.

What moves them against us is desperation, since the "new anarchy", "black anarchy" or whatever other bullshit they want to call, failed, accept that and period.
Anyone knows that there is a strong malaise within the international anarchist scene and more and more courageous individuals have broken with foolish utopianism without waiting for better days, for some kind of collapse or being deceived by the outmoded revolutionary and humanist fairy tales. for "humanity". These idiots with 47 chromosomes have a childish arsenal of adjectives to shout against anyone who shows sympathy with ITS and since they no longer have to write against us, they now appeal to ridicule, as was the case with the blog "Christian Instinct" (because they are not savage). they have nothing) (4) that they replied to a publication calling ITS-Mexico “Nazi-Aztecs” (But what the hell is that? These leftist columnists just have to invent!). And in Brazil what would we be? “Nazi-Tupinambás”? It is only a matter of moral judgment rooted in you libertarian missionaries. The Anarchist Black Cross must have been confused when ex-communion Kevin Garrido dropped a bombshell in support of ITS (5) . Mario López Tripa was another one who set fire to your cassock (6). By the way, have blood in your eyes, Kevin. Despite the conviction, stand firm, your day will come. And Gut, we are with you to charge these wretches.

In Brazil the scenario is not different, and recently a certain Nucleus of Opposition to the System (NOS) after some attacks in São Paulo made a “call” for a “union and fight against the system” (7) . Really? These leftists were very innocent in trying to “summon us” for their ridiculous “fight” that is incoherent even for themselves when asking among their “demands” for the release of ex-president Lula, a leftist politician who in his government solidified the “current "system". But what shit anarchist group calls for the release of an ex-president? To counteract the "Bolsonaro threat" and do like the Popular Front in Spain in 1936 that tried to block the rise of the right? The justifications are doubtful.

We know that there are many sincere efforts to discuss eco-extremism and deepen not only eco-extremist criticism, there have already been many conversations and writings in recent years. Lately those interested are being coerced by a plot of idiots who harshly condemn any mention of the Tendency and place them on a kind of blacklist of “ex-compas corrupted by eco-extremists”. This is an anarchist effort to block at all costs the spread of eco-extremist theory and practice. The most recent and noteworthy case comes from a British eco-anarchist author who published an interesting article on “decolonial violence and eco-extremism” that was presented at the Anarchist Studies Network Conference at Loughborough University. In less than a week, the anarchist prosecutors criminalized him based on the moral laws of what is acceptable or not within the left (the author was a victim of what he himself addresses in the article) and had him excluded from publication (8 ) and instead disclose a note of clarification (9). Of course, a situation like this could not go unnoticed. We have the text and we disclose it in this communication for anyone who wants to read and discuss it, access here. The publication “Paper On Decolonial Violence and Eco-Extremism For 2018 ASN Conference” may have been excluded through “libertarian coercion”, but we own its content in its entirety. The author also explains that one of the reasons for having deleted the publication is his security (actually they pressured him with the idea of "security"), but with a text like this at this point his only enemies are the anarchist inquisitors, and not not for having threatened anarchists as ITS did in its thirty-first communiqué (10) , but for having intelligently rationalized about morality and terrorist violence. An excerpt from the note of clarification “Avoiding wrong interpretations”:

“I understand that discussing the ugliest aspects of civilization is something that is very uncomfortable for many people and I can understand why people don't like me to do it. I believe that if we want to react in any way to the things we are faced with, we must first acknowledge them, discuss them, and not disregard or try to ignore them. This seems true to me, regardless of whether or not we are talking about ISIS, eco-extremism, the capitalist military-industrial complex, totalitarian agriculture, or any other context.”

Leftists are imprisoned in some kind of parallel reality where what they do and approve of in their moral audits is correct and acceptable (FLT, MEND, Ted Kaczynski, CCF, YPG, Baader-Meinhof, Rote Zora, Zapatistas, Revolutionary Struggle, etc. ) and whatever we do is fascism!!! (with emphasis). In the adult world where things are taken seriously, the eco-extremist theory and practice of the late Wild Reaction and ITS was much discussed by various interested groups and individuals. The Salvajistas admitted that the eco-extremist theory contributed to the collapse of the revolutionary myth that was present within the same Salvajismo (11) The eco-extremist theory also contributes as an anarchist critique to ex-anarchists from Chile, Argentina and Mexico. Here in Brazil we know that it was also seriously discussed in other states. In the United States and Europe the discussion has contributed as well, and it was great in certain circles. And anarchists of the type "325, IGD, Voice Like Weapon and Wild Instinct", arise and only have the courage to shout "fascists!!!!" and unreasonably condemn anything Trend theorists and stakeholders write or say? The only word for that is insanity. As we said before, they are desperate with the failure of modern anarchism and the spread of eco-extremism. And the same eco-radical author condemned by anarchists who was censored in the ASN Conferense, had already published in the past a respectable opinion about the actions of ITS entitled “Eco-Terrorism, Eco-Fascism, Eco-extremism, Eco- anarchism and the Białowieża Forest” (12). An interesting paragraph of the text says:

"I can sympathize with the eco-extremist writer's critique of anarchists over the bluntness of anarchist arguments, where anarchists just call anything they don't like 'fascist', which seems to be going on."

A clear proof that these anarchists are insane is that if we take the definition of fascism there is absolutely nothing with which we defend, that is, what they say is delirium, everything is said in an extremely emotional way. Instead of re-discussing their methods and their theories, they dedicate entire books and columns to us with slanders and shouts of “fascists, fascists, fascists!”. If Steffen Horst Meyn died (13) none other than the anarchists present at the scene were to blame as they were 20 meters high in their useless and overwhelmed tree sitting while the Hambach Forest awaits its end. Blockades, tree sieges, cartels, all of that has already proven completely ineffective for years and has only booked and thrown environmentalists in prison in large numbers. Despite the moral endorsement of the leftists, the descendants of the MEND are terrorists and make the oil companies retreat in the Niger Delta, on the island of Bougainville what the natives practiced was terrorism and managed to destroy the mining activities in Rio Tinto Zinc. What the Mapuche have done to defend their pagan beliefs and their ancestral lands in Chile is terrorism. The hallowed CCF are purely terrorist. As much as they demonize this concept, it is pure terror. The difference for our terrorism is only the objective and the indiscriminate method, since for us the problem is not only the techno-industrial society and its progress, but humanity itself.
But you practice terror with blind faith looking at a new and unattainable human being, hoping in a kind of anarchist Eden for this catastrophe of almost 8 billion insatiable anthropocentric creatures. That's stupid. And in the end, will they be really very selective? And the death of Sergio Landskron? And the various testimonies of civilians who were nearly torn to pieces by splinters from CCF bombs? And the explosion in a subway station of a Military School in Chile? And the worker killed in a pharmacy set on fire during a march in Chile? These "bad cases" are swept under the red carpet of morality and never reopened. You are an incoherent universal embarrassment.

The regret for trying to harm us will be bitter, wait.

Forward, eco-extremist theorists!
On the hunt for ITS in the Americas and Europe, because here we will do our part!
Greetings, Guerrilla Trash!

Individualists Tending to the Wild – Brazil
– Wild Secret Society


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Message #64 – About the Internet Neighborhood Board (Chile)

November 2, 2018


The truth is that we are now little or nothing interested in entering into a dispute with local or international anarchic environments, we have understood that it is just wasting words and we are already bored with virtual lawsuits, in general we prefer to continue with our own, but sometimes scandals certain characters deserve to be addressed. As it has been the last ajilada of some European bloggers.

And it is that at this point we are not surprised that we have reached this point, we believe that these are the consequences of our extremist war against civilized humanity. And as southerners belonging to ITS, we have something to say.

We will start with a few questions: do these "anarchists" owe us loyalty? Respect? Empathy or something similar? The answer is clearly NO, they owe us absolutely nothing, they are not related to us even a little bit, so much so that we are ENEMIES. Can you expect something well-intentioned from an enemy? The answer is again NO. So what can we complain about? If they are within their rights. With what face can we complain if our brothers have physically attacked anarchists and their spaces, this is nothing more than the obvious consequence that must be faced intelligently and violently if necessary.

The brothers of the SSS of Brazil have already said it, we could pay them with the same currency, start exposing photos and names and addresses, but we will not do it because we are not miserable, period. We are not here to go around “knowing” some criminal, never. We are on this earth to spread Chaos, to burst human flesh with our explosives, we are here to unleash the vengeance of the spirits of the earth against humanity.

We will not waste words threatening these guys, we know it would be useless and we sincerely believe that it has no effect on these people. This is ratified after the ITS brothers in Mexico and Brazil pronounced on this. What did these guys do? Were they scared? Did they retract? No, on the contrary, they continue on their unwavering path. And now, not content with having exposed a trend theorist, they exposed his home address, and even "revealed" the IP address of the "Eco-extremist Curse" blog (lol).

To say that their methods have not had an effect on the trend would be unrealistic, since the consequences are plain to see, valuable propaganda and dissemination projects have been abandoned on the Internet, it can be said with all of the law that their accusatory campaign has been of a thousand wonders But, what do you think? Do you think that ITS activities will cease? That we will bow to their virtual campaigns? That we will be afraid that our faces appear on their website? THAT NEVER. We have gone through the peak of police intelligence, eluding you will not be a major problem.

For now, you continue with your virtual funas, which are the only thing you know how to do well. We continue mixing saltpeter, coal and sulfur, we continue experimenting with containers, we continue checking streets. Don't worry, we continue on our path of terror.


This is how the veil is drawn and the true intentions of these people are uncovered. They are not in this to attack or destroy any society, nor to defend it if that were the case, they are not the anti of any civilization, in fact they are the forces of social cohesion taken one step further, like the superheroes in the movies, at odds with the police for his radical methods, but always going after the real villains. To those who in acts and not in words, want to see everything burning.

The veil was lifted a long time ago, and these characters are showing their true face, the one that is more citizen. We could not, we refused to believe that this accusatory campaign was being led by "anarchists", and it is no and no. We couldn't imagine that some "anarchists" had come to this...

And it is that this start to put pictures and addresses is worthy of an NGO or a neighborhood association. You are a shame for anarchy (true anarchy), you are a shame for the memory of the old terrorist anarchists, you are a shame for the anarchy of Mauricio Morales, for the anarchy that burns the eyelashes with the fuses, for the anarchy that detonates fire extinguishers and sets fire to banks.

You guys are no longer anarchists (and if you ever were), you don't have a single cell of anarchy left in your body. And if this is what the "new anarchy" is about, "may God catch us confessed"...

In memory of the countless terrorist anarchists of the past and some of the current ones, leave that category in peace and stop staining what little respectable anarchy remains in the world.

And we wonder why none of his internet friends have replicated the photos and addresses of his accusatory campaign, why is it? Could it be that Internet friends have realized that the photos are not about anarchists?

And please, tell that “little Chinaman” to stop talking nonsense, there are already two letters he has dedicated to us and nobody is interested. You went…


We have spoken between the brothers of the south and this situation of the "photos" leaves us very worried, lest someone recognize us here in the south and send the photos of some of us to these people and publish us on their site and then put us in jail. Look, we have been freeing ourselves for several years from the police intelligence of the south so that they come to catch us by some guys who are on the other side of the ocean. And just like that, to do in an instant what the governments around here have not been able to do in three years.

Well, in view of this complicated situation, we take the opportunity to make a public call to all those who know who we are; "To the entire rebel scene, it would be greatly appreciated not to send our photos to these gentlemen so that they do not post us on their blog, thank you very much in advance." Haha.

The truth is that we take this situation with a bit of humor, since we don't care if we appear on their site, to see if they can find us first. They say that they will send the anti-fascist mercenaries who were in Rojava to Mexico and Brazil to hunt down the ITS groups, ahahahahahahahahaha, good luck in the lower Mexican suburbs and in the Brazilian favelas, where blood drips through the streets and the smell of death it is a daily thing.

We can have a great sense of humor but the facts are the facts, this neighborhood association exposed a propagandist of eco-extremism and that is something that has no objection. There are a few enraged accomplices, many things have crossed our minds to act in accordance with this, there are many possibilities, for now the south has not had any big fights with the anarchist scene. In any case, we are here attentive to what happens...

They will be able to discredit and defame us, they will want to point fingers at us, spread our names or faces, but nuns in heat do not scare us, we shit and piss on their bastard and virginal morals.

Despite whoever weighs it, ITS will continue on its path of destruction. The sorrows of humanity will continue, we are already on the side of disaster, it is only a matter of time before the balance tips towards Chaos.

We continued on our way, never doing the police's job, never being a hero. Always proud criminals and true antisocials.

Courage to the disseminators of the trend, to those who, despite adversity, raise projects and continue to contribute with their words to the war.

Eluding all the police, the professionals and the self-taught!

Individualists Tending to the Wild – Chile

-Mystic Forest Horde

-Vengeful Inquisitor Flock

Message #65 – Arson Device on Behalf of Kevin (Chile)

December 5, 2018

We come out for you Kevin, for your essence that is still with us. We go out to honor your war name with our materials full of Chaos. For you, brother, we are responsible for abandoning an incendiary load inside a transantiago bus with passengers inside, this last Friday, November 30.

In a ritualistic act we set out to incinerate the same micro that we burned in 2016. In the same place and at the same time we left the gift abandoned. Entrusted to the spirits of the old and the new, we set out for the abyss and returned.

We invoked the god Fire but he did not respond... patience is ours, the fire will be for the next one.

We shit on all the GOPE experts, they don't care if they inspect our artifacts, they keep checking that they don't find anything. Not all their modern technology will be able to give them clues about us.

Brother Kevin, that they say and insinuate that you were a member of ITS is a pride for us. The anarcho-cagons deny you and excommunicate you from their church. Damn cowards. How embarrassing. How disgusting they are.

Manito Kevin, we will keep trying for you, for the rivers, for the mountains and for the puma. For our ancestors and their spirituality.

War on civilization and human progress!

More Chaos for Kevin!

Individualists Tending to the Wild-Chile

-Kevin's Spirit

-Uncivilized Southerners

Message #66 – Bomb in Ecatepec Cathedral (Mexico)

December 25, 2018

With the blessing of the Unknown, we abandoned a homemade explosive device in the Cathedral of the Sacred Heart of Jesus in San Cristóbal Ecatepec, last night, December 24.
We abandoned the explosive in the hood of a red truck parked in front of the target, while the ignominious Christmas mass was being celebrated, our bomb exploded, surprising passers-by and nearby tenants, our intention was that there would be someone injured or killed since the The bomb was full of nails and shrapnel ready to tear and pierce human bodies, however, it was not like that, it will be for the next one. After the shrill sound, the street was filled with smoke, the smell of gunpowder and more than one commented on what they had seen , a deafening fireball of more than 3 meters that rose into the air and left damage to the truck, our attack was a symbol of the ancient war of pagan beliefs against the Catholic religion waged for thousands of years by our ancestors, War to which we continue to this day.

Axkan Kema Tehuatl Nehuatl!
Terror, injury and death to civilization and its ridiculous celebrations!
Go ahead, STI groups!

Individualists Tending to the Wild
- Pagan Mountain Sect

Message #67 – Silvestre Secret Society (Brazil)

December 27, 2018

Original in Portuguese.

[image not archived]

“Despite all the focus on ISIS, those guys are the only ones who managed to detonate a bomb with real intent to cause any harm, they are a very serious threat… This seems to have been silenced by the government and the media in Brazil. […] “- Peter Martin, global security consultant to The Sun

[image not archived]

Under the light of the full moon and with the Hidden One at our side, we went out yesterday obstinately to provoke a massacre. Once again a surprise factor, once again the only ones with the capacity for conspiracy and real power of terrorist damage. Peter Martin was right. Will the authorities and the media cover us up again as they always have in this ridiculous little game while eco-extremism continues to grow and annihilate what is within its reach? We are meant to do it in such a way that we are never silenced again. STIs, this is the acronym. They recognize us as a public threat and speak our name with fear while filling our chests with warrior pride, since the coming months will be of catastrophes toppling the human empire with greater intensity, such as the cataclysm in Indonesia on the eve of our attack. We are part of the inhuman catharsis while the Wild buries the future of the human species in revenge for civilized destruction, and nothing can stop it, the "anthropocene" will be swallowed by Chaos. In the past, the ancestors have seen in their spiritual visions that civilization will return to barbarism, because there is no space on Earth for those who do not kneel before the Spirits of Nature, those who turn their backs on the rivers, the mountains, wind, forests and embrace humanity deserve complete annihilation, since humanity is the greatest enemy of Nature, and it was what we wanted yesterday with a selective attack of considerable proportions. We, the Silvestre Secret Society, claim the abandonment of a 5-kilo explosive filled with nails and black powder in the Santuário Menino Jesus, this time, in Brazlândia, around 9:20 p.m. The Sanctuary is the second largest Catholic temple in the country. In the place, which was filled with miserable Christians, a mass was being celebrated on Christmas Eve, and we expected to provoke a great massacre during the departure of the faithful from the church. Unfortunately a large BOPE operation defused our explosive as one person became suspicious of the abandoned backpack and called the police. Only they cannot neutralize the imposed terror, something that we owe them worship and praise during the next selective and indiscriminate actions. Some words:


ITS continues to actively operate and cause damage with its asymmetric warfare in the various countries in which it conspires. There are no indications that these activities will decrease, on the contrary. It is becoming untenable to deny the eco-extremist threat, and some "experts" in the world have corroborated this. We are a threatening eco-terrorist group and we will cause destabilization and chaos in civilization by any means necessary, the lie has short legs, we will not be covered up forever. We are a public menace. Things that well-structured groups like ISIS have not been able to do in the Americas ITS has achieved and gone unpunished, and we are referring to attacks and sowing terror. There are no limits to our capacity, this will continue to expand and self-improve, and if one day we reach the capacity to kill thousands, we will. All those who harm the Earth are in our sights.

[image not archived]

[image not archived]

[image not archived]

[image not archived]


We will take a public anti-terrorism policy position. This will be our particularity and refers only to the situation of great political instability from which we wish to take advantage and generate more destabilization. It also refers to a situation of revenge. Since the biggest fool was elected, he has shown great opposition to the "environment" with his liberal policies. He will place human scum in his ministries like Ricardo Salles and Damares Alves. If the knife was not enough to kill Bolsonaro, perhaps he will have more surprises at some other time, since we are not the only ones who want his head, the Primeiro Comando da Capital and the Comando Vermelho also want him dead and they can also resort to terrorist methods to do so. If it's not him, he'll serve any of his team, affiliates, or even supporters and supporters. On January 1, 2019 there will be the presidential inauguration here in Brasilia, and we are in Brasilia and we have weapons and more explosives stored...


We align ourselves with the PCC regarding the plans disclosed during the dismantled terrorist attacks with C-4 explosives that would be perpetrated by the São Paulo gang (1) during the elections. This is not an alliance, it is a criminal alignment that refers to objectives, so the police can also be our target, it is part of our exploitative anti-political positioning. It is public knowledge that the Primeiro Comando da Capital is preparing large operations focused on its demands on the prison system and on Marcola's release attempts, a General Salve (2) can be given at any time. Given the opportunity, we will also terrorize the police for our selfish and chaotic goals.

We are extremely happy to know that yesterday, also at night, the brothers of the Pagan Sect of the Mountain of ITS-Mexico also attacked and to our surprise, also against an unfortunate church. This only reinforces the pagan war we wage against the Christian faith. The play continues.

They can't stop us, they can't hide us!
The ancient war against Christ and his followers continues!
Forward, ITS America and Europe!

Individualists Tending to the Wild – Brazil
-Silver Secret Society

https://g1.globo.com/df/distrito-federal/noticia/2018/12/25/pm-detona-mochila-com-suposto-explosivo-deixada-em-frente-de-igreja-do-df- na-night-of-natal.ghtml

1. Refers to the São Paulo faction or gang.
2. “Salve Geral” is the maximum warning from the PCC to its accomplices, it is to summon the group to war, when a “Salve Geral” is issued, all the members of the PCC in Brazil, outside and inside the prisons, need to be prepared for the war to the death waged against the chosen target.

Brief Communication From the Silvestre Secret Society (Brazil)

December 28, 2018

from its original

[image not archived]

Given the impact of our attack, we affirm that tomorrow we are going to issue a complete statement clarifying and specifying several issues that have been raised, including especially our terrorist intentions for the coming days and months. We will also clear up misconceptions that have been raised about ITS by prejudiced readers, and refute those who doubt our authenticity. We will include the publication of a recorded video of the explosive before it was detonated. As was said, the objective of Bolsonaro and company is from an anti-political perspective and also has the revenge of nature. As mentioned in the statement, our main objectives are much bigger than that, in short, eco-terrorists.

We anticipate that we have nothing to do with the jerk who is on a social network pretending to be us as we do not use any social networks as they can be easily traced. However, we appreciate the stupidity of this person, as it diverts the attention of the police.

We are the Eco-extremist Mafia, the biggest latent and growing terrorist threat in the world.

Forward with eco-extremist and nihilistic terrorist attacks!

Individualists Tending to the Wild – Brazil
Wild Secret Society

Message #68 – Bomb in a Shopping Center (Mexico)

December 28, 2018

Through this brief statement, we take responsibility for the explosive detonated outside the Power Center shopping center in Coacalco, State of Mexico on December 26 of this year.
We abandoned the bomb on the pedestrian bridge at around 8:00 p.m., the detonation was heard several meters around and damaged one of the concrete structures of the bridge without any injuries, a pity.

[image not archived]
Our misanthropic hatred translates into wounds and terror for humans who swarm everywhere with those disgusting desires for unbridled consumption, fuck EVERYONE. Even if the authorities hide things, we anticipate that the bombs will continue to explode in places during these dates, the accomplices of the Pagan Mountain Sect demonstrated it and we reiterate it.

Strength for the brothers of ITS-Brazil, who are currently being targeted by the state and its security agencies!
May the Unknown cover them with its cloak of impunity!
Because nothing human stops the Wild!

Individualists Tending to the Wild - Wild

Message #69 – The Silvestre Secret Society Positions Itself (Brazil)

December 29, 2018

Original in Portuguese.

[image not archived]

Four moons have already passed since our attack and much has been speculated, a great terror was imposed when the authorities found our highly destructive device capable of causing a massacre in a strategically chosen area where there were about 1,500 people. celebrating a Christian mass. The act is part of a larger coordination that refers to the international project Individualists Tending to the Wild, and serves to demonstrate our attack capacity and the latent terrorist threat that we are, the Eco-extremist Mafia. Impunity surrounds us because the cloak of the Unknown protects us and erases our traces. The eco-extremist war will not stop.


The stupid have declared that we are an invention of the "right" to criminalize the "left" and vice versa. We are anti-political, we don't care if we attack right or left, since our objective is the progressive human without distinctions. As we declared, opportunism moves us, that is why we decided to position ourselves anti-politically in the face of political instability in order to provoke it. ITS is a real threat and has been operating since 2011, from Mexico, expanding throughout the world and reaching Brazil in 2016, when the Silvestre Secret Society detonated a pressure cooker bomb with shrapnel on the eve of the 2016 Olympic Games in the center of Brasília (1) . There are several attacks in which ITS takes responsibility in the countries in which it operates. In Mexico we can mention the well-known attacks on nanotechnologists at the Tec de Monterrey (2) (3) (4), and the murders of José Jaime Barrera Moreno (5) and Lesby Osorio (6), both in the incubator of progress called UNAM . There were hundreds of other attacks for which the ITS is blamed. In Chile, without a doubt, the most notorious case was the attack on the former president of the mega-mining company Codelco, Óscar Landerretche (7) (8). In Argentina, the Constelaciones Salvajes package-bomb addressed to a great scientific figure exploded while it was being handled in the Post Office, injuring two workers (9) (10). Earlier this year ITS crossed the ocean and reached Greece (11), the United Kingdom (12) and Spain (13), also sowing terror. Only a lazy and misinformed reader would claim that we are a sham.


As additional evidence of the authorship of the attack in a city in the Federal District, we disclose a video of the explosive recorded before its detonation:
We also make public the link in which we previously announced the attack: https://telegra.ph/Atentado-en -Brazil%C3%A2ndia-DF-12-24

The attack was scheduled for the 25th, at 07:30 in the morning during the Christmas Mass of the Church, but we learned through an informant that he would have a mass on the 24th, in the evening, so we anticipated the attack. As it is possible to see through the date, it was published on the 24th. It is impossible that we would have created this link after finding out in the media, since the explosive was effectively neutralized only at 04:00 in the morning of the 25th, and the media disclosed what happened only in the early afternoon of the 25th. That alone proves that ITS is behind the attack.


We make it clear that we can attack during the elect's possession. What we can say is that we do have the capacity to attack on day 01 and cause great damage and deaths. The proof of this was our first attack under the name Sociedad Secreta Silvestre / ITS-Brasil, on the eve of the 2016 Olympics. There was a large military and intelligence operation working to annihilate any threat, and even completely surrounded by the military, we exploded. a big bomb under the nose of the authorities and we walked scot-free through the dark. We are dealing with civilized humans, and they are completely predictable, if they are well studied. The GSI prepares a defense structure as if a large and extravagant enemy army were to attack Bolsonaro head-on during the ceremony, when in fact a few well-disguised people with a few kilos of the correct explosive and a good trigger can cause a massacre. They see big, but think small. They are not used to unconventional warfare that ITS handles. The target is not just Jair Bolsonaro. As much as we have a particular hatred for this idiot because of his positions in relation to the "environment", our goal is much greater than him. Eco-extremism defends that in addition to civilization, the modern and civilized human himself is harmful to Wild Nature, therefore he becomes our target, that is why Individualists Tending to the Wild defends the amoral and indiscriminate attack to destabilize and gnaw human progress. But we also attack selectively, and this is the case with the elect. Our objectives against Jair, his affiliates, supporters and sympathizers start from an anti-political perspective and revenge for his positions in relation to Wild Nature. It can be him, or it can be anyone who is there. Who knows, the authorities may focus too much on Bolsonaro, while the target may actually be a civilian. Maybe we'll attack, maybe we'll concentrate our forces on another big attack nearby. That only the Unknown will tell.


We reiterate our threats to "Don" Sérgio da Rocha, president of the National Conference of Bishops of Brazil and other Christian figures, such as Damares Alves. Perhaps they will end up like the priest Ruben Díaz Acántara, former maximum representative of the church "Nuestra Señora del Carmen", in Cuautitlán Izcalli, State of Mexico, murdered by the Serial Killers of ITS-Mexico. Or also as the cursed missionary equally murdered by the isolated tribe of the savage "Centinenses".

Misanthropy and Wild Nature always!
It's for you too, Kevin! You will not be forgotten, fallen warrior!

Individualists Tending to the Wild-Brazil Wild
Secret Society

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2. http://www.nature.com/news/nanotechnology-armed-resistance-1.11287

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13. http://maldicionecoextremista.altervista.org/espana-comunicado-52-de-its/

Message #70 – Failed Arson Attack (Chile)

January 1, 2019

Indiscriminate and selective ITS attacks continue, in the South and in the North.

Courage brothers, the spirits will give you revenge.

[image not archived]

We have not returned, because we never left and we have always been there, appearing among the mass of purulent false morals, simulating stereotypes, but aware of not being part of the disgusting plague that swarms through a city whose days are numbered and that sooner or later Soon it will become extinct along with the entire human species.

The transantiago bus company METBUS and ENEL X, brought 100 electric buses of the China BYD brand to these southern lands, with the excuse of progress. These morons and the sheep that occupy it fail to understand that there is no tomorrow, progress does not exist, it is only an illusion that hides one more slavery, humanity inevitably advances towards certain destruction, which only nature will survive.

This is the illusion that we intended to incinerate on Monday, December 31, with the abandonment of an indiscriminate contraption on a transantiago bus on route 508 METBUS. We are not naive either, we know about the cameras and other security measures of the electrical routes and we will not let ourselves fall because of recklessness, we have been in this for years and we know to be as cautious as the puma, hiding to jump to give the paw. This attack is not random, it was carefully planned, to always continue in the shadows and never fall into the hands of the bastards we make fun of today and every hit we've dealt before.

[image not archived]

The burning sun above our heads guarded our steps and wherever they look they will not find us and if they do, we will face death on a war footing, there is no doubt about that, we are part of the force of revenge on earth, that force of nature that always ends up being victorious.

Although disappointment was the first word that came to mind when we saw that our end of the year gift did not turn out as we expected, our sick mind went from disappointment to euphoria, we will just have to wait, we will not be paralyzed and the fire can give way to the splinters, only time will tell, we continue conspiring...

Let them all burn!

With the Spirit of the warrior KEVIN present in the fight against human progress!


Message #71 (Brazil)

February 3, 2019

Short time ago we learned about some information released by the press that after the seven search and arrest orders made by Federal and Civil Police in Federal District, Goias and São Paulo, PCDF informed about the arrest of three persons accused of belonging to the Wilderness Secret Society. They even mention that “the blog did not update content anymore, so that is an evidence that they finally catch the terrorists”.
You failed, fools.

We see symptoms of mental insanity in Federal and Civil Police by thinking that they will stop so easily the extremists of ITS. Until today they did not touch us not even a single finger, the Wilderness Secret Society still free and in tocaia, getting ready for the chaos that soon will impose over the civilized ones. Police have been so effective to find the eco-extremist as they have been to solve the Queiroz case. There were no fingerprints in the explosive, there were no DNA traces, no barcodes, no tracking numbers, no CCTV recordings, no actual witness, no clues at all, there are nothing that can bring cops to us. Wilderness Secret Society is hermetically closed group and lack of outside dialogs that can put our activities in danger, we do not use social networks nor make any kind of dangerous exposure, so ours is an invisible threat. There is no way to find us, the wind dismantle our traces and the darkness cover our bodies, we inherit the ancient knowledge.

Soon you will be sure that we are still on this criminal path on the era of catastrophes in order to make the year of fire, bullets and explosives, all of them against the same target, the humankind.
May Krakatoa scream as loud as one century ago, because an infinite number of bombs will explode against the citizenry. We walk in this wild symbiosis, searching for the lucid extinctionism.

It hurts us to have to look from the top of the mountains and see the human advance colossally swallowing the Wild Nature, see the deer, the guará wolf, the jaguar, the ema, the teiú and so many other wild animals with no exit before the imminent end of the sacred Closed consumed by civilization. It hurts to see the river that we loved dried up and that with the sound of its natural course filled our minds with serenity. It was unbearable to know that the tree that we touched and made us feel part of the All had been torn away. Going back in that living forest after years and witnessing it silently, absent from the song of birds and other living beings, was unforgivable. The human has pushed everything beautiful in this world to the abyss, what they did in Alto Paraíso at the end of the year proves once again the contempt of our species for nature. If the human species does not care about the earth, we will not care about their lives either. We do not fight for a future, the future is already decided and it will not be utopias.

Jair Bolsonaro, Ricardo Salles, Damares Alvos and company, these noxious figures who we prefer to threaten them and seek their death are just major manifestations of each common civilian who wanders madly through the asphyxiating cities. As expected, the eldest of the stupid and their main allies in their few hours of government declared war on the environment and the native peoples. What little remains of Wild Nature will be swallowed up by progress. We do not expect them to go back, we are not lamenting. We are going to indiscriminately kill how many humans we achieve, until they kill us, we swear that.

To end, to those who wish the chaos, regardless to what groups or individuals they are, explosives are waiting for you. We saw that Nucleus of Opposition to the System (NOS) write another “friendly” text about us. The individual that is your enemy is there, you want to do something usefull about it? stop that leftist tantrum and attack, and look also for his team and followers.
We are aware that there are another sleeping groups out there, the same goes for them, attack in a wild way. And as indiscriminate and opportunists that we are, we also call the mujahadin to indiscriminately attack. If you lone wolves are capable of that, just do it, against christian targets or any other target of the western civilization.

Moro declared is will on isolating faction leaders with the PCC and CV. We know how it ended in 2006, we know well how it will end again. Chaos and destabilization are already sighted on the horizon.

For the moment, the war of nerves.

With the wisdom of the ancients!
The tocaia still goes on…

Individualists Tending Towards the Wild – Brazil
-Wilderness Secret Society

Message #72 – Indiscriminate Over-bombing (Chile)

January 5, 2019

(…) For the Immoral and Indiscriminate Long live Terror, explosions and fire!! Death to civilization and all human progress!! (...) I hope infinite bombs explode for the public (...)” – Kevin Garrido

We, unlike humanism and the stinking reason of the revolutionaries, speak with the dead, invoke them and revive them. We ask the spirits of the warriors who have not left, we ask the unknown to guide us and take care of us. We believe in the forces of the earth and our mysticism carries the wisdom of the ancients.

In this way, with blood and wounds, we remember and honor them!

Let's get to the point, we take full responsibility for the abandonment of our explosive gift at a transantiago bus stop in the heart of the capital. Our over-pump was made up of a handcrafted steel nipple. Do you remember that nipple with which we burst the miner's fingers in 2017? The same one. Filled with 100 grams of black powder whose activation is generated by pulling a cardboard.

[image not archived]

The same container but the wrapping changed, this time in an exercise of ancestral imagination a craftsman brother invented a complex over-pump method.

Why attack the "oppressed people"? Well, because we don't give a damn about social status. Rich, poor, destitute, any filthy civilized human deserves to die. In our postulates you will not find demands or requirements or anything. We hate the behavior of modern humans, their approval of progress and technology disgusts us. Everyone explode!

Let them explode for each felled tree, for each destroyed mountain, for each extinct animal.

The truth is that we no longer care that they doubt our existence and invent insane conspiracies to hide us. There is only one reality: STIs. We have indiscriminately attacked since 2016, and after injuring the miner we have tried to burn and tear. All these frustrated attacks have been rewarded today. Irrefutable proof of what patience and commitment can do. We are ITS, the invisible threat that spreads like bacteria, we operate internationally with accomplices in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, Scotland, Spain and Greece.

Our steel nipple against the Silva Henriquez Catholic University last April and our thermos with knives abandoned in a bus stop in front of the agronomy faculty in September were the prelude to disaster...

We are already far away, hidden and preparing the next thing, we have more container and more will. Our small artifacts have caused enormous terror and have had a great media impact. Let it serve as an experience for those who feel like disaster; a little goes a long way.

Days ago we slept in the wild nature, from the dark mountains we conspired for Chaos. The lights of the dark sky hypnotized us, the intense sound of the crickets, the trees, the rocks, the flies, the rivers and everything wild ordered us revenge. Here's the answer!

Revenge against humanity and civilization. Revenge for each river poisoned by human progress, revenge for our savage ancestors exterminated by civilized life.

This is our salute to the spirit of Kevin Garrido and Mark Conditt, for you unique warriors we hurt a couple of humans. For you we shed the blood of humanoids. We wound them with pride and ecstasy. Because any stinking civilized human deserves shards, bullets, and blades.

Great executives, politicians, students and simple citizens are in our sights. The explosion will warn them...

Misanthropy and Wild Nature always!

With the blessing of the Unknown we continue to conspire!

Contributing to the international coordination of attacks by the Eco-extremist mafia!

Individualists Tending to the Wild-Chile

  • Mystic Forest Horde

Video player

[video not archived]

Silvestre Secret Society (Brazil)

January 5, 2019

Translation of the SSS statement on the alleged detainees of ITS members in Brazil.
Forward ITS Warriors!

[image not archived]

We recently learned of some information shared by the press that after the seven search and arrest warrants issued in the Federal District, Goiás and São Paulo by the Federal and Civil Police, the PCDF reported that it detained three in Alto Paraíso de Goiás. accused of belonging to the Silvestre Secret Society. They even mentioned that the "blog had stopped updating and that would be an indication that they had finally reached the terrorists." They were wrong, stupid.

We see signs of mental insanity in the Federal and Civil Police for believing that they would so easily stop ITS extremists. Until today they have never touched us a single finger, the Wild Secret Society remains free and in touch, making the chaos that it will soon impose on the civilized. The police have been as effective in finding the eco-extremists as they are in clearing up the Queiroz case. There were no fingerprints on the explosive, there were no DNA traces, there were no barcodes, there were no tracking numbers, there were no camera records, there were no effective witnesses, there were no clues, there was nothing that could attract the police. U.S. The Wild Secret Society is a hermetically closed group and absent of external dialogues that could compromise our activities, we do not use social networks or make any kind of compromising exposure, so this is an invisible threat. There is no way to find us, the wind undoes our tracks and the darkness covers our bodies, we inherit the ancient wisdom.

Soon you will be sure that we continue on this criminal path in the age of catastrophes in order to provide the year of fire, bullets and explosives, all against the same target, humanity. Let Krakatoa roar as loudly as it did more than a century ago, because endless bombs will explode on the citizenry. We walk in this wild symbiosis, searching for lucid extinctionism.

It pains us to have to look from the top of the mountains and see the human progress colossally swallowing Wild Nature, see the deer, the guará wolf, the jaguar, the ema, the teiú and so many other wild beings with no way out before the imminent end of the sacred Cerrado consumed by civilization. It pained us to see that river we loved dry up and that with the sound of its natural course filled our minds with serenity. It was unbearable to know that that tree that we touched and made us feel part of the Whole had been uprooted. Returning to that living forest after years and witnessing it silent, absent from the song of the birds and other living beings, was unforgivable. The human has pushed everything beautiful in this world to the abyss, what they did in Alto Paraíso at the turn of the year proves once again the contempt of our species for nature. If the human species doesn't care about the earth, we won't care about their lives either. We are not fighting for a future, the future has already been decided and it will not be utopian.

Jair Bolsonaro, Ricardo Salles, Damares Alvos and company, these harmful figures that we prefer to threaten and that we will seek their death are just major manifestations of every common civilian who madly wanders through the suffocating cities. As expected, the greatest of the stupid and his main allies in his few hours of government declared war on the environment and the native peoples. What little remains of Wild Nature will be swallowed up by progress. We do not expect them to go back, we are not regretting. We are going to indiscriminately kill as many humans as we can, until they kill us, we swear to that.

Finally, for those who want chaos, regardless of what groups or individuals they are, explosives await them. We learned that the Nucleus of Opposition to the System (NOS) dedicated another "friendly" statement to us. Is the individual who opposes there, do they want to do something useful? Stop whining leftist and attack and also look at your team, sympathizers and supporters. We know there are other sleepy groups out there, just as savagely attack. And as indiscriminate and opportunistic as we are, we also call on the mujahadin to attack indiscriminately. If you lone wolves have the ability, do it, against Christian targets or any other target of Western civilization.

This Moro spoke out about isolating faction leaders with the PCC and CV. We know how it ended in 2006, we know well that it will end again. Chaos and destabilization are already sighted on the horizon.

For the moment, the war of nerves.

With the wisdom of the ancients!
The play continues...

Individualists Tending to the Wilderness – Brazil
-Silver Secret Society

Message #73 – Wild Constellations Positions (Argentina)

January 7, 2019

Constelaciones Salvajes, an ITS group in Argentina, responds to the statements made in a television program in that country.

With the heat of the South rises the eco-extremist threat!

May its shoots grow to the sky!

[image not archived]

We take the floor to make some clarifications about a note made by TN, a mass media outlet in Argentina in which Gastón Cavanagh, the journalist who contacted us in the framework of the G20, is interviewed.

[image not archived]

Member of Savage Constellations with some weapons and materials to make bombs.

I. “Strange denomination”

We are Individualists Tending to the Wild, “Individualists” because our fight is for ourselves, not for the people, the masses or some oppressed group. We fight against civilization and humanity since their existence leads to the destruction of the wild nature of which we are a part, many do not want to see it, sooner or later it will be evident since the way our species lives is unsustainable, we are digging our own grave and that of the rest of life forms on this planet. The same scientists who work in the service of progress have been warning humanity for decades about the consequences of their actions. We are experiencing the sixth mass extinction of species in the history of this planet, greater than the one that occurred with the dinosaurs. In 2007, the UN announced that about 150 species are becoming extinct every day, more recent studies put the number at around 900, while only today 14,000 hectares of forest were cut down. Humans are not doing much better, suicides are counted by 3000 every 24 hours and in the same period of time 22,000 people die of cancer, the disease of the modern age. These figures serve to show the hypocrisy of a society for which "A single death is a tragedy and a million deaths is statistics." In this context it shouldn't be unusual for a few people to decide to take a consistent stance against all this system crap. We have murdered 8 people, we have injured a few dozen more, that is NOTHING compared to the destructive reach of the techno-industrial system, which in the time that we have been writing this has claimed more lives than our organization in the 8 years that it has been operating.

Tending to the Wild is about recovering the resistance actions of our native ancestors, for whom it was evident even more than 500 years ago that the arrival of those strange white men in their boats would only bring devastation and misery. It is about rejecting the morality imposed by society and valuing the natural over the artificial. Now you see all the children aboard the "eco-radical" fashion, friendly to the Mapuche cause or defending fourth wave feminism, they go to demonstrations and make threatening posts on social networks, where they swear revenge and death against the " males/speciesists/police” or enemy on duty. We go down the street and see a disgusting institution that promotes nanotechnology, which will later be used for the domestication or destruction of nature or to perpetuate harmful human existence and instead of unloading our frustrations on facebook/twitter or drowning them in drugs like most cowardly leftists, we make a pipe bomb and leave it on the doorstep for them to feel the consequences of their actions. That is, unlike the common person, we take a frontal attitude against the modern aberration in which we live. They may be outraged or condemn us through the media, in the case of journalists they must do so. But inside they know what we are talking about, sooner or later the account will be settled. When there is no uncontaminated drinking water left, when the forests die, and the seas and rivers dry up, they will know that the madness was not in opposing this way of life, but in perpetuating it.

II. Our war and our contradictions

We touch briefly on this point so as not to be too repetitive. We use technology, we live normal lives, we have smartphones, cars, houses, computers. Civilization with its way of life has dominated us, we have no illusions of changing that and on the contrary, we use the advantages of civilized life (cronyism, prejudices due to appearance, promiscuous solidarity, etc.) to develop our terrorist activities. If we wanted to change the system through consumer choices, as the stupid green fashion proposal points out, what we do would be contradictory, but our only goal is to sow chaos, any means is acceptable.

III. the unseen threat

The media is not sure if they should take us seriously. The reactions of the States increase this “shadow” that covers eco-extremist activities. In Mexico, where our brothers have been murdering human garbage since 2011, they have resolved to completely ignore our existence, now that a populist party governs, this trend will surely increase. This, on the one hand, gives greater impunity to groups that have demonstrated their ability to attack with industrial explosives such as C-4 and dynamite, pistols of different calibers, and even machine guns, but on the other hand, it makes it difficult for the eco-extremist threat to expand, although only partially. In Chile they go from focusing all their efforts on finding us, to denying our existence or planting strange conspiracy theories, this is due to their total ineffectiveness in catching those who have been mocking national security agencies for more than three years by carrying out attacks under their noses. In Argentina they have given wide publicity to our acts, but they back down when it comes to relating them to us and our demands, we are thinking of strategies to reverse that situation.

In December 2017, we sent a package-bomb to the dean of the UTN, at the time we did not reveal this information since we thought of attacking him again, we changed our minds after finding out that the authorities did know who the package was addressed to, something that it did not come out in the media and that we could only find out thanks to our informants. The workers at the Monte Grande power plant recounted how the nuts and bolts came out like bullets after the explosion, piercing other parcels, and how the closest person was blown away by the blast wave, one's ear burst, another he hurt his shoulder. If the package had been opened by Guillermo Oliveto at his desk and centimeters from his body as we had planned, it is not difficult to imagine what the result would have been. They can fear us or they can ignore us, while the humanist dream goes down the drain the worst monsters will continue to loom on the horizon.

IV. Proliferation of eco-extremism

Eco-extremism in Argentina has been an intermittent threat, in this past year we have not claimed any act, we have not attacked but the threat is there, with the patience of the ancestors waiting for its arrival when they least expect it. For now it was the turn of the Silvestre Secret Society and its attack that sowed panic in Brasilândia, followed by the Horde's bloodthirsty bomb and all the impact it has had, our time will also come.

Individualists Tending to the Wild – Argentina

Wild Constellations






Message #74 – Two Injured in Detonation in Church (Greece)

January 17, 2019

“A lot of people will classify us as crazy. Insanity is just a word for how far one is willing to go to accomplish one's goals."

"And when your existence is flooded with the blood of your dreams, always remember that: Abandonment is more dangerous than hope."

Close to completing one year of life as an active group, many things have changed since we began to walk this path of confrontation. We have evolved and learned both from our own experiences and from the teachings of our brothers and sisters. We have learned from wild nature and its cycles, and just as nature does not stop, neither do we.

On Thursday, December 27, we left a bomb at the door of the Agios Dyonisios church, in the heart of Athens. In the middle of an apparently "safe" and guarded zone and in a climate of anti-terrorist hysteria, we have entered and left the zone without any problem, shattering its illusion of security. (1)

[image not archived]

[image not archived]

Our Christmas present consisted of a box containing a soda can filled with black gunpowder which had nails attached to it and was tied with wire to two bottles of gasoline (one 500ml and one 250ml), as well as a handful of nails as a shrapnel stuck to the can. The artifact had a double activation system, on the one hand a timer and on the other a trap system which caused the explosion if the box was tried to be opened.

[image not archived]

[image not archived]

This has not been a symbolic act, our intention was for it to explode once the religious services scheduled for that morning had begun, either by activating the timed system or by opening it, with the desire to cause the greatest possible damage to the priests and/or or their flocks of believers.

Finally, a policeman and a church employee were injured, if their injuries were not more serious or even fatal, it was due to sheer luck or perhaps because the device did not burst with the expected force, we take this as a lesson for the next time.

We attack the church because we hate that despicable institution and because of its historical work for the development of Western civilized society. We hate your temples, your faith, your morals, your priests and your flocks. We laugh at the shows of indignation and rejection of the parrots of the media, politicians, the police and especially the hypocrites of the church, and even more we are going to laugh at their reactions when they read this.

However, our attack was not directed only against the church, but against the entire society.

If we indiscriminately attack society, it is, among many other reasons, because we do not believe in the dichotomy of “innocent” or “guilty”.

We do not believe all this leftist propaganda that tells us that the citizen, the people, are totally alienated and manipulated. Everyone makes their choices, most people directly or indirectly support and defend the civilization, the system, the existing one or whatever they want to call it because it provides them with what they want, what they want and need. The reality is that the techno-industrial system satisfies its slaves, in exchange for their lives and dignity. To a certain extent, it provides them with a stable, safe and calm life, it promises them golden dreams and as if that were not enough, it stuffs them with cheap entertainment, vices and leisure.

To believe that the problem is per se civilization and techno-industrial progress is to fall short of sight. Society (that is, not only as an abstract "entity" or set of relationships and interactions intertwined with each other, but as the set of communities, groups and individuals that form it) is today absolutely dependent on the artificial world/life created by the techno-industrial system. Humanity simply cannot (nor does it want to) live or survive without the "advances" achieved by scientific-technological-industrial progress, even though for the techno-industrial consumer society to be able to sustain itself, wild nature has to pay the price with its destruction. .

Humanity is not going to give up its unrestrained and insatiable lifestyle for nothing, in its head there is no room for thoughts about the negative impact they cause to the environment and wildlife. In any case it is too late to correct anything, environmental pacts, NGO campaigns, recycling and the false environmentalism promoted by the so-called "Green Capitalism" are useless and a facade to cleanse consciences. Meanwhile, recent news affirms that 60% of the wild animal life in the whole world has been eliminated from 1970 to the present day.(2)

Therefore, modern humanity itself is part of the problem, since its way of life represents an extreme threat to the wild nature. For these and other reasons, we position ourselves as enemies of humanity.

We rejoice to see how your society succumbs to misfortune and its own decadence, to see how criminal activity and social cannibalism take over the metropolises.

We rejoice to see how the savage relentlessly take revenge, ravaging their cities and defenseless citizens with earthquakes, volcanoes, storms, floods, fires and other catastrophes, reminding them how insignificant all their human achievements are.

We rejoice when our devices detonate in the middle of their damned urban areas and terrorize the citizens, when we see that our accomplices in other parts of the world continue to spread the virus of extremist individualist idea and action. We rejoice at the trail of victims and destruction that we are leaving in our wake.

This has been a sample of what is to come. With this we send a message, not only to state authorities or society, but also to all those who have positioned themselves as our enemies. Our hand does not tremble when it comes to shedding blood.
We will show no consideration or mercy to our enemies.

Our words and our actions will shock many, even those who proclaim themselves "anti-social", nihilistic and blah blah. They have a harsh discourse against the complacency and servility of the citizenry, who fill pages with hostile words against the masses and blame them for being an accomplice of the system but pull their hair out if a civilian is injured or killed, and that in that moment already passes from the category of "accomplice of the system" to "innocent victim". Obviously we do not expect them to understand us or share or justify what we say and do, in any case we do not ask for the support or approval of anyone, whether they like it or not.

We are not a handful of noble revolutionaries or a well-intentioned guerrilla fighting for justice, equality or some other humanistic illusion. We are not here to solve problems but to create them, we are a ruthless instrument of revenge of Wild Nature.

We dedicate our attack to the memory of the warrior Kevin Garrido, you live forever in our memory and in our actions.

Force the individualists at war with the existing!
Strength to our STI brothers and sisters in America and Europe!

Nothing is over, we will return...

Individualists Tending to the Wild – Athens

-Iconoclast Sect


(1) https://www.zougla.gr/greece/article/ekriksi-sto-kolonaki
(2) https://www.lifo.gr/now/perivallon/213206/i-anthropotita-sarose-tin-agria-zoi-eksafanisame-to-60-ton-allon-plasmaton-mesa-se-liges-dekaeties

Más noticias:

Message #75 (International)

February 22, 2019

Sent to the mail.

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“I love those who are capable of great contempt, for they too can venerate with great intensity, they are like arrows at will launched to the other shore. I love those who do not look beyond the stars for a reason to meet their twilight and sacrifice themselves, but who sacrifice themselves in honor of the Earth and so that the superman may emerge from it.”


We warn you, we have been saying it for years, ITS is an invisible threat that tends to Chaos in the name of the Wild, that conspires, creates networks, that does not stop and that has crossed entire nations and continents, expanding its presence with great power.
After the international coordination that we executed in December 2018-January 2019, we will not be minimized again, perhaps our future attacks will be hidden, but as long as we remain outside, we will continue leaving injuries and causing deaths, unleashing terror, paranoia and general alert in the countries where we choose to attack.

Our operational level in this coordination left States and Governments in check, caused great media impact, interviews and reports were produced that delved into the philosophy of the Trend, it also caused and most importantly; wounded and true terror.
We witnessed how collective panic took over the streets of Santiago de Chile for several days after the detonation of the explosive. From the great national alarm that put all security systems in trouble during Bolsonaro's seizure of power in Brazil. The explosions that deafened Mexico and the unprecedented attack that greatly alerted the intelligence services in Greece.

In this way and with sheer will our brothers around the world decided to join with gunpowder and staining the asphalt with human blood. As we said long ago, "the dead and wounded will be a blood offering to Wild Nature."

This coordination also responded to a call from the underworld, the death of a warrior will always be a reason to blow up the routines of the hyper-civilized, that is why this international operation is dedicated to the memory, life and death of Kevin Garrido. We hope that in the abysses you have heard the explosions and the cries of pain of the civilized ones that we hurt.

We are still outside, unpunished, ready for the next attack. They cannot stop this, because even if they arrested all the members of ITS in all the countries in which we operate, the threat against the civilized would continue, very few manage to understand that we, the individualists of ITS, are not only part of this Mafia of Indiscriminate and Selective Crime, but rather we are part of something bigger, we are part of the force of unleashed fire, of the destruction of tsunamis, of the untimely immensity of the inflamed sea, of what is incomprehensible to the modern human being.

We have demonstrated our reach and our operability, we have been in this since 2011 and our global presence began in 2016, until now, in 2019, we have NOT suffered casualties, nor have we had detainees, nor have the elite investigative agencies with their intimidating operatives, nor the anti-terrorist police have been able to find us, we have ridiculed them, and with this rhetorical declaration we are facing them, once again we repeat it: THEY ARE A MOCK!


“How many times did they try, plan, alert but they could never shoot us, they got on, they got off, they asked, they kept quiet, but in my [Mafia] no one ever speaks.”

There is no external financing for ITS, unlike other armed groups, ITS uses its own means, mainly several series of robberies and frauds that serve to support each small group. We are not the Islamic State that was financed by sympathetic sheikhs from Arab countries, we are not the FARC that in its beginnings were financed by Cuba and the USSR, we are not the ELF that received money from Infoshops, book fairs and anarchist events, etc. , that is why our artifacts are rudimentary, year after year, slowly and stealthily, the small groups of ITS are making firearms and experiences acquired from common crime, if in December and January we leave a mess with phosphorus gunpowder and black powder, you don't have to imagine what we will do when we attack with ANFO, C-4 or have AK47 rifles in our possession...
Prepare then for the next attacks, they will continue to rack their brains trying to find our whereabouts, after their pathetic unsuccessful searches will invent non-existent links with this or that group (and they have already done so, in Mexico they linked us with cartels and judges, in Chile with anarchist groups, in Greece with the Sect of the revolutionaries, ALL FALSE) because their incompetence and disappointing investigative work will be null before us, let it be known then that ITS moves ALONE, there is no one to "pull the strings", we handle ourselves differently and it has worked for us, the new form of criminality set up by these individualists converging on these acronyms continues its course.


We are certain that there are individualists out there with the same aspirations to destroy civilized morality and turn it into shit with gunpowder, fire and lead, we know very well that we are not the only ones who rejoice at the high number of deaths after the response of the Wild in Indonesia, of the gigantic fire that destroys everything in the United States and in Chile.

We are mindful that those like-minded individualists just need a push to create their own projects and little by little fill themselves with terrorist experience, the members of ITS from our own corners of America and Europe urge and support them in their process, we salute every politically incorrect text that is published, each amoral claim, each editorial project that the Tendency propagates and each sample of misanthropic hatred spat with disdain and disgust in the face of the disgusting society. Because if the anti-humanist criticism is REAL, it MUST have continuity.
We salute the small groups of accomplices in Italy, Peru, Turkey, Colombia, Germany, the United States, Holland, Canada, France, Uruguay, Finland, etc., know that all the small groups of ITS encourage you to continue with your war against the artificial by all possible means.


We are violent stars. Our actions precede us and we are proud to accept that historic role. We are flashes of primitive violence that awaken the civilized from their placid dreams of egalitarian societies and computer-designed worlds. Like a distorted mirror we show humanity its most twisted face, but equally its own, all that human that they would like to forget is reflected in us, restless they strive to hide our existence but our strength prevents them from achieving it, here we continue to remind the civilized that the war against chaos has not ended... And in the infected social body, the symptoms of this sick violence that is expanding are beginning to be noticed. Our accomplices overflow with impetus knowing this, their furious intentions overflow to break with the false modern peace.
Our role is uncomfortable, disconcerting for many. But we still claim it for ourselves, for years we have faced this path and left behind the point of no return, now we only have to escalate the violence, that the wounds become deaths in order to leave a scar on the body of history. . And that we be remembered for what we are, declared enemies of the human race.

We continue our war in the cities and in the Wild. Our motivations escape humanistic reason. In the dark of the woods. In the mountains isolated from all human traces. In the starlit night skies. In the light of the moon on the ground, because only in absolute darkness can its light power be appreciated. In the eternal noise of the river currents. In the flight of birds and in everything wild on earth. There are our motivations.
Through us flow into civilization the dark forces of the Wild and the ancient word of the primitive peoples who perished. Thus it flows, and is projected in the form of explosives and shots against humanity. Chile has precisely been the scene of all the revenge of the earth. Lately, the narrow country has registered ferocious forest fires in the south and terrible rains that have overflowed rivers in the north. The furious wind that knocked down a house in the southernmost part of the territory. Added to a 6.7 earthquake that affected the town of Coquimbo in January. All this is part of the violent response of the wild nature against the settlements of humanity. There is the unstoppable and omnipotent force that we obey and honor.

We will continue to attack, coordinating or not, and always keep in mind that we are the invisible threat that tends to Chaos, that honors the earth with hyper-civilized blood and that revives the dead with gunpowder and fire.

Chaos, Misanthropy and Wild Nature always!

Individualists Tending to the Wild-International

-Wild Ouroboros (State of Mexico, Mexico)
-Pagan Mountain Sect (State of Mexico, Mexico)
-Savage Serial Killers (State of Mexico, Mexico)
-Group 7 (State of Mexico, Mexico City, Nuevo León and Guanajuato , Mexico)
-Popocatzin Clan (Mexico City, Mexico)
-Desert Gang (Chihuahua, Mexico)
-Indiscriminate Group Tending to the Wild (Mexico City, Mexico)
-Eco-extremist Nihilist Mafia (Morelos and Mexico City, Mexico )
-Feral Delinquent Gang (Guadalajara, Mexico)
-Filter Edge Occult Clan (Coahuila, Mexico)
-Silver Secret Society (Brasilia, Brazil)
-Mystical Forest Horde – (Santiago, Chile)
-Uncivilized Southerners- (Santiago, Chile)
-Vengeful Inquisitor Flock (Santiago, Chile)
-Iconoclast Sect (Athens, Greece)
-Night Hunters (Athens, Greece)
-Wild Constellations (Buenos Aires, Argentina)
-Blood Red Sect (Buenos Aires, Argentina)

Message #76 (Mexico)

March 5, 2019

“At this point, I have to forcefully suppress a sigh. There are moments when I am assailed by a feeling darker than the blackest melancholy: contempt for men. So that there is no doubt about what I despise and whom I despise, I will say that it is modern man, of whom I am unfortunately a contemporary. The impure breath of the man of the day suffocates me”

Before all the sudden media scandal regarding our actions, we want to say a few things:

  1. ITS was not responsible for the explosive devices detonated in February in the State of Mexico, these were part of a coordination of a group called "Conspiracy of Thunder" (CT), and although we share certain motivations with them, they do NOT belong to ITS, don't give us the credit please. Although, from this small statement, we invite you to be part of this international group for Chaos, and that we share not only these acronyms but also the desire to see EVERYTHING burn, they certainly did a fairly clean, eminent job and their secrecy has put in tight to the state security agencies, ahuevo neighborhood!
    To the CT, we encourage you to continue your criminal project until the last consequences. (1)

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2. It is not much use trying to hide our presence wherever we operate, they have done it before and it has backfired, while today we are news in Mexico, we are also news in France because of the last interview we have given, lately there is talk about us in Chile, Brazil and Greece, so, Mr. President, let those useless senile and alternative hipsters you have as consultants inform you about ITS, because in your government, as in Peña's, we will continue with our attacks because we do NOT care if the governments in turn are from the right, from the left, from the center, they are ALL progressive and human progress is our goal. (two)

3. Apparently, after the coordination of the TC, there were a handful of people who decided to make bomb threats, leave fake grenades in courthouses and set buses on fire, the press has pointed out that we are also responsible for this, we will not deny it but We will not accept it either, we will only say that this is proof that it only takes a small action or several, so that others take the initiative and go out to make their own mess, that they get infected, go!
It is also proof that the existing collective paranoia reigns in a timorous society, accustomed to lynching or conformism to a reality so gray that just mentioning it disgusts. And how is it that with a single call threatening to detonate a bomb at a given time, how with a simple toy that looks like a grenade, etc., the established order becomes obsolete and broken by a single person who decided to break with the routine of the false Actually, there is a lesson here, and only the smartest will understand it. (3)

4. So much of the army roaming the streets, so many federal and state police arresting “suspicious” people, not so many operations in conjunction with the Tactical Group, nor the implementation of the National Guard, the terrorist actions of ITS, or of the Thunder Conspiracy, or any other group with similar motivations will continue despite whoever weighs them, no matter what happens, because remember it well, THEY ARE THE MOCK!

Continuing the international conspiracy project against human progress!
Cheer up crime!

With the Occult on our Side:
Individualists Tending to the Wild-Mexico

1) https://www.excelsior.com.mx/nacional/el-grupo-terrorista-its-pone-en-jaque-al-estado-de-mexico/1299712
2) https://www.tabascohoy .com/nota/471957/obrador-descarta-operacion-de-grupo-terrorista-en-mexico
3) https://www.elsoldemexico.com.mx/metropoli/policia/sigue-ola-de-vandalismo-en- valley-of-mexico-queman-mexibuses-in-ecatepec-3096312.html

Message #77 – On the Eco-fascist Macacre in New Zealand (Mexhico)

March 27, 2019

Sent to the mail.

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[image not archived]

I. Entrance

The commotion over the terrorist attack that left 50 dead in a mosque in New Zealand has been total, the impact caused by the author's words with his manifesto in the same way, so I felt the need to break down here and carry out a referent analysis To the above, and in passing, I think it is the perfect opportunity to give rise to a definitive differentiation between eco-extremism and eco-fascism, who is intelligent will understand it, who is not, will continue to brand us as eco-fascists like They have been doing it for some time, the brainless will continue to speak, writing thousand-page texts against us, editing entire books, holding events to discredit the ITS Mafia, but we will not stop in our actions or in our propaganda. , we came to stay,to be clear!

II. History, race and economic power

This is the central theme of supremacists of any kind (white, black, brown, yellow, etc.), race, they say that there is a war in the world that is unequivocally racial, and they are partly right. Focusing on white supremacists, the cause of race in many parts of Europe is the main driver that has made certain individuals or groups arm themselves to the teeth to defend it at all costs, and this is logical behind the feeling of belonging rooted in several European cultures dating back centuries, we can take here the example of the invasion, in Europe, unlike America, those who came to invade foreign lands were the Islamic governments, the Ottoman Empire took by force different European territories and entered economically in many more, of course, the invasion brought consequences, diseases, murders, rapes, prohibitions, and a series of actions that led to resistance against foreigners. Getting rid of political correctness, it is quite understandable that hatred for the strange that those societies that lived it in their own flesh engendered, for example, a white village where they live from agriculture, where everyone knows each other, has their beliefs attached to nature and where everyone lives relatively in peace is disturbed by the arrival of people who do not speak their language, who are of different skin colors and who not only impose their religion, but also murder, enslave and rape, The logical answer would be that the white people in the territories invaded by the Islamists would become hostile, that they cry out for revenge and that whenever they see a person with such characteristics they want to assassinate or expel him. The same thing happened in America, a village of brown-skinned hunter-gatherers and nomads who live according to their ancestral traditions, who have pagan animist beliefs attached to nature, where everyone knows each other and lives relatively in peace, is disturbed by the sore of white people, with blue eyes and yellow hair, they do not get to dialogue because they do not have the same language, they manage to impose Catholicism, burn their houses, kill the warriors and rape the women, what was going to be the response? Conflicts such as the Mixtón War and the Chichimeca War, among others. a village of brown-skinned hunter-gatherers and nomads who live according to their ancestral traditions, who have pagan animist beliefs attached to nature, where everyone knows each other and lives relatively in peace, is disturbed by the arrival of white people, with eyes blue and yellow hair, they don't get to dialogue because they don't have the same language, they come to impose Catholicism, to burn their houses, to kill the warriors and rape the women, what was the answer going to be? Conflicts such as the Mixtón War and the Chichimeca War, among others. a village of brown-skinned hunter-gatherers and nomads who live according to their ancestral traditions, who have pagan animist beliefs attached to nature, where everyone knows each other and lives relatively in peace, is disturbed by the arrival of white people, with eyes blue and yellow hair, they don't get to dialogue because they don't have the same language, they come to impose Catholicism, to burn their houses, to kill the warriors and rape the women, what was the answer going to be? Conflicts such as the Mixtón War and the Chichimeca War, among others. They don't get to dialogue because they don't have the same language, they manage to impose Catholicism, burn their houses, kill the warriors and rape the women, what was the answer going to be? Conflicts such as the Mixtón War and the Chichimeca War, among others. They don't get to dialogue because they don't have the same language, they manage to impose Catholicism, burn their houses, kill the warriors and rape the women, what was the answer going to be? Conflicts such as the Mixtón War and the Chichimeca War, among others.

That is why I think that hatred against foreigners is understandable for people who lived in those times, now, can that hatred be valid today? I mean, it is, but is it understandable? I guess for white supremacists it is, look at that after various united armies expelled the ottoman empire from European territories and returned them to their place, after hundreds of years had passed and the Middle East became poor and Europe rich, what the same successors of the Ottoman empire arrive again to "invade" but in a more subtle way again to Europe, it is like an insult to those who do not forget the story told above.

But the central cause here in the matter of invasions should not be race (since race is a secondary and irrelevant issue, since all human beings without exception are a hodgepodge of genes where "purity" comes second). term, ask a biogeneticist), but the economy, the main reason for the plunder of the Islamic towards Europe was the economic and territorial power, as well as the main reason for the invasion of Europe to America, and from Europe to Africa and from Europe to Oceania was the economy and the territory conquered. What is at stake here then? The supremacy, that of believing yourself more than everyone else and being the great conqueror of everything. The alleged “invasion” and “white genocide” that Brenton Tarrant talks about in his manifesto is just more than stinking garbage.

Jews, etc.) who divided up the world? Aren't whites the ones with the greatest notoriety in business, the media and who are the main opinion leaders? Isn't the English language (of whites ) the world language? The history of Europe is plagued by endless wars, they are drenched in a frantic ambition, they have always wanted to appropriate everything, and they have succeeded.

Here I am not saying that whites should be our target, because the STI war is not racial, we do not stop at reductionist issues like that, because for us, races are something secondary without any importance, for us, whites, black, brown, yellow, etc., are a uniform mass of humans, which contribute to the expansion of this cursed race that devastates nature and tends to progress, that is why ITS attacks regardless of race, age, sex, nationality , etc.

Returning to the subject, what should be noted here is that the same author is taking an indirect position of victimhood, putting the white race as vulnerable since whites, as I said above, are the ones who have taken over the world for centuries.

We in America should feel more furious about what they came here to do, there should be really dangerous armed groups and terrorists killing white Europeans and rescuing their native roots, but there aren't because they have tamed a lot of potentially dangerous individuals with their vices, alcohol for example, their drugs, their pornography, their video games, their technologies, their Judeo-Christian religions, their prestigious brands, their social networks, all white inventions (call them Europeans, Jews, Christians, etc.)

These shrieking white supremacists say there is a genocide of their race because Muslims come asking for jobs, put up mosques in their nice quiet neighborhoods and marry white women, but what a bummer! You European white supremacists don't know what it's like to suffer genocide, you don't know what it's like to be enslaved, poor and struggling to survive in places where you wouldn't last a fucking day. You are the same as the Jews, other shrieking bastards who moan and repeat the theme of the holocaust to disgust, being that here in America the invaders perpetrated the greatest massacres of which they have no idea because the official history does NOT put emphasis on this , the invaders murdered entire peoples, large numbers of native populations were erased and forgotten,

I emphasize, before the usual idiots read this and judge me, I am NOT anti-Semite, I am NOT anti-European, NOR anti-white, NOR am I American-centrist, NOR indigenist, NOR nationalist, let it be clear, I am only making known my position against the nonsense of Tarrant's statements and the TRUTH of what happens in the modern world away from what is politically correct.

They have wanted to banish us from official history, they have hidden inscrutable truths, they have sent us into progressive oblivion, but some of us know that memory does not fail us.

III. Eco-fascism vs eco-extremist misanthropy

For many, the Finnish writer Pentti Linkola is a benchmark of eco-fascism, the man who leads a simple life working in non-commercial fishing has several works where he has exposed his ideology that today, many have coined especially in Europe. The proposals of this gentleman range from the practice of eugenics to the dropping of bombs of mass destruction on large cities, this in order to have population control and the improvement of the race. The development of sustainable technologies and the conservation of species and ecosystems. The abandonment of technology and the return to a life in the style of the Middle Ages to counteract the damage to the environment that modern Western civilization has caused. All this will only be possible, according to Pentti himself,
Linkola has admitted feeling admiration for the handling and consolidation of Nazi Germany, which had certain characteristics attached to what the writer proposed. In general, the doctrine of this gentleman, with the historical load that he brings behind him, combines quite well with the feeling of nationalist appropriation of many Europeans, that is why it falls like a glove for many of them. Now, after the terrorist act in New Zealand, Tarrant has become an important actor for that doctrine, since he defines himself as an eco-fascist and in his manifesto he expresses proposals that coincide with Linkola's idea.

Of course, ITS strongly rejects eco-fascism not only because it proposes a political model such as a dictatorship (here it should be noted that we would equally reject it if the model were democratic, socialist, republican, etc.), but because the idea follows being progressive, it can clearly be seen that eco-fascism is a merely progressive doctrine, since it goes directly to proposing a social improvement and a better way of life for humanity itself, although its methodology and practice seem extreme (and it does which they are), reaches the same point of all humanist doctrines, progress as a species. Therefore, eco-fascism is rather a "humanist anti-humanist" doctrine, since it proposes the elimination of humans but at the same time justifies it so that other humans can live better, a kind of Thanos (yes,
We at ITS do not consider anyone's future, that is, we do not want a better tomorrow for Mexican or American children, or anywhere else, children, the elderly, youth, adults, we do not care. Their future is full of horrors or imposed ignorance that will make them live a long and dismal useless life.
We, compared to eco-fascism, are not moved by the desire to want to live better tomorrow, the present is what we have and that's it, this present is real shit, it stinks and disgusts you to vomit but it is what it is, it is what we have, on this we move and attack it from time to time since we are the pestilent reflection of a reality that overwhelms us and makes us sick.

The differentiation between eco-extremism and eco-fascism is clear, only an asshole or asshole does not see what is in front of him, although of course, we cannot expect much from people who experience a severe identity crisis and who do not even know what they are, men and women, and that to avoid puerile existential confrontations they omit their own gender with an “e” or an “x”.

IV. Anarchism, breeder of “monsters”

In his section “Answers to Possible Questions”, the author of “The Great Replacement” writes:

“Have you always had that vision?”
No, when I was young I was a communist, then anarchist and finally a libertarian and then I became an eco-fascist.”

For all those anarchists who are scandalized by what was perpetrated by this subject, who know this well, this "monster" came here after an ideological process that came from both communism and anarchism, and look what they spawned!
In the same way it happens on this side, we come from anarchism and look what we have become, in sociopaths with the desire to destroy everything and kill even the supporters of our past ideas!
Look what anarchism has spawned, misanthropists, murderers and terrorists like Ravachol, Di Giovanni, Gualliani, Mario Buda, Mauricio Morales, ITS, Thank you anarchism, thank you very much! And that speaking of the monsters that came out of the left, now that if we talk about the monsters that came out of anarchism towards the extreme right we can mention Tarrant and Benito Mussolini themselves, remember? Well, in his youth he was an active supporter of anarchist direct action in Italy, years later, he was inspired by his own youthful adventures beating opponents for the creation of the Black Shirts, those who beat up communist opponents of Italian fascism, but what story? No?

It's funny, Tarrant became the main protagonist of one of the biggest massacres perpetrated by white supremacists, the same Tarrant who years ago was an anarchist who perhaps hated white supremacists and who perhaps swore allegiance to his stateless complex, but how many turns gives life, chingao!

V. I close

The Tarrant attack has marked contemporary history, it will be the driver of future attacks in Europe and the United States, there will be consequences, and the Islamic State (which has reduced it to a guerrilla group), and Al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb have promised revenge and they have urged their lone wolves to attack white supremacists, of course ITS celebrates all this, we do not care about the tears of the massacred Muslims, nor the tears of the future victims of Islamic extremists, the Tarrant attack will bring Chaos and destabilization and if it comes, welcome.

For the arrival of Chaos in unexpected places!
Stirring up the forces of the Occult that roam everywhere!
Churches, temples, mosques, they all have to burn!


Individualists Tending to the Wild – Mexico

Message #78 – Delinquent Night (Chile)

March 31, 2019

Sent to the mail.

[image not archived]

ITS is fire and gunpowder, incendiary devices and nipple bombs, but we are also criminality and exploitation.

March 29 in Chile and the related southern lands are not indifferent. Away from commemorations and revolutionary acts, we took responsibility for the participation in the disturbances corresponding to the "day of the young offender" (sorry, combatant) of this year 2019. With our weapons, aided by the night and the assembled criminal mass, we contribute to the clashes. Vandalisms in which we have participated in previous years and that today for a purely strategic issue we make public.

[image not archived]

This date fills us with joy just like for September 11, we see in these historical commemorations the perfect opportunity to generate a bit of anarchy. We don't go out to commemorate or anything, we don't care about the fact that the confrontations are taking place tonight. We move away from the political charge that some leftists want to give to this night of pure crime. Make no mistake, we are not interested in commemorating the death of the Vergara brothers or saluting any fighting flag other than our own.

Preceded the day before by the paranoia imposed by criminals who rang their guns in the capital, we took the opportunity to unleash our amoral instincts in different parts of the filthy city, causing disorder and pulling the trigger as many times as possible, hoping that the bullet is inserted in some skull, of whoever, of some bastard, a curious passerby or journalist, any human can be our target.

Thus, in the midst of choros and delinquents, of hooded anarchists and revolutionaries, between flaytes and pasteros, in the middle of the population we are, the ghosts of ITS, the most wanted terrorists in Chile.

[image not archived]

Camouflaged among the crowd, we manage to get along at ease, in our bodies we carry weapons. This moment is the best option we have to shoot our firearms left and right, we shoot against the police, without caring that a civilian may be injured along the way. The firearms are complemented with bottles with gasoline and knives in case an issue arises.

[image not archived]

The media are happy year after year that this date together with the 11th are becoming less violent, but we who are immersed in the core know that this is not the case, although there are fewer spectacular events, criminal violence is more present and alive than ever and we, the members of ITS, are part of it with great honor.

We are not hiding behind this date, not at all, ITS has made that clear by striking when they least expect it, this is a warning, the mafia is spreading and fire and bullets will give way to gunpowder and shrapnel. It could be any day, do not forget that we are still in the shadows stalking new targets and that the only thing that has changed is that every day we are stronger.

Cheer up crime!

[image not archived]

Individualists Tending to the Wild-Chile

-Uncivilized southerners

-Vengeful Inquisitor Flock

-Mystic Forest Horde

Message #79 – Destructive Attacks on Flona (Brazil)

May 2, 2019

"We must walk here on Earth treading softly, like a bird that flies by in the sky and you look after and leave no trace."
– Ailton Krenack

Like the cycle of the waters we return to fight for the savage. Some dirty mouths spoke against us, frustrated CP and PF investigators hunted us down under rocks, but didn't even find us, and here we are again, the Wild Secret Society, wreaking havoc and terror.

[image not archived]

We assume the destructive attacks in the Brasilia National Forest (FLONA) occurred during the early hours of Sunday the 28th of this month, this time in the Taguatinga region. On the occasion we carry out the following attacks:

– Partial destruction of a signal tower under construction. We tried, but we couldn't bring down the tower. In any case, it has been disabled, the bases are seriously damaged, as well as the steel cables that support it and have been damaged. All wires were cut, including the ground wire;

– Total destruction of a solar panel intended to power the tower. We cut the lock on the panel control box with pliers and destroyed everything inside it. With hammers we destroy the entire plate;

– You paint with threats on several plaques in the forest, especially Ricardo Salles;

– Destruction of a small bridge for visitors inside the forest;

– After being greeted at the entrance and exit by an imposing Guará Wolf, as if greeting us, we caused the fire and destruction of two IBAMA (Brazilian Institute of the Environment) cars through incendiary devices of 8 liters of gasoline divided into four bottles tied to small explosives and several igniter fuses, left in the front and back of the trucks; Continue reading[es] (Brazil) ITS Communiqué 79: Destructive Attacks on FLONA →


Message #80 – First of May Destroyer (Chile)

May 2, 2019

Sent to the mail.

*Images have been compiled by ME.

[image not archived]

Once again we take advantage of the inert crowd in one of its many parties transformed into march. This time the world famous "worker's day", the first of May has been the perfect excuse to generate instability and anarchy.

With this little message we vindicate the participation in the disturbances of this first of May. In the middle of the crowd, in the middle of hooded vandals, we walked,

On this historic date the idiots march and sing, but not us. We do not go into the crowd to commemorate the "Chicago Martyrs," much less to demand improvements in labor laws. Our goal this time was fire and destruction.

Because we adore calcining flames, that orange color that burns, we are fascinated by the smell of benzine, it is she who is in charge of promoting the flames. Armed with bottles of benzine, we set out to burn whatever came our way. We spilled the flammable liquid and the lighter did the rest.

And don't be naive, tear gas canisters are not enough to unleash a terrible fire...

Scattered and always attentive to our peers, attentive to citizens who dare to play heroes, with us they will get it dearly.

I encourage the mecha, the auctioneers, the destroyers, the criminal looters and antisocial anarchists who contributed their instruments in this day of destruction and fire.

May begins and the "day of Chaos" is approaching. May Mauricio Morales be remembered with fire and explosions!

Death to the city and to human progress!

Individualists Tending to the Wild – Chile

-Uncivilized Southerners

-Vengeful Inquisitor Flock

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Message #81 – Damares Walks in the Valley of Death (Brazil)

May 5, 2019

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Today we learned through the press about the possible resignation of the head of the Ministry of Women, Family and Human Rights, Damares Alves (1). The information is still confusing, perhaps intentionally denied to avoid further erosion of a government falling apart and that has already lost some ministers. Whether it goes on or not, there is discomfort, that's a fact, it may be emotional exhaustion on Damares' part. El Veja, the media that reported first-hand this possible resignation of the minister, was clear, there were death threats, opposition and attacks. The media scored and it is right, certainly the greatest threat until then came from us, from the Silvestre Secret Society when we left a 5-kilo explosive device with high destructive power in a church in Brazlândia (2). We didn't care how many we would have killed and if we directed the attack to a specific group, religious Christians, the same group as Damares, even if she is Protestant. We looked at this group and we had our reasons, and at the time we made clear the threatening position and our homicidal intentions also against Damares Alves. Let it be clear that they still exist, and are increasingly dangerous. The Federal Police, with the help of Abin and other agencies, carried out a major operation, but arrested random people, not us (3). We continue to develop and attack. The last attack was in the early hours of last Sunday (28) in the Brasilia National Forest where we left a trail of destruction in FLONA and set fire to two IBAMA cars (4). The attack is being investigated by the Federal Police according to Sérgio Moro (5). Of course, we recorded the moment to make it clear that we were the authors, the video can be accessed by anyone. Already on this occasion we concentrate our threats especially on Ricardo Salles, he is even one of the reasons for the chosen target (ICMBio and IBAMA). So, you can be walking in the valley of death, Damares, walking on eggshells, or better, in a minefield. Has a church cult thought of him blowing up like in Sri Lanka? Or a political event of yours? And a deadly toxin in some of your food? A bullet in his head while he commutes to work? There are limits to precautions when he is a public figure, and besides, the walls have eyes. We are willing to take this to the most extreme consequences. Silence precedes explosion, wait. we recorded the moment to make it clear that we were the authors, the video can be accessed by anyone. Already on this occasion we concentrate our threats especially on Ricardo Salles, he is even one of the reasons for the chosen target (ICMBio and IBAMA). So, you can be walking in the valley of death, Damares, walking on eggshells, or better, in a minefield. Has a church cult thought of him blowing up like in Sri Lanka? Or a political event of yours? And a deadly toxin in some of your food? A bullet in his head while he commutes to work? There are limits to precautions when he is a public figure, and besides, the walls have eyes. We are willing to take this to the most extreme consequences. Silence precedes explosion, wait. we recorded the moment to make it clear that we were the authors, the video can be accessed by anyone. Already on this occasion we concentrate our threats especially on Ricardo Salles, he is even one of the reasons for the chosen target (ICMBio and IBAMA). So, you can be walking in the valley of death, Damares, walking on eggshells, or better, in a minefield. Has a church cult thought of him blowing up like in Sri Lanka? Or a political event of yours? And a deadly toxin in some of your food? A bullet in his head while he commutes to work? There are limits to precautions when he is a public figure, and besides, the walls have eyes. We are willing to take this to the most extreme consequences. Silence precedes explosion, wait.

Individualists Tending to the Wild – Brazil
-Wild Secret Society

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Message #82 – Vindication of Failed Attack Against President of Metro. (Chile-argentina)

May 9, 2019

Sent to the mail.

We are back, the mafia spreads and creates networks from north to south and from east to west. We crossed the mountain range like our ancestors who moved from one place to another through the snowy mountains to barter, only this time it was not an exchange of food, skins or cattle, this time we traded an explosive device, that's right, a bomb package type. Device that was made by an accomplice artisan from the western lands, who, without a doubt, and as has been shown in previous attacks, knows how to work this type of mechanism very well. What do we offer in exchange for such a great and devastating creation?... simply our action.

We cross its border limits to meet face to face with our brothers on the other side, we meet again and open again the mystical and ancestral connection that only fierce souls can gestate, we chat, laugh and conspire to generate Chaos.

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We carefully conspired in the shadows to be able to choose who would be worthy of the explosive. Disgust and rage flooded our being, the construction and inauguration of the new line three of the subway deserved revenge. And so it was, just like with the “miner”, this time we focused on the president of Metro de Santiago, LOUIS DE GRANGUE CONCHA. The civil engineer whose name and existence represents one of the largest transportation companies in this country. Metro de Santiago is the company that claims to provide solutions and progress to the "great city", with its future projects and those already carried out, only manage to gnaw and destroy the earth even more, opening it up and tearing it up for more and more kilometers, terribly damaging the soil . In the name of human progress they transport and carry from one place to another the sheepish and monotonous civilized bastards. And so, at the expense of the wounds inflicted on earth, they continue to increase their fortune.

In the face of all these devastating actions, we could not sit idly by, we had to do something, we felt more and more the call of the wild, we felt restless living inserted in this disgusting city. It was only enough to leave this city and live a few days in the wild nature and be able to fill ourselves with strength, we left our refuge to be able to materialize our anti-humanistic desires. With this explosive gift we reclaim every square inch of land that is taken away to make way for stupid and putrid progress. We cannot allow them to continue installing their destroying machines to install their high-tech trains that drive themselves and even replace the human being, and that only serve to carry the human crowd.

With our attack we do not seek to put an end to the Metro company, or for them to depose their projects, that would be stupid and naive. We only seek to honor the earth with explosions and blood. This time it has been the maximum representative of Metro, yesterday it was Codelco, tomorrow some other important executive.

Just as we did with Oscar Landerretche, once our prey was chosen, we prowled his house, we checked his safety and we walked through the residential neighborhoods that claim to be the safest in the city, we the most wanted, right under his nose we we laugh once more. We looked the target in the eye, he looked at us, but he didn't see us, he didn't see our intentions. In our refuge we analyzed the option of assassinating him directly, it was feasible to execute him, we have the tools and the will, but this time we gave up. For the moment we continue with the explosive gifts that carry death. Blades and bullets are increasingly thirsty for hyper-civilized blood, as we have said before... the dead will tell them...

We did the exact same thing and they don't learn, but they say that humans are the only species that stumbles twice over the same stone... maybe that's why humanity is doomed to extinction... without a doubt we act in the shadows so as not to be detected , we are covered and protected by the pagan deities of our ancestors. That is why it is so difficult for them to find our whereabouts, because by the time they open their eyes we will already be comfortably seeing and enjoying our chaotic creation, from the other side of the Andes mountain range or from the extreme south of the continent.

This time the satisfaction was not complete and it did not end as we expected… From Grangue, you have to get an appointment with a pedophile band-aid to change your name, from now on you will be baptized as The LUCKY, only chance saved you.

We move south, from capital to capital, from sea to sea, through the whitish mountain and they are not even close to being able to catch us. We continue the war against modern humanity and its progress, it is we, the ghosts of ITS; the Mystic Horde of the Forest and the Red Blood Sect uniting in the conspiracy and in the materialization of our inhuman desires.

[image not archived]ITS-Chile mystical amulet

They already know us, and we have said it in different communiqués, or they are short-sighted or they don't want to or they are simply inept. We said it last January when we embedded burning iron in civilized meats “Great executives, politicians, students and simple citizens are in our sights. The explosion will warn them…” And so it was, this time it was the progressive Lucky Grangue, tomorrow it could be any other guy who thinks he is important, who represents a company that wants to introduce progress, carry out extraction work, denigrate our ancestors or, just someone like YOU.

In the name of progress and its rotten civilizations, modern humans will continue to terribly damage the earth, that will not change. But remember that we are here, attentive to what happens, writing down names, verifying addresses, we are here to minimally return the damage caused to our environment and for that we use homemade explosives and other weapons.

Continue in your frenzy of science and progress that here we will continue to attack in the name of everything wild on earth. For the rivers and mountains, for the bugs and birds, for the puma and fox, for the ancient warriors who fought civilization and for those who filled us with their beliefs and spirituality.

The unfortunate modern humanity deserves the worst, they deserve destructive earthquakes, floods, killer tsunamis and volcanic eruptions that burn. Our bombs and the blood we spill are only a small offering to wild nature.

The spirit of the misanthropic warrior Mauricio Morales has inspired us in our attack, in this special month for Chaos we honor the antisocial memory of the punki mauri.

With the spirits of wild warriors Kevin Garrido and Mark Conditt always on our wanderings, in the abysses continue your demonic dance!

From north to south, from coast to coast and between the mountain ranges; forward with the war Eco-extremist mafia brothers!

War on modern humanity, its progress and its science!

Misanthropy, Chaos and Wild Nature always!

Individualists Tending to the Wild – Chile, Argentina

-Blood Red Sect

-Mystic Forest Horde

Message #83 – Message From Its-sur (Chile, Video)

May 10, 2019

Received in our mail.

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[image not archived]ITS-Chile mystical amulet

Louis de Grange Concha, today you narrowly missed dying or being seriously disfigured. Our explosive gift, unlike the one we occupied with Landerretche, promised death. The steel nipple with almost half a kilo of black powder and a dozen bolts spared your life...

And no, Louis, we didn't choose you because you belong to a state company, nor the miner in 2017, we chose them for being in charge of corporations that destroy the Earth, period. The idiots raise conspiracy theories of laughter, but the truth is in the facts and whoever does not want to believe, suck it, keep sucking it.

We shit on state security, we go through the "nato" to the left, to the right and to the center. For the tip of the beak to Chadwick, the ANI, the GOPE, the OS9 and all those shitty institutions.

We are going to continue our terrorist actions in the name of the Unknown and the Wild. We are going to continue manufacturing explosives and creating indiscriminate and selective terror.

In January we attacked humanity randomly, today we attack a specific human who ran lucky.

This time he was the highest representative of the Metro, tomorrow who knows, maybe one of his cars will detonate or catch fire. Time and our wills will tell...

We are still outside, free and wild in total impunity, they will not be able to catch us easily because we are blessed by the spirits of the ancestors. We walk with the deities of the Hain ritual, the pillans of the Mapuche warriors guide us and take care of us.

In the video that we expose below, the creation of Chaos is materialized. This record is the only evidence of our adventures, they are the only traces of our horrendous crimes. This audiovisual material is dedicated to restless minds that are just waiting for a boost to jump into the terrible abyss of action.

We fiercely encourage the war of antisocial anarchists. Let the fire extinguishers with gunpowder, wild fires and direct shots return as in the old days.

Forward brothers of ITS in Mexico, Argentina, Brazil, United Kingdom, Greece and Spain, in the lands of the end of the world the war continues!

Individualists Tending to the Wild- South

-Blood Red Sect

-Mystic Forest Horde

Video player

[video not archived]

Descargar archivo: https://archive.org/download/polka_201905/polka.mp4?_=1

Message #84 – Frustrated Massacre, on the Historic Shooting in the South (Chile)

May 29, 2019

Sent to the mail.

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[image not archived]

South of Chile, Los Lagos Region, city of Puerto Montt , where the southern land begins to split. May 27, 2019, 9 in the morning and an antisocial soul gets ready to generate his infernal desires. Fate, bad luck, the defective weapon, who knows, the truth is that the greatest tragedy was frustrated that day, a tragedy that promised to become a massacre.

Death did not want to embrace the cursed south and instead only calmed down with a seriously injured man.

Thus, in the purest style of " Columbine Massacre" (keeping the proportions) a masked and armed 14-year-old adolescent bursts into his school with a revolver. He walks stealthily until he reaches a classroom where he shoots his gun three times, injuring a student in the neck with one of them (who he saved from dying), and immediately fleeing quickly.

What we have just reported is a milestone in the history of Chile, even knowing that there were no fatalities in the event, the feat in this case still prevails because of the intentions, the terrible intentions. Although the causes of the armed attack by the teenager are not completely clear, the facts, the images and what he left written are illuminating.

"Wow , apparently it didn't work out, if it happened it's because they gave me reasons. Each one who died was for something.

This was what the letter found in the young man's home said, in addition to having more than a dozen replacement bullets, all this clearly indicates that his claims were greater.

[image not archived]

We could elaborate theories as to why the massacre did not materialize, such as, for example, that the revolver was defective and he could not continue firing, -remembering that he fired his weapon three times- and because of that he had to abort the mission. Or, the fact that the quasi- murderer was inside the room for more than three minutes, what did he do? what did he say? , He sat quietly and waited for the moment? did you hold them hostage?, endless questions that will hardly be answered. In any case, the transcendental is in the infernal intentions of the boy, in his brave and determined crime of contempt for human life.

Unprecedented shooting in the cursed lands of the south to which ITS could not remain indifferent. The truth is that the south is soaking up the new criminality that they will not be able to stop so easily.

We continue to make history with our attacks, others commit their crimes, and others unleash their fierce desires.

We, as an extremist group with misanthropic tendencies, of course embrace this type of action, in general we feel sympathy for criminality in its broad spectrum, but this type of coldly executed, violent and homicidal actions have a greater meaning and weight for us. Especially when they come from the complete individuality, the materialization of the dark desires of a person are always redeemable .

Actions like these unleash the dark forces of Chaos and come with intrinsic value.

Little teenager, your massacre did not work out, but you have given us a breath of fresh air for our wanderings, you earned a place in the history of the Unique and only for reasons we did not witness your homicidal rage. Find out there, in your house arrest that the members of ITS salute your courage, celebrate it and immortalize it, because you were Chaos wielding your weapon, the abyss awaits you...

You almost did not join the savages Luis Henrique de Castro and Guilherme Tucci , the homicidal Vladislav Roslyakov , the terrible Dimitrios Pagourtzis , the bloodthirsty Nikolas Cruz, Federico Guevara , the cold-blooded young Jaylen Fryberg , the macabre Will Cornick , the ruthless Sergey Gordeyev , the horrendous Thomas Lane , the bestial Tim Kretschmer and many more homicidal children.

Unhappy modern humanity, cities and civilization, made us sick, intoxicated us with progress and modernity, bear the consequences. We are what arose from their own shit and our crimes are the agonizing response.

Package bombs , arsons and school gunmen to civilization!
Let the gringa “tradition” be implanted in the south!

-Individualists Tending to the Wild-Chile

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Message #85 – Deconstructing a Political Invention With Our Name (Brazil)

July 14, 2019

Sent to the mail.

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Until now we had decided not to talk about it as it was only "behind the scenes" and didn't matter much to us until then, but as it has now become publicly a political narrative, this positioning is vital to getting our name out of the public eye. dirty mouth of liars for political purposes.

Since we emerged publicly, there are many who try to understand our motives, and the interpretations of who we are vary according to the group of observers, each one more fanciful than the other. In short, for those of the political right we are a terrorist group of the extreme left, and for the leftists we are a fascist group created by the right, both theories based on political justifications. It is not surprising and it is already repetitive, but we reaffirm that we are neither one nor the other, and we are beyond politics. ITS is a nihilistic group with an extreme ecological tendency. Using a more complex language, a lot of "fake news" is created about us, even in Wikipedia some lies have been included.

The world has learned a lot from the strategies of Steve Bannon, and particularly in Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro was elected only because of the massive strategy of virtually propaganda lies and some political maneuvers executed by the judiciary that is now in the foreground. But not only does the lie come from the right, the left also loves it. Journalists and left-wing sites clearly interested in Bannon's strategy, which he criticizes so much, have created hilarious lies about ITS, as was the case with DCM (1), Brasil247 (2) and Revista Fórum (3), which put us in a paranoid right-wing invention to justify a "coup d'état" due to the evident failure of the government of Jair Bolsonaro. For them, we were invented a few months ago by the “right-wing fascist government” as a secondary strategy to “create a climate of urgency” to “block democracy” and “build a police state” (in the words of Mauro Lopes). What words of bad faith, Mauro. In this way, it hurts the journalistic spirit and degrades to the level of sites like O Antagonista. We are not a "very serious political operation created by Bolsonarism" a few months ago. For a good investigative journalist, it is clear that we emerged publicly in 2016, long before the current government, even during the presidency of Dilma Rousseff, who was later overthrown and Vice President Michel Temer took over. On that occasion, we started in the opening week of the Olympic Games (4) shortly after the show articulated by the then Minister Alexandre de Moraes, who extravaganted a Federal Police operation that arrested an alleged Brazilian cell of the Islamic State, which was actually a group of incapacitated initiates and without any personal contact between them or ability to attack. They didn't attack and were arrested and staged, but we attacked. We blew up a pressure cooker filled with nails and spheres on the upper platform of the bus station in Pilot Plane (5). If we're not mistaken, we never revealed this information, but it was NOT the initial site of the explosion, but IN A LINE of dozens of people waiting to board a parked bus. We only changed the venue at the last moment because the area was infested by police and army officials, just 4 days before the start of the Olympic Games that year. What if we had exploded in the intended place? How many would not have been injured or killed? That was in 2016, and Bolsonaro didn't even have a shot at the presidency at that time, no matter how difficult he thought. Dilma leaves, Temer returns, and we continue the attacks, here in Brasilia and elsewhere, in the dark and in public. Temer leaves and Bolsonaro enters, and we continue planting explosives and causing fires. But for the "respected" leftist journalism, "we are a clear fascist invention of the extreme right to justify a state of exception under the government of Jair Bolsonaro." You are causing self-embarrassment of this stupidity, my dear. and Bolsonaro did not even have a chance of becoming president at the time, no matter how difficult he thought. Dilma leaves, Temer returns, and we continue the attacks, here in Brasilia and elsewhere, in the dark and in public. Temer leaves and Bolsonaro enters, and we continue planting explosives and causing fires. But for the "respected" leftist journalism, "we are a clear fascist invention of the extreme right to justify a state of exception under the government of Jair Bolsonaro." You are causing self-embarrassment of this stupidity, my dear. and Bolsonaro did not even have a chance of becoming president at the time, no matter how difficult he thought. Dilma leaves, Temer returns, and we continue the attacks, here in Brasilia and elsewhere, in the dark and in public. Temer leaves and Bolsonaro enters, and we continue planting explosives and causing fires. But for the "respected" leftist journalism, "we are a clear fascist invention of the extreme right to justify a state of exception under the government of Jair Bolsonaro." You are causing self-embarrassment of this stupidity, my dear. But for the "respected" leftist journalism, "we are a clear fascist invention of the extreme right to justify a state of exception under the government of Jair Bolsonaro." You are causing self-embarrassment of this stupidity, my dear. But for the "respected" leftist journalism, "we are a clear fascist invention of the extreme right to justify a state of exception under the government of Jair Bolsonaro." You are causing self-embarrassment of this stupidity, my dear.

Public Agency, once published an interesting report showing how right-wing terrorist attacks promoted the AI-5 (6) in times past. That makes sense, not this narrative that these newspapers have constructed. Do these leftists think that if the government was behind the attacks we committed, they would be executed as we executed them? With the same materials we use? With the same frequency? Or the same goals? They need to read some novels to stimulate their creativity and create something more spectacular, not these cool, paranoid narratives.

Equally crazy is the right that puts us as an "invention of the PCC." On the eve of Jair Bolsonaro's seizure of power, we declared ourselves aligned with the PCC and the CV, but this referred only to an intellectual alignment with the chaotic intentions of these groups in opposition to the politicians and the military, revealed together with the escape plans drawn up by the São Paulo faction last year. There are no direct dialogues with these groups, nor agreements. But that does not mean that there is no interest on our part. Therefore, we are also not an invention of those criminal factions.

The extreme right-wing journalist of the Terça Livre site, Fernanda Salles, recently contacted the blog Curse Eco-extremist saying that she was being "threatened by the Secret Society of Silvestre", and the administrators of the blog passed me this information and the contact of the journalist. We never threaten journalists. So we are not the authors of the threats against Allan dos Santos or this reporter. At that time we said that we were not responsible and that it mattered little to us, that they should call the police if they felt threatened. The curious thing is that Fernanda later wanted to transmit information about the people behind the alleged threats, as if she wanted to turn us against her to look for them and "revenge us", which did not happen, since we were not interested in this alleged fight, although it implied (in a non-public way) our name. The journalist Allan do Santos, the journalist Fernanda Salles and the Terça Livre site are responsible for a lot of “fake news” (7), so we would not be surprised if they create these supposed threats using our name to play against their political opponents. But we also do not rule out that a mediocre leftist uses our name to achieve political ends with these threats.

The political narrative with our name has intensified and reached levels that infuriate us. The new chapter of this lie was published by O Antagonista. On the 3rd of this month, the site published an alleged email received by Senator Marcos do Val (8), rapporteur of the "package against crime", and the email was allegedly signed by us. Marcos handed over a video to the Federal Police in which he shows armed men hanging around his house, indicating that they allegedly threatened him for denouncing the damaged “package” prepared by Sérgio Moro. We didn't send any emails to Marcos and no ITS members ran around this senator's house. In summary, either it is a farce of the right to “create a dangerous enemy of the left” to demoralize it (further) or it is a union of the left to block the advancement of right-wing political projects through terror. Everything related to our activities is reported in the ITS “spokesperson” blogs, if it was not disclosed in these spaces it is because it is not ours, they are just lies.

The left calls us the “fascist invention of the extreme right”, the right calls us the “communist invention of the extreme left”, and from afar we watch, sometimes laughing quite a lot, or getting angry. Two stupid, unsuccessful groups, clearly flawed in their political articulations and both harmful to the few things that matter to ITS. It is not because we anger the government of Jair Bolsonaro that we are on the left. It is being colossally damaging because wilderness has no political sides, no flags. The left during the last years of the administration was also seriously damaging as any other government would. So fuck that whole structure, it's not what we deal with or care about, if every civilization collapses before our eyes with its policies and values, we will enjoy the laughter. We are more concerned about the skeletal polar bears that walk hundreds of miles in search of food and feed on piles of garbage (9), with bees that produce honey with waste (10), with marine animals with human garbage fused into their bodies (11), with birds feeding their chicks with cigarette butts (12), with forests decimated by progress (13), with mineral dams breaking and swallowing ecosystems (14), that is what matters to us. We don't care about anything else. with birds feeding their chicks with cigarette butts (12), with forests decimated by progress (13), with mineral dams breaking up and swallowing ecosystems (14), that is what matters to us. We don't care about anything else. with birds feeding their chicks with cigarette butts (12), with forests decimated by progress (13), with mineral dams breaking up and swallowing ecosystems (14), that is what matters to us. We don't care about anything else.

Individualists Tending to the Wild – Brazil
-Wild Secret Society

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Message #86 – Denying the Arrest of One of Our Own (Chile)

August 9, 2019

We're still here, watching and laughing from the shadows while the police feast on their alleged ITS member detainee, know that they are as always WRONG and in their incompetence they make a fool of themselves again as they have done all these years.

The dead protect us and that is why we throw our praises at them before the attack, the cursed deities of the South cover us with their mantle and we come out unscathed again and again.

We are already used to the inventions of the pacos and on this side of the mountains they are not news, do you remember the mockery that was the Bombas Case at the time?, or the constant failed set-ups against the Mapuche people that have even ended with processed pacos and the biggest MOCK that all his inquiries and investigations have been since we lacerated the skin of the stinking miner in 2017.

The lie has short legs, and all its words must be swallowed when we unleash Chaos again, sooner rather than later in these southern lands.

We do not know who Camilo is, the truth is that he is not part of the ITS Mafia, therefore he has had nothing to do with the bombings of Laderretche, Louis de Grangue and the other four that are attributed to him, those are only OURS, and Those who today rejoice in the capture of a dangerous terrorist will have to end up accepting that they have probably only caught a vandal, because the so-called "materials for the manufacture of explosive devices" can be found at home by anyone, screws, adhesive tape, matches. , coal, etc. But of all that they are saying, the funniest thing is that of the "lone wolf", that neither Mr. Chadwick, nor the prosecutor nor anyone with a bit of common sense believes it. Was a single person manufacturing and shipping explosives, injuring people of influence and single-handedly? HA! We wish we had a goat like that within the Horde.

The call of the wild has summoned us to the fierce defense of wilderness, and we will continue down that path to the end, down the path of terror and explosives, wounds and murder.

And if one day they could really arrest us or kill us, from hell we will continue with our war, like Kevin, like Mark, like Mauricio and like all the ancients who faced the advance of civilization.

Death to civilization and human progress!

Death to their lies and trickery!

Until the last eco-extremist is killed, we continue to wage war!
Individualists Tending to the Wild-Chile

-Mystic Forest Horde

Message #87 (Mexico)

September 27, 2019

Sent to the mail.

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Taking advantage of the popular outcry, the demand for justice, the tolerant administration of the capital authorities and police incompetence, members of Individualists Tending to the Wild have infiltrated yesterday's demonstration and have been participants in the disturbances generated in the center of the disgusting Mexico City.

Once again, Chaos took over the streets and our small groups, together with other rabid antisocials, unleashed several targets within reach of our hands. This is not the first nor the last time that we interfere in a peaceful march, let it be clear that ITS takes any opportunity to unleash Chaos, confusion and destabilization, we really do not give a shit about their demands (from anyone).

For the brainless we clarify that this is a small letter of OUR responsibility in those riots, with this it does not mean that we were TOTALLY responsible for the beautiful violence of a few hours ago, the merit also belongs to others with whom we share hoods , sweat, teasing and effusiveness.

For the Hidden and the Unknown:
Individualists Tending to the Wild – Mexico

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Message #88 (Chile)

October 20, 2019

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We incite chaos and destruction and once again we take advantage of the crowd in the demonstrations of these southern lands, to generate instability.

Infiltrated in the midst of the alienated horde, in the midst of hooded vandals, we walked with a single objective: fire and destruction.

We adore the burning flames, penetrating, seeing how everything burns, benzine has been a good ally, Armed with bottles of flammable liquid, we proceed to burn everything, stealthy and always attentive to our kindred, scattered, we continue, continue and continue here, observing and laughing from the shadows.
Cheer up to the lumpen, wicks, destroyers, criminals, looters, thieves, amoral
The day of the cases is approaching and we wish
Death to the city and human progress!



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Message #89 (Chile)

October 25, 2019

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“In effect, the fundamental claim of Anarchism in order to eliminate all principle, order or government –Arkhé–, nevertheless implies, and as the Eco-extremists point out, the fundamental subsistence of the Social, and in it, of the Human. .

Faced with this, as we have seen, Eco-extremism seeks exactly the elimination of the Human and its "Regression" to "the wild" and the "individual", to erect the "Non-human", thus eliminating metaphysical dualism. That is why the Eco-extremists do not consider themselves or act as simple anarchists. They do not seek

only the elimination of all principles. What they seek is the elimination of the human subject.”

“(…) NO “they have more animosity towards the people who were from the Concertación than towards the right-wing people themselves”: it does not matter to them if they assassinate someone from the right, from the left, from above, from below, black, white, Chinese, Jewish, Palestinian, straight, gay, male or female, child or old, disabled or Olympic champion, poor or rich, dumb or smart. To them, any civilized Human deserves to be dead.”
-What is Eco-extremism?
Analysis of “Individualists Tending to the Wild”

“The world is like an hourglass, on the upper side is civilization, with all its rigid structures that seek to ensure law and order, sustained by the weight of its legal and moral frameworks that work to keep the whole cohesive. The lower side is Chaos, and little by little, the sand is falling. With it fall all illusions of progress, all dreams of worlds of comfort and security. Nowadays, the upper side is still quite full, but little by little, Chaos is taking shape. It is only a matter of time before the world of human superiority dissolves into the eternal waves of Chaos and Savagery. Meanwhile, we prefer to enjoy the fall,

-Eighth interview with ITS.

We arrive at the moment when the gates of hell open and the darkest instincts are unleashed. The invisible threat unfolds now, in broad daylight, stealing, looting, burning...

Through the streets of Santiago we go with our daggers and our homemade gadgets looking for chaos, and to get straight to the point, we claim the most notorious acts of which we took part in the midst of the riots:

– Indiscriminate burning of luxury and non-luxury cars, at least three burned completely.
– Stabbing a hero-citizen who tried to direct the military towards our capture with his screams, a couple of thrusts and we left him on the ground, losing blood, hopefully he has added to the list of dead.
– Beating up a woman who tried to film our faces while we proceeded to set some cars on fire. like we care!

The forces of the earth together with all their mysticism have awakened us from our rest by whispering their anathema in our ears: "Let the whole world burn", and we have responded as we have done until now, dancing among the flames celebrating the awakening of the new warriors that they move like the young Klóketen, just like we did back in 2016 with our first attacks.

Whether they call us fascists, infiltrators, agents of disorder, WE DON'T CARE, we are extremist terrorists and if we have to "infiltrate" with the anarchists to loot a supermarket or burn a bus we will do it, if we have to "infiltrate" with militants of the extreme right and take advantage of the chaos to burn down synagogues, it will be. Because we are like the storm that breaks out without warning, like the tsunami that devastates everything and makes no distinctions of class, gender or anything. We were, are and will continue to be UNKNOWN WILD NATURE.

This is a call to all provocateurs, psychopaths, the worst of the worst in society, to become part of the riots to take destabilization one step further, we know that for years these frozen lands of the South have been the home of countless demons who now have their chance to come out like us, with chaos in their hands to become part of this war and enjoy the disaster watching everything fall apart.

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A war salute to the "Inciters of Chaos", a new ITS group in Chile that has also participated in the disturbances, wherever they are, may the Unknown keep them little brothers!

Always on the side of Chaos!
Against human progress and its dirty civility!

Individualists Tending to the Wild- Chile
Mystical Horde of the Forest

Message #90 (United States)

November 11, 2019

Our thirst for blood has been quenched and we praise Pan and Dionysus and all the Unknown for leading us to this action. Like forest predators, we pick up the scent of our victim and act on our hunger for human blood. We SHIT all Western morality and all our American anarchist detractors. We rejoice in the rise of death itself from the Undersea world as our personal accomplice. After the action, we celebrated, fornicating while the sweet blood of our victims was still fresh on our hands. Wishing death to all civilization, our group of extremists happily assassinated two techno-executives on the West Coast, Tushar Atre and Erin Valenti. We carry out the killings for no reason other than the symbolism of seeing two puny appendages of the techno-industrial system lying before us first in agony, then inanimate. We didn't give a shit about Atre and his money, or his employees and how he abused them. However, the very accurate fake news correctly maintains that he was hanging out with the wrong crowd! We laughed when Valenti was excited by the fact that she was kidnapped and when she declared to her parents that she had “awakened” hours before her death! The Undersea Panther was pleased by her sacrifice which she seems to have accepted. the very accurate fake news correctly maintains that he was hanging out with the wrong crowd! We laughed when Valenti was excited by the fact that she was kidnapped and when she declared to her parents that she had “awakened” hours before her death! The Undersea Panther was pleased by her sacrifice which she seems to have accepted. the very accurate fake news correctly maintains that he was hanging out with the wrong crowd! We laughed when Valenti was excited by the fact that she was kidnapped and when she declared to her parents that she had “awakened” hours before her death! The Undersea Panther was pleased by her sacrifice which she seems to have accepted.
We approached both victims yelling "HOKA HEY!" in memory of our tribal ancestors who only remained as Warchiefs if the balance of bodies held.

For the death of all civilizations!
May the Black Jaguar rise from the underwater world to avenge our ancestors and satisfy our desire for human blood!
For the unification of the Wild Individualities!

Individualists Tending to the Wild-United States
The Wrath of Nature

Message #91 (Mexico)

January 3, 2020

By this means we claim the following acts:

  • December 19: Fire at the substation of the Federal Electricity Commission of Santa Marta Acatitla, Iztapalapa, in Mexico City. The fire affected dozens of neighborhoods that were left without electricity, being a successful attack giving proof that we are still lurking.

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  • December 24: While the Christmas celebration was about to begin, we set fire to the popular Mercado de la Merced, this was more than ready, the flames advanced quickly due to the amount of garbage that is sold there.

We are happy to mention that there were two people who died after our flames, of whom we do not regret their losses at all, this is a war against society, we do not care if its members are rich or poor, we act indiscriminately, without consideration for anyone, that already more than one knows it, do not be surprised that we continue killing directly and indirectly automatons whose sole purpose is to get in the way of the sea of riffraff that lives in one of the most populated cities in the world.

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We see you with repudiation, your celebrations disgust us, you created us and now you drink it or spill it.

Individualists Tending to the Wild – Mexico City


Message #92 (Greece)

February 2, 2020

We have seen the harshness of this world, the reality so violent, we understood it very well, so hope is dead for us, there is not and will not be a change, a revolution or anything that changes shit for gold, we are lost and we accept our sunset, looking straight at the real problem, human progress and modern civilization.

“The world is like an hourglass, on the upper side is civilization, with all its rigid structures that seek to ensure law and order, sustained by the weight of its legal and moral frameworks that work to keep the whole cohesive. The lower side is Chaos, and little by little, the sand is falling. With it fall all illusions of progress, all dreams of worlds of comfort and security. Nowadays, the upper side is still quite full, but little by little, Chaos is taking shape. It is only a matter of time before the world of human superiority dissolves into the eternal waves of Chaos and Savagery. Meanwhile, we prefer to enjoy the fall,
-Eighth interview with ITS

It seems that the world is sinking and in the midst of panic, prophets always appear who seem to have the "solution" to everything bad that happens. A magical solution that always comes hand in hand with some ideology that promises paradise on earth. Each one contributes their own: Some ask for more democracy and freedom while others want dictatorship, some speak of controlling the means of production and others of destroying them, some want more liberalism and free markets and others want socialism, some promise a technological utopia in a near future and others tell us that we have to return to the caves but the end is always the same in all cases: A perfect (and anthropocentric) new world, the perpetuation of progress and the perfecting of the dominance of the civilized over the wild.

For those with a simple vision of things, the problem is summarized in the state, fascism, authority, the rich... etc. But for those of us who look a little further, the problem and those responsible are not limited to the state, to the government. , to the political and financial elites or to any evil mega-corporation that conspires from the shadows to control everything. Certainly all these named examples are responsible and have to pay for it, but the problem is not limited to the top but to the entire pyramid.

For many, the culprit of the disaster has a clear name: The capitalist system. Obviously the capitalist production system plays a key role in the looting and destruction of the planet, but who are those who consume, sustain and maintain the capitalist system?

Do they believe that if we replace the capitalist economic system with a socialist one or whatever, the mentality of the citizens will change? Of course not.

Because the problem is also the 7 billion humanoid creatures that consume without restraint, that actively or passively are part of the fabric of the techno-industrial system. Because apart from basic needs, in today's world humans have acquired other types of "needs" that make them even more dependent on the industrial production network.

The so-called "basic needs" are not the same as they were 50, 100 or 200 years ago. Techno-industrial progress has created new “basic needs”, new forms of consumption, of social organization… it has changed everything. If a new political-economic system took power and demanded that the masses give up the "comforts" and the unrestrained way of life and consumption that modern civilization offers them, they would not accept it. The masses of modern society do not want, cannot and do not know how to live in any other way. Although it is true that the capitalist system destroys and plunders wild nature for its benefit, it does so based on a demand for the product that is never satisfied. It is the millions of people who crowd every corner of the earth who ask for more and more products to consume and entertain themselves,

The modern human being is totally dependent on the current production model, and loves to stand out in his role as producer-consumer drowning in mountains of useless products. They enjoy the so-called "liberation" from the modern way of life. A way of life that, instead of liberating, imprisons in a spiral of decay and rot. This is the price of human progress. And for those who are still waiting for some "awakening of consciences" and believe that humanity is going to give up the way of life and the comforts that techno-civilized progress brings them, they should stop believing in dusty political theories written 200 years ago and Take a look at the reality that we live in.

We do not remain in threatening or boring theoretical texts, but we take our words to their ultimate consequences.
The same ones who are scandalized about selectively and indiscriminately killing people and the use of terrorism as revenge for the irreparable damage they have caused to wild nature are the same ones who bless the murders and massacres perpetrated throughout history by their side (the whatever, as they have all committed atrocities) against those who were considered "evil" or "enemies".
If in the past it was "god" who decided who had the right to live and who should die, now every imaginable crime and atrocity is committed in the name of the new "gods" of modern civilized society, embodied in the values of civility, human progress, law and order, and Western morality.
We REFUSE to be part of this game of false double standards, and we refuse to give the civilizing order the monopoly of violence. We take that responsibility into our hands and that is why we respond to civilized barbarism with our own barbarism.

Our determination is strong and that is why our hands do not tremble when it comes to attacking, that is why we always seek to cause the greatest possible damage with the means we have. Our motivation to exercise violence is not born of fantastic dreams of utopian societies that do not exist, nor are they based on useless hopes of future revolutions that will never happen, nor on any "visionary" ideology. Our motivations are born through analyzing the complex reality that surrounds us, seeing the facts as they are, assuming these facts and this difficult, pessimistic and miserable reality without fantasies or idealizations.

To you we are just a bunch of lunatics and our war is crazy.
However, it was science, "common sense", reasoning, progress and the logic of civilization that spawned the greatest horrors ever seen in history, and we are not just referring to environmental catastrophe, destruction and subjugation of wild nature if not even against humanity itself: World wars, nuclear bombs, mass slavery, genocide and extermination of entire populations, but not only this but also a more subtle form of domestication through modern life in the cities: the omnipresent technology in all aspects of our daily lives has created invisible chains that bind and tame us, creating an absolute dependency on modernity and technological progress. Ultimately, civilization itself, in his arrogance and his eagerness to continue his progress at all costs, he will be the one who drags us all into the abyss. For us, civilization, unstoppable human progress and its unbridled way of life are true madness, the destruction of the biosphere is true madness, the disproportionate scale of production-consumption to maintain not only "basic" needs but also the whims, luxuries and entertainments of an, more and more, human overpopulation are the true madness...
Perhaps a few years from now, when the disastrous path to which our decisions have led us becomes more evident and a horizon even darker than the current one begins to glimpse, some will look back and remember these words. And it will be then, facing the abyss, when many will realize that neither their money, nor their social status, nor their miserable "revolutionary" ideologies, nor their dreams of a brilliant future serve for nothing more than to feed their own fantasies.

Today's world has not been built by a few privileged few, but everyone has contributed. This is the direct result of human progress, the legacy of mankind.
We do not look for any miraculous solution or future for the human being because there is not, not even this utopian return to life in the wild nature that primitive fantasies suggest. The human has become too corrupted and of wild nature there are only vestiges of what it was, waiting in agony for the arrival of its final hour. The only thing that moves us is revenge for everything we have lost, for the devastation caused by human progress, for its cities, its machines, its sick way of life.
Neither social justice, nor class struggle, nor equality between people, nor build a new, better society “together”. Let those leftist fallacies burn and let this and any society burn. We despise this ridiculous and meaningless life that the modern human being has created.
There is no other world possible, there is no bright and hopeful future waiting for us, this is the shitty reality we have. And if this world is sinking, let everything sink with it.

On 12-15-19 we placed a bomb in front of the entrance of the Zografou police station.

The police, that despicable institution of self-conscious frustrated idiots, is one of the mechanisms for imposing order and civilized law, it is one of the ways that civilization has to perpetuate its normal functioning. Therefore, the security forces will always be in our sights. Although we are aware that the first line of defense of the system is the servile and submissive attitude of the masses of citizens and that a policeman lives in the head of each citizen.
We also hoped to cause damage to the university campus, universities are the incubators of science and progress and therefore will always be our targets. This time they were lucky, we'll see next time...

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Sometimes the attacks go well and sometimes they don't, the risk is always there. That the bomb was discovered and detonated by the police does not discourage us, in any case we reached the door of her lair and put a bomb under her nose, and we can do it again.

We also want to encourage all those who feel the need to attack against civilized society, regardless of whether they are eco-extremists, nihilists, anarchist terrorists who have rejected dirty leftist humanism or simply people who are frustrated and dissatisfied with this reality, all those who they walk towards nothing…
We are the living example that with homemade materials and without the need for professional training, a great mess can be made. With few means can do a lot of damage. We hope that our example and the example of our ITS brothers and sisters around the world will serve as a motivation for those who wage their own war. Let the attacks multiply!

Nothing is over, we will return.

Individualists Tending to the Wild – Athens

-Night Hunters -Iconoclast


We cleared up a couple of things one last time for the parrots in the press and other loudmouths spreading lies and misinformation about us:

-We are NOT an anarchist group, neither left nor right, nor linked to any specific political current. ITS is an anti-political group with nihilistic tendencies focused on revenge and extreme defense of wild nature, no more, no less.

-We are NOT related to the group "Secta de los Revolucionarios" or the rest of nonsense and rumors spread by the press and some idiots on the internet.

Message #93 (International)

May 10, 2020


“There is no end to this war that we are waging, there is no end to the confrontation, this is inherited from generation to generation, and in the face of this thousand-headed monster there is no certainty that we can defeat it. In this sense ITS is pessimistic but realistic at the same time, there is nothing to win, because whoever thinks to win from that moment has already lost. Many do not understand this logic, they continue with the same vision of the seventies guerrilla, who longed to win his war and establish a revolution which always turned into reform, we do not want a change of power, we do not want the overthrow of civilization for the reign of nature (as the primitive fools want it), because although that may happen in a few hundred years, we do not see it feasible today, that is why we only want chaos within civilization,

This quote summarizes one of our main theoretical foundations, we have made it clear many times, we have assumed that we cannot win, that not even with all our attacks could we ever even collapse a partial part of the system or do great damage to it. wingspan. Every material target destroyed by fire or explosives is promptly rebuilt and put into operation again. Every scientist, researcher, police officer, or ordinary citizen we hurt or kill is promptly replaced by another. And so the wheel of progress and the social machine keep turning, unmoved by everything that happens, until at some point, either due to its own unsustainability or for other reasons, everything rushes and falls into the abyss.

The events of the last few months only confirm that civilization and the world we know have entered a period of decline, this of course is not something new but it is at times like this when it is most accentuated and becomes very obvious. The imposed order is tottering, economies are collapsing, the authoritarian tendencies of governments are increasing at the same time that massive insurrections break out, social tension is skyrocketing, and now a virus is causing a global pandemic that not all of its technological, human, or all of its resources convoluted bureaucracy, quarantines and closures of entire countries have managed to stop, the modern and civilized human being trembles before the dark present-future that lies ahead, everyone wonders how it is possible that this has happened and nobody knows for sure what is to come .

What does seem certain is that troubled times are coming, the system has given clear signs of its multiple flaws and imperfections, of course we don't know for sure what is going to happen either, we don't know if there will be a global financial collapse from which the world does not recover, we do not know if the coronavirus pandemic will end in a few months or on the contrary it will become a real threat to civilization and human life even more serious than it already is, what we do know is that there is a before and an after in the world as we know it and even if it ends up returning to normality, we believe that nothing will ever be the same again.


Humanity trembles before COVID19, something so insignificant for modern humans, it has reminded us of the fragility of human life, the fragility of civilization and the supposed glory of humanity, of everything that exists by the hand of man and It has made them all tremble in the face of the onslaught of a microscopic natural element.

Now we are inundated with speeches and propaganda, everywhere politicians, media and celebrities preach to the masses anxious for someone to come and fix their problems, they tell us that difficult times will come but that "all together" we will overcome it, that we have to tighten our belts to overcome this crisis and return to normality. Now many, especially from the petty-bourgeois middle classes, see how everything they took for granted suddenly disappears. They thought that living according to what was established, keeping their heads down and obeying, they would have a good life, good studies, a good job and a good future, their own version of the “American dream”. But life is not a straight path already traced on the map, but a chaotic trajectory where you never know what is going to happen, the only thing we have is uncertainty.

With all the "negative" consequences that COVID19 can bring and directly affect us as well (restriction of movement, increase in social control, impoverishment or illness including death for ourselves or a loved one...etc) even with everything, It is a scenario that we prefer countless times before returning to the normality of the mundane life of civilized people. Hard times don't scare us, in fact, we