Title: France: Detention and an escape + Letter of Ivan
Date: June 1st, 2009
Source: 325.nostate.net

      Letter from Ivan

Wednesday 11th of March, Ivan and Farid were called by the examining magistrate for an audition on the ongoing investigation. But above all, the prosecution and the judges wanted to ask their incarceration under the pretext that they would be in recidivism of judiciary control violation. The cops would have seen them together at certain gatherings in solidarity with Isa (still in prison at that moment). The judiciary control forbade them to «enter in contact in any way».

The Liberty and Detention judge M. Maton followed the summons of the prosecutor. And so, Farid was sent back to the prison of La Santé (Paris) Wednesday evening. Ivan didn’t present himself to the summoning.

The re-imprisonment of Farid is an example among others of the way in which the judiciary control allows justice to keep at its disposal and grow its control over a population much larger than the capacities of prisons. Presented as a way to impeach incarceration, judicial control remains a form of confinement because the prison is suspended above the heads for the least deviations to the fixed constrains of justice.

Constrains which extend to numerous fields: living places, time schedules, company and activities. The pressure is permanent, fed by potential police surveillance. The confinement of time into work-house-work aims at making you walk straight. This putting at disposal of control outside the prison walls are the signs of this ever growing prison society. And, further than the punitive will, the cops and judges find all the pretexts to maintain and/or put the people accused in this affair back in prison.

Their objective is to persevere in constructing their «criminal association», the «anarcho-autonomous movement of France».

Farid will file appeal of the custody warrant the following days and will pass in front of the Investigation Chamber in the next two weeks. Juan and Damien will file demands of release from incarceration in the next few days.

Affair to be continued…

Solidarity with the imprisoned comrades!
Everything continues, we let go of nothing.
Freedom for all!

«Free, on the run, under judiciary control or locked up, these situations are different but whichever they are, we keep on being animated by the same desire of freedom and the same longing for revolt facing what is oppressing us.»

Letter from Ivan

Thursday 19 March 2009

To the comrades and friends,

I was summoned Wednesday [18 March] with prison guaranteed at the end of the interrogation. I want to address to you some words, at a moment in which I am forced to disappear, to overturn the course of my life, to the TGI [Tribunal de Grande Instance] of Paris.

The night before I thought of seeing my judicial control going down a notch, an important one, the house arrest, when I learned that ridiculous police reports indicated me at demonstrations and solidarity gatherings with Farid, re-imprisoned since Wednesday 11 at La Santé. The prosecutors would like to see us imprisoned just as the examining judge that had promised us prison at the next violation of the judicial control. I chose to escape them.

What to say about this perseverance, other than that the judicial control, on top of keeping us at the disposal of Justice, allows them to sanction well beyond facts, even our attitudes. It allows the judges to argue on the base of psycho-analysing comments of a social assistant serving control, made explicit in this way. That Justice vengeances the fact of not having renounced to participate to struggles that we’re living, that anti-terrorist judges are also at all costs searching elements to justify that we are featuring, with the others implicated in the investigation, in a same association of criminals, in spite of the absence of facts that are mutually reproached to us and making the figure exist of the “anarcho-autonomous”. And weighing the threat of a repression without restraints to all those who fight.

With as much joy as sorrow I subtract myself from their decision as well as the life I led. I don’t count of hiding too long, nor hiding too much.

See you soon.