Title: What is Squat the Planet?
Author: Matt Derrick
Date: Jan 20, 2010

The Mission

Squat the Planet (StP) is a travel community exploring nomadic lifestyles through minimalist travel.

That’s a fancy way of saying we’re a bunch of nomads, migrant punks, hippies, and other misfit travelers that believe in the DIY ethic born out of the anarcho-punk counter-culture. Our community is centered around many different kinds of travel and the freedoms they provide.

We're an online message board looking to spread the philosophy and benefits of do-it-yourself travel to anyone looking for an alternative to the social norm. Think of us as a punk rock traveler's aid service. If you're new to travel and don't know where to begin, we're here to help. If you're an experienced traveler that already knows the ropes, join our ranks and help out those just starting!

Who this Website is for

This website is for anyone that’s interested in unconventional travel. This includes hitchhiking, train hopping, vandwelling, sailing, bike touring, walking, and any other method of travel that defies the standard rules.

It’s also for those tired of being told that everything has to have a price tag, and that the only way to see other parts of the world is by working most of the year and saving for that two weeks of freedom we call a ‘vacation’.

When you reject this capitalist philosophy and remove the barrier of money from your travels, you will not only see more of the world for less, but you will create deeper, more meaningful connections with the people and places you encounter along the way.

So if you can’t see yourself traveling due to the costs involved, or you’re looking for an alternative to what society tells you is the right way to travel (or live), you’ve come to the right place.

The Website Itself

First and foremost is the message board, where most of the real action happens. Meet other like-minded people, discuss topics of interest, learn about various styles of travel, and arrange real life interactions with others. With dozens of new posts a day, and even more new members every week, it’s the focal point of our community.

The Best of StP page is where you'll find the most interesting content StP has to offer, as chosen by the website staff. You'll find all kinds of forum threads about different lifestyles, thoughts on the travel world, and our own adventures as well.

We also have over 50 categories of forum discussions; everything from how to gear up for your trip to handling relationships on the road. If you're willing to do a little digging and a lot of reading, there's well over a decade of knowledge shared by thousands of users on just about everything you'd like to know about traveling on little to no budget.

Members often report back as they make their way around the world, and we hope you'll do the same! Our users have posted threads about DIY sea travel, traveling through Mongolia on horseback, what it's like to work on a fish processing plant in Alaska, and doing ridiculous things like riding a go-kart on railroad tracks, just to name a few.

Our online library hosts a collection of digital zines and books related to underground travel and other topics important to our community.

We also encourage you to participate in our community Wiki, where you can find and contribute to our database of useful traveler resources.

Join Us!

So as you can see, there’s a lot going on around here. If you have any questions or would like to get involved in one of our projects, please contact us!

The History

I founded Squat the Planet in 2001 as a way to document my travels, but it quickly evolved into an interactive resource for anyone wanting to escape the social norm and travel by any means necessary. If you would like to contact me, please do so via our contact form.

If you're curious, you can still view the 2001 version of the website here.