Title: Monster Film Script
Author: Patty Jenkins
Date: 9/30/2002
Notes: The OCR conversion stripped the formatting from the text and added some scanning errors, so it requires further work editing. See the source URL linked above for the original PDF scan.


Aileen: I always wanted to be in the movies.

RAINDROPS ripple the blackness. We're staring at a puddle. A faded, wrinkled photograph of a cute, blonde 7 year old girl flutters into the water.

Aileen: 'LEE' WUORNOS's adult voice is light and whimsical.

Aileen: When I was little I thought for sure that ' one day I was gonna be a big, big star.

The PHOTOGRAPH comes to life.


Young AILEEN plays dress up in her mother's clothing. She preens into camera like a star.

Aileen: I used to imagine there was a camera following me around that could see what nobody else could. And I just knew, one day I’d be famous.

She pretends to smoke and laughs gaily as if chatting with friends.


A child's hand gripping a dingy BARBIE DOLL. It dances across the top of a cardboard box. The Barbie turns as a nutcracker is lifted to the stage.

Aileen: Or at least rich. Rich and beautiful like the glamorous women on the television.


An old fashioned garage, empty except for Aileen. She lays in front of the box on an oil stained floor.

Aileen: I'd have a good looking husband and great big family and a house on the beach.

The two dolls are held together in a kiss. They turn and walk off of the box side by side.

Getting up, Aileen runs her dolls around the floor as if they were driving, then lifts them up into flight.

They coast toward the garage door window and part. The dolls drift to her side. She continues to stare out.

CU on Aileen lost in daydream. She has a dark BLACK EYE. Lacerations peer out from the collar of her dress. She grins with innocent pleasure.

Aileen: I had a lot of different dreams. About what I'd be like. How I'd live. Who I’d be.



The room is bare. Aileen lays in bed. She holds her covers tight.

Aileen: As I got older I learned to stop sharing this with people but still whenever I was down I would just escape into my mind...

She is frightened. Her eyes dart nervously then CLENCH SHUT with DREAD.

Aileen: ...to my other life, where I was someone else.

The bedroom door slowly opens.



TEENAGE AILEEN, dirty and unstylishly dressed, approaches a group of teenage girls huddled together waiting for the bus. They glare and erupt into SOUNDLESS peels of laughter. Aileen's smile turns to a hardened scowl.

Aileen: All these people just didn't know yet who I was gonna be. But one day they would.



Teenage Aileen stands behind a garage, made-up and provocatively dressed. Teenage boys crowd around.

Aileen: I started wearing make-up real young and was always super concerned with my image...

She nonchalantly takes a dollar and lifts her blouse. Her gaze lingers wistfully on a CUTE BOY.

Aileen: I was always secretly looking for who it was gonna be would discover me. Was it this guy?

The cute boy stares at her chest then meets her gaze with a sneer. Aileen's face contorts instantly into an indifferent glare.

She tucks the dollar in her pocket.



Teenage Aileen lingers on the edge of an alley. A car driven by a 50 year old man pulls over and Aileen hops in.

Aileen: (V.O,)

Or maybe this one? You never knew.

But even if they couldn't take me all the way, somehow somebody would believe in me just enough.

The man smiles lasciviously. Aileen leans into him. Her head drops out of frame.



Her head pops back up. Dark now, different car, different man. Mid twenties and HANDSOME. He moves to kiss her, veering away from her mouth and digging into her neck. She SWOONS.

Aileen: They would think I was beautiful. Like a diamond in the rough. They would take me away to that new life. That new world. Where everything would be different.

PUSH IN ON: Aileen's face, her eyes are closed. They flip open anxiously...


18 year old Aileen stands stock still, frozen in a shabby living room. The young man and his MOTHER surround her, arguing. No words are needed to know the subject is Aileen.


The lovers fight behind an idling car. He tries, barely, to soothe her. Aileen is hysterical and violent. He loses his temper and throws her to the ground. His car peels away into the night.

Aileen sobs in the dirt. Screaming, pounding the earth.

Aileen: I lived that way for a long, long time... In my head, dreaming like that. It was nice.

BLACK. Her voice returns, somber now.

Aileen: But one day... it just stopped.

The deafening sound of POURING RAIN.


EYES, WORN and RED, hold a cold stare.


Headlights streak down the highway in the pouring FLORIDA rain. A figure is tucked in the crook of an underpass.

Aileen: ’LEE' WUORNOS, now 30 years old, leans against a concrete support. She is dirty and disheveled. The rain howls through her thin jacket but she doesn't seem to notice. The contents of her purse are spilled in the muddy water. She stares into her lap, trance-like.

(NOTE: Aileen will be referred to as Lee in the present tense of the script, and Aileen in VOICE OVER only.)

Follow her stare down to a dirty .22 handgun. She gently fingers the trigger. A rumpled and torn FIVE DOLLAR BILL is clutched in her other hand.

She leans her head back and closes her eyes. She draws a deep breath, and opens them.


A thumb juts into the drizzling rain. Lee stands on the shoulder of the road, squinting at the passing cars.

Aileen: By the time I met Selby Wall?... shit, all I wanted was a beer.

FADE UP; the chatter and clinking glasses of a bar.


PUSH IN on SELBY WALL, sipping a Jack and Coke through a straw. She is 26, chubby and nondescript but has a soft attractiveness that betrays her masculine attire. Her right wrist is in a cast.

She bobs along to Patsy Cline's 'He called me Baby' amid the DIN OF LAUGHTER and joking.

At the other side of the table a BUTCH LESBIAN has a GIRL in a skirt sitting on her lap. The Girl tells an animated story to the crowded table. When the Girl is not looking the lesbian winks mischievously to the others and slowly raises her Girl’s skirt.

Selby GRINS with delight.

The Girl scratches her leg but doesn't notice. The lesbian does it again. The Girl catches her and slaps her hand. The Lesbian feigns ignorance. Everyone laughs.

Selby laughs.

The Lesbian tries again and the Girl leaps up in reprimand, she looks around for somewhere else to sit. Seeing something across the room she walks over.

Selby's smile vanishes, then awkwardly reappears. PULL OUT to reveal that Selby is sitting ALONE on the other side of the room.

The Girl leans in.



Selby: (overly eager) Hey! ?


Someone sitting here?

Selby: No.

The Girl swoops up the chair and returns to her table. Selby's face falls. She glances around self consciously.

The surrounding tables in the meat-market style gay and lesbian bar are all overflowing. Selby nods her head to the music trying to appear "a part of the action" which only makes her stick out more.

A DOOR CHIME tinkers as someone enters off-screen.

The crowd turns to steal a glance in the direction of the front door. Selby follows their gaze but can't see it. She awkwardly cranes to the side. She FREEZES, MESMERIZED by...

Aileen: stands at' the front door shaking off the rain, a striking figure despite the soaked and dirty clothing that shout out her profession. Tall, with a shock of wild blond hair, her good looks have hardened into a dangerous shelly frightening and compelling, like a wild animal. She shoots a scowl at her observers.

Selby almost drops her drink.

Lee pushes through the crowd and slides onto a stool at the end of the bar.

Aileen: (to bartender)

Hey man! You got a towel or something?

The BARTENDER makes a show of responsibility by rolling his eyes and speaking loudly.


Ma'am our services are for patrons only.

Aileen: Yeah, I'm gonna buy a fucking beer alright?I

Lee pulls out the FIVE DOLLAR BILL and throws it on the bar . He tosses her a dirty bar rag. She frowns and pats her hands on it with disgust.

Aileen: Wow... thanks a lot. Gimme a Hiller... please!?

She notices a MALE GAY COUPLE staring at her, but looks away with disinterest. The beer arrives and the Bartender gingerly takes the five.

Aileen: Hey! What's this like a gay place?


Uh... yeah.

Aileen: Hey... whatever, man.

Lee tosses the towel at him and throws back the beer.

ACROSS THE ROOM Selby is watching. Mirroring Lee she tosses her beer back for courage. She gets up and strides towards Lee, actually to the jukebox behind Lee.

SONG PAGES flip by and land on PATSY CLINE.

Selby pretends to look at them. She darts nervous glances at Lee, punches in some numbers and approaches.

Selby: Hey--

Aileen: (to bartender)

Hey... dude 1

Lee points to her mug. Selby slides in two stools down. Lee glances over, Selby sits at attention. Lee looks away. The beer arrives.

Selby: (awkwardly over-friendly) Hi!!,.. Can I buy you that drink?

Lee rolls her eyes and stares ahead.

Aileen: I've got money.

Selby: (to Bartender)

Oh... uh, can I have a pitcher? Whatever she's having.

Lee sighs.

Selby: So, do you come in here a lot?

Lee snorts a laugh.

Aileen: No... Hey, you don't have a kleenex or anything do ya?

Selby: Oh. . . sure.

Selby looks around hopefully. She jumps off her stool and momentarily returns ’with some napkins,

Lee carefully unfolds them and pats off her face and hair.

The gay couple stares, smugly entertained.

Aileen: (to the men - vicious)

Hey, you got a fucking problem?!

Selby jumps with a start. The couple looks away. Selby is delighted.

Aileen: Thanks. Do I have mascara runnin?

Selby: No... You look beautiful.

Lee snorts, uncomfortably surprised, but quickly recoils.

Aileen: Hey, I'm not gay alright!?

Selby tries to hide her disappointment. She pours her beer with a shrug.

Selby: No? Well, that figures. If you were you probably wouldn't even be talking to me. None of these girls will... So what are you doing in here?

Aileen: Truck broke down. I' m a . . . I got a pressure cleaning business--

Selby: What's pressure cleaning?

Aileen: You know, steam cleaning? Carpets, upholstery, so. I'm just getting out of the rain.

Selby: Oh... my name's Selby.

',ee is growing irritated with this engagement.

Aileen: Lee. . .

Lee studies the single dollar bill on the bar. She shoves it forward.

Aileen: Fuck... I'm out of here.

She gets up. Selby watches her desperately.

Selby: Are you sure? it's still raining—

Aileen: Look you fat fucking dyke I Don't waste yer time, I'm not gonna fuck you for a beer!

Selby is hurt. Lee collects her things. As she turns to leave the insult musters Selby's courage. She grabs Lee's arm.

Selby: Hey, you know what? I wasn't trying to fuck you - for your information - I know you won't fuck me. I just wanted to talk to you and I thought maybe if I bought you some beer you'd talk to me. So get over yourself!

Her confidence fades under the weight of Lee's intense stare. A long uncomfortable pause.

Selby: I was just trying to have one decent night out, at least talking to someone, before I head right back into my parents closet anyway. So I don't see how sitting here with the best looking girl in the place is a waste of time if I'm the lesbian.

Lee's eyes bore holes through Selby.

Selby: Sorry I bothered... I wasn't trying to insult you...

Lee pulls out the stool, sits back down.

Selby: You... you don't have to stay.

Aileen: Hey, it's no skin off my nose... I was just trying to be straight with you.

Selby nods. They both stare awkwardly at the pitcher of beer.


So, are you really a steam cleaner?

Aileen: No t I'm not 1

Selby: That's good. That sounds real boring.

Selby pours Lee a beer.

Aileen: No, it's a real good job, actually - Pressure cleaning.


The place has emptied out. Lee and Selby hover over a pair of shots at the bar. They're drunk and happy.

Aileen: Hey! Don't fucking cheat man!

Selby: I'm not I You're jussa sore... winner.

Aileen: That's right, winner, though. One, two, go 1

They throw them back. Lee downs it like water and slams the glass down. Selby struggles, squints, and finishes.

Aileen: (COMT'D)

Dusted again. No shit, you suck.

Selby: Hey... bull... I'm jus, jus- Two morel

BARTENDER Bar's closed.

They reel with disappointment.

Aileen: Closed? That's bullshit! What time is it?. . .

(off his silence)

Aileen: Oh yeah? Huh. Then why don't you take that stick out yer ass.

Selby bursts cut laughing. They get up.

Aileen: (to Selby)

Yer not coming back right?

Selby: Nahhh.

Aileen: So fuck you asshole. Yer lucky yer behind that bar or I'd beat yer ass. Who the fuck you think you are, ya shitkickin' pansy.

He flips theni off. They roar laughing and stumble out.


Lee HOWLS out into the night. Stepping apart they slightly sober.

Aileen: Whew. So... hey, thanks for the drinks.

Lee extends her hand and they shake.

Aileen: I'm sorry I... called you a fat dyke.

Selby nods, still hanging onto her hand.

Aileen: Yer fun. Pretty too so... you know, I was just being mean.

Selby blushes. She lets her hand go and shrugs. Lee looks around. It's obvious she has nowhere to go.

Aileen: Okay, well nice ta-


You wanna... you wanna stay with me?

Lee's intense stares returns.

Selby: Not like- Youn't have to do nothin'.

Aileen: No, I know.. . Uh, yeah, I guess since my truck... you know... Sure.


A cheap plastic globe-shaped splay of FIBER OPTICS softly illuminates a traditional family room decorated in country floral. The door opens and Selby creeps inside.

Lee tip-toes cautiously behind her, like a dog who has never been let inside before. She takes in the surroundings with surprise.

Passing through a KITCHEN, a LAUNDRY ROOM and through a GARAGE filled with pool supplies and fishing gear before entering a make-shift...


The tiny room is filled with boxes that surround a neatly made full size bed. Stuffed animals line the pillows and a large cross hangs over the bed. A small bathroom joins to the laundry room.

Selby: (off Lee's confusion) S'my aunt's house.

Lee nods in understanding.

Selby: You wanna take a shower or anythin'...

Lee is embarrassed but nods.


Selby sits stiffly on the bed. The shower turns off. Selby writhes around, adjusting the sheets and frantically trying to look casual.

Lee enters in a pair of oversized pajamas, obviously Selby's. She looks strangely vulnerable. She struggles to maintain her tough facade and climbs into the bed.

They exchange awkward 'goodnights' and Selby clicks off the light, her eyes are wide with disbelief. She steals drunken glances at Lee. Lee laughs uncomfortably.

Selby: Isorry... I jes can't believe yer here.

Aileen: Yeah?... Me neither.

Selby rolls to face her. The alcohol has dampened her inhibitions and she forgets herself for a moment. Her eyes droop open and closed, studying Lee's face with unabashed wonder. Lee breathes slowly and stares at the wall.

Selby: Can I.. . can I touch yer face?

Aileen: Yeah r I guess.

Selby's fingers slowly raise as if approaching a precious object. They skim ever so lightly down Lee's cheek.

Selby: Yer so... yer so pretty.

Selby’s head sinks down. Her nose lands inches from Lee's shoulder. She breathes it in. Her hand slowly grasps at the pajama fabric.

Lee's eyes are open and vulnerable. Finally they slip shut. Her chest heaves slowly as she absorbs the affection.

They lay together, perfectly still, content.

Lee's eyes open again, now much softer. She looks out the window.

Aileen: I've always moved too fast in love, but I'd spent most of the day sitting in the rain about to kill myself, so you can understand I wasn't feeling particularly cautious.

The NIGHT SKY is bright with stars. CICADAS whir in the distance.

Aileen: Hookers had been showing up dead all over the Florida highways and when I found myself secretly hoping the guy would just get me and finally end it all, I knew I had nothing more to lose.

A LIGHT BULB clicks on.


The washing machine lid opens. Lee's clothing tumbles in.

Aileen: Everybody's got faith in something. For me, all I'd had left was love... But when my boyfriend took off and stole all of my pressure cleaning equipment, something finally broke.

She adds some detergent and spins the dials. The washer WHIRS into action.

The FRIDGE DOOR swings open on the fully stocked fridge.


Lee is delighted and starts pulling things out.

Aileen: I know that part had sounded like a lie but I'd spent two years saving up for that stuff so when he left, I was pretty sure I'd never love a man again.

A beer CRACKS open. Tupperware PEELS apart. Boxes are OPENED.

Lee sits at the kitchen table in front of a feast of leftovers. She voraciously stabs at everything.

Aileen: And without love, without even hope of it, what's the point. Even a bum on the streets is looking for something, alcohol, drugs, something.

The lights on a STEREO SYSTEM flip on.


Lee turns up the volume. CLASSICAL MUSIC fades up. She kicks off her shoes, tumbles into the couch and picks up a magazine.

Aileen: The only reason I didn't do it was a five dollar bill. I kept feeling it in my pocket and it was bugging me.

Suddenly uncomfortable, Lee digs in her pajama pocket. She pulls out a crumpled five dollar bill and tosses it onto the coffee table.

Aileen: I knew I'd probably given some asshole a blow job for it, so it really started to piss me off that if I killed myself without spending it, then I would have basically sucked him off for free.

A FAINT CRY is heard. Lee grabs the remote, turns down the radio and listens.

WOMAN'S VOICE (O.S.) (worried)


Her face tenses with concern. After a beat she gets up and slowly heads up the stairs.


So I done Now, five I."

made a deal. I said "God, you've this to me and I don't know why. I’m going into town to spend this bucks but when it's gone... so am

Reaching an upstairs



swings a left.

Aileen: “So if you've got something for me in this world you had better bring it on."

Light spills from beneath a closed door. Her hand grips the doorknob and turns it.

Aileen: And sure enough there she was.

Reverse to SELBY, dressed like a HOUSEWIFE, propped up with pillows in a king sized bed. She lowers a book.

Selby: Honey... Aren't you coming to bed?

Lee beams with absolute love.

Aileen: In a minute.

An abrupt KNOCKING. They both cock their heads in confusion.



Lee's eyes flip open. The KNOCKING again.

WOMAN'S VOICE (O.S.) Selby honey?

Lee jumps up into an aggressive position as the door opens and AUNT DEBBIE leans in. Her face contorts in shock, she SLAMS the door shut. Selby scrambles up.

Selby: Sorry, uh... just a sec. Debbie?

Selby leans out the door but she's gone.

Lee is out of the bed and dressing. They exchange worried guilty smiles.


Debbie, conservative mid 40's, is dressed in church clothing. She irons a man's shirt. In the livingroom, TREVOR, 16 years old, sits down on the coffee table to tie his shoes.


Trevor,.. off.

He rolls his eyes and moves to the couch. Debbie glances up sternly as Selby rounds the corner from the garage with Lee in tow. Debbie points back behind them.


(loud whisper)

Selby, take your friend out the back please.

Selby nods obsequiously and they turn back.


Lee and Selby SNICKER as they walk down the driveway, Selby seems anxious to get back.

Selby: Sorry.

Aileen: That's alright. Thanks for letting me crash.

They stop at the end of the drive-way. Another goodbye.


Sure... So what--- --When are--

Aileen: Sorry. When you leaving?

Selby: Tuesday.,.

Aileen: Oh. Huh.

They both shrug and try to act casual.

Selby: Hey, but if you're not doing anything later... I might be hanging cut at the Moonlight around 5. It's two blocks down.

Aileen: Oh yeah? Maybe I'll swing by.

Selby: Okay... cool. Maybe I'll see ya.

Aileen: Alright. Have a good time at church. ■

Lee winks sheepishly, squeezes her hand and walks away.


Debbie folds the ironing board. Trevor sits dressed and sullen at the table. Selby walks in, picks at a plate of pancakes. She studies Debbie who avoids eye contact with her.

RANDY, a big man with an angry demeanor, stomps through the kitchen with his keys.


Let's go.

DEBBIE Just one sec...

Randy swings back around furiously.


Well, don't hurry me to get ready if we're not leaving.

Debbie quickly stashes the ironing board, snatches the plates off the table and drops them in the sink.



Honey, just hang on. . .


Trevor! Selby, get in the car!

>elby dutifully follows Trevor into the garage.


Lee SNEAKS between rows of storage units beside a large dilapidated house. Inside, the blinds whips open. Lee ducks around the corner.

RITA, an overweight woman with a permanent scowl, storms up to find Lee disappearing under a metal grate.


(heavy southern accent)

Hey! I see yu. Git outta there. You cannot be here. I toll you to pay er I'm gonna throw yer shit out--

MAN'S VOICE (O.S.) Hey! Git over here.

Rita curses and leaves. Lee SLIDES the gate up and pulls out a box.


She's sleighping in the freakin shed!


I don't give a God damn what she's doing

I told you leave er...

(harsh whisper)

You should be ashamed. Too much fer you let er sleep in a shed not fit fer a dog.

Lee stifles shame with an indifferent sneer. She pulls out clothing, a comb and some make-up and sets it aside.

THOMAS, late 40's in fatigues and a POW MIA t-shirt, comes around the corner. His leg is extremely crippled and he drags it awkwardly. He holds two beers and a sandwich.


Hey Lee.

Aileen: Hey Tom... Sorry 'bout the... rent.


Yeah? Awright... You wont some sandwich?

I hate ham.

She is embarrassed but takes it.

Aileen: (casual)

Hey, I could blow ya if you want?

Unphazed, he smiles sadly and eases himself onto a post. He cracks open a beer and hands it to her.


Nahh, honey, that's alright. Pay me when ya can,.. So how you doin'?

Aileen: Oh... good man, good. Real good. I met someone.


Well alright. Careful he's not some ding dong like the last—

(bellows at the distant shrubs)

Hey I Back up... I see ya!

Aileen: Still spying on ya?


(re: POW shirt)

Got damn CIA... They don't want it out but they can't mess with this one.

(shouts again)

I will shoot cha! Don't forget it!


Water splashes into a filthy sink. Lee is in her underwear and washes down with hand towels.

A HAND DRIER roars on.

She flips her head upside and hangs it underneath.

Lee scrutinizes the mirror. Carefully feathering her hair.


The GLITTERING COLORFUL LIGHTS of a MIRRORBALL shine down on the lower class masses. (Note: Throughout, POP MUSIC circa 19&9 is mixed with DISCO and 70's skate rink classics.)

Selby sits in the CONCESSION AREA, anxiously scanning the room. Through the crowd she spots Lee at the entrance, arguing with the man at the turnstile.

Selby jumps up, checks her appearance and calms herself.

M-JGLE ON Lee, seeing Selby and doing the same, Selby walks up, already reaching ‘in her pocket. They try to act nonchalant.

Selby: Hey, you came?

Aileen: Yeah I was around. Thought I'd swing by.


Selby hands the guy a five. Lee steps through. They're both done up with a casual look that betrays great care. Lee's clothing is significantly more masculine, and Selby is straining to look "tough."

Aileen: Yoh look great,


Yeah? You too.


Lee and Selby sit at a booth with Cokes and nachos.

Aileen: So where are your friends?

Selby: Huh? Oh... no I just... come down sometimes.

Selby gets embarrassed. Lee laughs and Selby follows.

Selby: Oh, you're so mean.

Aileen: Hey I'm here too,

Selby: So... can I ask you a question?

Lee wolfs down a few nachos.

Aileen: Sure.

Selby: (mischievous whisper) Are you a... prostitute?

Lee frowns in defense but Selby's eyes are wide with awe.

Aileen: (righteous) Yeah.., Why?

Selby: I don't know. I just... people like, pay

you to be with them. It's wild..

Aileen: Yeah? This is gonna cost you fifty.

Selby falters. Lee laughs.

Aileen: I'm just kidding you. No... I like you.

Selby blushes. Her eyes dart up from her Coke longingly.

Selby: <center>

So, like... what do you... do to them?

Lee holds her stare. A slow smile appears. Her confidence building under this refreshingly glorifying perspective.

Aileen: All kinds of things... Whatever they like.

Selby: How do you know what they.,,?

Aileen: (cocky)

Shit, well they're not shy about telling ya, but truth is they're easy to read.

Selby: So what's that guy like?

Lee follows her finger to the turnstile man.

Aileen: (nonchalantly)

Finger up his ass... Probably likes to be humiliated at the same time.

Selby grins with delighted surprise.

Selby: Oh geez, that's ewwww... What about him?

A FOOTBALL PLAYER type with his arm around his girlfriend.

Aileen: Oh, he's gay.

Selby: No way!

Aileen: Definitely. Tries too hard; either gay or he's got a small dick, but I'd bet twenty on gay.

Selby giggles.

Aileen: That one, straight S&M. Tie you up. Whips and chains.

Selby follows Lee s finger to a payphone across .the room. Her jaw drops then she bursts out laughing. TREVOR.

Selby: That's my cousin I

Aileen: (laughing)

Ohhhhh no. Sorry... Anyway. It's, you know, not the best job.

Selby: I'll bet they line up to be with a girl like you.

Lee shrugs, almost proud.

Aileen: I guess... I don't know. Not really. (then)

What's Ohio like?

Selby: (sobers with disinterest)

I don't know... I mean, I had a bad time before but... I'm trying to be optimistic.

(off Lee's curious nod)

Well, since I'm... gay - or bi.

Aileen: Si?

Selby: Well, yeah, I could probably like a guy, who knows?


23. CONTINUED: (3)

Selby: But before I left this girl from my church told my parents I tried to kiss her so they kind of disowned me. It was bad. Thought I could figure myself out down here, but then I broke my arm before I could find a job, so, now, cause my dad had to pay the bills, I made him a deal to come back... But we.talked, which is good, so... maybe it'll be different.


Why, they gonna let you hang cut with hookers now?

Selby: (shyly)

Oh... well... no, but. I don't know.

Maybe I can... try to change, save my soul and all that.

Selby shrugs, but her eyes are sad.

Aileen: I think yer soul seems pretty good.

Selby: Thanks. Hey, Who knows though. Maybe one day I'll come back down... we can hang out?

Their smiles fades with the knowledge that this won't ever happen. Lee looks out to the floor, rarin' to go.

Aileen: Forget about next time. This time I'm gonna beat your ass around that floor.

Selby: Oh no... I don't.,.

Lee pulls her up to...


Happy couples skate hand in hand. Children zip in between.

Selby hugs the rail as she moves carefully toward Lee, who is laughing against the wall. Selby awkwardly skate-steps up.

Lee juts out her hand. Selby looks at it.

Aileen: C'moru I got cha.

She takes it. They skate into the crowd. Lee is good and keeps Selby up. Big smiles as Lee shows off some fancy foot moves.

Selby: Mow'd you get so good?

Aileen: Aw, I used to go all the time.

The DJ announces a "rexing couples only" skate. Journey's 'Don't Stop Believing' comes on. Selby starts to leave the floor, but Lee pulls her back.

Aileen: (CONTD) Oh man, I love this song.

Selby: Me too! I love this song too! But I can't do that.

She nods to a couple, one skates backwards with their arms around the other. Selby cringes.

Lee flips backward and holds out her hand.

Aileen: Yes you can.

Selby turns beet red and takes her arm. Lee's hand reaches around her back. She skates backwards fluidly, glancing behind her.

Trevor spots them from the railing. He shoots a smirk at Selby. Selby wilts a little.

Lee turns her head to face Selby, giving her a wide, confident smile. Selby grins with wild disregard.

Aileen: You navigate. Make sure we don't hit anyone.

Selby: Why?

Aileen: Cause.

Lee faces her and doesn't look back. Selby tenses and scans the floor like it's out to get them. Lee laughs. Selby laughs at herself.

Selby: What?

Aileen: Here... just look at me. Sense 'em.

They look in each other's eyes.. Selby, flushed with fear and excitement. Lee's hands tighten around her back. Selby's eyes are vulnerable, searching Lee for proof that this could really be what she thinks,

Lee puts a hand on Selby's neck. PULLS her into... A KISS.

Selby's eyes FLUTTER with EMOTION then dart open in fear, but Lee won't let go, Lee finally leans back with a WONDROUS SMILE. She checks behind them for danger and leads them across the busy floor. Heads turn as they pass, but for this moment Selby doesn't care. Her eyes don't break their intense lock on Lee.

Their hands clasp. Selby studies Lee wondrously;

Aileen: You wanna get outta here?

Selby: (choking excitement)

Yeah... but where? I don't think we can go back to my aunts.

'Don't Stop Believing' rises and continues over:


They fall against a concrete wall, MAKING OUT.

They KISS. TONGUES touch desperately.

Lee's hand gropes and Selby TREMBLES with excitement. Lee's hand moves down as she KISSES down Selby's NECK. Selby pulls at Lee's shirt as Lee slides out of view.

Selby: falls back against the wall. Her eyes shut. Lost in pleasure, Lee is a sexual performer. There's no doubt about it. Selby holds back CRIES of ecstasy.

Her breathing catches into gasps and Selby is left in amazement.



Lee and Selby's hands are intertwined. They grasp at each other, not able to get enough of what they've just found.

Lee and Selby sit against the wall,

Aileen: Yours are so small,,.

Selby: Yeah? No one's ever... really held 'em before.

Aileen: Maybe soon some big guy, huh?

Selby: (choking a laugh)

Uh... well... I doubt they'd like me even if I did like them.

They fall into silence. Selby looks at her watch.

Aileen: Do you like me?

Selby: (incredulous) Yeah I like you I...

Lee leans close to her. Her eyes are wide. Like a frightened puppy looking for affection. Selby reaches awkwardly around her with her broken arm.

Selby: (as if it's okay) Do you really like me?

Aileen: Yeah.

Selby: I thought you didn't like girls.

Aileen: (laughs) I don't... really like anyone... But I like you?1

She shrugs "go figure." Selby laughs. They clutch hands desperately.

Selby: Figures. Only girl who's ever liked me shows up now... here,

Lee's brow is knit in angst. Suddenly she flashes with detached certainty.

Aileen: Hey. Well we've got tomorrow right? Lets just do it up!

Selby: Alright.

Aileen: Whats say.. . Whats say I take you out grand. Huh?

Selby: Really? Oh - I don't think I can afford it.

Aileen: I know. I'm taking you out.

Selby: Alright... But you don't have to spend your money on me.

Aileen: Nah, after you pay me for this tonight. I'll just use that money.

Selby's face falls. Lee shakes her head and Laughs to herself. Selby gets the joke and blushes.

They climb to their feet, like school kids they kiss sweetly.


A big rig tears across the red sky.


Lee is in a good mood and glances around at the tiny shack like establishments. Southern-style blinking arrows advertise everything from bait to porno videos.

She carefully studies each car that passes and finally jumps toward the road and waves,

A man driving a green Monte Carlo pulls up and Lee hops in.


CHUCK, a well dressed man in his late 50 Js, smiles smugly.

Lee haps in and her demeanor switches effortlessly to the helpless but friendly female.

Aileen: Hey thanks... j was gettin' lost around here.

Chuck knows the score but they eye each other cautiously.


Where you headed?

Aileen: Oh-. .. just down wherever you can take me? I'm just trying to get to a phone. Danin car broke down...

Riffling through her shoulder bag, she pulls out a wallet photo and shows it to him. A tattered Sears-style picture shows two blonde children.

Aileen: See these are my kids. I gotta get back to Miami but I'm broke... trying to make a few dollars... somehow.


I might be able to help you out.

They lock eyes in understanding. Lee smiles.


Selby balances a laundry basket on one hip- She grabs a glass of juice off the counter and walks down the hallway, through the garage and into her...


She drops the basket on the bed next to an open suitcase. She starts folding the clothing but notices something on top of her things. She picks up the PAMPHLET.

Dozens of smiling faces ask "Can homosexuals change? We did.'

Selby tosses it onto the night stand and digs into her clothing.


Lee walks down the road at a quick pace, counting money in her hand. She's disappointed with her take.

A BROWN GRAND PRIX slows behind her. RICHARD MALLORY grins from behind the wheel. He's in his late 40 fs with a thick mustache and a baseball hat.


Hey lady love... how 'bout a ride?


Depends what time it is?


I got a quarter to 6.

Aileen: Hmmm. Maybe a quick ride?

Richard shrugs 'no problem' and waves her in.


Selby excitedly checks herself out in the mirror. Too frumpy.


Lee anxiously looks around as Richard turns off onto a wooded path. It's barely a road.

Aileen: Man, don't go too far.


I just want a little privacy. Don't want to get busted.

Aileen: Yeah, me neither.

Richard pulls out a flask from the seat behind him and fills up a thermos cap with liquor. He offers it to Lee.

Aileen: Alright. Thanks.

He pulls out another and fills it up while trying to navigate the increasingly bumpy road.

Aileen: Hey so, how 'bout... make it quick I'11 suck you off for 20?


No, I wanna fuck.

He looks at her like a piece of meat.

Aileen: Okay, fine. Then thirty straight up.

The car finally pulls to a stop. She sips the liquor.


His easygoing manner is almost charming. He pulls some bills off of a roll of money. Lee reaches out, but he pulls them away and tucks them into the ashtray.


Uh un, hang on girl. I don't want you to rip me off.

Aileen: Oh c'mon man. Alright, fuck first... and the good shit later.

She starts pulling up her skirt,


Hey hold up. Let me finish my drink at least.

Lee fixes her skirt and sits like an impatient kid.


You want some more?

(Lee waves him off)

Geez, hookers nowadays. You girls? I like, I love 'em and I hate 'em, you know?

Aileen: That's how it always is.


Yep. But I still like 'em better than my fucking wife, you know.

Aileen: (disinterested) Well that happens a lot I guess.

Richard takes his last sip and makes a disappointed face.

RICHARD fplayful)

Alright jesus.. I don't want to "hold you up."

She smiles and goes to work on her skirt, she pull it off and lifts her shirt. Richard watches.


Come on. You too.

He shrugs not getting it. He pulls his dick through his zipper.

Aileen: C'mon man, take your pants off.


Thought you were trying to save time? The money's right there...

She rolls her eyes and moves to climb on top of him.


Wait just suck it a little first., (she scowls in protest, he laughs)

Ten more! Ten more dollars!

Aileen: I don't--

His face changes.


Fucking suck it bitch.

she freezes. Her eyes fill with dread. She's been here before.

Aileen: (weakly) No. . .

His arm raises from behind the seat. Metal FLASHES in darkness.


She's BLINDSIDED. Blood rushes from her hairline as Lee crumples awkwardly onto the floorboard. Out cold.

Richard Mallory is transformed. He looks down at her, his face bizarrely contorted into fury... revenge... insanity?

His hand raised in threatr holds a pipe. He brings it down,


Selby sits at the concession area. She's all dressed up and holds a bag in her lap. she is clearly disappointed but hasn't conceded defeat yet.


Lee's eyes blink open, pulling against the dried blood that seals them shut. Her body is being moved.

Her clothing is hiked up around her chest and her body lays half out of the drivers side door. Richard behind her... doing something to her.

She SCREAMS and lurches in pain...

Richard LAUGHS. There is something in his hands. The pipe?


I knew that'd get you! You gonna etay awake now? What's the point if you can't fucking SCREAM YOU FUCKING BITCH I HUH? I WANT A HEAR IT.

She MOANS in pain. Struggles weakly, but her hands are tied to the passenger side door. She JOLTS again. CHOKES to scream. Only blood comes out.

Richard pulls his foot back and kicks her. HARD. He leans over her, whispering.


Wake the fuck... up... You wanna live til you die don't you? Huh? You wanna die?

You wanna die bitch?

He disappears from her view. Her eyes roll back. BLACK.

His hand SLAPS her cheek. Richard's back, though she didn't even know he was gone. And he's got something. He pops the cap on a bottle of rubbing alcohol.

Lee SHRIEKS. Blood curdling SCREAMING. Richard stands behind her grinning sadistically. Pouring it on her.


AAhhh HA! There we go. Let's clean you up bitch. I'm onna clean you up cause you got some fucking to do...

Her hands yank at the door, hysterical.

Aileen: (weakly but building)

You mother fucker... you motherfucker. . . motherfucker., .

He begins unbuttoning his pants. Perfectly calmly. Out of nowhere he kicks her again.

She SCREAMS full volume without cease. Her eyes completely wild. Her hands YANK, YANK coming slightly loose. She bangs her head forwards, CRYING through the SCREAMS.

Richard leans in. She jerks forward... SCREAMING, SOBBING.

Her hand... comes LOOSE. Her eyes pop wide with surprise. Wait .

He thrusts against her. Her hair bounces off her face, but she can see... the bag. Her free hand darts for it...

A safety FLIPS. She wrenches her body. SCREAMS I .

The gun EXPLODES with a deafening CRACK. White light fills the car.

Richard Mallory stumbles backwards clutching his chest in shock. Lee turns frantically and yanks her other hand free.

In a split second she is standing in the driver's side doorway,


Lee holds the gun in both hands, locked in on her target. Her eyes insane with focus.

Mallory's body jolts with each impact. She rushes him as he falls .

Aileen: (screaming)


The BOOMS EXPLODE, again and again.

She looks down on him. Sheer cold-blooded insanity on her face. A terrifying sight.

Mallory, somehow still alive, looks up at her, a gurgling sound in his throat. Blood pours out of him from every direction. Somehow he manages a,.. sneer?

Lee's eyes are wide and cold. She leans down... point blank.


Mallory's neck explodes, his head rolls to the side. Disconnected.

Lee stands over this... corpse. Her body heaves for breath. Slowly, awareness begins returning.-.

She looks around. Blood everywhere. She's destroyed. His car, frozen in the chaos of struggle. Then to Mallory. His LIMBS SPLAYED in all the wrong directions. A heap of clothing.

For a moment she is calm, So calm. Almost curious. Then...


Kicking and punching the lifeless pile.


HELL... You fuck! You god damn... fuck... you, fuck you... motherfucker.

Her WAILS OF FURY slow and she stands panting,


Mallory's BODY SLIDES along the ground. A giant piece of old carpeting drops on the contorted corpse. Lee leans in, heaving his weight, pushing, rolling it into a shallow ravine thick with weeds.

FROM A DISTANCE we see Lee, naked, behind the open trunk. She pours a bottled water over herself and scrubs at the blood.

She riffles through the TRUNK. She pulls out a bag. Inside there's, rope, tape and clothing. Intended for this very same use. She gets the joke and sneers in the direction of the body.

Aileen: (yells) I win motherfucker!

She LAUGHS, then FROWNS: Her anger flickering through twenty other emotions and back out again as she steps into a large electricians body suit.



The car rolls slowly down a rural two lane highway. Lee wears Mallory's baseball cap and thick gloves and sits close to the steering wheel, she throws back the last drops of liquor.

Looking at the wall of trees beside the car, she rolls down the passenger side window and begins hurling random objects out: The flask, a book, the thermos cap... Suddenly she rethinks that, pulls it back and rubs it clean on her shirt.


Selby lays in bed. The room is dark, but she is awake, she holds the blanket tightly and buries her mouth into it: determined not to be a stupid sucker.


Lee, bathed in neon, hovers inches from the mirror. Blood rims her hairline and she blots at it with a napkin then studies her face, she looks surprisingly cleaned up and is calm but breathes with a manic stutter.

The dirty handbag lays in the sink, lined with make-up. Trembling hands pick up a lipstick and pale pink smears across her mouth.

Lee stands in the center of the bathroom, doubled over with her hands on her knees, like an athlete, building courage. Her eyes close. She slows her breathing to a controlled pace.


Selby is asleep in the darkened room. She bolts up as the window pane RATTLES the silence. She turns in a panic. LEE'S FACE hangs in the window,

Selby: (shocked) oh go--

Her hand flies over her mouth. Lee grins and motions her to come out outside. A RUMBLING of feet is heard upstairs and Selby frantically waves her away.

FOOTSTEPS approach. Lee is frozen in confusion. Selby gestures wildly and she finally snaps to and runs away.

Selby leaps to the door just as it opens,

Debbie, disheveled by sleep, flips on the light with a scowl.

Selby: Sorry. I... I fell out of bed and got scared so I jumped up.

HEAVY FOOTSTEPS proceed Randy. He looms ominously in the doorway. A gun hangs in his hand.


What in the hell is happening?

Selby: Nothin...

He steps in with a menacing scowl. Selby sits on the bed.


You heard something!?

Selby: No, it was me... I fell out of bed.

Randy looks around suspiciously. After a tense beat, he leaves to check the house.

Debbie doesn't move. Her eyes, locked on Selby, are narrow with accusation,

Selby tries to avoid her glare.


I hope your packed-

Selby nods. Debbie shakes her head with disgust. Selby shrugs innocently. Debbie holds her stare then walks away.


Lee crouches between two parked cars watching

THE house. It is quiet. The upstairs lights flip off and

Selby creeps down the driveway and looks around-

Lee jumps out and waves with manic enthusiasm.

Selby motions to calm down. Lee's grin vanishes, she nods in understanding and backs into the shadows. Selby jogs over.

Aileen: (excited whisper) Hey!

Selby motions quiet and keeps going, Lee falls in step. They turn the corner and tuck behind an RV-

Aileen: Hey,,. sorry, Hi.

Selby wants to be mad.

Selby: What are you doing here?

Aileen: I... I just wanted to see you.

Selby shrugs at her timing, Lee is trying desperately to appear normal.

Aileen: I'm know. I'm sorry... I... got in a fight.

Selby is slightly disarmed but still disappointed.

Selby: Musta been a long fight.

Lee looks away. Unsure of what to say and angry at the situation.

Aileen: <center>

Look, I know, alright? I know. But...
(softening into desperation)

I just.. fucking meant to be there, okay?

Selby nods, then shrugs at it's irrelevance before noticing Lee's clothing, then some bruises.

Selby: Alright well... You okay?

Aileen: (wired) Yeah. No, I'm... I know weird outfit right? But yeah, it's cool... it's cool. ( forces a casual tone)

But hey, you know... I’ve been thinking;

we just met, right? So it just seems like, why go now? We're having some fun. Why not just hang out for a while?

Selby fights the temptation.

Selby: I wish I could.

Aileen: So do?

Selby: No. I can't. I promised him.

Aileen: So? He's your fucking dad!? Can't he still save yer soul a week from now? You know what I'm sayin? What's the difference?...

Selby is thinking about it but can't lose her head.

Selby: Well they won't even let me stay even if I wanted to.

Aileen: Alright, so look...

Lee pulls out a wad of money. Selby's eyes widen ii disbelief.

Aileen: Yeah. Man, shit I had it all planned out I was gonna show you a good time. Make you wanna stay but. . .


it got all fucked up. God damn it! (about face)

But hey. Look, here it is. So that's no issue girl. We could rent a hotel. Hang out. Party. Whatever.

Selby looks at the money.

Selby: Where'd you it?

Aileen: I'm good like that I told you. It's no big thing.

Selby: So why don't I go up there and try to figure it out...

Lee's attempt at lightness fades.

Aileen: No. I can't wait. I won't be here.

Just... listen, once in a lifetime opportunity here.


Aileen: If you wanna go later then fine! I’ll drive you to the fucking bus and buy you a ticket. Whatever you want... But otherwise. Nothin. You'll never see me again... And you may never meet someone like me again.

Selby absorbs this truth with pause.

Selby: Please Selby... it's stupid not to.

Selby laughs.

Aileen: I’m serious.

Selby looks terrified as she considers this proposition. She laughs at herself and shrugs.

Selby: (weakly)

Geez...1... okay.

Lee's flashes victory.

Aileen: Alright! Okay. Okay, let's go.

Selby: Wait, no, what about my stuff?

Aileen: Fuck your stuff. I'll by you new stuff.

Selby: No, hang on... not...

Aileen: Get your shit in a week... seriously.

It1 s yer fucking aunt, she’s not gonna throw it out,

A smile curls across Selby's mouth as if to say that of course that's impossible.

'Come with Us' by the Chemical Brothers twangs in and continues over:


Selby, still in her pajamas, cups her hands over her mouth stifling laughter, Lee is possessed. She turns the engine □ver, throws it into gear and pulls out.

Selby lurches in the seat. She locks back at the house disappearing into the distance.

Selby: (delighted) Oh lord... Hey where'd you get this car?

Aileen: Borrowed it.


Selby sits in the parked car. Lee approaches with a shopping bag. She jumps in and tosses it to Selby. Selby pulls out wads of cheap clothing. She holds up a pair of small mens shorts.

Selby: Who's this for?

Aileen: For me... If I'm going dyke, right?

Selby pulls out a ski cap.


An aged sign, years past representing its intended glee, blinks weakly against the sky. The GRAND PRIX pulls through the parking lot, into the alley and disappears behind the building.


Selby leaps backwards into a queen sized bed. The motel room is cheap and tiny’ but she sits up and looks around like it's the Taj Mahal.

Selby: what do we do?

Lee lights a cigarette and tosses Selby a beer. Selby catches it like it's a revelation and cracks it open.

Aileen: Whatever you want...

Lee throws back a 7-11 coffee, and chases it with a beer.

Aileen: To tell you the truth, at first I wasn't bull shitting. All I wanted was a week.


The DREGS OF SOCIETY wander along a line of liquor stores and porno shops.

Lee pushes through a glut outside of a bar, looking quite different in fully butch attire. Selby follows in hand, delighted by her denizen escort and taking it all in with awe.

Aileen: Between the fact that Selby was heading back to some miserable life, and I'd probably get caught for what happened sooner or later anyway...


A blue plastic basket is filled with random food items, beer, sunglasses etc. Selby stares up at a line of bongs.

Aileen: I figured the least he could do was finance the two of us a little joy.

Lee passes with a handful of cleaning supplies; WINDEX, PARER TOWELS, PLASTIC GLOVES. She grabs a bong and tosses it in.

Aileen: Here... souvenir.


Lee leans into a mirror, reflecting a view of the back of her head into a compact. She wets tissue paper and pats it. It reddens with blood.


Selby is having her hair cut a bit shorter and ever so slightly bolder. Lee exits the bathroom and approaches a waiting barber.

Aileen: We had a little money and a little time, and that was all that I wanted.

Aileen: (MUTED) Just the sides and the back, alright?


Selby looks over, Lee winks back.


A densely packed biker bar teems with local bike clubs. It's the belly of the beast and Lee proudly escorts Selby in. Her eyes light up as she looks around.

Aileen: And man, it delivered. Suddenly I felt like I was a part of something. A couple. Like those people I'd always watched from afar.

They pass' CUBBY, a fat bouncer on a stool. He nods through a cigarette as they pass. He and Lee slap hands.

Aileen: (MUTED)_ Hey this here's my girlfriend...

Cubby extends his hand with a nod. Selby awkwardly slaps it.

Selby: (MUTED) Hi. - .

Aileen: (MUTED) Look out for her if you see'r around!

Lee points at him for emphasis as they cross to the bar.

Aileen: (MUTED) (to bartender) Hey... set us up man. JD with backs.

Shots slide onto the counter. Then more. They drunkenly throw them back. Liquor spills down Selby's chin.

Aileen: And no matter how tired I was, or how much I could worry, I was alive. And for the first time in years I really felt it. So I thought I'd just take what I could get as long as I could.

Lee throws her arm around Selby. Selby slides into her embrace. They look around at the unphazed crowd. This is where this odd couple belongs.

Lee and Selby are pulled in. They smile sweetly. Proudly. Shyly. Bad teeth and all.


They lay in each others arms. Lee grips tightly to Selby's chest. Selby kisses her face gently. They are drunk, happy and together.

Aileen: But the funny thing about the good things in life is, once you get a taste, they never are enough.



WINDEX splashes onto a pane of glass followed by a furious movement of paper towel. The BROWN GRAND PRIX sits abandoned near a boggy swamp-land.

Lee, in the ski cap and gloves, scrubs down the already pristine interior, occasionally leaning back to check her work with a cock eyed squint.


Selby riffles through Lee's things. She finds some money in a shoe box on the dresser.


A cab idles in the driveway. Selby tip toes to the garage.


The door opens slowly and Selby creeps into the guest room.

Her suitcase is packed on the bed. She struggles to lift it with her good arm but it FALLS LOUDLY to the floor. Selby curses. Scurrying footsteps approach.

Debbie appears in the door, wiping her hands on a dish towel and holding a cordless phone. Seeing Selby she relaxes.

Selby averts her eyes and drags the bag toward the door,

Selby: I'm just here to get my stuff. I'm sorry about everything, okay. So.

Debbie begins dialing the phone.


Oh no you don't. Selby, your No-- Debbie. No. I'm not

father has been calling talking to him--


Debbie blocks the door while it rings.


--night and day. You need to have some respect


DEBBIE (beat - then into phone)

Hello? John?... Um hmmtm. Well, she's here now, hold on.

Debbie extends the phone. Selby's eyes dart anxiously as she takes it.

Selby: (quiet)


FATHER (ON PHONE) (bitterly cold)

What in the good lord's name were you thinking?

Selby: (trying to own this)

Hey, look... I met a roommate, so I figured I'll stay with her til I can save up some money.

FATHER (ON PHONE) (explodes)

How dare you, you filthy liar! You think I can't read between the lines with your dirty little lesbian visitors?

Selby: --Dad- -


--You must think Ima dajnned fool. Now! Stop humiliating this family! And you will get on a bus--

Selby: (strong)

No... I'm not coming back.


Oh, yes you will!? You wanna live like a street person? You think you won't be crawling back here in two second--

Selby: (breaking)

No, I won't! She's not a street person. For your information she makes tons of money - more than you,,. I'm an adult Dad, so.., just, that's what I'm. doing. And I'11 send you your money back


I do not want filthy money--

Selby: --Fine. Then, bye.

Selby juts the phone at Debbie, fighting back tears.



Selby, what are you doing?

Selby opens the back, door, grabs her bag and walks up the driveway.


FLAMES reach up into the shaded darkness.

Pushing in we see the ELECTRICIAN'S BODY SUIT.

Lee watches the fire. She sighs and looks up. A patch of blue sky passes above the trees.


A roach crawls up the wall. Selby sits on the edge of the bed watching it. She rhythmically sips a beer.

Lee BURSTS through the door.

Aileen: I quit.

Selby: You quit what?

Aileen: What's yer suitcase doing here?

Mixed with fear and disbelief, Selby offers...

Selby: 1'm staying.

Aileen: What?

Lee jumps onto the bed and grabs her into a hug. Selby smiles through her pout.

Aileen: Oh honey.., Oh man, you just made my

day... How'd you get yer bag?

Selby: I took a cab.

Selby pulls out a few remaining bills and hands them to Lee. Lee flips through them with concern.

Aileen: (almost to herself) All the way there?

Selby: (overwhelmed) Listen... You can take care of me for a bit right? Cause... man...

Aileen: Honey, I will take care of you. I will. In fact...

Lee cracks a beer open. Her hair is slightly wild.

Aileen: I'm cleanin up for ya. Quitting hooking. No, more. I've got you to think of and I'm gonna.do this right.

Selby: Why?

Lee shrugs, trying to formulate a reasonable answer.

Aileen: Lot of reasons. Cause I should... and I hate it. Hate it!

Selby: But I thought it wasn't that bad?

Aileen: Well it is. - It's not. Not always but now... I don't know. Why not, I'm not stupid, I coulda been whatever I wanted, but no, everybody "yer this and yer that." Fuck 'em. I got you. I got everything going for me. And you know? We're a couple. That's not fair to you for me to be out there.

Selby: (so that's it) Oh, well I don't really mind. I'm not jealous if that's what you mean. It seems like good money so?

Aileen: So, I'll get a job. Go straight. Career. I'll get a career. How 'bout that?

Selby sips on a beer. She wants to believe her.

Selby: Alright.

Lee pulls out a another and cracks it open. Lee raises it in a toast. They clink cans and throw back their beers.

Aileen: I once heard this saying that’s always stuck with me. I must have been around 13 years old, cause I remember I'd just put the baby up for adoption.


A spacious Lobby is filled with middle management types. Lee sits among them in a make-shift dress suit two sizes too big, push down suede boots, a dirty briefcase and plastic bag. She looks around, excited.

Aileen: They had called an assembly at my Jr.

High School cause this guy who played drums for Slim Whitman was coming to talk to us about success and making your mark on the world.


A WOMAN stares over her desk with a befuddled frown. Lee talks excitedly from the other side of the desk.


I was really excited cause he Now... I don't have any was the first real celebrity experience per se but I'm a I'd seen and this was just real hard worker and I learn exactly the kind of thing I fast... wanted to learn how to follow in the footsteps of..


Lee unlocks a dirty bicycle. Checking a folded paper she gawkily straddles the bike with her briefcase, trying hard not to be embarrassed.

Aileen: ...so I listened really hard to any advice he had and sure enough he said something that just stuck right in my mind. It was - "all you need in life is love and to believe in yourself, and then there’s nothing you can't do.”


Now it's a MAN AT A DESK - a LAWYER type with no time to spare, growing increasingly irritated. He cuts Lee off.


Okay? So basically you have no experience, no resume, no work history... no college degree, but now you'd like to be... what, a laywer?

Lee is frozen.

Aileen: No. Your ad says you're looking for a secretary.


Okay. Then you need to know how to type, you need computer skills, most of our secretaries have degrees, many even specialize in the law, do you see what I'm saying here? I'm sorry I'm not trying to be harsh, but frankly it's a little insulting. Okay? I see Daytona Beach, it looks like a great time. I'm sure it's fun but when the party's over you don't suddenly up and get what people have worked their entire lives for. Okay?

Lee glares at him with hate.

Aileen: Fuck you man... you don't know me 1


Okay, great. That's great. See now I wish I'd hired you.

(into intercom)

Leslie can you please escort Ms. I don't even know what her name is because of course she doesn't have a resume, out.

Lee is up like a bolt of lightning.

Aileen: I don't need a fucking escort motherfucker.

Lee grabs a box of files by the door and pulls them to the ground as she storms out, past the terrified secretary.


Lee slowly pedals down the shoulder. Her briefcase bangs awkwardly against the bike. She is humiliated.

Aileen: All you need is love and to believe in yourself... Nice idea. It doesn't exactly work out that way but I guess it was better to hear a flat out lie, than know the truth at 13,

The SOUND of laughter fades up.


Lee holds court at the bar. She is slightly drunk and appears happy though-there is something slightly frenetic about her.

Aileen: ...so I flung all his shit around, told him to fuck himself and kiss my sweet ass and pheewww,.. out the door.

Selby: What did he do?

Aileen: Nothing. Not one thing. I'll bet nobody's talked to him like that in his life. Plan, it was great... Office jobs! shit, who even wants a job like that? fuckin' sit at a desk, blah, blah, blah, eat ass all the time.

Selby: I thought you did?

Aileen: Well I did, but you know what? It's no different. See before, hooking I thought I was just seeing this one side of men but it's all the same. Whether you're working with 'em or they're fucking you. It's all about fucking you, one way or the other... and lying... And see that's some bad shit cause actually you know what? I've been thinking about this - our real problem here goes way further than just one on one, you know what I'm saying?

Selby: (thinking hard) No.

Aileen: (as if it were obvious) I'm seriously concerned on a larger level about the state of our world!? And why; same shit... You got politics, business - war and it’s all the same as the cocksuckers braggin and fighting on the street. Either way its cause men got a small dick or some power complex?! Like in the bible, the two sexes, god makes one the right way: women- but with the men here we've got a fatal flaw.

Procreation: fucking... and on the other side here you've got technology. You see what I’m saying?

Selby: Lee, what...? Fine. But we're broke.

Aileen: (to bartender) Cubby... two more here, (to Selby) I know that! I’know that?! You think I don't have shit lined up?

Cubby slowly approaches and leans in quietly.


Honey, I can't run you a tab like this.

Aileen: Cubby god damn it, how long have I been a customer? Cut me some slack here.

Cubby sighs and gives in against his better judgement.

Selby: Lee, look, why don't you just... you know, just for a day or so—

Aileen: I don't have to fucking hook Selby?! That's not what I'm saying.

Selby: I'm not saying it either. But Lee, you said... Man, I’m sitting in that room all day without a dime?



Selby: And I'm twisting your arm to do something you don’t wanna do but--

Aileen: I got shit lined up... don’t-- It's taken care of, alright?

Selby: Well, the manager's come by every hour saying he's gonna throw us out--

Aileen: No he's not. You're overreacting.

Selby: --and then what? Then I'm... fucked--

Aileen: --No. Man, you think all these men I know I don't have fucking connections?

Lee lights a cigarette and looks away. Selby isn’t reassured.



Lee's scrawled name and the address to the Fairview Motel are the only thing on it, leaving most of it blank.

Aileen: (0. S . ) (whispering confidentially) See, I'm being really honest with you here okay... the truth is... I'm a hooker... or T been a hooker for a long time but I'm trying to clean up my life and be, like, a good Christian, so if you can please just help me... Just anything... anything.


A black woman looks up, unmoved.

EMPLOYMENT AGENT Ma’am, I'd say maybe factory work is about what you can get here but--

Aileen: Okay. What's that pay?


Minimum. 3.25 but..

(to a man across the room) Todd I

A man turns from a nearby desk. Lee shoots a furious glance.

Aileen: Wait —


(to Todd)

--Do we even have any factory work available?...

(off his head shake)

How 'bout Sunbeam?

Lee kicks the desk and it slams back. The agent slides back and looks away, with a civil servant's maddening lack of emotion. Lee stands up calmly.

Aileen: Okay, well thank you very much then.

Um.,. Let me know if you--

The Agent hums to herself as if Lee weren't there, and gets up and walks away.

Aileen: Hey, I was trying to be... fuck you I

She kicks the desk again, hard. TODD and the rest of the room busy themselves with their work indifferently.


The SNACK FOOD AISLE is lined high with delights. Selby scans it hungrily.

She picks up a bag of chips, then sees the candy bars. Pulling out two crumpled dollars she frowns in indecision. She puts back the candy bar, but notices a different one. Finally looks around nervously and starts shoving them into her pocket.

Justine: , a young tidy looking employee rounds the corner with a hand duster.

Selby freezes.


Hey... are you stealing?!

Selby: (whisper)

I... I... No, I'm so-- hungry. I've never stole before...

Justine frowns but softens slightly.

MANAGER (O.S.) (from the next aisle) what's going on?

Selby dissolves. Her eyes plead with Justine.

The manager comes around the corner with a cash tray. Justine frowns at Selby then turns to hint


She bought these an hour ago and wants to exchange them.

The manager frowns with disinterest and continues on. Selby exhales with relief.


Make sure to note that in the inventory. Code 75.

Justine rolls her eyes and nods Selby to go.


Selby walks down the barren business road, humiliated. She eats her candy bar with a pout.


Lee walks down the sidewalk, with the newspaper clutched beneath her arm. People impatiently pass her with sideways glances. A man leers and she fights her pride and leans toward him.

Aileen: (quiet as she can) Spare some change?

He hands her a few coins. Lee forces a smile, but clenches her teeth with hatred as soon as she turns.

In the far distance, a COP CAR quietly approaches and veers onto the shoulder behind her. It slowly closes in.

PulJing beside her the siren CHIRPS.

PUSH IN on LEE. She freezes. Dread washes over her.

The car stops and the cop gets out. Lee turns in a panic.


Ma'am.. I'm afraid I'm going to have to ask you to come with me.

She stumbles back, debating whether to run and desperately trying to read him. He steps closer.

Aileen: --Why?


We've had some complaints.

He grabs her arm and pulls her toward the backseat. She jerks her bag awkwardly as if trying to ditch it but is lowered into the car with it - and the GUN.


Lee is dying.

Aileen: What1d they complain? Cause I just got up? I had a day off. I just came out.


A day off?

Lee is confused and stammers.

He laughs- The car turns into an underground parking garage


What's a day off for a whore? You go to church or something?

Their eyes are locked. Her mind racing. They slow to a stop. He cuts the engine and turns with a grin.


You don't remember me?

Aileen: No.


Busted you not 8 months ago for tricking on 95.

(she remembers)

Went real easy on you? So it seems to me you might owe me one.

Lee exhales. Then her memory returns and she sneers.

Aileen: Easy on me? You almost broke my jaw.


Please, did you do time? Come on.

He nods to the front seat. Lee sneers, tucks her bag away and tries to open the door.

COP Climb over.


The sun beats down on the sidewalk throwing the descending entrance into pitch darkness, HOLD for a long BEAT before, slowly a figure steps into the light.

Aileen: walks out tired and defeated. She passes a trash can and throws the newspaper. Suddenly she doubles back and looks inside. Reaches inside she pulls it back out.

Her expression, first anxious, slowly calms.

ECU of the front page crime beat section:

"the body of a 51 year old male.. RICHARD MALLORY,, police have no leads,, drug- related robbery."


The cop car rolls by. The cop nods with a cruel smile. Lee grins and waves as if they were good friends. The cop's smile fades. Lee looks cold as ice as he drives away.


Selby lays in the dark. She looks at her bag, which is packed by the door. A loud RAPPING outside, then Lee's booming voice in the distance.

Aileen: (O.S.) Hey man.. guess what? My mom is wiring

what I owe you okay?... I'm serious 1

Selby sits up, confused, as Lee bursts in. Her energy is strangely off-kilter. She flips on the lights.



Hey. That's it man. Fuck it. I give up.

Selby: What?

Aileen: Getting a job!? Fuuuck... I'm done. I don't even care either. They offered me shit but who needs chump change, fucking, minimum wage bullshit.

Lee begins changing. There is a BEAT as Selby takes this in.

Selby: What's that you called you mom?- I thought your mom was dead?

Aileen: No, that's my grandma.

Selby: She's wiring money?

Aileen: Nahhh, She wouldn't even talk to me.

Fucking hung up on me saying “I don't, know you" blah blah blah. Fucking bitch. Fuck her--

A LAMP hurls into Lee with a CRASH. She looks up at Selby with incredulous rage. Tears well in Selby's eyes.


Why'd you fucking do this to Hey-~ me —

Lee jumps across the room and grabs Selby by the wrists. She struggles but Lee holds her on the bed.

Selby: —why'd you ask me to stay here fucking starving? --

Aileen: Would you let me fucking finish I'm saying I’m gonna hook—

Selby: --Oh yeah? Now yer gonna hook? You wait til I'm dying? You make me your fucking pimp? You told me that's what you did! Why keep me here if you wanted to change yer fucking life? Huh?

Aileen: Cause I thought I could—

Selby: --You said we're gonna party, party, party. Well it hasn't been a fucking party! And what'da you do? Nothing--

Lee pulls Selby's arms down and fixes her with an intense stare.

Aileen: God damn it calm down Selby!

Selby: --Nothing. You didn't give a shit. And that's mean Lee. You took advantage of me and it's not my fault but I don't know why?--

Aileen: --You wanna know why, huh?

Selby: Yeah I really do--

Aileen: (loud whisper) Cause I fucking killed someone.

Selby's angry sneer vanishes. Her eyes widen like saucers. Lee shoves her back on the bed.

Aileen: I killed someone. The night I stood you up, I got raped, beat to fuck and was gonna get killed but I didn't wanna lose you and all I could think about was how you'd never know I meant to be there and you'd think I stood you up for the rest of your life and I couldn't stand to die knowing you coulda loved me... so I fucking killed him. Shot him dead. Alright?

Selby's eyes flutter with emotion. Lee looks away, fighting back tears. She clears them with a shake of her head and descends into anger.

Aileen: Okay? So go alright?

She jumps up and grabs Selby's suitcase and throws it towards the door. Selby chokes with pain.

Aileen: There's your fucking bag.

Selby: Lee --

Aileen: — Now you know me 1 So fucking run like the wind--

Selby: I don't wanna leave--

Selby crawls off the bed and tries to touch Lee but Lee yanks away.

Aileen: (sing song bitterness)

oh sure ya do honey? They all do, don't worry. "Lee'll be fine." You don't wanna bother with this. I’m just a lot of trouble.

Lee starts crying despite her spitting anger. Selby pulls at her and finally Lee falls into her arms sobbing.

They slide onto the floor. Lee's discomfort is apparent and her face contorts in a battle to tuck these emotions back away. They both breathe heavily, catching their breath.

Aileen: I had to do it. Sell.

Selby: I'm sure you did... So, what's gonna happen now?

Lee pulls out the article and tosses it in Selby's lap.

Aileen: Nothin'. It's already over.

Selby is visibly relieved and picks up the article. The picture of RICHARD MALLORY looks out from the crease.

Lee studies her. Hope, an emotion she isn't used to, plays awkwardly in her eyes. She pats them dry.

Selby: (absorbing it anew) He would've killed you.

Lee nods with shared disbelief. Selby shakes her head.

Aileen: It had to be done.

Selby: This thing's coining oft... (re: the cast)

I can get a job.

Aileen: Nah, I'm goin' back. I've been doing it since I was 14?! What do I care? Tell you the truth I'm dying to do something?! You think yer starvin'? I gave you all the food!?

They both laugh. Selby pouts in sympathy and pets Lee's hair.

Aileen: I even wanted to before but I was just so scared of getting caught. But we're straight... ,

Lee stands strongly. Selby looks at her. Now?

Selby: How long you gonna be gone?

Aileen: Not long... We'll be fine, alright? It's all good now.

Selby nods.


Cars whip down the narrow southern highway.

Lee's face is made-up. She drags on a cigarette, intensely watching the cars approach. Not quite as fine as she had boasted, but coping. She takes a deep breath and raises her hand into the night.

Cars whip past and disappear into the darkness.


ANGLE through the windshield of blackness. Branches momentarily illuminate then whip from view as the car passes.

REVERSE to WILL, a heavy set older man at the wheel. Lee sits next to him. Her eyes move around nervously. She is ramped up. He eyes her greedily as they slow to a stop.


You got a wet pussy?

He starts rubbing himself.

Aileen: Yeah of course,


You like to fuck?

Aileen: Sure, but let's get this out of the way here. Money first... Let's see it.


Jesus, you'd think nobody'd ever talked dirty to you before.

Aileen: Yeah... No, I just like to settle.

They look at each other for a beat.


You wanna call me daddy while I fuck you?

Aileen: I'll try. Why, you like to fuck your kids?

will is horrified.



Aileen: Nothin'... I'm just playing with you.

Seriously, I wanna call you daddy. Daddy. See? I do it all the time.

He slowly warms.


Forty dollars?

Aileen: Yeah forty. What do you think? This is some good shit here.

He flips through his wallet and pulls out two twenties.

Aileen: Okay fine. Why don't you take your pants of f ?

ANGLE through the windshield as he struggles to undress.


You wanna suck it too?

Aileen: That's..,

She falls silent, suddenly losing interest in her own shtick.


Come on yon take yours off!

Lee is frozen.

Aileen: Hang on.

Will starts jerking off.

PUSH IN on LEE. She stares ahead without blinking. Finally she takes a breath, gets it together and unbuttons her coat. She tucks it away into her bag...


I'll bet you're real sweet, huh. I'll bet you can't get enough-

...She comes up with the gun.


He slams against the door, his face locked in a grimace of shock.



The door opens and Will spills, half naked out to the ground.

Aileen: crawls over the seat and looks down in amazement.

His body begins jerking in the throws of death. Still conscious, he gurgles in question.

Aileen: empties the barrel into his chest, trying to stop the CONVULSING. Momentarily repulsed, Lee sits back in the seat.

Aileen: (light) You're a child molester. Child molester. Fucking child molester.


Lee stands next to the car smoking a cigarette and studying the body out of the corner of her eye. Stubbing out her cigarette, she moves towards him and pulls out his wallet. It's full of money. She flips through business cards, reciepts and pulls out a photo.

Aileen: Ha!

She holds a photo up to the corpse. The school photo shows a smiling young girl.

Aileen: What is that man? See?

Lee tosses the wallet into the car and stares at him. Her emotions are all over the place but she breathes herself into a calm and begins to undress.


The Cadillac barrels by.


Lee smokes a cigarette, hums to herself, tries to whistle and checks the road and car dials.


Selby lays in bed watching television. Sitcom LAUGH TRACK and stupidly chipper quips roar from the set.

The Cadillac PEELS IN outside. Selby looks out the window and sits up hopefully. Lee flies in the door.

Aileen: Hey... so you need some money?

Selby: Yeah?

Aileen: Oh, alright...

She tosses a handful of cash towards Selby.

SLOW MOTION OF THE BILLS cascading down on Selby. She looks around wondrously.

Selby: Holy.-.

She starts LAUGHING.

Aileen: No problem?

Lee starts stuffing things from her pockets into a box.

Selby: (concerned) It was okay?

Aileen: Yeah. It was fine. Look. I'm unna wash up.

Lee goes into the bathroom.

Selby: There's hundreds of dollars here? 1

Aileen: (O.S.) I know... I told you. I’m good.

Selby: Oh my god...

Selby grips it to her with joyous relief.

After a beat her eyes drift up to the CADILLAC with confusion. Looking back to the money, she flips through it.

The bathroom door knob turns in Selby's hand but it's locked. The shower turns on inside.

Selby: . ..Lee?

Aileen: (O.S.) Hang on, baby. I gotta wash up here.

Selby: Oh. Hey... where1d you get the car?

A long beat passes. Selby tenses.

Aileen: (O.S.) Remember Thomas? I was out on 95 so I called him to pick me up? He let me borrow it so we can move...

Selby: (happily distracted) We're moving?

Aileen: (O.S.) Yeah, fuck, this place, right?

Selby: Oh man. Can we get a big place with a kitchen?


Lee washes her hands in the sink. She laughs to herself.

Aileen: Whatever you want baby. Whatever you want.

Standing up, Lee looks in the mirror with a smile. Her head cocks curiously as she takes herself in.

WIDEN to reveal her naked body COVERED IN BLOOD.

Lee takes it in with unphazed curiosity. After a beat she steps into the shower. The steaming spray hits her body.

BLOOD spirals into the drain,

Aileen: watches. Water streams down her cheeks.

Aileen: Life is so strange. It's hard, but it's also funny how things can be so different than you might think.

VARIOUS SHOTS of her washing her body.

Aileen: The first time I realized that I remember thinkin' it was sad. Every year the 4-H club would set up a big carnival in my neighborhood and right smack in the middle of it...


Selby sits looking at the cash.

Aileen: ...was this beautiful, gigantic Ferris Wheel that lit up in the night sky. As a kid, I thought it was about the coolest thing I’d ever seen. They called it THE MONSTER.

The bathroom door opens and Lee steps out with a towel on. Steam lingers out after her. She winks at Selby and jumps into the cash next to her.

Aileen: All summer I'd sit in my bedroom window and watch it turn, just dreaming of what it would feel like to ride on.

Lee scoops up a handful of bills and extends them to Selby.

Aileen: (quiet) It's all yours.

Selby takes the money. Her tense expression calms into wonder. Lee flops back onto the bed. Selby studies her peaceful face and relaxes. It can't be. Selby starts neatly stacking the bills. Lee lights a cigarette and watches her.

Aileen: I thought for sure it would feel like flying. So when I was old enough, after years of thinking about it I finally got my chance.


The lights and signs of the bustling nightlife blur past.

Aileen: I'll tell you, I waited in line all day and I've never been so excited since, but sure enough...


Lee grips Selby's hand. Selby looks out the window. Their belongings are piled high behind them. The front seat is lined with fast food bags.

Close on Selby. The neon colors reflect from her face as she watches the world drift by.

Aileen: I was so nauseous and scared I threw up all over myself before it even made a full turn.

Selby's hand waves out the window. After a beat she returns to her burger. She smiles at Lee as she chomps it down.


They sit in the corner. Lee is really drunk, refills their glasses from a pitcher. Selby sips hers.

Aileen: And that's what I mean. In my life it's always been the harmless stuff that hurt the most..

Selby looks away, distracted. A group of bikers laugh at the bar. Selby smiles along.

Aileen: ...and the thing so horrible you can't even imagine it is usually a lot easier than you think.

Lee watches them slightly more aggressively.

Aileen: You never really know until you're the one standing there.


Selby's wrist, pink from the freshly removed cast- is adorned with gold bangles and turns with the thrill of movement.


Selby admires a new look that can only be described as ghetto lesbian fabulous: head to toe in men's sports apparel topped with ostentatious fake gold jewelry.

Lee sits next to an overflowing shopping cart in the bored husband chairs. She watches with intense satisfaction,

Selby pulls off a necklace, scrutinizes it and walks away,

Lee tracks the passing customers. A man nears and she smiles at him coldly, knowingly. He looks away.


An UPTIGHT MANAGER hands a clerk a cash tray and they walk away -

Selby rushes over and tosses the necklace down.

Selby: This one ' s too heavy..,

She notices a line of personalized name plate pendants.

Selby: Hey, how much are those? You got all the names?

The MANAGER looks around for someone else to help to no avail. He comes around the counter to open the case.

Selby: Do you have a lot of the S’s?

Someone passes with a cart. He pulls her in to clear the way.

FROM AN APPROACHING POV we see them. His hand on Selby's arm.

Manager: Ma'am, I think, it'll be easier if you just tell me your name?

The ANGLE rushes in and suddenly

He is SHOVED, HARD. Selby stumbles back as Lee bursts over her shoulder.

Aileen: Take yer fucking hands off her!

FLAILING BACKWARDS, he SLAMS into a rack of sunglasses

Aileen: (vicious) Why you need to know her name? Huh?...

She didn't do nothing!?

Selby stutters to defend him but is too stunned.

The MANAGER regains his balance, raises his hands to calm her. Lee's hand PLUNGES INTO HER BAG. She flashes a challenging smile.

Selby is horrified. Selby has never seen this Lee before. She can only muster a weak head shake.

Aileen: (laughs) Fuck him asking your name, right?

Lee's eyes drift down to the case then up to Selby. Suddenly she understands. Selby shakes her head weakly. Lee looks away angrily then shields her embarrassment with a sneer.

Aileen: Fuck this place!...

Lee nods "let's go" but Selby is frozen by the cart. Lee pauses uncertainly, then pulls out the roll of bills with a cold and showy grin. She peels them off onto the counter.

Aileen: (sickeningly sweet) Fine, you buy whatever you want, (louder for show)

Cause there's plenty more where that came from...

She spins on her heels and walks away.

Selby turns apologetically to the MANAGER. He blinks at her blankly. Across the room, the door SLAMS OPEN as Lee exits. Selby slides the necklace away and scoops up the cash.

Selby: I'm sorry... she's... she's...

At a loss, she gives up, grabs her cart, rushes toward the register.


Lee stands by the door, smoking a cigarette. Selby exits with an armload of bags and an apprehensive frown.

Lee grabs the bags and begins walking around the building. Selby skip steps behind her like a child.

Selby: Lee... he was just asking cause--

Aileen: I don't care why!? Why you fucking chit chatting with everyone all the time.

Selby: (incredulous) Chit chat?... You never let me talk to anyone 1

Aileen: Yeah, cause you got a big mouth...

Behind the store the CADILLAC sits parked in the barren distance. Selby falls back behind her.

Lee curses to herself and turns to her.

Aileen: Sell, hey, you're not used to this life, I know, but.., you can't be telling anyone our business.

Selby doesn't want to hear it and continues towards the car.

Selby: Why, cause you're a hooker? So what, Lee?I There not gonna bust you for hooking at Mervy--

Lee grabs her by the arm, spins her back and fixes her with an intense smile.

Aileen: No, because I said so.

PUSH IN on Selby. Fear flickers into hurt- Her lip quivers.

Lee lets her go then reaches out and rubs her arm with concern.

Aileen: (soft)

I'm sorry... I'm just trying to protect you.

Selby nods through a pout and walks toward the car. Lee picks up the bags and takes them to the trunk.


The CADILLAC slowly pulls in the driveway.


Lee pops the trunk and pulls out the last few dollars.

Aileen: I'm going out. Here... Why don't you order yerself a nice pizza or something.

Selby takes the money, climbs out and goes to the trunk. Lee leans out the window making nice.

Aileen: I love you... love ya honey, Hey, I hate fighter'... How bout I buy ya some shoes tomorrow?

Selby unloads the bags.

Selby: Awright..,

Selby lumbers back towards the door with a weak but forgiving smile as the car backs out. Lee takes a long drag from her cigarette.


CU ON LEE, slowly exhaling.

WIDEN OUT to see, Lee is in a passenger seat.


GENE, a burly man in a workman's uniform, pulls to the side of a wooded road. Lee glances at the back of the truck and fixes him with a knowing smile.

Aileen: So where you like to fuck, in the back? (he shrugs)

Yeah? I'll bet you get rough back there?

He shrugs again.

Aileen: Huh? You like it rough?

He looks at her and smiles. She laughs to herself, pulls her bag close and reaches inside.

Aileen: Yeah... quiet type, huh? I know the type.

You're the kind who can get real nasty... (cold) .

Why don't you say it, though. Tell me...

He grips the wheel and smiles. Her jaw sets. Her hand slowly moves around and settles.


I. . . I. . .

Aileen: Cat got yer tongue?


(softer- spits it out)

I... d-d-d-don't like it rough.

Embarrassment flashes across his face. He looks away. Lee takes him in. A quiet beat passes.


Aileen: (quieter) So what do you like?

Gene's mouth struggles to produce words and finally he just shrugs. He looks away in shame, fumbles in his jacket pocket and pulls out his wallet.


I ne- I never done this before. B-b-b-but

I got..,

He gives up and shows it to her. There is plenty of money. Lee drags on her cigarette, her eyes drift up to him. She nods.

Aileen: Why don't you take off your pants,

Lee's right hand stays in the bag. She crushes out the cigarette with her left. He puts the wallet on the dash, and pulls his pants down.


He stares ahead nervously. She reaches to her bag, and moves it. Then slowly, reaches across his lap and begins jerking him off.

She instantly works him into a quick frenzy of guttural grunts of pleasure. His eyes squeeze shut in an awkward climax and she pulls back her hand and wipes it off.

His eyes open and fill with shame.

He smiles appreciatively and pulls up his pants.

GENE Thanks.

Aileen: You're welcome.

He grabs hrs wallet and extends it. She pulls out a twenty and winks.


A Ford F-150 slows to the shoulder. An aging hick leans to the window. Lee climbs in and the truck pulls away.

Aileen: (O.S.) Thanks for the ride.


I'll give you a ride if you'll give me one.

Aileen: (O.S.) Yeah? You like it rough?

The tail lights disappear into the darkness, followed by the familiar



Selby bolts up in bed.

The tiny bedroom is dark. She looks at the clock. It's 5:22 am. MUSIC softly drifts from the other room.


Swiss Army scissors carefully cut a square out of a newspaper. Lee leans drunkenly on a coffee table lined with beer cans. She clips the article out and places it on top of others.

The two-room apartment is decorated with an assortment of fake furnishings: cardboard box tables, cinder block shelves, lamps with colorful fabric draped over them.

Selby leans in from the bedroom.

Lee grabs the articles and tries to stuff them subtly into her pocket but her drunkeness exaggerates the fumbling movement to anything but.

Selby squints at her obliviously.

Selby: (sleepy) When'd you get in?

Aileen: Hey... hey sugar...Lil while ago. You wanna beer?

Selby: (laughs a yawn)

No... Aren't you coming to bed?

Lee looks up with almost painful joy.

Aileen: In a minute.

Selby nods, shrugs and returns into the bedroom.

Lee reaches and misses her beer, then picks it up. She laughs, near tears as if absorbing a beautiful thing, she hums emotionally with the radio as she takes a long swig.


Lee lays motionless on the couch, the articles still hanging half out of her pocket.


looking down at her. She is dressed.

Selby: (whisper)

Lee... Lee. , .

She looks around at the livingroom. Heavy drapes are drawn and it is dark. She leans to the window and pulls one back.

Aileen: NO. . ■

Selby pulls it shut. Lee falls back to sleep. Selby crouches next to her.

Selby: Lee?.., Lee , . .

Lee doesn't move.


Selby sits on the stairs, shielding her eyes from the light.


Selby enters the site of her "theft" and looks around. She is dressed as she was in Mervyn's.

Customers and employees mill around. In the distance, Justine leans over a magazine at the photo counter.


She flips a fashion page with a laugh, and looks up. Selby stands there smiling.

Selby: Hey, 'member me?

Justine flashes mock disapproval.


Candy bars.

Selby: Yeah. Listen, I came to pay you back.

I... I never do stuff like that.

She touches the cross around her neck for proof.

Selby: I was just out of my mind hungry. I'd broke my arm, see, and couldn't work.

Justine smiles, amused. Selby hands her a twenty.

Justine: I don't think it was that much.

Selby: Whatever. You were real nice about it.

Justine checks out her new appearance with a flirtatious smile.

Selby tense with confusion then smiles self- consciously. She lingers awkwardly.


CU Lee. She lays on the kitchen floor, dressed and intently staring under the fridge.

Off screen the DOOR JANGLES open and she jumps up- Selby comes in the door with groceries.

Aileen: Hey! Where were you?

Selby: Out. What're you doing?

Selby puts the bags on a bar linking the kitchen and livingroom.

Aileen: There's a mouse down there.

Selby stumbles back. Her face tense with fear. Lee laughs.

Selby: Did you get it?

Aileen: No. It's just a little mouse. Look at em.

She pulls Selby into the kitchen and they both lean down under the fridge.

ANGLE under the fridge. A tiny mouse sits trapped in the corner.

Selby gets up and brushes herself off.

Selby: Ew... Kill it.

Aileen: (sad)

No, he's just a poor little mouse. Hers

so scared...Did you get any cheese?

Selby looks down at Lee, who squeeks to the mouse.

Selby: Ughh... No. But I did get... a job.

Lee smile disappears. She gets up. Selby unpacks groceries.

Aileen: What? Why?

Selby: Because... we need the money.

Aileen: But I just gave you money.

Selby: Well, see now it's gone... Besides, I

want my own money so I can do stuff...

Aileen: Like whadda you wanna do?

Selby: Travel. Get a a car - a permanent car. . .

go to Six flags.

Aileen: I’ll take you to Six Flags!

She pulls out her money desperately but it's only a few dollars.

Aileen: I mean, not now, but...

Selby: That's not even just the point, Lee, I wanna.., get outta here.

Lee's face drains white with panic.

Selby: No, not leave. Just on a regular basis.

Selby cracks open a beer and walks over to the couch, Lee is out of her mind. She grabs a beer, storms into the bedroom and slams the door.


Selby pushes a mop across the floor. Beneath her smock she is decked out in her coolest butch attire and does her best to walk with a swagger. She glances over at the register.

Justine rings in a customer. Justine looks' over his shoulder and makes a face.


Justine, Selby and two other employees sit around on folding chairs smoking cigarettes and eating junk food. Selby is in heaven and almost mimics Lee to a tee. They all listen with wide eyed grins.

Selby: ... So boom I'm like, no way motherfucker, and I flip his chair over, threw his stuff around and stormed out.

They all laugh,

Selby: Yeah, who wants an office job anyway... fucking office job,., you know?


(delighted) what'd he do?

Selby: Nothing... Not one thing.


Selby and Justine lean over the photo counter flipping through photographs. Selby is truly enjoying it.


... that's my brother. He's awesome.

Track star. Um and this is all of us.

Selby: Good looking family.

Justine: (blushes)

Yeah? Well, we're super tight. As soon as I finish dental assistant school I'm gonna move closer.

Selby: Yeah that's nice. I miss my family.


Don't you? Me too. And my friends... my church. Everything about home really.

Selby nods, sentimental,

Justine: (nodding to an old photo booth) Oh — did Chris show you the trigger?

Selby shakes her head.


The curtain pulls shut.

A flash goes off. FADE TO BLACK.

A black and white PHOTO STRIP STILL of Selby and Justine. Laughing. It fades


They sit close together and laugh at their performance.


They make funny faces.

They almost jumping out of the seats.

Selby grins. Justine kisses her on the cheek.

Selby and Justine lock at each other.

Selby and Justine touch lips in an innocent kiss.


They pull back. Selby leans in again, pushing for more. Justine's lips remained closed but willing. They pull apart. Justine blushes. Selby laughs.

Selby: Well that's pretty cool.


Yeah... the trigger's great. Works on most of these old ones.

They laugh awkwardly.

Justine: Okay... one last time?

Justine pulls back the curtain.

Aileen: stands behind it. INTENSE and strangely dressed.

They both leap with fright.

Lee hold a different photo strip of them. Selby pushes past Justine, who is motionless, and nervously jumps to Lee.

Selby: (slightly upset)

Hey... She was just showing me the machine.

(to Justine)

This is Lee... my girlfriend..

Justine's face falls in fear. She slowly slides out. Lee extends her hand intensely. Justine takes it.

Aileen: Teaching my girlfriend a few things?

Justine averts her eyes downward.

DRIED BLOOD peeks out from under Lee's sleeve.

Justine lets go quickly. Lee pulls back her arm defensively. Selby didn't notice but laughs nervously and hovers in front of the photo slot. Justine walks back towards the photo counter and Selby pulls Lee along,

Selby: What are you doing here?

Aileen: I'm picking you up. Or if you're not off... we can just hang out.

Selby looks at her watch then looks around.


(trying to sound casual) Oh, Denny's gone but I'm the manager after hours, so, go ahead.

Aileen: Yer the manager?

Justine nods. Lee leers at her. Towering over her.

Aileen: Hmmm. So you don't mind if I borrowed some stuff?

Selby: No-- Lee.

Aileen: what? She's the fucking manager? And yer obviously so buddy buddy.

Selby is mortified and begins pulling on her sleeve.

Selby: No, I've got money...

Lee locks eyes with Justine. Justine is terrified.

Aileen: I don't need your money 1 Besides, she doesn't mind.

Lee walks toward the freezers and pulls out a six pack, shrugs apologetically at Justine, who nods anxiously to

Selby grabs Lee by the arm and pulls her out. Lee looks at Justine and smiles.


Lee sits at the wheel, laughing- Selby slides in beside angry.

Selby: What the fuck Lee?

Aileen: What?

Selby: Why you gonna ruin my job?

Aileen: (explodes - intense) What the fuck is right? What-.. was that?

Selby stammers. Lee's lip quivers just as quick. She pulls out the photos and rips them up in a teary passion.

Aileen: (screams)

I'm not good enough for you! You want another girl now?!

Selby: (defensive) No, Lee. No—

Aileen: I do everything for you. Everything!

Selby: I know?! We just took some pictures! I barely even know her...

Lee stares into her lap. Tears roll down her cheeks.

Aileen: You think I'm terrible.--

Selby: No I don't—

Aileen: (screams) You do! You treat me just like everyone!

Just like everyone! And I love you!

Selby: (appeasing) And I love you too. Jesus... nothing's has happened?

Lee looks up hopefully. Selby forces a casual grin, as if Lee were truly overreacting.

Selby: What's the big deal? I can't even take a photo with my boss? She's my boss?!

Lee looks down. Selby shrugs nonchalance but is tense.

Aileen: I borrowed a car to go to six flags.

Selby slides into irritation.

Selby: Great. We'll go to Six Flags... Jesus...

Why you gotta be like that, Lee!? You embarrass me.

Lee shrugs and wipes away tears. She turns over the engine.

As they pull out Lee begins to cry again.


The lights are off. Lee and Selby lay in bed. Lee sobs quietly into the sheets. Selby strokes her head and shushes her down, but. her hearts not in it. Slowly, Lee's sobbing stutters to a stop, Selby lays back with an exhale of relief.


Lee is in the passenger seat. She forces a chipper grin as if yesterday had never happened. She holds a map in front of her. Selby drives. She is tired and rubs her eyes.

Aileen: Just go straight.

Selby: You're sure?

Aileen: Yeah look... Or don't look. Watch the fucking road!

The car swerves. Selby gets it back under control. Lee tenses. Selby rolls her eyes and lights a cigarette.

Aileen: So I think we should move. Don't you think?

Selby: Why?

Aileen: Cause. We could get a house on the beach.

Selby: That's like... thousands and thousands of dollars, Lee.

Aileen: Sc... I got it covered.

Selby looks over doubtfully.

Aileen: I can. Cause you know what? I've been thinking about it and yer right- we don't have enough money! And shit, I don't want you slavin' away at some job. So I got a plan. And it's taken care of! 95%1 We're movin' to the Keys. Drink, party, have friends over. I'll even be nice. Why? Cause I got a job!

Selby: Are you serious?

Aileen: Dead serious. Dead serious, man. Whatta you think?

Selby: I dunno. You're not kidding me?

Lee beams.

Aileen: I'm not. Like I said. 95% to that junction, then phheww. You and me!...

Selby looks over. Lee sobers and desperately clasps Selby's hand.

Aileen: I'm... sorry, for how things ve been... (quiet - difficult)

I just love ya. And I'm trying real hard.

But it's not easy. Nobodies ever stuck with me this long... Or loved me, really. I'm not good at it.

Selby's genuinely touched. She nods. Lee perks back up.


But I’m gettin' better!... So we moving?

Selby takes a cigarette. She tries to light it.

Selby: Well... we can really get a house? How close are you?

Lee takes the lighter and strikes it for her. Selby leans in.

Aileen: Real close Sell... Just a few more

Suddenly they fly forward with a


Selby: 'S FACE smashes into the wheel.

Aileen: is thrown to the floor.


Steam rises from the car. It's lodged nose first in a ditch at the foot of a yard.


Selby waves her hands, confused. STEAM drifts around her. BLOOD trickles down her forehead. Metal WRENCHES as the CAR DOOR OPENS. Selby turns.

Lee's eyes are intense. She speaks with force,

Aileen: Get upI

Selby slowly climbs out, Lee pulls her faster.

Aileen: (quiet but serious)■ Run.

Selby: What.. .?

Aileen: Run Sell!

Lee and Selby stumble from the car, behind them a MIDDLE-AGED COUPLE rushes from the house.

Aileen: (light)

Aww shoot. Your dad's gonna kill us.

The couple runs up with panicked looks.


Are ya'll okay?

Aileen: Oh, we're fine.

(to Selby)

Yoe fine? Awww yeah, we’re fine.


I'm ’onna call an ambulance.

Aileen: No! No!

She stops.

Aileen: shoot. We don't have insurance. I'd just rather deal with this myself, you know?



Aileen: Her dad's place is just around the block.

Lee starts pushing Selby back into the car.

Aileen: (quietly)

Get the fuck in Sell. Go.

She is confused but slides to the passenger seat. Lee climbs in beside her and pulls the door shut. She tries to start the car and leans out the window.

The couple watches, bewildered.

Aileen: (to couple)

Yeah. See, cost of towing and all. If I can drive her it'll save us a bundle.

Lee stares at the wheel, possessed.

Aileen: (to herself)

Come on motherfucker.

She CPANKS the key. The engine WHEEZES. CRANK. WHEEZE.

CRANK... it rolls over. Lee REVS the car backwards.

The couple steps back.

Lee waves maniacally as they miraculously roll out.

Aileen: Hey... thanks though!

Lee falls dead serious. Selby stares at the road.


The car is parked on the narrow fire road. Lee kneels at the back of the car. She RIPS off the licence plate and shoves it in her bag.

She opens the trunk, pulls out a bottle of windex and a rag and slams it shut, sprays and wipes down the car. Like a pro.

HOLD ON Selby, a distance away, watching. Lee approaches.

Aileen: Let' s go.

She walks into the woods, but Selby doesn't move.

Aileen: Come on Sell! Now!

Selby: I don't wanna... I wanna drive.

Aileen: No. We can't.

Selby starts crying.

Aileen: God damn it, come on.

Lee rushes back and grabs her by the arm.

Aileen: Selby! He's dead, man! He's fucking dead.

We gotta get outta here right now.

Lee pulls her up and starts walking away. After a moment, Selby follows, crying.


Water splashes into cupped hands. Selby throws it on her face then dries off on a towel. Her mouth hangs open in a dry sob.


Selby enters, jerks around indecisively. She starts stuffing her things into random bags, then hurls an armload of clothing down.


Lee sits calmly smoking a cigarette. Selby enters and fixes Lee with an angry glare.

Selby: So?... Say it!

Lee stares ahead. Selby breaks back into tears but something is a little much about it. A little dramatic.

Selby: - Say it!

Lee looks Selby dead in the eye.

Aileen: What do you think?

Selby slides down onto the floor.

Selby: Oh god. What've you done!? It's all over, isn't it? They're coming!

Aileen: Nobody's coming... Yer overreacting.

Selby: (incredulous - shouting) Whadda you mean? You 1 re.killing people.

Aileen: Hey!

Selby: You can't go out killing

Selby cringes as Lee rushes her, yanks her up and drags her.


Lee kicks the door shut behind them and pushes Selby onto the bed. She wags her finger in her face.

Aileen: God damn it, Selby. Keep your fucking voice down! Now listen to me... They aren't coming!

Selby watches her, sucking back sobs. Lee spins to the closet, returning with the vanity box.

Aileen: I never wanted you in this shit Sell. But I know what I'm doing alright? There's no fucking way for you to understand it all so you gotta trust me.

She pulls out a stack of articles and puts them on the bed. Selby takes in the plentiful stack with a moan.

Aileen: Look, they don't have one god damn thing. This shit here is long over already so they're not even looking and they didn't seem to give a shit in the first place... These guys were bad news J You see what I'm saying? Nobody cares I? You got these rapists and killers, with ten different people want 'em dead so they shut the book. I'm doing 'em a favor 1 Now, beyond that I'm still real careful...

(realizing - angry)

I didn't exactly wanna wreck the fucking car in public! (calming)

But we did... and I figure if they were gonna call the cops... they woulda done it then, so nobody's coming after you.

Selby's relieved but starts crying again.

Selby: How could you?!

Aileen: Selby, come on... You knew.

Selby sobs into her hands, not wanting to face it.

Selby: No I didn't. I knew about one.

Aileen: No... But it's the same thing.

Lee watches Selby sob. Growing more uncomfortable by the minute, she grabs the vanity case and walks out of the room.

Aileen: Alright, fuck it...

The whimsical first chords of Sweet Dreams' by Patsy Cline chime in from the living room. Selby's tears slow. She looks over with confusion.


Lee whistles along as she grabs a bottle of Jack Daniels, shot glasses and a case of beer. She sets them up on the coffee table and pulls up a chair.

Aileen: Come on in here Sell!

She pours two shots. Selby steps into the doorway with a back pack stuffed with things. Lee nods at the shots with a smile,

Aileen: C1 mon. We got some Patsy, some drinks, it's all good in here. Alright? Come on.

Lee raises her glass in a toast. Selby watches her, incredulous.

Selby: What are you doing?

Aileen: (nonchalantly)

Having a drink- Cheers.

Selby: (yells)

This isn't funny, Lee!

Selby stumbles toward the door. Lee blocks her way, suppressing desperation. Selby backs up.

Aileen: --Cause you don't know what's going on.

And I do! And I understand you wanna shut yer eyes to the world. Man, but the least you can do is hear me out... cause you're dead wrong!

Selby slowly takes a seat but maintains the attitude of a battered innocent.

Lee sits on the couch, slides Selby a drink and throws back a shot. She slams her glass down with a gratified jaw clench.

Aileen: (struggling)

Okay... Now, none of this is what you think it is.

Selby: I know what it is--

Aileen: No, you don't know my life!? But I know yours. Man. ..

(loving - emotional)

I've done everything in this whole wide world, hoping you would never know. I love the way you see iti? I'm jealous! I wish so bad I could be like ya, and just not know. But I can't. Sell. And as much as I hoped to keep it from ya, so you could go on thinking people are good and kind and shit makes sense. Honey...

■ there's a whole lot more going on. And I'm sorry. I'm sorry for you. Cause now you got to know.

Selby: No,r Lee. . ,

Aileen: Yes Sell! Yes! You need to.

Selby: No. We can be different as we want but I know that you can't murder people.

Aileen: Says who?

Selby's fingers go to the cross around her neck. Lee pours them two more shots. Selby throws this one back. Lee sobers. Preparing the uncomfortable speech she's given herself ten times. A wild fervor enters her eyes.

Patsy Cline's 'Just a Closer Walk' comes on.

Aileen: Selby, I'm good with the lord! I'm fine. And I know how you were raised and how everybody thinks and... fuck it has to be that way. They gotta tell you that ’thou shalt not kill' shit and all that jazz. And, of course, you can't do it fer nothin'?! But that's not the way the world works, man. Nobody knows what the fuck god wants?! Who wrote the bible? Some fucking people. The fuck did they know really? There wouldn't be killing if it hadn't been created, right? And people kill each other... every day. And fer what? For politics? For religion? And they're heroes!? No. Now... I didn't ask for this but I'd be dead right now. What am I supposed to do with that?


Aileen: If I hadn’t killed somebody rd be dead!? Would you've wanted that?

Selby: No. But that was one guy, Lee... How many?--

Aileen: A lot... I'm cleaning up!

Selby: They can't all've been bad.

Aileen: They can't have been bad? Read the paper! I'm not the only one out there killin' . . . but I'm the only one killin' them. They're just killing us wholesale. So don't feel bad, Selby! I haven't hurt one person who didn't flat out deserve it.’ I've had it up to here with you can'11 . . . While the world decides what I will take, or die. There's a lot of shit I can't put up with anymore. Killing's not one of 'em. Letting these guys go out and rape somebody else, isn't either...

(pleading - vehement)

So open your mind and look at me! You know me. You think I could do it otherwise? I'm not a bad person. I'm a good person! A real good person!

A tear wells in Lee's eye. She wipes it away and instantly shakes it off with a grin. Selby is stunned. Her mind churns, fighting against persuasion but struggling.

Aileen: Now... I'm sorry baby, for all that stuff. For you to know... but look....

Lee flips open her vanity and flops an impressive bundle of cash on the table. Selby's jaw drops.

Aileen: Look Sell... you see what this is? This right here is everything, everything you've ever wanted?! See? I told you I'd take care of you! And look...


This here, is almost enough to buy another pressure cleaning unit, man! I know you want more, I know you want the good life, so here it is?! Self employed, put all this behind us... You think I'd let the world stop me from that??


CONTINUED: (3) LEE No( you're my girl!? I'd get you anything you ever asked for...

Lee smiles proudly but Selby stands and walks towards the door, Lee jumps up with concern.

Selby: No... Lee, that doesn't make it right?

Panic flashes across Lee’s face,

Aileen: What?! No, it is right! It is right! I just told you!

Selby: No, but you're wrong. The world is a good place...

(Lee shakes her head) and there are nice people out there, yes there are!

Aileen: No, baby... there’s only you... and me.

Selby: There were lots of other way---

Aileen: There is no other way. Thia is it--

Selby: But I got a job--

Aileen: Making what? You wanna live like that--

Selby: I don't know. I can't...think!?

Selby backs towards the door. Lee nears. The desperation in her eyes is frightening. Selby trembles. Lee grabs her arm. .

Aileen: There’s no where to go, Sell! I'm yer

home. You need me! You need me —

Selby: Let me go! I'm not yer prisoner! I gotta... I gotta! Don’t follow me!


Selby runs out. Lee lets her go and steps out behind her. She is tense with angst but she forces a certain smile.

Aileen: I'm not keeping you. Go if you want. But you'll come, back okay? And I'll be here. I'll be here.,. I'm not mad! I love you.


Selby's feet POUND against the pavement. She PANTS deeply.


Justine stands at the register, ringing up one of the few late night customers. Selby runs in, panicked and messy.

Justine's eyes dart up. She hides her dread as she continues ringing items. Selby hovers behind the customer.

Selby: Can I... can I talk to you?

Justine: [professional)

Not... right now. Can you wait outside?


Selby crouches on the sidewalk, smoking a cigarette.

Justine comes out with a frown. Selby gets up, smiling with the relief of companionship. Justine is apprehensive and returns no warmth,


What are you... doing here?

Selby: Hey, I, oh, I just needed to talk to someone.


Well, I'm working?!

Selby: No, I know, I'm sorry... I'm just freakin out and I needed.,, a friend.


Yeah, I hardly know you though.

Selby is taken aback, but tries to recover with a smile.

Selby: No, yeah! Yeah, I know but since... I felt a connection with you.

Selby nods, referring to the kiss. Justine forced smile evaporates and she looks around self-consciously.

Selby: ...and, I don't know? Things are real bad with my girlfriend. I'm... we might be breaking up.


(laughs - incredulous)

I'm not gay, alright? That was just playing around - I thought you were nice.

Selby keeps up the smile but is suddenly lost.

Selby: Oh... no, right I know but I meant friends. Like friends...


Umm- hrnrran. Well, I mean, I don't know ■ what the problem is but I can't... Look, I'm a Christian and the manager, and I don't know if you misunderstood with the candy bars but I can't be involved with whatever it is you're... "into" here. I can't... I don't think you should work here. I'm sorry,

Selby is completely floored. Justine is truly afraid and backs away from her.

Selby: No... no, I'm not... I'll pay you back.


I don’t want you to pay me back. Just please, don't come here.

Selby: (falling apart) But I've got nowhere to go...

Justine throws her hands up as if shielding an oncoming attack from a savvy con artist, or stalker.


Oh my gosh, I don't even know you... just please, leave me alone!

Selby nods, but her jaw sets into an emotional and angry glower of embarrassment. Justine hurries inside. Selby looks around and the cold and empty street.


CU Selby, walking down the street. Her eyes are red from crying and dart around nervously. SIRENS moan in the distance.

Groups of the malcontents that used to seem so exotic, leer at her with menace. A junkie steps in pace with her, asking for a light. She rushes away in fear.


Selby clutches the handset, and looks nervously behind her. She digs through her change then looks at her watch and begins slamming the phone against the booth.


Selby steps in the door. She is calmer, different.

Lee sits on the couch like a worried parent. She smiles with nervous hope.

Aileen: Hi baby.,.

Selby sits down across from her and lights a cigarette. For beat they smoke and look at eachother.

Selby: So how longs this gonna take?

Lee washes with thankful relief.

Aileen: No, time baby. We're almost there.

Selby: Good. I wanna go now.

Aileen: Okay, tomorrow. Tomorrow, I'll get a car.

Selby nods. Lee reaches out. Selby takes her hand and lets herself be pulled onto the couch. Lee squeezes her tight.

Selby turns into her and buries her face in Lee's chest.

Lee looks up with glaze of power and victory, and shushes her with a sweet soothing voice.


The sun peeks up over the darkened apartment.


Trucks gas up, people mill around.

Selby: (O.S.) I don't know if it's right, or it's wrong, but... I don't care anymore.


A waitress slides a plate of food under Selby's smiling face. She is decked out in her showiest clothing.

Selby: I'm gay. And our life is great. She loves me, I love her, it all worked out,

REVERSE TO Debbie. She smiles beatifically yet exudes concern.

Selby: So I just wanted you to pass that along to my dad and tell everyone we're doing fantastic, and not to worry...


num- hmmm. . . Well. I know it's not what they want to hear...

Selby: What!? That I'm happy?


No... that yer choosing to go this way.

Selby: I'm not choosin'. This is just how I am and I don’t feel bad about it anymore... Tell him that too.


Selby... your father loves you. I don't know what gave you the impression that he doesn't want you happy. That's precisely what we worry about.

Selby: Well, then there's no problem.


Not now but... I know your all romantic about this girl. You probably think she's wild and interesting. I was young once too but...


Screwed up people are who they are for a reason, And they're better left alone. Now, I'm not talking about being born a nigger or —

Selby: (embarrassed - whisper) Don't say nigger, Debbie!


What, I was saying it's not their fault?! The blacks or whatever you want to say, Selby, you know I'm not racist!


But,., my point is, most of these other people have made some bad choices, and they pay for em? All these miserable street people. So we just worry to see you choosing this life for yourself too. The gay life.

Selby: No, it's not that simple! And you don't know her? She's had a real bad life.


(chuckling condescension)

Honey, lots of people have bad lives and choose to move towards the light. Otherwise we'd all be hookers and druggies 'cause we got yelled at or had a mean mom.' You know?

Selby: No. It's not that simple... look, I don't wanna hear this okay? That's the point!


Okay, fine... but, believe me, as you get older all you'll want is a roof over your head, even if you have to sleep with a man to get it.

Selby: Well that's not what I want.


Okay, fair enough. Just know that we love you and still want you back.,,

Selby: Well, that's not gonna happen, because I disagree. We're good with the lord cause we’re real good people!


Lee, walks through the woods with a MENACING smile. EVAN BOLTIN, a late 40s clear-cut military type, walks behind her.


Are we going on a hike? Where you headed?

Lee stops and spreads out a blanket.

Aileen: This is fine.

EVAN The car was fine.

Evan undoes his belt. Lee looks around. The woods are empty.

Aileen: Not when you have a gun in it!?

Evan is surprised but shrugs defensively.


So? Lots of people have guns...

you going to undress or what?

Aileen: You first. You think I trust you now?

Lee lights a cigarette. He slowly undresses.

Aileen: (nods to his wedding band)

You're married... I don't get that. You like to do dirty things to girls instead of just fucking your wife. Why, so you can rape ’em?

EVAN No! Good lord.

She nods. Laughs.

Aileen: Man, men... I fuckin hate em, I mean there's a few good ones but not guys like you... fucking 'johns.''

Evan shrugs uncomfortably.


Well. . . then why are you a hooker?

Aileen: I‘m not.

Evan looks confused.

Aileen: I don't fuck men J I did at one time.


I mean I did a lot actually. Most of the time against my will you know? Shit, I've been fucking men since I was 3 years old? ’


Oh, good God.

Evan, now in his socks and underwear, slowly grabs his pants. Lee continues causally.

Aileen: Yeah, man. This old man raped me when'I was 8. My dad's friend. Not one person believed me. So he kept raping ine... for years. And my dad beat me up for it.

Evan pulls his pants back on.

Aileen: Where you going?


I'm not... I’m sorry for you. But if you want a ride you'd better come on.

Aileen: I don't need a ride. I'm takin’ your car.

Evan freezes, now he's scared.

Lee pulls out the gun.

Aileen: (the other Lee)

What, you piece of shit you think I'm stupid enough to go back to your car with you, motherfucker! Huh?

He steps back. Their eyes meet.


T-t-take it. Here.

He reaches in his pocket.


He's HIT in the hip and FALLS BACK. Keys clutched in his hand. The other grips his hip in pain. He looks up in horror.



Aileen: Don't say fucking please to me! You think you'd have mercy if the shoe was on the other foot motherfucker?

He's a deer caught in the headlights.

She's frustrated. Angry, He's giving her nothing.

Aileen: Huh? You don’t have nothing to say do you, motherfucker 1... say somethin'!

Lee clenches her teeth, but she's uncomfortable. Trying to work it up.

CU Evan. Panic in his eyes. He can't move.

She walks up on him with purpose.

EVAN No . . .


He falls back.


Lee lowers the gun. She leans down and reaches in his pocket. His eyes are OPEN. They ROLL, then LOCK ON HER. she shoves him over. Pulls the wallet out of his back pocket and leaves.

TRACK with Lee. There is no joy. No satisfaction- Just bittersweet anger.

Aileen: Victor Borne... That was his name - my dad’s friend. Some friend. Rape your daughter. But my dad was loyal to him. I'll give 'em that much. So much for gustice. One night, after years had gone by, I knew I was gonna have to kill him.

Lee reaches the clearing and approaches a Dark Blue Chrysler.

Aileen: I had a plan and a knife. I knew he was coming to dinner so I went to his house and hid outside in the bushes. I was so ready and so filled with hate, but when he finally stepped out he looked so big and I felt so small and ridiculous that I lost my nerve.

she unlocks the car, tosses her bag in and opens his wallet.

Aileen: I couldn't do it. Just watched him walk away. Went home and ate dinner with him. Mom yelled at me for being rude when he asked me for the salt.

She pulls out a 10 and some single with a frown.. Flips on.

A portrait style PHOTOGRAPH of Evan and his WIFE. She's in a WHEEL CHAIR. They smile happily. His eyes, loving and warm.

Lee's jaw sets, she doesn't want to see this.

Aileen: Years later, when I found out he had died in a car accident, I was overjoyed. It was like God finally struck him down for all his evil. I loved it.

She flips through the plastic sleeves. Page after page of photos and souvenirs replace credit cards.

Aileen: (CONT'D (CONT'D)

Knowing you can't get away with your shit forever. Sooner or later it'll catch up with you.

The last page turns.


Lee's jaw falls slack, her breath quick with adrenaline. She looks to his car. Panic turns to fury.

Aileen: Mother fucker!


Lee and Selby's belongings are stacked by the door. Selby fidgets in front of the television. The news is on.

Aileen: (O.S.) Sellllll...

Selby goes to the door.


Lee stands in the middle of the parking lot. The door opens and she walks in.

Selby: Hey?J Where's the car?

Lee throws her bag down.

Aileen: It got all fucked up. Is that everything?

Selby: Yeah. What's wrong?

Aileen: Fuck! We got beer?-.. I think we should just go, man?

Selby hands her one. Lee snaps it open and throws it back.

Selby: How?

Aileen: Take the bus! Fuck it. We got enough money,

Selby: We do?

Aileen: No, but whatever, man. I'll hook down there.

Selby: No... Lee, noi We can't take our shit with us on the bus and... This isn't what you said.

Aileen: Well, I don't have one!?

Selby: So, you said you'd get one.

Lee shakes her head and sits on the bed.

Aileen: I just... I can't right now.

Selby: So we'll wait?

Aileen: No.,..no, we gotta go.

Selby: Lee, what happened?

Aileen: Fucking cop man!

Selby: What!?

Aileen: The guy... I wasn't even gonna do it but he had a fucking gun so... I popped him. Sure enough, he's a fucking cop!

Selby: Oh, Lee?!

Aileen: No, he's some sort retired thing but still I can’t take his fucking carl If it's cop car man they have those... shit... tracking devices.

Selby: Holy shit.

Aileen: Mother fucker. Tried to fucking trick me into his fucking car, man. What am I gonna do? You see what I'm saying? These fucking assholes.

Selby: Lee, keep it down!

Lee flops back on the bed. Selby looks around scared.

Selby: Then you gotta go get one, right now,

Lees face tightens. She sighs.

Selby: Oh, no. Yer not changing your mind on me now are you? This is your plan?

Aileen: But it... it. . .

Selby: No, I don't wanna hear it Lee! No more.

Don't tell me this shit. This isn’t my deal and you know that... but you said you knew what you were doing? Now we're going. House on the beach, self- employeed, you said!

Aileen: Okay.

Selby: Then get up! And go get us a car, right now... or I'm leaving.

After a moment, Lee sits up next to Selby.

Aileen: Alright... just hang on a sec.

Lee stares at the floor. Desperation and fear on her face.

Selby sees the crack in the veneer.

Selby: I'm scared Lee...

Lee grabs her hand and musters up her courage.

Aileen: (whisper ) No baby... don't be scared, it's fine... it’s fine... Okay... What room is this?

Selby: 17 .

Aileen: Alright, I'll be back soon, ain't no thang...

Selby nods. Lee gets up.

Selby: Lee, are they gonna freak out about the cop thing?

Aileen: No, no... It's no big deal... it's fine.

Selby doesn't look so sure.


Lee stands on the corner with her hands on her hips. She watches the cars pass. Her brow, knit with worry, Her hands fly to her face. She quickly walks away and tucks behind a dumpster in the alley, she struggles to breathe it together.


Thomas sits at the bar. Lee is next to him, plowing through beers and shots and trying hard to look, happy. On the wall behind them a television, plays ROSEANNE.


Well that all sounds real good. Hell, I'm proud of ya. Sounds like yer doing well.

Aileen: Yeah... Yeah, thanks I am. But I wanted to say bye. You're the only real frien' I had here 'sides my girl.

Thomas’s eyes flash pity, but he toasts with a smile.


It's an honor, Lee, I thank you fer sayin' so.

She laughs. The bitter taste of shame passes.

Aileen: Yeah right.,.


Hey J I'm serious. Girl like you's had a rough time. It meayns a lot to get in yer heart and be called a friend by you.

Lee looks into her lap.

Aileen: pfffff... Yeah?

Thomas studies her with concern.


Ya'll Right?

Aileen: Oh shit... I juss get--

Lee chokes into tears but instantly stops them, looks up. Thomas leans in with concern. Lee laughs uncomfortably.

Aileen: Aw it's nothin'... it's nothin'...

Your'n exception though Tom. A lot a people think I'm just a bad... shitty person.


Just fer... I don't know. How I've... had to live. It's not the greatess thing but... that's my life, you know?


I just get so fucking mad cause I'm just trying to... survive—


Awww... Don't do it to yerself.

Aileen: -- I wanted to talk to ya, cause I think about you guys at war, you know?

THOMAS (sincere)

I know exactly!

He doesn't but she takes interest.


Lee... I know what cha do for a living. I like you with all that knowledge 'cause I know you didn't dial that job up on the phone. That's where ya landed! That's what you had to do!.. What'cher talking 'bout there's guilt for thangs you can't control. You know how many of us coming back from Nam darn near killed ourselves over what yer feeling right now?

Aileen: Aww, yeah?


Yeah... You feel bad about yerself fer doing things that're "wrong'' when you never had a choice about it...


You had to do it! Act! React! Grab yer gun! Spot the target...


Move! Move! Move! Maybe you did shoot cher friend in the back, but you didn't see em'i You couldn't pull em out! Had to leave em'I That's life!

(calming) (MORE)



Now see what yer doings nothing... but the same.

He used to seem eccentric, but now Lee's right there with him. She nods as the wheels turn.

Aileen: ... it is the same.


Yer surviving. Thinking on yer feet!

Taking what you got! Eace the heat!

Thrive to survive... They can't

■ understand! No one. Bottom line is, they don't get circumstance.

Aileen: Yeah... Circumstance. You know I feel that way... like I never got a choice but to live or die. And I wanted to live, so I had to live.

Behind them, ROSEANNE is interrupted by NEWS 10 - LIVE card. A news caster follows.

The corner GRAPHIC reads "MANHUNT". Then cuts to EVAN BOLTIN.


That's right. Gotta live! It aint 100% but you can't think about that. Hey, also, those men?... They don't have to be there? That's their own choice. They enlisted...

One by one, the faces of LEE'S VICTIMS begins to flash on the screen.

Aileen: Man, you fucking hit the nail on the head. Yer exactly fucking right...


Who knows if it could be different?


Lee's working up steam. She finishes a JD on the rocks and throws back her beer chaser.

Aileen: Man, okay... Okay. Tom,..Im gonna hit it. Sorry to rush out on ya.


You wanna ride?

Aileen: Nah. I'm stayin' right here. Round here.

PUSH IN past Lee onto the television. As we get closer the volume increases. Visuals cut between photos of the victimsr their cars, and the crime scene.


Well, Lee. I'll sure miss ...which we reported a few

seeing you around. If you weeks ago. Earlier today the

come back up this way I wish Broward County Police

you'd stick yer head in. I'd announced that they believe

like to know yer alright. the hunt is on for a serial

killer. Six homicides involving male victims found off of local florida highways, are now believed to be related.



Selby is breathing into her hands, near hysterical. She rocks back and forth on the edge of the bed.


...They have asked that people use extreme caution when traveling alone and strongly advised against picking up any hitchhikers at this time. Anyone with any information about these crimes is urged to come forward in an effort to save more lives.

Selby: C'mon Lee... c'mon...


Lee walks away from the bar. She's drunk but driven. She heads towards a highway on-ramp.


Thomas finishes his scotch. The news continues behind him. He checks the air and the bartender nods. He's proud of his talk and plays through it with a smile. It fades as he begins listening. He turns, and slowly limps closer and squints up at ths set.


The police have issued very little information about the suspect but in a warning issued earlier they alerted travelers that the perpetrator could possibly be a hitchhiker or prostitute.


A thin and nervous man peers out of a car. Lee squints back bleary, sizing him up. He smiles. Rain flecks off the car.

Aileen: Nahhh man... get outta here.

He looks rejected. She stumbles away.

Lee stands a little too close to the road and stares into the on coming traffic, she raises her hand sporadically but looks confused. The rain's picking up.

A Volvo slows. Lee waves it off angrily then tries to light a cigarette. The paper wets with raindrops. She strikes her lighter again and again.


HUMPHREY ROHRBACH, heavyset early 50 rs, drives carefully through the rain. AM radio hisses through a SPORTS TALK program. He squints through the windshield.

HIS POV Lee throws the cigarette down angrily and locks up as the car pulls over. He rolls down the window.

Lee stumbles in and stares. He smiles.


Ma'am, you in need of some assistance?

She nods and reaches for the handle and she climbs in.


She smiles drunkenly. He frowns with concern and pulls away.


Are you okay?

Aileen: Am yeah... You got any beer in here?


No ma'am, I don't drink...You need a phone?

Aileen: Naaahhh just wherever you goin',..

Lee fiddles through the bag with slow, clumsy effort. She produces the tattered photograph of the blonde children and shoves it at Humphrey.

Aileen: [CONT'D)

These here my kids.,. They're down in Miami and I'm trying just make some money get down there's get em...

Humphrey is confused. He's not a ’john.‘


Are they okay?

Lee is confused.

Aileen: Yeah... they're fine. I'm just trying ,ta make a few dollars get down there if you wanna help me... Help me out...

Humphrey is unsure of the right thing to do.

Aileen: Or I... I help you out you know?

HUMPHREY (genuine concern)

Is everything okay with you, ma'am?

Lee stares at him for a long beat then gets the picture and looks away.


If you need some help I'll see what I can do to get you back to your kids. But maybe you need a place to stay or a shower and some warm clothes? We got our sons room empty if you want it...

Aileen: Just let me out.


I'm sorry?

Aileen: (shouts) Pull overi

Humphrey is torii but pulls over.

Lee fumbles with the door.


Ma'am I can't let you out here...

Lee swings it open and starts to climb out but has only one of the handles to her bag. The other side flips over and its contents spill into the car.

HUMPHREY ...the cars can barely see you--

The GUN, FALLS across the seat, lands at Humphrey's feet.

They both FREEZE, staring at it. AGONY contorts Lee's face.

He slowly picks it up with his fingers.

She leans in,, GRABS IT and pulls the door shut behind her.

Her hand wraps tightly around it. Her head rolls against the seat in confusion.

HUMPHREY (fear creeping in) Ma'am... you in some...

She points the gun at him. Her face contorting like an apologetic child.

Aileen: Just drive.

He nods, puts it in gear and rolls back into the road.


The phone booth is lit up in the night. Tom limps toward it from his car.

Inside he grabs the receiver in panic, clicks the cradle and drops in a dime.


A POLICE DETECTIVE sits at a kitchen table.

REVERSE to the HUSBAND and WIFE whose yard they wrecked into. The wife stares at a composite and hands it to the detective.


Yeah. That's exactly right.


Thomas is upset. He holds the phone to his ear.


Nothing? How bout in Port Orange? . . , Are' you sure you're spellin it W,U,o,r,n...?


Humphrey drives. FEAR in his eyes. The car SHAKES as they roll through thick woods. People banter happily back and forth on the AM RADIO

Lee stares ahead, teeth clenched, trying to find it. she turns off the radio.

HUMPHREY (quietly)

You don't have to do this. I'll give you... the car. You can have it.

Aileen: Shut up!... Here, pull over.

She is significantly more sober. They pull to a stop and sit in silence.


There's nothing we can’t fix...

Aileen: Shut the fuck up. Get out.

He climbs out with his hands up. Lee steps out the other side. Beneath the thick cover, only the occasional heavy drop falls through creating a CACOPHONY of sound around them.

She trains the gun on him and walks around to the side of the road,

HUMPHREY (frantic tears) The keys are in there. My wallet's on the seat...

Lee chokes back a delirious sob and slowly shakes her head.

Aileen: (wavering) Get down...

Climbing down onto his knees, arthritis slows his movements.


No ma'am, no ma'am, no... you don't have to do this, you don't...

Aileen: Shut the fuck up; Shut up!

She steps behind him. Raises the gun to his head. It wavers.

She cringes through heavy heaves of breath.

Aileen: I can't...


You don't have to... You're just having a hard time--

Aileen: No! I cant let ya... T cant letcha live.


Noooo! We can help you...

Aileen: No!


My wife-- my wife --I have a... daughter's having a baby...

Aileen: (screams)

Shut up!

CU Humphrey. Tears roll down his cheeks, he shakes. Lee stands behind him, breathing, trying to find the strength.

CU Lee. Crying. Blinking through them, A LONG BEAT passes.

Aileen: (to herself)

oh god... Imsorry... Imsorryy...

She clenches her teeth.


Humphrey THUDS unnaturally onto his face. His glasses skitter into the leaves.

Lee slowly drops to her knees, sobbing in moans through a closed mouth.

Her cries blur into...


...Selby's, She sits on the floor against the bed. Tears run down her cheeks. She rocks back and forth, eye's locked onto:

ROUGH SKETCHES OF LEE AND SELBY on the television screen.

The phone is next to her. She picks it up, puts it down, then picks it up again. She stifles her tears and lifts the receiver to her ear.


The blue morning light fills the empty streets. The hum of a telephone RINGING fills the air.

OPERATOR (V.O) Hello, Broward County?


Yeah, hello? I’m calling about the sketches on the TV? I think that's two girls I rented a room to not long ago — The one girl's really brassy, kind of intimidating -- They said hang out at The Last Resort over on Ridgewood -- I'm pretty sure the one girl called the other-


Aileen Wuornos. That's her name fer sher but the other girl couldn’ve have anything to do with it. She's a real good girl... but I don't know her name.


The car sits by the highway. The door is open. A chime BEEPS monotonously. A few feet away Lee is bent over like she's been throwing up. She pants, then stands, shaking it off.

Aileen: Okay... yer alright... c’mon.


Thomas leans into the wheel, scanning the streets frantically, about to lose it. He clutches a cup of coffee.


His car coasts past it.


CU television. BERT & ERNIE sing about friendship.

Selby sits in the chair by the door. She has a jacket on. Her eyes are red.

A car pulls in outside the room. The ENGINE CUTS OFF and the BEEPING begins as the door opens, it SLAMS shut.

Lee enters. Her energy is crazy.

Aileen: I got it. I got it, babe. Let’s go. Did you sleep, cause you gotta drive?

Selby shakes her head. Her expression is blank.

Selby: It's out.

Aileen: What's out? What's out baby?

Selby: Sketches... of Us. Of me.

Aileen: What?! No...Oh my god... Oh, baby. Of yon?

Selby nods. Lee sits down trying to regroup.

Aileen: Okay.,, alright. Then we just gotta go.

We'll go to... California, somewhere further. But now!

Selby smiles sadly.

Selby: I'm not going.

Selby nods, trying to look certain, but wiping her brow and fidgeting nervously. Lee drops on her knees in front of her.

Aileen: No. Selby no, don't do this... not now.

No, no, no, no... We can make it. We can.

Selby: I don't wanna.

Aileen: (cracking - desperate) Why??

Selby: Cause I'm going back to God.

Lee stares at her. Wanting to see something else.

Aileen: Selby... don't do that to me.

Selby: You did - I didn't do anything. And what you did ain't right.

Aileen: (desperate anger)

No Selby„ No! We talked about this! It had to be done, you know that.

Selby: No Lee. It didn't have to be done. That was... you did it. Not me.

Aileen: (screams) But I had to!?

Selby fights to stay strong.

Selby: No, you didn't. You coulda just... looked to God. Cleaned your life.

Lee can't believe her ears. She explodes. Grabbing the table in front of her violently.

Aileen: Fuck god’

Tears mix with rage.


Fuck God! I didn't have a fucking choice!

It was my only fucking chance in this fucking world! In my fucking life! (collapsing in tears)

Where was God when I was fucking dyin' .. . everyday of my fucking life. Where was God when I was lying in a ditch after being beat up by teenagers... raped by my fucking Dadi Always... always... there was nothin. No god.


Aileen: (dissolves into whispers) There was no God... I've never had a single chance in my life... Only you.

Lee lays her head back, silent tears stream down. Selby loves her, wants to touch her, but doesn't.

Selby: (quietly)

You had to... forgive, Lee.

Aileen: (forceful - desperate) . Then you forgive me!

They stare at each other. Selby's cracking.

Selby: But the world can't forgive you.

Aileen: (desperate)

You forgive me! Be the only one. 'Cause I forgive you.

Selby thinks about this.

Selby: But, I gotta go, Lee. We cant stay together. We're on the news...

Lee gathers herself to give the futile words she's said to every love that's left her.

Aileen: Okay... okay then go. You go... go away for a while. 'Til it clears up.

But she's never said these.

Aileen: (vulnerable - beggin) But... think about it... 'Cause I can't forgive myself anymore... Come back and we'll go. We can change... together.

Lee looks at Selby lovingly. Shrugs.


A taxi idles in the driveway. Lee and Selby stand by the door. Selby can't look her in the eyes.

Selby: Alright. Well... I'll see you later.

Lee won't let it go like that. She stares at Selby, Her eyes saying everything they both know.

Aileen: (quietly) I love you.

Selby looks away and sniffs back a tear.

Aileen: Don't forget me.

Selby: (laughs)

That'd be pretty hard to do,

Aileen: Here, I want you to take this.

She holds out a paper bag. Selby looks at it.

Selby: I can't.

Aileen: Take it Selll I can't do nothin' with it.

Come back! We'll spend it later.

Selby stares at it for a moment. Then slowly takes the bag.

Selby: I gotta go.

TRACK WITH SELBY: she turns and walks to the car, her face contorts with pain. Lee crumples into the doorway.

Selby climbs into the car. HOLD ON LEE. The engine REVS as it drives away.


Lee lays on the bed with the GUN in her hand. In shock,


Lights from a bridge distort with the current. A figure walks into view. They stand at the edge. After a BEAT

THE GUN crashes into the foreground and slowly sinks. LIGHT glints off of the barrel.


tee's trashed. She heads to the phone in the corner and dials from a piece of paper.

At the bar, two BIKERS watch her nonchalantly. One nods to the other and walks away.

No answer. She hangs it up desperately. The Biker approaches.


Hey, I know you! Ain't yer name Lee?

She stops and squints at him.

Aileen: Nahhh man. S'Cammy.


Oh shit I'm sorry. You look like this hot girl... Can I buy you a drink?

Lee stumbles to the bar. He follows.

Aileen: \ If you want? Beer and JD. Two.


/ Shit I'll gotcha four...

J (to bartender)

Hey two JD, two Bud's for the lady.

(to Lee)

You come in here much...

Lee stares at the bar. The other Biker walks away.

The first JD arrives. Lee throws it back. An ARM GRABS her from BEHIND. VG jumps with concern. Lee struggles to turn,

THOMAS holds her shoulders.


Lee... Lee...

Aileen: Hey Tom!

(to VG)

This here's my only friend.

VG nods. Tom looks up. The other Biker rushes back and stands at their other side. Thomas looks at him. They look away, Tom knows .

THOMAS (feigning joy) Hey Lee... how's it going?

Aileen: Notso good. Tom—


Hey... you wanna see the BBQ out back?

He nods forcefully.

Aileen: nahhhh.


No, sure ... C'mon.

He grabs her and pulls her with him towards the door. She protests drunkenly.

The Bikers watch with concern.

VG Should just take her now.


No. They don't want the trouble. Anyway we need her to say something. Otherwise we can't book her.

VG Then we're gonna lose her.

Biker #2 walks away. VG sips his water.


A BBQ PIT burns bright red. Tons of bikers mill around in the moonlight. Thomas pulls Lee through the crowd and stops against a wall.

THOMAS Lee, we gotta get go! Jump the fence’

Aileen: What?


You! Jump the fence I'll pull the car --

Biker #2 step up nearby and pretends to watch the BBQ pit.

Aileen: Noo man.. I gotta wait fer ma girl. She leftme. She leff me Tom. Butshees coming back.

(cries - then distracted) I godda call'er..

THOMAS (lighter)

C'mon Lee, you n' me.

Aileen: . pffff... nahhh I gottta my girl Tom. I gottaa call'er...

THOMAS (desperate whisper) Lee, please.

Aileen: Noi... Hey! Yer married man. Yooun want that, Don be like that.


But I like ya Lee. I really like ya.

Aileen: Stop it! Don do that... notyou.

They look at each other. He shakes his head desperately but she won't get it. She pulls away with disgust and stumbles inside.

HOLD ON Tom. Devastated. He limps over to the rear window.

TOM'S POV Lee stumbles up to the phone. She scrounges for change. VG rushes up, Biker #2 hovers behind her. VG gesticulates with a wide grin. She listens. VG points to the door. Lee looks at it then walks towards it with a shrug. They all disappear from frame.

Tom's eyes fall shut. He shakes his head from side to side. Suddenly SIRENS BLAST OUTSIDE from every direction. The bikers all FREESE then STAMPEDE the door.

Tom struggles along with them and makes his way through the bar and to the door.


He pushes through the mass at the door to see...

jee being lowered into a cop car.

Aileen: I gotta call my girl.,- I wanna call my girrrl....

Thomas watches her, overcome with pain.

The DIN of VOICES, SIRENS and LEE is almost deafening.



Lime green fills the frame.

REVERSE to Lee. She sits on a cot in a orange prison uniform. Down the corridor METAL CREAKS as doors slide open.

Aileen: (V.O.) 945’5.. I'm sorry 9445..

OPERATOR (on phone) Okay, connecting...


Selby: (on phone) Hello?


Lee's eyes widen with joy.

Aileen: Selby?

Selby: (on phone) Hey.

Aileen: Hi baby... Hi Sell...

Selby: (on phone) Hi.. .

Aileen: Oh man, it's so good to hear yer voice.



Selby slumps in a chair.

Selby: Yeah?... You too.

Lee smiles with relief.

Aileen: You're back down here then?

Selby: Yeah... and I wanted to see what was going on.

Aileen: Yeah, boy I wish you'd never left,..casue then we coulda... but, I know where you were. I've thought about it non-stop, and yeah, I just... it was a bad day, I get that. And yer were right in a lot of ways, you know? I see that. But... We still., we still have a shot, baby.

Lee waits for a reply.

Selby: Yeah?

Aileen: Yeah... they uh... were alright.

I'm in here on a old warrant for hooking so... Where are ya?

Selby: In a motel.

Aileen: Yeah?... Boy, I wish I was with ya.

Selby: But, Lee, they're asking around. They were up to see my parents - asking questions.

Aileen: Uh, well... I'd rather not talk on the phone in here. I don't know if they... you know, but see, that's some mistaken identity with anything like that. They don't have nothing. Just some finger pointen', you know. So I should be out in a bit... Be back out-

Selby: (crying)

I don't know Lee.

Aileen: You don't know what?

Selby: Why'd you do it?

Aileen: Hey Sell... Do what? I'm here... I'm here for hookin' so just... be careful, you know. Lets just talk about us, here.

Selby: I can't Lee. How can I think like that when my pictures in the paper from when we wrecked that car—

Aileen: --Hey! Selby! What are you talking about?

Selby: When we wrecked that red car.

Lee is rushed with adrenaline. She is silent, thinking.

Aileen: Why are you saying that?

Selby: Cause I'm freaken out! They're coming after me. They're cornin' for me and yer gonna let me go down-

Aileen: -No baby. You know I wouldn't, okay. I would never. So chill out here.

Selby: How'm I supposed to do that? I'm gonna go down for something you did?

Aileen: (desperate)

Selby! I didn't do anything.

Selby: Yes you did!

Aileen: Sell...

Selby: You know what I'm talking about.

Aileen: What cha doing, Sell?

Selby is shaking with emotion.

Selby: I'm not doing anything!

There's a long silence. Lee breathes slowly, hoping.

Aileen: where's the money, Sell?

Long beat.

Selby: What money?

Aileen: The money I gave you?

Selby: What... what er you talking about?

Lee's eyes fall shut in pain.

Aileen: Nothin... the change. You prolly forgot.

Selby rocks back and forth.

Selby: Oh, yeah... Yeah I got it, (bursts into tears)

I just wanna live, Lee. I want a normal happy life. But you ruined it I And now it's not worth nothing. You dragged me down... til it's nothing... and I don't know why. I don't know why you did it...

Lee wakes with pain. She knows the significance of her next words.


Selby holds the phone, as before, surrounded by policemen and recording devices.

Aileen: (ON PHONE)

Cause I loved you... and I never wanted to loose you... That's all.

They stare at her. Exchange excited smiles. They're getting it. Selby looks into her lap, trying to hide her pain.


CU the REEL OF A 3/4 INCH TAPE DECK, rolling slowly forward. The conversation continues with the HISS of it's source.

Aileen: (O.S.) I love ya with my heart and my soul and my mind. And I woulda done anything... ...but I'd've never let you down, Sell.

. Cause it was me. It was only me. Okay, I'm agreeing... you know?

U2's rendition of 'Unchained Melody' begins.

CU Lee. She listens from the defense table. She struggles to appear strong but tears begin streaming down her' face.

Aileen: (O.S.) And I'll let them know that, okay?...

I'll tell em everything. Cause I'm not gonna let you go down. But it's over for me now. It's over... I'll never see you again. ..

Selby SITS ON THE STAND. Looking away, fighting emotion but desperately avoiding Lee's devastated gaze.

Selby: (O.S.) I know.

Aileen: (O.S.) I wish there was a way... that people could forgive you for something like this...? But they can't,

Selby: (O.S.) No.

Aileen: (O.S.) (on phone)

They just can't... So I'm gonna die.

The TAPED CONVERSATION lowers as the LYRICS comes up.

Aileen: (O.S.) But it's not yer fault, okay. I still love ya Selby. I always will. Even after... and I don't give a fuck if I live or die, so, you know.


Aileen: (O.S.) (sniffs) Okay, go back home and by the time you get back it'll all be okay for ya...

Selby: (O.S.) Alright...

Aileen: (O.S.) Just hold onto the phone for a little while, please, can you please?...


Lee lays .on her cot. Her eyes are closed.

Aileen: (O.S.) (sniffing) okay, Selby... I'll never forget ya.

Selby: (O.S.) Okay.

Aileen: (O.S.) Okay. Bye, my baby.

Selby: (O.S.) Bye.

Her eyes open with bitter sweet smile of acceptance.

Aileen: ( O.S.) Bye baby...

Selby: ( O.S.) Bye Lee.

The music lowers.

Aileen: Love conquers all... Every cloud has a sliver lining... Faith can move mountains... Love will always find a way... Everything happens for a reason . . . where there is life, there is hope... (laughs) hmmmm. Awww well, they gotta tell you something.

The MUSIC FADES UP as the lyrics return.

Lee's smile fades into sorrow, she lays alone, waiting to die.