Toby Shone and the spectre of ‘anarchist terror’

      Europe-wide crackdown

      Britain’s lightweight panics

    Updates on Toby Shone's Trial & Imprisonment

      A Farewell Present From HMP Parc

      Declaration of Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito from anarchist comrade Toby Shone

      Imprisoned Anarchist Toby Shone Fights New Battle Against Fascist UK State

      Letter for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners August 23rd – 30th by Imprisoned Anarchist Toby Shone

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      Communication with anarchist comrade Toby Shone cut off by scum prison authorities G4S

      Text from Anarchist prisoner Toby Shone June 11th

      “Like Mercury” Open Letter for Dan Baker, aka Alishare – from Toby Shone

      Contribution from anarchist comrade Toby Shone for a postponed prison abolition event hosted by Bristol Anti-Repression Campaign

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      A letter from prison by Toby Shone

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      Update on the situation of anarchist comrade Toby Shone

    Actions & Demos in Solidarity

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      Salzburg, Germany: Solidarity with Alfredo, Anna, Juan, Toby, Ivan / G4S car set on fire

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Toby Shone and the spectre of ‘anarchist terror’

Posted: May 9th, 2022


Having failed last year to show its much heralded “anti-terror” raids against anarchists in 2020 were justified, the State last week lost a second bid to silence their main target, Toby Shone.

The cops’ attempt at targeted repression, using anti-mafia laws against someone unlucky enough to have had drugs in his home during the raids, is just the most recent attack against European anarchists however. It’s part of a broader pattern which has emerged as energy for the moral panic over fundamentalist Islam subsides.

Europe-wide crackdown

There is a strain of insurrectionary anarchism in Europe which has maintained itself for decades, and often pops up particularly in Italy and Greece involving direct confrontations with the State. Alongside solidarity actions against sites connected to ruling class oppression like the US embassy, groups will often respond in kind to police and fascist violence.

For the most part in the 2000s and 2010s this activity was of a low enough order, particularly when stacked against the political project of “anti-jihadi” policing, that anarchists weren’t a priority. This equation has steadily been changing however, most noticeably via the priorities of Europol’s anti-terror unit.

In its 2021 Terrorism Situation and Trend report (pdf) Europol notes that “In the EU (in 2020), 21 people died as a result of terrorist attacks and at least 54 people were injured. The deaths were the result of one right-wing terrorist attack and six jihadist terrorist attacks.” Of course the fast-rising number of violent racist incidents aren’t counted under this umbrella – if it did then Germany alone would have seen 24,000 extra crimes listed last year. German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer has warned that the far right is by far the most significant threat to national security.

So, the focus is fundamentalism and the far-right, right? Well, not according to their arrests list. From the report:

In fact leftists and anarchists, while not being responsible for any deaths, are being arrested more often for terror offences than the far-right and fundamentalists combined. So what’s going on here?

In Greece, New Democracy has accelerated arrests and actions against both insurrectionist groups such as Conspiracy Cells of Fire and the anarchist enclave of Exarchia, even going so far as to repeal the country’s iconic university sanctuary rules so they could get at anyone escaping onto the grounds of Athens Polytechnic. In Germany, the most recent series of raids took place in Munich, rummaging through people’s things, stealing printed matter and every bit of electronics they could reach, including the entire contents of a print shop down to the risograph machine. Anarchist media hasn’t been safe either, with Linksunten Indymedia raided and shut down. Other Indymedias have been threatened for hosting texts the State deemed too spicy.

This is, sadly, something we often have to live with. The State goes through phases – in the ’80s it was the Communists, then it was the jihadists, and now it’s stuck for a bogeyman to frighten the public into supporting its continued invasions of privacy. A lack of arrests against far-right terrorists meanwhile is par for the course because they don’t threaten State or capitalist priorities. For all that their chinless avatars moan and cant on major media platforms about being “silenced,” fascists are the golden children of law enforcement, exempt from any real experience of repression. Let’s face it, a not inconsiderable number of them are law enforcement.

So perhaps we’re just next on the list.

Britain’s lightweight panics

There is, for the most part, little insurrectionary tradition in old Blighty these days, and hasn’t been for a while, which is one reason why the State’s legislative and policing priorities have been so petty and draconian. In the absence of a real organised threat, MPs have ended up criminalising “serious annoyance” and traffic jams because apparently the ruling class here is so cosseted it panics even in the face of entirely fluffy actions undertaken by non-violent protesters.

But there has also been an effort by police to intimidate anyone who even talks about more disruptive activities. Enter Toby Shone.

In November 2020, during a raid on his home, police arrested Toby on allegations involving links to fiery direct actionist website (now available only as an archive, as Dutch police stole its server). Pompously titled “Operation Adream,” the raid turned up nothing more dangerous than some LSD, MDMA and a handful of other drugs common to communes across the land. Nevertheless, unwilling to admit to an embarrassing miss, they accused Toby of being involved in terrorist activities, in particular funding terrorism, possessing information of use to terrorists, membership of a terrorist group and of carrying out “direct actions.”

As it became clear that this was going to fail abysmally however (and it did, he was found Not Guilty) they focused instead on the drugs they’d found in the collective space of the house, charging him for possession with intent to supply. This was more successful, and he was jailed for three years and nine months in October last year on a guilty plea.

This was, of course, not the end of the story. No police force can stand being shown up, and their “we’ll get him on something” itch was scratched with a follow-up application for a Serious Crime Prevention Order (SCPO), a blatant overkill measure usually aimed at organised crime dons which a judge rightly said had no grounds whatsoever.

As Toby himself notes, the use of such invasive legislation allowing police to try and control his use of computers, bank accounts and any other electronic devices for the next five years on the basis of such a limited charge is quite clearly a work of political repression. He has said outright that: “I’m anti capitalist and against any gang or mafia type practices. I’m opposed to the use of hard narcotics and their supply.”

Toby is no organised crime boss. He was found not guilty of the wad of drama-baiting terror charges the State threw at him. Not guilty of “glorifying” terrorism. Not guilty of “supporting” it. Not guilty of “funding” it. That should have been the end of the matter. But instead frustrated cops tried to have their way by another route. A sentence of snooping, a jail without bars which would have made it impossible for him to work in activist circles. It is a victory for basic common sense, let alone human dignity, that it was not indulged by a judge.

But the application should never have been brought. This undue confidence with which cops are harassing people has been underwritten by the current mob of political paranoiacs at Westminster, whose attitude towards dissent would be comical if it weren’t so malevolent. Backed by mass media and a surprising level of public indifference, it’s part of a general rolling back of freedoms for everyone who isn’t, in that classic line, able to treat laws as cobwebs.

Yet the Tories are just the dimmest part of this particular bulb, and similar efforts have been hammering anarchists across Europe. As far-right ideals continue worming their way into the halls of power and media, anarchists may face a difficult decade.

Updates on Toby Shone's Trial & Imprisonment

A Farewell Present From HMP Parc

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2023/01/04.

At 05:00 on December 28th, his release date, Toby Shone was woken by members of the HMP Parc security department with an early morning leaving present. Crashing in through the door and making as much noise as possible, and amid a flood of insults and threats, Toby was ordered to get dressed solely for the screw-faced screws to be able to carry out a final strip search on him. Despite the abuse and attempted imitation, our fly on the wall reporter is able to confirm that he did not rise to their bait. Instead he just laughed in their faces. Picked up by plain clothes anti-terrorism cops an hour later, Toby was subjected to one final indignity by Parc, and was not issued with his statutory £82.39 discharge grant.

Declaration of Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito from anarchist comrade Toby Shone

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/11/12

“By observing the force of the rainfall, one can know the size of the dragon, and by observing the flourishing of the blossoms, one can know the depths of the pond.” Traditional saying

News has reached me of the isolation torture inflicted on Alfredo Cospito who has been hit with the 41bis regime of the Italian State and placed into the hell of the White Cells.

My heart aches to hear of the conditions he is suffering and I am in solidarity with his indefinite hunger strike.

After listening to the advice of my comrades due to my health status, I will refuse to eat every Wednesday and Sunday as my participation in the campaign. If I choose to extend my strike I will do so. Also since the G4S corporation is attempting to force me to provide slave labour for the workshops of despicable capitalists who contract such exploitative services at the expense of their workers, I refuse to comply. I dedicate these efforts, however small, to our dear Alfredo.

An embrace to everyone, inside and outside…

With the deer, the boar, the owl, and the jaguar…


Toby Shone
G4S Parc, UK
9 November 2022

PS A little greeting to the comrades who lit up Parc with their fireworks on 20/10. Likewise to all those who attended the demo in Bristol for my case on 30/10.

Imprisoned Anarchist Toby Shone Fights New Battle Against Fascist UK State

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/10/28

Imprisoned anarchist Toby Shone is fighting a new battle as he counts down the weeks to his halfway release on December 28th 2022.

As the UK collapses into something resembling a tin-pot dictatorship and a Victorian poorhouse, Toby continues to be targeted by the Probation Service and their colleagues in the Counter-Terror National Security Division and MAPPA (Multi-Agency Public Protection Arrangements) for his ‘thought crimes ‘, ‘anarchism’ and ‘alternative lifestyle’.

In September, Toby was informed that Cardiff-based probation officer Paul Smith had booked a series of interviews for him (without communicating these to his lawyers as instructed) with forensic psychologist Dr Harriet Chapman from the Centre for Forensic and Criminological Psychology, University of Birmingham. Dr Chapman’s intention was to interrogate Toby under the Extremism Risk Guidelines formulation tool, ERG22+. This assessment which is “intended for use with people who have been convicted of any extremist or extremist-related offence” (which he hasn’t been) considers at least 22 factors by which an individual can be regarded as an extremist and thus be subject to de-radicalisation measures. We could find no public paper detailing these 22 factors or the format of the interview.

These largely experimental and deeply authoritarian de-radicalisation measures, which appear to be rolled out on a one-to-one basis, include the Healthy Identity Intervention, Desist and Disengagement Programme, Motivational and Engagement Intervention and Developing Dialogues. All of these are highly invasive, intensive programmes designed to investigate and dismantle a targeted individual’s personal narrative, childhood and influences, to attempt to undermine their critique of the existent, to isolate them from their relationships and affinities and to re-mould them into the perfect citizen under conditions of duress. Think re-education camps and political indoctrination. In effect they are seeking to “pathologise” the holding of anarchist beliefs: anarchism as a psychological illness. This tactic of “punitive psychiatry” has been used by other authoritarian states, most notably Soviet Russia, China and the USA.

Naturally, Toby refused to co-operate, at which point he received a letter from his probation officer Mr Smith threatening that “Whilst you have every right not to engage with this piece of work, the assessment will be undertaken whether or not you take an active role in it. For your own sake though, I would suggest that it would be preferable for it to include your voice rather than being a paper-based assessment.”

Despite being found Not Guilty of any terrorist offence in October 2021 and the subsequent rejection by a High Court judge of the prosecution’s application for a Serious Organised Crime Prevention Order against Toby on the grounds of “No Necessity”, the cops have found willing partners in the probation service. Although at this stage, there appears to be no legal basis for their demands, the cops and probation are continuing to bring the same accusations and evidence to bear that failed to even make it to a trial in October 2021, but this time to a different judge.

The licensing restrictions under consideration by Probation, Counter-Terror and MAPPA are even more extreme and extensive than those applied for under the Serious Organised Crime Prevention Order that Toby defeated in May 2022. He has been re-categorised by Paul Smith, whom he has met a total of 15 minutes, as High Risk in a new OASIS report (his previous probation officer stated that Toby was Low Risk) and has been placed on MAPPA 4, Level 3 – the highest risk category under this joint agency. All without a trial or a conviction.

It is clear that the UK police state is trying to set the groundwork for LASIT (Left, Anarchist and Single Issue Terrorism). Toby is a test case.

Draft conditions include:

• No contact with extremists or anyone arrested for extremism;

• No discussions (sharing opinions will be regarded as ‘grooming’ ‘radicalisation’ and ‘preaching’);

• No attending any meeting or gathering except for the purpose of worship;

• Only one phone, which must be handed over to the police whenever they ask for it – nothing must ever be deleted from this phone; and,

• Toby must live in an Approved Hostel for one year.

The first two conditions (contact and discussions) cannot hold water without defining who and what is an extremist and begs the question whether they will be subjecting all of Toby’s associates to ERG22+ too in order to come up with a workable plan. Equally it will interesting and enlightening to find out exactly what topics of conversation and what opinions are now forbidden in modern-day Britain: in recent weeks, we have already seen that silently and peacefully holding an anti-monarchy placard is an arrestable offence.

Furthermore, a year in an Approved Hostel is unprecedented and unnecessary. AP’s are for those who will find it difficult to ‘integrate back into society’: people without social support, sex offenders, addicts and violent offenders.

There are more political prisoners in UK now than in living memory. Toby Shone’s case – more than any other – is of paramount importance as this is an almost extra-legal attempt to criminalise and destroy not only a perceived opponent, but also the entirety of anarchist and libertarian ideals and ideas at a time when crushing and barefaced attacks on the poor give those ideas more leverage and potentiality than ever before.

It is time to dismantle any lines people may still be drawing between each other in the hopes of appearing to be more legitimate to the State. Particularly, in these times, when civilisation as we knew it is in collapse and the infrastructures of the fourth and fifth industrial revolutions are being established, any one of us who has an ounce of free thinking in them is a threat and a target. This attack on Toby Shone is not isolated. All over the world, anarchists and activists are being rounded up and thrown in jail. We are responsible for keeping these ideas alive and we need to pay attention, stand together, support those trapped in the judicial system and attack where we can.

Source: Brighton ABC

DN Note

Since 20th October Toby has been in segregation as punishment due to a protest outside Parc prison where he is imprisoned, in which the protesters read out demands of the other prisoners inside.

Letter for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners August 23rd – 30th by Imprisoned Anarchist Toby Shone

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/08/03

Letter for the International Week of Solidarity with Anarchist Prisoners August 23rd – 30th by Imprisoned Anarchist Toby Shone, UK

“Does this rising generation know that those who inaugurated the 8 hour day were put to death at the command of Capital?”

Lucy Parsons, The Haymarket Martyrs, November 1926

“Although we are not reformists, the struggle to obtain improvements in one’s immediate situation (wages, housing, health, education, occupations etc) sees the anarchists present, but they do not see these struggles as ends in themselves. They push the exploited towards this form of struggle so that they can develop the elements of self-organisation and refusal of the delegate which are indispensable in order to develop direct action at all other levels.”

Alfredo M. Bonanno, What are Anarchists?

Despite being in prison, news occasionally reaches me of the many repressive operations and terrible circumstances that our comrades are confronting. That’s why I am in agreement with the proposal once again put forward by the Anarchist Black Cross for a week of solidarity at the end of August. This date is chosen to mark the State murder of anarchists Sacco and Vanzetti. We cannot give in to resignation or become complacent in these times. It is more important than ever to explain and make accessible the anarchist analysis and to put it into practice immediately.

Anarchism is internationalism, self-management, mutual aid, solidarity, and direct action: incisive, voracious and alive. That’s why our spaces are raided and evicted, our publications seized, our communities hunted, beaten, imprisoned and killed around the world.

During my interrogations, the Counter-Terror cops at one point focussed on the International Week of Solidarity with anarchist prisoners, accusing this event of supporting terrorism, glorifying terrorism. That’s because part of their strategy is to try to illegalise the Anarchist Black Cross. Their aim is to destroy all solidarity and counter-information structures which spread information about and provide material support for the legal cases of anarchist comrades who are locked up.

Fast forward to June 11th and I received an unwelcome visit from a cop of the South-West Counter-Terror Unit attached to the National Security Division, accompanied by a probation officer of the same. They informed me that despite being found “Not Guilty” of terrorism charges, I would be released under counter-terror restrictions and monitoring when I am due for conditional liberty in December. These restrictions include demands more far-reaching and draconian than the “Serious Organised Crime Prevention Order” that was defeated in Bristol Crown Court on May 6th. These restrictions are explicitly political and aim to prevent me from attending meetings, going on demonstrations and having contact with my comrades, close ones and the counter-culture. All in the name of “Anti-Extremism”. The regime demands that I am locked up in a secure hostel – a micro open prison which is in a city I have no links with. Not once did these servants mention the reason I am incarcerated because at this point it simply does not matter as this is a repressive move against the anarchist ideas and nothing more. It is obvious that having failed to obtain the verdict they desired in my trial, having failed to impose the SOCPO, they now try to re-state their case through a manipulation of my licence restrictions. I am to be punished for my anarchist perspectives and the “fact” of their allegations. Their real aim is to return me back to prison as soon as they can under any pretext and open up the anarchist movement to their “anti-extremist, anti-terror” programs. For those arrested in the future on demonstrations or during direct action, this classifcation of “left-wing extremism” can therefore be applied even easier. We live in the times that George Orwell warned us of. The answer to this must come from the revolutionary movement itself, not only in terms of a rejection of this repressive strategy, but also in the acceleration of our techniques and organisation. To finish this dreary and legalistic update about my situation, that is the reason why I support the call by the ABC for the International Solidarity Week and not only. I finish with a promise sent on wings of black to all imprisoned anarchists around the world and to those who are free.



You’ll find me there

Where the night cats play
Without masters or slaves
Under starry skies
The sun will rise
“in chaos, there is fertility”
Anais Nin


Open Letter by Anarchist Prisoner Toby Shone

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/09/11

I’ve previously written about the need to recreate an Atlantic bridge, based on international revolutionary solidarity and reciprocal knowledge, that moves towards affinity and direct action in support of our imprisoned comrades. Since then, I was recently visited by a comrade from Anarchist Black Cross Philadelphia here at the G4S facility in which I’m held. G4S is originally an American company, Wackenhut, which has pioneered the private prison and security industry all over the world. As part of our discussion between the comrade from ABC Philadelphia and myself, we spoke of the need to prevent our groups and commons becoming inward-looking and closing in on themselves in microscopic scenes and myopia. The anglophone world is particularly susceptible to this trend, although it is not solely confined to English-speaking territories. How can we translate rhetoric into practical activity? Words and deeds must coincide, and that is what?

For too long, a kind of one-way discourse has been in effect, breached by too few valiant individuals and groups. We can speak of a loss of solidarity flowing across the Atlantic between north and south, east and west. Without wanting to advocate any kind of anarcho-tourism or the colonial approach of the wholesale export-import political programs of the activist left, I’m in favor of strengthening our international networks in the face of an increased technocratic authoritarianism. To remain locked up in our local areas without considering the struggles elsewhere is self-defeating, as repressive operations seek to confine us and stem our anarchic contagion specifically to promote sterility. Can we renew an Atlantic bridge that connects our tendencies, that connects the uprisings in the North American metropolises to those in Europe, Latin America and Asia? Can we join together the struggles of the long-term COINTELPRO prisoners with those elsewhere in the global prison industrial complex?

As a very basic contribution with the small means I have, I’ll join the Running Down The Walls 5K run event organized by the comrades of the American chapters of the ABC, called for September the 11th-18th this year, during the time I have out of my cell on the yard or the gym. This event aims to create a sense of togetherness through athletics. Keeping our fitness and health is important outside, and money raised by the event will supply funds to the ABC Warchest.

The real challenge is to enable an evolution in self-organization, osmosis, decentralization and cooperation; critical and practical action. As a first principle and minimum start, we can mention the exchange of letters and postcards that break the isolation of the prison walls and national borders that separate us. Since I am forbidden a large part my correspondence, and especially that of political content, it is fair to say that this constitutes meaningful solidarity of a certain type. Then there is the collation and publication of the letters and updates of our imprisoned comrades, and the incendiary dialogues which are always breaking out and multiplying as written about by comrades Alfredo, Gabriel, and Gustavo. This dialogue between inside and outside is very important. We need to cut through the bars which divide us all to support our hunger strikes, to identify structures of repression, to raise funds, to carry out campaigns, to hold events and give a helping hand to those next to our side even though an ocean may seem to separate us. I hope certain comrades can forgive me for laboring the topic as I’m positive everything I’ve written about already exists to varying degrees over several territories, but I’m aware of the need occasionally to reiterate key aspects of our practices to spread them and create new connections.

Let your voices be heard in protest from the Atlantic to the Pacific, from Maine to Mexico. Serve notice upon the murderous capitalistic class that you will not again stand idly by and see your brothers made victims because they so will it, and they will dare not do it!

– Lucy Parsons, The Proposed Slaughter, 1905

Everyone to the streets,
Toby Shone
19 August 2022

Source: Philly ABC

Communication with anarchist comrade Toby Shone cut off by scum prison authorities G4S

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/06/28

Imprisoned Anarchist Toby Shone who is being held at the private G4S prison HMP/YOI Parc in Bridgend, South Wales, is now unable to communicate by phone with his solidarity group and closest loved ones after the Security Team at Parc, headed by Daniel Hayman, removed these contacts from his permitted phone pin numbers list on Friday 24th June 2022 at 6pm. This together with interference with his post and emails is an attempt to hold him incommunicado in the jail.

He was formally notified of this decision on Saturday 25th June with the following reasons given: giving interviews over the phone, giving detailed information about staff at the prison which has then been published online, and hate speech against some prison staff.

Neither Toby nor his comrades are surprised by this action and Toby remains strong and defiant. The weak and pitiful lackeys that work in the prison camps of capital, locking other human beings up in exchange for a little piece of silver and a small dimension of power over others, are no match at all for the revolutionary spirit and they know it. Neither Toby nor any of us will ever shut up.

Write to the prison to complain and show your solidarity by contacting the Director of HMP Parc:

Janet Wallsgrove
HM Prison Parc
Heol Hobcyn John
Coity, Bridgend, CF35 6AP
South Wales.

Tel: 01656 300200
General Fax: 01656 300316


or send your messages of solidarity to Toby:

Toby Shone

HM Prison Parc
Heol Hobcyn John
Coity, Bridgend, CF35 6AP
South Wales.

[please be aware that his mail is being interfered with and the prison may not allow him you communication but they WILL know the strength of the solidarity we can show him.]

Down with the prisons, down with capital.

Text from Anarchist prisoner Toby Shone June 11th

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/06/13

Text from Toby Shone June 11th

War in the Heavens

J 11. Open Letter in solidarity withJuan Sorroche

Hi, Juan. I’m writing this letter to express my solidarity and send you a big flaming hug of anarchy for the date of June 11th. This date, which is the date of the sentencing demands from the prosecutor, and also is the date for the International Mobilization for Anarchist Prisoners, is one more day in our intransigent lives.

Most likely, you may not remember me, but we met approximately 15 years ago, in Carcelona (i.e. Barcelona, a play on words which mixes the word “Barcelona” with “carcel” or prison in Spanish – translator’s note). I recall your broad smile, your laugh, and your warm and strong heart.

I saw your letter in Respiro number two with a collage of sunflower seeds and a zen squirrel! Comrades from the Anti-repression fund of the Western Alps sent it to me while I was in the prison of Bristol, which I’m now banned from. When I see the artwork letters of my comrades, it gives me strength. I want to share this vitality with you and all the other comrades through this letter.

Anarchist direct action has precise objectives – it advances towards those responsible for tyranny and the structures they administer. Our struggle is irrevocable, empirical and international. It is the state which carries out the massacres. It is the state which terrorizes. All the piles of corpses at the borders of Fortress Europe and drowned in the Mediterranean are mass murders. The results of the failed military interventions in Libya, Iraq, Syria, and Afghanistan, just to mention a few, are mass murders in the service of Western interests. Multimillion dead from poverty, malnutrition, and economic adventurism, are mass murders. The killings by police on the streets or in custody, the deaths in prison and at the hands of nationalist fascist gangs are mass murderers. And those responsible where are they? With power. We may be imprisoned but our hearts are free. As anarchists we have nothing to explain to the enemy nor apologize for. It is the state which must justify itself and it is the state which is on trial.

It is said that “mountains and rivers differ in each region. But the wind and the moon are the same throughout the skies we look upon.”

This is the love of the comrades and the compassion which navigates.
Five continents of fire. Five arrows. Five Fingers form a fist.
A fist of solidarity.

We’ll escape beyond the sun.
And nothing can stop us.
G4S Park, UK
Toby Shone

Source: Act for freedom now!

“Like Mercury” Open Letter for Dan Baker, aka Alishare – from Toby Shone

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/06/01

Open Letter for Dan Baker, aka Alishare – from Toby Shone

Alishare, I heard your message of solidarity, thank you, it gave me strength. I would turn the energy with this open letter, and I hope to kick a brick from the walls. One more time. In a flurry of black feathers and lunar wisdom, a murder of crows delivered your statement and those wily crows told me about your situation in FCI Memphis.

I want to add on to this dialogue and talk about three anarchist comrades imprisoned in Italy. The first is Anna Beniamino who is serving a 17 year sentence for the Scripta Manent case in a high security regime in Rebibbia prison (Rome). The Scripta Manent case involved the arrest of 7 anarchists accused of subversive association with terrorist intent and a series of direct actions claimed by the Informal Anarchist Organization. An absurd farce with obscene conclusions. The second comrade I want to mention is Alfredo Cospito who has been locked up since 2012 for the Adinolfi case for which he was sentenced for nearly 11 years and is now waiting for the confirmation of another sentence of 20 years for the Scripta Manent case. Alfredo was recently struck with the legislature 41 bis, special security regime. Each month, he can only receive either one phone call (10 minutes) or one visit strictly with family members with glass and recorded; he can only walk in the yard with maximum 3 other prisoners previously approved by prison security; he cannot receive books, censorship is applied to his correspondence (number of letters per month is extremely limited), and he has a very limited amount of items which he can keep in his cell. Several international agencies have continuously condemned the 41bis prison regime as torture. The third comrade I want to mention is Juan Sorroche. On the date of the international day of with long-term anarchist prisoners, June the 11th , Juan will face a court hearing in Treviso. Juan is on trial accused of an attack against an office of the Lega Nord political party claimed by the “Cell Haris Hatzimihelakis/Black International (1881/2018)” that happened in August 2018. Juan who was already serving time for other judgements, is now facing a long sentence in this other political trial. Like all the imprisoned anarchists around the world, these three comrades deserve the support and solidarity that the international anarchist movement can give them.

The repression we face is evidence that our struggle has validity, and the enemy is threatened and reactive. Even though we are locked up, our lives continue. Our inner world is still infinitely rich and diverse as we confront our experience. We are part of the same lost continent, and we discover freedom – in our indestructible hearts. Alishare, with our letters, we create an Atlantic bridge where all of us can meet and learn from each other. We anarchists tread the same yards, we hear the same keys and slamming doors, but we discuss, and plan and we don’t give up. Dialogues between us are important, as needed as those we have with those outside.

I tell you of some of my news. Maybe it is because of the solidarity efforts of comrades outside, but I was able to receive a few letters, postcards, and a book: “Sara – Prison Memoirs of a Kurdish Revolutionary” by Sakine Cansiz. I don’t know who sent me the book but they have my sincere thanks. I received a few letters from Philadelphia ABC sent in the last two months, and a couple of cards from Brighton ABC, and a parcel from NFA ABC in London. That as well as a few other letters, all arrived in the last few days. I still have a lot of correspondence that I have not been given, as well as books. G4S are lying in the face of all this by claiming I have “no mail”, and saying that books are not permitted. In Bristol prison, I was able to receive a copy of “My Pestiferous Life” by Claudio Lavazza before the administration censored my mail. I recommend Claudio’s book, reading it, is like getting a big hug from a dear friend who helped you to escape. Whilst I was in Bristol, comrades from Italy sent me a lunar calendar which was forbidden to me. All anarchists should come to know the pleasure of the Dark Moon. For an alphabet in flames, let the pen reach into the void.

Free Eric King. Free everyone

Toby Shone.

Contribution from anarchist comrade Toby Shone for a postponed prison abolition event hosted by Bristol Anti-Repression Campaign

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/05/21

This statement from Toby Shone on prison abolition was recorded and transcribed from HM Prison Parc in Bridgend, Wales, UK. It was his contribution to a prison abolition event due to be hosted by Bristol Anti-Repression Campaign on 8 May 2022 but which was postponed until a later date yet to be decided.

Hello Everyone

This is Toby Shone. I’m an imprisoned anarchist held in G4S Parc. It’s a slave labour camp holding 1,800 men in South Wales run by the security multinational on a government contract providing dirt cheap labour for private companies.

I was captured by the anti-terrorist unit during Operation Adream in November 2020. First I want to thank you for listening and also the opportunity provided by Bristol Anti-Repression Coalition. Moments like this break the isolation we feel as prisoners and they also give us a chance to participate and to speak out. There are many reasons to oppose prisons and the current judicial system and as an anarchist I can’t separate the anti-prison struggle from the struggle against the State and civilisation and I’m going to return to this later. But now I’ll briefly give an account of some of the joint struggles inside prison.

I’ve never sought to hide my perspectives while I’ve been here and I’ve been subject to a lot of State intimidation and scrutiny because of that and I’ve never backed down. The prisons in the UK are mostly filthy and overcrowded, lacking basic resources, degrading and decaying.

In London I was held in the prison within the prison alongside Jihadis, Russian-Italian-Ukrainian mafia, postcode war gang members, high level money launderers and so on. Overall we all got on well with each other, even with high levels of violence and on average one death or suicide each month. There we had a laundry room where we could meet, play cards, and talk. We’d exchange books and ideas as well as our hopes and fears. And because of this social area, the administration moved to shut down our laundry and move it off wing. So we had a small struggle to keep it open, spreading a unity between all the groups, collecting 200 signatures for our petition and also it was almost every man that signed it there on H block. It might seem a minor struggle but in prison everything small becomes of a huge significance because you have almost nothing but your dignity and only you can give that away. And it’s important for our decency to have clean clothes and bedsheets, pillowcases and so on. And if the laundry was moved off wing this couldn’t be guaranteed and nobody wanted to have their clothes stolen or damaged and it’s almost impossible to get any more. And it would also mean that we would have to suffer the inability to wash our clothes more than once a week and that’s even if the scheme ran correctly. In practice, in prison, nothing works as it should and it’s intended to be that way, to make life as difficult as possible. Suffice to say, our petition was completely ignored by the authorities and the imprisoned fellow in charge of running the laundry lost his job and was moved prison as a kind of punishment because he was blamed for stirring up trouble. In prisons, the administrations are very scared of anything even slightly challenging to their power. We have to consider these intermediate struggles very well, but we must never give up our stances.

When I was moved to Bristol, we were able to set up an informal prisoners committee on G Wing outside of any official mediation structure, as in prison there are designated roles for representatives which feed into the regime. In our informal group we would talk and play cards. We managed to get a table to sit around – even small things like this are seen as subversive. We helped to improve the situation on the most violent wing of the prison by trying to prevent bullying and discouraging the flow of Spice. One of the things you notice first about prison is the high level of drugs and medication and it suits the regime in keeping prisoners compliant. During the pandemic, it was clear that the only way these drugs are making their way onto the landings is through the staff themselves. So we changed the atmosphere on G Wing by promoting unity through the different groups of prisoners and we just did this through our friendships.

But the primary way is to promote class consciousness, mutual aid and solidarity and this has got to be done without any kind of arrogance nor sign of weakness. Anarchists imprisoned have a responsibility to act with coherence or no one will take them seriously and they will harm our tendency in the long run. In our informal committee we spoke out against racism, both on the wing and also in the structures of the staff. We demanded hot water and heating as we had neither of these between the coldest months January to March and we shared books in our group. I was able to talk about Rojava, the Spanish Civil War, and the contemporary anarchist movement, drawing comparisons, critiques and discussions about anarchist insurrection and social struggles generally. In the end, we drew up a text which denounced the staff racism in Bristol as exemplified by the Senior Officer on our wing and his treatment of the Asian guys on the second landing. And by this time I was already getting death threats from another Senior Officer and that was due to my revolutionary and unrepentant views. Our situation attracted the gaze of local media and as revenge I was ghosted to G4S Parc.

Dispersal is a tool that’s used to isolate prison radicals. Our last text showed the development and the thinking of our committee in a very short time. It’s a call for a national meeting about prisons and the need to oppose the new prison building plan. Each week in prison there are individual and small group protests all the time about conditions and issues affecting inmates and here you have to be tough to survive or you just won’t make it. You’ll suffer, and that’s why our communities of resistance must prepare for prison so as not to be daunted or overwhelmed or, in the worst case, turn on each other. Yet we must choose our comrades and affinities well in accordance with our own choices and paths. Rebellion must become our daily reality inside and out to the extent of our own abilities. But we cannot make the mistake of searching for a new revolutionary subject inside the prison walls. Just like the outside many prisoners happily co-operate with the enemy, denigrate themselves and form part of insidious hierarchies through pressure, snitching, intimidation and violence.

Our role here is to maintain our critique without making the same kind of mistakes as liberals or socialists. Inside is a microcosm of the community outside. Intermediate struggles are needed to obtain gains, but we cannot remain there, we have to keep fighting. We have to go beyond the reformist traps and single issue struggles that lead nowhere and that are all too easily recuperated by the State which seeks always to resolve the contradictions it itself generates. It is not enough to aim to abolish the prison. More and more our whole world resembles a huge prison where we’re all confined. Imprisoned and alienated in our homes, in our jobs, in our relationships and families. We’re enslaved by electronic devices, by our habits of consumption, by manufactured desires and false choices dictated by lifestyle apps and cashless living. We live in a prison society. Therefore I think we’ve got to go further and destroy society which is the root cause of the sickness. This civilisation is a tension between over-socialisation and lonely atomisation. We need to create a social insurrection towards permanent revolution – for people, animals and the earth.

In conclusion, I acknowledge this is nothing new you’re hearing but it remains essential to impart and I thank you for your time and your attention.

Lastly I want to express my thanks to all those who attended the concentration outside Bristol Crown Court for my hearing of the Serious Organised Crime Prevention Order on 6th May and all those that came to the courtroom. It was really good to see you all. And I want to thank also all the people who joined in the firework demonstrations outside Bristol prison. I want to thank you – all of you – and just know that the best solidarity is the continuation of the struggle. Seeing the burning police van and destroyed police station during the Bristol riots last year gave me and other prisoners in the dungeons of Wandsworth inexpressible joy!

Statement by anarchist comrade Toby Shone after strip and cell search by G4S Parc

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Posted on 2022/05/19

The cell search described by Toby Shone is believed to be an attempt at intimidation by G4S Parc following a month of concerted efforts by those on the outside to call to account Gareth Kite, Post Room Manager, for withholding mail and books from Toby. Although Kite has responded by dribbling Toby small amounts of mail, some of it from months ago – whilst continuing to claim that Toby has no mail – we know that there is a lot of mail outstanding, both from HMP Bristol and HM Prison Parc, and particularly letters and cards of solidarity from political groups and letter-writing nights. Gareth Kite can be contacted at

18 MAY 2022

HM Prison Parc

This morning at around 9.40, a team from the Security Department, entered my cell, subjected me to a strip search and proceeded to turn my pad upside down, going through all my possessions – legal papers, letters, photos and books – in the name of “intelligence” that they had received. They refused to say what this “intelligence” consisted of and told me to contact my lawyer. Before I could do so, they removed me and put me in a sterile cell until they had finished the invasion. Suffice to say, these lackeys of G4S didn’t find anything, but decided in their impotence to take away a set of shelves, rip a solidarity card I received from London off the wall, take my duvet, my radio antenna and a bottle of medicine for a skin condition issued by the doctor. Incidents like this are part of daily life for us in prison, but as a revolutionary prisoner, I will never let such provocations pass unanswered. One of the team saw fit to ask me, “Where is your Koran?” for which many things could be said, but I’ll leave it there for now as rhetoric is cheap and facts are self-evident.

“An idea that is not dangerous is unworthy of being called an idea at all.” Oscar Wilde

Statement from anarchist prisoner Toby Shone 10th May 2022

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Posted on 2022/05/11

Statement from Toby Shone

10th May 2022

Thanks to all those who came to express their solidarity and rage at Bristol Crown Court on Friday. After 15 months of solitary confinement, it was the most amount of comrades I had seen in a long time. Your strength and warmth stays in my heart.

This was a major defeat and humiliation for the anti-terrorist prosecutors and police, but we should not rest easy. A state methodology has been put together which they will use to attack others in the anarchist space when they can.

Operation Adream is also still not closed and so we should remain ready. There are many lessons to be learnt here and a more complete analysis will come out in time.

I am due for release in late December and will be on license until November 2024. The prison Offender Management Unit (OMU) confirmed to me that the anti-terrorist units still intend to keep me under surveillance after my release. I am sure they will try to take revenge, but with the love and complicity of all the comrades, we’ll turn up the heat. Liberty and discord are one and the same. Always unrepentant, always anarchist.

Nothing is over, everything continues.

Source: Act for freedom now!

Two statements from anarchist prisoner Toby Shone

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Posted on 2022/05/02

First of May 2022


As a minimal gesture I refuse to eat from the prison servery to mark the Revolutionary 1st of May, to join in the demonstrations around the world using my body as a means of solidarity and to protest the denial of my correspondence by the security company G4S. I will not be isolated from my family, friends and comrades and I continue to define my anti-political convictions. Honour and dignity to all those who have fallen.

Remember Haymarket.

Toby Shone
G4S Parc, UK.

Statement for J11 International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners

We will have to go to sea and embark on a journey into the unknown. It is up to us to choose the course from the march. We are free to make mistakes.” Gustavo Rodriguez – ‘Brief Informative Report About The Weather’.

An embrace of life, fire and complicity to all imprisoned anarchist comrades for this June 11th. I have been invited to participate by the comrades in North America, for which they have my thanks and agreement. Whilst I am not condemned to a particularly long sentence, I faced well over a decade at my trial last October in “Operation Adream” and next week I will go to trial again in Bristol on the 6th of May. This time the “anti-terrorist” prosecutors demand up to five years house arrest and special surveillance, which could see me returning to prison frequently. It also has a precedent for the rest of the anarchist space in the UK if the State is successful. International mobilisations are essential for learning about and combining our shared struggles. Opening a space for discussion and praxis enables us to escape the walls and barbed wire which divides and isolates us. I’m locked up for 23 hours a day in a solitary cell, subject to enhanced monitoring and censorship, categorised as “high risk” and placed on the “escape list”. I could not care less. I will leave this place without stepping back one millimetre.

One who has a why to live can bear almost any how.” – F. Nietzsche.

There are storms gathering on the horizon.

Toby Shone

Written on the eve of Revolutionary 1st of May, 2022. G4S Parc, UK.

Source: Brighton ABC

Update about Anarchist prisoner Toby Shone

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Posted on 2022/04/04

Justice for Anarchist Prisoner Toby Shone!

Anarchist prisoner Toby Shone is being held in the Category B facility HM Prison Parc, a privately run prison in South Wales, despite being in reality a Category C or D prisoner who was eligible for Release on Temporary License (ROTL) on 21 January 2022, according to paperwork he received on 26th March 2022. ROTL is home leave from prison in preparation for release. Category B prisoners are not eligible for home leave.

Despite being found Not Guilty of political offences in court and with no evidence linking him to the website and publication, Toby is being held without legal process and without possibility of redress as a Category B, High Risk prisoner where he is not eligible for ROTL (home leave). A probation official told Toby previously that his categorisation is a consequence of his anarchist beliefs, and the fact that he is considered by the authorities to act on those beliefs. This decision has been taken at a level above the Offender Management Unit (OMU) which is the unit Toby personally deals with.

His beliefs are also the reason that police are pursuing a Serious Crime Prevention Order against Toby which will allow the police to monitor and control all aspects of Toby’s life and monitor his associates for five years. The Order means he can be imprisoned again for an additional five years should he breach the Order which is so intrusive, it would be impossible not to. The hearing for the SCPO is on the morning of 6 May 2022 at Bristol Crown Court.

Toby was ghosted from HMP Bristol on Friday 18th March. While at Bristol, the prison withheld two parcels of legal papers sent by his legal team and which he has never received.

He was permanently confined to his cell at HM Prison Parc between March 18th and March 29th with no exercise, no time out of his cell except for one shower, minimal interaction (guards frequently just throw his food on the floor and shut the door), and refusal of healthcare which he requested due to an eye infection (he has now received treatment).

Unlike most prisons where you can purchase your own fruit and vegetables to supplement the prison food which is unfit for human health, HMP & YOI Parc deny prisoners this possibility by designating fresh food a “security risk”. They also force prisoners to choose between phone credit to stay in touch with loved ones and necessities from the prison shop. In most prisons, phone credit is additional to the weekly spend on extra food and toiletries, but at Parc phone credit has to be bought out of the weekly spend allowance.

Director of HM Parc, Janet Wallsgrove was awarded an OBE this year by the Queen for “services to the prison service”. HM Prison Parc is a leader in prison slavery and routinely locks young offenders and adults up beyond the legal limit. One prisoner on Toby’s wing has been locked up for 24 hours a day for 18 days. This is torture, but no surprise that Parc is running this kind of regime – this prison is run by G4S, whose guards are famous for murdering Angolan man Jimmy Mubenga on a crowded passenger plane on 12 October 2010.

You can write to Toby at:

Toby Shone A7645EP
HMP Prison Parc
Heol Hopcyn John,
Bridgend CF35 6AP

Donations can be made to:

The Bottled Wasp
Sort Code: 08-92-99
Acc No: 65601648
IBAN: GB35 CPBK 0892 9965 6016 48

Take action in solidarity with Toby!

Fuck the prison system!

Source: Act for freedom now!

Anarchist comrade Toby Shone’s SCPO was rejected by the court!

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Posted on 2022/05/06

Updated on 2022/05/09

To the wild celebrations in the public gallery, the presiding judge rejected the application for anarchist comrade Toby Shone’s Serious Crime Prevention Order, declaring there were no grounds for it to be applied under the circumstances. Shouts of ‘Not one step back!’ were responded to with Toby shouting ‘The Revolution is inevitable!’

The result of the court means that comrade Toby will now be released at the earliest in August of this year, if his application for electronic tag is permitted. It is highly likely that it will be refused. If refused, he will be released on December 28th 2022 on automatic halfway release. The extreme conditions of surveillance and control, that would have led to him not only being cut off from his comrades, but his family, friends and partner. It would have restricted his way of living, his ability to fuction as an anarchist, with many conditions that have been listed before, such as his use of electronic devices through to him having to declare who visits his residence. It would have lasted 5 years and could have been renewed. If it had been broken by Toby it would have led to him serving 5 years in the hellholes of the UK prison system.

The SCPO was a direct attack on Toby as an anarchist, his alternative way of living and his connections to those he is close to. It was clearly linked to the anti-terrorist cops attempting to apply repressive measures on him after the terrorist charges in his previous original trial were dropped.

The move by the anti-terrorist cops sets a new repressive environment on this prison island, that now just like in other European countries such as we have seen with the many repressive operations against comrades in Italy and Greece, that anarchists are deemed as terrorists by the state, that anyone daring to fight back against authority will be subject to such repression. Also it is clear that the British state wants to attack the connections, the affinities, the friendships, even love, of those they want to punish. This a similar vindictive tactic we have seen been used in other countries as well, such as the targetting of partners and family members of revolutionary organisation Conspiracy Cells of Fire members in Greece.

‘Operation Adream’, the repressive attack on Toby, on 325, is also an attack on the anarchist circles and alternative lifestyles as a whole. The years of imprisonment are piling up for those who dared to rebel during the Kill The Bill protest last year, that was attacked by cops and led to a riot. Those who live ‘off-grid’, from Roma/Gypsies/Irish travellers through to van or carvan or boat dwellers, along with squatters are also feeling the full force of British state’s, the Tories, Boris Johnson’s and Priti Patel’s repressive shaping of racist right wing ‘Build Back Better’ UK.

There is indeed a ‘storm coming on the horizon’ as comrade Toby mentioned, it is time for all of us who feel it to move towards it, to revolt against the destruction of our lives, our very existence.

This is only the beginning, ‘Nothing Is Over, The Conflict Continues!’

Some anarchists in solidarity with anarchist comrade Toby Shone

Anarchist prisoner Toby Shone update

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/03/26

Toby has been moved to HM Prison Parc in South Wales run by G4S. His new address is:

Toby Shone A7645EP
HMP Prison Parc
Heol Hopcyn John,
Bridgend CF35 6AP

Prisoners are limited to sending 3 letters a week at HMP Parc, so please write without expecting a reply.

About the total surveillance order facing anarchist comrade Toby Shone EN/DE/ES/FR/IT/PL UPDATED

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Posted on 2022/01/27

Updated on 2022/05/02


Even though the cops couldn’t prove their terrorism case against him after a four year investigation, anarchist prisoner Toby Shone is facing a Serious Crime Prevention Order that will legally sanction the criminalisation and total surveillance of him and everyone around him for years to come after his release.

In November 2020, a series of co-ordinated raids against one of the alleged administrators of the website was executed by counter-terrorism cops in the UK as part of “Operation Adream”. Several properties in the southwest of England were searched and one person, Toby Shone, was arrested at gunpoint in the Forest of Dean and charged under the Terrorism Act. This was the first time the British State attempted to prosecute an anarchist under modern terrorism legislation and the first time that somebody was prosecuted for being suspected of running an anarchist website.

Toby was originally charged with providing a service enabling others to access terrorist publications, with fundraising for terrorist purposes, and with two counts of possession of information likely to be useful to a terrorist. He pleaded not guilty, the cops weren’t able to produce any evidence, and the prosecution was forced to drop these charges on October 1st 2021.

In the end, Toby Shone was sentenced to 3 years 9 months in prison for 8 drug offenses on October 13, 2021. The ‘drugs’ were psychedelics and medicinal plants found at two of the four properties raided in November 2020, all collective spaces. He served 8 months of this sentence on remand at HMP Wandsworth and is currently held in HMP Bristol. He is due for release sometime between August and December 2022.

However, Detective Chief Inspector Sion Margrie and posh-boy prosecutors Dan Porson-Pounds and Thomas Coke-Smythe continue their persecution of Toby by applying for an Order which would control and monitor his daily movements, his contact with others, residence, finances, devices, and so on. It also demands precise information be given to the cops of all his friends, contacts, loved ones, acquaintances, and any business clients. His bank account and access to phone, internet and storage devices would be monitored, and he cannot use those from anyone else. He would not be able to use encryption technology and is only allowed 50 pounds in cash, forcing him to be cashless to be able to track his financial footprint. If he stays somewhere overnight he needs to tell the cops where, when, with who and why. If someone comes to visit he must also register who, when and why. Any work opportunities, how much he earns and who he meets must also be reported. Basically, this order would put him under a form of house arrest and force him to be an accomplice in his own surveillance and that of his friends.

Serious Crime Prevention Orders are often used as ‘stealth sentencing’ when cops don’t get their way the first time. The Order would last at least five years after his release from prison, and can be renewed after that time. Toby could face another five years in prison if he breaches it, which of course the cops are desperately hoping will be the case. The order is designed to be breached, as the conditions and restrictions are so insane and so many, it would be impossible not to breach them at some point. If his friends refuse to collaborate they could also face criminal persecution and a prison term of 12 months for obstruction.

The cops argue that this control order is needed because of Toby’s alternative lifestyle and beliefs. Criminalising a lifestyle to justify a SCPO is not only outrageous but a very dangerous precedent. Another dangerous precedent is having a SCPO used against activists. It is obvious that this Order has nothing to do with the drug charges that Toby has been convicted for, and for which he is doing more than enough time now. Instead, the Order has everything to do with the terrorism charges the cops couldn’t find any proof of. It has everything to do with him being involved in the anarchist movement.

As is obvious from the new policing legislation being hurried through by the authoritarian British regime, particularly under it’s Home Secretary Priti Patel, this Control Order does not only concern Toby. It is not even only about state repression of anarchist counter-information initiatives. It is about setting a precedent to stifle whatever form of protest with a draconian surveillance tool and forcing people to be an accomplice in their own repression and surveillance, and that of their social surroundings. The Order against Toby is similar in justification and content from the proposed, and recently defeated, Serious Disruption Prevention Order which was part of the new and controversial Policing Bill being pushed through. This Order would have required a person to register their associates and their movements with the police for no crime other than that they have been profiled and identified as an actual or potential dissident. Pushing the boundaries of repression concerning activists, anarchists and dissidents, the UK is sliding into a barely concealed dictatorship.

The hearing for the SCPO against Toby is at Bristol Crown Court on February 22nd 2022. Please show your solidarity with Toby at 9am at the Court. Show your solidarity with him and other anarchist prisoners wherever, whenever and however you can. We need your noise and good vibes against this continued political persecution of Toby Shone.

You can find more info on Toby’s case on:
Please translate and distribute this text in your own circles and publications.

You can write to Toby on this address. Don’t forget to put a sending address on the back of the envelope because otherwise the letters do not arrive.

Toby Shone

HMP Bristol
19 Cambridge Road

DE. über die Anordnung der Totalüberwachung, die Toby Shone droht

Obwohl die Polizei nach vierjährigen Ermittlungen ihren Terrorismusverdacht gegen ihn nicht beweisen konnte, muss der anarchistische Gefangene Toby Shone mit einer “Serious Crime Prevention Order” rechnen, die die Kriminalisierung und totale Überwachung von Toby und allen Personen in seinem Umfeld für die nächsten Jahre nach seiner Entlassung rechtlich sanktionieren wird.

Im November 2020 führten Antiterror-Cops im Vereinigten Königreich im Rahmen der “Operation Adream” eine Reihe von koordinierten Razzien gegen einen der mutmaßlichen Administratoren der Website durch. Mehrere Anwesen im Südwesten Englands wurden durchsucht, und eine Person, Toby Shone, wurde im Forest of Dean mit vorgehaltener Waffe festgenommen und nach dem Terrorismusgesetz angeklagt. Dies war das erste Mal, dass der britische Staat versuchte, einen Anarchisten nach den modernen Terrorismusgesetzen anzuklagen, und das erste Mal, dass jemand wegen des Verdachts, eine anarchistische Website zu betreiben, belangt wurde.

Toby wurde ursprünglich angeklagt wegen der Bereitstellung eines Dienstes, der anderen den Zugang zu terroristischen Publikationen ermöglicht, wegen Geldbeschaffung für terroristische Zwecke und wegen zweimaligen Besitzes von Informationen, die für einen Terroristen nützlich sein könnten. Er plädierte auf nicht schuldig, die Polizei konnte keine Beweise vorlegen, und die Staatsanwaltschaft war gezwungen, diese Anklagen am 1. Oktober 2021 fallen zu lassen.

Letztendlich wurde Toby Shone am 13. Oktober 2021 wegen 8 Drogendelikten zu 3 Jahren und 9 Monaten Gefängnis verurteilt. Bei den “Drogen” handelte es sich um Psychedelika und Heilpflanzen, die in zwei der vier im November 2020 durchsuchten Immobilien, allesamt Gemeinschaftsräume, gefunden wurden. Er verbüßte 8 Monate dieser Strafe in Untersuchungshaft im HMP Wandsworth und ist derzeit im HMP Bristol inhaftiert. Er soll irgendwann zwischen August und Dezember 2022 entlassen werden.

Doch Detective Chief Inspector Sion Margrie und die hochnäsigen Staatsanwälte Dan Porson-Pounds und Thomas Coke-Smythe setzen ihre Verfolgung von Toby fort und beantragen eine Verfügung, die seine täglichen Bewegungen, seine Kontakte zu anderen Personen, seinen Wohnort, seine Finanzen, seine Geräte usw. kontrollieren und überwachen soll. Außerdem werden genaue Informationen über alle seine Freunde, Bekannten, Verwandten und etwaigen Geschäftskunden verlangt. Sein Bankkonto und sein Zugang zu Telefon, Internet und Speichermedien werden überwacht, und er kann diese nicht von anderen Personen nutzen. Er wäre nicht in der Lage Verschlüsselungstechnologie zu verwenden und darf nur 50 Pfund in bar mit sich führen, was ihn zwingt, bargeldlos zu sein, um seinen finanziellen Fußabdruck verfolgen zu können. Wenn er irgendwo übernachtet, muss er der Polizei mitteilen wo, wann, mit wem und warum. Wenn jemand zu Besuch kommt, muss er ebenfalls angeben, wer, wann und warum. Auch alle Arbeitsmöglichkeiten, wie viel er verdient und mit wem er sich trifft, müssen gemeldet werden.

Im Grunde würde diese Anordnung ihn unter eine Art Hausarrest stellen und ihn dazu zwingen, Komplize bei seiner eigenen Überwachung und der seiner Freunde zu sein.

Serious Crime Prevention Order (Anordnungen zur Verhütung schwerer Straftaten) werden oft als “heimliche Strafen” eingesetzt, wenn die Polizei nicht auf Anhieb das bekommt was sie möchte. Die Anordnung würde mindestens fünf Jahre nach seiner Entlassung aus dem Gefängnis gelten und kann erneuert werden. Toby könnten weitere fünf Jahre Gefängnis drohen, wenn er dagegen verstößt. Die Polizei hofft natürlich inständig, dass dies der Fall sein wird. Die Anordnung legt es durch ihre zahlreichen und verrückten Bedingungen und Einschränkungen direkt darauf an, dass man gegen sie verstößt. Sollten sich seine Freunde weigern zu kooperieren, droht ihnen ebenfalls eine strafrechtliche Verfolgung und Gefängnisstrafe von 12 Monaten wegen Behinderung von Polizeiarbeit.

Die Polizei argumentiert, dass diese Kontrollanordnung aufgrund von Tobys alternativem Lebensstil und seinen Überzeugungen erforderlich ist.

Einen Lebensstil zu kriminalisieren, um einen Strafbefehl zu rechtfertigen, ist nicht nur ungeheuerlich, sondern auch ein sehr gefährlicher Präzedenzfall.

Ein weiterer gefährlicher Präzedenzfall ist die Anwendung einer SCPO gegen Aktivisten. Es ist offensichtlich, dass dieser Erlass nichts mit den Drogenvergehen zu tun hat, für die Toby verurteilt wurde und für die er jetzt mehr als genug Zeit sitzt. Stattdessen hat die Verfügung mit den Terrorismusvorwürfen zu tun, für die die Polizei keine Beweise finden konnte. Es hat alles damit zu tun, dass er in der anarchistischen Bewegung involviert ist.

Wie aus der neuen Polizeigesetzgebung hervorgeht, die vom autoritären britischen Regime, insbesondere unter seiner Innenministerin Priti Patel, durchgesetzt werden, betrifft diese Kontrollverordnung nicht nurToby. Es geht nicht einmal nur um die staatliche Unterdrückung von anarchistischen Gegeninformationsinitiativen. Es geht darum, einen Präzedenzfall zu schaffen, um jegliche Form von Protest mit einem drakonischen Überwachungsinstrument zu ersticken und

Menschen dazu zu zwingen, sich zum Komplizen ihrer eigenen Unterdrückung und Überwachung und der ihres sozialen Umfelds zu machen. Die Anordnung gegen Toby ähnelt in Begründung und Inhalt der vorgeschlagenen (*und besiegte kürzlich) Serious Disruption Prevention Order, die Teil der neuen und umstrittenen Policing Bill ist. Dieses Gesetzentwurf würde eine Person dazu verpflichten, ihre Partner und ihre Bewegungen bei der Polizei zu registrieren, ohne dass ein Verbrechen zu registrieren, außer dass sie als tatsächliche oder potenzielle Dissidenten identifiziert wurden.

Das Vereinigte Königreich verschiebt die Grenzen der Unterdrückung von Aktivisten, Anarchisten und Dissidenten und gleitet das Vereinigte Königreich in eine kaum noch verborgene Diktatur ab.

Die Anhörung für den SCPO gegen Toby findet am 22. Februar 2022 vor dem Bristol Crown Court statt. Bitte zeigt eure Solidarität mit Toby um 9 Uhr vor dem Gericht. Zeigt eure Solidarität mit ihm und anderen anarchistischen Gefangenen, wo, wann und wie auch immer ihr könnt. Wir brauchen eure Stimmen und guten Schwingungen gegen diese anhaltende politische Verfolgung von Toby Shone.

Weitere Informationen zu Tobys Fall finden Sie unter: Bitte übersetzt diesen Text und verbreitet ihn in euren eigenen Kreisen und Veröffentlichungen.

Ihr könnt Toby an diese Adresse schreiben. Vergesst nicht, eine Absenderadresse auf die Rückseite des Umschlags zu schreiben, da die Briefe sonst nicht ankommen.

Toby Shone
HMP Bristol
19 Cambridge Road


HMP: Her Majesty’s Prison: wird in den Namen von britischen Gefängnissen verwendet.

Policing Bill: Die Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill (Gesetzentwurf über Polizei, Kriminalität, Strafverfolgung und Gerichte) ist ein Gesetzentwurf des britischen Parlaments, der im März 2021 vom Innenministerium und von Priti Patel, der Staatssekretärin für das Innenministerium, eingebracht wurde. Der Gesetzentwurf sieht eine “Überarbeitung” der Polizei-, Strafrechts- und Strafverfolgungsgesetze vor und umfasst verschiedene Bereiche des bestehenden Rechts, darunter Messerkriminalität, Proteste, Verbrechen gegen Kinder und Strafmaßbeschränkungen.

Serious Crime Prevention Order: Eine “Serious Crime Prevention Order” ist eine zivilrechtliche Verfügung, die der Crown Court erlassen kann, wenn Sie wegen einer “schweren Straftat” verurteilt werden.

Serious Disruption Prevention Order: Diese Maßnahme soll es den Gerichten ermöglichen, die Aktivitäten von Personen einzuschränken, die wiederholt schwerwiegende Störungen verursachen oder sich an kriminellen Aktivitäten bei einer Demonstration beteiligen. “Diese Anordnungen geben den Gerichten die Befugnis, Personen, die in der Vergangenheit Störungen verursacht haben oder bei denen es Hinweise darauf gibt, dass sie wahrscheinlich eine Straftat begehen werden, die Teilnahme an bestimmten Protesten zu untersagen.

ES. Sobre el orden de vigilancia total que enfrenta Toby Shone

A pesar de que la policía no pudo probar su caso de terrorismo contra él después de una investigación de cuatro años, el preso anarquista Toby Shone se enfrenta a una Orden de Prevención de Delitos Graves que sancionará legalmente la criminalización y la vigilancia total de él y de todos los que le rodean durante años después de su liberación.

En noviembre de 2020, la policía antiterrorista del Reino Unido llevó a cabo una serie de redadas coordinadas contra uno de los presuntos administradores del sitio web en el marco de la “Operación Adream”. Allanaron varias propiedades en el suroeste de Inglaterra y una persona, Toby Shone, fue detenida a punta de pistola en el Forest of Dean y acusado en virtud de la Ley de Terrorismo. Era la primera vez que el Estado británico intentaba procesar a un anarquista con arreglo a la legislación moderna sobre terrorismo y la primera vez que se procesaba a alguien por ser sospechoso de dirigir un sitio web anarquista.

En un principio, Toby fue acusado de prestar un servicio que permitía a otros acceder a publicaciones terroristas, de recaudar fondos con fines terroristas y de dos cargos relacionados con la posesión de información que podía ser útil para un terrorista. Se declaró inocente, la policía no pudo presentar ninguna prueba y la fiscalía se vio obligada a retirar estos cargos el 1 de octubre de 2021. Al final, Toby Shone fue condenado a 3 años y 9 meses de prisión por 8 delitos de drogas el 13 de octubre de 2021.

Las “drogas” eran psicodélicos y plantas medicinales encontradas en dos de las cuatro propiedades allanadas en noviembre de 2020, todas ellas espacios colectivos. Cumplió 8 meses de esta condena en prisión preventiva en la cárcel de Wandsworth, Londres y actualmente se encuentra en la cárcel de Bristol. Está previsto que salga en libertad en algún momento entre agosto y diciembre de 2022.

Sin embargo, el inspector jefe Sion Margrie y los fiscales Dan Porson-Pounds y Thomas Coke-Smythe continúan la persecución de Toby solicitando una Órden de Prevención de Delitos Graves (SCPO en ingles). El Orden controlaría y vigilaría sus movimientos diarios, su contacto con otras personas, su residencia, sus finanzas, sus dispositivos, etc. La orden también exige que se dé información precisa a la policía de todos sus amigos, contactos, seres queridos, conocidos y cualquier cliente de negocios. Su cuenta bancaria y su acceso al teléfono, a Internet y a los dispositivos de almacenamiento estarían vigilados, y tampoco podría utilizar los de ninguna otra persona. No podrá utilizar tecnología de encriptación y solo podrá llevar encima 50 libras esterlinas en efectivo, eso para poder controlar su movimientos financieros . Si pasa la noche en algún lugar, debe informar a la policía de dónde, cuándo, con quién y por qué. Si alguien viene de visita, también debe registrar quién, cuándo y por qué. También debe informar sobre cualquier oportunidad de trabajo, cuánto gana y con quién se reúne. Básicamente, esta orden le pondría bajo una forma de arresto domiciliario y le obligaría a ser cómplice de su propia vigilancia y la de sus amigos.

Las Órdenes de Prevención de Delitos Graves (SCPO) se utilizan a menudo como “sentencia furtiva” cuando los policías no se salen con la suya a la primera. La orden duraría al menos cinco años tras su salida de la cárcel, y puede renovarse después de ese tiempo.

Toby podría enfrentarse a otros cinco años de prisión si la incumple, algo que, por supuesto, la policía espera desesperadamente que ocurra. La orden está concebida para ser incumplida, ya que las condiciones y restricciones son tan descabelladas y tan numerosas que sería imposible no incumplirlas en algún momento. Si sus amigos se niegan a colaborar, también podrían enfrentarse a una persecución penal y a una pena de prisión de 12 meses por obstrucción.

La policía argumenta que esta orden de control es necesaria por el estilo de vida y las creencias alternativas de Toby. Criminalizar un estilo de vida para justificar una SCPO no solo es indignante sino que es un precedente muy peligroso. Otro precedente peligroso es que se utilice una SCPO contra activistas. Es obvio que esta Orden no tiene nada que ver con los cargos de drogas por los que Toby ha sido condenado, y por los que ya está cumpliendo una condena más que suficiente. En cambio, la Orden tiene todo que ver con los cargos de terrorismo de los que la policía no pudo encontrar ninguna prueba. Tiene todo que ver con su participación en el movimiento anarquista.

Como es obvio por la nueva legislación policial que se está apresurando a aprobar el régimen autoritario británico, particularmente bajo su Ministro del Interior Priti Patel, y esta Orden de Control no solo concierne a Toby. Ni siquiera se trata de la represión estatal de las iniciativas anarquistas de contra-información. Se trata de sentar un precedente para sofocar cualquier forma de protesta con una herramienta de vigilancia total y obligar a la gente a ser cómplice de su propia represión y vigilancia, y la de su entorno social. La orden contra Toby es similar en cuanto a su justificación y contenido a la propuesta (*y recientemente derrotada) de Orden de Prevención de Perturbaciones Graves que forma parte del nuevo y controvertido Proyecto de Ley de Policía. Este proyecto de ley obligaría a una persona a registrar a sus asociados y sus movimientos ante la policía sin más delito que el de haber sido perfilada e identificada como disidente real o potencial. Llevando los límites de la represión a los activistas, anarquistas y disidentes, el Reino Unido se está deslizando hacia una dictadura apenas disimulada.

La audiencia de la SCPO contra Toby es en el Bristol Crown Court el 22 de febrero de 2022. Por favor, muestra tu solidaridad con Toby a las 9 de la mañana en el Tribunal. Muestra tu solidaridad con él y con otros presos anarquistas donde, cuando y como puedas. Necesitamos tu ruido y buenas vibraciones contra esta continua persecución política de Toby Shone.

Puedes encontrar más información sobre el caso de Toby en:

Por favor, traduce y distribuye este texto en tus propios círculos y publicaciones.

Puedes escribir a Toby en esta dirección. No te olvides de poner alguna dirección de envío en el reverso del sobre porque si no las cartas no llegan.

Toby Shone
HMP Bristol
19 Cambridge Road

FR. Au sujet de l’ordonnance de surveillance total de Toby Shone

Bien que les flics n’aient pas réussi à prouver qu’il était coupable de terrorisme après quatre ans d’enquête, le prisonnier anarchiste Toby Shone fera face a une ordonnance deprévention des crimes graves qui sanctionnera légalement la criminalisation et la surveillance totale de lui même et de tous ceux qui l’entourent, durant les années qui suivront sa libération.

En novembre 2020, une série de raids coordonnés contre l’un des administrateurs présumés du site web a été exécutée par les flics du parquet Anti terroriste du Royaume-Uni dans le cadre de l’opération “Adream”. Plusieurs propriétés du sud-ouest de l’Angleterre ont été perquisitionnées et une personne, Toby Shone, a été arrêtée sous la menace d’une arme dans la forêt de Dean et inculpée en vertu de la loi sur le terrorisme. C’était la première fois que l’État britannique tentait de poursuivre un anarchiste en vertu de la législation moderne sur le terrorisme et la première fois qu’une personne était poursuivie pour avoir été soupçonnée de gérer un site web anarchiste.

Toby était initialement accusé de fournir un service permettant à d’autres d’accéder à des publications terroristes, de collecter des fonds à des fins terroristes et de deux chefs d’accusation de possession d’informations susceptibles d’être utiles à un terroriste. Il a plaidé non coupable, les flics n’ont pas été en mesure de produire des preuves, et le ministère public a été contraint d’abandonner ces charges le 1er octobre 2021.

Au final, Toby Shone a été condamné à 3 ans et 9 mois de prison pour 8 infractions liées à la drogue le 13 octobre 2021. Les ” drogues ” étaient des psychédéliques et des plantes médicinales trouvées dans deux des quatre propriétés perquisitionnées en novembre 2020 ;toutes des espaces collectifs. Il a purgé 8 mois de sa peine en détention provisoire à HMP Wandsworth et est actuellement détenu à HMP Bristol. Il devrait être libéré entre août et décembre 2022.

Cependant, l’inspecteur en chef Sion Margrie et les procureurs Dan Porson-Pounds et Thomas Coke-Smythe continuent leur persécution contre Toby en demandant une ordonnance qui contrôlera et surveillera ses mouvements quotidiens, ses contacts avec les autres, son lieu de résidence, ses finances, ses appareils électroniques etc. Elle exige également que des informations précises soient données aux policiers sur tous ses amis, ses contacts, ses proches, ses connaissances et ses clients professionnels. Son compte bancaire et son accès au téléphone, à internet et aux dispositifs de stockage seront surveillés, et il ne pourra pas non plus utiliser ceux de quelqu’un d’autre. Il ne pourra pas utiliser de technologie de cryptage et n’aura droit qu’à 50 livres en espèces, ce qui l’obligera à ne pas utiliser d’argent liquide, leur permettant de suivre son empreinte financière. S’il passe la nuit quelque part, il doit dire aux policiers où, quand, avec qui et pourquoi. Si quelqu’un vient lui rendre visite, il doit également indiquer qui, quand et pourquoi. Toute opportunité de travail, le montant de son salaire et qui il rencontre doivent également être signalés. En gros, cette ordonnance le placerait sous une forme d’assignation à résidence et l’obligerait à être complice de sa propre surveillance et de celle de ses amis.

Les ordonnances de prévention des délits graves sont souvent utilisées comme des “peines furtives” lorsque les policiers n’obtiennent pas ce qu’ils veulent du premier coup. L’ordonnance durera au moins cinq ans après sa sortie de prison, et pourra être renouvelée après cette période. Toby risque cinq ans de prison supplémentaires s’il la viole, ce que les flics espèrent bien sûr désespérément. L’ordre est conçu pour être enfreint, car les conditions et les restrictions sont si folles et si nombreuses qu’il serait impossible de ne pas les enfreindre à un moment ou à un autre. Si ses amis refusent de collaborer, ils risquent également des poursuites pénales et une peine de prison de 12 mois pour obstruction.

Les policiers soutiennent que cet ordre de contrôle est nécessaire en raison du mode de vie alternatif et des croyances de Toby. Criminaliser un mode de vie pour justifier une ordonnance de contrôle n’est pas seulement scandaleux mais constitue un précédent très dangereux. Un autre précédent dangereux est l’utilisation d’une ordonnance de contrôle contre des activistes. Il est évident que ce décret n’a rien à voir avec les accusations de drogue pour lesquelles Toby a été condamné, et pour lesquelles il purge une peine plus que suffisante actuellement. Au contraire, l’ordonnance a tout à voir avec les accusations de terrorisme pour lesquelles les flics n’ont pu trouver aucune preuve. Cela a tout à voir avec son implication dans le mouvement anarchiste.

Comme le montre la nouvelle législation sur le maintien de l’ordre adoptée à la hâte par le régime autoritaire britannique, notamment sous la houlette de sa ministre de l’intérieur Priti Patel, cet ordre de contrôle ne concerne pas seulement Toby. Il ne s’agit même pas seulement de la répression par l’État des initiatives anarchistes de contre-information. Il s’agit de créer un précédent pour étouffer toute forme de protestation à l’aide un outil de surveillance draconien et en forçant les gens à être complices de leur propre répression et surveillance, et de celle de leur environnement social. La justification et le contenu de l’ordonnance prise à l’encontre de Toby sont similaires à ceux de l’ordonnance de prévention des perturbations graves proposée (* et récemment battu) dans le cadre du nouveau et controversé projet de loi sur le maintien de l’ordre. Ce projet de loi obligerait une personne à enregistrer ses associés et ses mouvements auprès de la police sans autre crime que d’avoir été profilée et identifiée comme un dissident réel ou potentiel. Repoussant les limites de la répression à l’égard des militants, des anarchistes et des dissidents, le Royaume-Uni glisse vers une dictature à peine dissimulée.

L’audience du SCPO contre Toby aura lieu le 22 février 2022 à Bristol Crown Court. Manifestez votre solidarité avec Toby à 9 heures du matin au tribunal. Soyez solidaire avec ui et tous les autres prisonniers anarchistes n’importe où, n’importe quand et autant que vous le pouvez. Nous avons besoin de vous entendre crier et nous avons besoin de vos bonnes vibrations contre cette persécution politique continue de Toby Shone.

Vous trouverez plus d’informations a propos du cas de Toby sur : Veuillez traduire et distribuer ce texte dans vos propres cercles et publications.

Vous pouvez écrire à Toby à cette adresse. N’oubliez pas de mettre une adresse d’envoi au dos de l’enveloppe, sinon les lettres n’arriveront pas.

Toby Shone
HMP Bristol
19 Cambridge Road

IT. sull’ordine di sorveglianza totale che Toby Shone sta affrontando

Anche se la polizia non è riuscita a provare l`accusa di terrorismo contro di lui dopo quattro anni di indagini, il prigioniero anarchico Toby Shone sta affrontando un Serious Crime Prevention Order che sancirà legalmente la criminalizzazione e la sorveglianza totale di lui e di tutti coloro che lo circondano per gli anni a venire dopo il totale compimento della sua condanna.

Nel novembre 2020, sono state eseguite dai poliziotti dell’antiterrorismo nel Regno Unito come parte dell'”Operazione Adream”, una serie di retate coordinate contro uno dei presunti amministratori del sito web Diverse case nel sud-ovest dell’Inghilterra sono state perquisite e una persona, Toby Shone, è stata arrestata sotto la minaccia delle armi nella Foresta di Dean e accusata in base al Terrorism Act. Questa è stata la prima volta che lo Stato britannico ha tentato di incriminare un anarchico secondo la attuale legislazione antiterrorista e la prima volta che nel Regno Unito qualcuno è stato arrestato per essere sospettato di gestire un sito web anarchico.

Toby è stato inizialmente accusato di fornire un servizio che permette ad altri di accedere a pubblicazioni terroristiche, di raccogliere fondi per scopi terroristici, e di due capi d’accusa per possesso di informazioni che possono essere utili a un terrorista. Si è dichiarato non colpevole, i poliziotti non sono stati in grado di produrre alcuna prova, e il procuratore è stato costretto a ritirare queste accuse l’1 ottobre 2021.

Alla fine, Toby Shone è stato condannato, il 13 ottobre 2021, a 3 anni e 9 mesi di prigione per 8 capi d’imputazione riguardanti sostanze stupefacenti. Le “droghe” erano psichedelici e piante medicinali, trovate in due delle quattro proprietà perquisite nel novembre 2020, tutti spazi collettivi. Ha scontato 8 mesi di questa condanna in custodia cautelare a HMP Wandsworth ed è attualmente detenuto a HMP Bristol. Il suo rilascio è previsto tra agosto e dicembre 2022.

Tuttavia, l’ispettore capo Sion Margrie e i procuratori Dan Porson-Pounds e Thomas Coke-Smythe continuano la loro persecuzione di Toby richiedendo una ordinanza che dopo il suo rilascio, controllerebbe e monitorerebbe i suoi movimenti quotidiani, i suoi contatti con gli altri, la residenza, le finanze, i dispositivi elettronici e così via. Prevede anche che vengano comunicate alla polizia informazioni precise su tutti i suoi amici, contatti, persone care, conoscenti ed eventuali clienti commerciali. Il suo conto in banca e l’accesso al telefono, a internet e ai dispositivi di archiviazione sarebbero monitorati, e lui non potrebbe usare quelli di nessun altro. Gli sarebbe vietato di utilizzare la tecnologia di crittografia e gli sarebbero consentite solo 50 sterline in contanti al mese, costringendolo ad un tracciamento finanziario pressoché totale. Se rimanesse da qualche parte durante la notte, dovrebbe dire alla polizia dove, quando, con chi e perché. Se qualcuno venisse a trovarlo dovrebbe comunicare chi è e il motivo della visita. Qualsiasi contatto di lavoro, un’eventuale assunzione e quanto guadagna e chi incontra dovrebbe essere riportato alla polizia. In definitiva, questo ordine lo metterebbe sotto una forma di arresti domiciliari e lo costringerebbe ad essere complice della sua sorveglianza e di quella dei suoi amici.

I Serious Crime Prevention Orders sono spesso usati come “sentenze furtive” quando i procuratori non ottengono ciò che vogliono la prima volta. L’Ordine durerebbe almeno cinque anni dopo il suo rilascio dalla prigione e può essere rinnovato dopo tale periodo. Toby potrebbe affrontare altri cinque anni di prigione se lo violasse, cosa che ovviamente l’accusa spera disperatamente che accada. L’ordine è progettato per essere violato, poiché le condizioni e le restrizioni sono così folli e così tante che sarebbe impossibile non violarle prima o poi. Se i suoi amici si rifiutano di collaborare, potrebbero anche affrontare una persecuzione penale e una pena detentiva di 12 mesi per ostruzione.

I poliziotti sostengono che questo ordine di controllo è necessario a causa dello stile di “vita alternativo” di Toby e delle sue convinzioni politiche. Criminalizzare uno stile di vita per giustificare un SCPO non è solo oltraggioso ma un precedente molto pericoloso. Un altro precedente pericoloso è quello di avere un SCPO usato contro i militanti. È ovvio che quest’ordine non ha niente a che fare con le accuse di droga per le quali Toby è stato condannato, e per le quali ha già scontato un tempo più che sufficiente. Invece, l’Ordine ha esclusivamente a che fare con le accuse di terrorismo di cui l’accusa non ha trovato alcuna prova e con il suo coinvolgimento nel movimento anarchico.

Si evince in maniera ovvia dalla nuova legislazione di controllo che il regime autoritario britannico sta facendo passare in fretta, in particolare sotto l’attuale ministro dell’Interno Priti Patel, che questo ordine di controllo non riguarda solo Toby. Non riguarda nemmeno solo la repressione statale delle iniziative anarchiche di controinformazione. Si tratta di stabilire un precedente per soffocare qualsiasi forma di protesta con uno strumento di sorveglianza draconiano e costringere le persone ad essere complici della loro stessa repressione e sorveglianza, e di quella del loro ambiente sociale. L’ordine contro Toby è simile nella giustificazione e nel contenuto al proposto Serious Disruption Prevention Order (*recentemente sconfitto) che fa parte del nuovo e controverso Policing Bill. Questo disegno di legge richiederebbe a una persona di registrare i suoi associati e i suoi movimenti alla polizia pur non avendo commesso reati se non quello di essere stato schedato e identificato come un dissidente reale o potenziale. Spingendo i confini della repressione nei confronti di attivisti, anarchici e dissidenti, il Regno Unito sta scivolando verso una dittatura appena celata.

L’udienza per l’SCPO contro Toby è alla Bristol Crown Court il 22 febbraio 2022. Dimostriamo la nostra solidarietà a Toby alle 9 del mattino davanti alla Corte. Mostriamo la nostra solidarietà a lui e agli altri prigionieri e prigioniere anarchiche ovunque, quando e come possiamo.

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Potete scrivere a Toby a questo indirizzo. Non dimenticate di scrivere il mittente sulla busta altrimenti la lettera non arriva.

Toby Shone
HMP Bristol
19 Cambridge Road

PL. o całkowitym nakazie inwigilacji Toby’ego Shone’a

Mimo czteroletniego śledztwa, policjanci nie mogli udowodnić przeciwko niemu sprawy o terroryzm, a jednak anarchistyczny więzień Toby Shone stoi w obliczu nakazu zapobiegania poważnej przestępczości, który prawnie usankcjonuje kryminalizację i całkowitą inwigilację jego i wszystkich jego znajomych, nawet przez wiele lat po jego uwolnieniu.

W listopadzie 2020 r. antyterroryści w Wielkiej Brytanii przeprowadzili serię skoordynowanych nalotów na jednego z domniemanych administratorów strony internetowej w ramach „Operacji Adream”. Przeszukano kilka posiadłości w południowo-zachodniej Anglii, i jedna osoba, Toby Shone, została aresztowana pod groźbą użycia broni w Forest of Dean i oskarżony na podstawie ustawy o terroryzmie. To był pierwszy raz, kiedy państwo brytyjskie próbowało ścigać anarchistę na podstawie zaktualizowanych przepisów dotyczących terroryzmu i pierwszy raz, kiedy ktoś został oskarżony o prowadzenie anarchistycznej strony internetowej.

Toby został pierwotnie oskarżony o świadczenie usługi umożliwiającej innym dostęp do publikacji terrorystycznych, zbieranie funduszy na cele terrorystyczne oraz o dwa zarzuty posiadania informacji, które mogą być użyteczne dla terrorystów. Nie przyznał się do winy, policja nie była w stanie przedstawić żadnych dowodów, a prokuratura została zmuszona do wycofania tych zarzutów 1 października 2021 r.

Ostatecznie, Toby Shone został skazany na 3 lata i 9 miesięcy więzienia za 8 przestępstw narkotykowych 13 października 2021 r. „Narkotykami” były psychodeliki oraz rośliny lecznicze znalezione w dwóch z czterech przeszukanych nieruchomości w listopadzie 2020 r., wszystkie przestrzenie były wspólnego użytku. Odsiedział 8 miesięcy w areszcie tymczasowym w HMP Wandsworth, a obecnie przebywa w HMP Bristol. Ma wyjść na wolność między sierpniem a grudniem 2022 roku.

Jednak główny inspektor Sion Margrie i prokuratorzy Dan Porson-Pounds i Thomas Coke-Smythe kontynuują prześladowanie Toby’ego, ubiegając się o nakaz, który miałby kontrolować i monitorować jego codzienne ruchy, kontakty z innymi, miejsce zamieszkania, finanse, urządzenia itd. Wymaga się także podania dokładnych informacji o wszystkich jego znajomych i wszelkich klientach biznesowych. Jego konto bankowe i dostęp do telefonu, internetu i komputera byłyby monitorowane i nie mógłby korzystać z tych nośników od osób trzecich. Nie byłby w stanie korzystać z technologii szyfrowania. Ograniczonoby jego prawo do posiadania gotówki do 50 funtów żeby monitorować jego finanse. Jeśli zostaje gdzieś na noc, musi powiedzieć gdzie, kiedy, z kim i dlaczego. Jeśli ktoś przyjeżdża z wizytą, musi również zarejestrować kto, kiedy i dlaczego. Musiałby również zgłaszać wszelkie możliwości podjęcia jakiekolwiek pracy, ile zarabia i kogo spotyka. Zasadniczo ten rozkaz nałożyłby na niego areszt domowy i zmusiłby go do współudziału w inwigilacji własnej i swoich przyjaciół.

Nakazy Zapobiegania Poważnej Przestępczości (SCPO) są często używane jako „wyrok w ukryciu”, gdy prokuratura nie osiąga celu za pierwszym razem. Nakaz miałby obowiązywać co najmniej pięć lat po jego zwolnieniu z więzienia i po tym czasie może zostać przedłużony. Toby może spotkać się z kolejnymi pięcioma latami w więzieniu, jeśli je złamie, na co oczywiście policjanci desperacko mają nadzieję. Naruszenie nakazu jest bardzo łatwe, ponieważ warunki i ograniczenia są tak szalone i jest ich tak wiele, że w pewnym momencie nie można ich nie naruszyć. Jeśli jego przyjaciele odmówią współpracy, mogą również spotkać się z prześladowaniami kryminalnymi i karą 12 miesięcy więzienia za utrudnianie pracy.

Policja twierdzi, że ten nakaz kontroli jest potrzebny ze względu na alternatywny styl życia i przekonania Toby’ego. Kryminalizacja stylu życia w celu usprawiedliwienia SCPO jest nie tylko skandaliczna, ale i bardzo niebezpiecznym precedensem. Innym niebezpiecznym precedensem jest użycie SCPO przeciwko aktywistom. Jest oczywiste, że ten nakaz nie ma nic wspólnego z oskarżeniami o narkotyki, za które Toby został skazany i za które odbywa już co najmniej wystarczającą odsiadkę. Nakaz związany jest z zarzutami o terroryzm, na które policja nie znalazła żadnego dowodu. Wszystkie zarzuty dotyczą jego zaangażowania w ruch anarchistyczny.

Jak wynika z nowego ustawodawstwa policyjnego, pospiesznie wprowadzanego przez autorytarny reżim brytyjski, szczególnie pod rządami minister spraw wewnętrznych Priti Patel, ten nakaz kontroli dotyczy nie tylko Toby’ego. Nie chodzi nawet tylko o represjonowanie przez państwo anarchistycznych inicjatyw kontrinformacyjnych. Chodzi o ustanowienie precedensu w celu zdławienia jakiejkolwiek formy protestu za pomocą drakońskiego narzędzia nadzoru i zmuszenie ludzi do współudziału we własnych represjach i inwigilacji oraz w ich otoczeniu społecznym. Nakaz przeciwko Toby’emu jest podobny w uzasadnieniu i treści do proponowanego (*i ostatnio odrzuconego) Nakazu Zapobiegania Poważnym Zakłóceniom (Serious Disruption Prevention Order), który jest częścią nowej i kontrowersyjnej ustawy o policji. Ustawa ta wymagałaby, aby osoba rejestrowała swoich współpracowników i ich ruchy na policji, pomimo niepopełnienia żadnego przestępstwa, poza tym, że zostali sprofilowani i zidentyfikowani jako faktyczny lub potencjalny dysydent. Przesuwając granice represji wobec aktywistów, anarchistów i dysydentów, Wielka Brytania pogrąża się w ledwie ukrywanej dyktaturze.

Rozprawa SCPO przeciwko Toby’emu odbędzie się w Bristol Crown Court 22 lutego 2022 r. Prosimy o wykazanie solidarności z Tobym o 9:00 rano w sądzie. Okaż swoją solidarność z nim i innymi anarchistycznymi więźniami, gdziekolwiek, kiedykolwiek i jak tylko możesz. Potrzebujemy twojego hałasu i dobrych wibracji przeciwko ciągłym politycznym prześladowaniom Toby’ego Shone’a.

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Toby Shone

HMP Bristol
19 Cambridge Road

Toby Shone speaks from the dungeons of Bristol prison, explaining his case. EN/ES/FR/DE/PO/RU/GR/IT

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My name is Toby Shone, and I’m an imprisoned anarchist held in Bristol prison who was kidnapped at gunpoint by the anti-terrorist unit, as part of Operation Adream in the UK. The repression was aimed to target the anarchist group of critique and practice, 325 collective and the website Operation Adream is an attack by the British State in conjunction with European partners against anarchist direct action groups, counter-information projects, prisoner solidarity initiatives and the new anarchist critique of the technological singularity and the fourth and fifth industrial revolution. Operation Adream is the first time that anti-terrorist legislation has been used against the anarchist movement in the UK.

I was taken hostage by the regime on the 18th of November 2020 by a team of tactical fire arms cops after a car chase through the remote Forest of Dean, which is on the border with South Wales, one hour north of Bristol. At the same time coordinated raids took place at five addresses in the Forest of Dean against collective living projects, hangouts and a storage unit. I was taken under armed guard to a nearby police station where I was held in incommunicado and interrogated many, many times. I refused to speak during the interrogations and I did not cooperate with the murderers in uniform.

I was charged with four counts of terrorism. One charge of Section 2, dissemination of terrorist publications as a suspected administrator Two charges of section 58, possession of information useful for the purposes of terrorism. Those being two videos. One of which showed how to improvise an explosive shaped charge. And the other demonstrated how to burn down a mobile phone transmitter. I was charged with Section 15, funding terrorism, which was related to cryptocurrency wallets hosted on which were for the support of anarchist prisoners and publications. I denied all the charges.

I was also accused during the interrogations of membership of FAI/IRF, the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front. I was accused of writing five documents and carrying out several actions in the Bristol area, which were claimed by cells of the FAI as well as those of the Earth- and Animal Liberation Fronts. These included an incendiary attack against the police station, the burning down of a mobile phone transmitter and liberation of animals.

Bristol is an area of the UK where there has been countless anarchist sabotages and direct actions taking place over the last two decades and which remain unsolved by police, despite multi-million pound investigations and joint media witch hunts against anarchists in the city.

From the collective spaces and hangouts that were raided during Operation Adream the cops seized hundreds of copies of 325 #12 magazine, dozens of anarchist pamphlets, books, stickers, posters and flyers, laptops, mobile phones, printers, hard drives, cameras, radio frequency jammers, gps units, smoke-, noise- and flash charges, replica firearms and cash. In the evidence produced against me was numerous anarchist publications including 325 #12 magazine, which is about the fourth and fifth industrial revolution, the pamphlet “Incendiary dialogues” by Gustavo Rodríguez, Gabriel Pombo da Silva and Alfredo Cospito which is published by Black International Editions. Also the text “What is anarchism” by Alfredo Bonnano, Dark Nights newsletter, the small book “Anarchy, civil or subversive?” by 325 and Dark Matter publications, a flyer in solidarity with anarchist prisoners Alfredo Cospito and Nicola Gai, a flyer against the COVID-19 lockdowns called “Face the fear, fight the future” as well as many other texts and publications in solidarity with anarchist prisoners and revolutionary organisations such as the CCF, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

I was remanded to Wandsworth prison in London after appearing at Westminster Magistrates Court and held under anti-terrorist conditions. I was denied to make any phone call in the prison for ten days as well as a similar embargo on my mail. I was denied to see my lawyers for six weeks. 23.5 hour solitary confinement with sometimes up to 48 hours without being able to leave the cell for anything other than to collect a meal. No yard time for the first 3 weeks and then only allowed to go outside on the yard once a fortnight for 35 minutes. No gym, no library, no education, no activities. I was held in a dungeon like cell with no natural light and subjected to deafeningly loud construction noise as I was placed by the counter-terror unit next to a new section of the prison being built. My letters, phone calls and associations all subject to routine monitoring and censorship with constant obstruction to access for my lawyers, post and books. I did not receive the full case against me for many, many months.

Operation Adream is a montage, fitting together disparate, unconnected elements, typical of repressive operations in Southern Europe which has spread across the continent. This is now being deployed by the British police. Operation Adream seeks to present the Conspiracy of Cells of Fire as a continuation of the armed Marxist-Leninist revolutionary organisation November 17th. This is an important fantasy for the purposes of repression in this operation as November 17th is a proscribed group in UK. Most importantly, Operation Adream sought to present the diverse range of anarchist groups, publishing projects and prisoner support initiatives as an array of organisational hubs for the execution and glorification of terrorism.

The case was authorised by the Director of Public Prosecutions Max Hill QC. The investigation revealed at least the participation of Dutch and German cops, the hidden hand of the security services and an international dimension to the operation based on previous waves of repression in Spain, Italy and Greece was evident. During my interrogations, I was being asked a pre-written script of questions which , for instance, not even the detectives appeared to understand why I was being asked as the entire operation was a marionnette guided by others to achieve a political purpose. About that, I can only quote the murdered anarchist Bartholomew Vanzetti who remarked, “The higher of them, the more jackass.” It is certainly appropriate as on the 6th October 2021 at Bristol Crown Court I was found Not Guilty. However, I was condemned for the possession and supply of Class A and B narcotics: the psychedelic medicines LSD, DMT, psilocybin, MDMA and marijuana, as these were all seized from the collective spaces. I was sentenced to 3 years 9 months.

I am also fighting against a Serious Organised Crime Prevention Order which is demanded by the anti-terrorist unit and the prosecutors. The order would put me under a form of house arrest for up to 5 years when I finally get released with a punishment of up to 5 years if I breach the order. The order would control and monitor my daily movements, contact with others, residence, usage of money, devices, international travel and so on. It demands precise information be given to the cops of all my friends, contacts and loved ones and is simply a means to monitor and criminalise my friendships and living environments. My trial for that is scheduled no earlier than the 15th of January and the investigation against me continues as does Operation Adream which is aimed at the 325 collective.

I want to thank all those who have supported me. My heart is open and strong and I am determined. I send to you all a huge hug and a smile.

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Soon more will follow on the Serious Organised Crime Prevention Order they want to impose on Toby, and the trial now set at the 11th of February.

Time to make some noise around Toby’s case and show some solidarity!!

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Toby Shone
HMP Bristol
19 Cambridge Road

Bristol, Reino Unido: Toby Shone explica su caso desde los calabozos de la prisión de Bristol

Me llamo Toby Shone y soy un anarquista encarcelado en la prisión de Bristol. Fui secuestrado a punta de pistola por la unidad antiterrorista, en el marco de la Operación Adream en el Reino Unido. La represión tenía como objetivo el grupo anarquista de crítica y práctica, el colectivo 325 y el sitio web La Operación Adream es un ataque del Estado británico, junto con sus aliados europeos, contra los grupos anarquistas de acción directa, los proyectos de contrainformación, las iniciativas de solidaridad con los presos, y la nueva crítica anarquista a la singularidad tecnológica y a la cuarta y quinta revolución industrial. La Operación Adream es la primera vez que se utiliza la legislación antiterrorista contra el movimiento anarquista en el Reino Unido.

Fui tomado como rehén por el régimen el 18 de noviembre de 2020, por un equipo de policías con armas de fuego tácticas después de una persecución en coche a través del remoto Forrest of Dean, que está en la frontera con el sur de Gales, a una hora al norte de Bristol. Al mismo tiempo, se realizaron redadas coordinadas en cinco lugares en el Forrest of Dean contra proyectos de vida colectiva, lugares de encuentro y un almacén. Me llevaron bajo guardia armada a una comisaría cercana, donde me mantuvieron incomunicado y me interrogaron muchas, muchas veces. Me negué a hablar durante los interrogatorios y no cooperé con los asesinos uniformados.

Me acusaron de cuatro cargos de terrorismo. Un cargo de la Sección 2, “difusión de publicaciones terroristas” como presunto administrador de Dos cargos de la Sección 58. “Posesión de información útil para fines terroristas”. Se trata de dos vídeos. Uno de los cuales mostraba cómo improvisar una carga explosiva. Y el otro demostraba cómo quemar un transmisor de teléfono móvil. Se me acusó de la Sección 15, “Financiación del terrorismo”, que estaba relacionada con las carteras de criptomonedas hosteado en que estaban destinadas al apoyo de los presos y publicaciones anarquistas. Negué todos los cargos.

También se me acusó durante los interrogatorios de pertenecer a la FAI/IRF, federación anarquista informal frente revolucionario internacional. Se me acusó de haber redactado cinco documentos y de haber llevado a cabo varias acciones en la zona de Bristol, que fueron reivindicadas por células de la FAI, así como por las del Frente de Liberación de la Tierra y de los Animales. Entre ellas figuraban un ataque incendiario contra la comisaría de policía, la quema de una emisora de telefonía móvil y la liberación de animales.

Bristol es una zona del Reino Unido en la que se han producido innumerables sabotajes y acciones directas anarquistas en las últimas dos décadas y que siguen sin ser resueltas por la policía, a pesar de las investigaciones multimillonarias y la caza de brujas en alianza con los medios de comunicación contra los anarquistas de la ciudad.

De los espacios colectivos y lugares de reunión que fueron allanados durante la operación Adream, los policías incautaron cientos de ejemplares de la revista 325, decenas de panfletos anarquistas, libros, pegatinas, carteles y folletos. También incautaron ordenadores portátiles, teléfonos móviles, impresoras, discos duros, cámaras, emisores de radiofrecuencia, unidades de GPS, cargas de humo, ruido y flash, réplicas de armas de fuego y dinero en efectivo. Entre las pruebas utilizadas en mi contra se encontraban numerosas publicaciones anarquistas, como la revista 325 #12, que trata sobre la cuarta y quinta revolución industrial, el folleto “Diálogos incendiarios” de Gustavo Rodríguez, Gabriel Pombo da Silva y Alfredo Cospito, publicado por Black International Editions. También el texto “¿Qué es el anarquismo?” de Alfredo Bonnano, el boletín Dark Nights, el pequeño libro “Anarquía, ¿civil o subversiva?” de 325 y Dark Matter publications, una octavilla solidaria con los presos anarquistas Alfredo Cospito y Nicola Gai, una octavilla contra los encierros de COVID-19 llamada “Enfréntate al miedo, lucha contra el futuro”, así como muchos otros textos y publicaciones en solidaridad con los presos anarquistas y las organizaciones revolucionarias como la CCF, Conspiración de Células de Fuego.

Tras comparecer ante el Tribunal de Magistrados de Westminster, me ingresaron en la prisión de Wandsworth, en Londres, y me mantuvieron bajo condiciones antiterroristas. Se me negó hacer cualquier llamada telefónica en la prisión durante diez días, así como un embargo similar sobre mi correo. Me negaron ver a mis abogados durante seis semanas. Confinamiento solitario de 23,5 horas, a veces hasta 48 horas sin poder salir de la celda para nada más que para recoger algo de comida. Sin tiempo de patio durante las primeras 3 semanas y después sólo me permitieron salir al patio una vez por quincena durante 35 minutos. Ni gimnasio, ni biblioteca, ni educación, ni actividades. Me mantuvieron en una celda parecida a una mazmorra, sin luz natural y sometida a un ruido de construcción ensordecedor, ya que la unidad antiterrorista me colocó junto a una nueva sección de la prisión que están construyendo. Mis cartas, llamadas telefónicas y asociaciones estaban sometidas a una vigilancia y censura rutinarias, y se obstruía constantemente el acceso a mis abogados, al correo y a los libros. No recibí el caso completo contra mí durante muchos, muchos meses.

La operación Adream es un montaje, que encaja elementos dispares y desconectados, algo típico de las operaciones represivas en el sur de Europa que se ha extendido por todo el continente. En la actualidad, la policía británica la ha apropiado. La operación Adream pretende presentar la Conspiración de las Células de Fuego como una continuación de la organización revolucionaria armada marxista-leninista, 17 de Noviembre. Esta es una fantasía importante para los fines de la represión en esta operación, ya que el 17 de Noviembre es un grupo prohibido en el Reino Unido. Lo más importante es que la operación Adream pretende presentar la diversa gama de grupos anarquistas, proyectos editoriales e iniciativas de apoyo a los presos como un conjunto de centros organizativos para la “ejecución y la glorificación del terrorismo•.

El caso fue autorizado por el Director de la Fiscalía Max Hill QC. La investigación reveló al menos la participación de policías holandeses y alemanes, la mano oculta de los servicios de seguridad y una dimensión internacional de la operación basada en anteriores oleadas de represión en España, Italia y Grecia era evidente. Durante mis interrogatorios, se me hizo un guion preestablecido de preguntas que, por ejemplo, ni siquiera los detectives parecían entender por qué se me preguntaba, ya que toda la operación era una marioneta guiada por otros para lograr un propósito político. Sobre esto, sólo puedo citar al anarquista asesinado Bartholomew Vanzetti, que comentó: “Cuanto más alto, más burro”. Es ciertamente apropiado, ya que el 6 de octubre de 2021 en el Tribunal de la Corona de Bristol fui declarado “no culpable”. Sin embargo, fui condenado por posesión y suministro de narcóticos de clase A y B: los medicamentos psicodélicos LSD, DMT, psilocibina, MDMA y marihuana, ya que todos ellos fueron incautados en los espacios colectivos. Me condenaron a 3 años y 9 meses.

También estoy luchando contra una “Orden de Prevención de Crimen Organizada” exigida por la unidad antiterrorista y la fiscalía. La orden me pondría bajo una forma de arresto domiciliario durante un máximo de 5 años cuando finalmente sea liberado, con un castigo de hasta 5 años si incumplo la orden. La orden controlaría y vigilaría mis movimientos diarios, el contacto con otras personas, la residencia, el uso de dinero, los dispositivos, los viajes internacionales, etc. Exige que se dé información precisa a la policía de todos mis amigos, contactos y seres queridos y es simplemente un medio para controlar y criminalizar mis amistades y mi entorno vital. Mi juicio por ello está previsto no antes del 15 de enero y la investigación contra mí continúa, al igual que la operación Adream, dirigida al colectivo 325.

Quiero agradecer a todos los que me han apoyado. Mi corazón está abierto y fuerte y estoy decidido. Os envío a todos un enorme abrazo y una sonrisa.

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Pronto habrá más información sobre la Orden de Prevención de la Delincuencia Organizada Grave que quieren imponer a Toby, y el juicio fijado ahora para el 12 de febrero.

¡Es hora de hacer algo de ruido en torno al caso de Toby y mostrar algo de solidaridad!

Puedes encontrar más información sobre el caso de Toby en: Por favor, traduzca y distribuya en sus propios círculos y publicaciones.

Bristol Royaume-Uni : Toby Shone explique son cas depuis le donjon de la prison de Bristol.

Mon nom est Toby Shone, je suis un anarchiste kidnappé par les armes de l’unité anti-terroriste et retenu emprisonné dans la prison de Bristol dans le cadre de l’opération “Adream” au Royaume-Uni. L’opération répressive avait pour cible le groupe anarchiste de critique et de pratique 325 Collective, ainsi que le site internet

L’opération Adream est une attaque de l’État britannique en coopération avec ses partenaires européens contre les groupes anarchistes d’actions directes, de contre information, de soutien aux prisonniers et contre la nouvelle critique de la singularité technologique de la 4ème et 5ème révolution industrielle.

Avec Operation Adream, c’est la première fois que la législation anti-terroriste a été utilisé contre le mouvement anarchiste au Royaume-Uni.

J’ai été pris en otage par le régime le 18 novembre 2020 par une équipe d’intervention spéciale armée (équivalent du GIGN) après une course poursuite en voiture au fond de la Foret de Dean qui se situe à la frontière sud du Pays de Galles, à une heure au nord de Bristol. Au meme moment, des raides coordonnés ont eu lieu à 5 différentes adresses dans la Foret de Dean contre des lieux de vie collective, hang outs et lieux de stockage.

J’ai été emmené avec les armes à un poste de police proche où j’ai été retenu à l’isolement et interrogé de nombreuses fois. J’ai refusé de parler pendant les interrogatoires et je n’ai pas coopéré avec les assassins en uniformes.

J’ai été inculpé de 4 charges de terrorisme. Une au nom du paragraphe 2 pour distribution de publications terroristes et en tant que suspect de l’administration du site Deux charges au nom du paragraphe 58 pour possession d’informations à but terroriste, celles-ci étant 2 vidéos, la première montrant comme faire un explosif à charge creuse et la seconde montrant comme incendier un transmetteur de téléphonie portable. J’ai été inculpé, sous paragraphe le 15, de financement de terrorisme pour la crypto-monnaie hébergée sur le site de qui servait à ses publications et au soutien de prisonniers anarchistes.

J’ai rejeté toutes ces accusations.

Durant les interrogatoires, j’ai aussi été accusé d’etre membre du FAI/IRF (Federation Informelle Anarchiste/Front Révolutionnaire International). J’ai été accusé d’avoir écrit 5 documents et mené plusieurs actions dans la région de Bristol qui ont été revendiqués par des cellules de la FAI ainsi que de celles du Earth and Animal Liberation Fronts. Celles-ci inclurent une attaque incendière contre un poste de police, la destruction d’un relais de téléphonie mobile et la libération d’animaux.

La région de Bristol au Royaume-Uni a été la cible d’actions directes et de sabotages anarchistes durant les 20 dernières années et qui restent non résolus par la police malgré plusieurs millions d’euros investis dans les enquetes et à la chasse aux sorcières des médias locaux contre les anarchistes.

De la perquisition des espaces collectifs et hangouts pendant l’opération Adream, les flics ont saisi une centaine de copies du numéro 12 du magasine 325, une dizaine de pamphlets anarchistes, des livres, autocollants, posters et flyers, ordinateurs portables, téléphones mobiles, imprimantes, disques durs, appareils photos, brouilleurs de fréquences, unités GPS, fumigènes, “flash and noise charges” (grenades détonnantes et aveuglantes?), des armes factices et du liquide. Dans les preuves présentées contre moi, il y avait de nombreuses publications anarchistes dont le numéro 12 du magasine 325 qui est au sujet des 4ème et 5ème révolutions industrielles, le pamphlet “Dialogues Incendiaires” d’Alfredo Bonnano, la Dark Knight newsletter, le petit livre “Anarchie civile ou subversive?” par les publications 325 et Dark Matter, un flyer en solidarité aux prisonniers anarchistes Alfredo Cospito et Nicola Gai, un flyer contre le confinement du Covid-19 appelé “Faire face à la peur, combattre le futur” mais aussi d’autres nombreux textes et publications en solidarité aux prisonniers anarchistes et organisations révolutionnaires comme la CCF, Conspiration des Cellules de Feu.

J’étais en détention à Wandsworth de Londres après etre apparu devant la cour de Westminster et détenu dans les conditions de l’anti-terrorisme. Pendant 10 jours mes appels téléphoniques et courriers ont été refusés. Je n’ai pas été autorisé à voir mon avocat pendant 6 semaines. 23H30 par jour à l’isolement et des périodes allant jusqu’à 48h sans pouvoir sortir de ma cellule sauf pour récupérer mes repas. Pas de sortie dans la cour de la prison les 3 premières semaines puis seulement autorisé à sortir 35 minutes tous les 15 jours. Pas de gymnastique, pas de librairie, pas d’éducation, pas d’activités. J’étais retenu dans une cellule comme celle d’un donjon sans lumière naturelle et sujet à un bruit assourdissant puisque l’unité de contre-terrorisme m’a placé à coté du chantier d’une nouvelle section en construction.

Mes lettres, appels téléphoniques et associations ont tous été sujet à un monitoring et une censure, avec une obstruction constante pour avoir accès à mes avocats, lettres et livres. Je n’ai obtenu mon dossier complet avant de nombreux mois.

Opération Adream est un montage, disparatrement raccordé d’éléments déconnéctés, typique des opérations répressives dans le sud de l’Europe qui se sont propagées sur le continent. Operation Adream cherche présenter la Conspiration des Cellules de Feu comme une continuation de l’organisation armée marxiste-léniniste 17 Novembre. C’est un fantasme important pour l’opération puisque 17 Novembre est un groupe interdit au Royaume-Uni. Encore plus important, Operation Adream cherche à représenter une spectre divers de groupe anarchiste, de projets de publications et d’initiatives de soutien aux prisonniers comme un éventail de poles organisationnels pour l’apologie et l’execution du terrorisme.

Le procès a été autorisé par le ministère public Max Hill QC. *** L’investigation a démontré d’au moins l’implication de la police hollandaise et allemande, la main secrète des services de sécurité et la dimension internationale de l’opération se base de manière évidente sur les vagues de répression précédentes en Espagne, Italie et Grece ***

Pendant mes interrogatoires, j’ai du répondre à un scripte de questions préécrites, par exemple, dont meme les enqueteurs ne semblaient pas comprendre pourquoi on me demandait parce que l’opération était une marionette dirigée par d’autres pour atteindre un but politique. À propos de cela, je peux seulement citer l’anarchiste assassiné Bartholomew Vanzetti qui remarquait : “le plus haut d’entre eux, le plus idiot”. Ceci est certainement approprié parce que le 6 octobre 2021 la cour royale de Bristol m’a déclaré non coupable. Cependant, j’ai été condamné pour possession et distribution de narcotiques de classes A et B : la médecine psychédélique L.S.D., D.M.T., psilocybin, MDMA et marijuana parce que saisis dans les espaces collectifs. J’ai été condamné à 3 ans et 9 mois.

Je me bats aussi contre un ordre de la Prévention de Crimes Sérieux Organisés qui est demandé par l’unité anti-terroriste et le procureur. Cet ordre me mettrait dans une sorte de détention à domicile pour 5 ans, et une peine allant jusque 5 ans de plus si je devais contrevenir à cet ordre, et quand je serai finalement relaché, cet ordre continuera à controler et monitorer mes déplacements quotidien, mes contacts, lieux de résidences, utilisation d’argent, appareils électroniques, voyages internationaux etc.

L’ordre demande que soit donné des informations précises à la police sur tous mes amis, contacts et proches. Ceci est simplement un moyen de criminaliser mes amitiés et mon environnement social.

Mon procès n’est pas prévu avant le 15 janvier et en attendant l’investigation continue tout comme l’opération Adream qui cible le collectif 325.

Je veux remercier tous ceux et celles qui m’ont soutenu. Mon coeur est ouvert et fort et je suis déterminé. Je vous envoie plein de gros calins et un sourire.

—– ceci est une traduction d’une transcription audio ——

Bientot nous apprendrons plus sur l’ordre de la Prévention des crimes sérieux organisés qu’ils veulent imposer à Toby. Le procès est prévu le 11 février Il est temps de faire du bruit autour du cas de Toby et de se montrer solidaire. Vous pouvez trouver plus d’informations sur le as de Toby sur : Traduisez et distribuez, s’il vous plait, au sein de vos cercles et publications.

Bristol, UK: Toby Shone spricht aus dem Gefängnis von Bristol, und erklärt seinen Fall.

„Mein Name ist Toby Shone, und ich bin ein inhaftierter Anarchist im Gefängnis von Bristol.

Ich wurde in Großbritannien, als Teil der Operation Adream, mit vorgehaltener Waffe von der Anti-Terror-Einheit entführt. Die Repression richtete sich gegen die Kritik und Praktiken der anarchistischen Gruppe 325 Collective und der Website Operation Adream ist ein Angriff des britischen Staates, in Zusammenarbeit mit europäischen Partnern gegen anarchistische Direktaktionsgruppen, Gegeninformationsprojekte, Gefangenensolidaritätsinitiativen und die neue anarchistische Kritik an der technologischen Singularität und der vierten und fünften industriellen Revolution. Mit der Operation Adream wurde das erste Mal, dass Anti-Terror-Gesetze gegen die anarchistische Bewegung im Vereinigten Königreich eingesetzt.

Ich wurde am 18. November 2020 vom Regime, durch eine Spezialeinheit der Polizei, nach einer Verfolgungsjagd durch den abgelegenen Forest of Dean, der an der Grenze zu Südwales liegt, eine Stunde nördlich von Bristol, als Geisel genommen. Zur gleichen Zeit fanden koordinierte Razzien an fünf Adressen im Forest of Dean statt, die sich gegen kollektive Wohnprojekte, Treffpunkte und eine Lagereinheit richteten. Ich wurde unter bewaffneter Aufsicht zu einer nahe gelegenen Polizeistation gebracht. Dort hat man mich in Isolationshaft genommen und ich wurde viele, viele Male verhört. Ich weigerte mich, während der Verhöre mit den Mördern in Uniform zu sprechen und zu kooperieren.

Ich wurde in vier Fällen wegen Terrorismus angeklagt. Eine Anklage auf Abschnitt 2 lautete, Verbreitung von terroristischen Publikationen als mutmaßlicher Administrator von Zwei Anklagen wegen Abschnitt 58, Besitz von Informationen, die zum Zwecke des Terrorismus genutzt werden. Dabei handelt es sich um zwei Videos. Eines davon zeigte, wie man eine explosive Hohlladung improvisiert. Das andere, wie man einen Mobilfunksender in Brand setzt. Außerdem wurde ich wegen Abschnitt 15 angeklagt, Finanzierung von Terrorismus, und zwar im Zusammenhang mit Kryptowährungs-Geldbörsen, die auf gehostet wurden und zur Unterstützung anarchistischer Gefangener und Puplikationen verwendt wurde. Ich habe alle Vorwürfe bestritten.

Während der Verhöre wurde ich auch beschuldigt, Mitglied der FAI/IRF, der informellen anarchistische Föderation/Internationale Revolutionäre Front zu sein. Ich wurde beschuldigt, fünf Dokumente geschrieben und mehrere Aktionen in der Gegend von Bristol durchgeführt zu haben, die den Zellen der FAI sowie der Earth- and Animal Liberation Front zugeordnet wurden. Dazu gehörte ein Brandanschlag auf eine Polizeistation, das Niederbrennen eines Mobilfunksenders und die Befreiung von Tieren.

Bristol ist ein Gebiet im Vereinigten Königreich, in dem in den letzten Jahren unzählige anarchistische Sabotageakte und direkte Aktionen stattgefunden haben, die trotz millionenschwerer Ermittlungen und medialer Hexenjagden, gegen Anarchisten*innen in der Stadt, erfolglos blieben.

In den kollektiven Räumen und Treffpunkten wurden während der Operation Adream hunderte von Exemplaren der Zeitschrift 325 #12, Dutzende von anarchistische Pamphlete, Bücher, Aufkleber, Plakate und Flugblätter, Laptops, Mobiltelefone Drucker, Festplatten, Kameras, Radiofrequenzstörsender, GPS-Geräte, Rauch-, Lärm- und Flash Wurfkörper, Nachbildungen von Schusswaffen und Bargeld von der Polizei beschlagnahmt. Unter den gegen mich vorgelegten Beweisen waren zahlreiche anarchistische Publikationen, darunter die Zeitschrift 325 #12, die sich mit der vierten und fünften industriellen Revolution befasst und das Pamphlet “Incendiary dialogues” von Gustavo Rodríguez, Gabriel Pombo da Silva und Alfredo Cospito, die von Black International Editions veröffentlicht wurden. Auch der Text “What is anarchism” von Alfredo Bonnano, Dark Nights Newsletter, das kleine Buch “Anarchie, civil or subversive?” von 325 und Dark Matter publications, ein Flyer in Solidarität mit den anarchistischen Gefangenen Alfredo Cospito und Nicola Gai und ein Flyer gegen die COVID-19-Lockdowns mit dem Titel “Face the fear, fight the future”, sowie viele andere Texte und Publikationen in Solidarität mit anarchistischen Gefangenen und revolutionären Organisationen wie der CCF (Conspiracy of Cells of Fire).

Ich wurde in das Wandsworth-Gefängnis in London gebracht, nachdem ich vor dem Westminster Magistrates Court inhaftiert und unter antiterroristischen Bedingungen festgehalten wurde. Es war mir zehn Tage lang untersagt im Gefängnis zu telefonieren, und Briefe zu erhalten.Sechs Wochen lang durfte ich meine Anwälte nicht sehen. 23,5 Stunden war ich in Isolationshaft und manchmal durfte ich 48 Stunden meine Zelle, bis auf das Holen einer Mahlzeit, nicht verlassen. Kein Hofgang in den ersten 3 Wochen und danach nur alle zwei Wochen für 35 Minuten. Kein Fitnessraum, keine Bibliothek, keine Bildung, keine Aktivitäten. Ich wurde in einer kerkerähnlichen Zelle ohne Tageslicht ohrenbetäubend lautem Baulärm ausgesetzt, da ich von der Antiterroreinheit neben einem neuen, im Bau befindlichen Teil des Gefängnisses untergebracht wurde. Meine Briefe, Telefonanrufe und Kontakte wurden routinemäßig überwacht und zensiert, wobei der Zugang zu meinen Anwälten, meiner Post und meinen Büchern ständig behindert wurde. Viele, viele Monate lang habe ich nicht den vollständigen Fall gegen mich erhalten.

Die Operation Adream, die ungleiche, unverbundene Elemente zusammenfügt, was typisch für repressive Maßnahmen in Südeuropa ist, hat sich in ganz Europa verbreitet. Sie wird nun auch von der britischen Polizei durchgeführt. Operation Adream versucht, die Verschwörung Cells of Fire als eine Fortsetzung der bewaffneten marxistisch-leninistischen revolutionären Organisation 17. November darzustellen. Dieses Hirngespinst wird zum Zwecke der Unterdrückung in dieser Operation genutzt, da die Gruppe 17. November in Großbritannien verbotene ist. Am wichtigsten ist, dass die Operation Adream darauf abzielte die verschiedenen anarchistischen Gruppen, Verlagsprojekte und Initiativen zur Unterstützung von Gefangenen als eine Reihe von organisatorischen zentralen Stellen für die Ausführung und Verherrlichung des Terrorismus darzustellen.

Das Verfahren wurde vom Leiter der Staatsanwaltschaft Max Hill QC genehmigt. Die Ermittlungen ergaben zumindest die Beteiligung niederländischer und deutscher Polizisten, den versteckten Einfluss von Sicherheitsdiensten und eine internationale Dimension der Operation, die auf früheren Repressionswellen in Spanien, Italien und Griechenland beruht. Während meiner Verhöre wurde mir ein vorformuliertes Skript mit Fragen vorgelegt. Nicht einmal die Ermittler schienen zu verstehen warum mir manche dieser Fragen vorgelegt wurden. Die ganze Operation diente als Marionette, deren Fäden von anderen gelenkt wurde, um ein politisches Ziel zu erreichen. Dazu kann ich nur den ermordeten Anarchisten Bartholomäus Vanzetti zitieren, der bemerkte: “the higher of them, the more jackass.” Es ist sicherlich angemessen, denn am 6. Oktober 2021 wurde ich vor dem Bristol Crown Gericht für nicht schuldig befunden. Verurteilt wurde ich jedoch wegen des Besitzes und von Betäubungsmitteln der Klassen A und B: dem psychedelischen Arzneimittel LSD, DMT, Psilocybin, MDMA und Marihuana, die alle in den Gemeinschaftsräumen beschlagnahmt wurden. Ich wurde zu 3 Jahren und 9 Monaten Haft verurteilt.

Ich kämpfe auch gegen eine Anordnung zur Verhinderung schwerer organisierter Kriminalität, die von der Anti-Terror-Einheit und der Staatsanwaltschaft gefordert wird. Durch diese Anordnung würde ich, wenn ich endlich entlassen werde, 5 Jahre Hausarest erhalten, mit einer Strafeerhöhung von bis zu 5 Jahren, falls ich gegen die Auflagen verstoße. Die Anordnung würde meine täglichen Bewegungen, meine Kontakte zu anderen, meinen Wohnsitz, die Verwendung von Geld, Geräte, internationale Reisen völlig einschränken. Sie verlangt, dass ich genaue Informationen über alle meine Freunde*innen, Bekannten und Verwandten an die Polizei weitergebe und dient lediglich dazu meine Freundschaften und mein Lebensumfeld zu überwachen und zu kriminalisieren. Mein Prozess dazu ist frühestens für den 15. Januar angesetzt [ das ist 11 Februar], und die Ermittlungen gegen mich gehen weiter, ebenso wie die Operation Adream, die sich gegen das Kollektiv 325 richtet.

Ich möchte all denen danken, die mich unterstützt haben. Mein Herz ist offen und stark und ich bin entschlossen. Ich sende euch allen eine große Umarmung und ein Lächeln.“

Dies ist eine Abschrift einer Audioaufnahme.

Bald werden weitere Informationen über die Anordnung zur Verhinderung schwerer organisierter Kriminalität folgen, die sie gegen Toby verhängen wollen und über den Prozess, der jetzt für den 11. Februar angesetzt ist.

Es ist an der Zeit, auf Tobys Fall aufmeksam zu machen und Solidarität zu zeigen!!

Weitere Informationen zu Tobys Fall findet ihr unter: Bitte übersetzt den Text und verbreitet ihn in euren eigenen Kreisen und Publikationen.

Bristol UK: Toby Shone przemawia z więzienia w Bristolu, wyjaśniając swoją sprawę.

Nazywam się Toby Shone i jestem anarchistą przetrzymywanym w więzieniu w Bristolu, który trzymany na muszce został porwany przez jednostkę antyterrorystyczną w ramach operacji Adream w Wielkiej Brytanii. Celem represji była anarchistyczna grupa krytyki i akcji bezpośrednich – kolektyw 325- oraz strona internetowa Operacja Adream to atak brytyjskiego państwa w połączeniu z europejskimi partnerami na anarchistyczne grupy akcji bezpośrednich, projekty kontrinformacyjne, inicjatywy solidarności więźniów, na nową anarchistyczną krytykę technologicznej osobliwości oraz czwartej i piątej rewolucji przemysłowej. Operacja Adream jest pierwszym przypadkiem w Wielkiej Brytanii, kiedy ustawa antyterrorystyczna została użyta przeciwko ruchowi anarchistycznemu.

18 listopada 2020 roku zostałem wzięty jako zakładnik reżymu przez zespół policjantów z taktyczną bronią palną po pościgu samochodowym przez odległe Forrest of Dean, które znajduje się na granicy z Południową Walią, godzinę drogi na północ od Bristolu. W tym samym czasie miały miejsce skoordynowane naloty na pięć adresów w Forrest of Dean, wymierzone w projekty kolektywnego życia, lokale i magazyn. Zostałem zabrany pod uzbrojoną strażą na pobliski posterunek policji, gdzie przetrzymywano mnie w odosobnieniu i przesłuchiwano wiele, wiele razy. Odmówiłem mówienia podczas przesłuchań i nie współpracowałem z mordercami w mundurach.

Postawiono mi cztery zarzuty o terroryzm. Jeden zarzut z paragrafu 2, rozpowszechnianie publikacji terrorystycznych jako podejrzany administrator Dwa zarzuty z sekcji 58. Posiadanie informacji przydatnych do celów terroryzmu. Chodzi o dwa filmy. Jeden z nich pokazywał, jak zaimprowizować ładunek wybuchowy. A drugi pokazywał, jak spalić nadajnik telefonu komórkowego. Zostałem oskarżony o Sekcję 15, finansowanie terroryzmu, co było związane z portfelami kryptowalutowymi hostowanymi na, które były przeznaczone na wsparcie anarchistycznych więźniów i publikacji. Zaprzeczyłem wszystkim zarzutom.

Podczas przesłuchań zostałem również oskarżony o przynależność do FAI/IRF, nieformalnej anarchistycznej federacji Międzynarodowy Front Rewolucyjny. Oskarżono mnie o napisanie pięciu dokumentów i przeprowadzenie kilku akcji w rejonie Bristolu, na które powoływały się komórki FAI, jak również komórki Frontu Wyzwolenia Ziemi i Frontu Wyzwolenia Zwierząt. Obejmowały one podpalenie posterunku policji, spalenie nadajnika komórki i akcja uwolnienia zwierząt.

Bristol jest obszarem Wielkiej Brytanii, gdzie w ciągu ostatnich dwóch dekad miały miejsce niezliczone anarchistyczne sabotaże i akcje bezpośrednie, które pozostają nierozwiązane przez policję, pomimo wielomilionowych dochodzeń i wspólnych medialnych polowań na czarownice przeciwko anarchistom.

Z przestrzeni zbiorowych i miejsc, które zostały przeszukane podczas operacji Adream, policjanci zarekwirowali setki egzemplarzy magazynu 325, dziesiątki anarchistycznych broszur, książek, naklejek, plakatów i ulotek. Laptopy, telefony komórkowe, drukarki, dyski twarde, aparaty fotograficzne, urządzenia wykorzystujące częstotliwości radiowe, urządzenia gps, ładunki dymne, dźwiękowe i błyskowe, repliki broni palnej i gotówkę. Wśród dowodów wykorzystanych przeciwko mnie były liczne publikacje anarchistyczne, w tym magazyn 325 #12, który jest o czwartej i piątej rewolucji przemysłowej, broszura “Incendiary dialogues” autorstwa Gustavo Rodrígueza, Gabriela Pombo da Silva i Alfredo Cospito, która została opublikowana przez Black International Editions. Również tekst “Czym jest anarchizm” Alfredo Bonnano, biuletyn Dark Nights, mała książka “Anarchia, cywilna czy wywrotowa?” wydana przez 325 i Dark Matter publications, ulotka z anarchistycznymi więźniami Alfredo Cospito i Nicola Gai, ulotka przeciwko blokadom COVID-19 zatytułowana “Zmierz się ze strachem, walcz z przyszłością”, jak również wiele innych tekstów i publikacji w solidarności z anarchistycznymi więźniami i rewolucyjnymi organizacjami takimi jak the CCF, Conspiracy of Cells of Fire.

Po wizycie w sądzie Westminster Magistrates Court i przetrzymywaniu w warunkach antyterrorystycznych, odesłano mnie do więzienia Wandsworth w Londynie. Przez dziesięć dni odmawiano mi wykonywania jakichkolwiek połączeń telefonicznych, a także nałożono podobne embargo na moją pocztę. Przez sześć tygodni nie mogłem spotykać się z moimi prawnikami. 23,5 godzinna izolatka, a czasami nawet 48 godzin bez możliwości opuszczenia celi w celu innym niż spożycie posiłku. Brak spacerniaka przez pierwsze 3 tygodnie, a potem pozwolenie na wyjście na spacerniak tylko raz na dwa tygodnie na 35 minut. Żadnej siłowni, biblioteki, edukacji, żadnych zajęć. Byłem przetrzymywany w celi przypominającej loch, bez naturalnego światła i poddany ogłuszającemu hałasowi budowy, ponieważ zostałem umieszczony przez jednostkę antyterrorystyczną obok nowo budowanej części więzienia. Moje listy, rozmowy telefoniczne i stowarzyszenia były rutynowo monitorowane i cenzurowane, a dostęp do moich prawników, poczty i książek był stale utrudniany. Przez wiele, wiele miesięcy nie otrzymywałem pełnego opisu sprawy przeciwko mnie.

Operacja “Adream” to montaż, łączenie różnych, niepowiązanych ze sobą elementów, typowy dla operacji represyjnych w Europie Południowej, który rozprzestrzenił się na cały kontynent. Obecnie jest ona stosowana przez brytyjską policję. Operacja Adream ma na celu przedstawienie Konspiracji Komórek Ognia jako kontynuacji zbrojnej marksistowsko-leninowskiej organizacji rewolucyjnej November 17th. Jest to ważny wymysł dla celów represji w tej operacji, ponieważ November 17th jest grupą zakazaną w Wielkiej Brytanii. Co najważniejsze, Operacja Adream miała na celu przedstawienie różnorodnych grup anarchistycznych, projektów wydawniczych i inicjatyw wspierających więźniów jako szeregu ośrodków organizacyjnych zajmujących się wykonywaniem i gloryfikacją terroryzmu.

Sprawa została zatwierdzona przez dyrektora oskarżeń publicznych Maxa Hilla QC. Śledztwo ujawniło udział holenderskich i niemieckich policjantów, ukrytą rękę służb bezpieczeństwa, a międzynarodowy wymiar operacji oparty na poprzednich falach represji w Hiszpanii, Włoszech i Grecji był oczywisty. Podczas moich przesłuchań zadawano mi z góry napisany scenariusz pytań, których nawet detektywi zdawali się nie rozumieć, dlaczego je zadawano, ponieważ cała operacja była marionetką kierowaną przez innych w celu osiągnięcia celu politycznego. Na ten temat mogę tylko zacytować zamordowanego anarchistę Bartłomieja Vanzettiego, który zauważył: “Im wyżej postawiony, tym większy debil” (“The higher of them, the more jackass”.). Jest to z pewnością właściwe, ponieważ 6 października 2021 roku w Bristol Crown Court zostałem uznany za Niewinnego. Zostałem jednak skazany za posiadanie i dostarczanie środków odurzających klasy A i B: leków psychodelicznych LSD, DMT, psylocybiny, MDMA i marihuany, ponieważ wszystkie one zostały skonfiskowane z przestrzeni zbiorowych. Zostałem skazany na 3 lata i 9 miesięcy.

Walczę również z nakazem zapobiegania poważnej przestępczości zorganizowanej (Serious Organised Crime Prevention Order), którego domaga się jednostka antyterrorystyczna i prokuratura. Nakaz ten nakładałby na mnie areszt domowy na okres do 5 lat, a w przypadku jego naruszenia groziłaby mi kara do 5 lat pozbawienia wolności. Nakaz będzie kontrolował i monitorował moje codzienne ruchy, kontakty z innymi, miejsce zamieszkania, korzystanie z pieniędzy, urządzeń, podróże zagraniczne i tak dalej. Nakaz wymaga podania policjantom dokładnych informacji o wszystkich moich przyjaciołach, kontaktach i bliskich, jest po prostu środkiem do monitorowania i kryminalizacji moich przyjaźni i środowiska życia. Mój proces w tej sprawie jest zaplanowany nie wcześniej niż na 15 stycznia, a dochodzenie przeciwko mnie trwa nadal, podobnie jak operacja Adream, która jest wymierzona w kolektyw 325.

Chcę podziękować wszystkim tym, którzy mnie wspierali. Moje serce jest otwarte i silne, a ja jestem zdeterminowany. Przesyłam Wam wszystkim ogromny uścisk i uśmiech.

Бристоль, Великобритания: Тоби Шон пишет из застенок бристольской тюрьмы, рассказывая свою историю.

“Меня зовут Тоби Шон, я заключенный в Бристольской тюрьме анархист, похищенный под дулом пистолета “антитеррористическим” подразделением английской полиции в рамках операции “Adream” (Анархомечта) в Великобритании. Репрессии были нацелены на анархическую группу критики и практики, под названием “коллектив 325” и сайт

Операция “Adream” – это атака британского государства совместно с европейскими партнерами на анархические группы прямого действия, контр-информационные проекты, инициативы солидарности с заключенными и новой анархической критики технологической сингулярности и четвертой и пятой промышленных революций. Операция “Adream” – это первый случай применения антитеррористического законодательства против анархистского движения в Великобритании.

18 ноября 2020 года я был взят в заложники режима вооружённой тактическим огнестрельным оружием группой легавых после погони на автомобилях в отдаленном лесу Дин, на границе с Южным Уэльсом, примерно в часе езды к северу от Бристоля. В то же время в пяти точках в Лесу Дин прошли скоординированные рейды против проектов коллективного проживания, тусовок и складов. Под вооруженной охраной меня доставили в ближайший обезьянник, где держали без связи с внешним миром и допрашивали бесконечное количество раз. Я отказывался говорить на допросах и не сотрудничал с убийцами в форме.

Мне было предъявлено обвинение по четырем пунктам о подозрении в терроризме. Первым обвинением было распространение террористических публикаций: меня подозревали в том, что я являлся админом сайта Два обвинения были представлены по статье 58 – владение информацией, полезной для террористических целей. В этом они ссылались на два видео. Одно о том, как изготовить кумулятивный взрывчатый заряд, а другое демонстрировало как сжечь передатчик мобильного телефона. Меня так же обвинили в 15 статье – финансировании терроризма: это обвинение было связано с кошельками криптовалюты, размещенными на, на которые собирались пожертвования для поддержки заключенных-анархистов и публикаций. Я отрицал все обвинения.

Во время допросов меня также обвиняли в членстве в FAI / IRF, неформальной анархистской федерации / Международном революционном фронте. Помимо этого меня обвинили в написании пяти документов и проведении нескольких акций в районе Бристоля, на которые претендовали ячейки ФАИ, а также Фронт освобождения Земли и животных. Они включали поджоги полицейского участка, сожжение передатчика мобильного телефона и освобождение животных.

Бристоль – это место, где за последние два десятилетия было проведено бесчисленное количество саботажей и прямых акций анархистов, которые до сих пор остаются нераскрытыми полицией, несмотря на многомиллионные расследования и совместные со СМИ кампании по “охоте на ведьм” против анархистов в городе.

Из мест скопления людей и тусовок, которые подверглись рейду во время операции “Adream”, полицейские изъяли сотни экземпляров 12 номера журнала “325”, десятки анархистских брошюр, книги, стикеры, плакаты и листовки, ноутбуки, мобильные телефоны, принтеры, жесткие диски, фотоаппараты, радио. Частотные глушители, устройства GPS, дымовые шашки, шумовые и световые заряды, огнестрельное оружие и наличные деньги. В доказательствах, предъявленных против меня, были многочисленные анархистские публикации, в том числе 12 номер журнала “325”, посвященный четвертой и пятой промышленной революции, брошюра Густаво Родригеса, Габриэля Помбо да Силва и Альфредо Коспито «Зажигательные диалоги», изданная Black International Editions.. Также текст «Что такое анархизм» Альфредо Боннано, информационная листовка «Темные ночи», небольшая книга «Анархия, гражданская или подрывная?» издания журналов “325” и “Dark Matter”, листовка в знак солидарности с заключенными-анархистами Альфредо Коспито и Никола Гай, листовка против карантина COVID-19 под названием «Лицом к лицу со страхом, сражайтесь с будущим», а также многие другие тексты и публикации о солидарности с политзаключёнными анархистами и революционными организациями, такими как CCF или “Conspiracy of Cells of Fire” (Заговор ячеек огня).

Я был отправлен в тюрьму Уондсворт в Лондоне после того, как предстал перед Вестминстерским магистратским судом и содержался в особых антитеррористических условиях. В течение десяти дней мне было отказано в праве позвонить, писать письма также было запрещено. В течении 6 недель ко мне не пускали адвокатов. Я был посажен в одиночную камеру, которую я не мог покидать иногда 23,5 часа, а иногда до 48 часов ни для чего, кроме как забирать еду. В течение первых 3 недель меня не выпускали даже во двор, а затем разрешали выходить на улицу только один раз в две недели на 35 минут. Ни спортзала, ни библиотеки, ни образования, ни занятий. Меня держали в камере, похожей на темницу, без естественного освещения и мучали оглушительно громким шумом стройки, так как контртеррористическое подразделение поместило меня в камеру, находящуюся рядом с новым, строящимся корпусом тюрьмы. Мои письма, телефонные звонки и действия – все это подлежало регулярному контролю и жесточайшей цензуре, а для посещения меня моими адвокатами постоянно ставились всевозможные препятствия, как и ставились палки в колёса для получения почты и книг. Я не получал полное досье о деле против меня много-много месяцев.

Вся операция “Анархомечта” – это сфабрикованное дело, объединяющее в одну кучу разрозненные, несвязанные между собой компоненты, что типично для репрессивных операций в Южной Европе, распространённых по всему континенту. Сейчас этот фарс разворачивает британская полиция. Операция “Adream” направлена на изоблачение “Заговора ячеек огня” как продолжения вооруженной марксистско-ленинской революционной организации “17 ноября”. Создание такой легенды очень важно для целей репрессий в этой операции, поскольку “17 ноября” – запрещенная в Великобритании организация. Что наиболее важно, операция «Adream» стремилась выдать широкий спектр анархических групп, издательств и инициативы по поддержке заключенных за множество организационных центров, существующих для осуществления и прославления терроризма.

Дело было санкционировано генеральным прокурором Максом Хиллом, королевским адвокатом. Расследование выявило, что в деле участвовали, как минимум, голландские и немецкие мусора, что намекает о тайном поддексте, глясящем, что службы “безопасности” видят здесь международный аспект операции, основанной на предыдущих волнах репрессий в Испании, Италии и Греции. Во время допросов мне задавали заранее составленный сценарий вопросов, которые не понимали даже детективы, которые вели допрос, поскольку вся операция была фарсом, которым руководили другие для достижения политических целей. Говоря об этом, я могу только процитировать убитого анархиста Бартоломью Ванцетти, который заметил: “The higher of them, the more jackass.” («Чем они выше, тем тупорылее».) Это, конечно, однозначно верно, ибо 6 октября 2021 года в Бристольском королевском суде я был признан НЕвиновным. Однако осудили меня за хранение и продажу наркотиков класса A и B: психоделических препаратов ЛСД, ДМТ, псилоцибина, МДМА и марихуаны, которые были изъяты из коллективных пространств. Меня приговорили к 3 годам и 9 месяцам.

Я также сужусь с обвинением в участии в “серьезной организованной преступности”, которое представлено против меня антитеррористическим подразделением и прокуратурой. В качестве наказания они запрашивают для меня домашний арест на срок до 5 лет, а после того, как меня выпустят – условный срок с наказанием ещё до 5 лет, если я нарушу порядок. При этом все мои ежедневные передвижения, контакты с другими людьми, проживание, использование денег, устройств, международные поездки и так далее будут контролироваться и отслеживаться. Обвинение требует также предоставления точной информации полицейским обо всех моих друзьях, родственниках и знакомых и является просто средством контроля и криминализации моей дружбы и среды проживания. Суд надо мной по этому делу назначен не ранее 15 января, и расследование против меня продолжается, как и операция “Adream”, направленная против коллектива “325”.

Я хочу поблагодарить всех, кто меня поддерживал. Мое сердце открыто и воля сильна, и я полон решимости. Я обнимаю всех вас и улыбаюсь.”

Это расшифровка аудиозаписи.

Вскоре последуют новые постановления о “предупреждении серьезной организованной преступности”, в которых они хотят обвинить Тоби, а суд назначен на 11 февраля.

Пора поднять шумиху вокруг дела Тоби и проявить солидарность!!!

Дополнительную информацию о деле Тоби можно найти на странице Пожалуйста, переведите и распространите в своих кругах.

[Μπρίστολ, Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο] Ο Toby Shone μιλά από τα μπουντρούμια της φυλακής του Μπρίστολ, εξηγώντας την υπόθεση του

Ονομάζομαι Toby Shone και είμαι ένας φυλακισμένος αναρχικός που κρατείται στις φυλακές του Μπρίστολ. Με απήγαγε υπό την απειλή όπλου η αντιτρομοκρατική ομάδα, ως μέρος της Επιχείρησης Adream στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο. Η καταστολή είχε ως στόχο την αναρχική ομάδα της κριτικής και της πράξης, την συλλογικότητα 325 και την ιστοσελίδα Η Επιχείρηση Adream είναι μια επίθεση του Βρετανικού κράτους, μαζί με τους Ευρωπαικούς συμμάχους του, ενάντια σε αναρχικές ομάδες άμεσης δράσης, εγχειρήματα αντιπληροφόρησης, πρωτοβουλιών αλληλεγγύης σε φυλακισμένους, και στην νέα αναρχική κριτική της τεχνολογικής μοναδικότητας και της τέταρτης και πέμπτης βιομηχανικής επανάστασης. Η Επιχείρηση Adream είναι η πρώτη φορά που χρησιμοποιείται αντιτρομοκρατική νομοθεσία εναντιόν του αναρχικού κινήματος στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο.

Έγινα όμηρος του καθεστώτος στις 18 Νοεμβρίου του 2020, από μια ομάδα μπάτσων με πυροβόλα όπλα, έπειτα από καταδίωξη στο απομακρυσμένο Forest of Dean, που είναι κοντά στα σύνορα με τη Νότια Ουαλία, μια ώρα βόρεια του Μπρίστολ. Ταυτόχρονα πραγματοποιήθηκαν συντονισμένες επιδρομές σε πέντε διευθύνσεις στο Forest of Dean, ενάντια σε εγχειρήματα συλλογικής ζωής, στέκια, και μίας μονάδας αποθήκευσης. Με οδήγησαν υπό ένοπλη φρουρά σε ένα κοντινό αστυνομικό τμήμα, οπού κρατήθηκα απομονωμένος και ανακρίθηκα πολλές, πολλές φορές. Αρνήθηκα να μιλήσω κατά τη διάρκεια των ανακρίσεων, και δεν συνεργάστηκα με τους ένστολους δολοφόνους.

Κατηγορήθηκα με τέσσερις κατηγορίες τρομοκρατίας. Μια κατηγορία της Ενότητας 2, διάδοση τρομοκρατικών δημοσιεύσεων ως ύποπτος για την διαχείρηση του Δύο κατηγορίες της Ενότητας 58, κατοχή πληροφοριών χρήσιμων για σκοπούς τρομοκρατίας. Αυτά είναι δύο βίντεο, ένα από τα οποία έδειχνε την κατασκευή αυτοσχέδιου εκρηκτικού μηχανισμού, και το άλλο το οποίο έδειχνε οδηγίες για τον εμπρησμό πομπού κινητής τηλεφωνίας. Κατηγορήθηκα επίσης με την Ενότητα 15, τη χρηματοδότηση της τρομοκρατίας, κάτι που σχετιζόταν με πορτοφόλια κρυπτονομισμάτων που φιλοξενούνταν στο, που ήταν για την υποστήριξη αναρχικών κρατουμένων και εκδόσεων. Αρνήθηκα όλες τις κατηγορίες.

Κατηγορήθηκα επίσης κατά τη διάρκεια των ανακρίσεων ως μέλος της FAI/IRF (Άτυπη Αναρχική Ομοσπονδία/Διεθνές Επαναστατικού Μέτωπο). Κατηγορήθηκα για την εγγραφή πέντε αναλήψεων και για την πραγματοποίηση διάφορων δράσεων στην περιοχή του Μπρίστολ, που αναλήφθηκαν από πυρήνες της FAI, όπως και των μετόπων Απελευθέρωσης Γης και Ζώων (ELF-ALF). Αυτά περιελάμβαναν μια εμπρηστική επίθεση κατά αστυνομικού τμήματος, τον εμπρησμό πομπού κινητής τηλεφωνίας, και την απελευθέρωση ζώων.

Το Μπρίστολ είναι μια περιοχή του Ηνωμένου Βασιλείου οπού υπήρξαν αμέτρητα αναρχικά σαμποτάζ και άμεσες δράσεις τις τελευταίες δεκαετίες. Αυτές οι δράσεις παραμένουν άλυτες από την αστυνομία, παρά τις έρευνες πολλών εκατομμυρίων λιρών, και τα κοινά κυνήγια μαγισσών των ΜΜΕ κατά των αναρχικών της πόλης.

Από τους συλλογικούς χώρους και τα στέκια όπου έγιναν επιδρομές κατά τη διάρκεια της Επιχείρησης Adream, οι μπάτσοι κατέσχεσαν εκατοντάδες αντότυπα του τεύχους 12 του περιοδικού 325, δεκάδες αναρχικά κείμενα, βιβλία, αυτοκόλλητα, αφίσες και φυλλάδια, λάπτοπ, κινητά, εκτυπωτές, σκληρούς δίσκους, κάμερες, παρεμβολείς ραδιοφώνου, μονάδες GPS, χειροβομβίδες καπνού και κρότου-λάμψεις, απομιμήσεις όπλων και χρήματα. Στα στοιχεία που προσκομίστηκαν εναντίον μου υπήρχαν πολυάριθμες αναρχικές εκδόσεις, συμπεριλαμβανομένου του τεύχους 12 του 325, που αφορά την τέταρτη και πέμπτη βιομηχανική επανάσταση, την μπροσούρα “Εμπρηστικοί Διάλογοι” των Gustavo Rodriguez, Gabriel Pompo da Silva και Alfredo Cospito, που εκδίδεται από τις εκδόσεις Μαύρη Διεθνής. Επίσης το κείμενο “Τι Είναι ο Αναρχισμός” του Αλφρέντο Μπονάνο, το ενημερωτικό δελτίο του Dark Nights, το μικρό βιβλίο “Anarchy, civil or subversive?” από το 325 και τις εκδόσεις Dark Matter, ένα κείμενο αλληλεγγύης στους αναρχικούς κρατούμενους Alfredo Cospito και Nicola Gai, μια μπροσούρα ενάντια στα λοκντάουν για τον COVID-19 που λέγεται “Face the fear, fight the future”, όπως και πολλά άλλα κείμενα σε αλληλεγγύη με αναρχικούς κρατούμενους και επαναστατικές οργανώσεις όπως η ΣΠΦ, η Συνωμοσία Πυρήνων της Φωτιάς.

Προφυλακίστηκα στη φυλακή Wandsworth στο Λονδίνο, μετά την εμφάνιση μου στο δικαστήριο Westminster Magistrates Court, και κρατήθηκα υπό συνθήκες αντιτρομοκρατικής. Μου αρνήθηκαν να κάνω οποιοδήποτε τηλεφώνημα στη φυλακή για δέκα μέρες, και υπήρχε και παρόμοιο εμπάργκο στην αλληλογραφία μου. Δεν μου επιτρεπόταν να δω τους δικηγόρους μου για έξι εβδομάδς. 23.5 ώρες απομόνωση, με μερικές φορές 48 ώρες χωρίς να μπορώ να φύγω απο το κελί για οτιδήποτε άλλο εκτός απο τη συλλογή ενός γεύματος. Δεν μου επιτρεπόταν να βγω σε εξωτερικό χώρο για τις πρώτες 3 εβδομάδες, και μετά μου επιτρεπόταν να πηγαίνω έξω στην αυλή μια φορά το δεκαπενθήμερο για 35 λεπτά. Χωρίς γυμναστήριο, χωρίς βιβλιοθήκη, χωρίς εκπαίδευση, χωρίς δραστηριότητες. Με κρατήσανε σε ενα κελί που ήταν σαν μπουντρούμι, χωρίς φυσικό φως, και με εκκωφαντικά δυνατούς θορύβους κατασκευής, επειδή η αντιτρομοκρατική με τοποθέτησε δίπλα σε ένα νέο τμήμα της φυλακής που χτιζόταν. Τα γραμματά μου, τα τηλεφωνήματα μου και οι σχέσεις μου υπόκεινται σε τακτική παρακολούθηση και λογοκρισία, με συνεχή παρεμπόδιση στην προσβασή μου σε δικηγόρους, αλληλογραφία και βιβλία. Δεν έλαβα ολόκληρο το κατηγορητήριο εναντίον μου για πολλούς, πολλούς μήνες.

Η Επιχείρηση Adream είναι ένα μοντάζ, που συνδυάζει ανόμοια, ασύνδετα στοιχεία, χαρακτηριστικό των κατασταλτικών επιχειρήσεων στη Νότια Ευρώπη, που έχουν εξαπλωθεί σε όλη την ήπειρο. Αναπτύσσεται πλέον και από την Βρετανική αστυνομία. Η επιχείρηση Adream επιδιώκη να παρουσιάσει τη Συνωμόσια Πυρήνων της Φωτιάς ως συνέχεια της ένοπλης Μαρξιστικής-Λενινιστικής επαναστατικής οργάνωσης 17 Νοέμβρη. Αυτή είναι μια σημαντική φαντασίωση για τους σκοπούς της καταστολής σε αυτήν την επιχείρηση, καθώς η 17 Νοέμβρη είναι απαγορευμένη ομάδα στο Ηνωμένο Βασίλειο. Πιο σημαντικά, η Επιχείρηση Adream προσπαθεί να παρουσιάσει το ποίκιλο φάσμα αναρχικών ομαδών, εκδοτικών εγχειρημάτων και πρωτοβουλιών υποστήριξης κρατουμένων ως μια σειρά οργανωτικών κομβών για την εκτέλεση και εξύμνηση της τρομοκρατίας.

Η υπόθεση εγκρίθηκε από τον Διευθυντή Δημοσίων Διώξεων Max Hill QC. Η έρευνα αποκάλυψε τουλάχιστον τη συμμετοχή Ολλανδών και Γερμανών μπάτσων, το κρυμμένο χέρι των υπηρεσιών ασφαλείας, και μια διεθνής διάσταση στην επιχείρηση, με βάση προηγούμενα κύματα καταστολής στην Ισπανία, την Ιταλία και την Ελλάδα, ήταν εμφανής. Κατά τη διάρκεια των ανακρίσεων μου, με ρώτησαν μια προκαθορισμένο σειρά ερωτήσεων που, για παράδειγμα, ακόμα και οι ντετέκτιβ δεν φαινόταν να καταλαβαίνουν γιατί με ρωτούσαν, καθώς όλη η επιχείρηση ήταν μια μαριονέτα που καθοδηγούνταν από άλλους για την επίτευξη ενός πολιτικού σκοπού. Σχετικά με αυτό, μπορώ μόνο να αναφέρω τα λόγια του δολοφονημένου αναρχικού Μπαρτολομέο Βαντσέτι, ο οποίος παρατήρησε “Οι υψηλότεροι τους, οι πιο ηλίθιοι.” Είναι ασφαλώς κατάλληλα, εφόσον στις 6 Οκτωβρίου 2021, στο Bristol Crown Court, κρίθηκα Αθώος. Ωστόσο, καταδικάστηκα για την κατοχή και προμήθεια ναρκωτικών κατηγορίας Α και Β: τα ψυχεδελικά φάρμακα LSD, DMT, ψιλοκυβίνη, MDMA και μαριχουάνα, καθώς όλα αυτά κατασχέθηκαν από τους συλλογικούς χώρους. Καταδικάστηκα σε 3 χρόνια και 9 μήνες.

Αγωνίζομαι επίσης ενάντια σε ένα Serious Organised Crime Prevention Order (Εντολή Πρόληψης Σοβαρού Οργανωμένου Εγκλήματος) που ζητάνε η αντιτρομοκρατική και οι εισαγγελείς. Η εντολή αυτή θα με έθετε σε κατ’οίκον περιορισμό για εώς και 5 χρόνια, οπού τελικά απελευθερώνομαι, με ποινή εως 5 ετών εάν παραβιάσω την εντολή. Η εντολή θα έλεγχε και θα παρακολουθούσε τις καθημερινές μου κινήσεις, την επαφή με άλλους, την κατοικία μου, τη χρήση χρημάτων, τις συσκεύες, τα διεθνή ταξίδια και ούτω καθεξής. Απαιτεί να δοθούν ακριβείς πληροφορίες στους μπάτσους όλων των φίλων, επαφών και αγαπημένων μου προσώπων, και είναι απλώς ένα μέσο παρακολούθησης και ποινικοποίησης των φιλιών και του περιβάλλοντος μου. Η δίκη μου έχει προγραμματιστεί για μετά τις 15 Ιανουαρίου, και η έρευνα εναντίον μου συνεχίζεται, όπως και η Επιχείρηση Adream, που στοχεύει τη συλλογικότητα 325.

Θέλω να ευχαριστήσω όλα όσα με στήριξαν. Η καρδιά μου είναι ανοιχτή και δυνατή και είμαι αποφασισμένος. Σας στέλνω μια τεράστια αγκαλιά και ένα χαμόγελο.

Source: athens.indymedia

Regno Unito: Comunicato di Toby Shone dalle segrete della prigione di Bristol

Il mio nome è Toby Shone, sono un anarchico imprigionato nel carcere di Bristol e sono stato rapito sotto la minaccia delle armi dall’unità antiterrorismo, durante l’Operazione Adream, svoltasi nel Regno Unito. La repressione aveva come obiettivo il gruppo anarchico di critica e pratica Collettivo 325, e il sito L’Operazione Adream è stato un attacco dello Stato britannico, in collaborazione con alcuni partner europei, contro i gruppi di azione diretta anarchici, i progetti di controinformazione, le iniziative di solidarietà con i prigionieri e la nuova critica anarchica alla singolarità tecnologica e alla quarta e quinta rivoluzione industriale. Con l’operazione Adream è la prima volta che viene usata la legislazione antiterrorismo contro il movimento anarchico nel Regno Unito.

Sono stato preso in ostaggio dal regime il 18 novembre 2020, da una squadra di poliziotti con armi da fuoco tattiche, dopo un inseguimento in auto attraverso la Foresta di Dean, al confine con il Galles del Sud, un’ora a nord di Bristol. Allo stesso tempo, incursioni coordinate hanno avuto luogo in cinque posti diversi nella Foresta di Dean, contro progetti di vita collettiva, ritrovi e magazzini di stoccaggio merci. Sono stato portato sotto scorta armata in una vicina stazione di polizia dove sono stato tenuto in isolamento e interrogato molte, molte volte.

Durante gli interrogatori mi sono sempre rifiutato di parlare e non ho collaborato con gli assassini in uniforme.Mi sono stati imputati quattro capi d’accusa per terrorismo. Un’accusa della sezione 2 (diffusione di pubblicazioni terroristiche come sospetto amministratore del sito, due accuse della sezione 58 (possesso di informazioni utili per il terrorismo. Si tratta di due video. Uno dei quali mostrava come improvvisare una carica esplosiva, e l’altro come bruciare un trasmettitore di telefoni cellulari). Sono stato inoltre accusato della sezione 15 (finanziamento del terrorismo, in riferimento ad un portafogli di criptovalute ospitati su che erano per il sostegno di prigionieri e pubblicazioni anarchiche). Ho negato tutte le accuse.Durante gli interrogatori sono stato anche accusato di essere membro della FAI/IRF, la Federazione Anarchica Informale/Fronte Rivoluzionario Internazionale. Sono stato accusato di aver scritto cinque documenti e di aver condotto diverse azioni nella zona di Bristol, rivendicate da cellule del FAI, e da quelle del Fronte di Liberazione della Terra e degli Animali. Queste includevano un attacco incendiario contro la stazione di polizia, l’incendio di un trasmettitore di telefonia mobile e la liberazione di alcuni animali.

Bristol è una zona del Regno Unito dove ci sono stati innumerevoli sabotaggi anarchici e azioni dirette negli ultimi due decenni, rimasti tuttora irrisolti dalla polizia, nonostante le indagini multimilionarie e la caccia alle streghe scatenata dai media contro gli anarchici della città.Negli spazi collettivi, e nei luoghi di ritrovo che sono stati perquisiti durante l’Operazione Adream, i poliziotti hanno sequestrato centinaia di copie della rivista 325 #12, decine di opuscoli anarchici, libri, adesivi, poster e volantini, computer portatili, telefoni cellulari, stampanti, hard disk, macchine fotografiche, disturbatori di radiofrequenze, unità gps, cariche di fumo, rumore e flash, copie di armi da fuoco e denaro. Tra le prove prodotte contro di me c’erano numerose pubblicazioni anarchiche tra cui la rivista 325 #12, che tratta della quarta e quinta rivoluzione industriale, il pamphlet “Dialoghi incendiari” di Gustavo Rodríguez, Gabriel Pombo da Silva e Alfredo Cospito, pubblicato dall’ Internazionale Nera Edizioni. Anche il testo “Che cos’è l’anarchismo” di Alfredo Bonnano, la newsletter Dark Nights, il piccolo libro “Anarchia, civile o sovversiva?” di 325 e le pubblicazioni Dark Matter, un volantino in solidarietà con i prigionieri anarchici Alfredo Cospito e Nicola Gai, un volantino contro il lockdown dovuto al COVID-19 chiamato “Affronta la paura, combatti il futuro” e molti altri testi e pubblicazioni in solidarietà con prigionieri anarchici e organizzazioni rivoluzionarie come il CCF, Cospirazione delle Cellule di Fuoco.Sono stato rinchiuso nella prigione di Wandsworth a Londra, dopo essere comparso di fronte al tribunale distrettuale di Westminster, e sottoposto alle rigide condizioni dell’antiterrorismo.

Mi è stato negato di fare qualsiasi telefonata dalla prigione e non ho potuto ricevere posta per dieci giorni. Mi è stato negato di vedere i miei avvocati per sei settimane. 23,5 ore di isolamento al giorno, fino a 48 ore senza poter uscire dalla cella se non per prendere un pasto. Nessun tempo in cortile per le prime 3 settimane, poi solo il permesso di uscire una volta ogni due settimane per 35 minuti. Niente palestra, niente biblioteca, niente educazione, niente attività. Sono stato rinchiuso in una cella senza luce naturale e sottoposto a un rumore assordante, perché sono stato messo dall’unità antiterrorismo vicino a una nuova sezione della prigione in costruzione. Le mie lettere e le mie telefonate sono state sottoposte alla censura, e mi è stato costantemente impedito l’accesso ai miei avvocati, alla posta e ai libri. Ho potuto ricevere una copia del caso completo, aperto nei miei confronti, solo dopo molti mesi.L’operazione Adream è una montatura, che tenta di mettere insieme e collegare gli elementi più disparati, tipico delle operazioni repressive nell’Europa meridionale. Lo stesso modus operandi viene ora messo in atto dalla polizia britannica. L’operazione Adream cerca di presentare la Cospirazione delle Cellule di Fuoco come una continuazione dell’organizzazione rivoluzionaria marxista-leninista armata del 17 Novembre. E poichè l’organizzazione del 17 Novembre è proscritta nel Regno Unito, ecco che l’associazione con questo gruppo armato ha giustificato la repressione scatenata nei miei confronti e nei confronti del Collettivo 325. L’Operazione Adream ha cercato di presentare la variegata gamma di gruppi anarchici, progetti editoriali e iniziative a sostegno dei prigionieri come una serie di snodi organizzativi per l’esecuzione e la glorificazione del terrorismo.Il caso è stato autorizzato dal direttore della pubblica accusa Max Hill QC. L’indagine ha rivelato la partecipazione della polizia olandese e tedesca, e la mano nascosta dei servizi di sicurezza, il tutto avvolto da una dimensione internazionale basata sulle precedenti ondate di repressione avvenute in Spagna, Italia e Grecia. Durante i miei interrogatori, mi è stato posto un copione pre-scritto di domande che nemmeno i detective sembravano capire perché mi venissero poste, dato che l’intera operazione è stata architettata e manovrata da altri, con un chiaro intento politico. A questo proposito, posso solo citare l’anarchico assassinato Bartolomeo Vanzetti che ha osservato: “Più sono alti, più sono somari”. È certamente appropriato visto che il 6 ottobre 2021 alla Bristol Crown Court sono stato dichiarato non colpevole. Tuttavia, sono stato condannato per il possesso e la fornitura di narcotici di classe A e B: medicine psichedeliche, LSD, DMT, psilocibina, MDMA e marijuana, tutte sequestrate negli spazi collettivi durante le perquisizioni. Sono stato condannato quindi a 3 anni e 9 mesi.Sto anche lottando contro un “ordine di prevenzione della criminalità organizzata”, richiesto dall’unità antiterrorismo e dai procuratori. L’ordine mi metterebbe agli arresti domiciliari per un massimo di 5 anni, quando sarò finalmente rilasciato, con una punizione fino a 5 anni se violerò l’ordine.

L’ordine controllerebbe e monitorerebbe i miei movimenti quotidiani, i contatti con gli altri, il mio luogo di residenza, l’uso di denaro, i dispositivi elettronici che utilizzo, i viaggi internazionali e così via. Quest’ordine inoltre esige che io fornisca alla polizia informazioni precise su tutti i miei amici, contatti e persone care, ed è semplicemente un mezzo per controllare e criminalizzare le mie amicizie e i miei ambienti di vita. Il mio processo per questo è previsto non prima del 15 gennaio, mentre l’indagine contro di me continua così come l’operazione Adream rivolta al Collettivo 325.Voglio ringraziare tutti coloro che mi hanno sostenuto. Il mio cuore è forte e sono determinato. Mando a tutti voi un enorme abbraccio e un sorriso.

Source: Inferno Urbano

A letter from prison by Toby Shone

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2021/12/20

Act for free received by email 18.12.21


I didn’t know I was Harry Houdini


Today I was taken from the cells of G-wing, Bristol prison to the City Hospital under a security escort. This was to detect any reoccurrence of cancer in my abdomen and pelvis. In the reception area of the prison, I had the usual strip search, and I was forced to change out of my own clothes into prison-issue clothes.

This offended my dignity as even when I was being held in Wandsworth prison in London under “antiterrorist” conditions I could at least go to the hospital in my own clothes. Whilst I was waiting for the screws to finish the paperwork, I got a glance of my cover sheet at my file – “escape list” marked in red. I was shackled to a screw with an escort and another two and I was driven by four screws in an unmarked van to the radiology unit. Along the way and back, of course, I was a witness to the pathetic, belittling ,racist, misogynistic “chats” of the screws who consider themselves experts of all aspects of life. At the radiology unit there were discussions between the medical staff and screws with some referral to their superiors, as, without any foresight on the screws part, they hadn’t realised that I couldn’t be shackled inside the MRI (magnetic resonance imaging) machine. Despite the MIR machine being within a sealed room with a single door, I was forced to wear a pair of plastic zip tight cuffs which were tightened so tight they cut into my wrists.

Due to my loud protests and demands for them to be removed, the screws cut them off with difficulty and pain and placed a second pair almost no less tight on my hands. I was then bound like so inside the MRI in considerable pain and discomfort and in no point in time did the medical staff ask if I was ok or raise any issue of me being treated like this while being told to “be calm” by the screw who had put these cuffs on me and who had remained inside the procedure room. If you have ever been inside an MRI you will know that you are already confined inside an impossibly narrow tiny tube wrapped up in sensitive equipment whilst a torus of magnets whirls around you at deafening volume.

Hardly an easy place to escape from at the best of times. To add an insult to this injury the MRI technician gave the “panic button” which is a kind of pad the patient squeezes to indicate that there is an emergency, not to me who was undergoing the test, but to the disgusting screw who had remained into the room to observe me. One of the screws waited outside the room and one other, for unknown reasons, was asked by the technician to attend INSIDE the adjacent imaging room where the scans were being processed and the technician acted. This final fact is the most angering since these screws are not even medical staff nor technicians but merely lock and unlock doors, shout and abuse the imprisoned every day. I am not writing this as a “victim of oppression” nor to “establish my rights”. I write this to denounce the situation and to explain to others what to expect and especially for all the other prisoners who confront cancer.

It is this civilization that makes us all sick. Strength to all those prisoners who have dreams of freedom in their hearts!

Toby Shone
HMP Bristol

Source: Act For Freedom Now!

Anarchist Prisoner Toby Shone Sentenced

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2021/10/29

Anarchist prisoner Toby Shone was sentenced to 3 years 9 months in prison for 8 drug offences at Bristol Crown Court on October 13, 2021 after Terrorism charges were dropped. He has already served 8 months of this sentence on remand.

The ‘drugs’ were psychedelics and medicinal plants (LSD, DMT, cannabis, THC oil, MDMA and magic mushrooms) found at two of the four properties raided by counter-terror cops in the UK South-West on November 18, 2020 in their hunt for the administrator of anarchist website

Toby was originally charged with providing a service enabling others to access terrorist publications contrary to section 2 of the Terrorism Act 2006, fundraising for terrorist purposes contrary to section 15 of the Terrorism Act 2000, and two counts of possession of information likely to be useful to a terrorist contrary to section 58 of the Terrorism Act 2000. He had pleaded not guilty to these charges earlier this year and was due to stand trial at Bristol Crown Court on October 6, 2021. However, with no evidence to put before the court, the Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) was forced to drop these charges on October 1st. This was a landmark attempt by the British State and the deranged Home Secretary Priti Patel to prosecute an anarchist under modern terrorism legislation.

The investigation into 325 continues and cops continue to harass and attempt to intimidate one of Toby’s comrades at her home.

Toby is in good spirits and remains strong. He hopes to delay being transferred to another prison until he has had his annual MRI scan for cancer which is scheduled for this month with his medical team in Bristol, so please continue to send letters of support and birthday cards (it is his birthday on October 20th) to:

Toby Shone
HMP Bristol
19 Cambridge Road

Or email him via

Solidarity with Toby!
Some Anarchists

Source: Bristol ABC

Update on the situation of anarchist comrade Toby Shone

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2021/10/09

Toby’s trial began on 6th October at Bristol Crown Court. The charges for administration of, funding of terrorism through the website and dissemination of and collection of material useful to terrorists have now been dropped due to lack of evidence.

The other charges of possession of Class A and B drugs with intent to supply, producing a class B drug and a further count of class AA drug possession are still being pursued. At this present time we understand this could carry a jail term of 3-6 years imprisonment.

The Operation Adream that has been unleashed by the British state is an attempt to destroy 325 & its publications, an attack on counter-information that is connected to the repression that has been ramped up on this island since the pandemic and resulting lockdowns, a repression that has always existed, an attack on any form of active revolt here.

We do not believe in guilt and innocence, neither in passivity, only in solidarity that contributes to the continuation of the conflict against the existent.

Strength & Solidarity to anarchist comrade Toby Shone!

Nothing is over, the conflict continues!

Dark Nights Collective

Actions & Demos in Solidarity

Bologna, Italy: Hammered an ATM and an Amazon pickup point in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, Ivan Alocco, Juan Sorroche, Anna Beniamino, Toby Shone and all the revolutionary prisoners

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2023/01/13 - 2023/01/13

The other night we decided to hammer a BPER ATM and an Amazon pickup point.

A small gesture of solidarity with Alfredo on hunger strike since October 20 against 41bis and hostile life imprisonment. Solidarity with Thanos, Ivan, Juan, Anna, Toby and all revolutionary prisoners and anyone behind bars.

Against every jail and border. For freedom, for anarchy.

*Source: Inferno Urbano

Hamburg, Germany: Responsibility claim for the arson attack on a truck of the company Strabag in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito and the fighters in Lützerath

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2023/01/12 - 2023/01/14

January 5, 2023

In memory of the hunger-striking anarchist Alfredo Cospito we set fire to trucks of Strabag in the Schanze on the night of Jan. 5.Strabag does not only build jails. At least since the struggle for the Dannenröder forest, they have also often been the target of attacks because they actively destroy nature. Our fire should also give strength to those fighting in and around Lützerath. Day X has already been proclaimed.

“We are in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, who has been on hunger strike since October 20, 2022 against his imprisonment in the 41-bis isolation regime and against life imprisonment without option of release. Alfredo’s detention conditions at the moment are slightly better than the previous weeks. He has lost a lot of weight and his health is relatively stable, but could become critical at any time. Two other prisoners in Italy, Anna and Juan have been on prolonged solidarity hunger strikes and Ivan Alocco, a prisoner in France is also supporting Alfredo through hunger strike. Toby Shone, who is in jail in England, is also supporting Alfredo by refusing to eat several days a week. (DN Note: Now out of Parc prison, under strict conditions, in a ‘semi-open’ detention structure.)…We are also in solidarity with Thanos Chatziangelou of the Anarchist Action organization, who was illegally transferred from Korydallos to Nigrita prison in Serres on Dec. 19. Thanos started a hunger and thirst strike that day. The comrade is involved in the recent mobilizations in prisons in Greece against the new harsh laws that are currently taking place in many places and in which many prisoners have participated in recent months.On Dec. 25, he was transferred to the hospital in Nigrita, where he is guarded around the clock by police. On the evening of Dec. 31, external doctors attempted for the first time to subject him to the torture of force-feeding based on a prosecutorial order. Thanos resisted and pulled the injections. Force-feeding is torture! Our companion’s demands must be met! The reasons for his transfer must be given and he must be brought back to Korydallos.

Five other prisoners in Greece have gone on hunger strike for his demands. (EN) (ENG)

We stand in solidarity with the 11 comrades from Turkey who are imprisoned in Greece: Ali Ercan Gökoğlu, Burak Agarmış, Hasan Kaya, Sinan Çam, Şadi Naci Özpolat, Halil Demir, Anıl Sayar, Harika Kızılkaya, Hazal Seçer, Sinan Oktay Özen, İsmail Zat. They have been on hunger strike since October 7, demanding a fair trial and an immediate reversal of the 133 years in prison they received collectively from a Greek court. They are also demanding their rights related to their detention and a legal status in Greece. Many prisoners in Greece stand in solidarity with the 11.”

(DN Note: Some of the prisoners are now released under conditions, awaiting trial.)

Words we share from the demo call “NO PRISON, NO NATION, STOP ISOLATION” on Jan. 8 in Berlin.

Freedom for all prisoners! Down with the walls and the energy companies!

*Source: de.indymedia

Bristol, UK: Prison Noise Demo!

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2023/01/08 - 2023/01/08

“The state calls its own violence law, but that of the individual crime.”

Merry crisis from prison island!

On a wet boxing day, 26th Dec, we held a noise demo outside HMP Bristol in solidarity with all prisoners and to show recently kidnapped Gopal some love & rage! Gopal was sentenced to 18 months for violent disorder following the Bristol kill the bill riot in March 2021. You can find Gopal’s details along with other prisoners who welcome letters and solidarity here:

We made noise, left our greetings on the walls and a banner at the entrance.Fuck christmas but fuck christmas in a cage even more.


Some anarchists

Greece: Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis – Speech of internationalist solidarity in the context of the trial of the Organization Revolutionary Self-Defense

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2023/01/08 - 2023/01/08


There are moments when silence is an invitation to crime. There are moments when silence is complicity. Georges Ibrahim Abdallah

You are guilty not only when you commit a crime, but also when you do nothing to prevent it when you have the opportunity. Dimitris Tsafendas[1]

Since May ’22, a counter-revolutionary trial has been taking place against anarchist fighters, for participation in the armed Organization Revolutionary Self-Defense. This trial comes at a time when the state-capitalist regime is climaxing its aggression against the oppressed, the exploited and excluded. The anarchist Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis is also on trial for this case, while he has taken responsibility, both in public and in this courtroom, for his participation in revolutionary struggle through the Organization of Revolutionary Self-Defense, as well as for keeping the weapons (which in the repressive operation of November ‘19, fell into the hands of the state), in order to continue the guerrilla struggle through the experience and strategy of the Organization Revolutionary Self-Defense. The court of appeal of this particular military tribunal of the counter-revolution will be completed in January ‘23.

Throughout the course of this trial, Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis has been defending the right of revolutionary struggle, the necessity of guerrilla organization and of the armed social self-defense against the tyranny of power, and has been deconstructing and attacking bourgeois justice and its counter-revolutionary laws, inside the enemy field. With an eye to the world revolution, from the beginning of the trial, Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis is speaking about movements and struggles in all parts of the globe, expressing solidarity with those who are struggling, with current struggles, with the political prisoners and their fight today, and with reference to fighters who have been killed. These days, a struggle in italian prisons is taking place; comrade Alfredo Cospito is on hunger strike already for more than 65 days, against the state of total isolation, 41-bis, that has been imposed on him. With the awareness of how critical Alfredo Cospito’s struggle is, comrade Dimitris made extensive reference to Alfredo’s fight, during the trial. Meanwhile, the italian authorities rejected Alfredo’s demand for his removal from the 41-bis regime, and the comrade is continuing the hunger strike.

In order to complete this expression of solidarity, we want to convey the words of Dimitris from the trial, about each point, each struggle and each prisoner and each murdered fighter in other parts of the world, to which he referred. When the regime is globally intensifying its terrorism and violence so as to maintain its control, we have no other path than the internationalist revolutionary struggle for liberation.

From the very beginning of his concluding political statement (on the 8th and 9th of November and 9th of December), starting with the necessary clarification of what prison really is – the “ultimate place of class, social and political exclusion” – the comrade expressed his solidarity with prisoners in the prisons of the United States, and in particular in the state of Alabama, who in September-October held a strike against slavery in American prisons. “The United States, historically the frontline of the capitalist world, has been built on slavery, which continues through the prison system today. The so-called war on crime is the vehicle for the intensification of political repression and does not contain any crime or foster any kind of social cohesion; on the contrary, it structurally and functionally feeds back both the paramilitary organized crime for profit, as well as the diffused proletarian illegality, in order to maintain its workload in the service of the over-accumulation of class inequalities.”

Following this, the comrade stated his solidarity with the 11 political prisoners from Turkey and Kurdistan, Ali Ercan Gökoğlu, Burak Agarmış, Hasan Kaya, Sinan Çam, Şadi Naci Özpolat, Halil Demir, Anıl Sayar, Harika Kızılkaya, Hazal Seçer, Sinan Oktay Özen and İsmail Zat, who have been incarcerated in greek prisons since 19th of March ‘20 and are persecuted by the same counter-revolutionary law, the 187A. At the start of the trial, the comrade submitted a number of objections, by which he exposed the inherent counter-revolutionary nature of the 187A legislation, a crucial legal weapon of authority developed purposefully so as to repress revolutionary organization and generally social counter-violence. By making these objections, the comrade stressed how critical it is for this aggravating law to be repealed, specifically in relation to the upcoming trial of the 11 fighters from Turkey and Kurdistan. The 11 fighters, whose 2nd degree trial began on the 16th of November ‘22, are on hunger strike since October 7th, demanding that their case be taken off the 187A framework, demanding their immediate release and the end of the greek state’s persecution of fighters from Turkey.

On the basis of boundless solidarity with guerrilla struggle, as the continuity and grounding of insurrection, Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis stated his solidarity with revolutionary movements around the globe: “[…]Direct democracy of the social base is being constructed at the frontier lands. The recent living examples, the Zapatistas movement in Chiapas, Mexico, the Kurdish Movement for Freedom which has advanced a confederal democracy throughout northern Syria, the Mapuche movement in Chile, a community that has taken up armed resistance against capitalist colonialism, the revolt and guerrilla struggle in Myanmar recently, and today the revolt in Iran, revolt of the women and of all the oppressed, the resistance inside Russia against the imperialist war, all of these are living examples of constructing direct democracy of the social base in the frontier lands. Guerrilla struggle is the continuation of revolt and its grounding. […] Solidarity without borders that articulates and promotes freedom and equality has historically taken its most concrete practical form in collective responsibility. Its most sophisticated cultural realization is the democratic confederalism developed by the Kurdish Freedom Movement. The universal social solidarity, against class borders and political heteronomy, which thrives when the border-less organic revolutionary political unity is anchored at every point of proletarian struggle.”

Since captivity by the state in the context of the social-class war constitutes the ultimate class border of separation imposed by capitalism, revolutionary struggle can only be border-less and solidarity, internationalist. In the words of the comrade, the statement of internationalist revolutionary solidarity: “[…] We must speak of the transnational character of the counter-revolution. Despite the borders, despite the prisons, we are one with all the Turkish and Kurdish fighters in Turkish and European prisons, like those of the Greek state. We are together with Georges Ibrahim Abdallah who has remained a prisoner for three and a half decades because he is unrepentant. We are together with Alfredo Cospito in Italy, who is currently on hunger strike against the regime of total isolation, the so-called 41-bis, and I am in solidarity with the hunger strikers who are on solidarity strike with Alfredo Cospito, with Juan Sorroche who was recently sentenced to 27 years in prison for participating in demonstrations, with Ivan Alocco in France and with Alfredo’s comrade Anna Beniamino. And also to express my solidarity with the comrades of the last cell of the Red Brigades, who have been in this regime of total isolation for two decades, Nadia Lioce, Marco Mezzasalma and Roberto Morandi, and to commemorate Diana Blefari, who was murdered, who was driven to suicide in this regime of isolation. To express my solidarity with Toby Shone in Great Britain where, as our comrades in solidarity say, there are more political prisoners in Great Britain at the moment than we can count. From the position I am in, I am standing by the side of comrade Dimitris Koufontinas, whose murder was attempted a year and a half ago and who remains a prisoner because he is unrepentant, I am with comrade Nikos Maziotis and comrade Pola Roupa, who are being denied, in the case of Nikos, his release and in the case of Pola, for a long time, the prison leaves to which she is entitled, because they are unrepentant fighters, and together with comrade Yannis Michaelidis, who has fought an important battle against the prolonged captivity of fighters. The judiciary is the ministry of the prison, of armed enclosures and of the cover-up of institutional murder.”

Referring to the origin of the special counter-revolutionary law 187A – as a product of the 2002 directive convention – and to the history of counter-revolutionary law, precisely because counter-revolution is transnational, as is the global operation of capitalism, Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis referred specifically to the treaty of Italian counter-revolutionary law up to the law regarding “massacre” that has been applied to comrade Alfredo Cospito, hunger striker since 20 October against the 41-bis regime: “The law with which we are being persecuted and which you continue to uphold in this courtroom, 187A, has a very specific history and indeed, in its very wording, carries that history. Counter-revolutionary law in Europe begins in a specific historical context – because the head judge here wondered in what conditions we are talking about armed struggle – when, after the end of the second world imperialist war, the left in Italy had already capitulated to the capitalist system and, in the struggles of the late 1960s and afterwards, sided with all forms of repression by the Italian state. In these conditions, the struggle for social autonomy emerged, that is, the struggles for the political autonomy of the proletariat against the representations of capital and in this condition, the armed revolutionary struggle emerged, against which special measures were adopted that still exist today. Of particular importance is the fact that within this particular condition of struggle, it was the state with its paramilitary fascists, the one that was mass murdering people in Piazza Fontana, the railway station in Bologna, Capacci, etc., with bombs with dozens of people killed. It was exactly those actions that the state perpetrated which it passed on to the special counter-revolutionary laws, attributing them to the revolutionary movement, and they follow us to this day, in 187A: intimidation of the masses, danger to the country, etc. Already in the 1977 convention, in what way exactly, the heinous acts of violence coming from the state are used to slander and be blamed on the revolutionary movement. The most recent expression of this policy, which is also topical – it is important to mention this in current trials throughout the world – is the Italian law about “massacre”, which has been pinned on comrade Alfredo Cospito, who is currently on hunger strike, without having participated in any act which had deadly results. […] The specific “anti-terrorist” laws, starting from the Convention of ‘77 up to 187A […], have as their basic strategy the depoliticization of the revolutionary struggle, which aims at political extermination, as part of a total war of real extermination, with its most extreme expression, the 41-bis regime in Italy now, against which comrade Alfredo Cospito is fighting, giving his life. Whoever enters this regime, in which for decades comrades of the last generation of the Red Brigades have also found themselves, has no contact whatsoever with the outside world. That is to say, the militants are put in a state of living-dead.” Besides, “The 41-bis regime has already assassinated in 2009, Diana Blefari, a member of the new Red Brigades and a long-time prisoner in the 41-bis regime’s solitary confinement.”

During the political court martial on the case of the Organization Revolutionary Self-Defense, just as bourgeois justice seeks to eliminate revolutionary discourse from the field of legal debate, it likewise seeks to eliminate from public discourse, in the words of the comrade, “the massacre that is taking place on the Greek-European border, legitimizing class genocide behind economic concepts: people have become ‘flows’ and now, they have started to become a ‘hybrid weapon’ -a term used by regime journalists. So, since they (migrants) are a ‘hybrid weapon’, we can strike and eliminate them, as a weapon of the alleged national enemy. It is precisely this expression by the courts that itself asserts the necessity of the guerrilla struggle. As comrade Georges Ibrahim Abdallah said: The special court is an authentic representation of the peace that your system establishes, which is maintained by the extermination of millions of people in our regions, in the periphery. Despite the suffering of all the peoples of the earth, your masters impose the peace and the legitimacy of their criminal system, of which war is an integral part. But you are deluded if you think that war will never go beyond the periphery regions. It is precisely this political, class, a-social frontier that the Organization Revolutionary Self-Defense has attempted to break through, and it is for this reason that these special courts, i.e., the special courts that are tried under 187A, have been called political courts-martial.”

Then, referring to the war of social destruction and fragmentation that power wages on the subjects of the struggles, the comrade reaffirmed the Platform of June 19, 1999: “So in light of this segregation politics, as expressed as a whole by the counter-revolutionary politics of the state and especially, through the courts that apply 187A, I co-sign the declaration of the political prisoners, the so-called Platform of June 19, 1999, in which Georges Ibrahim Abdallah participated: Through this Platform, the signatories reaffirm their commitment to the cause of the peoples and to the struggle against oppression and exploitation. Beyond all possible strategic and tactical divergences, beyond all debates about the expediency of one form of struggle or another, at this or that time, the signatories affirm that recourse to violence is legitimate against exploitation and oppression, for social and popular liberation, for the conquest of a just and fraternal society. There is no peace without justice. Accordingly, the signatories reject and denounce all extortion of the type of release for repentance, release for separation, release for cooperation, etc. The signatories may have a critical look at their own experience of struggle, but this critical look is not and ought not to serve anything but the movement of social and popular liberation. They refuse, therefore, to make this potential critical view an object of exchange with the bourgeois apparatus, since the latter will only use it against the popular and social movement. Neither repentance nor capitulation.

Concluding with the statement that: “I take on the responsibility that falls to me, for the cultivation of the new proletarian Internationale inside greek prisons and the migrant concentration camps. There are many paths in life, one can lead to revolutions: the guerrilla path”, the anarchist Dimitris Chatzivasileiadis completed his statement to the court by conveying the words of a woman fighter from the resisting Mapuche community in Chile: “I will close with the words of a comrade from the Mapuche community in Chile who have taken up arms against colonialism, from the 2nd International Women’s Conference for Democratic Confederalism, held on 9th of November, a month ago, in Berlin, with the participation of women fighters from 41 countries. This is Comrade Nijol Longo. She commented that her people are also considered terrorists by the Chilean state: The word terrorist is a strategy of states to delegitimize the struggles for self-determination of peoples, struggles that challenge the powers of the state and show alternatives for building anti-state democratic societies. This, not in an apologetic way as regards the term terrorism, but in honoring this entire broad movement and its new subjects (women), who, as they themselves say, this century belongs to them.”

“[…] The main flexibility offered by the guerrilla way is not that of escape, but on the contrary, that of a more immediate and massive response to the need that arises. […] Twelve guerrillas, arriving in time at Shingal[2], was a sufficient critical mass to turn the war upside down. One who took it on himself for the sake if the entire community and stabbed the knife into the tyrant’s heart, Caserio[3], was a huge mass, accumulated over countless years. Or as Comrade Bonanno put it: I know who killed Inspector Luigi Calabresi… Those thousands, and more comrades, who were there in tomb 434, sector 76, in the Manziore cemetery in Milan, all of us pulled the trigger.”


*Source: International Red Help

Rome, Italy: ‘Being where they don’t expect.’ Claim of the arson attack against twenty-five Hertz vehicles, Greek police and their collaborators, in solidarity with anarchists on hunger strike and all anarchist and rebel prisoners worldwide

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2023/01/04 - 2023/01/04


During the 1st night of the year we left flammable material and lit the triggers on ten HERTZ car rental vehicles parked along the Appia Nuova. According to media reports a total of 25 vehicles including cars and vans were devoured by flames.

Hertz collaborates with the Greek police by supplying them with vehicles at bargain prices thereby making itself complicit in the often murderous repressive violence that it exercises on a daily basis to protect the economic and political elites that dominate through the Greek state. On December 5 just past, on the very day before the anniversary of the death of the young anarchist Alexis Grigoropoulos, a policeman shot and killed a 16-year-old member of the local Roma community, Kostas Fragoulis, in Thessaloniki. The same had happened the previous year. The Greek police are responsible not only for the repression of the anarchist movement active in that country, but also for continuous violence through harassment, beatings, rape (a recent case occurred in a barracks in Athens) and murders against the poorest and most marginalized components of the population, as well as anyone who tries to organize to defend themselves against the systemic violence of capitalism, confirming themselves as the state organ predisposed to disciplining the exploited and oppressed. That is why anyone who collaborates with this institution is to be regarded as an enemy of anyone who fights for the freedom and self-determination of peoples in an internationalist logic, and treated accordingly. For these reasons we attacked Hertz in Rome and will continue to do so at every opportunity. We call through this action on Hertz, since we cannot appeal to any arguments and ethics since the only reasonable value and argument for this company is evidently profit and economic growth, to stop any cooperation with the Greek police, otherwise the losses caused by international anarchist solidarity could be greater than the profits…

With this gesture we want to send a message of closeness and solidarity to:

Thanos Chatziangelou, on hunger and thirst strike since December 19 in Nigrita Prison to demand explanations about his punitive transfer from Korydallos Prison;

to Alfredo Cospito, on hunger strike since Oct. 20 against the 41bis regime to which he has been subjected since May 2022 and the hostile life sentence;

to Ivan Alocco, again on hunger strike since Dec. 22 in solidarity with Alfredo, imprisoned in France being accused of several arson attacks against diplomatic and company cars;

to Juan and Anna; to Rupert recently arrested for accumulated sentences; and to Massimo, whose house arrest has been confirmed;

to Toby Shone forced into British jails and who will be subjected to particularly restrictive measures because of his claimed anarchism;

to all anarchist and rebel prisoners in the world;

to all those anarchists of action who stubbornly continue to risk their freedom to chase the craziest of dreams. Forward comrades! Our hearts beat in unison despite miles separating us!

Our comrades on strike instill in us determination. This is not the time of despair and resignation for us, this is the time of conscious anger that arms our will to act.







*Source: La Nemesi

Atlanta, USA: Banner Drop In Solidarity With 5 Arrested Forest Defenders Charged With Domestic Terrorism

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/12/19 - 2022/12/19

5 people have been arrested and charged with Domestic Terrorism for their alleged connection to Defend The Atlanta Forest movement in USA. These arrests were notoriously brutal, included the deployment of chemical weapons repeatedly, and placed unfounded charges against them in an effort to torture, terrorize, and brutalize.

We want every prison to burn, every prisoner to be free, and the violence of the state to be destroyed. We must stand in unflinching solidarity with all those arrested, and be committed to absolute resistance to any current or future state investigation, no matter what it requires of us. Anything less is unconscionable.

Send them mail here:

Francis Carroll – #X2210240
Dekalb County Jail
4415 Memorial Drive
Decatur, GA 30032

Nicholas Dean Olson – #X2210239
Dekalb County Jail
4415 Memorial Drive
Decatur, GA 30032

Serena Hertel – #X2210242
Dekalb County Jail
4415 Memorial Drive
Decatur, GA 30032

Arieon Robinson – #X2210252
Dekalb County Jail
4415 Memorial Drive
Decatur, GA 30032

Voiselle Leonardo – #X2210238
Dekalb County Jail
4415 Memorial Drive
Decatur, GA 30032

Mail must be a pre-stamped postcard, letters/envelopes are not allowed. Photo postcards are allowed but no obscene or violent images.

Books must be softcover, shipped from a reputable supplier (Amazon, Barnes & Noble, etc.), Nothing “violent, pornographic, or obscene”…

In the days following the arrests of Atlanta forest defenders a San Francisco Wells Fargo Bank was attacked in solidarity.”Mitch Graul, a Lead Business Execution Consultant at Wells Fargo, sits on the Board of Trustees of the Atlanta Police Foundation.”

From the West Coast, love and rage to the imprisoned Atlanta 5,

In solidarity with with Marius Mason and Jessica Reznicek and all other environmentalist prisoners,][][

In solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, Juan Sorroche, Ivan Alocco, and Anna Beniamino against the 41 bis regime,

In solidarity with Giannis Michailidis in their hunger strike for their release,

In solidarity with Toby Shone who is being held in prison for 8 drug offenses from 2021 after terrorism charges were dropped,

For anarchy.

For more info:

Stop Reeves Young:

Cops Of Cop City:

Stop The Atlanta Police Foundation:

Scenes From The Atlanta Forest:

Bail fund:

La Paz, Bolivia: Claim of explosive device attack on Italian embassy

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/12/19 - 2022/12/19

Down with the torture regime of 41 bis!

«…I was expecting a suggestion, a start from fellow experts. A often, in return for my enthusiasm, I received a good dose of «realism» that dampened or threatened to curb any «ambition». «realism» that dampened or threatened to curb any revolutionary «ambition», any impulse to action. Any revolutionary «ambition», any impulse to action. (…) I have come out of this kind of «dead end» only when I have decided in a clumsy, imprudent, crazy clumsy, imprudent, crazy, provocative way, to arm my hands. Then everything became easy», failure after failure, step after step, things started to «work». to work. I looked for my companions and I found them, we recognized each other, making the rejection of the We recognized each other, making the rejection of delegation and waiting our compass. compass. Many (perhaps too many) years have gone by since that time (…) and what I feel like saying is simply to follow one’s instincts and not to pay too much attention to the instincts and not to pay too much attention to the prudence of those who, from the top of their own who, from the heights of one’s own ‘lived’ life, push for moderation. Because that popular saying that says ‘you are born an arsonist and die a firefighter’ is not so far-fetched. firemen’ is not so far-fetched».

Alfredo Cóspito

It drizzles relentlessly and around the city of La Paz the mountain range is covered with snow. Here, the rich live several hundred meters below, in a warm and green valley, where they have surveillance and private guards at every corner. We descend from the icy hills to interrupt the violent peace of the bosses with the loud and damaging rumble of a homemade bomb. Something becomes evident and concrete: the managers of toxicity, misery and charity are not untouchable. No peace for us, no peace for them!

At approximately 3 am on Monday, December 12, we placed and detonated an explosive device at the entrance of the Torre Pacifico building, at 977 Sanchez Bustamante Avenue, in the heart of the bourgeois neighborhood of Calacoto, where the Italian embassy is located.

From this side of the world, we express with the attack our solidarity with comrade Alfredo Cóspito, currently on hunger strike for almost 2 months in the prison of Sasari, in Sardinia, determined to continue it until the last consequences. Alfredo is a comrade who has been imprisoned in 2012 and accused since then of crimes ranging from the shooting in the leg of Roberto Adinolfi (nuclear energy entrepreneur and director of Ansaldo Nucleare), through subversive association for terrorist purposes and explosive attacks (Operation Scripta Manent), to «political massacre» for which they want to sentence him to life imprisonment along with Anna Beniamino (for two attacks where there were and should have been no deaths or injuries). He is also accused, together with other comrades, of incitement to crime (Operation Sibyl), for his contribution to the anarchic debate.

We demand the annulment of the 41bis torture and isolation regime. This regime is applied by the Italian State to revolutionary prisoners in order to avoid their contact with the outside world, arguing that contact encourages revolutionary actions. Under 41bis they remain completely isolated, without correspondence or visits, in a basement with artificial air and light. Gagged by cement and disconnected from their loved ones, the prisoners are tortured 24 hours a day to obtain their cooperation with the authority and their repentance. Something else becomes evident: their right is a lie, a wall that exists only to protect their privileges.

The 41bis regime has a political purpose, in a context where the action has become a real threat to the normal continuity of those privileges. But the State continues and will continue to fail to understand the anarchic informality. There are no bosses here, the actions continue and do not require guidelines. On the contrary, these measures only exacerbate our rage and aim at the target. We warn that we will not stop until the comrade is out of 41bis, this is only the beginning.

Such a regime is not an isolated strategy, but part of the repressive escalation of the European states against anarchist milieus. Hypocritical Europe, pretending to be a beacon of good democratic manners and development, is setting repressive precedents that may spread to other latitudes, as is already happening with the long sentences. This will not happen without a response. Let us attack forcefully. Not one step back!

We salute Anna, Toby, Juan and Ivan who accompanied and accompany this hunger strike.

Freedom to all prisoners!
Down with the prison walls!
End to the 41bis regime!
Alfredo Cóspito out of 41bis!

From the bourgeois press:


Salzburg, Germany: Solidarity with Alfredo, Anna, Juan, Toby, Ivan / G4S car set on fire

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/12/06

In the night from first to second December 2022 we set fire to a car of G4S. This was an act of solidarity for the anarchist prisoners Alfredo, Anna, Juan, Toby and Ivan.

G4S is actively profiting from prisons and runs prisons in United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

solidarity means attack!

Source: de.indymedia

Salzburg, Germany: Solidarity with Alfredo, Anna, Juan, Toby, Ivan / G4S car set on fire

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/12/06

In the night from first to second December 2022 we set fire to a car of G4S. This was an act of solidarity for the anarchist prisoners Alfredo, Anna, Juan, Toby and Ivan.

G4S is actively profiting from prisons and runs prisons in United Kingdom, Australia and South Africa.

solidarity means attack!

Source: de.indymedia

Bristol, UK: Banner hung in solidarity with anarchist nihilist comrade Alfredo Cospito

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/12/02

Received by email:

On a typical bleak winter night on this grey prison island, during a typical poster sticking session, we hung a banner, in the Easton area, as a minimal sign of solidarity with our anarchist nihilist comrade Alfredo Cospito, who is on hunger strike since 20th October & is in conflict with the Italian fascist state after it put him in the torturous isolation prison system of 41 bis.

Our hearts are still with anarchist comrade Toby Shone who is also on partial hunger strike in solidarity with Alfredo.

Some shadows in the mist

Taggia, Italy: Responsibility claim for the arson attack against the MARR vehicles and warehouse in solidarity with the imprisoned anarchists on hunger strike

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/12/02

On the night of November 12-13 in Taggia (Sanremo), 6.5 litres of petrol set fire to the vehicles and destroyed the MARR company warehouse.

MARR = profits on the skin of prisoners
41 bis = prison = torture
Let’s give strength to Alfredo, Anna, Ivan, Juan and Toby!
For Anarchy!

Source: La Nemesi

Photos via Act For Freedom Now!

Santiago, Chile: Statement claiming responsibility for the explosive attack against the central offices of the chemical industry Oxiquim S.A., in solidarity with anarchist Alfredo Cospito, from New Anarchist Subversion – Alex Núñez Cell / FAI

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/12/02

Statement claiming responsibility for the explosive attack against the central offices of the chemical industry Oxiquim S.A., in solidarity with anarchist Alfredo Cospito, from New Anarchist Subversion – Alex Núñez Cell / FAI (Santiago, Chile, November 28, 2022)


With anarchist attitude, the central offices of Oxiquim S.A. in the municipality of Providencia, Santiago, Chile, were attacked.

The high-powered device did not explode because of a solvable technical problem, so we are aiming for more.

Oxiquim, a giant of the Chilean chemical industry and a direct supplier to the country’s major extractive industries in the forestry, mining, agroindustrial and fishing sub-areas.

Oxiquim, a company headed by Fernando Barros Tocornal, a businessman with a high level of influence in Chilean politics, a direct advocate of dictator Pinochet, former president Sebastián Piñera, and a board member of the animal exploitation company Agrosuper.

Oxiquim, directly responsible for the pollution and ecocide of the waters, territory and inhabitants of Quintero-Puchuncaví, defended by the Chilean Navy during protests against the so-called “sacrifice zones.”

This is a new act of revenge against the perpetrators of Earth devastation and destruction. It’s a new violent action by anarchist hands in permanent conspiracy and revolt. It’s a new attack justified by the existence of domination. It is another insurrectionary action in the no-holds-barred struggle for Total Liberation.

Against technological industrial complex that seeks to exploit and dominate all forms of life, WE ARE SELVAGE FORCE. Against illusions of democracy and against all governments and those responsible for Earth devastation, WE PROPOSE CHAOS AND ANARCHY.

We want that the news of this action reaches eyes and ears of imprisoned anarchist comrades, claiming solidarity as the continuity of the attack against power outside and inside prisons.

With particular complicity we stand with the vegan anarcho-nihilists arrested after the anti-speciesist attack against the animal exploitation company Susaron and with anarchist prisoners Joaquín García, Mónica Caballero and Francisco Solar. We also salute the high school students imprisoned for the anarchist uprisings in Santiago high schools and all those who from prison resist and struggle against the state and capital.

We send strength to Boris, Ivan and the anarchist prisoners in France. Strength for Erick King and the anarchist prisoners in the USA. Strength for Toby Shone in England. Strength for Gabriel and the anarchist prisoners in Spain. Strength for Giannis Michailidis and for anarchists imprisoned in Greece, Russia, the Czech Republic and around the world.

Strength for all anarchists who take action.

This attack is part of the international campaign of solidarity with anarchist prisoner Alfredo Cospito, on hunger strike against Italian state-imposed isolation. Alfredo, this is for you.

For anarchist sedition against every expression of civilized domination!

By all means against authority! With caution and courage!
To multiply anarchist attacks against power!

Nuevas Subversiones Anárquicas – Célula Alex Núñez*

Federación Anarquista Informal

[New Anarchist Subversion – Alex Núñez Cell* / Informal Anarchist Federation]

* (Alex Núñez was one of the first people to be killed by police during the October 2019 uprising in Chile).

[Received by e-mail and published at]

* * *

(IT) Comunicato di rivendicazione per l’attacco esplosivo contro gli uffici centrali dell’industria chimica Oxiquim S.A., in solidarietà con l’anarchico Alfredo Cospito, da parte di Nuova Sovversione Anarchica – Cellula Alex Núñez / FAI (Santiago, Cile, 28 novembre 2022)

(EN) Statement claiming responsibility for the explosive attack against the central offices of the chemical industry Oxiquim S.A., in solidarity with the anarchist Alfredo Cospito, from New Anarchist Subversion – Alex Núñez Cell / FAI (Santiago, Chile, November 28, 2022)

(ES) Comunicado de reivindicación del ataque explosivo contra las oficinas centrales de la industria química Oxiquim S.A., en solidaridad con el anarquista Alfredo Cospito, por Nueva Subversión Anarquista – Célula Alex Núñez / FAI (Santiago de Chile, 28 noviembre 2022)

Italy & France: Juan Sorroche breaks hunger strike & Ivan Alocco ends hunger strike in solidarity with anarchist comrade Alfredo Cospito

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/12/02

Break in hunger strike by anarchist Juan Sorroche (Nov. 24, 2022)

We learn that Comrade Juan Sorroche has broken his hunger strike as of midnight on November 24, after exactly one month.

Source: Il Rovescio

Anarchist Ivan Alocco has ended the hunger strike (France, December 1, 2022)

Ivan, incarcerated in Villepinte prison (near Paris), lets us know that he has ended his hunger strike. Today, December 1st, he started feeding again, after 35 days of hunger strike in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito’s struggle.

He is well and sends a strong hug in solidarity to Alfredo, Juan, Anna, Toby and everyone outside the prisons.

On Thursday, November 24th, during the interrogation by the investigating judge, Ivan made a brief statement and then said he had nothing to declare in response to the judge’s questions. His statement, as far as we know, was more or less this:

“I am an anarchist. I support every act that goes against the state and capital and towards social and individual emancipation, including the acts of attack of which I am accused in this proceeding.

I am currently on hunger strike, in solidarity with Alfredo Cospito, a comrade imprisoned in Italy, in solitary confinement, in the prison regime called 41 bis”. He then complained about the repeated blocking of his mail, which isolates him even more.

Meanwhile, he received some mail.

The investigating judge used his statement, among other things, to justify her unfavourable opinion of the request for release, saying that the comrade “does not question his acts and ideology”.

To contribute to our comrade’s financial support (for legal costs), you can send money to:

Account holder: Associazione culturale Rebeldies – Cuneo

Reason: “Per Ivan”
Account number: 78106085
IBAN: IT51 Q076 0110 2000 0007 8106 085

Solidarity is the attack!

Source: La Nemesi

Call from Germany for a November 30 of actions in solidarity with the anarchist Alfredo Cospito, in view of the re-examination hearing on December 1 for the 41bis measure

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/11/25

Call from Germany for a November 30 of actions in solidarity with the anarchist Alfredo Cospito, in view of the re-examination hearing on December 1 for the 41bis measure

Since 20 October, the anarchist Alfredo Cospito has been on hunger strike against his detention in total isolation and torture and against imprisonment without parole. Other detained comrades (Anna Beniamino, Ivan Alocco, Juan Sorrocho and Toby Shone) as a sign of solidarity and to give strength to Alfredo’s struggle, have also started a hunger strike.

Alfredo has been in prison uninterruptedly for ten years, spent in High Security sections until his transfer to 41 bis. The 41 bis is a prison regime of annihilation, as it is designed to cause physical and mental damage through the technique of sensory deprivation; it is a political and social death sentence, aimed at cutting off all contact with the outside world.

Our comrade was transferred to these torture chambers because, despite his imprisonment, he never stopped contributing to the international anarchist debate with articles, editorial projects and proposals.

The re-examination of the 41 bis measure against Alfredo is set for 1 December. This hearing will be very important because it will have to pronounce on the legitimacy of the previous Justice Minister Marta Cartabia’s decision to apply the 41 bis prison regime against our comrade.

Alfredo was convicted, along with Anna Beniamino and other anarchists, in the mega trial Scripta Manent, a trial aimed at criminalising anarchist ideas and hostile practices against all forms of authority and domination. Specifically, Alfredo and Anna were accused of being responsible for the double explosive attack against the Scuola Allievi Carabinieri in Fossano, on 2 June 2006, claimed by Rivolta Anonima and Tremenda / Federazione Anarchica Informale. For this attack, on 6 July, the Court of Cassation reformulated the sentence to ‚political massacre‘. Life imprisonment is the only penalty the Italian penal code provides for political massacre. After reclassifying the crime, the Cassation sent the case back to the Court of Appeal to redetermine the convictions. The hearing that will decide the extent of these sentences is set for 5 December in Turin.

The Italian state, which has always protected the fascist strategy of mass murder, now wants to convict two anarchists of massacre for an explosive attack that caused neither victims nor injuries.

This affair breaks into the increasingly dark repressive climate with which we all have to deal: that is why the struggle of Alfredo, Juan, Ivan, Anna and Toby is close to the heart of those who do not want to resign themselves to a world that is more and more an open-air jail.

We call for 30 November (the day before the re-examination of the 41 bis measure against Alfredo), a day of action in solidarity with Alfredo and the other comrades on hunger strike.

Let us make them feel our solidarity that breaks the isolation beyond all borders and all cages. Let us break the deafening silence in which they want to bury our comrade alive. Let us give voice to our comrades‘ struggle with our actions.

Let us make the symbols of oppression and exploitation the targets of our actions. Targets are everywhere. Every action is necessary: whether it is spreading the ideas of anarchist hunger strikes or sabotaging and disrupting the normal functioning of the state and capital. Target the Italian, German or any other state and the symbols of domination to abolish the prison system!

Let us show that solidarity is a dangerous weapon…

Via: La Nemesi

Berlin, Germany: Fire of Solidarity for Alfredo Cospito by Autonomous Cell ‘Anna Maria Mantini’

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/11/13

In the early hours of 31 October, we set fire to a van belonging to the GA-Tec company. This company for building and facilities management technology is 100% owned by the Sodexo group and runs prisons itself (in England and Chile) and is a big profiteer of the prison industry. The van burnt out in the Lichtenberg district, where a number of cars have been burnt recently.

Not only to cause damage to the company, but out of an inner motivation we could not help but make such an attack against our oppressors. The news that the comrade Alfredo Cospito is being tortured in the so-called “41bis” regime of justice by the Italian state leaves us anything but indifferent. Alfredo is not only to be muzzled, his existence is on the verge of extinction. We unite with his militant push. Together with his hunger strike, we break the total isolation. We also call on all other comrades to take direct action now and decisively shorten the reaction time of the anarchist international struggle. To snatch Alfredo Cospito from the regime of extermination and unleash a revolutionary force in the coordinated offensive. Not to live in prison or in the isolation regime means a great responsibility. In the struggle combined with hunger strikes, we cannot wait until the prisoner also has to go on thirst strike.

Militant campaigns triggered by hunger strikes can open up a substantial anti-capitalist perspective. Metropolises can be transformed into jungles where the infrastructure of the ruling classes could be completely destroyed if its inhabitants decided to do so. Prison profiteers, arms companies, police contractors, construction corporations – their glass facades, vehicles and data lines that are encroaching on the habitats of our class in increasingly dense urban centers or being used to try and protect themselves in their own sanctuaries. Just like how the GA-Tec/Sodexo van we attacked was engulfed in a high-rise precariat housing estate, it could become commonplace for the logistics of power as the intensifying class antagonisms and the militant campaigns of the anarchist milieu develop a common approach.

Solidarity also to Juan Sorroche and Ivan, who immediately joined Alfredo’s struggle and are also on hunger strike.

Freedom for them and also for Giannis Michailidis, Claudio Lavazza and Toby Shone.

Victory to the Mapuche struggle!

Death to the state, long live anarchy!

Autonomous Cell “Anna Maria Mantini*”

Source: de.indymedia

Via & Translated by Abolition Media

DN Note: Anna Maria Mantini was a militant of the Proletarian Armed Nuclei [Nuclei Armati Proletari], killed in Rome, 8th July 1975, in a raid by the anti-terrorist squad.

Barcelona, Spain: Responsibility Claim for the Placement of Two Explosive Devices EN/ES

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/09/25

Responsibility Claim for the Placement of Two Explosive Devices

One September night we decided to illuminate the darkness placing two incendiary devices on a 5G relay antenna in Barcelona in the vicinity of Montjuïc park.

This action is one more contribution to the struggle against domination.

We send a warm hug to Toby Shone, Boris, Ivan and everyone who keeps anarchy alive.

Some Anarchists



Una noche de septiembre nos decidimos a iluminar la oscuridad colocando dos artefactos incendiarios en un repetidor 5G de Barcelona en las inmediaciones al parque de Montjuïc.

Esta acción es un aporte mas a la lucha contra la dominacion

Mandamos un caluroso abrazo para Toby Shone, Boris, Ivan y todxs lxs que mantienen viva la anarquia.

Algunxs Anarquistas

Source: Anarquía

Via: Act for freedom now!

Athens, Greece: Incendiary attack on a mobile phone antenna in Paleo Psychiko by ‘Anti-civilizational cell of total chaos and destruction – FAI/ELF’

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/08/30

I’m going into the dark.

The green lights of the security vehicles watch the streets and corners.

They spy, they guard, bringing security to the neighborhood of the rich.

They don’t know what’s happening to them.

Under their noses, I’m getting to my target.

An antenna that pollutes the sky with radio signals.

A cursed place, my howling at the moon, my fire, my curse (in the form of an incendiary device)

I say:

I bring this curse to spread in all six directions.

East, west, north, south, the underworld and the overworld.

I curse all cops and prison guards.

I curse all people who act like cops. (Parents, family, teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, all kinds of preachers, bosses and snitches)

May all of you and your attitudes be extinguished by fire.

I curse all prisons. (Whether they imprison people with two, four, six or many legs, or whether they imprison people with roots and leaves)

May the fire consume all prisons forever.

I curse the job and the whole industry.

I curse all the rich. (The true sickness of this world)

May all this be consumed by fire.

I curse the city.

I curse civilization itself. (The corpse of Leviathan rotting and feeding on men and earth)

May it all be reduced to rubble by fire.

May this curse spread everywhere.

I light the fuse.

I come out of the darkness.

I look back from a distance.

I see the cloud of smoke in the sky. I smile.

For a brief moment the chaos cancels out the order.

Anything can happen…

Silence spreads…

Radio silence…

This act was done in solidarity with:

Giannis Michailidis and Pola Roupa.

Alfredo Cospito and Toby Shone.

Marius Mason, Leonard Peltier and Ladislav Kuc.

The Mapuche warriors of Ellicora 8.

In solidarity with all indigenous people fighting against civilization and colonialism.

In solidarity with the struggles at the Strefi Hill and Exarcheia Square.


Anti-civilizational cell of total chaos and destruction.

Source: athens.indymedia

France: “I know that there, somewhere, other comrades continue the struggle.” Letter from Ivan, anarchist comrade arrested in Paris

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/08/30

“I know that there, somewhere, other comrades continue the struggle.”

Letter from Ivan, anarchist comrade arrested on June 11 on the outskirts of Paris

15 VI 22

My name is Ivan, I am an anarchist.

I was arrested by the Sous-diréction anti-térrorisme [SDAT] of the French police on Saturday, June 11, around 3:30 a.m., near my home (suburbs of Paris), on my way home.

I am accused of six vehicle fires, in Paris and Montreuil, between January and June, often in solidarity with anarchist prisoners (the last one, an embassy car, was set on fire in the 17th arrondissement of Paris on the night of my arrest).

The cops followed me for months, listened to my phone calls, installed a camera in the entrance of the building where I live, intercepted my mail (especially letters from imprisoned anarchists) and looked at my bank account.

Another person (we know each other only by sight, but to him all my esteem) has been followed, listened to, etc., but has not been challenged. Courage friend!

The SDAT investigation began in late February 2022 on the orders of prosecutor Louise-Anne Belanger of the Bobigny prosecutor’s office. They also pulled from their drawers another archived investigation, which had been done by other cops, into some 50 arson attacks against vehicles, all in and around Paris, between 2017 and 2021. SDAT “merged” the two investigations, but the judge (Stéphanie Labarge [?], of the Bobigny court) retained only the last six attacks. For the others, I am an “assisted witness” [the equivalent of “person informed about the facts”].

In addition to “destruction by dangerous means,” there is also the charge of endangering the lives of others, refusal to give my DNA, refusal to have my photograph taken, refusal to give fingerprints, refusal to give passwords to computers and phones.

Right now, I am in pre-trial detention at Villepinte Prison. I am fit, I am fine, although I miss my loved ones very much.

Normal, it’s prison, and you have to put it on the line when you are an enemy of this society.

Here, the hardest time is when we come back from the walk. The door closes and we stay here until the next day. But I turn to the window and look out. I know that there, somewhere, other comrades continue the struggle.

As soon as I get more information on this story, I will write more (I don’t have much else to do!).

My thoughts go out to the anarchists in prison everywhere in the world: to Damien (in prison in Draguignan), to Alfredo, to Anna, to Juan, to Toby, to Giannis Michailidis on hunger strike… to all/all of you out there!

Solidarity is the attack!

Long live anarchy!


Source: Il Rovescio

June 11, 2022: International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners

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Posted on 2022/05/21

[En Español]


[Bahasa Indonesia]



As time moves on and the seasons change, we approach once again the June 11th International Day of Solidarity with Marius Mason & All Long-Term Anarchist Prisoners. Another year has passed, and many of our dear comrades remain captives of the state, subject to its daily subjugation, isolation, and brutality. June 11th is a time to stop the ever-quickening rush of our lives and remember.

Remember our imprisoned comrades. Remember our own histories of revolt. Remember the flame – sometimes flickering, sometimes blazing – of anarchism.


With June 11th, we desire to deepen a critique of prison that challenges the distinction between prisoner and supporter. For us, these differences are conditional: we, as anarchists, see ourselves as potential prisoners. Some of us have been, some of us will be. This is the basis of our solidarity – a recognition of ourselves in the plight of those in prison.

The continuum of prisoner and supporter can only be seen as tenuous if one looks to the examples of imprisoned and formerly-imprisoned comrades: Marius Mason’s activity with the Anarchist Black Cross, Bill Dunne’s liberation of an anarchist prisoner, Pola Roupa’s attempted helicopter rescue of anarchist prisoners, Claudio Lavazza‘s actions to liberate prisoners. The connections deepen when one considers that numerous anarchist prisoners are locked up for attacks on prison, judicial, and police institutions; and that others connect us to prisoner uprisings from California and Alabama to Greece and Italy.


We have always said that “solidarity means attack,” but we must recognize that slogans do not offer us a way forward in our struggles. If “attack” becomes confined to a restrictive set of activities, we cut ourselves off from a more expansive vision of anarchist struggle. If we move beyond mere repetition of fetishized actions, what possibilities open up to us? Solidarity means attack, yes, but what else does it mean?

In this vein, we’d like to offer our suggestion: instead of doing what you always do for June 11th, try something new. If your focus is usually on offering material aid to prisoners, take up action against some tentacle of the prison system in your town. If you’re usually out in the night attacking, try doing something to directly support an anarchist prisoner. The point is not to further entrench the false dichotomy between direct action and care work, but to challenge our ossified roles. By trying new things, we may come to recognize that the walls that separate the dedicated supporter and the dedicated saboteur were always illusory, that our imaginations are more expansive than we thought, and that we individually and collectively are capable of more than we give ourselves credit for.

Central to our vision of solidarity is maintaining the lines that connect us to our companions behind bars. We should keep alive the projects, fights, and movements to which they’ve sacrificed so much of themselves. Our connections with anarchist prisoners start from a point of commonality – that we share a desire to directly transform the world in a liberatory and egalitarian direction. Thus, our solidarity should root itself in bringing prisoners into our projects and investing ourselves in theirs. We want released anarchists to come out into a world of vibrant debate, collaboration, and action; and we want to foster that as much as possible behind prison walls as well. This can be as simple as sending news of local struggles to a prisoner or printing prisoner statements to share at events. As with any aspect of solidarity, we are limited only by our imagination and commitment.

While we should support prison struggles when they happen, we should be careful not to put the burden of struggling against the prison system on prisoners alone. Those in prison – being in conditions of extreme control, surveillance, and restriction – are in many ways the least able to actively fight winnable battles against prison institutions. Those of us living in relative freedom have opportunities to think strategically about what actions and sites of struggle would have the most positive impact on the lives of people in prison and do the most work to dismantle the prison system. As prison is inexorably connected to numerous corporate and state institutions, enemies are everywhere: where can we win?

Supporting prisoners is also a way for different struggles to converge, as the last several decades have taught us. From the Black Liberation Army to the Earth Liberation Front to Grand Jury Resistors to anti-police uprising defendants to land and water protectors, all struggles for liberation will necessarily lead to state repression and imprisonment. By building up support infrastructure and culture, by making prison a less complete isolation and removal, we strengthen every aspect of challenging this society. We also find each other, learn from each other, enrich each other.


Marius Mason secured his long-fought-for transfer to a men’s prison, likely being the first trans man to achieve such a transfer in the federal prison system.

Italian prison administrators began censoring Alfredo Cospito’s correspondences in October. Authorities charged him with incitement to commit crimes, citing his writings in the anarchist newspaper Vetriolo. This repression is part of Operation Sibilla, where Italian police have raided numerous anarchist spaces and shut down websites surrounding Vetriolo to prevent the publication and spread of its subversive ideas.

Claudio Lavazza received a hit of five years to his twenty-five-year sentence. His legal support is trying to secure an earlier parole date.

Eric King went to federal court on charges related to a situation in which he was attacked and tortured by prison staff in 2018. The jury found him not guilty and his legal team is now filing a suit against the prison administration. As of this writing, Eric is the process of being transferred and the continued target of a vindictive prison system.

Michael Kimble was assaulted by a corrections officer in June and then sent to solitary confinement before transferred. He has again been denied parole, the stated reasons being disciplinary citations for refusing to work and an altercation with a corrections officer.

Sean Swain was also denied parole, which he argues is retaliation by prison staff for comments he made and civil suits he has filed against them. He has since been transferred from Virginia back to OSP Youngstown in Ohio. His supporters suspect he will soon be transferred again.

More and more defendants from the uprising of 2020 are getting sentenced, some have been released and other going on to serve their terms. Some are still pretrial and facing lengthy sentences. The effects of this repression will still be felt for many years. May the quality of our support for these defendants make us stronger than we were before.

In Chile, anarchist Joaquín García was transferred along with several subversive prisoners to the Rancagua maximum security prison last June. In October, he along with 20 other prisoners were attacked by about 50 guards, after which he was put in solitary confinement for 24 hours. This followed their declaration of solidarity with Pablo “Oso” Bahamondes Ortiz, who was facing weapons and explosive charges, and was subsequently sentenced to 15 years. Francisco Solar, another anarchist locked up at Rancagua, was hospitalized last autumn due to the advancement of undiagnosed diabetes. He and Mónica Cabellero were accused of multiple bombings, after his DNA was surreptitiously taken during a graffiti arrest, and have been in preventative detention since July 2020. In December of 2021 he accepted responsibility for bombing police structures, in solidarity with the revolts beginning in 2019 and those harmed and murdered by the police because, “no one and nothing is forgotten.” Days later, Mónica was in a fight with another prisoner that her family called a provocation set up by the prison. At the time of this writing, information is not yet available on the sentencing or a release date for these two anarchists.

Siarhei Ramanau, Ihar Alinevich, Dzmitry Rezanovich, and Dzmitry Dubousky were sentenced early this year to 18-20 years each for direct actions against Belarusian government targets after preliminary incarceration since 2019. After sentencing it was revealed that they were tortured by guards, resulting in a confession. As anarchism has become criminalized under the ongoing dictatorship, at least two other groups are facing several years each for their dissent.

Russian authorities havesentenced teenage anarchist Nikita Uvarov to five years for a conspiracy to blow up the Federal Security Service in Minecraft (yes, the video game) and constructing small fireworks. Two of his peers received probational sentences for their alleged crimes at the age of 14. Moscow ABC has reported that repression has increased (though there are no new proceedings against anarchists and antifascists there) and they have begun reorienting resources toward humanitarian efforts as Russia continues its murderous invasion of Ukraine.

The Anarchist Black Cross of Dresden, too, has reoriented itself toward providing support to those fighting in and fleeing from Ukraine. This reimagining of their support means helping finance solidarity forces like “The Black Headquarter” that have assembled volunteers to oppose the Russian forces and also attempt to carve out autonomous space in opposition to the Ukrainian state itself. Under the banner of the black flag, Balkan anarchists and anti-authoritarians are uniting against nation-states’ concepts of war and peace. It’s worth noting that chapters of the Anarchist Black Cross were established in Ukraine in 1918 as an adjunct to the Black Army that was fighting both the Soviet and Czarist forces invading from Russia.

In England, Toby Shone was sentenced to almost four years on drug charges related to psychedelics in his possession (during coordinated raids of collective anarchist homes) after terror charges failed to stick, related to the alleged operation of counter-info site 325. Despite the government’s failure to attribute membership to the the 325 collective, the Informal Anarchist Federation/International Revolutionary Front, the Earth and Animal Liberation Front, and involvement in related arsons and writings, he still must fight a Serious Organised Crime Prevention Order that would subject him to a heavily monitored five-year house arrest, expressing the evolution of incarceration by an increasingly digitized state apparatus.


The expansion of home detention and monitoring is not new, but still growing, as the prison society further invades the everyday through technological advances. Warfare too, grows increasingly digital from drone strikes to hacking, while government-sanctioned murder continues in all its finality. We may lack details regarding anarchists struck down or imprisoned in their pursuit of freedom in ongoing struggles in Sudan, Afghanistan, and Syria – still they also move our thoughts and actions. As the state persists in all its punitive perdition, killing and imprisoning, and we find common ground with those who fight in an effort to grow our power and destabilize those that seek to control us – carrying the fallen and imprisoned with us in our relationships with them and through a persistent conflict with the existent.

For ideas on potential activities, check out our blog for years of archived reportbacks. Those looking for materials to print and share can find them at the Resources page. And, most importantly: a list of anarchist prisoners to write to.

We eagerly await the events, actions, statements, and other contributions to this year’s June 11th.

For anarchy!

Source: June 11

Soldarity Demo for imprisoned anarchist comrade Toby Shone, 6th May 2022

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/04/23

Updated on 2022/05/02

Rome, Italy: Incendiary attack on two Sirti vehicles by Some dedicated to the cult of fire

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/02/02

Source: Inferno Urbano

We receive by anonymous mail and publish:


Inspired by the attack of 28th August 2021, that took place in this city, we acted to set fire to two vehicles of the Sirti company during the night of December 16 .

Sirti S.p.A. is a company specialising in the design, implementation and maintenance of large telecommunications networks.

At the moment it is actively collaborating with Openfiber, the company set up by Enel and shared by Cassa Depositi and Prestiti whose purpose is the installation and management of the fibre optic network in Italy. This infrastructure is of fundamental importance for the technological implementation towards which society as a whole is racing under the impetus of the demands of growth of the capitalist economic system. This will affect the private lives of millions of individuals as well as public administrations, which will be ‘forced’ to adapt to the new European standards, and will also influence the competitiveness of companies as the Fourth Industrial Revolution approaches.

For us therefore attacking this company means to contrast the direct interests of capitalism at the dawn of its restructuring of production and consumption.

If we are writing these words it is to strengthen communication through anarchist action and the struggle against all power and specifically against the current phase of capitalist expansion consisting of the virtualisation of social interactions, ever more pervasive control, ever greater exploitation of workplaces and natural resources and the repression of anyone who publicly organises their opposition to all this.

Faced with the acceleration of these processes (none of which are new to contemporary society) due to the pandemic we believe that the anarchist contribution to the social war in course is that of indicating clear objectives and practices of attack through all channels and by all means necessary. This is because we believe that today more than ever practices of attack can find the complicity of angry people and spread.

The State knows this and so is unleashing its guard dogs in a bid to eradicate the last pockets of active resistance within society. It is in this sense that we understand the latest anti-anarchist operations that have struck the anarchist movement in Italy, of which the most recent, operation Sibilla, is aimed at striking anarchist propaganda by silencing an anarchist newspaper and website, as well as punishing the comrade Alfredo Cospito for his continual contribution to the anarchist debate.

Although social tensions are high and there are more and more reasons to be impatient with the world of cages that are being methodically erected around us, we are witnessing a general regression of anarchist conflictuality. We believe that the initial disorientation due to the extraordinary nature of the events of the last two years has led to disillusionment and a sense of impotence in our ranks, which translates into a lack of willingness to act on the part of comrades. THIS TREND MUST BE REVERSED.

We see that many comrades continue to search for spaces of action in the streets, often mixing with ambiguous characters and diluting their content in search of consensus and political alliances, dazzled as they are by the myth of mass revolt. We also think that it is important to spread anarchist ideas in times of social unrest, but the anarchism with which we identify postulates direct action as a method of intervention in society, and in its absence anarchist thought is just another opinion in the spectrum of political thought. In order to distinguish itself from politics anarchism must necessarily act, transforming ideas into action. Only in this way can the anarchist proposal for social upheaval acquire credibility and hope to gain accomplices and not just sympathisers. We are not interested in social legitimisation on which to build our political project of change, however anarchist it might be. We are interested in seeing this world of exploitation, violence, misery and environmental devastation caused by an anthropocentric and ecocidal social order come to a halt and fall into ruin.

That this cannot only happen through anarchist attacks is one of the few certainties we have, but we are equally sure that it is not ethically acceptable at this moment in history to do nothing. We believe that sabotaging individual resignation even before collective resignation, showing the real possibilities of active opposition to the prevailing state of affairs is one of the goals that the anarchist movement should be focusing on at the moment.

This attack is our contribution in that direction.

Always looking for the powder keg without ever ceasing to be a spark!

Let Anarchy run wild!

May the best of all worlds fall!










Some dedicated to the cult of fire

Translated by Act for freedom now!

Paris, France : Solidarity with Francisco!

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2022/01/08

Prison hovers permanently like a dark cloud over the lives of those who do not want to resign themselves to this world of authority and exploitation. It crushes the lives of so many people whom the State considers useless or dangerous.

We carry in our hearts the names, words and deeds of our imprisoned comrades around the world.

Among them is Franscisco Solar, a Chilean anarchist who recently took responsibility with strength and dignity for the explosive devices that shattered the illusion of security so dear to the cops, the politicians and the rich. So that fear finally changes sides.

Despite the distance and the walls, we wanted to send him a message of solidarity.

And so in the night of 24 to 25 December we set fire to a vehicle of prison builders Eiffage, and another with a diplomatic plate, in rue Courat in Paris.

Courage comrade ! The anarchists don’t forget you!

A thought also to Toby, comrade imprisoned in England.

Fire to the prisons, to the companies that build them and the world that needs them.

Solidarity means attack.

A few anarchists


Source: Attaque

Via & Translated by Act for freedom now!

Montreuil (Seine-Saint-Denis), Paris, France: The van of Valmy street

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2021/10/03

This is the story of an eiffage van. A brand new van. Because it has obviously replaced the one that, as we read, was burned earlier this year in the same area. A brand new van, therefore, which ends up burning.

An Eiffage van is most often used to build cages.

Sad cages with colors that sound false. Cages to get us used to conformity, to prepare us for work and to play the social role we have been assigned.

Cages that are depressing or full of noise and lights that make our heads spin, supposed to motivate us to waste our time and energy in occupations that are too often useless or harmful.

Falsely welcoming cages to fill with trinkets to park us when we are not busy producing or consuming. To hide the emptiness that our life has become.

Gloomy cages with barbed wire and bars, when we don’t want to or can’t play the social role we have been assigned.

Sanitized cages to try to prolong this existence when it is the very life that is missing.

The characteristic of this existence is its absence of life, replaced by a set of objects and more or less obliged occupations. But there will always be someone to avenge this life that is taken away from us. Because the only dignified life in a society that prevents us from living is the destruction of this society.

So this is the story of the Eiffage van that was set on fire on Sunday night, 27 rue Valmy in Montreuil.

This is the story of a van that will not be the last to go up in smoke.

Solidarity with Boris, with Toby Shone, imprisoned in England and with the three Italian anarchists currently on trial and facing many years in jail.

Long live anarchy!

Source: Attaque

Indonesia: Attack on Companies Involved in Land Grabbing by Unit Nemesis – FAI

Dark Nights Source

Posted on 2021/07/07

Missed from May 27, 2021

Incitement to Burn!

On the night of last Tuesday, May 18, 2021, we attacked a Waskita Beton Precast Inc in Klaten, Central Java by using Molotov cocktails, And on the night of May 21, we also attacked PT. Adhi Karya Persada Construction Division II in Palembang and attacked the outside of a BNI bank ATM. However, from some of these actions we did not get any response from the mass media. But we will always develop our practical practices to produce the joy we arm!

As we know based on information from the anarchist information web (, several corporations in the construction sector are involved in land grabbing in Wadas village.

For what they do (exploitation), they have the right get this act of revenge. We are disgusted and refuse to wait for others to fix the situation. Our struggle is not like those out there naively passively waiting for a major apocalyptic uprising. We want everyday confrontation against the state and capitalists. This is our symbolic praxis of lighting a fire to make new informal cells and, as Alfredo Cospito said through the proposal of a new anarchy manifesto or its black international a few weeks ago, we will always adjust words and actions, as we believe it!

This action is none other than solidarity for those who have been confiscated and repressed by the police who justify the act of land grabbing. Nor do we forget the struggle of Pakel residents, and those in Pancoran, Tamansari, Kulon Progo, Barabaraya, and from Papua, Rojava, Chili (Mapuche), Greece, Spain, Italy, England to Palestine and Colombia!





Long live Anarchy

Long live Conspiracy Cells of Fire / FAI

Long live the subversive and anarchist prisoners on hunger strike!

Death to all states!

Solidarity means attack!

— Unit Nemesis / FAI

From: AMW

[1] The communist who on September 6th 1966 stabbed and killed the prime minister of South Africa and architect of the Apartheid.

[2] Referring to the resistance to the genocide of Yazidis by ISIS in 2014

[3] Italian anarchist who was executed in 1894, after stabbing to death the president of france, as a response to the murderous repression that the french state had launched against anarchists and the killing of workers.