Title: The Timeline So Far
Author: Rosa Langsdale
Date: 12/4/22
Notes: Republishing here simply to archive potential evidence of unethical state repression.



This was when Rosa and I became properly radicalised on video. Until this point the channel had been radical, but reformist. We were now looking with open eyes at our goals and aims: how to organise for a takedown of the capitalist system while overthrowing the false "democratic" systems to create a truly democratic socialist system free from the debt/wage slavery of modern life. They will not let us take the tools of their oppression to turn them into the tools of our liberation. This means riots on a scale not seen before, organized globally, with coinciding work-ins, throwing the bosses out, and making decisions based on consensus vote of the workers taking the profits as wages. Without destroying the vertical power structures induced by capitalist indoctrination climate change and the global poverty of material circumstances will exist until they've killed us all. This is only what we put on screen, some of our discussions would make your blood run cold were you a billionaire.

You may not agree with our politics to that extreme example, but the fact we are saying these things, treading on eggshells to not be directly charged with terror offenses while we say them on screen not trying to be anonymous in any way at all in an attempt to rally people into organization, as I say, eggshells means we aren't technically breaking the law.



On 22nd Dec 2021 the police came to our home and served a search warrant for "indecent images of children". They spent approximately 5 hours searching all the devices in our home. After they were done they told us that the computer in the bedroom had nothing on it, as Rosa's phone, my phone, the gaming PC in the living room and Rosa's laptop had nothing on them. They then told us they were taking the PC and the laptop, the only devices we use in our anti-state propaganda.


We both categorically deny the allegations and we believed at the time it was either the state or local fascists' retribution for antifascist works I've done by planting evidence, after all, I have messages threatening physical violence on myself, threats to inform on me to the police for my cannabis use and a casual threat that I didn't necessarily have to have done whatever they were informing on me for on my social media from local fascists. I have also had death threats before, in my long history of anti-fascist and anti state works.

We used my PC for editing and uploading and Rosa's laptop for collecting and collating clips, text etc we're using. The local network running in my home has always been open for ease of transfer of data from one device to another which would enable someone to access my PC with full read/write access on all but the drive with the operating system on. And all with nothing but my router password, something the small community that lives here, people coming to view the place when it was up for sale, any excuse really, I'm a socialist anarchist, of course, you can upload pictures of the quad bike you're thinking of buying. (We live on a caravan site in a separate field to the main site with a large communal garage 20 feet away and have the only internet on this side of the site.)It is only now I realize how lax our OpSec was, to the point of being literally non-existent. Consequently, my suspicions were heavily weighed on the side of it being fash, although the thought that it was the state was always a possibility; Rosa however was fairly convinced it was the state from the start, except for one glorious week we thought it was local fash when we found the threats on my social media.


Late October 2022 we received a phone call from the local cops saying they wanted me in for an interview. While waiting the 10 months or so they took to get back to us, we called several times to find out what was going on. It was during one of these calls they said that no local cops took part in the raid, something which they must do under cop legislation. As you'll see, every time we get new information from the cops it contradicts other parts of their accusations.

Because I'm a full time carer for my wife and comrade in arms Rosa, she came with me to the cop station. When we arrived there was no answer at the police station door which was locked and no lights were on. We waited for 20 minutes or so and then went back to the car to call our solicitor, whom we had not yet met, to find out what was going on. Rosa had taken her medication and was due her next dose in maybe 3 hours time at this point.

Eventually someone appeared from the depths of the cop station and let us in only to wait further until they came and separated us for my interview. They took me to talk to our solicitor and I told him I had no idea of what this was about. He told me they had found indecent images of children on the gaming PC. I told him I had no knowledge of these pictures and that the PC was used primarily for activist work and gaming, with social media anarchist shitposting in between. I also told him of the threats I have had from fascists and I told him of the anti-fascist counter protesting, riots, anti-state and anti-capitalist action I personally have done. I told him of a specific time in 2012 when I told the Chief Prosecutor for the International Criminal Court in Belgium on the phone that I wanted to bring charges against my government for various criminal acts at home and abroad including illegal rendition through Scotland, done in partnership with the US government, of which I had solid evidence. The Chief prosecutor told me were I to commit to these charges against the Tory coalition and to provide him with the evidence I had then an investigation would start and my life would be at risk, I should leave the country and claim asylum, preferably in a country with no extraditon treaty with the UK or US, I turned out a year later that this exact scottish rendition stopover was part of an investigation into the governemnt for just that which I was accusing them of. I told him this and more. I told my solicitor that these allegations were contrary to my nature and I had character witness of people whose children I had babysat for and that had sleepovers etc with my own children, my own trans son, Jake has given testimony as to how wrong this could possibly be given my nature and his experience. We then prepared a statement saying all of these things and I had a no comment interview.

My personal PTSD is triggered by police after many violent attacks on myself by them and the fact I know exactly how corrupt and dangerous the police are, which meant I could do something I may regret even by talking to them. Rosa has seen how I deal with them, class traitors, every one; lickspittles to the rich and guard dogs of capital that they are, as I had told them on our initial meeting in the foyer.

About 2/3 of the way through te interview they started to describe examples of child abuse which triggered a "What the fuck are you doing, using the exploitation of these children, if this "evidence" even exists? That is just continuing the exploitation of those kids for your own nefarious needs. Fuck you, get the fuck out now. I need a break to talk to my solicitor" response, at which point the 2 cops scurried away hurriedly, and I told my solicitor I just needed a break from hearing about these poor kids and the sheer frustration at not being able to burn these cops for using these children to stop Rosa and I speaking truth and agitating for anti-capitalist and anti-state action. They came back in and gave up, ending the interview shortly after.


When I came out of my interview I was informed Rosa was in a cell, charged with assault on an officer, awaiting an interview. I was told I could wait in the dark and cold in the foyer for her. At some point a cop came from the back to go outside and I asked her how was the mental and physical wellbeing of Rosa, I am her carer as well as her husband. She replied that Rosa was "safe". I told her that this was statistically one of the most unsafe places she could be given our anarchist activism and the previous experiences of other anarchists in police custody,rambled about Toby Shone for a while and that I would not be satisfied until I had her home, where she is as safe as she could be, given the circumstances. The cop gave me a look and went and "spoke to the custody sergeant" (The cops are trained to ALWAYS lie), who had "told her she was fine". They refused to let me speak to the desk sergeant or the duty nurse, who legally had to be there, at which point it was either get arrested for various anti-police actions including violence or leave the conversation and let her go about her way, which I felt was the best choice at the time.

At around 4:40pm I tried to attract the attention of someone as it was approaching 5pm, time for Rosa's medication. I had the doser box in my pocket and as her husband and carer it my duty to ensure her medication is on time. I tried the bell on the front desk but it was disconnected so I started shouting and banging on the doors. Eventually someone opened the door, a pig in uniform, who said no, she couldn't have her meds. When I got quite insistent she said I could give them to the desk sergeant, when I said I didn't trust him because he's a cop and cops always lie she told me he was on CCTV camera and our exchange would be on camera as evidence. The desk sergeant assured me Rosa would have her meds and I left the station to fetch our dogs, which had been at a friends for most of the day and needed feeding etc. Also, as I haven't used my phone for years, the landline at home was going to be the only way to find out her state of wellbeing and when she would be released.


As I was feeding the dogs the phone rang and the person on the other end told me they were the Chief Inspector and that Rosa wanted to kill me, would I make a statement. I asked them what the expletive they'd done to my wife and What lies exactly had they told her. I said that I wanted her back in safe hands here. He replied telling me someone would ring me for a telephone statement. An hour later at about 1 in the morning the phone rang and I was told Rosa had made a threat to kill me and would I make a telephone statement. I made a statement saying the only circumstance where Rosa would kill me would be if they had somehow convinced her that her husband and comrade against them had done this, I told them that were this true the threat was absolutely credible and that I would do the same were I to think she had done this. Rosa would never believe a word a cop said and I'm coming now to get her, have her waiting for me.

When I got to the police station I did not have to wait long before they brought her out and she told me what exactly she had been through.


Needless to say they lied to me through omission before denying her mental health and pain management medication for 2 doses, not telling me I could go home and get the medication rucksack with all her meds in the original boxes so the nurse can go through the list and issue them to Rosa. The cops tried to get her sectioned after denying her meds. When the mental health nurses said she was just angry and upset, they charged and questioned her for a crime she did not commit, threats to kill, which carries a maximum 10 year sentence, using "CCTV" evidence which does not exist. All without her mental health medication. Here is an exerpt from her blog:

"Just as I claimed was always the aim of this bullshit investigation into Ellis was, the police did try to section me yesterday when I inevitably had bad PTSD outbursts at the police station because of the intentionally triggering nature of the situation that has been created by the police.

When the Mental Health professionals did not agree that this was appropriate, making my confinement by this means impossible, THEY ARRESTED ME.

No further action was taken on the charges, because they were bullshit lies, and I was released.

The charges? Threats to kill! They claimed that in a moment that I exclaimed that I wanted to kill my self (because the whole situation was so horrible) that I actually said I want to kill him. This lie about me seeks to establish the lie that, even for a moment, I believed their false allegations in order to unfairly weight their false and flimsy case against my husband.

They literally called my husband and told him I wanted to kill him, implying I no longer trusted him and now believed the cops lies! I accused them of trying to kill him by making him believe such a thing which obviously would be a suicide risk.

It was agony knowing he spent any time at all thinking they’d got me so triggered and twisted that I’d lost faith in him but he kept fighting to bring me home

The interview on the charge of threats to kill took 5 minutes with no lawyer, no further action was taken and I was finally released after almost 10 hours in custody.

Fuck the police."

It has now been over 3 weeks that we have been waiting for both the solicitor to get back to us concerning the dates and times in his notes and for them to charge most likely me I'm sure.


The computer and hard drives in question showed nothing when tested here and then, oh look, all of a sudden there's "something on them", after being in the hands of who? Can you really trust the state and the police? Did they want to shut us up? Did they try to arrange the murder-suicide of the loudest non-anonymous voices calling for action against them? When they failed in that endeavor, were they, by trying to convince me that Rosa thought I was guilty, trying to get me to commit suicide and commit Rosa to live in an institution?

Although personally, my future looks bleak, my concerns are not for myself, they are for Rosa and all revolutionaries and anti-state activists, not just here in the UK, but across the world: my comrades. To be smeared with this, as we are smeared with every condemnable action perpetrated by anyone amongst our ranks, whether they are guilty or not, is unforgivable. Can you really trust the state and the police? Did they want to shut us up? Did they try to arrange the murder-suicide of the loudest non-anonymous voices calling for action against them? When they failed in that endeavour, were they, by trying to convince me that Rosa thought I was guilty, trying to get me to commit suicide and commit Rosa to life in an institution?


Let’s say I was an impulsive youth with a passion for anarchism and anti-state action. I have always committed to what I have considered the right action at the right time to fight injustice, capitalism and the state. This has often involved breaking the law, which I have served time for or failed to complete I am willing to talk about. I have butted heads with spin doctors and politicians in a vain attempt at reform myself until it dawned on me that there was no political solution to the problem with politics. I have had no doubts in my mind for at least the last 15 or so years that the powers that be have had me on more than one watch list and that my social media and internet activity has been watched by more than one acronym. (Yet another reason I would not compromise myself so easily as to that which I have allegations against me for.)

Rosa has had a very disrupted life, a victim of sexual abuse and disabled with EDS which affects every part of her life, she suffers with physical pain constantly. An activist for survivors of sexual abuse and disability initially, with the scope of her actions becoming wider she started making the call for socialism five years ago, over three of which have been on her own YouTube channel, breaking stories over a year before any mainstream media covered them.
All this can clearly be seen through her videos, poetry, and art, and how heavy the burden of her EDS combined with the hyperfocus of ADHD, without these allegations is. She was driven to attempt to take her life recently to stop the pressure from the police, an indication of the extent to which these allegations are affecting her. This is one of the reasons we think they have used these allegations: as an attempt to get Rosa to commit a murder-suicide. There is evidence in her medical history and artworks to show her hatred of abusers and fervent desire for a fair and equitable world, both things the state is desperately trying to use against us, we think with the intention of smearing the left. The effect on Rosa has been devastating and I fervently wish they were not so callous in their methods for her sake. We had come to terms with the fact the state would probably end us one way or another, "hail of bullets" was the term we used. This is something else. To predicate on someone's issues in an attempt to get them to kill someone else and then themselves to solve a problem caused by the fascistic nature of the state (our actions are always reactionary to the current state of affairs), is wrong on every level. State-sanctioned and induced murder was their intent.


It makes sense that they did what they did; when Rosa and I met it was the catalyst for a true revolutionary non-anonymous media presence which soon became more than the sum of its parts. It did not take long before this woman who spoke gold with such eloquence on communist, socialist and anti-fascist views without the backing of the standard theory yet with the willingness to throw everything in and risk it all, even if only for reform, (Of course the absurdity of reformism is very clear to her now.) and me: an activist with decades of experience, a knowledge of anarchist theory and anti-capitalist history together became a danger to the powers that be and the status quo. Not yet a true threat, but there was a dangerous potential as per the new categorization of antistateism and anarchism. Even anti-capitalism is very high in the categorization of limiting protesters as proscribed by this government. SEE FOOTNOTES FOR DEETS. This puts us, alone in the UK non-anonymously, in the highest category, which is reasonable to suggest makes us the highest priority in that bracket. Basically, this had to be nipped in the bud.



You can see by looking at the timing of the actions by the state and the police that the initial raid timing was suspiciously close to us contacting and conversing with imprisoned underground anti-state activists, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. Given the information revealed by the cops during the interview, the raid was apparently 2 days after the initial crime was alleged to have happened, something our solicitor said was not normal in any way and he had never encountered it before. also, upon inspection of the warrant, we discovered THE WARRANT FOR THAT RAID WAS DATED 2 DAYS BEFORE THE CRIME IS ALLEGED TO HAVE TAKEN PLACE.


We will always refute their claims with everything we have because we are innocent of all allegations. I have spent my life fighting oppression and exploitation of every kind and being accused of something so antithetical to my nature has rocked both of us to our core.

My concerns are not so much for myself, but for Rosa, the leftist movement, and essentially the ability to protest the state. This should be rocking you to your core too, a comrade accused of something so heinous as to be capable of tarnishing the reputation of the left is not something to be taken lying down. It's been done before. From the Washington Examiner:

"A man who led Black Lives Matter protests in New Hampshire last month has been indicted on child pornography charges, according to a new report.

Chris DeVries, 37, of Jackson, New Hampshire, led a protest on June 21 dubbed "Skate Away the Hate," which encouraged participants to ride skateboards down a local highway to show support for the Black Lives Matter movement.

“If we divest funds from police and prison systems, we all benefit,” DeVries said during the event, according to the Conway Daily Sun. “Those funds can go to local communities and social services.”

DeVries has been charged with six counts of possessing child sexual abuse images, one count of possession of psilocybin mushrooms, and one of falsifying physical evidence, local police said. The child pornography charges carry a sentence of up to 15 years in prison and a $4,000 fine. The drug offenses are punishable by up to seven years in prison.

Jackson Police Chief Chris Perley told the newspaper on Sunday he could not comment on the case, which remains active.

“But I can say that generally speaking, people should be very cautious about listening to voices suggesting defunding of the police because their motives are not always in the best interest of society," Perley said.

Police warrants indicate DeVries was in possession of photos and other media that depicted young girls either in “lewd exhibition” of private parts or engaging in sexual activity, the outlet reported. A forensic examiner with Internet Crimes Against Children found more than 60 images of child sexual abuse, police said.

This is by far not the only case, the Met have recently found, after a chief constable brought the subject of police culture up, that that officer just so happens to have a historical allegation. This seems to be par for the course, cops fitting people, even other cops, up for sex crimes. (See Gurpal Virdi)

All we ask is that you help us by making this known. Reticence is not an option, if they can do this to us, they can do it to you.

Ellis "The Intolerant Left" and Rosa Langsdale.